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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. charles: thank you, here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, our top stories inspector general who yesterday claimed he 1 confirm or -- would not confirm or deny whether fbi was conducting an investigation on anyone reversed himself today. now he says he will review whether political bias of anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok contributed to the creation of mueller special counsel probe. inspector general finally acting on damning evidence that is contained throughout his report on his own investigation after he faced withering criticism during hearings by house and senate.
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>> do you believe this text shows political bias. >> i think as we found it clearly shows a bias state of mind. lou: we break down latest on deep state, dems and plot to undermine presidency of donald trump. former federal prosecutor andy mccharter joining us. and president trump putting u.s. first, and china's unfair trade practices will not longer be tolerated by united states, klein callchina calling this lad of tariffs blackmail, not sure. peter navarro, white house trade advisory or to discuss the latest develops. and president trump visiting capitol hill. pressing republican lawmakers to come to their senses, secure the
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border with mexico, speaker ryan and his rinorepublican, in pocket of chamber of commerce, wall street and koch brothers aligning themselve with the media, a crusade for wide open borders, ann coulter is here as well, immigration and amnesty moving to the forefront on capitol hill. what will be result? our top story fbi inspector general michael horowitz evolving in his thinking after two days of congressional willing, he now seems to be consider that maybe fbi anti-trump political bias detailed in his own respect played a significant role in fbi decision to neither formally charge hillary clinton and in creation of superb counsel to
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investigate donald trump and russian collusion. in former there is evidence. in ladder, none what so ever. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> they projudge outcome of hillary clinton investigation before the investigation ended, these same fbi agents and parents prejudged outcome of the russia investigation before it began. reporter: lawmaker press inspector general horowitz. what they describe as political bias at the fbi, pointing to a newell discovery text between strzok and page saying they would stop trump with being elected. >> who is the we is in w we'll stop it. >> we found three additional fbi
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agents. >> do they still work for mueller. >> my understanding is no. reporter: july 2016, strzok pivoted from clinton e-mail to collusion. >> do you believe political bias shown by this text had an affect on initting a of russia investigation? horowitz testifies, a review uncovered text in may. >> we sent it to the office of department -- >> mr. rosenstein? >> in his office. >> when you did get it mr. rosenstein decided we could not det inot get it until your t came out. reporter: another lawmaker requested why report was so lent on allegation that clinton serve are may have been hackd. >> that is not in your report. reporter: president we'd in, you read that ig report, about how she got away, it is a disgrace.
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reporter: after reviews, democrat blame former director james c accuse republicans of refusing to acknowledge a clinton prosecution was never justified they. >> they are howling about lock her up is bogus, it was baseless, it was unsubstance unsubstantiated. >> he executed the hillary clinton campaign. reporter: in statement, lawyer for strzok confirmed to fox news his client has been cooperating with a fbi review, which included being escorted from the building for now strzok is an fbi employees. lou. lou: thank you. >> an fbi. who was escorted from the building this afternoon. we'll bring you up to day as we
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learn more. china accusing united states of extreme pressure and blackmailing in response to president trump's move to prepare new tariffs on $200 billion of chinese exports to uniteunited states it not black, chinese state media can call it what they want. china has a mathmatic problem. the chinese export more than 3 times as much to united states, as we export to china. mr. trump making it clear that chinese can squawk as loud low aloudly asthey want. only acceptable result will be a deficit in trade. >> china has been taking out $500 billion a year, out our country, and rebuilding china, we have to to something. we will make it fair, our friends and our enemies, i have
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to say, in many cases our friends on trade have treated us worse than our enemies. lou: joining us tonight one of president's warriors for fair trade, peter navarro. good to have you with us. have the chinese under estimated president's resolve to move forward with tariffs? in particular treader to trade y trade with united states. >> they have, this man as the courage and the vision, this president promised back to june of 2016 he would use section 301 to crackdown on china's unfair trade practice, he is doing, that no one should be surprised. the problem is that china targeted crown jewels of american technology, they use 4 attack vectors to go after it, they steal it they force transfer of it they evade our or
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export control, and president trump said that is not going to happen on his watch. that is why he is considering investment restriction. lou: and a number of proposed deals for chinese to acquire u.s. technologies that have been turned down and for first time, in my memory, the sieve -- committee on for the investment of united states, has turned down the deals, they nearly -- in previous administrations they rubber-stamped home, this is to great credit of trump administration. turning to chinese commerce ministry statement. talking about blackmail. rhetoric and i say it is risen to level of squawking. this sounds like they understand now that, that is all they have
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left. they have to respond in some way to the charges, the charges are true. it is predatory, economic policies in trade, they will have to adjust if they will trade with u.s. >> as a matter of mathematics, president up studied dollars 50 billion of tariffs targeted made in china 2025 industry. china wants to take away for future, we won't have a future if they take them, president is a defensive measure, put those tariffs on. what china did, and a big mistake, they came back and retaliated with their own tariffs, then president, very courageous decision yesterday, this takes courage and vision to see chess board, he put $200 billion more tariffs, chinese found out, that they do indeed buy a lot less from us than we buy from them, they are out of bullets before we are.
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president standing up for america. and men and women who work. lou: mathematics are so simple even i com comprehend them. putting up that graphic, u.s. exports to china $130 billion, previous year. and china exporting to united states, 5 -- almost 600 billion, they lose. it is that simple. >> they have been winning. >> i understand, but, they lose? they lose. lou: >> that is the point. that is who president understands, he is going to be strong on this matter. if they come back, and keep trying, the acts of retaliation, the president will take firm strong stands again this, and definished our companies that are -- defend our companies operating on chinese soil.
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and what is at stake is international trade order that needs to be fair, reciprocal and balanced, we don't have that, not with china or not with europe. lou: that is established this president is only leader of free world who is telling everyone who was listen, whether monitor fund or the whatever it may be. that you are going to balance our trade relationships. and that is a healthy, absolutely healthy prerequisite to prosperity, globally. the europeans and asians and whom ever we trade with, with principle relationship, they really have to understand this is a future, he is definedded it. >> essential for a national defense as well, we can't keep affording half a trillion dollars a year of our wealth to foreign countries who don't play
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fair, it adds up, the money comes back, they buy up america, we're weaker and we can't defend ourselves or our allies and president trump sees that. lou: we celebrate three years ago, his entry into presidential campaign. thank you goodness. peter, i know have you a policy statement coming out tonight. give us a sense -- quakily if you will. >> this white paper, by office of trade manufacturing policy is most comprehensive accounting of strategy of the economic aggression that klein uses to take our wealth and turn mine the international global trade system. i think that people understand scope of what they are doing, they will better understand why president trump. >> does it include 600 billion
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stolen by chinese directly through the corporate -- >> and military espionage. >> a chart that shows 6 different strategies of aggression, and more than 50 ways, that they try to undermine u.s. economy, they are all unfair, outside of international boundaries, it is astoundinged about reading, it will keep you up 8 night. lou: i have been up for a long time at night, thank goodness the new administration is on focus on point, and on the way. peter navarro thank you. >> thank you. lou: president trump has just finished meeting with house within conference, he endorsed house immigration bills, maintains that whatever deal
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will include building a wall. closing legal loop hopes, canceling visa lottery, curbing, not ending curbing, i really don't like words like curbing, chain migration, today president placed blame on democrat where chaos taking place right now in parts of the southern border. >> as a result of democrat supported loopholes in our federal laws, most illegal immigrant families and minors from central america who arrive unlawfully at bored kerr not be detained together or removed together only released. these are crippling loopholes that cause family separation. lou: up next, president trump's battle again the unconditional amnesty, wide open border narrative, pushed by the dim,
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lou: president trump is targeting the ridiculous border laws, urging congress today to make necessary changes. >> what i'm asking congress to do is to give us a third option, which we've been requesting since last year, legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit. >> sounds simple. it is not. joining us, conservative commentator best selling author, an ann coulter. noon soon tnew soon to be relea. great to have you with us. >> thank you, that first anyone has seen the cover. lou: i am thrilled. and the audience is grateful. >> it is fantastic. lou: can't wait. let's start with right now. put this up much increase in
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number of illegal immigrants. bring everyone up-to-date. cable nud news networks accordio mrc has put out 22 ref rentses to -- reverends to nazi concentration camps and other human right atrocities during the coverage of the detention centers. >> right. >> this is suddenly, we're accepting extreme language. >> it always shows that left has a really good argument which they compare you to a nazi, that means they are in possession of the facts. no, this means they don't know anything about what they are pretending to talk about. they don't understand -- >> they would never tolerate that. from their guests, they would never tolerate. >> this is absurd, they don't care about children, they don't
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care about children murdered by illegal immigrants, have they interviewed marianne mendoza whose very handsome son was murdered by an illegal alien. lou: she was on the show last night. >> i watched it, i promise she has not been on cnn. they did not talk about rosenburg whose son was run over, and backed up, we never hear about the children killed. journalists know nothing about immigration, nothing and they have no interest in finding out. lou: most of people sitting in congress don't know anything about it. >> they don't. lou: they don't understand border security, they don't understand proper foreign policy that would require a mature responsible, foreign policy on part of the mexican government. >> well, that not happening, that is why we elected the
10:22 pm
implausible presidential candidate on the moto, build the wall, you would think that journalists would say, i don't understand but that build the wall is a resonant moto, perhaps i should investigate and see where americans are so interested. we are interested to stop people like this coming we heard it is pepuebla. sin frontiera. they have an ide ideological id. lou: that extends to globalist elites, and establishment of the country. where the democrat are republican, they don't' a border. >> they don't' america, they hate this country, this is -- >> in some cases. >> america-hating left used to sign up with soviet union and tell us about our fear of
10:23 pm
communism that crowd, bernardine and williams, now they do to wreck our country try to overwhelm it with latin americans. , and other toward worlders, they are just right there. lou: another thing that i think we have to look at are the facts, they are we are looking at a level of border crossing that goes suddenly we're all-time highs here. we're watching so many unaccompanied mine minors approaching border, and from justice department vast majority of children who are in care of hhs, 10 of 12,000, 10,000 of. were sent here alone, by their parents. >> yes. lou: not just that simple. that means that human traffickers, those exploiting these young people. you know, my god. >> right. lou: it is somebody has to come to their sinces here and
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understand, what is going on. >> right. lou: these people are traversing profrom south were border of mexico these are central americans in case. loucase. >> right. lou: we cannot keep them with parents because they don't have them, in many cases, those claiming to be their parents are not. >> right. lou: we have no way to vet them. >> this law was -- >> mexican government, is creating a easy pass from southern border 2000 miles to our border, why are they not stopping in mexico? >> right. lou: seeking refuge why not there? >> that is what proves they are not genuine asylum seekers, if you were -- oh, i am being program cutpercuted, stay in thy you land in, no we'll keep
10:25 pm
walking for 2,000 miles until we get to the border. lou: and that is this mexican government is facilitating their journey for their purpose, and cartel and human traffickers and young people. >> you were just talking about is why the law was passed it was human slavery brings in sex traffickers. bringing -- >> focus on mexican government. >> in children to sell them in stavel slavery or for sex that s why children are separated from alleged parent, 9 90 perntion o, they are not coming with their parents, the parents are selling them, giving them tokay yeties s and se sec -- sex trafficker.
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lou: ryan does not care. >> he wants amnesty and president does not. >> right. >> what will be result with these two bills. >> nothing more important right now for trump. for country, for midterm elections, he has to stick to his campaign promise, it is good for him there is a huge fight, if he does not go soft, and nikki haleyish or marco rubioish on us, he will be sitting in clover, but if he goes soft big problems for republicans and country. lou: i think you are probably right about that, midterm elections and house in particular. what is in -- this is jo. >> i think that debate is one that we should never submerge in this body politics of ours, because, too often, the
10:27 pm
interested parties, get to do a lot they otherwise are not, great to see sun light. >> yes, as long as we're talking about immigration, even if media is lying. lou: president is not kidding about fake news, ann coulter tur so much. >> thank you. lou: vet in our poll, do you believe president trump's strategy of imposing heavy tariffs is only way to get china to understand thatu u.s. will accepton balanced and reciprocal trade. cast your votes. >> up next, trump administration cuttings a tie to left wing loonacey at united nations, about time, we take up that with ed rollins how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs.
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lou: president trump is announcing his administration is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council. nikki haley says they are biased against israel and protect human rights abusers. the united states has officially withdrawn. joining me, ed rollins, fox business political analyst. the dean, great american. ed: nice to be with you. lou: the president has withdrawn us from the human rights council. by the way, the bush administration should never have gone along with it and bear great responsibility for having given a platform for the anti-israel platforms in the
10:33 pm
united nations. ed: they are also anti-israel. i think they did the right thing. >> they weighed in. they weighed in this morning suggesting that we were uncon shunnably treating these children poorly. the dam fools. i can't tell you how happy i am that the trump white house has dispensed with them. this president doing a lot of good, and trade. i have got to get to immigration. i have to say this president ordering his folks to put together $200 billion of targets for tariffs. ed: i said many times. promises made, promises kept. they were never easy to do, but he has done them. and the same way on securing the borders. he said he was going to do that and he's going to do that. lou: that takes us to the issue,
10:34 pm
are we going to see an amnesty bill come out of speaker ryan's office? despite the fact that chairman bob goodlatte has his bill out there, everyone says it's going to be the rhine bill which talk about curbing chain migration. are you kidding me? curbing? ed: i hope the bottom line if it ever gets out of this house it will be a bad piece of legislation. at the end of the day the emotional issue on the kids. the vast majority, 10,000 kids are here. the 12,000, i think to a certain extent, you have got to draw the line in the sand here.
10:35 pm
lou: the president has done that. the issue is, if he's going to enforce the law, there will be separation for these children. there is also a move in both the house and particularly the senate to bring -- to end that separation and frankly i think that that is an appropriate thing to do here. but the problem is, how do you know who belongs to whom? there is no vetting. there is no way in which to reasonably make that determination. it goes -- it's a game. the great demonstration of the simplest part of this great dilemma for the country. you resolve the dilemma when you create border security. i said this and i said it for 20 years. you cannot control immigration if you cannot and do not control your border. if anybody can beat that logic, please i will buy you dinner in
10:36 pm
the fanciest restaurant in the country. it just can't be done. and we have to secure the border. the fact that we haven't is a testament to the power of the u.s. multi-nationals and the left wing in this country. ed: your viewers need to understand, if people coming up here with kids are complaining about being persecuted in their home, he can go to an immigration entrance point and get their hearing and keep their kids. and there are many, many, many of those. that's very legitimate. and they need to do that. equally if they break into the country which they are doing now and dragging kid along with them that may or may not be theirs, they will get arrested and get their case in court and probably be sent back quickly. lou: when you are watching these terrible images of children
10:37 pm
crying ostensibly at least in most of cases being separated from parents, we don't know that. the reality is, if they enter a port of entry instead of crossing the border illegally. they then have the right to claim refugee status. in most of cases -- i can't say most of. in many cases they have been following the dicta and direction of the cartels, child traffickers, and activists trying to make a point. in this instance doing a heck of a job of it. ed: they knead this a -- they made this an emotional issue and it should be an intellectual
10:38 pm
issue. lou: up next, the i.g. report reveals hillary clinton was not a subject of a formal investigation in the fbi's attempts to understand the matter as loretta lynch the attorney general then insisted it be referred to as. my next guest says the fix was in from the beginning to clear her from the scandal. stay with us. we'll be right back. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to... [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve.
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e*trade. the original place to invest online. lou: former trump campaign manager is being held in isolation. the warden is concerned he might be attacked by an innate quote seeking street credit. national review contributing editor, andy mccarthy. i don't know what to say about michael horowitz and his report, clear statement of findings of bias in the upper regions -- if they can be called that in the leadership of the fbi and he found that none of this -- he
10:43 pm
testified none of this suggested to him that the decision not to investigate hillary clinton was motivated by an anti-trump bias that seemed to be universal. >> i knew horowitz as a prosecutor in new york. and i think if you were make an argument to a jury rather than doing a report like this, what you would say is ladies and gentlemen, you get to bring your common sense into the courtroom. so if you find you have people who are pervasively biased and they take actions which are completely consistent with their pervasive bias. when you get to the end of the rainbow you can say they acted on their biases. lou: it strikes me it seeps unworthy of notice the fact that 50,000 emails between strzok and lisa page, first of all, as to
10:44 pm
their being lovers, i didn't see a single remembers to i love, i like you, anything suggesting lust. it was one of the most of material according to those texts relationship i have ever seen. >> there is an fbi form for that. lou: there must be. i thought there was an fbi penalty for extra fernization.. in addition to all the private emails. there is not a single reference to anyone, i hate hillary clinton. she is an idiot. she is a horrible person. not one single email has been produced that suggests anyone in the fbi was let's salining somewhat republic -- let's say,
10:45 pm
leaning somewhat republican. >> i don't begrudge them -- i was a lawyer, a prosecutor in new york for a long time. my best friends in the office were liberal democrats. i never found it got brought into the courtroom. we didn't have a case like this, granted. what bothers me is mueller gets appointed on may 17, 2017. the next day strzok is talking about joining mueller's team and he regards it as unfinished business. we are not any longer talking about having political attitudes. what he's basically saying. you know all that stuff i said in 2016 about we'll stop him and we need an understand policy, that didn't work out. now i have a chance to address my unfinished business.
10:46 pm
lou: i want to know who the we, we are going to stop him. why did the inspector general not tell us who these people are who were carrying out a mission to stop him, and why is there such a reticence on the part of the republican leadership in the house and the senate. it's one thing portray gowdy to go bouncing back and forth. he can't decide whether he's for trump or for the institution of the fbi or whatever the establishment is that he seeks to serve on intermittently. why in the world aren't ryan and mcconnell saying enough of this. get it over with and wrap it now. >> they do need to wrap it. and the artificial thing about this is it's all the clinton emails investigation and there is nothing about the russia
10:47 pm
investigation. lou: as always. andrew mccarthy, thank you, sir. up next, the dishonest national left-wing media using their time to compare trump's border policy to the holocaust. six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
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who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at lou: joining us tonight, republican congressman andy businesbiggs of arizona. he was in a meeting with president trump on capitol hill tonight. give us your assessment of how that meeting with the president went, and where is that legislation, two bills that there are to provide in one form or another amnesty headed? >> there is daca amnesty in each one. i think they are going to do a floor vote. their goal is to do that probably thursday. i think they are whipping it. the leaders in the whip team are counting votes to see if they have got enough votes for either one. there were a lot of things we
10:56 pm
were happy about with the economy and the regulatory reform. but this one right here, this tough issue of right now it looks to me like a lot of people have determined that they are okay with the daca amnesty. lou: are you including a lot of conservatives? >> i don't know if there are a lot of conservatives that have gone over quite that far. most of of us recognize the number one goal here was a build the wall. you don't have the asylum issue. you have the wall built. you don't have the drug crisis if yo don't have the wall built. people are forced to go to ports of entry. that's what the wall is for. that's what we need. that's the first promise we should be keeping, build the wall, then we can talk about anything else. lou: the lesson of the last 30 years, the 1986 amnesty bill
10:57 pm
under president reagan who was assured there would be border security and there was not. 1996, another limited amnesty and immigration bill. again the democrats promised security. it did not happen. the lesson is clear. border security first or as i said for 20 years it seems, that's about right. you cannot control immigration into this country if you cannot control the border. if anybody can defeat that logical construction, i would love to hear it. i'll buy anybody the most of expensive dinner in the country. i just don't understand what the deal is. >> you are exactly right. let me add to your frustrations. either these -- either of these bills will give 1.8 million people daca am necessary i. that's only people here before
10:58 pm
2007. now, you create and constituency of another million perhaps or more even from the 2008 -- lou: it starts with a lie, compounds a lie, and it's ryan nonsense. because no one saw these bills until they were presented to them in the conference, correct? >> well, the goodlatte bill has been out there. but the southern bill -- lou: the goodlatte bill is not the same bill that started. it's nothing but hamburger and you know ryan and the chamber of congress and the koch brothers have told ryan exactly what to push through. am i wrong? >> i can't say you are wrong. that's my point. you are creating these constituencies. every daca person i know, and
10:59 pm
you i have talk topped of them. they all want their parents in. next we are you will be talking about the 2018 population. then you will be talking about the parents. you are probably look at anywhere from 6 to 8 million people over the next few years that are going to try to amnesty in. lou: i said on this broadcast, if the president were to sign an amnesty, a ryan amnesty in particular, that the republican party will lose 50 seats in the house much representatives. am i wrong? >> i don't know if it's that high. they said do something about asylum, but no amnesty. they were consistent with that message. lou: build the wall. andy, thanks for being with us. that's it for us tonight. be sure to join us tomorrow with
11:00 pm
a special live coverage of president trump's rally in duluth, minnesota. good charles: thank you, here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, our top stories inspector general who yesterday claimed he 1 confirm or -- would not confirm or deny whether fbi was conducting an investigation on anyone reversed himself today. now he says he will review whether political bias of anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok contributed to the creation of mueller special counsel probe. inspector general finally acting on damning evidence that is contained throughout his report on his own investigation after he faced withering criticism during hearings by house and


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