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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 21, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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16th, 2016. thank you for being with us. we thank you for joining this special edition of "lou dobbs tonight". the president putting on quite a rally in duluth, minnesota. see you tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: president trump wrapping up a major rally in minnesota hours after signing an executive order ending the separation of migrant families that the president says the new rules will not affect his zero-tolerance policy on illegal border crossings. tonight at the rally he hit hard on that. >> today i signed an executive order. we are going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough as it has been. democrats don't care about the impact of uncontrolled migration
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in your communities, your schools, your hospitals, your jobs or your safety. democrats put illegal immigrants before they put american citizens. what the hell is going on? kennedy: the presence reversal on separating children from the appearance came after days of political pressure from both sides of the outfit under the order of the children will still be detained just with their parents and the adults will still be criminally prosecuted but it's not over yet. the order of course will face legal challenges and democrats still pushing back very hard arguing it still doesn't solve the problem. "fox business" networks connell mcshane is live from the rally that just wrapped up in duluth, minnesota. what did you think? >> you just wrapped up in the kennedy at a low-key -- local hockey arena in duluth minnesota at the university of duluth.
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they expected a campaign style rally and he played the hits if the hits of do you will talking about economic successes of the country and also recapping his recent trip to singapore to meet with kim jong and whom he said we will turn that into a grading successful country along with kim jong-un and he called that a good thing. to the point you'reg he did say what has been the news of the day that's the controversy that's been growing along our southern border with the issue of separation of families which the president looks by signing an executive order. he added to that with this. >> so we are going to make it great for americans and we are going to take care of people and we do want people coming across our border going through our ports of entry but we want people to come in through merit, not just through luck or
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happenstance. >> america's immigration system is something the president has talked about the past and he reiterated it tonight as he looks at the controversy over the past week as you said a moment ago never view mirror. this was a trump rally in a purple state and the president had to do with a couple of protesters including one that made his or her way within a few steps of the president that said something along the line of go home to mom questioning whether the man was a woman saying he needed a haircut worse than the president. serious stuff when it came to immigration and other issues. trade came up a lot. kennedy: that is definitely right and the economic message didn't resonate. it's not often that the president holds rallies in states that he wins. the republicans feel like they can turn minnesota red? >> some do. i think the trade issue would be
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optimistic to say they camp it if you think about minnesota was a blue state in presidential election but it has a purple streak. here in st. louis county hillary clinton won by double digits the county but president trump did well in the district of minnesota. he won by 15 points so speaking to people earlier in the day businesspeople and the like traveling to iowa couple of weeks ago concerned about the presence trade policy. here in duluth this is the area where the economy is different and have people who are supportive of his trade policy think it will protect the industry that brings so much money into the local economy so we will see the they are maybe more hopeful than they would be in the state. kennedy: you have covered several of these rallies. how did that crowd respond? >> well this was an interesting venue and as i said it's a hockey arena and it reminds you
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of a minor league hockey game one of those smaller than the nhl hockey arenas. they can maybe get 7000 people in and the crowd with his close to the president so it was loud. it was loud and energized in nearly sold out. in terms of response to tell the president was feeding off the energy no doubt about it. kennedy: many more rallies to follow. connell mcshane thank you so much. who's to blame for the immigration debacle? according to the president the democrats of course. >> so the democrats want open borders and let everybody come in. but everybody poorer in, let them come in from the middle east. the them come in from all over the place. we don't care. we are not going to let it happen. kennedy: is a really the case?
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congressman brat welcome back. shouldn't the blame be sprinkled around like parmesan cheese on top of a lovely dish? >> let to give you the six-month rate not going to far back but in january of this year the senate democrats said we are going to do it democrat shut down over 700,000 daca and so the republicans said we will compromise. let's compromise and meet halfway and we will put the 700,000 kids in the goodlatte bill that senator obama ran on bill clinton ran on etc. so we thought we had a win-win. the democrats said no. president trump said let's do 1.8 million for daca. the democrats said no and then we had 25 republicans going to work with 200 democrats and steny hoyer and they put together a compromise bill that goes more towards the democrats
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platform way and you have no democrats showing up. finally we had the apparent separation issue and we got a couple good hills meadows and cruz putting together bills on parent separation. last night senate leader on the democratic side schumer said no way we are going to do that. they say they care about the kids. kennedy: i agree with you there is no way the democrats are going to let this issue go. they clearly have an issue and it's a winning issue for them. it's a losing issue for the people they claim to care about but they don't necessarily pay any mind to this. you guys have the presidency and both houses of congress right now. the republicans should be able to do a lot more at this point in time then blame democrats. immigration is arguably the toughest issue to tackle comprehensively and even worse when it's rushed and
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hyperemotional lies like it is right now. how can you possibly craft success out of all of those nagging factors? >> you do rationally with good policy that has been around for 30 years and the goodlatte bill the democrats used to agree with that. they have gone way lasts so we need compromise from the democrats to look at any other issue on tax reform. we are going to have 4.5% economic growth. it's through the roof. no democrat votes on obamacare repeal. kennedy: that is not a surprise. you have the goodlatte bill in the compromise bill. the president has to get behind one in steve scalise had votes on one of those because things are being very split right now. obviously you lean towards the goodlatte bill but that doesn't have a vote so what do you do?
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>> it doesn't have the votes because leadership is leaning toward a compromise bill. we got there because the leverage of a group of 25 they went to work for the democrats. if they are going to provide democratic votes that's one thing. no democrats showed up so why in the world with republicans vote for the democratic platform? it makes no sense to me whatsoever and look at the budget deal. the republicans passed a good budget for the military nothing else that we do plus-up the budget by 400 million to get nine senate democrats. if you want to do in the -- inauguration it's got to get through the senate. we don't have enough senators unless we get re-conciliation but the president said we are doing the budget this year. he gave up the most important tool because the senate republicans don't want to do reconciliation which allows you to pass powerful republican policy. it's gone, shot you got it.
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kennedy: congressman brat is so much. the present site that the executive order ear this afternoon and accepted finding the right approach was not easy. >> if you were week which some people would like you to be, you are really pathetically weak your country will be overrun with millions of people and if you are strong then you don't have any hard. that's a tough dilemma. perhaps i'd rather be strong. kennedy: how do you find a balance between zero tolerance and compassion? let's bring in the panel spokesperson and cohost of the "fox news" radio show benson and harvard are cohost. guy benson also it is the political editor of town and from campus reformer he served as media director kenneth philip. an incredible newsday. give me some perspective because this morning republicans and
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democrats were working for the president on this issue and the president quickly signed an executive order which i think president obama was rightly criticized for signing too many of those when he was in power. will the president face legal challenges? >> what happened today was a defeat for the president pray this was her retreat on a failed policy that was rolled out poorly, message badly because there was no messaging when you see those images and finally the white flag was waved. i think the president needs to think about who recommended he get himself into that situation. one thing that i think is interesting. kennedy: it's obviously not steve bannon. stephen miller tends to be the author of these more restrictionists policies. >> and it went over as well as travel ban 1.0 which is also a miller special. that's something the president to think about.
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moving forward there's an interesting movement among republicans in the senate with a few hills. the house to borrow as we heard from dave brat and one thing to put the cherry on top of this sunday you have the democrats who have been demanding for days the president trump alone fix this was some sort of executive action and undid his proclamation in decree and they immediately started dumping on him anyway and attacking. kennedy: and that's why republicans can have a hope way the doing tolerance and compassion. he can't demand something of the president and then when he delivers it claim it's the opposite of what you wanted and democrats at some point for national security and the good of the country have to come to the table. i think there at the table and i think you have in the senate dianne feinstein bob menendez, ted cruz and susan collins, two
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republicans into democrats sat down to hammer out some sort of agreement on some sort of compromise. don't forget what donald trump did today is what he and the administration have been telling us for a month. this is a problem with the policies and this guy said that how they do business and how they make decisions. >> it made the whole thing worse and worse. i think the senate might try to come to compromise. let's say congressman brad it sounds like he's making it sound like governments is so hard. he coalesced around the bill. >> this is the problem with immigration. democrats couldn't do it in 2000 republicans are having a tough time doing it now and if they pass comprehensive immigration in any form it's going to be filled with holes and problems. >> democrats have been moving the goalposts demanding -- and
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kamala harris said we should be releasing all of the children so i do think you are never going to give them exactly what they want with compromise but this move from a policy standpoint aside a pr standpoint horrible and the republicans need as much leverage as possible. it's increasingly hard for them to get the democrats on board because if they do a line with immigration bill that will be working with the nazis so for their constituents at the compromise. kennedy: enough with the talk. it's offensive and there is no comparison. it's incredibly lazy and disingenuous. >> also i'm sorry chuck schumer was rejecting out of hand republican legislative efforts to undo the separation policy so they are talking about the nazism and we must put an end to it and republicans say -- we have to leave this to hitler.
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kennedy: schumer was wrong in making the comment that he did but you have democrats who are willing in the senate to work with republicans. the problem is if you can't get an overall compromise that covers everything will they pass something limited the- there's no way before the midterm but democrats are not going to let the president have a win on immigration. they will not do it. even if they came up with something, republicans can't agree among themselves. kennedy: particular on immigration so we a screwed. it has brought out the worst in many people. he suggested the twitter mob kidnapped the president 12-year-old simon put them in a cage with pedophiles in up is when they go low, we go high. he deleted the tweet after
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receiving a harsh rebuke and has since issued a written statement to fox news and quote it was wrong and i should not have done it. i apologize to the family for what i said in a new heard my words have caused. was this apology ohe convincing performances of his career? he lose the argument when you use the language he used to describe kirsten nielsen and when he talks about a child being thrown in a cage with pedophiles you completely lose the argument. you show your hand that you aren't a logical or honest person. >> if ever in general and the argument take a few steps back and think about the seriousness. who is to know this 30 and is not going to make the sentiment
12:17 am
go when something you pointed out they go low when we go high. kennedy: it's hard to go lower. when you're qualifying somebody insults that he is using showing you just how debasing they are. >> it was a very gross thing that he said. he deleted it and he apologized. i can imagine the trump family is very upset as they should be. i think when you recognize you on too far and you want to make that clear you say the type of things that he did whether he meant it or not. if you are cory lewandowski and you do something horrendous and you don't apologize for attempt to apologize at all that is a worse fall. kennedy: i was watching that last night and he gave the win on that and obviously we have gotten to a point in our political discourse where people have to reach toward insults and
12:18 am
hatred as quickly as possible when they feel like they have lost ground. i hate to say it that's when sobriety comes apart when there is no longer rationality to rely upon. if you don't have an adult in the room let's find a way to talk about this. the two of you disagree a lot but you do it on your radio show. we are in a bad place and cory was given the opportunity today on live television several times to apologize and clarify and he didn't take it. there are people who are saying these are child actors. that is horrific and that should not be said and the peter fonda quote should not be said. >> kennedy i agreed humor. we are in a place where the worst on each side keeps getting lower and lower. we shouldn't give it to them. we have to do better. the issues are more important we have too many challenges that we need to solve. for mars -- my party said this
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doesn't help us. kathy griffin doesn't help us. this does not help make a policy argument a principled argument and both sides need to do better on this and we are trying a little bit. kennedy: the panel returns a little bit later. the president takes up issues during his rally tonight on the tax cuts and the senate with kim jong un. will those be enough to office said the criticism over immigration? he we'll get reaction from the author of the and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though.
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kennedy: president trump covered a lot of ground during his campaign style rally in minnesota tapping his accomplishments like his meeting with kim jong-un, low unemployment numbers any way down to the well and his biggest legislative success. watch. >> is a result of her massive tax cuts millions of americans are receiving much bigger paychecks, much bigger. [applause] we have eliminated record numbers of job-killing regulations. kennedy: will that be enough to keep republicans in power come november or will the controversy
12:24 am
damage the g.o.p. in the midterms? joining me editor-in-chief and author of the art of the donald chris bedford returning to the broadcast for the welcome back. what did you take away from the rally? >> i thought the rally was as fun as it is to cover any donald trump rally. it's a lot of the stuff we cover in the past. some of the new ones were that guy needs a haircut but other than that the accomplishments are well old and we are not going over new grounds. things for example like the immigration crisis we are dealing with has been a crisis for years and years kennedy. weiss is so big right now and why are people sobbing on the air on monday over this? maybe it has something to do with the ig report for the talks in north korea or the media narrative. it's an evergreen story. kennedy: it's interesting because during the obama years
12:25 am
it wasn't okay. it wasn't okay then and this is no k. now has a right to have these discussions but they should be discussed thoroughly and evenly and obviously we are not seeing that. there are news networks and news organizations that are complicit and trying to hurt the president because he has had even though he has a lot of unforced errors he said big wins and has been able to overcome the animosity. can he do this or is this issue so politically damaging as the wall street and editorial board says that they'll cost him a seat in november? >> the president needs to make his arguments more carefully. it's not democratic legislation to set this up as a series of decisions all over the planet. in maryland next earthworm living right now kids get taken away from their parents letting them walk to school two miles.
12:26 am
few steal a bicycle families are separated by a crime is committed. these types of things get lost in the mix and today with executive order president troubles -- double down the. the 9th circuit court struck that down and said you can't detain children. will see that repeat itself and the only hope republicans had to get a win out of this which i think is a good chance if they don't vote for daca like they have had a chance and they refuse to vote for a fix on this because they don't want to give the win to the president. kennedy: dumain conference of immigration or these narrow single issue pieces of legislation? >> i think it's unlikely they'd vote for anything on the democratic side if they keep moving the goalposts are within minutes of town saying we are doing something to keep families together people say that's not enough. kennedy: when chuck schumer asked the president to ride in executive order is he really hoping the president does that because when he writes the executive order he complains about it.
12:27 am
have you ever had a first date with someone like that? >> or minds me of asking someone where they want to go. so to you. do you want to go to sushi? now i want to go for hamburg just tell me what you wanted in the first place. it's going to backfire because you're playing with children's lives. he's never been a hardliner and children. we have caught -- fought countries over children. i think he will do anything he can to spare tickets here. kennedy: hopefully rationality will prevail. we see evidence time after time the failures of government whether it's kids in maryland for kids at the border more bureaucracies and going to fix the mess. you are the author of -- coming
12:28 am
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bar called the failed savior. these two have always hated each other and even she has managed to squeak out an electoral win she would have fired him within a week. that's why it's so much fun to see these two dems tag along the sidelines attacking each other in suffocating relevance. comey is live on this book tour selling the fiction of his made up heroics. he was asked whether he should apologize to hillary. >> i do want to criticize her but it shows that she doesn't know what this investigation was about. it was not about her use of the personal e-mail system. it was about communicating about classified topics on that system kennedy: go ahead and criticize her you test the giraffe. giraffe. yourself awareness and honesty
12:33 am
and lack of intuition. i hope the slings and arrows from their collective professional quiver hastens the demise of despair of shameless blowhards. with all the free time on their hands they should be sitting at the found at knowledge but instead they are still drunk on -- drunk on hubris. who comes out slimier? the disgraced former at the i director of the two-time presidential loser? let's bring back the party panel i will start with you it. it's tough work here. >> they have a lot in common. when it comes to who comes out
12:34 am
worse it's got to be hillary still. hard to beat her in terms of who is coming off worse in the america public. she's trying to say oh but my e-mail and it's completely different thing. his e-mail too. kennedy: it's not about e-mail. about using an al ballot count. they do hate each other and they are both completely failed and they have such an overblown sense of self-importance. they are suffocating. >> he's very sanctimonious and annoying and you're sitting and watching him on that stage. is there anyone worse than she comes in busting unlike the kool-aid jar. remember me? oh yeah she is worse. the biggest mistake and so comey is right in that even after this late time he says she is self unaware and not being honest about what happened. the biggest mistake he made in
12:35 am
this entire process was not recommending criminal charges against her. she broke the law and she intended to do so and she should have been prosecuted. kennedy: another point that was brought up in this ig report peter strzok says james comey came out and said it was not a compromise. none got through so obviously he was lying and he has lied more than once. he is a contemptible human being. >> i really hate james comey and the more i read in the ig. reporter: the more i do interviews him or hate him. kennedy: u.n. trey gowdy have that in common. trey gowdy annihilated him. >> it may be the only thing we have in common but i will give him that. getting back on the subject jim comey did several things during the course of 2016 which works toward nearly bad judgment. the ig report says that. all of them ended up politically hurting hillary. kennedy: she also hurt herself.
12:36 am
>> i was going to say that. it's also true that hillary needs to take a step back. she was a successful secretary of state and senator and first lady and she should focus on that. i think the democratic party needs to move beyond jim comey versus hillary clinton and the candidates are not talking about this. they are talking about everything the voters care about and not this. >> is this helpful to republicans? i think president trump keeps a space around that hillary clinton and comey are familiar foes. >> the more the people dig into the ig report the more you realize something is wrong there if the president says i'm innocent i've been rubber duckie
12:37 am
even if they don't like the president they say there's something really weird going on. >> orrin hatch made an interesting point during one of the statements. said christopher wray wray and the inspector general and i respect both of those guys keep trying to minimize the bias of the ms. -- fbi and misconduct. it's just a handful of people. a handful of people where the deputy director and the director kennedy: unfortunately it's powerful and influential handful and that's what destroys the perception of the bureau. that's bad because the fbi has thousands of agents doing great work for a bureau whose reputation has been dragged through the mud and i do feel bad for them. i would say ambassador nikki haley could be considered the brightest star in the trump administration. she will announce that the united states was withdrawing from the u.n. human rights and guess who offered to take their place? russia. there is a very good chance they would fit right in with china cuba and venezuela who aren't
12:38 am
exactly in the human rights hall of fame and during her announcement haley said it was successful and suggest it was biased against israel and will the u.s. come to regrets that decision? i think so and for a long time we have said there's problems with the u.n. council. it there are israili reports coming out from government officials today who are concerned that we are one of the only countries would stand up for them in the face of bias. i think it was a short decision and something the trump administration has been warning about in the came a day after the council criticized the president's immigration policy will with parents being separated from their children. kennedy: that is a bad policy but it's not on par with what happened in china. >> or cuba or china. venezuela is in this and people
12:39 am
are actually eating garbage. i mean give me a break. the bush administration pulled out of the original version of this. it was their right to do it. the obama administration and what we have seen since that is israel was criticized by the human rights council more than three times more than syria during assad's reign of terror. >> he was gassing people and killing babies. >> we should not vindicate this group or be there whatsoever. kennedy: -- . >> it's not really about human rights. >> it's about politics and pushing an agenda and most americans would -- kennedy: the agenda of the show is freedom and he'll fall exemplified that.
12:40 am
thank you all for being here. coming up commerce secretary wilbur ross defending the trump administration saying they are needed to provide american industry but lawmakers on both sides argue they are putting erican jobstisk. who is right? i will ask
12:41 am
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secretary wilbur ross told lawmakers in both sides it's a good thing. unfortely for wilbur they were really buying it. >> mr. secretary if you consider these terrorist attacks on the american family you are putting attacks and destroying markets for american businesses of all types, sorts and sizes. democratic senator ron wyden said the move seemed more like quote major imposes in any thought-out strategy produce a white house writer at the lawmakers fighting for free trade? hedge fund manager and a "fox news" contributor jonathan hoenig is here. jonathan i feel like a lonely voice alone in the forest
12:45 am
screaming for help against the terrorists. no one is listening. >> i have to shake my head when i'm watching the president on "fox business" aunties announcing the tariffs and people are clapping and cheering they are cheering taxes on americans, not on china, not on mexico, on americans. we know the net result of this. tariffs cost jobs. adam smith discovered this george bush discovered this. kennedy: what are some of the impressions we are seeing right now? what are some of the effects that we are seeing on items that are manufactured with steel and aluminum? >> people keep saying this as a negotiating tactic. the trade war has begun kennedy. started in january.
12:46 am
the presence engineered tariffs on lumber and washing machines. what is then the net result click? it price of washing machines have gone up 70% the biggest jump on the record. a couple hundred dollars is a big dea the forgotten man. he is issued tariffs on canadian lumber and lumber prices have gone up 40% of houses of dollars added on to the cost of a new home and we haven't started talk about aluminum tariffs and steel those prices are rising ahead of the presents new terrace. kennedy: if it is a negotiating tool that's fine but when does that happen? >> we keep waiting. if we would get an advantage he would get rid of the terrorists because we noticed -- we know where this goes. losses of jobs at higher prices. seen some estimates around 250,000 jobs lost specifically because of the president steel
12:47 am
and aluminum tariffs. people are saying we don't live raw steel but those are the whole supply chain. you see estimates of 1000-dollar laptop is now an 1100-dollar laptop or $70 shoes are now $100 shoes for anyone let alone this so-called forgotten man that's a lot of money that adds up over time. kennedy: it absolutely is than i kennedy: it absolutely is than i said last night as i so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey?
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kennedy: the backs who is making headlines for revealing the world is flat. what a dope. who in their right mind -- and this. topic number one. we begin tonight at the oscar meyer hotdog dog company where sales have really taken off. check this out. this fellow is called a super hotdog manned and is not in superhero movies. that happened when ben affleck played that man. this guide delivers hot dogs with a jetpack and he made his first flight to new york city this week because why get it dirty water dog when you can get a dirty air dog in the new york
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harbor? more smog please. a company spokesperson says superhot documentable deliver products in dozens of states this summer. i can hear it now. look in the sky, the bird it's a plane it's a. nothing offered about that. topic number two. let's head down to tennessee where a youth softball game had dozens of big hits and that was just in the stands. check out this little fracas. it started after a dad began screaming at an umpire during a 12 and under girls softball game we should find out how much money he invested and possibly there's a good reason for this. witnesses said a parent from either team told the irate man to calm down. that always works out great as you can see here.
12:53 am
order was eventually restored and afterward each parent received a trophy for participating in the fight in youth sports. topic number three. yesterday we told you about a hair that broke into a house in lake tahoe and it turns out like a lot of burglars it had a getaway car. sheriffs in this lak tahoe town say this black bear ransacked a subaru outback so bad the only way to get it out was by breaking a window. the owner had to ask why not just open the door handle the cop was like well yeah. the good news is the owner has glass coverage on the carpet he did not have left on his picnic basket. luckily no one was hurt in the incident although the car owner will need to find a different way to travel. there are no bears in the ocean. internet comments said super
12:54 am
hotdog or man would need the worst character ever. the other three didn't see john travolta played john gotti. the movie i enjoyed very much pre-take my word. topic number four there has been no shortage of action at the world cup but there could be a shortage of year. i should point out russian officials are denying the story and lets face it any government that claims they are saggy president that was the 99% of the would never lie to is that several restaurant owners say they were caught off guard by how much beer fans have been drinking they may not be able to replenish their supply by the end of the tournament. luckily russia's top two exports are vodka and dancers. fans won't go home empty-handed unless they take those dancers to the champagne room. the good news is if you do run out of alcohol in russia you can always watch sports in tennessee where they are giving out free
12:55 am
shots. this looks like one of our meetings. they had better stop before someone breaks a foot and ends up with one of those embarrassing knee scooters. those things are the worst allegedly. topic number five. finally we head down to texas for an all new episode of cribs. this guy's little sister cries whenever her parents put her in the crib even though he didn't have the noise canceling headphones. he did the next best thing and tip her over so she finally shut up. that takes me back to when i hated being in the crib so my brother gave me whiskey. come on, just kidding. that was my mom and it worked like a charm. the internet has been blown away
12:56 am
by the little boy's heroics but it's nothing compared to what he did to the family cat. let me out of here. i hope those sound effects aren't -- parents say it's her rescue bear. we will and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here?
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