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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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paul ryan and republicans on immigration. thank you for having us in your home and thank you so much for watching. it was a jam-packed news hour. charles: tonight on "making money" at this very hour president trump meeting with speaker paul ryan and other gop legislators to work out crafting the comprehensive immigration deal. we'll break that down for you tonight. we want to begin with the markets. the dow up 300 points. and it seems like for some people that's a sign america is losing the trade war with china. but up here to tell you i'm not worried because we are winning in a lot of different ways. china is dealing with serious issues including right now that country pumping in billions of dollars to prop up their
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economy. $60 bithis month alone. they are dealing with plunging stock markets and massive debts swamping their gdp and one trillion in foreign debt. joining me, peter morici, and gordon chang. the dow is off 300 pints, and the reason i point that out. that's where china is focused. that's their key to the future and that index has gotten crushed. >> date was down 5.3%. it's broken below the 3,000 level. it is the worst performing major
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stock index in the world today, down 12%. china has real problems you just talked about. people are saying those stocks which plunged a lot the last several weeks have a lot more to go. >> does this put any pressure on china authorities? i read "the people's" daily headline. it sounds like the chinese government is trying to calm the folks and reassure them of their strength. it didn't read convincingly to me. >> people say we can't win this trade war because donald trump has elections and xi jinping doesn't. there were reports under zte. people in china were saying if trump didn't give dte sanctions
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relief maybe xi jinping could lose his position. this is a broad-based concern and affects all elements of the economy. right now we are in a much better position than the chinese. charles: peter, how do we win the trade war. >> when you are applying economic sanctions to get a regime change, i mean a change in their policy fundamentally. you have got to get your allies in line so the target can go around you. because of the kerfuffle over teal and aluminum tariffs, it's hard to get the europeans, canadians and japanese to support us. you should structure it in a way where it's hard for them to hit back.
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it might be through a quota system. the more they buy from us, the more quotas we'll issue to buy from them. my feeling ishe haven't thought through strategically where they want this toned and what are the best weapons to use. certainly we have advantages, but let's not squander them. charles: do you think it's a bad idea to begin with? >> there are no losers or winners in a trade war. i find it quite remarkable that the goal of this president is to actually make the chinese government treat their people better. but what i don't find remarkable is how he's doing it by taking hostages, the american consumers and american manufacturers who are buying steel and aluminum. a lot of goods manufacturers are buying from china to make their
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goods. so the notion just because the chinese market is doing. it means great news for the u.s. it's bad news for the u.s. this uncertainty that's been going on for a long time. a lot of experts are calculating it's wiping out in terms of investments and expenses that benefits the tax reform. and that's the shame. charles: we have seen the markets come off the lows of the session. the dow is under pressure. the russell 2,000 made another all-time high. suggesting people are confident about the domestic economy. there are individual sectors that continue to do well. amazon and netflix through the roof as well. >> this is the exact right time to take on china.
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we have the right person in the white house. he's unpredictable. he's doing it from his policies from a position of unprecedented economic strength. and the markets are telling us we are winning. the chinese stock market just hit a 2-year low. we are up 30% the last two years. president trump just put the trump card on china. he put tariffs on china that are greater than what they buy from us. i think they ought to think about it carefully. they can't win this trade war. >> it breaks me heart to hear anyone caulk about how we are winning. has anyone read the demand for extension of small manufacturers begging for an extension from their government to leave these tariffs because they will have to lay off their workers because
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they are hurting and now their goods they produce are so expensive their final goods are not globally competitive? >> the real prize is leadership in high technology. it's easy to look at an aluminum can company asking for an exemption. we don't want the chinese leading in artificial intelligence on the basis of their industry targeting their industrial policies and american trust policies and excluding manufacturers with wind mills and solar panels. >> statist economies do not work. they have outgroins every year for the last 20 years. i don't call that winning. that's why we are fighting this now. >> they have stolen $600 billion
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of i.t. every year. that's not winning. and we are worried about aluminum cans. charles: tomorrow president trump is going to meet with u.s. senators about zte which is at the center of all this. zte was reflective of' sdinpin. it's at the heart of what peter is talking about. what people don't talk about. may 1, arm holdings, the largest technology company in the u.k., was brow beaned into giving 51% ownership with a chinese company. 90% of all mobile devices are arm chips in them. that means china will have access to this technology and they will rip it off.
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>> that's absurd that we are forced to give away our technology to across tess their markets when they have if free access here. chain today as the obtuse barriers some of which boggle the mind. it's absurd to think we can have a market-based wto type of relationship. it's like trying to play football when a guy has switch blades. >> i don't know why china. i don't know why they wouldn't a how try to resolve this rather than going tit for tat. i know they want to increase their domestic economy. i know they want that number to come down a lot. >> but they can't do it. the reason is, they have so much trouble inside.
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their economy is being driven by government. you saw consumer spending fall in may along with a lot of other indicators. china's economy is slowing down because they are trying to deliver. they have issues they don't have solutions to. >> i did a poll on twitter that's unscientific. at least my people have spoken. would you support president trump if consumer prices go higher in a trade war? so maybe people do know that prices are going up and maybe they know there are consequences to this battle. but they leave near-term is worthwhile for better open markets to our products for the world. why not give our friends to open up their markets and lower their trade barriers so we can have a
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fair trade system. >> this is not the way to go. protectionism begets protectionism. then the governments cut down on spending. what people don't seem to understand, the reason why people want to sell stuff to us, is to buy our debt and invest in the u.s. so one of the trade-offs -- charles: i do believe the same way the people's bank of china injected $31 billion today and $30 billion last year. the federal reserve if it had to could buy any shares that china sold to our debt in retaliation. hall, what are your thoughts on
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that unscientific poll. they say they voted for president trump to fix this and they are willing to stand by the president even if prices go higher. >> exactly. president trump is not doing anything he didn't say he was going to do during the campaign. he's doing exactly what he said he was going to do and people understand this. all these people are talking about higher taxes. these are the people who voted against the tax cuts. now all of a sudden they are worried about higher prices on soda cans. charles: we have to leave it there. i'm getting a wrap signal. thank you all have much. appreciate it. president trump takes matters into his own hands, addressing this controversial immigration policy. he had a lot to say. we'll see if perhaps we can look ahead to potential solutions because a lot of them are floating around in dc right now.
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charles: president trump meeting with republican lawmakers on capitol hill. the president now is saying he's got a solution that he would like. he wants to keep the family together. let's take a listen. >> what i'm asking congress to do is to give as you third option which we have been requesting since last year. the they will authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit. we have to be able to do dhils.
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this -- to do this. this is the only solution to the border crisis. we have to stop child smuggling. and we have to have a real border. not judges. charles: joining me is the immigration attorney for melania trump. nick, you are an american who went through the process of doing it the legal way. you understand all the hurdling involved in this and you have been pretty much outspoken on it. the country is appalled at the notion of families being split apart, but congress can't seem to find a solution to it. >> it's heart wrenching to see the division coming out from the border. this is a difficult issue. an emotional issue. but at the end of the day. this is a country with borders
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and we need to make sure around laws are enforced and people realize there aren't going to be exceptions. that we are serious about border control and about making sure we get to choose the people that come to this country and the circumstances under which they come. and recently that hasn't been the case. i think this is tough love being exercised. i do love the solution that our president has put forth. he gets better every single day. that third option is the best option. let's detain the families that come illegally. and if so, if they need to be deported let's do that as well. charles: there is the asylum issue. over the years the system has been gamed at the smugglers and everyone else learned how to
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game system to the point people come in and eventually they don't show up for court dates. >> thank you, charles for having me, and congratulations, nick, on your becoming an american citizen. i had the pleasure of doing stuart varney's citizenship. there are people that gain systems throughout the universe. believe it or not other countries. i understand the argument that people resent children being used as a shield to get a predicate stat nuts united states. and why can't they apply for asylum in the neighboring country. closer nations where they would firmly resettle. the real issue is the legal migration systems are so backed up. the employment-based learn.
6:20 pm
the family-based ledgers. even when somebody can buy a green card. if you are a chinese national it will take five years. the whole idea of chain migration has become a dirty word. but whatever station in your life, bricklayers in georgia or work on wall street with an h-1b professional work visa. they need to make sure the system is robust and fluid. charles: we don't have that. is the answer to break the rules? should there be a sense of urgency in congress by both sides to fix it? >> there are four laws being promised. each one is worse than the other. the solutions congress is trying -- they are gaming the system and playing politics with people's lives.
6:21 pm
this president is taking the letter of the law more than any other president in our nation's history. and splitting families. it's not an optic we want to have. but there are ways to achieve what we want. it's a crime to enter the united states illegally. the maintenance of your status in the united states is not an ongoing fine it's like the two parents fight where they created a system or environment where they can't get to the table to fix it. the kids are watching their parents. our kids are watching how we respond to this. we fought pirates on the high seas. our founding father's never even shut our golden doors. charles: today president trump did talk about the notion of adding more judges. but i think he's looking at it from the bureaucratic aspect of it. i think a lot of people agree we have a messed up legal
6:22 pm
immigration system. but that does not mean people should break the laws or we should give up or subordinate our right to control our own borders. >> it's true that right now it's really easy for bad people to get into the united states at very, very, very hard for good people to come to the united states. i went through absolute torture to get my green card. it cost close to $50,000. there was lots of uncertainty. and it's very frustrating. charles: nick, i have to wrap this up. do you like any of these four bills before we go that are being presented? michael doesn't think any of them will be the answer. >> i think any bill is much
6:23 pm
easier for good people to document united states and much harder for bad people to come to the united states is a bill i would support. >> he paid too much for his green card. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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charles: president trump expected to wrap up a meeting with house republicans on immigration at any moment. the podium is set up. until that moment, i want to go to capitol hill, speak with washington examiner editorial director about this. hugo. this is an amazing political quagmire. this is dynamite for both parties for various reasons, president trump and trump administration realize it as well. he had a speech at nfib this afternoon, and spent majority of it talking and ex -- explaining
6:27 pm
his decision on this issue. >> he decided he would enforce the laws of the land. the democrat don't want him to enforce the law, they want him to go for the continue catch and release program that the obama administration had where illegals would come, be arrested, then released into the country. because of president's policy of zero tolerance, everyone who is coming in to the country illegally, either first time, which is a misdemeanor, second is a felony, they are being arrested processed and prosecuted. that is where child separation thing comes in. now president has proposed, there is a bill in senate right now from john cornyn, that would allow families to be prosecuted and yet they would be kept together in detention, very
6:28 pm
tellingly, when chuck schumer was asked whether democrats would support this, he did not answer, he said president should pick up the phone and end it. in other words go back to the policy of obama, not enforce the law, the democrats don't want to see these people prosecuted. a law that allows them to be detained together. that would be bad for the democrats. charles: hugo, no doubt that democrats see this size a public relations win. we have seen all things and heard things. public to a degree is misinformed about origins of this, what went on with previous administrations. i know senator feinstein has the keep family together act. one of the provisions would stop us from arresting terrorists if they are within a hundred feet
6:29 pm
of the border, that is ridiculous. congress gave up their role, i think over last 10 years, to do their job on both sides of the aisle, i find it amazing they want the president, both sides, would love president to continue to make these fiat decisions when it is their job to do this. >> you are right, it is congress' job to get the law fixed. interesting before 2010 elect, 12, and 14, democrats decided to demagogue this issue, they said vote for us, we'll fix the problem, they went through the election and never fixed it. they love having it as an issue to run on any campaign, they could fix it right now in congress. charles: not unlike a daca fix. it right there, but i think that democrats would rather have it as a political card of division, thank you hugo. >> thank you. charles: all right, we'll be right back.
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charles: president trump expected to wrap up a meeting with house republicans on immigration at any moment. here to discuss is democratic strategist. attorney gayle trotter and amber reporter for daily caller, amber, this has been a political media sensationalism firestorm, if you will. the thing that goes nuts in
6:34 pm
washington d.c. and i think it is so misreported when it spreads out to mainstream and making it worse. >> you are right, i was in d.c. today talking to regular american people, they were telling me they had no idea this was a policy done under obama administration as well. media keeps misreporting it, saying this is a new policy, only thing is trump administration is enforcing the law on books. this has been a law and order presidency since the beginning, it should be no surprise trump will tell congress they should pass legislation if they want to fixed. and media is accusing people was not being compassion toward children, yet they don't want to talk about the drug smuggler across the boar eit is up to us -- border. it is up to us to correspondent
6:35 pm
correct information. charles: what do you make? president trump ran at idea of a zero tolerance policy, on these issues, and that if this outrage we're hearing, should be impetus for solutions, yet it feels like we're not going to get there, not what we're hearing. >> i am glad we're talking about this. this a horrifying situation on the border, not just family separation but children who are making this trek by themselves, sense by parents for hopeful for a life in this country that is better than they are escaping. i am hopeful today that we're moving in a direction where we is advance bipartisan solution, you have bipartisan condemnation of this administration zero tolerance policy, and ideas floated by ted cruz to for example double number of immigration judges that are processing the claims. a bill floated by senator diane
6:36 pm
feinstein, that would reunite the family as they wait for their court hearing. this is an issue that the president has put front and center because of this policy, i am hopeful we can get bipartisan solution to reunite the families and move them through the justice system. charles: gail, there is a breaking news out on how much this costing so far trump immigration child detention, $458 million, one specific nonprofit. and they spent over 900 million year-to-date. and i think effort perhaps is there, optics have not worked out, some has been jean -- genuine. having said that, listening to president trump today, seems like he wants to cut out the bureaucratic fixes that congress is so used to, get a solution, how hopeful are you maybe this
6:37 pm
could happen? >> very hopeful, president trump is a grandfather to many children, he has a caring heart, he is really caring about the children, and their families, at the same time, though this tragic situation has been created by many administrations, republican, democratic and a congress that refuses to either enforce the law that have the president enforced law that congress passed or actually revise the law they think would be more appropriate to this situation. charles: alerting oddient, we have a live shot on capitol hill, democrats approached podium, they have signed, families belongin together. president trump meeting with house republicans. >> separating children, putting children and parents in cages, and does not work using words line infestation, trying to
6:38 pm
dehuman eyize people. we want him to know we're here. >> we don't go away. >> every mother and that eithero is screaming out about the injustice of this policy that president has power to stop. he is traumatizing -- >> amber, they are carrying signs, family belong together. just made comments about children and cages. and someone somewhere, i had not heard before infestation. i want to mention this agency of this department of hhs, spend $943 million in grants this year for care of this children acording to government data, what is your thought on what we're hearing. and again, this sensationalism of it all. >> it seems so disingenuous to
6:39 pm
me, for democrats to bridge this -- bring up this all of a sudden, we've seen a number of photos from 2014 when president obama was in was on the,. charles: okay. president trump is waving. >> quit separating the kids, mr. president -- don't you have kids? don't have you kids, mr. president. charles: okay. i'm not sure, you know there was a microphone at podium, perhaps president trump was scheduled to meet. i don't know he thought these democrats would be there with those. kevin to that point. laying it on thick. this is what makes the nud newsd headline but does not get solutions? >> well, i think we need to tamp down rhetoric, and focusing on children. yes, you had children in facilities under the obama
6:40 pm
administration, but those were kids coming across on their own, those photos. what is new is zero tolerance policy, that is function of this trump administration. when it comes to separating over 2000 children, from their parents, many of whom will never see their parents again because of the backlog. when parent se sent home and children stay here. we must keep the family together. charles: president trump touched on idea that been presented with respect to more judges, he thinks it would be a bureaucratic problem as we can see president trump now, this is capitol hill. leaves the meeting he had with fellow republicans in the house,
6:41 pm
kevin mccarthy still speaking with them. general kelly on my left, his right. this gayle is a serious issue. there is a fierce race to try to fix it. what more bureaucracy right now, training judges, relocating judges or a wholesale fix to policy that makes sure family -- decade, we had a great meeting, thank you. charles: president trump saying, that they had a great meeting. and hopefully we'll hear more before the night is over. gayle, your thoughts on how to take care of this particularly considering urgency? >> you are right. this is congressional malpractice, you can throw a lot of judges at this issue, and make bureaucratic fixes. but until we have a clear immigration policy that either
6:42 pm
encourages, discourages or communicates a clear message about what u.s. immigration policy is, you will continue to have people trying to cross the border illegally, and you will have this situation repeated over and over, it is costly in terms of emotional impact to the american taxpayer, to have these judges to have these administrative proceedings, more border patrol agents, unless congress acts we have the situation repeated over and over and over again. and it is not going to be a resolution, it is not even going to be a patch. charles: we have to leave it, thank you very much. >> thank you, sharps. charles: we'll be right back. k e due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both.
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charles: market got smacked around at the open, for the most part it struggled all session. major indices finishes off the lows of the day. and consumer discretionary from value play to momentum. talking kohl's and chipotle. and netflix has been parabollic. consumer staple continue to find buyers as well. i thought crude oil was interesting it was down, oversold into the opec meeting. but action in the stocks, those with exposure to premium ford are nice. i am down in the stock. but there were smaller midland, texas ideas on fire be they have exposure to wolf camp and bone
6:47 pm
spring -- diamond back energy. there may be a cut but not at levels as deep as we thought. long-term, crude oil, i think is in play. i think as long as west texas holding to trend line it should be okay. expectations for earnings seen are high. we're on the cusp. and last season earnings within through the roof. nobody is expecting the same results we had forwar first qua. but look for those names that is beat a robust guidance. if they check all of the boxes they could have hesitation. after the bell, oracle they beat, offered solid guidance that stock slightly higher.
6:48 pm
fedex gave mixed guidance it is down in after hours. and before earnings, next two weeks, will be earnings warnings. after the close starbucks company that gave us bad news, closing 150 stores, in heavily penetrated market, a hundred more than normal. and wall street looking for 3%. we know market dicey, there are clear trends, keep in mind we have a clear and vib vibrant economic backdrop. >> tension run high in washington on immigration, president trump did not forget to fake a victory lap on the economy. what is behind that record run, and can it keep going? next.
6:49 pm
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charles: president trump touting u.s. economic move, sign continue to pour in. he got a strong read today on housing. starts better than expected, with 11 year high, permits delayed in may. discussing it ryan payne, and kevin paul scott. kevin we start with you. housing starts today, consumer optimism on friday, just about of day, number that come out, we're seeing optimism, it feels like we have an economic locomotive. do you feel that way, do you think it is sustainable? >> i think you are right, i think that economy is on great footing, i think that talk of tariffs puts a governor on the stock market.
6:53 pm
but overall i think that the pass, and economy' keel growing, as far that that looks, that will be positive and housing market on the uptick. charles: are we too ostmi optim, ryan. >> no. >> the trade war? >> i don't think it is that big a deal, i think trump is looking to get a better deal, just doing a little bit of negotiating here. we pay 6% in tariffs and they pay 3.5. charles: all right, bring you back soon. we have breaking news. thank you. we'll be right back. in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield annuities
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6:57 pm
influence, talking about russian twitter bots, they were active in last month, with me a writer of "wall street journal" article, tell us, the russian trolls, they are still at it. >> they are, congress released a list of more names of russian trolls. we're getting them out in drips. this is twitter handles, a lot of these twitter accounts were active as recently as last month, tweeting about devicive issue, weighing in on roseanne babarr's firing to donald trump divorce. and colin kaepernick, they have an impact. charles: during the election there were a lot of divisive
6:58 pm
issues, one they focused on more than anything else is race. is it that easy? >> it is a great question, i have done a lot of reporting not just focusing on block accounts, you look at twitter handles there are a lot of you know black matters u.s., and fake black lives matters accounts, they try to penetrate the black community, and get african-american artists involved in their schemes, they have tapped into this group, i think if it is easer to realize what works and they amplify it. their goal is to embed it, then they have influence. charles: i get attacked by waves of russian bots, you can tell they are bots, this is is
6:59 pm
amazing they may have the influence people say they do. but just notion that the russians ste are still messing around like this frustrating. >> right, russian propaganda is still alive and well, they are trying to stoke the flame of politically hot topics. a lot of left-leaning, resist, impeach, gun reform now. and so it shows it trying to create division in american society. >> they play both sides, to your point, they will talk about this segment tomorrow at 3 prime minister, it make -- 3:00 p.m., it make no sense. charles: i have been target if you will. >> i am sure you have. charles: what is up with twitter, how come they can't fix it. >> researcher say twitter taken a lax approach to this, they have acknowledged they done really shut down all accounts right away. they had to wait to see what
7:00 pm
facebook was shoul should shuttn past, twitter said they believe truth will come out and out weigh fake news, but their message is changing. charles: thank you, here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, our top stories inspector general who yesterday claimed he 1 confirm or -- would not confirm or deny whether fbi was conducting an investigation on anyone reversed himself today. now he says he will review whether political bias of anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok contributed to the creation of mueller special counsel probe. inspector general finally acting on damning evidence that is contained throughout his report on his own investigation after he faced withering criticism during hearings by house and


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