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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: president trump will be talking to the fashion federation of business tomorrow. thanks for watching. look who's going to pick it up now with "making money." charles: good evening. the big story is the immigration battle escalating. the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen commenting on the recent policy of separating children from their parents at the border. she says congress should change the law on i am immigration. >> she says she agrees
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separation at the border from parents and their children is a problem and says to congress, let's fix it. >> 10,000 of those currently in custody were sent by their parents with strangers to undertake a completely dangerous and deadly travel alone. we now care for them. we have high standards, we give them males, we give hem medical care. there is videos, there is tvs. i visited the detention centers myself. reporter: nielsen is pushing back on claims saying the treatment of the children is humane. she says it is their job to enforce the law. she also says they received an incredible surge at the border. asylum seekers are up 400%.
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she says the threshold for seeking asylum is way too low. they simply can't handle the volume. she pushed back on the idea this whole separation is because of dhs policy. saying the law right now requires that a child whether unaccompanied or accompanied has to be released back to their home country within 20 days, which means they cannot stay with their parents who crossed illegally and brought them here because they will be what he waiting trial and prosecution for crossing the border illegally. she says if congress closes the loopholes, those children will be able to wait with their parents. but these kids who will be detained indefinitely while they await trial. >> the last administration, obama administration, bush administration. their rate was less than ours,
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but they absolutely do this. this is not new. reporter: a lot of pushback from democrat critics. she says it's time for congress to do something about it. david webb is a fox news contributor. gillian melchoir. let me start with you, robert. the last question, the idea that this is brand-new, the idea this hasn't happened before. we know this mushroomed in the public with photographs of kid in cages that ironically turned out to be from the obama administration. where do you see this going? >> six weeks ago we started a zero tolerance program. 2,000 kid have been separated. you have sessions saying it's
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because of the bible. you have honestly the secretary was totally disup geneous. this is cruel and -- disingenuous behavior. this feels like japanese interment centers. this should be changed immediately. this is how the white house is enforcing. there is no rule to separate children immediately. there is no rule. charles: the japanese interment camps were americans who were thought to be a danger during the war. >> i'm making the comparison how we are treating people and we are better than that. >> here is the problem. the democrats played this going into father's day. they wanted to sell emotion. it doesn't matter whether it's
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father's day, mother's day or christmas. there is a problem that needs to be solved. in 2015 they criticized president obama for that program. and there are requirements if you are unable to ascertain that is a person that belongs to that parent or if it's someone who actually is carrying a child that's not their own. there is a period. after three days they are required to be released and that 20-day period comes into play. if you are an asylum seeker you are not crossing the border illegally. we have to to stop with this idea they are undocumented immigrants. it's the spectre of lawful even entry. charles: we understand the laws and the terms. but i don't know the general public is seeing it that way.
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it's polling unfavorably. senator ted cruz introducing emergency immigration to keep i illegal immigrant families together. he says all americans are rightly horrified by the images we are seeing on the news. children in tears pulled away from their mothers and fathers. this must stop now. we can end this crisis bypassing the legislation i'm introducing this week. everyone agrees the image is ugly and horrific. but senator cruz is saying, let's figure it. if you let these families stay together. there is still the issue. if you bring them in and put them together in housing. >> the images are emotional. and the images are horrific. i think it comes from a flawed law. i think the problem is even
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though 66% of the american public is horrified by what they are seeing. both republicans and democrats bear some blame. republic cabs want to come across as strong on illegal immigration. i think you have seen them demagogue this issue and use it as an excuse not to find. >> here is part of the problem. we are not solving the problem and getting parse solutions. you need to deal with the border security issue. if they are not in the country the issue is lessened. with all due respect to senator cruz. where do you put them, how do you house them. where do you put them?
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>> there is a valid human cost there. charles: according to his bill the parent-kid protection act. they will double the number of immigration jawdges and authorize new shelters to accommodate the families and mandate illegal immigrant families must be kept together absent aggrieved criminal conditions and threats of harm. also respond to what jill january said in terms of this is an opportunity for democrats also to address this. from a legislative point of view, not from who gets the highest p.r. marks. they didn't want to cut a deal with daca. >> we are not solving immigration overnight. this is not a holistic immigration solution we can
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solve. this is a solo issue. this is not democrat or republican. it's american and you are just wrong. this is where laura bush comes together with melania trump and michelle obama and ted cruz and bill o'reilly. this is not about politics. i agree with ted cruz. we have to keep the families together. those who are coming in a criminal perspective. charles: not a solution to the image of families being separated. >> based on what you just said it made sense that we should add to our capability of housing. charles: do you think the democrats should be open to more border turning, more wall funding. let's get this done once and for all. >> i'm for border security.
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i'm for daca being changed. we are not getting that done overnight. right now we have a serious thing on our hand. >> it hasn't been voted on for a long time. >> one of the things that bothers me about this now. charles: they are telling me to wrap. >> wide talk, broad talk doesn't address the issue. even in tes cruz's job. 750 judges, it takes time to train. you have got to put a system in place, medical care in place. all this happy talk about let's solve the optics of it doesn't work. we have got to close the border. 2,000 kids came from somewhere because of a surge being promoted by the open borders groups out there.
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>> i think we have got to take some role in stabilizing the economies. if you look at sought of the trade things, that's hurting them. charles: i disagree with that 1,000 percent. >> chavez didn't come from central america. neither did the senators. charles: the photos i referenced weren't from the obama administration. but the photos hat launched the public relations was from the prior administration. we are talking trade, another hot-button issue. some experts say experts that vote for president trump don't understand prices will go higher during a quote trade war. so if consumer prices move higher, will you continue to
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to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. charles: former cia chief michael happenedden facing backlash over comparing president trump's government to nazi germany. senator blumenthal called the administration's policies inhumane among other things. joining us is chris bedford.
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beverly, let me start with you. we heard throughout their presidential campaign, we heard throughout president trump's presidency. various comparisons to nazi germany and hitler. but when a former cia director makes that's comparison, i think it's irresponsible and even dangerous. >> i would agree with you. there is no doubt this is an emotional issue. one of the tips i want to give to individuals who want a make a holocaust analogy. if you are not talking about the holocaust, don't use it. you were talking about republican leaders, ted cruz, as being open and willing to pass legislation that unites these families. i think it's very damaging for those who want a bipartisan effort because it makes people on the most of left side, on the democrat side not seem genuine
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about them wanting to find a solution everyone can agree with. i think it's damaging all around. >> there is not a single crime in any civillitessed country that doesn't separate a parent from a child when parent has to be detained. if the parent steals a bike or car, they have to separate them. when barack obama tried to keep them together, all that resulted in was a massive surge in people who would come. they would rush the border. they knew they have to be caught and released because the 9th circuit wouldn't back them up. they want to set up detention centers and allow the whole family to be together and note with other inmates. charles: instead of this typical thing both parties are usually guilt iy of, they seize the high
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ground on something or attempt to and use it for political points rather than solutions. i'm hearing fewer and fewer things about solutions. >> i hope -- if there is going to be a facial, its should be legislatively. i get concerned when any president is asked to use executive order. you want your elected officials to pass legislation. this is an issue that greatly impacts border states. while we see the emotional aspects of it. let, not forget it is health and human services. some of the victims of human trafficking. i realize you want to keep families together. charles: how much pressure there is on president trump to move if there is no congressional answer to this. the democrats continue to avoid any kind of legislation to keep the p.r. efforts going. how long can he stand in this
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position he's in regardless of all the things. most of people don't understand illegal entry and asylum seekers and points of entry. they just see these images. they are emotionally being pulled in a certain direction. >> you are right. and the democrats probably won't break off on that. we saw before they denied not to vote for a daca fix bill because it includes funding for the border. if we get down to the nitty-gritty details, we need more democrats to pass anything. but that's not what the people will understand. the voters and the gop who are most of active are hawks on immigration and they won't want to see him surrender on this issue. charles: it's a tough one.
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meanwhile the mainstream media warns of the impacts to trade. and the u.s. economy continues to soar and americans have taken notice.
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charles: the mainstream media continues to warrant u.s. is responsible for lower global economic growth. they say the warnings come as a result of president trump and the administration and what they are doing with respect to trade tariffs and trade wars. they say it's taking us down the dark path. the fact of the matter is it's not true. a gu gallup poll shows 35% of americans are satisfied with the way things are. that's the highest number since 2005.
6:24 pm
carol, the "new york times" and "the des moines register" these sort of papers who endorsed hillary clinton never had anything nice to say about hillary clinton. the number came in a little less than expected because the lumber tariffs added to the average price of a home. the economy and the stock market still doing very well. >> the economy and the stock market are doing well. but i think this is a bigger issue than many people realize. it's not necessarily the direct impact of the tariffs and how they will impact consumer prices. the bigger issue is the impact on sentiment. i had the opportunity to interview a ceo who was part of
6:25 pm
that business round table. he says taxes and tariffs. it wasn't jobs and wasn't healthcare. this causes business leaders to pause investments and not make capital investments to have a visible impact on growth. charles: one of the reasons it's number one issue is regulations have been put to rest. strong economic growth has been put to rest. they are paid to worry and this is the only thing they are concerned about. but will it derail tour economy at least initially? do you see i it derailing our economy? >> the establishment press has had a different perspective on the economy than was actually happening. under obama the establishment press continued to tell americans things were getting better, but americans didn't believe them. but now that they are feeling
6:26 pm
that they know in their heart of hearts the economy is stronger than it has been. taxes are the number one reason we are starting to see economic activity beleaguered. also getting the government out of the way and unleashing private enterprise. uncertainty in the economy remains a sticking point. the driver of growth in this economy will be investment in the united states. unleashing all the prosperity and the tax code was a huge component in december. the one thing that will top them doing that is uncertainty that can come in the form of trade policy that makes businesses uneasy bin vesting. charles: we have null july 3 until the first crunch of tariffs go into effect. i look at it as a negotiating process.
6:27 pm
china already made overtured towards us. if they it to $100 billion and get some i.t. protections, this could be the art of the deal. >> i think we'll get there. but the concern is how long do businesses hold back. all of that cash they are getting from the tax cuts from repatriation. are they going to wait another quarter or two quarters? i hope they don't. and that's the big concern in the handicapping here. charles: i appreciate you both have much. on twitter. 95% of trump voters say they will continue to support him even if prices go up. i'm @cvpayne. the unspector general and the fbi director facing grilling
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6:32 pm
here to discuss. christopher bedford and beverly halberg. reading some of those exchanges, how they felt about trump voters. i would hate to be someone -- some person who voted for trump to every come under fbi investigation. i would think the belittlement of me just makes me a target. >> there is no question about it what the inspector general's report showed, there was an anti-trump, pro-hillary clinton bias in the fbi and doj. many of the people heading up that clinton investigation also headed up the trump russia probe. we also learned that james comey is also under investigation for mishandling classified information, and he broke with protocol in the clinton investigation and therefore it bolsters trump's case for firing
6:33 pm
him. it will be hard to bring an obstruction of justice case against trump for firing comey because he has a very good reason. charles: it's been implied there could be further i am g. investigation into comey, perhaps on the criminal side. overall, not a good look for the fbi. >> i don't know people would trust another it g. report. you are talking about a government report trying to protect the government. that's why they did give all the facts on bias that came to a conclusion there was no bias. i think senator lee had the best line of questioning almost mocking anyone who said there was no bias. senator dick durbin trying to salvage the mueller probe. so i think the name of the game is bias. and i think the mayor a can people just don't trust the fbi anymore. charles: christopher, where do we go from here.
6:34 pm
>> i think copy is the one who should be careful. senator grassley opened fire on him saying this is the second invitation he has declined. the inspector general is looking into his handling of classified information. and also christopher wray potentially investigating him. why can't you talk about it. he had to step back and say listen i can't tell you what they are talking about. there is an investigation and it pertains to the director of the fbi. charles: christopher wray gave a press conference, but he's under pressure to be more forth coming. i want you to look at one of the comments he made today. >> although the report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations ultimately impacting the investigation under review, the
6:35 pm
report did identify errors much judgment, violations of or disregard for policy, and decisions that at least in the benefit of hindsight were not the best choices. charles: is that the most of we can expect? is that a tacit admission maybe there was a role of political bias that saw a transfer of people off the hillary clinton email case and all put on the investigation thing? >> here is what fbi director christopher wray tried doing. the mandate of the i.g. report was not to find the smoking gun. if you look very, very carefully at the decision to slow walk through anthony weiner email investigation. i don't know what more proof you need as a person outside the government to understand this was rampant, fervent and carried over to both investigations. charles: we are used to the
6:36 pm
spectacles. we saw so many of them under the obama administration. will anything come out of this? >> i think public perception has definitely changed. there is a mistrust of the fbi in general. i think there will be plenty of people who distrust it. and this has given president trump a lot of ammunition when he said he has been treated unfairly through this investigation. regardless of what the truth is be most of people will believe this. this is extremely damage together fbi. charles: the russell 2000 closed out at another all-time high. we'll tell you about the message in the market and where we go from here when we come back. me h commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions
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$. charles: the market opened under a fair amount of pressure. conventional wisdom points to the so-called trade war words. major indices were able to climb off the canvas and they postal or close to the highs for the session. the russell 2,000 closed at the highest session but also established an all-time record. the equity index that's most of reflective of the u.s. economy, it continues to fire on all cylinders. that dovetails with the latest polling from gallup with satisfaction on the way things are going in the united states. it's at 38%. the global economy is closed somewhat and you have trade
6:41 pm
concern. in the next couple weeks we know it will be huge for investors. we have the next round of earnings coming. joining me to discuss, aaron gibbs. how surprised how this market hit a brick wall? >> i think when you look at it between dividend payment stock and growth stocks. when you look at the high dividend yielding sectors, financials, real estate. they are the ones getting killed, is specially after the fed announcementment. charles: if you have the chance to get the same yield you would rather on a bond than a stock.
6:42 pm
>> the fed reserve rate is going up so the yield curve is flattening even worse. and there is no room for financials to make money as well as there is perception with real estate, they will have to pay higher rates. i think that's what we are seeing. and i see we see the economy is growing. people want to go toward more of that risk on higher growth, technology. that's the favorite. i see this bifurcation of the market. they are what's drag us down. it's the growth. charles: it looks like the new value plays. like brick and mortar retail. 22% move. it's up 50% from two weeks ago. up 200% since august. many household names.
6:43 pm
they are up 100% from their lows. it's interesting base think that's become something of a value play. >> kohl's was another one that was missed, and now it's a big winner for us. nordstrom is another one. there is a difference in retail and the bounce we are seeing. the retail numbers that were coming out last week were extremely positive. we are seeing growth at a reasonable price. but i would be wary as any of the higher dividend yielding sectors. charles: you see clarificationing in earnings season? >> it june it tend to be one of the less important earnings seasons.
6:44 pm
but any good news could impact us going forward. charles: a new report says video games could be a cause of addiction and mental disorder. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm... this is frank. sup! this is frank's favorite record. this is frank's dog. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff
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charles: the world health organization releases its newest classification of the dean's roster. and exclusively playing video games has been included as a disorder. the following qualifications must be met over the course of a year. video games take precedence over anything. it causes problems at work or school. the persistent game persists even when health and
6:48 pm
relationships start to fail. dr. palmer, let me start with you. this isn't the first time we heard this. so many abbreviations. first person shooter. mmo. rpg, role-playing games. i have been reading for years that people get sucked into these to the point where they lose contact with reality and there are serious implications. >> there is 1.8 billion people worldwide who play video games and 40% of them use video games as a way to escape, especially men over women. it's definitely becoming a more prepare lent issue. charles: katie, i invited you on because you don't believe this. >> i have played mm os my
6:49 pm
entire lives. some of my dearest closest friends i made through those games. but it will make it harder for doctors to be able to properly diagnose someone if you are creating niche categories. if someone has depression and is using video games as a crutch. then treating them for gaming disorder is not going to help the root cause. this is not something that is going to help people. it will only further stigmatize an industry that doesn't deserve it. charles already maybe it -- charles: maybe it's the obsessive behavior that leads to addiction. underlying addiction is usually ptsd. and core rooted belief systems, negative belief systems and a
6:50 pm
maladaptive way of handling life. want to go escape your reality into another reality based upon whether you get freedom or peace of mind or control. you can't just treat addiction from the outside in. you have to treat it from the inside out. >> because you have been involved in this and you are so passionate about it. en i have seen you push back between any correlations between this and people who commit horrific crimes. if you seen people that you felt were somehow disturbed and either hiding in the mmo crowd or getting sucked into these role-playing games to the point where they presented a danger for others? >> no, absolutely not. every entertainment in moderation, whether you are binging netflix or 20 hours or watching too much of the world cup. moderation. you need to be able to know when to turn the tv off or book the
6:51 pm
book down and go do something else. that does not mean gaming disorder is a thing. in the world we live in, the last thing we need is another epidemic for pharma to get its hands on and start peddling these pills to mothers who say their child plays too much' game. whatever studies they are look at have not shown conclusive proof between any sort of addiction or violence or negative health consequences or anything else. charles: in china. for 15 years, they have been calling the young men grass eaters. they stay up aught night playing games and don't want to work. it's part and parcel of rejecting their parents working those legendary 60-hour weeks. but there are some folks who say
6:52 pm
there is a negative economic impact of all of this. do you see that in your practice? charles: people just don't want to work or lose touch with reality to the point where they are not involved like they might have been otherwise. >> that's usually the case with any addiction. the' addiction takes you from reality. it makes you not be as productive as you could be. >> $1.2 billion industry. if anything it's happening our economy. charles: the grass eating if he non-mom that is in japan. president trump seizes on the refugee crisis threatening angela merkel and using it as a cautionary tale.
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charles: president trump launching a blistering attack on germany's government on policies with respect to immigration. hardliners are threatening angela merkel's coalition. she embraced the massive exodus out of the middle east particularly from the syrian civil war, robert. now it looks like she may be paying a political price. but some bad things have happened in germany. it's not on a whim people are changing their minds. >> not surprising she needs to work with the e.u. on a my gracious policy away from open borders. that being said it's not surprising president trump tweeted out antagonizing angela merkel. but his facts were wrong. crime is down by 10% and crime with immigrants is down. away from what he was tweeting.
6:57 pm
i would say yes to your point she does have an issue she needs to rectify with her party. >> the thing is, it's how you report the crimes much like the way we do the constob reports. the problem is they are reclassifying, trying to keep the numbers suppressed. but the people are living with the reality. it's the voters driving their political elected political officials to make these policy changes. it's also a problem when nerm germany has a surplus and spends the money on migrants. the population sees where the money is going and they are paying the taxes. charles: hungary, austria, italy with the antieuro vote. then there is brexit, even scandinavian countries have
6:58 pm
altered their immigration policies. you get to the point where you have to slow it down or control it. >> immigration around the globe is a polarizing issue. one of the most of popular people in the e.u. is macron and he was on the other side and beat someone who was anti-migration pretty severely. >> when you look at europe. what we think of as the right in the america is not the same right in europe. in sweebd you have the socialist democrats trying to position themselves in some ways as a right party on some issues. they are talking about and redistribution. but merkels problem. a weak coalition, diminishing political power. the economy even though it's strong, over here it not
6:59 pm
reflected in germany. charles: the most of important issue for merge is immigration. >> it is. charles: in greece, who would have thought this sort of party could exist there let alone be growing at the rate it's growing. handling this a certain way here. imagine if our economy wasn't growing at this rate? i can see americans who might go, okay, this is the right thing to do. whether we are in that position. >> we can take different sides in a very respectful way. the place we all agree. we need to fix immigration policy. that's a given. we have been kicking that can. the economy kind of you know allows us to shove it under the lock. but we are in a situation where we need to fix it. >> in europe the issue is one of
7:00 pm
culture. when they see their culture shift that's where people react. charles: thank you both very, very much. here is lou dobbs. [♪] lou: good evening. our top stories. the inspector general and the director of the fbi together facing tough questions on capitol hill. the focus of the senate judiciary committee, the inspector general's report that exposed runaway corruption and misconduct at the highest level of the fbi and plenty of evidence of political bias throughout the leadership. >> do you believe in the tooth fairy? >> no. >> do you believe in the easter bunny? >> no. >> do you h


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