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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 17, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight. the long- awaited and much anticipated and long delayed inspector general's report turns out to be little more than a deep state cover up. it isp and then the department of justice watch dog concluded there was no bias at the justice department or f.b.i. we'll take up the fictional sham of investigation.
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with congressman jim jordan and congressman matt gates and legal analyst greg jarret. and rhino paul's end game becoming more obvious to those paying n. the latest draft of the daca amnesty deal is written like a love letter to the coch brother and wall street. he sold out the republican party and running for president if he is not already. we'll talk about the disturbing prospect with ed rollins. and "fake news" losing their mind. turns the white house briefing room in grand standing and childish temper tandid you understand.
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>> you are a parent of young children don't you have empathy of what have they go through. >> you would think that someone would be assigned to slap the hell out of somebody. our top story tonight. and that is for the doj and f.b.i. sham inspector report. and hammering in the clinton e-mail and the relentless pursuit of president trump over phony charges of russian collusions and hours after it was released of the christopher rey held the news conference to continue the white wash. >> this report did not find
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anything wrong under review. we'll train new hire and veterans alike on what went wrong so mistakes will never be repeated. >> lou: it was not the rank and file making the mistakes mr. director. it was you and good friends and colleagues weather mueller or comey or strzok or page. in spite of the effort to play down the damaging details of the inspection, it reveals jaw- dropping misconduct in the department of justice. joining us to talk about the comey insubordination that escaped the inspector general. cramming've congressman jim jordan and co-founder of the house freedom caucus.
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first, your reaction to the conclusion here. >> in the report it does not have confidence of in the bias. they are referring to peter strzok focusing on focus and not the weiner lap top. why is that important, lou? one text message is the one where peter strzok said we'll stop him from being president. we'll stop him. to say it was free from bias is not accurate. we don't have confidence that strzok's decision was free from bias. like saying he had an agenda and obvious to anybody who looks at this in the right now.
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>> lou: you think the inspector general looked at all of this in the right way? he writes the report in the way james comey announced the predicate for the conclusion in the terms of prosecuting hillary clinton. like he was going to charge her and said no charges. this text message, we'll stop it and stop president trump from being president. this is eight days after peter strzok opened the russian investigation. this will stop it tex message happens on august 8th. and then the insurance policy and then potus wants to know everything we are doing. and look at it in context, this scary stuff.
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and important to get peter strzok in for deposition and rod rosenstein and christopher wray under oath. that is why it is important. >> lou: here's why i think we have a problem. we can't rely on congress for investigation. it was demonstrated in benghazi and inspector general, it is moronic and deceitful what he does. you choose. this does not purport to a causal relationship. as you say in the report. misconduct of five f.b.i. agents and the inspection of personal politics, they're using devices and personal telephones in the clear, insecure phones to carry
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out classified top secret business. they were doing dpaktly what their so- called midyear investigation. they didn't have the guts of what it muches. the hillary clinton email investigation. they didn't drop that and used subterfuge midyear. it is not funny? >> it is dpis gusting. >> the exact people who ran the clinton investigation and not the typical practice when you are doing investigation. those same people took over and ran the russian relationship. and f.b.i. lawyer number two is new in the report. strzok and page and who ran the clinton investigation and put on mueller's team. and find out from the report
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f.b.i. lawyer number two. was primary on the trump russian investigation on the f.b.i. and also put on mueller's team. in want tonow who this f.b.i. lawyer is? we need that person to be dep e deposed as well. and remutualed from mueller's team? >> three top attorneys in the f.b.i. on the same train with the three same stop. and ultimately ending up on mueller's team. it is clearly an anti- trump bias and an anti- hillary clinton bias in term was sanctions. if we have this, i want love to have the comments on bias. number seven ready to go? folks in the control room, i am speaking to you, please.
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i could not hear your answer. we tonight have it. i will read it. this is lisa page. >> god trump is a loathsome human. march, strzok: oh, my god trump's an idiot. he's gulf. august 2015. strzok, i want to believe the path of consideration that there is no way to take that risk uplikely before you die before you are 40. this man, horowitz, can everybody treating him with kidkid
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kidkid kidds gloves. what next? >> the explosive text message was one we at any time see. we'll stop it. think about this. the attorney general said 50,000 text messages from strzok and page. we have seen them before. trump shouldlose. bullpen the one that is most explosive they hide to us from today? why is that? >> that is oorpth question from mr. rosenstein. why didn't we see is earlier. the most explosive one that comes eight days after peter strzok opens a counter intelligence investigation into the president of the united states. and six days before the insurance policy text message. that is sequence and important rosenstein in the few weeks he's
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before our committee. >> lou: one of the things, the president of the united states interceding and ordering tran parency. it is a witch hunt. rod rosenstein is attacking a sitting president of the united states. and the motivation of the f.b.i. and justice department are conclusive and i don't give a dam what the inspector general wants to call the report. it is nothing more than a cover up. >> we sent a letter to the president three weeks ago asking the president to give congress the information and most importantly the american people. and i hope the president declassifies stuff and we'll get all of the answers and bee don't have to wait for the f.b.i. and give us the information. i am all for that and why we
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sent the letter. >> lou: not to break the now with the deep state cover up and assault on a sitting president. i want to ask you about another assault from the president emanating from the speaker's office. how long are you putting up with this rhino who is leading your party and this country into the abyss. how dare this, this phony sit there and treat the american people this way and destroy the party and without comment from the conference. >> i have said on your show. if there is a race for speaker, i plan on being part of the stugz. i am focused on getting the answers for the american people on the clinton and trump
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investigation and immigration and welfare reform and tax policy f. we do that, we'll have a race for speaker because we'll still be in the majority. >> lou: your good co and mark meadows shows how to get it done. any one of you can vacate the chair. i will make you a bet right now. he doesn't come close and it is a matter of principle and in the national interest and i hope you will consider it, congssman, i think you would do a hell of a job. congressman jim jordan,um next. ryan can polish a brand new amnesty bill. it will spell disaster for the
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>> lou: the always clever and cute, rinno, paul ryan is making a move for a presidential bid. he's interested in his own
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political fortunes and undercutting president trump in every turn and what is heralded as the biggest amnesty deal. elite draft of the rhino disaster. it is the ryan legislation. by the way, no body was involved in this thing other than the hand picked leadership for ryan. there is no participation for the rank and file even though the phony acted like it had broad spop pop support. nammesty for three hadn't 5 million daca recipients. there is no actual numbical qualification. and fails to fully fund the border wall. and doesn't end chain migration. and sets limits, that are only general leap and ambiggously described. and stou here you go. another ryan special and that
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ryan special will be served up to destroy the republican party to destroy the republican party in the midterms. the republicans stand to lose 50 seats if they put up with ryan much longer. >> and bust of fentynol was busted. it is estmaefted to kill people. and mr. ryan, leave the border open, because there is a lot of americans, you apparently deserve to die to have their lives destroyed. tell us how you are a big bad opens guy. they seized 6000 pounds of narcotics in a typical day throughout the year. and yet speaker ryan special
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perfectly awe lowable to have americans to die. the hell with the american people. joining us now ed rollins former reagan white house political director. and great american pac chairman. i am so disgusted with the justice department and the leadership, i could puke if you want to know the truth. >> the president promised a drain swamp and it is getting bigger. the new f.b.i. director worked for comey. >> lou: did you hear that smug self rightous. >> how do you investigate hillary who violated the law and took government documents. and they are all doing the same
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thing. >> lou: they are contacting government business doing what she did without regard for what was classified and confidential or top secret information. and commie did the same thing. >> including grand jury tell, all of which are against the law. >> lou: and the grand jury in >> and the documents. >> lou: none. wses in the clinton e-mail investigation or as they use the quaint term "the midterm investigation" rather than the clinton e-mail scandal. they didn't take any word of it befoe the grand jury. >> the bottom line they have one appointed by obama. over charging somewhere and spending too much for lunch or living up to the budget. it is not meant to investigate something like this.
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and they put aside the hillary thing that is the important thing. and the evidence that came out of this, they thought hillary was going to win early on. >> lou: they were working to make sure she won. >> absolutely. >> lou: they were political activist and organizers within it is f.b.i. at the highest level engaged straightforwardly and engaged as congressman jordan put it. in the clinton e-mail scandal information and engaged in the russia investigation even though they knew it was balderdash. and going to three top agents, go suddenly to mueller special counsel? it should end the dad gum thing now. this is ridiculous. >> i said from the beginning and
7:23 pm
i had great respect for sessions when he was senator, but he needs to be fired and rosenstein needs to be gone. and the president needs his own people and men there. loupe lou think of what the president is achieving. and paul ryan is working against the president every day he is in the speaker office and working against the republican party and he is willing to throw away the majority in the house and secure his potential path for.. >> he didn't wanted to be tainted by anything with the trump administration. >> lou: heidn't want to be tainted? he is smear it all over him. it would cover up the stench that he has done against the
7:24 pm
american working class. >> no one will see the bill before they stick it up and vote on it, it is outrageous. >> lou: it is your party. >> my, party, i am not happy wi they are not happy with me, either, but that is okay. >> lou: ed rollins, it is not okay, we'll need to get it fixed. and the hit job on the personal's foundation and the fallout from the inspector general's report, greg jarret joins me here next, we'll be right back. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself.
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>> lou: barbara underwood filing a lawsuit being cute the president's birthday entered her
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idea as well. the president fired back earlier today on twitter. the sleazy new york democrats and now disgraced and run out of town a g eric snyderman are trying to sue me on a foundation that took in 18 mill sxn and gave out to charity more money than it took in 19 million. and i won't settle this case. the russia hoax and declaring hillary clinton and frame donald trump and by the way, you saw the inspector general's report before you read the title. that's what the document is, it lays out. >> it should have been in the
7:30 pm
inspector general's report is in my book. and how hillary clinton clearly broke the law. >> lou: they have to pay for your book and not the inspector's report. >> i see you are animated. >> lou: we are putting up with corrupt department of justice and attorney general and deputy general attorney and at least five corrupt f.b.i. agents in the top of the organization. and this is disgusting and appalling and you have political leadership in congress and senate and it should be a bipartisan issue and instead it is last to the rhinos to keep their mouths shut and not say a word even though it made it clear it was a politically motivated attack on the president and in special of hillary clinton. >> the key line in describing
7:31 pm
what peter strzok did. not only indicative of a bias state of mind wuwillingness to take official action to impact the presidential cappedidacy. >> lou: how the hell does the inspector general conclude there is no bias? >> it is frustrating. he finds ram pan bias. and 568 page was bias. and concle. i don't find documentary or testimonial evidence that that bias actually influenced. >> lou: look at page 423. i can help him out. he wrote the dad gum report. >> i agree with you. americans are smart. >> lou: why should smart americans have to put up with stupid and corrupt government.
7:32 pm
it is it redictulous. >> it is redundant. > lou: it should be the gold standard. president trump ran against stupid government. and he is have been running against stupid corrupt government throughout. and this is really appling and this is putting in jeopardy historic president and his administration who are solving problems and advancing the national interest instead of the sickening establishment games on capitol hill. >> i am say this leaves james comey in tatters in his reputation and integrity. he urupted power. heap's just hap he didn't get a criminal referral. but there is more coming.
7:33 pm
the inspector general has two more stages that focus on you mr. comey. your use of a phony dossier to gain a fisan and leaking of stolen classified documents. and comey popping a champagne cork it is premature. loupe lou if you are looking for the justice department, it is a hell of a long wait. it shows what chris farrell said they are. inspector general is where truth goes to die and that is a dam shame. it is now up the to the president to break're bring trump justice to bear and absolute transparency and roll up the corrupt figures and do it
7:34 pm
now before they become too powerful for even the president. we used to say we were concerned about too much pour in the presidency. but the truth is, we have a congress that is inconsequential. and a president that is impotent with the forces that are the deep state and political forces unto themselves. and this president is intimidated by the force that is trying to carry out a coup against his administration. it has to stop and only stop with a man with his historic standing and his guts and brains to contend with them. >> there is no justice. it is time to get rid of sessions and rosenstein and get rid of them all. >> lou: paul ryan is on line
7:35 pm
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loupe lou joining us is
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congressman gates. congressman, great to see you. i can't wait to see what you think of the 586 pages, this report from the inspector general. >> well, obviously, lou, the information about hillary clinton is damming and frustrating and true. but chapter 12 highlights the fact that the mueller investigation is built on a rot ep premise. peter strzok, just nine days after opening the investigation on george papadopoulos was out there is aing he could stop the president of the united states. and we have a new character, attorney number two. lead attorney assigned to robert mueller and we see circumstances where he is saying viva la resistance and lining up against
7:40 pm
the trump administration while working for robert mueller. we need to disband the mueller probe, corrupfrom the beginning. >> lou: this report. forget, if there is an attempt on logicalusion based on the evidence. there is people marched forward to the grand jury. this is contemptible contact on the f.b.i. and justice department, i think. to sit there and say that 5, 5 attorneys, three of them known to not involved here, it is straightforward. they were working with for hillary clinton and political activist and doing what she did. have public in the clear conversations of government business being conducted on their private cell phones, that
7:41 pm
is contradicting the requirement of the f.b.i. and the inspector general wants a slap on the wrist saying don't do that and do training and christopher wray announces in the press conference of how the rank and file how to conduct themselves when it is the leadership in violatation. nforeign actored hacked in the classified information that was illegally maintained by hillary clinton so she didn't have to produce documents and she was hiding information from the american people. americans put at risk and we'll update the hr manual and guideline and procedures? this is the same f.b.i. and department of justice for a year refused to produce the narrative began in the first place and
7:42 pm
willing to gloss over the danger to national security that hillary clinton. it was favoring hillary clinton and biassed against president trump. are we going to watch or demand the document and impeach the people who broke the law? >> lou: congressman jordan made it clear he would like the latter path. there is a lame dh rinn speaker who is sending your party to hell with amnesty legislation that no one has seen and no regular order or debate and you are handed this and be told to do what the speaker said and destroy the republican party base and by the way cost you 50 seats in the midterms, what do you think? >> i have not read the
7:43 pm
legislation, but i know that every time republicans trade ammesty for bortder security tomorrow we never get to board security part and the american people know it is a bait and switch game and that is like a bad use car lot. immigration is one of the key issues of donald trump's campaign and agenda and we need to deliver and give him the bill that ends chain miitration and opposes everify the and. crack down to sanctuary. if we are doing less than that, we are not fulfilling the trust. >> lou: can you imagine what paul ryan said to diamond and the coch brothers? he made heart felt promises to them. heap's bought and sold out and there is no contract for
7:44 pm
america. it is just business and wall street and the koch brothers and as long as he's in the office, congressman, you don't have a chance. >> i will keep fighting and i want to know where the republican party is on this issue? take public votes. i will say there is a lot of special interest in this up to that simply want cheap labor and how criminal it would be for us to neuter the tax cuts. we promised rising wage and tax cuts. >> lou: no doubt about it, the american people will not be satisfied with anything other than the construction of the wall as proceeding amnesty of any kind. i salate you congressman gaetes.
7:45 pm
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>> lou: california is no stranger to lunacy and a controversial new ballot measure proves that. voters will decide if the state is so good it should be split up to three. adam housely in california with our report. >> reporter: so imagine it is country's third largest in size and fifth largest economy sliced up in three could start the process if it seems california voters may decide if california should be three. first california which is los angeles, ventura and all the way to monterey. and southern california and central california, fres no down to san diego & then northern california bay area and
7:50 pm
sacramento with the current capitol and wine country all the way to oregon. tip draper said they have more than 600000 signature and why three states you ask? l.a. and the bay area forgot the rest of california. that would make decisions about taxes and spending and benefit water and health. the citizens would be better served and opponents say it would create kras on. subject to the approval of congress and assign and directs governors to request that congress direct approval in three months. getting congress to pass this. most likely it would not happen.
7:51 pm
and keep in mind. california tried to separate before. there was talk of trying to make it six state and ongoing part of of the northern part to create a state of jefferson. >> three versions, my goodness. sarah huckabee sanders not backing down because of abuse from a white house press corps. we have the story and more, stay with us. how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab.
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in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> lou: the left wing national media unhinged on the attacks with president trump and listen to newspapers. one screaming and berating press secretary sanders. >> sarah, you are a parent. don't you have empathy. >> brian, settle down. >> these people have nothing. >> brian, i know you want more tv time. go ahead, jill. >> honestly answer my question.
7:56 pm
these people have nothing. and they you are a parent. you are a parent of young children don't you he empathy for what they go through. >> jill? >> lou: sarah sanders classic and stoic and i hoped she would i got to be honest. joining us is the columnist for the hill. >> and candace great to have you with us. i watch her put up with acosta, who she said could barely understand short sentences and this, at some point, she's goin at some point and appropriately so. your thoughts on that conduct. >> these are not questions in search of answers, they are questions for attention.
7:57 pm
i couldn't agree with mike mccurry, who is a press sea a ri flesher under bush. you need to take live tv cameras out. they want attention and play to president trump's argument that th a negative and hostile press as well. and the white house press corps get mondays and business reporters so we have questions about the jobs andnesday foreign press and that is it. three different press briefings and that would get us more answers and information than it is grand standing that of what we think. >> i agree with that strategy. they are doing this to be in the story and pretending they are standing up and they are
7:58 pm
unhinged because of the house of cards are falling and they are part of the house of cards and part of the group of people who tried to get hillary clinton in office and bitter and angry because their strategy didn't work and donald trump is sitting in the oval office today. >> lou: what i would like to personally see give people air time as well. but if you are not mannered and respectful of the people's house and white house, the briefing room and treating the president's press secretary with respect. throw them out and no reason to put up with that nonsense. at some point they would run out of reporters if they continue to suck up with the way rude louts are behaving. joe? >> the first reporter that you played from centinal is
7:59 pm
a reporter from play boy and cnn. cnn management would step in and say you can't act this way. >> even acosta got a big promotion because of the way he acts. >> yes. and he was applauded for screaming questions in the summit at president trump. candice? >> i think you are right. sarah sanders is not a baby-sitter or preschool but they are acting like toddlers. they should be thrown out. they are adults looking for attention and if you remove the cameras, they will stop fighting for it. >> lou: i am not certain what they are fighting for. it is a shame to watch conduct.
8:00 pm
thank you for being with us. join us tomorrow. and good night from new york. have a great weekend. good night. >> announcer: from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: welcome to a special one-hour edition of "wall street." i'm maria bartiromo. we have got a fantastic lineup this weekend. it was a very, very big news week. in just a moment i will speak with chrysler ceo. and we'll have the latest on the historic events out of singapore's summit this


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