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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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marianne was just talking about, and that is the high cost of ill liam immigration and open borders on the american worker, the american working family and our middle class. that'svery much. here is lou dobbs. [♪] lou: good evening. our top stories. the inspector general and the director of the fbi together facing tough questions on capitol hill. the focus of the senate judiciary committee, the inspector general's report that exposed runaway corruption and misconduct at the highest level of the fbi and plenty of evidence of political bias throughout the leadership. >> do you believe in the tooth fairy? >> no. >> do you believe in the easter bunny? >> no. >> do you honestly believe that the american people are going to
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look at this report and look at those emails and not believe that there was bias? lou: we'll be talking about the deep state's continuous effort to cover up clear anti-trump bias. is from farrell among our guests. fools conspiring to wage a war of disinformation against the white house. whining about families being separated at the bored, while refusing to pass legislation to fix the problem. we take up the left and the establishment's case. more signs of progress with north korea that president trump will never get credit from the national left-wing media.
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one doubts seriously he ever expected to. secretary of state mike pompeo says another round of talks could be in the works. we'll discuss the path of denuclearization with jack keane. the man who wrote last week's bombshell report on fbi corruption taking questions from the senate about his investigation. fox chief intelligence orsent catherine herridge has the latest. >> i want you to reopen his investigation. catherine: a evener senator dprils down. strzok texted about the meeting that mccabe apparently could not remember. >> he said he did not recall. catherine: senator graham says the texts speak of political
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bias. >> i'm glad you found what you found. but i am not buying that the clinton email investigation was on the up and up. catherine: the first public testimony from michael horowitz and christopher wray divide along party lines. >> director wray has quite a mess to clean up. i think he knows that. >> the inspector general found no evidence of political bias in the fbi's investigation of secretary clinton or in the decision not to pursue criminal charges. reporter: horowitz testified. one memo documented' private conversations with president trump. >> we received a referral and we'll issue a report when the matter is complete. catherine:
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>> can you assure there are no ongoing leaks from any office of the fbi to rudolf giuliani? >> i am not aware of any. we are investigating a number of leaks even as we speak. >> the fbi director sent a laugh dozen employees to be disciplined. you emphasized the mistakes and bad judgment were limited. >> this report focuses on a pick see comments 2016 and a small number of employees involved in those events. >> the director of the fbi, the deputy director of the fbi, the leader of both clinton email investigation, and the russia investigation. catherine: the inspector general will testify for a second day tomorrow. after months of pressure, the lawyer for peter strzok confirmed he'll voluntarily
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testify before the house judiciary committee and any other congressional inquiry. lou: our first guest tonight to discuss the justice department and the fbi's credibility crisis and the troubling claims political bias didn't sway the fbi's conclusion on the clinton email probe. joining us tonight, chris farrell. director of investigations and judicial research. let's start with that bizarre opening to the report. it sounded like a james comey rationale for not investigating as the inspector general's report begins by saying there is all sorts of bias. but we don't think the bias in any way influenced the outcome and the direction of those investigations. >> it's the worst example of intellectual dishonesty. they are just telling lies. they generated a report that
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documented numerous instances of reckless language. these people were plotting and prepared to act. strzok said we'll stop him. strzok said we'll stop him. who is we? i want the answer to that. they go through pages and pages of rationalization. saying it's not a big deal though it looks bad. short of just overtly lying to the american public. it's insulting. it doesn't pass the sniff test in was some pushback by senator graham today which was refreshing to hear him step up and ask tough questions. but this is, you know, senior government officials convening and lying to each other. it's repulsive. >>it is repulsive. we saw saw these drips and drops
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of nor flow out. horowitz confirming they received a referral from the fbi on the comey memos and will issue a report. another damn report. we are tired of reports. what we need is the american people are saying pretty clearly right now. we need to have an fbi that can actually investigate and actually couple with a conclusion either prosecutor not. and move ahead. and do so smartly. this is an fbi that does not function. it doesn't produce intelligent reports. it doesn't do so on anything approaching a timely and efficient manner. what has happened to the old fbi that used to be filled with g-men and women getting stuff done. >> number one, we need grand juriys and indictments. i'm tired of the talk and report writing.
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it goes nowhere. it's an attempt to placate the public and put it back to sleep. point two, look, they are prom pro miced, they are done, finished. there needs to be a united states marshal's special clatter or grant for them to take over these cases and resolve it. the fbi is no longer capable of investigating itself nor is the justice department, nor is mueller. they are finished. you bring in an outside agency whether it's the marshals or some branch or arm of homeland security. you give them the charter to come in with new people, a fresh look, and you clean this up and get it done. lou: they can't even get a straight answer out of the fbi. >> i couldn't agree more. lou: they have a group of
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corrupt fools at the top of the justice department. they seem to be entrenched and d little that can be done by the. i have never seen a bigger mess than to watch senator grassley listening to pertinent questions getting them swept away by the director of the fbi who is so smug and self-satisfied. i don't think there is any point in bringing him out in front of a committee because he seems utterly beguiled by his own immense powers director. >> that's why i found for them to be done with it. you bring in a competent group with integrity and experience in law enforcement. and you take this matter away from them. they are compromise. all that's been done so far has been taken. that's a gentle word i can use,
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tainted. it needs a fresh set of eyes by competent law enforcement and these folks are oh flition disqualified. they are done. lou: one person hop keeps showing up is trey gowdy. i want to play a sound bite statement from him. if you can roll that. this is congressman trey gowdy telling us his latest amusing -- >> i am even more convinced the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got, and it has nothing to do with donald trump. undercover informant, confidential informant are word i'm familiar with. i never heard the term spy used. >> there will be action on the floor of the house if the fbi and the doj do not comply with our subpoena requests. we are going to get compliance. lou: quite a journey in about a
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month. time for a guy who is all establishment all the way, anti-trump suddenly talking big about what the house is going to do next. of the chairman nunes saying you have got until wednesday to get to the point we said you should be the previous monday, excuse me, from last week. excuse me, the previous two weeks from that. anything tony of this, or is this pure theatrical nonsense? >> mr. gowdy is all over the map depending on which way the wind is blowing. he appears to shift position. he's the same man who brought us that fabulous 11-hour benghazi hearing which was a disgrace. with respect to devin nunes. i think he's fighting but he's a
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one-man show slugging away. i think he's got the right direction, the right spirit. but he's got an uphill battle. he's fighting people who are supposed to be on his side. lou: that's true of anyone in the house to cares about the trump agenda and is working for the speaker of the house. chris farrell, thank you very much. former british spy christopher steele, the author of that phoney trump dossier just concluded a four-hour videotaped deputy snition london today. his long-delayed testimony part of a lawsuit filed by a russian technology oligarch against steele and "buzzfeed" for smearing his name and two of his companies. trump blasting dems, vowing to
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lou: president trump addressed obstructionist deputies and safety and security in the midst of the illegal immigration crisis. president trump: immigration is the fault of all of the problem we are having. because we cannot get them to sign legislation. we cannot get them even to the negotiating table. i say this very strongly, it's the democrats' fault. they are obstructionists, and they are obstructing. the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it won't be. lou: it started like a clear call for a wall, didn't it.
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if immigration is the problem the solution is border secures. -- border security. attorney general jeff sessions and the department of homeland security second tear secretary -- secretary defending the policy. laura bush wrote i appreciate the need to enforce our international boundaries but the zero tolerance policy is cruel and it is immoral and it breaks my heart. even melania trump, her communications director issued a statement on cnn talking about the need for a country that governs with heart.
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90-year-old rosslyn carter weighed in calling it a shame to our country. is that a coincidence. all of the first ladies weighing in on the issue. joining me now, dr. kelli ward, she is returning as republican for the u.s. senate in arizona. dr. ward, do to have you with us. first of all, this issue of immigration is the problem, why not build a wall and secure the border? >> we do have to build the wall and secure the border. as a mom, as a family if i significant. i mean, no one wants to see children separated from their parents. but the moral crisis that we are facing is we have a wide-open border that's a magnet for bad people bring bad things into our country. drugs, guns, people, and those bad people figured out they can sell a gun once.
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they can sell a drug once. but they can sell a woman or child again and again. and our last immigration -- our lapse immigration laws and open borders enabled these people to use children as chips in this process. it helps to bring kid to the border because they might be able to evade scrutiny. lou: a huge majority of those families being separated from their children. there is no documentary evidence they are related in many cases. and we have no way to determine whether they are related. it is a complete disaster. and in point of fact, because we don't vet those coming into this country. we give them asylum or catch and release over the course of the past really two decade. and now this president is trying to do the right thing which is
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to secure the bored, build the wall, take control of the borders as he said over and over and over. a nation without borders is no longer a nation. top watch the national left-wing media act in concert for there to be this serendipity, just extraordinary coincidence that all of the living first ladies weigh in on so-called zero tolerance over the same period of time, that should be disturbing to everyone. >> it is a shame whenever secretary nielsen says fraudulent claims at the border. people saying they are family unit but they aren't, in order to sneak in as gone up 314 percent. the fact that 10,000 out of 12,000 kid we have in custody came here alone or came here with strangers. that is -- it borders on child
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abuse, i have to say. lou: it by the way may be even worse, than child abuse. it's child exploitation, it is child trafficking, it is, my god -- and for us not to be able to even deal with that issue. the on time the national left-wing media deals with it is when it can be attached to a border security issue with mexico. and that is -- they should be ashamed of themselves and to act in concert and coordination. when the president calls these people fake news media, fake news, it's actually that to me is too gentle a term. all the terms that seem so correct to me are ineffable in this family hour. >> what the media isn't covering
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is they aren't covering the angel parent who lost children to illegal immigrant. or persons here illegally. they aren't covering the opioid crisis. lou: marianne will be fox news channeling us on the broadcast tonight. as a practical political matter. if this president were to sign an amnesty for these -- for daca, and support the trump executive order in effect. if he were to sign the ia -- the ryan bill, no one knows what's in it because ryan won't tell anybody until it's on the floor and it's organized because it will be written by u.s. internationals. what is your judge the on your campaign and the mid-terms this fall? >> i and with the president 100%
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to secure the border. it's not just the democrats attacking the president. lou: we are out of time. i'm asking a straightforward question. >> i would say no it would be wrong to find the ryan bill. i want to see a veto bill with the ryan bill. lou: dr. kelli ward, thank you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think the left-wing media is paying more attention to coverage of chair flowing into the united states. peter strzok subpoenaed by the house judiciary committee to answer for his shocking, biased
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anti-trump comments and discern what influence his bias might have had on his judgment as the lead investigator, for example, on the hillary clinton email scandal. the panel of ed rollins and michael goodwin join us next. stay with us. we'll be right back. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: congressman steve king, one of the houses leading conservatives is so fed up with speaker ryan he wants to force him from the position as early as this week. talking with breitbart news, king noted that ryan's power is diminishing. others in congress feel the same way. king says he's gathering support for a vote to vacate the chair motion. by the way, steve king has got that power all by his lonesome. joining us tonight, the dean
11:30 pm
himself, ed rollins who's recommended that somebody in the house do the right thing by speaker ryan and get him out of there. and as ronald reagan's white house political director, fox business political analyst, michael goodwin, did i mention he won a pulitzer prize. i like to do that. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's start with steve king vacating, a motion to vacate the chair. you were talking about it first. >> the truth of the matter is the speaker is not on the same agenda as president trump. he doesn't -- his powers are diminished. he doesn't get to appoint anybody, he doesn't get to control money or resources and he's not 100% supportive of the president. he should be. lou: he's not supportive of the party for crying out loud. >> to a certain extent, thank him for his service, give him his gold watch and let him go back to wisconsin. lou: give him two gold watches. what do you think, mike snl.
11:31 pm
>?>> i saw a poll that said that kim jong-un was more popular than nancy pelosi. so the idea that this will be one of the issues in the midterm for a lot of candidates. who will you vote for to be speaker. and if the republicans don't have -- lou: it won't be kim jong-un. >> who is running against nancy pelosi. who is the republican alternative. they don't have nip. anyone. lou: they're not going to be relevant. if you get rid of ryan, this president's energy, it will be a republican win countering all of the historical impact, do you agree? >> in general, yes. but i think you need somebody. i think you need somebody to say i will vote for so and so to be speaker. lou: one of the things i want to talk about tonight is this pretty obvious ploy. this is speaker ryan at his
11:32 pm
worst. he is doing his master's bidding on k street, the chamber of commerce, business round table, wall street, the koch brothers, he's slamming this through producing two bills that no one seems to know what's in them. and that's because he only has his staff write them. and it's kind of interesting. suddenly we have all of the living first ladies talking about zero tolerance on the border. who do you suppose organized that? >> certainly an orchestrated effort. the goodlatte bill came out of the committee, had hearings on it, should have been on the floor months ago. and the idea that the speaker decided that he's going to have a better bill, he's going to work it out with his staff and put a second bill out there -- lou: he's ripped the guts out of it. >> basically telling people you don't have to vote for the goodlatte bill, we have an alternative. this is misinformation. lou: lying through their teeth, i believe. >> no one wants to see kids torn
11:33 pm
away from their parents but that's not what is going on. people are coming to the board, whether they have a kid or not, saying this is my family. we're trying to process it, we don't know who they are. a lot of these kids are coming across -- lou: it's an important point. >> the important point is they're not with families. they're getting here -- lou: they're unaccompanied children. by the way, many have been kidnapped, many have been abducted and the fact is you have people screaming about these children. no one knows who belongs to whom amongst those families because they're not being vetted. and here is this important point, in my opinion. and that is most of these kids are from central america, not from mexico and that is intentional. because we can't do anything about unaccompanied children from central america and they know it, these are the cartels,
11:34 pm
the smugglers, and the mexican government. because they're moving all the way from the southern border of mexico to the u.s.-mexico border. and that means it has to be complicit, it has to be cooperative with the government of mexico and they're driving this now with the proillegal immigrant, the open borders advocates. this is transparent. and people want to talk about this being an accident? this brings back the echos of the north american union. this is harmonization gongs agat mexico and the united states and canada to do the bidding of their corporate masters. >> these kids are not being treated inhumanely. they're giving them food and blankets until they are processing them. lou: you're exactly right. why isn't there any point about the parents who would permit
11:35 pm
this to happen. why isn't there a condemnation of the mexican government which is permitting this to happen? that is where the fury and the concern should be directed. because these children are being exploited. i heard some conversation about a pawn in the white house press briefing, you know, one of these morons in the white house press corps accusing this administration of using them as pawns. the person couldn't even understand that they are being used as pawns. but by the very lobbyists and the very ones who are drafting this legislation by the mexican government and all of the corporate interests that surround the issue. >> look, i think that's absolutely right. but i think that jeff sessions stepped into it by creating this policy without considering what would be the ramifications. i mean i think this is another blunder on his part to -- lou: wait, wait, wait. blunder? by the way, blunder is what he does exceedingly well.
11:36 pm
but the fact of the matter is that president obama had precisely the same issues and basically, if you don't recall, the search of unaccompanied children. >> obama let them in. lou: and the complicit left-wing national media kept it quiet. >> of course. they thought it was humane. lou: i ask kelly ward what she thought would happen to her campaign if this president signs an amnesty for daca. it's an open borders deal. his base. what do you think will happen nationally? >> i think it will be terrible. i think it's one of the most sacred vows he made and one of the most important issues that we as a nation have to face. you'll find a lot of republicans saying thank you very much, i'm not going to participate at this time. >> it comes back to the wall. without a wall this stuff will keep happening in one form or another. >> and the whole premise of the money -- there's no money in any of these bills. the next congress can, if they
11:37 pm
choose, to build a wall. we need to have the wall built now and have the money allocated now. lou: you know, putting up -- republicans may pay a price just for putting up with paul ryan. that might not be an inappropriate consequence either. e up next, the unprecedented talks between the united states and north korea go on. another visit from secretary of state pompeo. general jack keane is here next. stay with us. straight ahead. we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa
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united states ithe directionthe satisfaction that the u.s. is taking has reached a 12-year high. the latest gallop poll finding 38% of those surveyed are happy with with the way things are going right now. that is high not seen since september twie. 2005. that's three years before barack obama was elected. 68% of republicans polled gave a big thumb ears up to trump's leadership. well joining us tonight, retired four-star general, fox business chief strategic analyst, general jack keane. great to have you with us. let's start with, first of all, that sense of optimism that is target to move higher. 30% doesn't sound very high. but when it's the best in 12
11:42 pm
years, a real turn around has taken place. >> there's no doubt about it. in the country the economy is moving forward. we've got good national security policies. i think they're not perfect. but it's a work in progress. we've changed american leadership in this world today. some of our allies are pushing back on us because they've been taking vapg of us for years. we're going to sort through all of this in time. lou: it's interesting. the g-7 meeting which turned out to be a g-6 at the end because they didn't understand that this president is exactly right about balancing international trade relationships and certainly right from the u.s. perspective given that we haven't had a trade surplus in 43 years in this country. it's interesting to see that friction build up. he talks about a terrific relationship with all of the leaders. but the truth is they need to
11:43 pm
hear what this president has got to say. and sometimes, you know, you don't need syrup, you just need the medicine and that's not a bad idea particularly when it comes to a nation with a $20 trillion national debt. >> most have feckless leaders. they've never been able to deal with the terrorism issue. you know, they have open borders, mass immigration with no vetting, multiculturalism neighborhoods where people are prisoners in their neighborhoods. they can't access mainstream education, mainstream jobs. and after every terrorist act the leaders come up, wring their hands saying we're going to bring them to justy. justice. du they don't make the policy changes to assist in dealing with the problem. and now -- what the united states has always done with these feckless european leaders
11:44 pm
is cuddle them. we have a president who refuse to cuddle them. he wants to be treated fairly. and he's willing to defend them with major u.s. military power against russian aggression. lou: that military power has been bolstered in certainly the asian region, the pacific region in large measure because of north korea and china. china making -- the china state media making some really nasty remarks about, well, foolish leadership and building walls instead of bridges as if they had never built something called a great wall. they're really starting to lose a little stand in the game, aren't they? >> oh, yeah. the economic aggression that china is creating, not only in the pacific but in eastern europe and the middle east, they're using bully tactics, pulling the elite in, bring all of their labelers in and then
11:45 pm
they deliver, lou, they deliver second-rate projects when they complete them in terms of infrastructure and energy. thithey're going to wear a lot f these folks out and more people are going to come to our side, i predict, because the united states has taken the lead to stand up to china. lou: we're out of time but i've got to ask you this very quickly. a lot of attention being paid to the president calling for a space force, which i think is a terrific idea by the way. but i love the fact that the united states apparently is going to get very aggressive and be on the offense in cyber warfare. your thoughts about the importance and the timing of it. >> there's no doubt that we got to get organized in space better than we are. we should dominate space, after all. we were the first ones there. but there's a lot there. i can tell you for a fact that over the next few years, by 2030 the chinese will have three times as many at lites u satellp there serving their national
11:46 pm
military needs against the united states. yeah. i don't know if the space force is the right way to do it. he's starting a process. i think the end result is what we want. we want to dominate space. lou: general jack keane as always, great to have you with us up next, a proud trump supporter rallying behind the president following robert de niro's toni award meltdown. guess what, karma is sometimes just a splendid thing. suspect it? we'll have that here for you next. hi. i'm t he only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable... does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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closed mix, the dow town 103 point well off its lows of the session. the s&p lost six, the nasdaq gained a point. volume on the big boar 3-point the billion shares. a reminder listen to my lots three times a day coast to coat on the salem radio network. coming up next, a shocking new report revealing thousands of criminal illegal immigrants living in the united states because of president obama's daca disaster. what is going on? we taker it up with marianne men do so.
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[ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! developments. the senate voted to reimpose the u.s. ban on the chinese telecom zte that the president relieved of sanctions to save some 88,000 chinese jobs at the request of president xi. the president just announcing as well the administration's
11:55 pm
recently announced tariffs of $50 billion of imports from china, he's also directed the traip representativtrade repres. trade representative to quote identify another 20 $200 billiof chinese goods for a rate of tariffs of 10%. it does until the appear that the chinese are going to adjust their unfair trade practices. so another round of tariffs is on its way, apparently. we should point out the unique advantage, since so many in the business press like to talk about the vulnerability of the united states for some reason should there be a trade war. we export $150 billion to china every year. we have a $350 billion trade deficit. so that alone, 350, 150. that's what we would call a marginal advantage of $200 billion. the chinese, by the way, can do
11:56 pm
that kind of elementary math almost as quickly as i can joining us tonight, angel mom, marianne mendoza. her son was killed in 2014 in an head-on collision, an illegal immigrant drunk driving at the time killing her son. marianne, it is always good to see you. we thank you for being here. we thought it was only appropriate that given all of the talk about families being separated that we turn to you and the angel moms who have lost a loved one as a result of illegal immigration, the acts of illegal immigrants to get your reaction to the rhetoric and the narrative that's being spun up in obviously highly coordinated orchestrated way by the national left-wing media and some very likely on capitol hill and more likely in the house of representatives. >> yes.
11:57 pm
and, you know, i blame all of our politicians, any elected official on a federal state or city level for working tirelessly and so hard for illegal aliens in our country and not putting forth that effort to protect their fellow american citizens. it's been an ongoing battle, something they don't want to solve. this current issue right now -- it makes me sad that so many americans read a headline and look at a picture and immediately go with the rhetoric of how terrible the children are being treated when in fact a lot of them are arriving at the border having been kidnapped with sex traffickers. and we're actually doing a favor to these children. and i wish americans would take the time to understand these children needed the help that they got at the border and thank god the united states was there to help them. lou: absolutely. by the way -- part of the story not being told, these children have not been cared for. they have to be taught how to
11:58 pm
use a toilet. they have to be taught basic hygiene. the care that they're receiving is, unfortunately, much better than certainly the care that's being practiced by the mexican government, which has, in most cases, allowed central american unaccompanied, quote unquote minors to travel the length of mexico, hundreds and hundreds of miles to get to the united states. and no one asked the question why is mexico doing that. what is their purpose. what is the result. and why in the world would they not simply, if they seek asylum, why whowld they not turn to mexico first at its southern border. all of these questions are not been considered or weighed. and by the way, as we talk with you, what about all who have been separated from their loved ones forever as a result of an
11:59 pm
open borders policy and de facto amnesty for so many millions of illegal immigrants. >> well and we've reached out to so many of the politicians with, the liberal politicians and they do not want to talk to us, odo not want to hear us. my son, a respected police officer, their fellow citizen, means nothing to them. none of the over 4300 americans that are killed every year by illegal alien criminals allowed to stay in our country and we have senators and congress members who are fighting for ms-13 gang to remain here. there's over 9,000 convicted illegal alien felons roaming our street. this is where the problem has to stop. lou: marianne, thank you for being with us. we're out of time. marianne mendoza, great to talk with you. that's it for us to night. be sure to tune in tomorrow. ann coulter will be dropping by and we'll be assessing what
12:00 am
marianne was just talking about, and that is the high cost of ill liam immigration and open borders on the american worker, the american working family and our middle class. that's tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: the immigration battle has reached fever pitch as president trump and his administration are blaming the southern border crisis on democrats in congress for stalling on legislation they say could bring a resolution. >> immigration is the fault and all of the problems that we're having as we cannot get them to sign legislation, we cannot get them even to the negotiating table. and i say it's very strongly the democrats' fault. kennedy: oh boy. the administration is holding immigrants who illegally cross the border for prosecution and separating parents from children. critics are calling the policy cruel and inhumane. but this afternoon


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