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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 20, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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going tit-for-tat the administration promised at the followed up on $50 billion response to tariffs, that he was upping it to 200 billion. if they do the same, another 200 million. they are not so far responding to the 200 million. hope springs eternal. trish reagan. trish: president trump says he will sign an executive order to prevent families from being separated at border. white house gross more confident that the terror threats will force beijing to back down on trade. i'm trish regan. welcome to everyone, what could turn out an extremely important hour of the day right here on "the intelligence report. ♪ trish: intensifying trade dispute is gaining bipartisan support in congress over china's
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theft of intellectual property, to the tune of $600 billion. lawmakers say it is totally out of control. they are right. plus trump's trade policy has german automakers proposing to cut tariffs down to zero percent across the board, imagine that. former white house economics visor art laffer and austan goolsbee are here. they will weigh in next. the inspector general's office is looking into whether anti-trump bias at the fbi helped launch robert mueller's russia probe. what does it mean for the mueller investigation? we're on it for you. president trump promising he is quote, working on something in regards to immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border in the way of an executive action. watch this right here. >> we have compassion. we want to keep families together. it is very important. i will be signing something in a little while that is going to do that. trish: so what is that something? fox news's reporting something
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is some sort of an executive order allowing border families to stay together. all of this as he meets with a number of house republicans to discuss immigration. the order comes in face of intest protests against the trump administration zero tolerance policy, including heck lung -- heckling homeland security secretary kirstjen as she ate dinner. this is unbelievable. >> not in the u.s. not in d.c. not in the u. not in d.c. not in the u.s. not in d.c. trish: they went on to yell shame. and this continued on and on, and on. the president was confronted with profanity when he traveled to capitol hill yesterday with one congressional intern shouting f-u. >> they're separating kids. they're separating children. mr. president, don't you have kids? don't you have kids,
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mr. president? trish: see where this is going. i want to bring on blake burman live at the white house. hi, there, blake. reporter: president trump leaving white house 30, 35 minutes. signing that executive order from him within the next hour or so. the president suggesting here at the white house just a little while ago, that this executive order would be coming that would allow for families to not be separated at the southern border if they are apprehended. president saying earlier today, there is a dilemma as he sees it. on one side being strong. on the other side being weak. >> if you're really, really pathetically weak, the country will be overrun with millions of people. and if you're strong, then you don't have any heart. that is a tough dilemma. perhaps i would rather be strong but that is a tough dilemma. reporter: now you remember back in april the administration instituted a zero tolerance policy at the border saying that they were going to be enforcing
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the laws on the books. critics though had been calling on the president to unilaterally act, saying it was in his discretion to end all of this. here are just some of those criticisms as recent as earlier this morning. >> this could end today. >> yeah. >> with one phone call from the president. >> that's right. >> to the attorney general. this policy has never been in place, this zero tolerance policy it is creation of this administration. it is not a legislative creation. the president has the power to stop it. reporter: trish this, is one of those instances where the details really do matter because the courts, in recent years here upheld rulings that say children can not be held, can not be detained at border more than 20 days. what exactly this executive order says, what the president intend to put in place, how it reads will be of crucial importance in the way forward that the president and this administration tries to navigate
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all of this. in mind house republicans are putting together their own bills. there are two of them they are trying to get across the finish line, that would go much further than that. wall funding for the president, border security, end to chain migration, et cetera. though reality there is they need democratic support. the president was asked today if he would support a stand-alone bill just addressing this solo issue? he said, we will see what happens. for now, we await this executive order, trish. trish: blake burman, thank you very much. meanwhile president trump telling house republicans he is 1000% behind their rival immigration bills heading for votes early as tomorrow. joining me is republican congressman ted poe of texas at the meeting with the president just last night. good to have you here, congressman. >> thank you. trish: i will ask you to really simplify this in layman's terms, if you would, because these people, and you live in texas,
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so you have seen it there on the border, they're coming up from the likes of honduras or guatemala, mexico. they're crossing into our country and then at what point are they being detained? how are they getting in over the border in the first place? >> well, they're getting across the border two ways. some are coming through the heel ports of entry. but most of them are finding ways to cross the border, because the border in texas, contrary to what people think is porous. trish: humor me if you would. somebody is getting them once they come to the u.s., correct? there is some kind of operation there that is catching them once they're over the border? >> that's correct. the border patrol is capturing as many as they can. after they have crossed into the united states. and once they are captured, now, if they are children with them, the children are separated from
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the parents. under the president's executive order and in the legislation that will not be permitted. children will stay with their parents. trish: back up. so they come over. we say, hey, hey, you're not supposed to be here. you don't have the proper identification, et cetera. why can't we just send them back? >> well, some of them are immediately sent back at the discretion of the border patrol if they determine that it is an illegal entry, it's a misdemeanor. they have the discretion to send them back immediately. but sometimes they don't. sometimes they file charges on them for violating the law, whether a misdemeanor or a felony. then when that happens the person is actually detained, they're put in custody. there lies the issue with the children. what to do with them. trish: because, it is being treated as a criminal offense? >> that's right. trish: it is considered civil, they're saying no, you're here illegally, you commit ad krull act by illegallying crossing the border. so now, if you're a criminal,
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unfortunately, you most likely, and in the u.s. you would be separated from your child if you went to jail. but we'll try and now correct that, is that what i understand? the president signing an executive order to enable the families to be detained in one entity so everyone can be together? >> that is correct. homeland security will now have the responsibility of keeping children together. remember, they are just accused coming in illegally. there isn't adjudication whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. when we get to that point, that is a different issue. when people come into the united states and they're confronted by the border patrol, taken into custody, if they have children, then those children stay with the parents for at least 20 days until the adjudication of that offense takes place. trish: why aren't we sending
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them back? >> some go immediately back. some voluntarily, decide, yes, you caught me i will go back where i came from. they are deported or voluntarily there at the border. that is not always the case. some are captured. they don't say anything. they have kids with them of the border patrol takes them, detains those individuals along with the children, the children stay with the parents. that is the key. before the children were immediately separated from the parents, of so-called parents. and then they were dealt with at a later basis but they separate them. no more separation. they are kept together and the key i think we need more immigration judges to make the final determination whether they have violated the law, whether they get to stay or whether they go back. that is really the bottleneck. not enough. trish: in other words, if you're here seeking asylum, perhaps not seen is violating the law, you wouldn't be seen in the ice of the court violating the law
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you're seeking asylum and we're giving it to you? >> that is different set of people. they come in, immediately seek asylum. once again the children are not separated from the parents now, under the executive order i assume, they stay with the parents. they have an hearing before immigration judge to determine if they are a bonafide asylum-seeker or not. but the problem with that is, it takes so long. that is the reason we have this influx of people at the border is because they're waiting for asylum-seekers, are waiting for immigration judge to say, yes you can stay. no, you can not stay. they're waing for immigration judge to say, criminal charges are filed against you, you have to go you there criminal justice system. all because we don't have enough immigration judges at the border to make those two determinations. >> we need more judges. seems to me logical to have stronger border, stronger border patrol, so you don't have the people coming in, sitting on the border waiting for a judge to look at their case. that said, congressman, did the
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president step in something here with this whole ordeal because, you see how the media has played this out. you see the anger by so many directed at this administration because they don't like the idea, you know, understandably, i mean, little kids, their parents, they're pulled apart, that turns into a kind of an emotional mess for the country, do you think that the administration didn't entirely anticipate the backlash that they would see on this one? >> i'm not sure what the president anticipated or did not anticipate but the president is fixing -- trish: karl rove is blaming steven miller by the way. this is sort of a steven miller special. he made the mistake of not calculating what this response to taking children away from their families would be. >> well, we've seen that. that's why the president is going to fix it. but congress has the responsibility to fix this permanently. we'll have a day of reckoning to
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see whether or not both sides want to stop this issue of kids being separated at the border because we'll vote legislatively on that. we'll see who supports that and who doesn't support that. trish: wow. this is a story that just has taken over the american consciousness right now. and as you said, perhaps they didn't quite think this one through in terms of the backlash but nonetheless, something has to be done. you know, this president is committed, he says, to immigration reform. even put something on the table that would have given two million daca folks the opportunity of citizenship here in the u.s. congressman, isn't the left ever going to come around to his side of things and have some kind of compromise? >> compromise is the only answer. and i think that we will eventually reach a compromise. we have to compromise on issue of immigration. then we have to deal with border
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security. we're dealing with both of those in the same piece of legislation, on the daca recipients of the they will, if legislation passed, they probably have at least 12-year stay in the united states to apply for citizenship. we'll take visas from the lottery system, give them to the so-called dreamers. there is a way to compromise. we're dealing with the immediate issue. i commend the president solving this problem at the border of separating families. he is going to do it. congresses ha the obligation to do it long term. trish: congressman poe, good to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll follow the developing story throughout the hour. just to reiterate, the president any moment now is expected to sign that executive order that would allow families coming here illegally to stay together while their cases are looked at. meanwhile the president is praising the trade negotiations in a meeting with lawmakers just a short time ago.
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coming up next economist art laffer, austan goolsbee will weigh in on all of this. we'll see you here after this.
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returning to washington with a peace offering, what do you know, from german automakers. they want zero percent tariffs across the board. you know what that means? no taxes on american cars there in germany and no taxes on german cars here, right? kind of sounds like a deal to me, right? zero tariffs for everyone. very own edward lawrence is live on capitol hill with more on all of this. hey there, edward. reporter: trish, the company second istives will have to convince the countries in the european union in order to make a deal on this this comes as the european union announces they will impose retaliatory tariffs on u.s. on friday, 25% on range of products including agriculture. today commerce secretary wilbur ross talked about the trade tit-for-tat in front of the senate finance committee. republicans and democrats peppered him on how he can impose tariffs on our allies for national security concerns. >> mr. secretary, as you
2:19 pm
consider these tariffs you are taxing american families. >> sounds like beginning after trade war to me, mr. secretary. >> feels chaotic and incompetent? >> i wish we would stop invoking national security. that is not what this is about the. it is about economic nationalism and economic policy on tradeport port 250000 companies asked for exemptions. 5900 were given exemptions. another 2900 were denied for that. secretary ross telling senators that he believes some other companies are illegally trying to profit off of our tariffs that we impose. >> the price of steel and for a while the price of aluminum went up far more than is justified by the tariffs. so we are starting an investigation into that, trying to find out whether there are people who illegitimately profiteering out of the tariffs.
2:20 pm
reporter: now at the end of the day secretary ross says these tariffs are working because other countries are taking action. >> as a direct result of the -- reporter: so you don't get transshipping where other countries send another product to another country to avoid tariffs coming into the united states. the white house says they're using the tariffs to level the playing field on trade. the president saying this should have been done a long time ago. trish? trish: thank you very much. edward, good to see you. joining me with reaction former economic advisor to president reagan, mr. art laffer, along with former economic advisor to president obama austan goolsbee. i've been looking forward to this conversation all day.
2:21 pm
good to see both you guys and have both your viewpoints now. i will give the floor to you first, austan. i want your reaction to i would say the positive news we're getting out of germany. they're looking at 0% tariffs. we in kind would do it the same, can we not just do that everywhere, 0% all around the world? >>ell, i mean that would be great if they could enact that which is right now a proposal on tailored one product. and we could move toward low tariffs on everyone. that would be outstanding. in case we aren't paying attention, that's the opposite of what is occurring. you saw secretary ross say something that i found quite vexing, that if you see action, then it means the tariffs are working. they're proposing tariffs on our military allies. you are seeing action. the action you are seeing is,
2:22 pm
our allies levying retaliatory tariffs on us. and that's going to be quite damaging for american consumers. trish: you know, it is still early, early innings. >> i think we will agree tariffs are bad. trish: art, for sure agrees with you. this might be two against one here. i don't like tariffs either. let me get that out in the open but i sure don't like the idea that china or anyone else for that matter are charging more in the wear of tariffs than we are. i would like to see tariffs. art, will tell me all the reasons why it shouldn't matter, i know you're prepared, let me ask you your reaction to what the german automakers are saying? >> i like the german automakers reducing tariffs to zero. that's great. when the president said at g7, i'm willing to agree u.s. tariffs all zero, if you will go to zero, the answer wasn't yes
2:23 pm
by the others. reagan by the way was very embarrassed by the specific tariffs he put on japan on chips and on steel. he said why should we be embarrassing one of our major allies you? know, this is not the right battle to fight. i think it would be great if other countries reduced their tariffs. trump may just be doing the right thing in getting that. trish: a little bit of posturing here. >> i think he is posturing a lot. trish: so the goal here ultimately, yeah he to get everybody in a lower tariff environment. as austan says that would be wonderful. also, austan, what about, i spoke recently, four weeks ago with bob rubin about this very topic. we ran some of the sound in yesterday's show, he was saying, yeah, it is serious what china is doing, they are stealing our intellectual property, we have allowed it to happen. so what do we do about that, austan, if not in the way of say threatening tariffs? how do we get them to stop
2:24 pm
stealing? >> here is what you do. you start by, if you're trying to lose weight, you don't chop off your feet to lose weight. if you are trying to get the chinese to reduce their stealing of intellectual property, you go to allies, you together to confront china and give them specific battle plan, call it, where you say, together we're going to impose the following penalty unless you take the following actions. we have not done any of those things. in fact, we've launched trade wars against our allies, canada, germany, we threatened japan. we threatened south korea. the very countries that we would need to try to convince the chinese to do that, we have alienated and i actually think it is more likely that china itself is going to go to our allies and convince them to join china filing grievance against
2:25 pm
the united states. trish: you're forgetting one thing, you know this as well as i do, we are the world's biggest consumer. right now we have leverage. i don't know if we have the same leverage 10 years from now. art, look at trajectory of china, it is doing phenomenally well. you fast forward, if we are not careful, if we don't continue growing we run the risk that they take over the world effectively as the world's number one economy. >> i don't think that is doing to be true, trish, by any means. their markets are way down relative to our market over the last five years. it's a collapse there. what they, you know, it is much easier develop your country with other people's technology than it is actually developing technologies yourself. that type of growth that china is having right now i think is going to taper off dramatically. trish: we keep saying that, art, but tell you to any private equity banker out there and the private equity guys are saying they have to go up against all this chinese money pouring into tech companies here trying to
2:26 pm
get scooped up by the chinese. >> let me ask you, trish, how does putting tariffs on canadian steel and west german products help us convince china to stop stealing our intellectual property? it doesn't make any sense. trish: i hear you on that. there are two separate issues. what are we supposed to roll over and take it. it is fine for canada to be able to gouge prices to consumers, thereby making it less likely for canadian consumers to buy things like american dairy? i mean that is not fair. that's not right. at some point somebody has to stand for something. >> we had a trans-pacific partnership? trish: you will have your shot, i promise, art. >> it is no at shot. >> trans-pacific partnership, canada, mexico, all the countries joining in the pacific would dramatically reduce tariffs collectively and
2:27 pm
donald trump flushed that down the toilet. trish: i don't know though. maybe it is the donald trump tpp 2.0 comes back when all said and done. >> i was very involved with tpp. i don't think it was massive reduction of tariffs. all the non-tariff barriers in japan was kept. currency manipulation was taken off. china was not part of tpp as well. where at china, do we really have leverage? they own $1.2 trillion on national debt. they have been paying no interest. they have been lending us 1.2 trillion. they have huge amount of investments in the united states. it is like a stock, trish, if you buy the stock, last thing you want to do is see the stock tank. china really does not want to see the u.s. do well, really badly. they don't of. they have all the invests here. trish: i agree with you. they want to be repaid on the debt. >> that is where our leverage comes. it shouldn't be in tariffs. trish: okay. >> that it where our leverage
2:28 pm
comes with this. i think that is the way to go. austan's solution is good one as well, to try to get all allies together on it. being yalie and university of chicago professor, how cobe wrong? i'm a yalie. i'm university of chicago professor. >> and a yale guy. >> yes we yalies stick together and chicago professors. trish: all right. columbia gal here myself. anyway, good to see you folks. art, austin. you twice have to come back more often together. >> i love being with austan, by the way, trish. more so like being with but austan second best. trish: all right. good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. trish: fresh outrage, everyone, peter strzok, the fbi agent who sent a series of text message was escorted from the fbi building but guess what, he is still on the payroll, taxpayer dollars paying his salary. congressman mike rogers is weighing in on him next.
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trish: bombs admission from inspector general michael horowitz. the justice department is looking into whether peter strzok's anti-trump bias sparked robert mueller's russia probe. watch. >> do you believe this text shows political bias? >> i think as we found it clearly shows a biased state of mind. >> do you believe the political bias shown by this text had effect on the initiation of the russia investigation? >> that is matter we're looking into right now. trish: good. i said all along the investigation didn't go far enough. what we need to understand how much that bias that was rampant at the fbi, how much that affected the whole initiation of the mueller investigation. get this peter strzok is still
2:34 pm
emproud by the fbi, although he was escorted from the fbi building, pending review of this matter. he is still collecting a check. my mex guest says the mueller investigation should be shut down right here right now. congressman rogers, thank you. >> thanks for having me. trish: you see the ig looking whether or not whether bias played a role in the initiation of the mueller probe. do you think it did? >> it was obvious it did. we could see by the texts. that the action the fbi was has taken they had a bias. now that we got a text messages, we know for a fact they were using their jobs, positions in the fbi trying to keep president trump from being elected, initiate this problem those are basises for being fired. we shouldn't talk about any further discussion whether or not they should be fired. we definitely should shut down the probe, spent enormous amount of money over a year on to no
2:35 pm
avail. time to stop it. trish: so, you know, look, i think anybody who watch this is show knows that i pretty much agree with you on that. that i just don't, we've been looking and looking and everything it seems leaks in washington, the place leaks like a sieve yet we heard nothing at all compelling that would lead anyone to believe that somehow vladmir putin and donald trump were planning in some back room, you know, in moscow somewhere to take the election from hillary clinton. >> right. trish: but then again we don't know everything yet. at what point does this get wrapped up so that the american people can find out some answers which i think are much-needed and deserved at this point? >> right. i have always believed if you were going to have a special counsel, should be given a time certain and sum certain. a flat amount of money they can not exceed to get their work done. going more than a year with no indicia of any bad behavior by the trump administration, in my
2:36 pm
view is long enough. these guys are going to keep cranking the clock and charging the government as long as we keep paying them. there is distraction. there is no need for this to be going on. we have president doing great things for the country. having big things to do, listening to this noise on the side, with no basis in fact. trish: i don't know how you do it, even his staff, right? that is such distraction to everything else you have got to get done to go about your daily day. now you have meetings with lawyers, this, that, other. it has to be challenging. so i give them credit for doing as much thus far as they have. congressman, i have to point out, we had your competition on yesterday and, mallory hagen told us, well, she thought that she has a chance against you because you're not responsive enough to your constituents. what do you say in response? >> my guess is nancy pelosi told every democrat candidate running against a republican coming in the country to say just that. they have nothing else to talk
2:37 pm
about. they have no agenda. that is what you expect. she is marching to democrat orders. trish: congressman, it is good to have you on here today, we'll keep talking to you. thanks so much. >> thank you. enjoyed being with you. trish: good. twenty-first century fox, everyone is agreeing to disney's higher offer instead of comcast. will comcast counteroffer? that's next.
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see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today. trish: disney raising its offer for the entertainment assets belonging to twenty-first century fox. disney offering $71 billion in combined stock and cash deal, setting up potential bidding war with comcast. the news sending shares of fox to a new all-time high. very own susan li with the latest for us. >> that was a bid from this morning. things have changed this afternoon, trish. we're hearing, our sources telling us, comcast as expected will be counterbidding for the assets. we're looking $41 a share.
2:42 pm
that could be combination of cashing and stock, could be all cash. because they hold these highly confidential letters being backed by the banks. $41. that is a starting point according to our sources. consensus on the market says we could get up to $50 a share for these fox assets. disney trying to sell the case to investors and analysts on conference calls. bob iger talking about regulatory hurdles. they are six months ahead of comcast, trying to get hurdles cleared. we should come out that bloomberg comes out with a story that could impacted the stock. bloomberg is hearing from the department of justice, the doj, that they are going, disney is going to get approval to buy folks assets in two weeks. we called the doj, the department of justice, our sources there are telling us this story is not coming from them. in fact they are not sure early timeline of two weeks approval
2:43 pm
from a deal that has not been approved by shareholders. >> let's get another look at fox stock. >> another record high. trish: nothing like a good old-fashioned bidding war. susan li, we'll keep watching it. thank you so much. a amid heightened tensions president trump is on the way to duluth, minnesota to hold a rally with his base. don't go anywhere. after this.
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trish: president trump is expected to sign an executive order today. could happen any moment now. and it would essentially allow families who enter our country illegally to remain together as they're being processed at the border. the president says he will sign that order before he departs for his minnesota rally. any minute now, we're on stand by to watch him sign the executive order. for the latest what we can expect at tonight's rally, we have our own connell mcshane in duluth. hey, connell. reporter: i wonder how much a,
2:48 pm
the president might talk about the topic and b, his supporters on every issue think about the topic. donna is standing behind me, many people standing with me have been so many trump rallies this, campaign style rally about i immigration issue. the president is about to sign an executive order to allow families stay together. what do you think of the coverage with families being separated? >> i see a lot of unhappy people, trying to keep the families together. i guess i don't know enough about this order. i would like some, you know, support on the wall too. reporter: right. >> but i do i think we need to have a heart, keep families together with these young kids. reporter: looks like that is the direction we're going. that is the direction the president will go this afternoon. trish, before i get back to you, the what i'm talking about, the other issue is trade. small business owners, there is lot of nervousness about the
2:49 pm
president's trade policies. i found a lot of support. what do you they have the tariffs? >> i believe in them. reporter: why is that? >> i want to make them even. my manufacturing business lost a lot of work when nafta came about. we work a lot of joan deere business. a lot of business from jon deere dubuque, went to mexico. basically a lot of money we lost. if they put on the tariffs. maybe they will build here in america instead of another country. reporter: i understand, the bob running local senate primary. telling me something similar. before we go back to trish. the president will talk about it at a roundtable before the rally. >> on immigration issue? reporter: on the tariffs. >> i support the president leading as a leader. i don't care for tariffs. i would like to have zero tariffs but we do not have fai tradeport port right. >> we've been having tariffs on our products. i'm in manufacturing. i support the president. reporter: thanks, guys. you enjoy yourself at many of the rallies. many of these people have been
2:50 pm
to 25 or 30, maybe more than, trump rallies. we'll see what happens. :30 full coverage. i don't think i can hear you if you ask a question, trish. trish: i won't try. everybody tune in tonight, fbn at 7:30. thanks connell. inspector general report is out. michael horowitz spent two days on capitol hill talking about it. questions still linger for both sides of the aisle. the big question, what does it mean for the mueller probe? our panel will debate. see you here next. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today.
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trish: house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy blasting the bias fbi officials as he calls them who mishandled the hillary clinton email probe. watch this. >> there were fbi attorneys and agents who decided to out come of the hillary clinton case before the investigation ended. listen to that for a second. prejudged the outcome of the hillary clinton investigation before the investigation ended and these exact same fbi agents and attorneys prejudged the outcome of the russia investigation before it even began! that is textbook bias. trish: so is congressman gowdy right? did this anti-trump bias spark robert mueller's russia probe? joining me with their thoughts, trump re-election advisor harlan hill and fox news contributor jehmu greene. good to see you both. is that really what went on?
2:55 pm
we heard earlier from the congressman from alabama, absolutely you had bias there, that affected willingness, shall we say to go down the path that we're now on and in with mueller. do you agree with that harlan? >> if director comey had predetermined the outcome of the investigation before the investigation had concluded, then there wasn't a proper investigation. if he determined that hillary clinton was innocent before they even interviewed her, then it was not a complete and pair, impartial investigation. at very least it seems as though some bias was introduced in the case. as we see with the text messages agents were involved in the case, not only inappropriate relationships with each other but had clear bias towards the president and calling hillary clinton the presumptive president or president clinton. it is concerning. there should be consequence for it. that is what republicans should be upset about it but we'll not -- trish: what would i like an answer to, jehmu, how much bias played any kind of role in the
2:56 pm
onset of the mueller investigation. that is what i think americans deserve an answer to. >> also certainly wishful thinking that we're seeing come from republicans being led by president trump they want to make that connection but what we know to be true is that you had a senior person on the trump campaign out in the streets bragging about a relationship with russia. trish: papdopoulus. >> george papdopoulus, you can't dismiss that and tied up -- trish: he wasn't that senior. >> very convenient, revisionist thinking is very convenient. i think the bottom line that we all should be able to agree on is that robert mueller is trying to hold russia accountable for the 2016 interference. and if we can, as democrats and as republicans embrace that thaa good thing. woe want robert mueller to hold
2:57 pm
russia accountable. the kind of pushing back around the hillary clinton bias stuff, that is all a distraction. that is all to take away -- >> not a distraction. trish: the concern i would have in all of this, russia did exactly what russia wanted to do, undermine the faith in our system and open democracy. our faith is what they used against us. harlan hill, go back to the infamous dossier, who is to say the russians didn't feed every little so-called fact so the gentleman writing the thing, paid by hillary folks, democrats, who is to say they didn't have a hand in that piece of propaganda. >> they definitely did. trish: is mueller looking into that? >> i don't think he is. i also want to make sure we're clear that the russians certainly achieved their goal of
2:58 pm
undermining american democracy and casting us against each other but our institutions like the fbi and the department of justice did enough to erode confidence in government on their own, from democrats and . >> sir, it is sad. >> yes, it is, what about the infamous tarmac meeting. these things are adding up. i think the department of justice can walk and chew gum at the same time. it's possible for special counsel mueller to look at russian collusion but also to look at hillary clinton's e-mails and to continued abuse out of the justice department and the lack of substantive investigation into that. >> what i find interesting is that one impact that actually was significant as far as what went wrong in the fbi, the impact was that what we saw james comey be able to undermine hillary clinton's campaign. so now you've got a bunch of
2:59 pm
republicans saying, oh, my goodness, how terrible. all of these things that went down, and maybe if there was acknowledgment that they were the beneficiaries of the insubordination, they were the beneficiaries of the political byesa. james comey thought hillary clinton was going to win. if that affected the fact he went out with that october announcement, surprise announcement. so if you want to say let's put that to the side, you have to be able to come together and the acknowledgment that russia was successful, that's a huge acknowledgment that we have barely seen come from this administration. so let's start there to stop it and stop the distraction. trish: if i was the president right now, i'd be so hard on russia and say look, we need to make sure this never, ever happens again. >> they should listen to you. trish: that's in everyone's interest, including his own, for sure. but anyway, we'll see how this all shakes out.
3:00 pm
i would wish that mueller could get to the bottom of what the russians really did, and i think if he can't, somebody should. thank you so much, good to see you guys. big day ahead. it looks like the president is going to be signing that executive order any moment now. he's said to do it before he leaves for his rally. liz, maybe in your hour. liz: yeah, we do expect it to be in this hour, trish. here is why. president is about to sign or maybe has even signed that executive order ending the current and controversial practice of separating those migrant children from their parents at the nation's southern border with mexico. this is a live picture at the white house. we have our d.c. bureau reporters and producers swarming to find out exactly what happens. this could move the markets. the move is coming after tensions boiled over across the country over the zero-tolerance policy that led to thousands of children being taken from their parents, attempting to cross into the u.s. from mexico illegally. the administration faced


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