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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 19, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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dow, the white house allegedly told tim cook iphones assembled in china are not subject to any tariffs, according to a report in the "new york times." when you say you're going to invest $350 billion in the u.s. economy, i guess you get a little benefit. melissa: or fake news from the "new york times." "the evening edit" starts right now. >> china has been taking out $500 billion a year out of our country and rebuilding china. i say we have rebuilt china, they've taken so much. it's time, folks, it's time. liz: president trump saying it is time to deal with china and the problems with trade. we have seesaw action on the dow. it is turn around pumping up after a 400 point plus loss. peter navarro saying china has more to lose than the u.s., that's when the dow started to retrace. secretary of state mike pompeo ripping into china
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yesterday, saying china is the most predatory government in the world, committing larceny. we'll dig into that one. and a new bombshell revelation from d.o.j. inspector general michael horowitz, they're looking whether bias at fbi did lead to the start and the launch of the russia probe. i'm going to play that you sound. this hour, president trump will meet with house republicans, trying to hammer out immigration compromise to address the controversy and separate families at the border. money, politics, we deliver the debates behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. . liz: let's get to your money first. dow did tumble more than 400 points at its low, retraced and closed down 287 points to end the day 24,700. wiping out gains for the year, the trade dispute heating up,
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the russell 2000 hit an all-time high, so did netflix. ba, caterpillar, 3m, boeing, account for half the losses in the dow. let's get to nicole in the thick of the action on the big board. reporter: to your point with the dow dropping 287 points, 1.1%, the steepest drop we've seen on the dow jones industrial average since late may. sell-off was broad-based, and we did see some of the safe havens such as telecoms and utilities hold in the green but the materials and the industrials that weighed like boeing and caterpillar and dow, dupont and united technologies under pressure. boeing dropped almost 4%, they are weighted heavily on the dow jones industrial average. apple today had some news that when we talked about the tariffs and the trade worries, and that's what was front and center, that's why we saw the sell-off finish down 1.6% at
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$185.69. there was a report apple would not have to pay the tariffs for iphones that were assembled in china in the "new york times." starbucks, after the bell, seeing starbucks did say they're going to boost the dividend by 20%. closing 150 stores but the store sales going forward, the compsales were going to be a miss and see a growth of 1% versus 3%. you know they have competition from hot coffee houses. i want to end on the highs. look at this. netflix, amazon, pizza, domino's pizza and the parent of the fox business network, that will be twenty-first century fox, those are all hitting highs. liz? liz: it's a good day when pizza hits an all-time high. great to see you. secretary of state mike pompeo told the detroit economic club the tough rhetoric on china, that it is working, watch. >> president trump
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quintessentially understands that for us to achieve foreign policy goals, we need strength here at home. if you look around, there are those that have criticized some of the tariffs, but just ask yourself, would china have allowed america to do to it what china has done to america? chinese leaders over the past few weeks have been claiming openness and globalization. but it's a joke. let's be clear. it's the most predatory economic government that operates against the rest of the world today. liz: senior white house economic aide peter navarro saying china has more to lose than the u.s. but that the u.s. and president trump and xi jinping do have a good working relationship. a check of the numbers, china sent us $505 billion in goods last year, we send them 130 billion. despite this, china feels the numbers on their side.
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take it to the money gurus mike lee and melissa armu. great to have you here. >> great to be here. liz: tell the viewer what you guys are doing? are you buying on the dip? is this a serious trade fight and going to break out, mike? ask the same of you, melissa, what do you make of all this? >> umpteen time we've had a sell-off for a trade war and since the tariffs have been announced the market is up a little over 2%. yeah i've been able to buy on the dips. liz: what are you buying? >> finance and big tax, i like all the big banks, i love them. liz: melissa, what's your take? >> the market does not like tariffs, so it's had negative reactions and though the negative reactions in the post and the premarket, we open lower and some days rallied, we're still lower into the open and some days like today, we close lower. i don't consider that a place to buy. i want to see the strength come in and lift. when you see the word down in the after-hours, that's
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institutional selling that comes in. that's nothing to mess around with, because most of the people that are trading after those hours are serious players in the market, not serious traders, you got to take that seriously. liz: just perspective, the dow is now where it was at the end of ground last year in january and lost 1.5% today. mike, maybe the trump white house saying look we're up from 18,000 levels, we've added 7 trillion in wealth, let's use that to buy manufacturing jobs back? >> the important thing to remember is we're not interested in trade war, we're trying to open the markets. the u.s. is the fairest trader in the world, we're giving them a taste their own medicine. trump continually said if you don't like our tariffs, drop yours and we'll drop ours, if china were to loosen barriers of entry, drop the tariffs, it would benefit them in the long run. liz: we hear all the time, it's a shocking disgrace we allow
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china to steal silicon valley intellectual property for years. >> it is a shocking disgrace, they are so desperate to do business with apple, they've done what they had to do in order to sell products and information, there but they stole it. that's trump's whole point. trump is saying we're taking a hard line and pushing back. him coming out with a 50 billion in tariffs to announce 200 billion which came out last night and that created the gap down in the market this morning, that is taking it over the top. liz: are you worried? >> i'm not worried. liz: it's not a trade war, right? >> china is saying it's a trade war. but whether it's a trade war or not -- liz: are you worried? >> not worried. liz: are you buying? >> no, this is not the place to buy. liz: are you worried? >> no, they need us far more than we need them. liz: we've got more to tax. >> absolutely. this works better if the two boys can play nice in the
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sandbox. liz: you guys are great. come back on. >> thank you. david: to president trump, he is heading to capitol hill this hour to talk to house republicans to hammer out a path forward for immigration. let's get to ed lawrence live in d.c. edward? reporter: any minute the president is going to leave the white house to come to capitol hill, talking to lawmakers on the house side, republican lawmakers about the path forward how to keep the families together related to immigration issues as they go through the process as well as enforcing immigration laws. one bill that's considered is a compromise, it has some democratic support, it would provide a path forward to dreamers, so-called dreamers for citizenship. $25 billion for border security that could include building a border wall it. allows the families to stay together during that immigration process. another bill that's considered and voted on this week will be less of a compromise, more of a conservative bill that does not open the door for those
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so-called dreamers but does keep families together going through the immigration process. the president will talk to republican lawmakers about both of the bills, however says he wants a little bit more. >> what i'm asking congress to do is to give us a third option, which we have been requesting since last year, the legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit, we have to be able to do this. this is the only solution to the border crisis. reporter: and the president going onto say he's going to need democrat support. democrats need to come to the table and help solve this immigration issue together with republicans. senator chuck schumer trying to throw it back on the president. >> we're here today to say, mr. president, you should, and you must fix this problem. but if you don't want to change this cruel policy, at least admit it is your decision.
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blaming others falsely is cheap, easy and dishonest. reporter: in the senate, less than an hour ago, senator james lankford co-sponsored a bill with ted cruz that is narrowly focused to keep the families together during the immigration process but does not deal with immigration which is something that has to be dealt with. liz: breaking news, up to 200 sets of american servicemen's remains are expected to be transferred from north korea in the next few days back home to the united states. that's according to pentagon officials. this is after the summit with north korea dictator kim jong-un. president trump said the process of returning remains would begin quickly. now more than 7800 americans remain unaccounted for from the korean war. we'll stay on the breaking news story for you throughout the hour. president trump about to depart the white house to meet
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with house republicans on capitol hill to get the immigration compromise. we'll bring it to you live when he departs. congressman trey gowdy went nuclear on inspector general michael horowitz on the i.g.'s second day of testimony. we're bringing in ford o'connell to react to the highlights that the bias of the fbi may have launched the fbi russia probe. that's from the i.g., that's coming up after the break. brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities... with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. . >> they prejudge the outcome of the hillary clinton investigation before the investigation ended, and these exact same fbi agents and attorneys prejudge the outcome of the russia investigation before it even began! if prejudging the outcome of an investigation before tends and
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prejudging the outcome of an investigation before it begins is not evidence of outcome determinative bias for the life of me, i don't know what would be. that is textbook bias. liz: congressman trey gowdy really upset, ripping into fbi bias in the second day of testimony with inspector general michael horowitz, this was in congress today. i.g.'s report did find political bias in the fbi's probe of hillary clinton's e-mails, even fbi director christopher wray said the discovery of anti-trump text could hurt the, quote, viability of the russia probe and the i.g. said we don't have confidence fbi official peter strzok acted free from bias. bring in ford o'connell. ford, okay, the bombshell exchange that happened between bob goodlatte and the i.g. the i.g. said yes, let me get the exact verbiage for you
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political bias had an effect on the initiation of the russia investigation. your reaction to that? >> i agree with chairman goodlatte and trey gowdy. look, it's hard to believe if bias didn't affect the clinton investigation, many of the same people including peter strzok and lisa page, hard to believe the same thing didn't occur there. i'm not confident they're going to find the, quote, smoking gun, that was not the mandate in the i.g. report for the clinton e-mail investigation. remember what an i.g. report is, to essentially protect the government. liz: well, the i.g. is revealing that the i.g. is looking into james comey for potentially leaking classified info when he set up the media leak of memos he wrote about his talks with president trump. watch this, here's something interesting for you, ford. congressman trey gowdy saying james comey acted differently under president obama than president trump. let's watch. >> when he lost confidence in
5:17 pm
the trump justice department, he memorialized private conversations, leaked them and admitted he did so to spur the appointment of special counsel because he didn't trust the career prosecutors at the department of justice. when he lost confidence in the obama justice department, he didn't make special memos, he didn't share with law pressure friends. he didn't lift a finger to get the special prosecutor. lead investigator and the general arbiter of what is good and right in the world according to him. liz: your reaction to that, ford? >> great news for the trump administration, essentially what they're saying is that james comey's being investigated for mishandling classified information, and based on what has come out in the i.g. report about the fact he was insubordinate and several other claims, it's going to be very, very hard for special counsel mueller to bring an obstruction of justice
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claim against donald trump for firing james comey. seems it bolsters his case for doing so. liz: let's move opresident trump about to meet with house republicans to come up with an immigration compromise. here's what the president said about mexico earlier today. >> mexico does nothing for us. you hear it here. they do nothing for us. they could stop it. they have very, very strong laws. try staying in mexico for a couple of days, see how long that lasts. they do nothing for us and i see it through nafta. i see with the hundred billion dollars plus that they make on trade through nafta. one of the worst deals made by this country. liz: you know, there's bipartisan agreement, ford, that it is wrong and immoral to separate children from parents and that congress needs to act to fix the border. ted cruz introducing legislation to end family separation. here's the thing, republicans
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fear their control of the house is at stake, this could get voters in swing districts up off the couch to vote. is it time to set aside this policy because you lose the house and no border wall? >> here's the deal. republicans on capitol hill are scared of the pr optices and what's going on with the border detention controversy. if you go with ted cruz and solve the short-term pr crisis, what you're not doing is effectively decent advising illegal immigration. that's where donald trump made the point. ted cruz's point does not go far enough. and immigration, we need to solve the problem. democrats have no interest beyond open borders and have you republicans who can't decide exactly how much illegal immigration they want to curtail. so essentially donald trump has to put this on his back and actually a great issue in a midterm election for him if he can get the optices on your side. liz: breaking the law if you cross the border illegally. you're breaking the law. children should not be used as
5:20 pm
a policy tool as means to an end. we had john kasich saying this is the party of lincoln. reagan would never have done. this here's the thing, ford, this is an issue no one is talking about. mexico had a record number of homicides, 113 political candidates killed, reportedly by drug cartels in one year. this is chaos south of our border. your reaction to that? >> look, there is chaos south of our border. i'm concerned about the way the laws are written. they're not written to deal with people who do not come from canada or mexico and essentially a lot of what we're talking about is family units and central americans and essentially you neither have to essentially arrest them, return them or actually release them into the interior, and if you're releasing families into the interior for the soul purpose of keeping them together, i don't understand how people follow suit. liz: stop the criminal prosecution of the families and just have them in administrative detention
5:21 pm
centers that they had the policy in march. but goodlatte has a bill for it, bob goodlatte has a good immigration, solid immigration policy. we're showing the full screen of what it offers. goodlatte has the immigration bill. this will pass? will the democrats sign onto it. >> the goodlatte bill is the right way to go. you need 60 votes to pass the vote and essentially because only five democrats are political jeopardy in terms of the 2018 election in the senate, going to be very hard to get 60 votes. i do not see this going through. the democrats love the optics of empathy but thinks it helps well to play well with their base. liz: president trump is about to depart the white house to meet with house republicans on capitol hill shortly to get an immigration compromise. remember this, though, president obama also warned central americans four years ago to not bring your children to the border.
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>> we will not keep kids in child internment camps indefinitely and hidden away from public view. what country is that? this is the united states of america. this was a policy invented, implemented and executed by president donald trump are. elizabeth: congressman elijiah cummings on capitol hill today as house republicans gather tonight at the capitol to meet with president trump on immigration. elijiah cummings blasting the trump administration's zero tolerance policy, has resulted in separations of undocumented families at border. white house officials have said this policy is meant as a deterrent, but a growing number
5:26 pm
of republicans saying it's unacceptable and immoral to use children as leverage to enact policies while democrats and republicans still drag their feet on fixing immigration. president obama also had warned central americans against bringing their children to the border back in 2014. let's listen. >> some of your critics have said you have to speak out more directly to the people of central america and say, don't come. if you come, you will be deported. >> well, we actually just -- we've done that. the problem is, is that under current law once those kids come across the border, there's a system in which we're supposed to process them, take care of them until we can send them back. >> is your message don't come? >> oh, our message is don't send your children unaccompanied on trains or through a bunch of smugglers. that is our direct message to the families in central america, do not send your children to the
5:27 pm
border. if they do make it, they'll get sent back. elizabeth: that's president obama talking tough on immigration four years ago, and unaccompanied minors and children coming to the border saying, parents, don't do it. president trump will be meeting with house republicans on capitol hill shortly to try and hammer out an immigration compromise. let's take it up with spokesperson kayleigh mcenany. stop separating children from parents. let's cut straight to the solution, is that goodlatte bill the solution, is that what we're going to see tomorrow in the news? >> that or the compromise bill are the solution, and congress can fix this. instead we see democrats like nancy pelosi going to tour these facilities. at the top you played a clip of a democrat who managed to pack three lie into a sound bite. that kind of hyperbolic rhetoric takes us farther from a compromise. so stop grandstanding, democrats. sit in a room, act lick
5:28 pm
adults -- like adults, and let's figure this out. elizabeth: the issue could get voters in swing districts up off the couch to vote given what the policy is about basically separating parents and children. but, you know, and ted cruz has that emergency legislation, john kasich and so forth. what will be accomplished, john kasich saying the party of lincoln shouldn't do this. what will be the bipartisan solution? what are we going to see coming out of the results of the meeting tonight? >> well, it's interesting. let me just take up one point here. you know, president obama had the same separation policies. he chose not to implement the law in many cases. the law has all these loopholes that president trump has pointed out that basically say if you enforce the law, the result is parents are prosecuted, their kids are separated. congress has to change that. elizabeth: but happening on a second, let me ask you something because back a couple months ago, you know, jeff sessions and the trump administration said we are going to do zero tolerance. we are now going to start criminally prosecuting. that was the shift.
5:29 pm
that was the switch many policy. finish prior to that they were putting administrative detention centers together, now they're separated because you're criminally prosecuting. that's what's led to this firestorm of controversy. >> right. right, and guess what? 8usc1325 makes it a crime to enter this country can illegally. article ii of the constitution demands that the president faithfully execute the laws of the congress. president trump is doing what congress has told him to do. for decades you have had presidents ignore this problem, and we are here today with a president who says i want to fix this. he has put together a plan that 65% of the country supports according to the harvard harris poll. so democrats need to stop grandstanding and get their act together, help him enforce the law in a way that we do not have to separate families, but we can still prosecute those entering illegally. elizabeth: well, the president did say don't separate but still pushed ahead on legislation, right? >> the problem is when these individuals are prosecuted -- elizabeth: don't prosecute them,
5:30 pm
that's the point. >> right. they're taken into a federal court, and law currently says -- and for a good reason, children are not allowed to be put in a federal detention facility, but we can expedite the reunification of families and send them across the border expeditiously. elizabeth: the bottom line is don't cross the border illegally, and there are common sense fixes. final word. >> that's exactly are right. you know, this is a compassionate administration. they said we want a daca fix, we don't want to separate families, we want to enforce the law because american citizens have died at the hand of ms-13, and that's unacceptable too. elizabeth: we're taking that on, that story about americans being killed by criminal illegal aliens. we're going to take that up in just a second. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: day two of questioning still underway for the doj inspector general michael horowitz. he is looking into the fbi handling of the russia probe, and he's saying that bias at the fbi possibly could have initiated that probe. we've got that sound coming up.
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5:35 pm
walgreens. g conscientious has been the sole surviving initial member of the dow jones industrial average. it started out in the index in 1896 and stuck there through tonight. it's out. liz peek is with us from the fiscal times. your reaction -- >> kind of a historic moment. it really says a lot about where we are in this economy and this country. this was a real industrial, sort of heart throb of the country, and it has steadily lost steam and lost market share and lost market cap. and so, obviously, it was headed to exit, the dow, no question about it. what's taking the place though is sort of, again, another token of where we are in our country's development, a company -- walgreens -- that obviously caters to an aging population, expanding health care mandates, etc., etc. -- elizabeth: walk-in clinics. >> yeah. this is an incredible picture of where we are right now. elizabeth: a lot of americans spend a good chunk of their lives in these places walking around. >> no question. and not every country has them.
5:36 pm
elizabeth: it's a good point. >> this is an american phenomenon. elizabeth: president trump threatening tariffs on $200 billion worth of china goods. let's learn. >> we have an $800 billion trade deficit right now, what do you have to lose? i'm going to give him a wide berth on these issues right now. i think he's trying to send a message to china and the rest of the world this cannot continue. >> this is the reason the guy's president of the united states today. he was the only one that was talking during his campaign on both immigration policy and tariffs. this is why reagan democrats voted for this guy. it's because he said, hey, one, you're losing your jobs and, two, if you have a job, your pay isn't increase aring. this is the direction that this president said he was going to go, and he's just keeping his promises. so he's sending messages around the world saying, hey, no more. no more. no more piggybank for the rest of the world. elizabeth: u.s. and asia markets taking a hit again because of this next stop step in the process of the trade fight with china. >> interestingly, china's market
5:37 pm
was down more than ours. we are still in the opening season of trying to settle a long-simmering trade dispute with china. in this goes back decades. this is not a new problem. china has misbehaved particularly with the theft of intellectual property worth trillions of dollars, and now all of a sudden we are at a tipping point. china is really taking over more and more a technology leadership role, and we cannot afford to let that happen. elizabeth: we're breaking away just for a second, here's the president on his way to the republican conference talking about immigration. [inaudible conversations] >> are you going to shut down the government over the wall this -- over the wall? elizabeth: so the president saying we're going to try to get a solution there. we're staying on this developing story. there's the president leaving to go meet with house republicans to hammer out an immigration compromise with the coterie behind him. let's get to this bombshell,
5:38 pm
what happened on day two of the questioning -- it is still underway for the justice department inspector general michael horowitz, confirming he's looking into the fbi's handling of russia probe. let's watch. >> do you believe this text shows political bias? >> i think as we've found it clearly shows a biased state of mind. >> and if so, do you believe the political bias shown by this text had an effect on the initiation of the russia investigation? >> i think, as you know, mr. chairman, that's a matter we've got under review and are looking at right now. be. elizabeth: okay. so we saw there, liz, that the i.g. confirming they're looking into whether bias at the fbi initiated the russia probe -- >> yeah, which is really the first time we've heard that, right? elizabeth: yeah, we haven't heard that. >> by the way, trump supporters are going to be pretty thrilled to have that balanced approach taken because, yes, the clinton e-mail investigation was certainly flawed in many
5:39 pm
respects, and people think it was politically biased. but this one, this whole trump russia probe, i think the right, you know, people support donald trump are just furious about the way this was taken on. and it is high time for someone to investigate how this got started. there have been so many leaks, rumors, innuendo, we want to know what happened and why. and i think this is a very positive development. elizabeth: liz peek, love having you in on such a breaking -- [laughter] >> so many things going on, exactly. elizabeth: great to see you. thanks for coming in. amson shareholders, look at this story, they're calling on the tech company to stop selling facial recognition technology to our nation's police officers saying that technology could be unfairly used to target and surveil people of color and others. coming up, we're bringing in a cleveland detective. he is here to react. but, again, we're staying on story of president trump trying to hammer out an immigration compromise bill with house republicans. the question is will democrats
5:40 pm
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>> what is it that they are thinki? do they think these children deserve less than their children do in terms of care and love? >> those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of christianity. jesus said suffer little children unto me, he did not say let the children suffer. of. >> you're operating with a white nationalist government that will take children hostage to get what they want. >> all i can say after talking to the people, watching the people, listening to the people that the statue of liberty, i think, is weeping right now. elizabeth: president trump meeting with house republicans right now to get an immigration compromise bill that the chamber may vote on later in the week.
5:44 pm
let's bring in conservative review tv host allie stuckey. allie, what's your take on the controversy over separating parents and children at the border? is there a solution here to stop all this? >> look, everyone i know on both sides of the aisle has compassion for these kids. but this debate is getting absolutely out of hand. it's gotten so emotional that if anyone brings up a fact or a logical solution, they are slammed as being a heartless animal that doesn't care about these kids. but the fact of the matter is, is that democrats don't want a solution. we've been saying over and over again this goes to the congress, this has to be a legislative fix, this is not donald trump picking up the phone and saying, hey, stop doing that. honestly, kirsten nielsen needs to be the only one that's talking right now because she's right, congress has to fix this. ted cruz has put forth a legislative solution that i think is really solid, unlike the democrats who basically just want every illegal immigrant to be able to come in no questions asked, no consequences. and that's just not going to
5:45 pm
happen in this administration. elizabeth: well, the president -- the white house, a couple months ago, let's just set out the lay of the land, said we will start criminally prosecuting. at that point that's when the family members were separated, because you can't hold children in federal criminal detention centers. the talk being -- >> right. elizabeth: -- revert back to administrative detention centers, you know, to fix that problem, to keep the families together. that's the solution there. but to your point, allie, there's a broader problem here, and that is border or security, to your point. republicans and democrats, democrats, both sides have for decades been dragging their feet on common sense solutions to the immigration policies, problems and border security problems. and to your point, listen to these family members who have been permanently separated from their children due to violent criminal illegals coming into this country. the families tell us democrats have never talked to them. let's listen. >> a four-time deported illegal
5:46 pm
alien that had done five years in prison for attempted murder and had a 15-year rap sheet just pulled up next to spencer and randomly blew his brains out. >> joshua went to school one day, and unbeknownst to me, a classmate asked him for a ride home. we found out his intent was to murder josh for his truck. he brutally beat him, crushed his face and voicebox. he beat him in the head with a closet rod pour times until it broke. he strangled him over and over again, tortured him. he tied him up like an animal, dropped him in a field and set him on fire. >> an illegal immigrant, intoxicated, hit him from behind going approximately 120 miles an hour. elizabeth: your reaction to that. >> the fact is one of these crimes would have happened if those illegal imgrans weren't there. so -- immigrants weren't there. we have to have common sense legislation. that means building the wall, that means securing the border so this isn't so easily able to
5:47 pm
happen where women are able to smuggle children in or people are able to smuggle women and children in across the border. we just heard a report actually on cnn that said that parents actually give their children plan b birth control because they know their kids are going to be raped when they cross the border. is that compassionate? it honestly makes me sick to hear nancy pelosi and hillary clinton quoting the bible when they're talking about border security. if you want empathy and compassion, let's secure our borders. let's pass legislation to make that happen. let's not just talk about it. elizabeth: and step up and say if you want to apply for asylum, we, of course -- >> come on. elizabeth: -- we're a compassionate nation. >> yes. elizabeth: we are take you in as a refugee, just go to those points of entry. >> go to the port of entry, absolutely. we're the most compassionate country in the world, we have the highest amount of immigrants in the world. this is a country of immigrants in so many ways. please, come here legally. we would love to grant you asylum if we can do that, but don't come in illegally.
5:48 pm
it's dangerous for everyone. elizabeth: president trump speaking moments ago just before meeting with house republicans. let's listen. >> the system has been broken for many years. the immigration system, it's been a really bad, bad system, probably the worst anywhere in the world. we're going to try and see if we can fix it. thank you very much. elizabeth: your reaction. >> i think he's absolutely right. look, we have to build the wall. that's not an unempathetic stance to take. that's actually so much more compassionate for the people who are trying to cross the border. it's so much more compassionate for the people in this cup. it's just common sense -- in this country. we have to secure our borders. president trump ran on that, he knows that, now it's time for him and congress to step up, to come together and actually do it. the democrats like senator feinstein who proposed ridiculous legislation that would basically make it impossible to separate children from any criminal in the united states, they're wrong. republicans are actually proposing solutions. let's come together and make it happen.
5:49 pm
elizabeth: allie stuckey, thank you so much. >> thank you. elizabeth: amazon's shareholders calling on the tech company to stop selling facial recognition technology to our nation's police officers saying that the technology unfairly target and do surveillance on people of color and more. we're bringing in cleveland mrs. detective steven -- police detective steven loomis. he says this technology keep you safe. all avenue the break, don't go -- all after the break. don't go away.
5:50 pm
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so call now. remember, medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. elizabeth: welcome back. amazon shareholders calling on amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to police officers and law enforcement across the country. shareholders sending a letter to ceo jeff bezos saying, quote: we are concerned this technology would be used to unfairly and
5:53 pm
disproportionately a target and surveil people of colors, immigrants and civil society organizations. we're also concerned that foreign governments, including authoritarian regimes, could use it as well. amazon, meantime, finishing in the green, up nearly 1%. let's bring in cleveland police detective steven loomis to react. are these concerns valid, sir? >> absolutely not. not at a local law enforcement level in any case. this technology is -- we heard the same arguments when we had fingerprints back in the 19th century. , the na sampling -- dna sampling now, everybody that gets arrested for a felony gets a dna sample taken. so we hear the same type of arguments over and over again. as far as targeting a specific race, absolutely not. this is going to target bad guys. and it's going to make law-abiding citizens much safer and law enforcement that are protecting them. elizabeth: the argument is that innocent people's faces will stay in those databases forever at police departments.
5:54 pm
your to that. >> no, that's absolutely not true. we absolutely input those faces. we take them from surveillance of store robberies, things like that. there's some body cam technology that's going to be coming out here very shortly. and keep in mind only 11 states right now have this. it's going to be very closely monitored just as ncic is. we can do criminal background checks, but we have to have a law enforcement purpose to do that, and so it's not going to be the free for all that, you know, these groups are claiming it's going to be. elizabeth: detective, how does it keep us safe? >> i'm sorry? elizabeth: how does this technology keep us safe? >> well, it allows us to pinpoint very accurately who the person is that we're dealing with. when i came on the job 25 years ago, you had to rely on their honesty to give you a social security number and a birthday. now we have computers in the cars, and we can check those
5:55 pm
things very quickly and get a picture of them right now to make sure they're telling us the trout about that. what this technology is going to -- it's almost going to be realtime, and we're going to know who we're dealing with, whether it's a suspect, whether it's a runaway child. we talked about that earlier. you know, there's all kinds of applications for it. but it's not going to be to target protesters. that's ridiculous. no cop in this country cares about what people are protesting. we care about them being able to protest, and we'll defend that right and take a bullet for that. elizabeth: can you repeat that? because silicon valley thinks that law enforcement is going to do surveillance of civil, you know, civil rights groups and the like. can you repeat what you just said? are you doing surveillance of those guys? >> no. with facial recognition technology, shul -- absolutely not, you know? we do have intelligence units that go out and watch and look and see what's going on, and
5:56 pm
that's responsible law enforcement. but it's not obtrusive, you know? we're not in people's faces doing that. and this type of technology is going to absolutely make the job of a law enforcement officer safer, it's going to make the law-abiding citizen safer, and it's on going to make the criminal element out there safer because we're going to know who we're dealing with very, very quickly. if we're dealing with a known armed front, that's one -- felon, that's one thing. if we're dealing with a guy that's passing bad checks that, you know, we're going to know that right away. that's all or very, very useful information. but no prosecution will ever take place solely based on this type of technology. elizabeth: hey, detective steven loomis, thank you so much for your insights and thank you for our service to your country. >> you're very welcome. liz: we're going to be right back after the break. heavy, heavy news night. we've got a lot of stuff for you, don't go away.
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6:00 pm
paul ryan and republicans on immigration. thank you for having us in your home and thank you so much for watching. it was a jam-packed news hour. charles: tonight on "making money" at this very hour president trump meeting with speaker paul ryan and other gop legislators to work out crafting the comprehensive immigration deal. we'll break that down for you tonight. we want to begin with the markets. the dow up 300 points. and it seems like for some people that's a sign america is losing the trade war with china. but up here to tell you i'm not worried because we are winning in a lot of different ways. china is dealing with serious issues including right now that country pumping in billionsf

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