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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 20, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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follow me on twitter an instagram a a kit aviation facebook fbn e-mail can it be fbn at fox back to her usual time 8:00 p.m. eastern five in the west with her guest lawrence jones tim carney and back in the studio. i can't wait. see you tomorrow night. storiest responding decisively to the immigration crisis his predecessors created signing an executive order that stops family separations while pushing for new legislation that will secure our borders and fix our broken immigration system. president trump: 60 years, nobody's taken care of it. nobody's had the political courage to take care of it but we're going to take care of it. its been going on for a long time. lou: the president due to speak in about 30 minutes. he's at a rally in duluth,
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minnesota we'll have live special coverage tonight and complete analysis from an all-star line up of guests including congresatt gates , wormer nows strategist dr. sebastian gorka, presidential historian doug wead and also tonight peter strzok escorted from the fbi for his anti-trump tweets and yet somehow, we find out he remains on the government payroll. former fbi assistant director james kallstrom stromb is here tonight to talk about out of control corruption at the upper- most levels of the fbi. our top story, president trump today, acting on what previous presidents including obama and bush, long ignoreed, signing an executive order that will allow children to stay with their parents caught crossing the border ill illegally. the president moving to stop the family separation. president trump: we're going to have strong, very strong borders
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we're going to keep the families together. i didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated and we're working very hard on immigration. its been left out in the cold. people haven't dealt with it and we are dealing with it. at the same time, we are keeping a very powerful border and it continues to be a zero tolerance we have zero tolerance for people that enter our country illegally. lou: the order, signed by the president, authorizes the department of homeland security to keep families together while they are detained at the border unless, unless officials determine the child's welfare is at risk. they are to also authorize the defense department to provide facilities to house those families also under that same order the justice department, directed to prioritize the prosecution of cases involving families. the house is expected to vote
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tomorrow on two immigration proposals but a number of house republicans say they don't believe that either bill as they stand now can pass. joining us to discuss all of this, house speaker paul ryan's amnesty plan and the division over immigration on capitol hill , congressman matt gates he serves on a number of key committees including judiciary, budget, and armed services. congressman good to have you with us. we have heard all sorts of in some cases conflicting stories from those who were at the meeting with the president, the speaker of the house yesterday. we're hearing all sorts of stories that could lead us to imagine that neither bill would pass, if the vote were taken today, but it's going to be taken tomorrow. where do you think we're headed? >> i'm deeply frustrated, lou, that this legislation has not been reviewed and the committee processed the members of congress have not had the opportunity to check with people
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in our communities to really understand the impact on people 's lives, but lou, you were news today on the floor of the house of representatives, when there were some trying to get a bunch of people to support this purported compromised immigration bill. rumor was that lou dobbs was going to come out and support it so maybe i need to ask you, lou, have you come out and publicly stated your support for a bill that seems to remain in flux as to the details and component parts? lou: you know i'm old school congressman as you know. i prefer to read bills before i'm asked to sign anything or even exceed verbally, so i don't think that i would be in that list for either bill, but that, i'm an unimportant observer of the process, that is yours and process seems to be what the congress is all about these days the leadership bill that is the bill written by paul ryan and
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the k-street lobbyists, the coke brothers, the business round table and wall street that seems to be the one that, imagine this , your speaker favors, and will be pushing tomorrow. >> i don't even know what's in it, lou. lou: you're asking a great deal of a democracy, congressman i think sometimes, you presume too much. >> i must. i mean, i'm with you. i think that we promised the american people if we have hepatocellular can control we could actually read legislation before voting on it and forcing it on the american people and right now the target is moving and i want the opportunity to be able to really review this and understand which pieces are going to help us restore the rule of law. are we going to be able to crackdown sanctuary cities will we end this stupid visa lottery. will we have the opportunity to ensure that our border wall is built like the american people were promised by this president. if the entire focus is on how fast we can get amnesty for people that's not what we promised and i think the american people expect from us
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to be very strong against illegal immigration for the benefit of this country. lou: i can't believe that the white house or any of the president's advisors could ignore the fact that what they are being asked to do by the k- street and those special interests is to move 1.8 million people to the front of the line. something that everyone has said they would not do but now, they seem to be urgently headed in that direction. secondly, this president was elected not only to build a wall but to make america great, now keep america great and i can't for the life of me understand how it keeps america great to push people to the front of the line who have violated our laws, who are not part of a immigration system the president wants to put in place, and who have in fact in point of fact
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simply lined up with the left and the globalists to fight exactly this president and his policies. >> well and you know the american taxpayer cannot be expected to pay for every human being that has a compassionate ory in the world. there are people all over who do and frankly i think that we ought to focus on americans first. that was the theme of this last election and when you don't end chain migration, when you allow the parents of daca children to have a path to legal status those are the people who broke the law that put us in a bad position in the first place by bringing children across-the-boarder and commit ting the crime of illegal entry. if we could legalize those folks and then they start to be able to pull on the chain and bring even more people over then we've undermined our entire argument so again i don't know the extent to which those provisions will be in or out of the bill but that's the problem. as i'm talking to you right now, lou the rules committee, is changing the legislation and we could be voting on it as soon as tomorrow. this is no way to run a railroad
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and frankly, if we don't have true hearings on this issue i think everything will just be a band aid to get us from one crisis or one news cycle to the next rather than dealing with the root problem with illegal immigration and that is that we are buiing magnets in this country that draw people across our borders illegally when we given titlements to illegals and we don't have e-verify to hold employers accountable. lou: illegal immigrants supported the same social safety net as american citizens, drawn to this country, because in most cases they are uneducated, they are unskilled, and corporate america desperately needs them in certain roles but how this makes america great. that should be the first test question period and the second question should be if everybody is so dog on smart about immigration, riddle me this. i've said for two decades that you cannot control immigration if you can't control your
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borders. >> yeah. lou: if someone would defeat that straightforward little slice of logic i would be glad to sign on to whatever the plan might be, but i would appreciate the respect of the american people, the middle class, to whom this president has promised so much, and delivered so much, our middle class is growing again. wages are rising, but this looks to me like a step straight backwards. to you, the last word. >> well, you know, you're absolutely right. the low energy amnesty bill that we may be asked to vote on is certainly not in concert with the principles and the ideals that you laid out. i came here to vote for a border wall to crackdown on sanctuary cities to end chain migration. if i get the chance to do that tomorrow that's what i'm going to do but i'm certainly not standing for any low energy amnesty bill. lou: good for you i love it. low energy amnesty bill. we know we don't like low energy don't we? >> that's right, lou. locoman thank you very much
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great to have you with us. up next, anti-trump agent peter strzok, he still has a paycheck from the fbi, despite his clear efforts to stop, to subvert the trump candidacy and the trump presidency. former fbi assistant director james kallstrom stromb joins us next and we're awaiting the beginning of president trump's campaign rally tonight in duluth , minnesota, you say why minnesota? well we're going to answer that question tonight, and a lot of people across the country may find it both surprising, and delightful we'll be bringing that to you live on this special edition of lou dobbs tonight. please stay with us throughout, we're coming right back.
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lou: peter strzok was escorted out of fbi headquarters last friday but it appears he still has if not a job at least a paycheck. strzok's attorney says his client was "escorted out of the building" as part of a"ongoing internal proceeding." strzok is employed in a human resources position. the justice department inspector general confirming this week that he is reviewing whether strzok's anti-trump bias
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affected the decision to create the special counsel and launch that probe. joining us tonight, james kallstrom, former assistant director of the fbi, served nearly 30 years with the bureau. jim first of all thanks for being here great to see you. peter strzok escorted from the building yet he's still getting paid, and after reading tons of e-mail s's, written by him or his purported lover, lisa page, how is it that the fbi could even begin to think to keep him on the payroll? >> i don't know. that's a good question, and apparently there's thousands of other text messages that we haven't heard from yet, or seen, or i don't think that congress has seen. maybe the fbi has seen it, but they were extremely slow to act on this case, just putting him in personnel it's not good enough. those remarks were, that's not just being bias.
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that's illegal, conspiring to actually change an election to bring an election down. lou: to change an election and then to subvert, to stop, and to refer to a group of people at least with the pleural "we." we will stop a presidency. this is, it seems sub verse ever >> yeah, and the inspector general's investigation took over a year. he has no ability to put people on the grand jury but it had a few things that were a bit heeven late. i mean, it showed more of the conspiracy against our president , this phony russian thing. it added to that pile of evidence that we know why this is just a phony thing. it is the insurance policy, and as many other people involved. this guy isn't the only guy. there were people, i'm thinking
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and cia, nsa, playing a role of unmasking over 200 names. what is that? we haven't heard a thing about that. lou: and her name has just disappeare from these proceedings and yet she was the incipient point of all of this, and calling for those unmaskings , hundreds of them, that affected the trump campaign and then obviously the trump presidency. >> yeah, and i think the intelligence committee and the house is trying to get to this thing but they're fighting not only all those animals in the swamp that are very very hungry and they're still barking and would cut you down in a minute but they're fighting the leadership of the republican party. i mean, why haven't we seen paul ryan and the leadership stand up and support the fact that this is a fraud being people etraited on our president, on the american people and all the
10:18 pm
people that voted for him, the way they were characterized by st they're just dumb people with no-brainers, deplorable, and laughing about it. no they're the hard working middle class. they're the reason that america is what america is. lou: the backbone of this country. the middle class have always believed this. it is where the spirit of patriotism, the american dream, is held most securely and offers such brilliance, and president trump is expanding the middle class for the first time in 20 years. >> without question. and those are the people, those are the people that the fbi should be coming to work for every day to make sure that they're unencumbered by fraudulent behavior, crimes of all kind. that's what was so, in my view, the bureau did nothing about the
10:19 pm
irs trampling on 450 families and businesses. lou: conservative groups. they got away with taking the fifth and seeing no prosecution. >> yeah, and there was no interest in looking into that, prosecuting it. lou: you spent you have an incredible story. >> 27 years. lou: at the fbi. to see this organization, it can't be mentioned a year-long investigation a little over a year now, on the part of the special counsel, but that investigation is built on almost a year of investigation by the fbi itself. i can't think of the last investigation in public that the fbi was involved in that resulted in a closed case and a report to the american public. i just can't think about that and i'm looking back so far. >> so far off the rails and now
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we're finding out they didn't even have a case open. in other words there wasn't a document. hillary clinton, et al, of course it stued me. everybody now that's going to work on this so-called non-case is going to be 15 people, half of which have already been identified as anti-trump, the worst kind. the vicious kind. lou: do you think there is a pro-trumper anywhere in the fbi and i don't want the president's feelings to be hurt here but in 60,000 e-mails, all of it is anti-trump. all of it. there isn't any balance of any kind. there isn't any suggestion that this kind of bias wouldn't suffocate the sense of fairness in any organization, if that's the case. >> we've got to remember the citizens have to remember, this is i don't know what this is 15,
10:21 pm
20, 30, worst case 50 people that are involved in this thing but it's a small cadre of people i have to think that the vast majority of agents that came in the fbi are happy with having donald trump since he's pro-law enforcement. lou: you'd think. >> i don't have a scientific way of knowing that but i think that's the case. i think we're dealing with a small number of sycophants that have been basically brain dead from the stockholm syndrome. lou: the problem is they're all at the top of the fbi. >> yeah and at the top of other agencies too and why haven't we gotten rid of the deputy attorney general because there's nobody there to replace hip because the senate hasn't brought in the top people in the justice department. lou: and i will speak only for myself. i am stunned to see that john brennan, the former director of the cia, james comey, the former
10:22 pm
director of the fbi. james clapper, these people were in charge of the principal agencies of our intelligence community and when i watch them go on and now michael heyden weighing in. >> he can't get enough tv time. lou: he apparently cannot and it seems impose a successful string of logic accompanied by facts to make any sense of anything he's saying. >> it's just nonsense it call and the way that that cadre of people we talked about and others now we're finding out unfortunately there's close to 50 people in the fbi that had unauthorized connections with the media. i mean that tells me -- lou: connections as well as gifts. >> connections, gifts, information i assume, and that is just unprecedented. i mean, that is beyond my imagination that they could get that. lou: no discipline. no leadership. lou: what would you assume would be the punishment for an fbi
10:23 pm
agent who took tickets to a ballgame, who was being bought dinners, taken on the town. i just couldn't imagine people talk about jay edgar hoover i couldn't imagine a single man ever doing that under him. >> those types of things are dealt with very harshly and when you add to that, if you are taking this stuff where you deal with okay they gave me a ticket to some dinner that's one thing but it's dealt with harshly, but now, when that same person gives that media outlet some inside information that's not going to get public, that's firing stuff. you're fired. you're gone. lou: anything short of impeachment for rod rosenstein, anything short of impeachment for the top officials of the fbi to break through the stonewall
10:24 pm
and to let the congress actually do what is its constitutional charge and that is conduct oversight of those agencies? >> it's just awful that even today, lou, they're not getting the documents from the justice department that they should be getting and look at how they edited some of those for no reason. we find out after -- lou: their actions. it was crazy and it's still going on today because we have no leadership in the congress. lou: and do you know why? because you've already pinpointed it. the leadership of the house and the senate and i'm speaking of paul ryan and senator mcconnell, they will not stand for this president and demand an accounting for agencies that refuse to honor a constitutional authorization for oversight. that makes them not only cowards , but it also means that they're willing to overturn the constitution of the united states. >> they're bought and paid for
10:25 pm
by the people that want a wide open border and cheap labor and it's a shame. it's really a shame. lou: well it's wonderful you're here to guide us through this. i hope the story brightens soon. i know your great commitment to those two institutions the fbi and the justice department. >> director wray has a big job. i don't know if he's up for it. lou: we're going to find out pretty quickly. yes, we are. lou: jim kallstrom thanks for being here. always an honor. thanks so much. we're coming right back, but first, follow me on twitter on lou dobbs, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight, and coming up next, freedom caucus chairman mark meadows unloads on rhino ryan, wow, right in the heart of the house of representatives. their heated exchange and what did they say to one another. it wasn't love and kisses. stay with us we'll be right back
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lou: good evening, everybody. we're going to go to duluth, minnesota very quickly. you're looking at the trump rally filling up the facility. it holds about 8,500 folks the arena and the venue was originally at the decc arena in duluth but had to be moved because of the high demand for tickets to see the president. by the way, why is president trump in duluth, minnesota? didn't hillary clinton win minnesota? yes she did. but by a 1.5% and this looks like a real piece of strategy on the part of the 2020 campaign for donald j. trump. this president is challenging a lot of orthodox conventional
10:31 pm
thinking on the part of the democrats he's going straight into their territory, if you will. by the way, he won the eighth district with duluth right in the center of it. he won it by 16 points in the presidential election and statewide it turned out to be hillary clinton's 1.5% that took the day but the president did better than any republican including, by the way, the 2012 campaign of mitt romney and who was it that he ran with? oh, yeah, paul ryan they didn't do so hot. president trump, his run is in 16 was the best performance by a republican in the state of minnesota since 1972. that's right in 46 years. it's just amazing winning by or
10:32 pm
losing by 1.5%. i don't want to do revision history like some of those folks and think as i started to say he won it and of course hillary clinton did. al franken, his seat he lost to the, well to unfortunate circumstances i would put it that way, it's held by senator tina smith a democrat former governor tim polenti is running for the governor seat in 2016 and he said trump was unsound, uninformed, unhinged, unfit to be the president of the united states and then went on to vote for donald trump. now that's, that was strong rhetoric and a good vote it seem s to me. republicans haven't won minnesota at the presidential level as i said in 44 years and we're told that the president has arrived at the arena, keeping america great again. looks like that is a very
10:33 pm
serviceable slogan for the upcoming presidential election. in the eighth district by the way home to the states famed iron range, even ore workers struggling with economic down turns, imported steel of course giving them fits as well, and the president's tariffs on steel and aluminum dumping in this country, is very popular there. the iron mining association president, kelsey johnson, will be amongst the dignitaries attending tonight, we're told, so there we are and as soon as he makes his entrance or prepares to make his entrance we will be going straight to him. turning now to capitol hill. tensions boiling over on capitol hill over lame duck speaker ryan 's compromised immigration bill freedom caucus chairman mark meadows is one of the
10:34 pm
mildest-mannered gentleman you'll ever meet. he went after the speaker today to, well, in fact the language was excoriating in the house chambers. meadows spokesperson says the scuffle was over the compromised immigration bill that omitted key provisions that had been agreed upon beforehand. now i've got to say here ladies and gentlemen i am shocked, i'm absolutely shocked that paul ryan would do that. he's been a man committed to regular order, free and open debate and participation of all of the rand and file. i'm being facetious if you can not tell. this is a man who takes his orders from the billionaire donor class. we're going straight to doug wead, presidential historian, former bush white house staffer and we'll be right back with doug and his thoughts on what is turning out to be one of the most exciting mid-term election campaigns in american history. let's see, well since 2010.
10:35 pm
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lou: now if you haven't satisfied with our reporting about why mark meadows, congressman mark meadows the head of the freedom caucus and speaker paul ryan were in each other's faces, and at one point, congressman meadows saying he's done. he's done, after apparently
10:39 pm
throwing a lot of choice words toward the speaker, but we're going to continue until we find out what did happen down there on the floor. you know how those people are, they're so civilized that sometimes you're just not ready when they come on. we're just moments away from the start of president trump's campaign rally tonight in duluth , minnesota and this is a live shot of the arena, the president is expected tonight by the way to endorse republican congressional candidate pete sto bber. minnesota's primary will be on the 14th of august and it's interesting. he means to have an impact in these primaries, there was a lot of conflict within the white house political office apparently about whether the president should be engaging in primary politics but frankly the stakes are very high. for him to ignore the primary is for him to not put forward his
10:40 pm
greatest influence over races at the most critical time. i understand also the political suggesting they should stay away from the primaries but this president means to have an influence and is not particularly trusting of the congressional campaign committee s that have to this point had a checkered record on moving forward, critical of course because the president needs all of those folks and the senate. he can and needs to hold the senate just as he does the house where there's great vulnerability with more than 40 republicans retiring, and this president in desperate need of help as he moves forward in the remaining six and a half years of his president. joining us tonight is presidential historian doug wead great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou.
10:41 pm
lou: doug this is quite something to see. i mentioned his attempts to influence the primary outcomes so that he has the greatest impact on these races so many republicans retiring from the house now the head of the freedom caucus and a very fierce and passionate argument with the speaker making it very clear he's not, you won't hut him down as a maybe when it comes to paul ryan as a speaker. i can't understand by the way why anyone in the republican conference would be putting up with him. >> i'll tell you donald trump is turning out to be a transcendent president in my opinion. i had the privilege of traveling 1979-1980 with ronald regan writing his campaign biography and i've often said that trump remain reminds me of reagan but trump is going places that reagan dare not trod, as you say
10:42 pm
getting involved in these individual races they wouldn't risk reagan for that sort of thing, but i'll just say this, the people who voted for donald trump are sure getting their moneys worth. he's moving quick and nimble he's taking on the most biggest problems. lou: and by the way not just the folks who voted for him but the people who voted against him or didn't vote at all are getting a particular bargain because they're watching markets soar, watching unemployment at historically low levels watching an economy that is the envy of the world and in fact you can already begin to hear those voices across the pond start talking about be sure to lead our economies as well well, mr. trump we want some of that prosperity for all europeans as well that's kind of hard for those who want to maintain tremendous debt levels but there it is. this is a president who is going to be i think impossible to ignore, certainly for historians
10:43 pm
, news men and women and of course they will continue their pedestrian ideological partisan ways but the american people are very well clued in and focused on what this president is doing and understand clearly that its never been done with the possible exception of franklin roosevelt. >> yeah, you know i have friends in the uk they're telling me they see bumper stickers over there that say loan us your trump so he's kind of stirred up some interest all over the world because he's decisive, and he's making these hard decisions. he turns so nimble on this immigration thing tonight, it's interesting to see. i know it's not resolved but it's interesting to see that i worked in government and we learned very quickly the bureaucracy and the democrat. lou: i'm sorry go ahead doug. >> well they don't want asian
10:44 pm
and european immigration because they tend to vote republican. they want hispanic and african immigration because they tend to vote democrat it's political it's power and back in 1975 it was jerry brown and other democrats joe biden opposing the oregon orphins that were coming here from vietnam, their fathers were american soldiers their mothers were vietnamese and as toddlers they were recognizable on the streets of vietnam and being murdered and here was jerry brown blocking the immigration of these children coming into travis air force base in california. it's so hypocritical to see this drama played out today: lou: hipocracy has never been much of for partisans on either party. it is interesting though to me to see this president who is already a historic president having accomplished so much and done so much for the country, whether it in economics or whether it be in foreign policy, this is a man who is, i mean, he
10:45 pm
is already influencing the outcomes in the middle east and it's making it clear that he wants his government to influence far more in the middle east and to china's great discomfort, xi jinping must be beside himself to think that this president is already out maneuvered him on every level whether it's international trade , restoring international balances and international trade globally, and moving in that clear direction. there is no facet of public policy, foreign or domestic that this president isn't putting on a clinic for other word leaders. >> you're right and i enjoy watching your show to see this whole thing unfold. i keep coming back to that moment with melania before he announced he was running for office. i've got it in my book game of thrones wherefore a moment he's pulling back and melania is saying you can't we've got such a good life you can't run and
10:46 pm
donald trump says but i would be so good. i would make such a good president, so he had this determination for a long time that he could make the hard decisions that no other president seems to have been able to make. lou: you know, he not only out thinks other presidents. he outworks other presidents and he as you say has extraordinary judgment and there's a straight line connection that's pretty clear that goes to iq. this is a president who gets lucky when he thinks and when men and women get lucky when they think it gives you a sense of just how smart they really are. not off mention but i thought we should on this broadcast. doug we appreciate it come back soon look forward to -- >> thanks. lou: the next installment as america turns around. he's already got that part done
10:47 pm
let's see where we go. thanks so much doug wead. thanks, lou. lou: joining me now congressman ron desantis, sits on the government reform and judiciary committees also the leading republican candidate for governor of florida. congressman great to see you. what in the world happened. i've just got to ask you, do you know what happened between mark meadows the chair of the freedom caucus and speaker ryan on the so-called ryan bill on immigration? >> i don't know exactly. i saw the end of it but i do think, lou, if you look how this has been handled has not been handled well. this bill was slapped together and trying to be ran through. the votes aren't there because it's really a big amnesty and not what we campaigned on and i think mark is trying to get us to actually do what the president campaigned on and get us to do the things like e- verify, like to fund sanctuary cities and chain migration and the diversity lottery, fully
10:48 pm
authorized and fund trump's wall but that is not what the leadership's bill does and i think that there's problems. >> and i don't think any of us who have watched paul ryan for very long in his office are surprised that he has created some change in what was expected there is the president of the united states, congressman can i trouble you to stay with us through this and i won't ask you for a commitment but i'll invite you to stay with us. we'd love to. >> let me know. i'm interested to watch the rally so let me know what i've got to do. lou: you got a deal. we have producers who will be leaping at the opportunity, thank you, congressman. and here is the president of the united states. wow. you know i love that music. and who doesn't love a trump rally? isn't that what the president always said? who doesn't love a trump rally? who doesn't have fun at a trump rally and by the way he's
10:49 pm
dealing with all of the same serious, critical world issues, well no, he's dealing with far more of those issues than any previous president in modern times and he's still got time to entertain americans who are, i think that his motto in some cases should be that there's just no excuse ever to be dull. he is teaching everyone in his government now. the manhandles the issues and makes the tough decisions and keeps this government moving as we've never seen it before. >> ♪ ♪ lou: i love that song. >> [♪ god bless the usa ] lou: duluth, minnesota. he came close to winning that state despite expectations, 1.5
10:50 pm
points, just 1.5 points, but i guess he figured he should let hillary clinton win one or two. this was one of them. can't wait to see what the next few days brings. illegal immigration, and legislative solutions if they can create them. the president of the united states. >> [applause] >> [chanting "usa]" >> [applause] president trump: thank you. thank you. thank you very much, duluth, thank you very much. i am thrilled to be back in the great state of minnesota. >> [applause] president trump: with truly some
10:51 pm
of the most incredible people anywhere on earth. you know that. >> [applause] president trump: and you know, i hate to bring this up, but we came this close to winning the state of minnesota. >> [applause] president trump: and in two and a half years it's going to be really easy i think. >> [applause] president trump: really easy. been many many decades since the republican did that and i thought i was going to do it. i needed one more visit. one more speech. that's why never give up. never ever give up. one more speech. >> [applause] president trump: we're very proud of minnesota. let me also say congratulations to the bulldogs on winning the n
10:52 pm
caa championship hockey tournament. wow. that's a big deal. right in this arena this is where they play, right? >> [applause] president trump: i hear they're a great team and how many are going to the nhl? how many? two, three, that's a lot. they're going to do it. great team, thank you. great team. the bulldogs. >> [applause] president trump: so we're honor ed to be joined tonight by many wonderful republican leader s including our incredible house majority leader kevin mccarthy. kevin come up, please. >> [applause] president trump: kevin. he sends a lot of money this way , i want to tell you. i also want to thank and maybe just ask him to come up.
10:53 pm
we have all night long, right? do we have time? all night. >> [applause] president trump: we're not going anywhere. some great people, congressman shawn duffy. >> [applause] president trump: great champion. come up, shawn. great champion. you know, the whole thing going up the trees and down the trees. number one in the world for four or five years. >> [applause] president trump: with a great great wife by the way. very talented. tom emmer, congressman, loves this state. >> [applause] >> thank you, mr. president. president trump: and a very popular man in the state of minnesota. jason lewis.
10:54 pm
>> [applause] president trump: i also want to thank lt. governor michelle fish baum for being here. she has been so great. got a big race coming along that's going to do great, along with state senator corrine housl ey. get him up here. where are you? stay there, too much of a deal, good luck, good luck. michelle, thank you. also, a friend of mine and a man whose been incredible and great supporter minnesota senate majority leader paul gaz elka, and minnesota republican party chair jennifer carnahan, whose been fantastic, thank you.
10:55 pm
and finally, the person we're all here to support tonight, somebody whose very special, by the way, loves ice hockey. realizes hockey family, in fact his brother, you know the coach of the winning women's team in the olympics not bad. >> [applause] president trump: great family. the next congressman from minnesota's eighth congressional district, the great pete stauber come on up. >> [applause]
10:56 pm
president trump: i'll tell you is this a pretty good send off for pete? this is not bad, right? >> [applause] president trump: hey pete, say a few words. let's hear it, right? come on. come on. >> thank you, mr. president. welcome to the city of duluth and the great state of minnesota. >> [applause] >> and as he alluded to, the home of college hockey's national champions, the university of minnesota duluth bulldogs. >> [applause] >> i'm pete stauber, and i'm running in minnesota's eighth congressional district because
10:57 pm
like president trump, i love this country. >> [applause] >> i love our freedoms. >> [apause] >> and i love our constitution. >> [applause] >> mr. president, before your election you made a promise to visit minnesota and you promised more jobs, fewer regulations, and a better economy for everyone. >> [applause] >> now, jobs are up. unemployment numbers are at a historic low, small businesses and manufactures are surging. >> [applause] >> and optimism is at an all-time high. >> [applause]
10:58 pm
>> my blue collar common sense conservative message is resonat ing throughout the eighth district. mr. president, these people support you. >> [applause] and mr. president, these are the say people that are going to send me to washington so together we can unleash the economic engine in northern minnesota. [cheers and applause]
10:59 pm
on behalf of minnesot -- behalff minnesotans today. thank you for coming to our great state and always putting america -- [cheers and applause] -- for always putting america and the american worker first. [cheers and applause] thank you, god bless america. thank you very much.
11:00 pm
president trump: i didn't know he was going to do that then he takes out a speech and reads it. i said that's pretty good. he's a great guy. he loves you and he loves this country. we are going to keep on winning. i used to say in a little jest, but i meant it. we are going to win so much. remember? we are going to win-win win. that's what we are doing. remember i said your governor or senator or pete or somebody, they will come into washington and say, mr. president, please, we are wishing too much. the people of minnesota can't stand winning so much. and i say no,


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