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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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business network for two hour coverage of the trump rally in minnesota. charles: i'm charles payne. president trump in duluth, minnesota, minutes away from hosting a round table discussion on protecting american workers. before the president left washington he did sign an executive order that will allow immigrant families to stay together after crossing the border. watch. president trump: we are signing an executive order i consider to be a very important executive order. it's about keeping families together, while at the same time being sure we have a powerful strong border, and border security will be equal if not
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greater than previously. we'll have strong, very strong borders. but we are going to keep the family together. i didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated. it's a problem that's gone on for many years through many administrations. but we are working hard on immigration it's been left out in the cold. charles: here now to discuss, ford o'' connell. emily jashinsky. and lily joletta. john burnett is with us as well. gop strategic advisor. ford, let me start with you. the pressure is mounting. we know bills will be submitted tomorrow. but president trump had to make this move today.
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he expressed outrage. he said he was shocked and appalled. the talking point is why didn't it happen sooner? >> it put the pause on the over thetop outrage. over the top outrage. the primary interest is not these children. it's full and open borders and release and and necessary city for all illegally detained immigrants. charles: the left is saying it's not enough. then what is enough? what do they expect to get? >> that's where this is going to get interesting.
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we have this executive order that's supposed to stop things in the immediate future. but we are punting to congress. there are a million problems with our current immigration law. and to see things change we obviously need legislation. democrats and republicans will have too come together in some fashion. republicans will have to come together in to fashion. and there is not even agreement within that caucus. we haven't seen a good response that any of the democrat ideas have a chance of passing. charles: senator feinstein put out a proposal that looks like it should be dead on arrival. it is opening up the entire u.s. border to lawlessness in addition to asylum seekers. i want to play a sound bite from
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czech chuck schumer. for the democratic party it seems like this is a better issue for p.r. >> there is only one real solution. as much as we would dream for another. and that is the president has solved this problem. but the odds of any legislation being able to pass without poison pill riders and signed by the president is just about zero when the percentage that the president could solve this problem is just about 100%. charles: we know president trump can't resolve the entire immigration issue. it began with the crisis with the children. but it's a golden opportunity in my mind for congress to take one part of a much larger issue, and find a solution. >> absolutely. let's not forget president trump stepped up with trying to address a long-standing issue
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that previous congressional bodies as well as presidents failed to deliver. you just played the spot with chuck schumer. democrats don't want a solution. they want to hold on to the problem and use it as a wedge in terms of advising the electorate to win in the election. president trump is stepping ford trying to resolve the issue. let's be straightforward here in is no perfect solution. there will be some level of trade-off that we have to navigate and get the best trade-off possible. charles: you were at the white house and you i have that you were there to talk about developing better education program for hispanics and immigrant children. this is a great day for you to be there. tell us about that. and what do you think was going none the white house for the
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motivation to get the executive order done today? >> we need to find a delicate balance between being compassionate and the country we are. also enforcing the law which is why this issue has been so complicated. what a lot of people aren't talking about, in the last year alone, unaccompanied minors influx at the border has increased 636 percent. this is a compounding issue that puts pressure on border security agents and our infrastructure and capacity to manage this influx. there is loopholes. there is a need for not politicizing this and voting on something. and at the same time remaining compassionate. the president showed we can make some progress. but this one band-aid on a bigger issue that needs to be handled by both sides of the
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aisle. charles: in your meetings at the white house do you believe there was progress? >> i had a great meeting at the department of education where we are talking about ways to innovate and remanage the way education is delivered to all americans and all children. but what a lot of people may not realize is the population of public schools is already a majority minority. and we need the look into the future of our workforce and how we remain a competitive country. these kids make up more than half of the population in our schools. charles: lindsey graham put out a tweet. very pleased with the executive order of president trump. but only congress can provide a
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permanent solution to the '97 agreement. we keep cheering chuck schumer and the mainstream media that suggests donald trump has the magic pen to make this go away. >> chuck schumer and the media is lying. they don't want the president to enforce the law. they want catch and release. and 90% of them disappear into the interior. previous administrations have not been enforcing the law. unless the u.s. district court in central california doesn't reverse it. we'll continue along this p.r. escapade where it's about open borders for democrats and not solving problems. charles: is there the slimmest of chance this can be solved? >> i think one great example we
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can look to is daca. we gave congress plenty of time to come up with a solution in daca. there wasn't enough agreement among republicans and democrats to come up with a solution. they have been trying. the pressure is on. it's hard to have a situation that's more high pressure than this. charles: i have to breaking news. peter fonda apologizing for his vulgar twitter attack on president trump's son baron.
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charles: actor peter fonda issue
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be an apology for the and i appropriate and vulgar tweet everyone has seen with this tweet about baron. apparently after his publicist tried to make amend. they taunt the administration from everything including parents being separated from their children. first, let's talk about what, you know, these images, these heartbreaking images. you can't defend them. no one can defend them. it was tough for anyone to try or suggest. but we saw the last week or so. often there were up ands taken
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when barack obama was in office and presented as fresh new atrocities occurring under president trump. it's hard to have a conversation when the media is doing this. >> up always sympathetic when children are involved. but there are laws in this country. when hillary clinton had her policy as a super predator and bill clinton went after drug dealers in our country and they were ripped away from their families. there were no tears over that. i wonder why we have a double standard for law breaking. either you go and fight for reforms like i'm doing for criminal justice and laws i don't like and hope some day it's repealed. or you can believe in lawlessness and people can do whatever the hell they want to do and cross the bored.
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charles: i want to bring in kelly jane from "the weekly standard." you have been extremely active with respect to how this whole thing played out. we know there have been some double standards and old images that are shown. and we understand what's happened here the last two weeks forcing in part president trump to dohis executive order. but does the double standard in the media make it tougher to get anything done in washington, d.c.? >> i'm not so sure about that. certainly a double standard is a terrible thing. and both side regularly engage in such double standards. but sometimes it's the intense criticism is what led trump to finally make his decision and do this executive order rather than waiting for congress. congress isn't doing anything
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because congress refuses to work with republicans because they don't want to hand donald trump and republicans a win. the double standard might have helped if you were worried about the situation and worried about families being torn apart. we don't exactly know what happened with previous administrations. i was reading a fact check on this very issue. did president obama's administration do the same thing? it seems they did not to this extent. but they quoted a homeland security official saying the obama administration did not keep numbers on the number of families who were separated under this process. so we don't know what happened. >> now that the president signed this executive order, democrats are still not happy. now they are criticizing the president for having the parents
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and the kids detaped together. there is no winning with this situation. charles: knowing the media is against them. should president trump or someone close to him be on guard for these decisions that will make it easy to ge demagogue. president trump is on record saying over and over again, this is an ugly sight to see, and somehow they didn't have the foresight to know this was going to happen. >> now that the response is coming out even after the president signs the executive order i want to say the president could have stood by his original policy. because obviously nothing is going to please people on this issue. are they going to have the same compassion about american citizens that get ripped away from their parents when they get
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(bell mnemonic) charles: tomorrow the house is expected to debate two immigration bills. joining me is jody aaronson. ole chg wilit's frustrating bect like congress abdicated their role. i thought this was a golding
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opportunity with the majority of republicans to step up to the plates and get things done. but outside of a couple of major victories, there has been in-fighting and inability to solve these major issues. president trump cannot fix this on hiswn, can he? >> he can't. he's doing everything he can with the tools and resources he has which are wholly inadequate. we have the majority and control with a simple majority in the house. we have to get together and be leaders. we have to solve this problem. the alternative is unacceptable. if you do nothing, then you have an open border situation. that's the de facto policy. this president needs us to act and get him the tools to secure the border and top this madness once and for all. charles: the rules committee
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going through these bills. have you had an opportunity to wreath both of these? >> i'm a co-sponsor of the goodlatte bill, the more conservative bill. i'm very comfortable with that solution to the problem. i think what's going to happen is the focus will be on the moderate and conservative compromise. i like self things about it. namely we get the resources $25 billion for border security. i think the sticking point for me and the concern for some of my colleagues is it doesn't have e-verify. and so i'm looking at it. i think the president, though, is going to have to cop out and be clear and he's going to have to be definitive and public
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about the policies and the bill that he's going to get behind. i don't think enough members will get there on a bill like this. charles: if he backs a more moderate bill would you support it even though it's not perfect. >> i would if the president gets what he needs. there won't a perfect solution. i would like to dial the to the right on the chain migration. 70% of the new immigrants in this country have come from chain migration. that's 2,000 a day. that's a big one for me. i want to get there because i think this president needs this. and i think it country needs a commander-in-chief and a government that puts our safety and security first. and we can't do that if congress
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and republicans don't solve this problem. charles: you pointed out a couple things that would help them dramatically, or are the images of children in that whole thing and the possibility of demagoguing despite record low hispanic unemployment in is the political opportunity so big for them that they would skip another chance at a solution? >> i think it's the latter. i have good friends on the other side of the aisle well meaning. but the majority will see this as a political opportunity. i think they are looking at the republicans hoping we'll fumble the ball. when we have got possession. and we are right there in the red zone with the president engaged two bills and two options. i'm hoping we can do something that will move us ford as a
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nation. charles: thank you very much. fox business' connell mcshane happens to be in duluth. reporter: the president landing in the duluth area a short time ago. he's making one shortstop before coming to the rally. a woman representing the iron mining association. they really support the president's tariffs that have been put in place on steel and aluminum. president trump may go to other parts of the country and other parts of the state of minnesota where farming is the call of the day. near this area there seems to be
6:27 pm
some support for him. we'll see what comes out. once it raps up. the president will head over to the hockey arena where the university of duluth plays their hockey. they can probably get 7,000 people in here for a game. tonight i don't know if they will get that's. but they will probably come pretty close. the crowd will be very close to the president. so look at that to energize him. but the president signing that executive order earlier today dealing with the separation of families on the border. certainly immigration is expected to be one of the topics. and trade is a big issue. charles: they are already jamming there. thank you very much.
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coming up next. some are arguing the tax cuts and regulations only help the rich. how about all the people getting off food stamps and getting back to work? and the manufacturing renaissance i have been talking about is better than
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charles: we have president trump in duluth. before he speaks to the crowd.
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this an economic round table, and the economic data that's out recently has been absolutely phenomenal. let's take a listen. president trump: all the things we see every day. the reporters don't understand it. but we are way up in every way, and i want it to be nice and easy. let them continue to take advantage of us, we would have been paying the price. so we'll end up with really great trade deals. i'm look for fair trade deals. they are so far out of balance. and they are going to be changed. 3.4 million jobs since the election. unemployment claims at the lowest level in 44 years.
6:33 pm
[applause] president trump: hispanic unemployment are at the lowest level in recorded history. the lowest level. and women unemployment lowest in 21 years. we keep going within a month or so it will be the lowest in history. wages are rising for the first time. wages for years -- i would go out and in my campaign i talk about people making more money 21 years ago than they make today. now wages for the first time in 19 years are going up, and our workers deserve that. we have people working two jobs, three jobs and doing worse. if we keep going, in about a month or so it will be the lowest in history. wages are rising for the first time. i'm not too sure the employers are happy about that. but wages for years -- i would
6:34 pm
go out and campaign and talk about people making more money 21 years ago than they made today. now their wages for the first time in 19 years are going up. and our workers deserve that. we had people working three jobs, two jobs, and they were doing worse than they did 20 years ago. at the heart of our america first agenda. the massive tax cuts, we got approved, not since ronald reagan. they are bigger and our plan is much bigger. we got the individual mandate knocked out. that was the beautiful obamacare disaster. [applause] president trump: -- where you paid a fortune for the privilege of not having to buy obamacare. you paid a lot of money for the privilege of not having to pay for bad healthcare. so we have done a real job and
6:35 pm
we just got association healthcare approved. so it will be incredible. you associate at companies and as people, you will get great' healthcare at a much lower price than you have been paying. we actually beat obamacare but one gentleman started to go like this late in the morning. but that's fine, we just about killed it anyway, it's a horror show, obamacare. we will be announcing another healthcare in the next two weeks done by secretary alex azar. he decided to come over here at a very substantial fay cut and run something -- pay cut, and run something it's like playing a violin by a very talented person. he'll be announcing another form
6:36 pm
of healthcare in two weeks. we have done things in terms of health that have been -- if you had a problem. you had a kind of a health problem that was just -- you had to go to different countries. we have right to try. for years they have been trying to get this approved. right to try. you are terminally ill. you want hope, you want your health back. and we have these incredible drugs in the pipeline. and we have a right to try. we are now, people were going to other continents to see if they could get help. and we now have the right where you can go and we give you things that look promising, and and lot of people are happy about that. and a lot of this is going to work. so it's called right to try. just passed recently.
6:37 pm
that's something to me was very important. i could never understand why they were going to africa * and asia and europe all over the world to try and get help when we have the greatest immediate snint world. we have great doctors. kevin i would never have not it would be so hard. but the insurance companies had problems. the healthcare companies had problems. the pharmaceutical companies had problems. but we worked it out and now you have it at the highest level. hopefully you don't need it. but at least if you are in this unfortunate position you have a real good shot. at the heart of our america first agenda are the tax cuts and reduction in regulations. i think it reduction in regulations are as big a factor in the country's success as anything we have done, including the tax cuts. and we have regulation.
6:38 pm
you need regulation. we want the cleanest air you can have, and we have that. we want crystal clean water. but it was crazy what was happening. you know about it from the mining industries and the different work that you have stopped that now is going forward. so much work is going forward in minnesota and other states. we have regulation situation not fully implemented because we have statutorily we have certain lengths of time, you can't do anything after 90 days, then you have to wait 120 days. we have cut out more regulations than any president in the history of our country. that's four years, 8 years or in one case 16 years. we have done that in 500 days and we have more to come.
6:39 pm
as you know in minnesota we have set a record on a expansion of american energy. we are now annex porter of d we are now an exporter of energy. we are much more reliant on faraway lands. you saw the iran deal terminated and rightfully so. we have fair and reciprocal trade for american workers. we want to be fleet a reciprocal way. we have other people that will charge 375 percent tariff on dairy product and we charge very little. that's not reciprocal. that's a barrier to our farmers.
6:40 pm
we want reciprocal trade. era of economic surrender for america is over. just to finish up, national security, we had700 b approved for our military. we had $716 biapproved for our military. i had it the last budget but i love what happened to our military. sometimes you take a hit to take care of our military. without the military we are not here. we have the most of powerful military we have ever had. we are ordering planes and ships and the finest equipment in the world. we make the best equipment it also means jobs in the case of military to me are secondary. but we are making and building the finest planes and ships for our military. we'll have the most of tourful, the strongest military we have
6:41 pm
ever had. when you are in that position you don't have to use it. when you area in a weak position you have to use it. i signed an executive order this morning letting families stay together. we have the weakest most pathetic immigration laws anywhere in the world. mexico which makes $100 billion a year with us, mexico with the nafta deal makes a fortune. they have very powerful immigration laws. they could stop the immigration on the spot. but they choose not to do it. i made them do it with respect to the caravan three weeks ago. 2,000 people started and 100 people got through. mexico doesn't stop the people. we are not going to put up with it and i'm going to make it a part of nafta that they have to.
6:42 pm
meantime we are work on laws to make them strong. but we have to make them compassionate. we hire thousands of judges. we don't want judges. we want border patrol. they are not supposed to be in the country. they can enter at the port of entry and that's fine. but we have to have control of our borders. once we lose our borders we don't have a country. we'll have millions of people flowing through. you have plenty of problems up here in minnesota with respect to people coming in. and you have had a lot of problems and difficulty. and it's probably one of the reasons i almost won minnesota which hasn't been won by a republican statewide in a long time. and you have seen a big continues already in minnesota. a lot of things have happened.
6:43 pm
incredible thing have happened having to do with immigration in minnesota since we got in. we have to have strong borders. totally strong. we can't put up with the nonsense. at the same time we are doing it with compassion. i signed an executive order keeping families together because i think that's an important thing to be doing. i think it's the right thing to do. but we haven't let up. we are very, very powerful at the border. we need the wall. we'll have to stop the drugs from pouring in and people from pouring in if they are not authorized to come in. we have tremendous numbers of people that waited for years and years to come in and they have gone through a process. and it's been a hard process and long process. then you have people coming over the border. so it's a very unfair situation and we are going to stop it. we'll have laws by the time, as soon as i can do it. this has been going on for many
6:44 pm
many decade. it didn't start here. this is a disaster for many decade. we did a great job with north korea, we did a great job on the economy. if the other group got in your economy would have gone down the tubes. they would have put more regulations on with a massive tax increase. nancy pelosi wants everybody to pay more taxes. we want to end the thanks cuts and she wants people to pay much more taxes. you .that and you will kill the economy. you will kill the country. instead of going up, you will see what the numbers are. they will be released soon for the quarter. you look at gdp. it's 3.2%. and we are doing 3.2%. we were at 1.2% and we were
6:45 pm
headed down. i love how they say obama did the economy. if hillary clinton got elected our economy would be total disaster right now and our trade deals would have gotten worse instead of better. we are proud of what we have done. we are proud of this state and the people of the state of minnesota. they are incredible people. and maybe we are going to start kelsey with you and you will lead us around the table. okay? thank you for everything you have done. >> i can't thank you enough. charles: president trump who just not long from now will go out to a large audience in a hockey auditorium to echo the same things. the control issue about the economy which is absolutely on fire. today we learned manufacturing optism the highest it's -- optimism the highest it's ever
6:46 pm
been. and fewer people are on food stamps and social security benefits. it went almost bankrupt and now it's in the green again. ford o'connell is with us. david, the nasdaq is at a new all-time high, and the russell 2000 is at an all-time high. the to be of the day is winnebago. we are click on all cylinders. >> we are. you hit on the most of important point which is the russell 2000. that's domestic revenue. these are small companies in the united states that speaks to that small business optimism where 95% are pretty positive on the economy.
6:47 pm
40% of the revenues are overseas. charles: what about you, melissa? >> the s & p is lagging. these companies, bigger companies, with it's the tax cuts. everyone is taking advantage of the tax cuts. they are showing and improving. they want to go out and spend money. they want to buy the discretionary goods. charles: do you think this momentum is sustainable? >> the problem is what's going on with tariffs. i think in the short-term for the summer, the market does not love tariffs. the market loves trump. charles: we saw the indiana dact an all-time high and the russell 2000 at an all-time high.
6:48 pm
the dow is the' -- when you talk about the united states as an island, there is nothing comparable. ford: the economic optimism around the country is beyond palpable. it's largely due to the tax cuts and the deregulation of the trump administration. the manufacturers have the highest outlook in terms of spending and growth in the last 20 years. we created 3,000 jobs just in that sector since trump was in office. the good economic ties tends to raise all voters. historic lows among blacks, hispanics and asians.
6:49 pm
charles: let's turn to the market. we have some trend moving this market. momentum. hot stocks remain hot. we see consumer discretionary names. hp a $4 billion buyback. you see what's happening fox entertainment assets. are these going to continue? and do you need more to keep the market going? >> we need more for the market. the economy isn't the issue. it's very reminiscent of the nifty 50. those are the consumer staples of our time. the amazons, the facebooks and the googles. they are replacing the proctor and gambles and the cokes. charles: it went from value to overvalue to your point.
6:50 pm
can we become too optimistic? >> optimism is great. charles: going into earning season what are you look at the day after the close. stock went down, it's turning higher. if a company misses it will be punished. >> i think the fall is looking great for the economy. so if companies perform and shoot up. remember last earning season companied hampton amazing earnings then they dropped like rocks. >> is that the expectations game? >> yes. charles: one of the best quarters in the history of the markets. thank you all very much. we'll be right back.
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call now to learn more. charles: well, in just about 35 minutes, president trump set to take the stage at a rally in duluth, minnesota back with us, emily jashinsky. what do you think because we just saw president trump at one of these round table discussions , and he was sort of all over the place, you know, one idea, one thought, segwayed into another, what should he hammer in on today? what should he be focused on particularly in minnesota where republicans think they can gain seats in november? >> right obviously a key race in this particular house district, what's interesting about duluth is that the county that it's in went by 10 points for hillary clinton in 2016 but if you look at that map most of the counties to the west of it they were all almost in double-digits with trump some of them by 35 points so a lot of people driving into duluth a lot of rural communities up there. charles: economy, immigration oral of the above? >> well donald trump is going to talk about what he wants to talk about and it's usually
6:55 pm
everything but i think he's talking about the trade policy is what he's hammering. charles: emily we've got to leave it there and we'll see you soon. folks we'll be right back.
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for 90 days, plus get up to an $800 cash bonus when you open and fund a new account. ♪ charles: well, folks we're just minutes away from the trump rally to our panel now herb london and john burnette. herb what do you make of everything we've got going on has got a lot to talk about,mp again today we heard from the manufacturing sector optimism 95 % see this continue, this is the highest level ever. >> i think that the president has an extraordinary message to deliver to america. the problem, however is that the democrats have been playing on the sentiments of people regarding the immigration issue, and that is the only issue that they have. it's really a rather sad commentary on the democratic party. charles: so do you think then because the border security, ms- 13, drugs pouring into this country that was a strong republican message.
6:59 pm
has that been by what we saw with the kids being taken from their parents? >> oh, without any question. without any question. i don't know about it being user ped, but there is no doubt that it's played on the heart strings of americans and that the democrats will use this for the 2018 campaign. charles: in the meantime last month we saw 7 6,000 black americans come back to the job market 200,000 more black people had jobs last month than the month before, john. the economy is rocking. everyone is benefiting from this certainly that must mean something come november. >> absolutely you know what people have larger checks, paying less taxes, and have an abundance of employment opportunities, so people need to vote their pocketbooks and wallets but with respect to the immigration and how it ties in, you know what we've seen also a record low number of hispanic unemployment. that's going to create even a greater crisis at the border so these things actually are conflated. charles: real quick, do we move past this now, and back on t
7:00 pm
message? >> i think that the republican party has an obligation to get back on message and to make it clear that what has happened to america today, over the last year and a half, is an extraordinary development. charles: all right, folks. lou: good evening everybody. our top stories, the president responding decisively to the immigration crisis his predecessors created signing an executive order that stops family separations while pushing for new legislation that will secure our borders and fix our broken immigration system. president trump: 60 years, nobody's taken care of it. nobody's had the political courage to take care of it but we're going to take care of it. its been going on for a long time. lou: the president due to speak in about 30 minutes. he's at


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