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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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forward. charles: we are out of time. here's lou. lou: good evening. we have a lot of news tonight. this has also been a news-filled week as i am sure you have noticed. president trump taking on all comers today, delivering body blows to the deep state, the dimms and the national left-wing media. this week began with the successful historic summit with kim jong-un. on his birthday a bombshell inspector general report that reads very much like an indictment of the department of justice and the fbi, charging
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them with subversion. and the week concluding with the collapse of a ryan oat ryan-led -- a rino ryan-led plot to give open borders and transso they can transport deadly drugs that kill tens of thousands of americans every year. president trump's extraordinary accomplishments in less than a year and a half in office have put the lie to his rival rinos. president trump has put robert mueller and his band of 18 angry democrats on their heels. we'll take it up with chris farrell of judicial watch, and byron york.
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the administration putting america first and topping tariffs on $15 billion in chinese goods. commerce secretary wilbur ross is here tonight. we'll be talking about fair trade, reciprocal trade that will create prosperity for america and our middle class. the president has the deep state where he wants them. he remained silent when the i.g. report was released. it shows misconduct at the highest levels of the fbi. this morning it was time for the president to weigh in, and we are going to look at a number of his tweets and his thoughts on all of this. here to discuss the inspector general's report with us, and the impact on this president, we are joined now by chris farrell, director of investigations and
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research for judicial watch. the president has been very constrained with this justice department and fbi for which he is responsible now, not for the acts that preceded his presidency. but for which he is now responsible. your thoughts -- i would like to turn first to the president talking about james comey and whether or not he should be locked up based on the evidence most of americans i believe are now seeing. let's go to the sound of the president. president trump: i would never want to get involved in that. certainly they seem like very criminal acts to me. what he did was criminal. it was a terrible thing to the people. what he did was so bad in terms of our constitution and the well-being of our country. what he did was horrible. should he be locked up? let somebody make a
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determination. lou: chris, your thoughts overall on what you read in the report, the 560-some-odd pages. your reaction? >> the report is good for exposing a number details, principally the outrageous commentary fan reckless language people like strzok and page. also detailing comey's gross misconduct. it's weak and lose its horse tour when it comes to recommendations. it's a standard i.g. cover-up document from that's perspective. it's not hard hitting. lou: you of all of the people had it straight ordinarily, absolutely correct. you dismissed the inspector
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general's report long before it was out. while there were as you say, examples of misconduct and examples like corruption, the recommendations read like an h.r. manual for any mid-size corporation in this country. >> that's what the i.g.s meant to do. they are universal think departments of cover-ups. that's what they do. thank you, lou, for the kind words. but the important thing is we documented absolutely outrageous over the to buy as. their words, their language, their text messages, people like strzok and page saying they are going to stop the president or stop trump from being president. incredible commentary from lisa page asserting everything they were doing was being coordinated
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or briefed to the president, meaning mr. obama. this reaches back into the obama white house without any doubt or waffling. the obama white house owns this. this is their activity. these crooked, dirty fbi agents and attorneys were coordinating their operations with the obama white house. lastly, there always startling admission by the character named as attorney number 2 where he says there are legal documents with his name all over it, he also used a foul expression. he says his name is all over legal documents investigating president trump's staff. that email text was written the day after the election. this is a stop the presses moment. you have got the president of the united states obama wrapped up in this investigation according to lisa page and you have an fbi attorney talking
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about how he was investigating the president's staff the day after the election. lou: incredibly, the reason chris farrell was referring to the agent number 2 is because he isn't -- his name is not revealed in that document. >> the american public deserves to know the name of every single one of these characters. lou: we have more reports to tomorrow now from the inspector general. this presidential has been in -- this president has been in office just under a year and a half. and still the pursuit goes on of what we do not know. but so far it has nothing to do with russia collusion, and the only collusion with russians i have seen and that any american has seen has been collusion between the democratic national committee, the campaign of hillary clinton, our fbi and the
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department of justice. they are the ones culpable and guilty of quote-unquote collusion. it's extraordinary that this goes on. the president. i have to give him i mention credit. he has -- immense credit. he has constrained himself and been above this mindless acceptance of corruption on the part of what was once our preimminent law enforcement agency, the fbi. and what was the obama years, but was once a non-political department. it is now absolutely politicized, and it's still politicized by the obama holdovers who run it. >> this i.g. report knocks a major foundation piece out from under the mueller investigation. you have got the same cast of characters involved in the same
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criminal conduct with an incredible bias. it does not pass the sniff test. the president exer-sides extraordinary discretion in putting up with these dirty, phoney fbi agents and lawyers. lou: the department of justice and the fbi have also put up with the corruption that obviously permeates the leadership of that department and the fbi. there has to be an investigation here that rises to a level of seriousness. it's -- at the very least, to hold accountable the special counsel which has 3 angry democrats as the president calls them working obviously -- you mentioned of the five agents, three of them are moved into mueller's special counsel to specifically attack the president of the united states.
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>> strzok was wanted to dump' the exam. lou: he doesn't wants to call it the hillary clinton email case or investigation. wants to refer to it with its working jargon as the mid-year investigation. it's -- >> strzok is trying to run away from it and quickly get over to the mueller investigation because of his vendetta he has against the president. this guy, talk about an egomaniac, this self-anointed super agent. he's going to stop the president of the united states from getting elected and assuming office. lou: he may be all that you say. but we know he had much of the leadership of the corrupt fbi
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working with him to do exactly that. by the way, the justice department, that's the reason we have a special counsel at all. chris farrell, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. allegations of bank fraud, big any and gun violence surrounding congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz's information technology aide. he was far more than that. we take up the national security implications in the case of imran awan. this case is not receiving remotely the attention it deserves. hi.
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chairman pal paul manafort jaild after a judge yanked his bail. manafort faces financial crime charges unrelaterred to the trump cam -- unrelated to the trump campaign. rudy giuliani said the mueller probe might get cleaned up with
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presidential pardons in light of paul manafort going to jail. troubling new concerns about debbie wasserman-schultz's disgraced i.t. aide from pakistan. imran awan linked to reports of gun violence related to his two wives who live in virginia. he transferred money from the congressional credit union to pakistan before he tried to flee the country. joining us, luke, reporting on this story, yours is a lonely voice in all of this. debbie wasserman-schultz, it looks like she would be subject to a number of charges. where first is she in all of this, and why have there not
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been -- why hasn't there been more attention paid to her role in preserving awan -- his job in congress as an i.t. aide and consultant, and her role in the dnc hacking by the russians, we are told. we have to take a third party's word for that. and the access of toes i.t. associates of awan's to 59 congressmen's emails. >> it what's you were talking about with the i.g. report. they manipulate the justice system so there are no charges even when there is ample evidence. the media is so lazy they don't write about anything until there are charges. that temperatures why we are sitting here two years later'.
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the fbi found a way to take all the evidence that they were hacking congress and cooking the books and stealing equipment and sending it back to pakistan, and two years later they charge them with an unrelated thing. there is a letter from the capital place from 2017 that says after they identified the democratic server has being hacked, it was stolen. what the ajuan cas -- what the e tells you, they knock down your door at 3:00 in the morning. and then when you are on team clinton they don't put you under oath or interview anyone, they don't execute any search warrants. that's what we have seen here. lou: it's very clears from the i.g. report.
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it's very clear that the fbi, the democratically controlled agency with obama holdovers in very important places and the leadership of the fbi, and the same obviously must be true of the department of justice. it's that simple and straightforward. anyone in this administration or the house of representatives or the senate who do not understand they are engaged in a war with both the deep state and the left is simply not paying attention. i want to turn to hillary clinton. awan's attorney is a close eyed to both bill and hillary clinton. what is going on here. >> months before he was charged with anything, he had a top personal aide to bill and hillary clinton trying to avoid
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him being charged. now he's hired on to the staff of his law firm. you have hillary with one of her excuses was because of a hack. why would a form aide to hillary clinton hire a guy who wasp involved in a hack. the cover-up is so much worse than the crime. in both the hillary case and this one. there will always be bad apples and peter strzoks in the world. this tree is rotten at the roots. lou: the truth metaphor doesn't work for me. this is rampant corruption in the fbi and the department of justice. and there is no way -- i will sit here -- i know you don't mean in any way to diminish the
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import or gravity of what we are talking about. but this is unprecedented. this is a scandal of such immense proportions. >> it's still going on now. the peter strzok text about we are going to stop trump from being president. that was withheld from congress until last week it's not peter strzok. it's the higher-ups, it's systematic. lou: thank you for following on the imran awan scandal. thanks to you and the "daily caller." our thanks and congratulations. we would like to you vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the inspector general's reports finding of misconduct means the mueller witch hunt should be ended
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comed -- immediately? up next, the president's list of accomplishments grow by the day. the left wing national media refuses to give him any sort of credit. my commentary next on what is an historic presidency that faces a critical juncture. that in just a few moments. stay with us. ♪
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♪what do we do? ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ ♪try a little more ♪harder than before lou: the * is under assault by his usual critics and relentless opponents and enemies, whether the dimms, the rinos, or the deep state. no matter, this president demonstrated over and over that he can handle all of them. and all at the same time if need be. look what happened since he took office. the fbi and its director
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intended to make hillary clinton president of the united states. how did that work out. the fbi and justice department intended to stop president trump's presidential bid. they failed and they failed misy have failed miserably. he has in less than a year and a half become an historic president. it's lewd ludicrous to try to list his achievements because there are so many and the list grows by the day. on the same day he and his administration announced tariffs on chinese imports of $50 billion, he announced he won't support an immigration bill supported by the house. one of two bills that rino ryan wrote behind closed doors.
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a second bill created by the same lame duck speaker who created the schumer-like liberal bill. the same rino who represents the establishment interests of the chamber of commerce, the business round table, the koch brothers and wall street. you know, the ones who created most of of the problems. they own rino ryan and here they come again. president trump is to be credited for his demand to solve the immigration issue. but congress isn't solving the immigration issue and isn't securing our borders with this legislation. there has been no debate on this legislation. it was written, if you will, in the dark of night. no amendments. the bill crafts not even near the light of day. ryan's congress is no more open and participatory than russia's duma.
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that's the way the establishment wants it. perhaps by the way, less than the duma. president trump tweeted any immigration bill must have the full funding for the wall in catch and release. visa lottery and chain migration and go to merit-based immigration. the president assured voters in 2016 in the campaign that there co-would be no amnesty. that he would secure the border and build the wall. paul ryan has declared he wants open borders. unrestricted immigration and has opposed president trump at almost every turn in his short time in office. and he has betrayed the president in almost every opportunity presented. now this is the pivotal moment for the republican party and perhaps for this president as well. if ryan and his rinos have broken the president's promise
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to build the wall, if ryan and his rinos have their way on open borders and continue chain migration at any level. any form of lottery visas, further deceives the president and his voters. ryan will have betrayed the president and his party and most of certainly would have destroyed the republican chance of holding the majority in the house. promises made, promises made. please keep your promises, keep your promises. you know that's the only course that serves the national interest and the tens of millions of americans you promised to not to forget. nothing you could do would break their hearts sooner or more than to break that promise. nothing you could do would give greater comfort to the dimms.
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nothing would give them more advantage in the upcoming mid-terms than to break that promise. nothing could do more harm. we all have faith in you, mr. president. promises made, promises kept. the quote of the evening from president donald j. trump. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. president trump imposing new tariffs against china. we'll take up his efforts to protect the american worker with commerce secretary wilbur ross been jimmy's longest.
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lou: president trump today imposing new tariffs of $50 billion on chinese goods. the president vowing to slash our multi-billion trade deficit with china all while protecting the american worker. president trump: the trade war was started by them and the united states lost. they have taken so much. last year $375 billion in trade deficit with china. over $800 billion over a period of years. each year close to $800 billion in losses on trade. it's not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen.
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lou: president trump the only national leader on the face of the globe who is calling for balanced international trade. it used to be the stuff of i --f esoteric discussions. $50 billion of goods will be subject to those tariffs effective july 6. and the national political press. not necessarily the business press. but much of the business press. they are ringing their hand. they are wailing about a trade war. we just heard the president say -- by the way, the first person to say it out loud some time ago. we already lost the trade war. >> we are regaining territory
1:37 am
very rapidly. the same people hand wringing when we put the tariffs on washing machines. they had the same hand wringing when we put the tariffs on solar panels, and the same hand wringing when we put it on steel and aluminum. but guess what. factories are growing up in the u.s. and the sky hasn't fallen. lou: the federal reserve is projecting economic growth of 4.8% gdp growth for the quarter. >> the democrats were saying 1.5%, maybe 2%. lou: the new normal. >> the new miserable. lou: this is exciting stuff. the business press gets to hold forth on trade wars and retaliation. we are talking about a miniscule
1:38 am
percentage of international trade that will be involved in these tariffs thus far. and the trade relationships amount to an overwhelming segment of gdp for most of countries. >> total exports to china are only $150 billion. that's under 1% of our gdp. we are going to change it. lou: we aren't going to change it to make us look like an agrarian nation that looks like a third world. when you look at what we are exporting, you just wonder who is the advanced nation here? is it the united states or china? >> it's have much the u.s. of the 150 billion we export to china, $20 billion is
1:39 am
agricultural product. a lot of that is soy beans. but what we are targeting here is high-tech. we have had an increasing deficit in high-tech trade with china year after year, for many years using materials stolen from the u.s. lou: i can't help but think you have been up front talking to the press, explaining the derry figure tariffs. this president with the great access he has directly to the american people. i was trying to think of any other president who could have functioned with this, explaining what happened with trade. it does get complicated at the margin. and americans are not used to having to deal with it. but balancing trade is critically important. most of americans i believe -- i don't even believe the people in
1:40 am
my craft, journalism, comprehend that trade deficits cut into economic growth. our gdp is reduced as at result of those trade deficits and the national savings rate is reduced as well. gary cohn was quoted in one elegant business outlet, business news outlet saying trade deficits don't matter. he's talking the same nonsense of yesteryear that aloud us to trade mindlessly not acknowledging the truth. they do matter. >> trade deficits only don't matter if you don't have them. we have a trade deficit and it does matter. lou: wilbur ross is work hard for the president and the american people to make sure we do capture that's balanced and
1:41 am
reciprocal trade the president is insisting on, much to the delight of the theresa may, angela merkel and the european union. >> they joined us. japan and the e.u. joined us in a couple trilateral statements on this statement of intellectual property and protecting it. lou: the chinese are stealing $600 billion in intellectual property a year in addition to the $350 billion deficit. and the espionage we won't get into. the nafta discussions at least a pause if not an end. your sense of the prospects? >> there is a pause because you have the mexican elections coming up around the 8th of july. it's too close to that election.
1:42 am
whether he wins or doesn't, they still need the u.s. they need to make a deal with us. lou: you mean they should be grown-ups and take responsibility for their borders and balanced trade? >> if they need a little encouragement, the president is going to give it to them. lou: i noticed him cheering them on, as well as his friend justin trudeau. it seems the message is being received. >> nice to be on again. lou: thanks for all you are doing. up next, rino mitch mcconnell, i think there was just a little shift in attitude in favor of the president over the mueller probe. say it's time to put an end to it. was that mitch mcconnell? was that? we take that up and more with byron york. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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1:47 am
the senate majority leader for the first time ever, period. his change of heart comes after months of publicly supporting the muler special counsel. but he won't change the senate's 60-vote rule as president trump has requested. perhaps he'll come his senses and do so soon. joining us, byron york. first, mitch mcconnell making this statement. this could be a very big deal. i have been calling for mcconnell and ryan both to stand with the president shoulder to shoulder and call for an toned this obscene witch hunt. >> it is a big deal. if both leaders in congress agreed with the president on this, it may tell you something about the senate investigation. the senate intelligence committee is conducting the big russia investigation.
1:48 am
we have more and more word out of that committee that they are not going to find any collusion. they are not going to agree on it. they will come to a murky conclusion. mitch mcconnell fully known is is saying let's close it up. lou: we have known from jump street with the senate intelligence committee. richard bird has basically turned over the committee to the vials-chair, mark warner. to me i hope your inference is correct. you have a great track record in that regard. it just doesn't make any sense that anyone could keep and secret in washington, d.c. this long. if they had something we would know about it. if there had been any collusion, we would know by the. it's the things being covered up by the dems, the deep state, the fbi and the justice department that's giving this country fits.
1:49 am
because we have such a raging corruption in that agency and that department. >> a lot of the interesting revelations have come from the house intelligence committee. the much-criticized chairman devin nunes discovered things like who paid for the dossier. there was an informant of some sort working for the fbi. a lot of that interesting information has come from the investigation that has been cite sides as partisan and out of control. lou: we have to remember who the critics are. they certainly aren't on this broadcast. they are ignorant, whoever the critic was of devin nunes. it was led by adam schiff, for crying out loud. if anyone wants to thoroughly investigate his today pas -- his capacity or logic they would
1:50 am
find him want. ryan pushing for two bills to come out. both of them crafted in his office with the lights out. no members in attendance other than this closely held leadership team. this is ignorance. we are watching history repeat itself and we are supposed to take seriously what he's producing? take us back to 2006. this isn't even close to kennedy-mccain which was an abject failure. >> in 2013 there was the gang of 8. the more complicated an immigration bill gets, the more worried conservatives have to get. it seems to me, maybe this is just a personal opinion. there is a fairly simple deal to be made here. daca legalization in exchange for $25 billion not promised and not anything a trust fund ready to go to construct the
1:51 am
president's wall. that's his campaign promise. lou: this is not a speaker who keeps promises. this is a speaker who breaks them. he already has broken the president's promise to fund the wall. he reduced their budget. this is not a man support and sold out as he is to the vested interest of k street. byron york, we thank you for being with us. up next, the i.g. report says the fbi operated with no bias despite agents happily spewing anti-trump rhetoric in dozens of text messages. ♪
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lou: sydney powell is with us, the author of "license to lie. your reaction to the inspector general report and whether you think it reveals such a level of corruption that it should inval gait in point of fact the special counsel's existence? >> it is rife with evidence of corruption and absolutely
1:56 am
venomous sentiments expressed by five or six fbi agents key to the investigation of the president. and the cover-up for hillary clinton's email investigation. they were calling him a loathesome human being and showed nothing but disdain and contempt for him. the inspector general found their bias cast a cloud over the whole thing. lou: you must be funned by the recommendations of an h.r. nature. and not calling for them to slow count adulterous affairs in the fbi upper echelons. not a mention of what -- i love the fact christopher wray decided that they would have a
1:57 am
little discussion with all of the agents and train them on bias. this problem wants amongst the rank and file it was management. >> peter strzok was not a random field agent. he was the former deputy to counter-intelligence at the fbi when his lover lisa page emailed him and said please tell me trump isn't going to be president, right? he emailed back and said no, we'll stop him. you are not talking about insignificant figures. what was most of damning about that report, it made the team look into the email server look like clowns. it's the same team involved in the russia investigation. what the i.g. report did yesterday, even though i didn't think it was what i should have been, it should undercut the
1:58 am
credibility. the doj and fbi are in need of massive reform. that's why trump won in 2016. lou: the reason it happened is they were corrupted at the top. sydney pointed out the relationship that had to exist between these acts, this misconduct, this corruption and the president of the united states and the administration that tolerated it and avoided to responding to russian intervention which he found to be alarming under the trump presidency, but indifferent under his own, taking no action whatsoever against the russians. >> peter strzok is the agent who prioritized the russia investigation over the
1:59 am
investigation of the emails on huma abedin's laptop they found in september. that was a serious investigative decision. comey claimed incredibly he didn't know huma abedin was married to wiener. if he didn't know that he should have been fire forward that alone. one thing you need to know, christopher wray was the supervisor andrew weissmann when andrew weissmann was at his worst heading up the enron task force. lou: closely affixed to robert mueller and rod rosenstein at the doj. the conflicts compound themselves. it's great of both of you to be here. sorry we are out of time. we need to continue this investigation as we try to come to terms with what happened to
2:00 am
the fbi and th the department of justice. sydney paul, ned ryun. thank you. that's it for us. >> an underwater strange inheritance. >> we've had this in the family since 1899. >> their world's an oyster. >> do you want to try and shuck >> i would. it's all about the shuck. >> but their biz is belly-up. >> they pretty much said this oyster-planting business is over. >> they want to revive it. >> a couple drinks make anything sound good. >> so, will they sink. >> we looked at our debt for the first time, like, "whoa. it's, like, $350,000". >> ...or float? >> okay, here we go. come to mama. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, in virginia,


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