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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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inaction in the senate. our president can't get his agenda passed under the circumstances. lou: join us tomorrow night. good night. kennedy: a political showdown from the border to the nation's capital. republicans squaring off against democrats. the question now, who is going to tbling first. the president blasted the left claiming they are obstructing his plans to secure the bored and they are the cause of the immigration fiasco that gripped the nation for days. president trump: we have to house the minors and we should be taking good care of them, then we should return them back home. that's what we have to do. but every time we ask for resources, the democrats say no. they say no to everything
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because they are obstructionists and they think that's good politically. kennedy: the republicans have problems and they are losing' support. the president signed an executive order toned the separation. the first lady toured a facility in texas and held a round table where she thanked those who have been helping the kids. >> they are having their fear without their family. i want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness to them in this difficult time. i would also like to ask you how i can help for these children to reunite with their families as quickly as possible. kennedy: house republicans have
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canceled tomorrow's vote on their moderate compromise immigration bill after the conservative bill failed to pass. the political battle clearly not over. we are told it could be another vote next week. the legal fight is just beginning with lawsuits over the zero tolerance policy pouring in. joining me, david bruno. but let me head to tim carney on the politics of all this. let's talk about the impossibility of passing anything on immigration regardless of who's in power. >> i have been around washington, d.c. for 18 years and for a majority of that lime has been some idea of comprehensive immigration reform. kennedy-mccain was the name of the bills early on to give you
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an idea how old this was. i'm afraid your bill failed there. it's an amazing thing when the leadership of both parties who were in favor of something back then. this might be one of the hardest issues to find common ground on. right now you have got the basic idea of the democrats, the dreamer idea, that you need amnesty for illegal immigrants who entered as children, and that's almost an impossible thing for the congressional caucus to even consider. then you throw out all the other issues. it's one of the toughest issues in washington. kennedy: you deal with the dreamers first and the law lasts. people in both parties want some protection for dreamers. both parties expressed the willingness to secure the border, maybe not with a wall. but democrats voted for those
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measures in the past. how do you tackle it? >> the sort of tactic -- we advocated that the examiner give us small immigration bills. find two things you i agree on and pass that. the fact is where donald trump is right, the democrats do not want donald trump to get anything looking like a victory. they would rather go into the mid-term election saying trump is against what this popular provision than to threat trump sign into law, including a popular provision. so if you had border security and americans want that. and you said we'll have some forgiveness for people who entered illegally as children, if you combine those and pass them into a bill, you would think that would be good. but siding with donald trump is poison if you are trying to rev you have the hashtag resistance.
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kennedy: is the goal that they take the house and somehow they will force their version of immigration? is it the same gamble that senate republicans made with merritt garland? >> it could be. increasingly the parties exist to become the majority, then to maintain the majority, then take the white house. what they do after they have done that is a good question. if there were an immigration package that would pass politically. what you are suggesting earlier, it would have the dreamer stuff, daca, some sort of amnesty for minor illegal aliens and increased funding and new enforcement. but what this last week has shown us, there is a lot more mess that's we are in a situation where you either have to do catch and release or separate the children or couple with a new system the executive
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order is trying to do. kennedy: you are right. people on both sides know what they don't like, therein they are very, very loud and emotional about what they hate. but both sides are very bad about putting ford something that is work agent and popular and passable. >> well put. kennedy: thank you. it's just the inspiration of having you here. there are a ton of legal issues. central american asylum seekers are suing the trump administration over the zero' tolerance policy. there are allegations of abuse in one shelter. immigration courts are so overwhelmed by the number of cases, there aren't enough judges or lawyers to handle it all. let's talk about the president's
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executive order. what does this do for the situation in the short term before there could be a legislative fix. >> there is a legal dilemma. the executive order says keep the families together. but there is a doj agreement out of california that says no minor can be held in detention centers. therefore what do we do? we can't put the families in detention centers. if we are going to keep them together, they have to be released. the doj is trying to amended that order. they are asking for a change of circumstances, the executive order to allow the family to the stay together in the detention center. kennedy: can you hear me now? i'll keep talking null can hear me. i changed my mind.
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i'm fickle. i'm going to talk to the pant because they are smart and learned and they know all about this stuff. let us discuss with correspondent for "the greg gutfeld show." kat timpf is here. and harlan hill and editor-in-chief of campus reform, lawrence jones. let's pick it up where david bruno and i left off. i think that presidents open themselves up for criticism where congress should be acting. i don't think congress gets a free pass. they still have the majority. and when they cry it's the democrats' fault what should they do? >> the president's original position was the right position. i'm a libertarian. there are two issues i always disagree with my libertarian
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friends. i am so sympathetic for the kids. kids should never be punished for crimes their parents committed. but what about all the other crimes in this country? i think about the war on drugs. i want drugs legalized. people in my community were ripped away from their parents because their parents sold drugs. and they were punished for that. those kids wants to be reunited with their family as well. when the president does sign the' executive order and brings them back together with their parents, then the democrats still cry and say now the president has the kids with the parents behind bars in cages. so there was no winning in this issue. on the way this gets resolved is with congress. kennedy: that's what it boils
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down to. chuck schumer and and lot of fellow democrats are saying you can't use these kids as bargaining chips. which is abhorrent. the white house did a bad job of defending it and describing it. the democrats need that issue to be ongoing if they are going have a sustained political win. that makes those kids bargaining chips. >> it does. i thought daca kids would be a bargaining chip. so the onus is on the democrats. if they care about this issue. we have to couple a solution. i do know that's tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors come across our border. and in the process, both liberal
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groups between 60% and 80% of the young girls and young women who make this journey to the united states to cross the broader molested or raped in the process. that's abhorrent. we have got to get rid of the magnet. kennedy: what if the magnet was freedom. >> i wouldn't go that far. i hair. that's why this problem is so hard. i don't know what the solution is to this problem. these are not people seeking regular asylum. they attempted to cross illegally and have been caught. >> there aids difference between crossing the first time which is a must misdemeanor. and if you have been deported and cross, that's a felony. you want to really let ghost
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magnet and the entitlement state and the war on drugs. is that too extreme? >> those are the exact two things we do. if we ended the entitlement state there wouldn't be as much of a motivation for people to come over here and get free things. and ms-13 bringing the drugs. they wouldn't have to bring the drugs if you should be able to get the drugs from the drug store. kennedy: we are going to get into that later. people think it's an immature argument. but it isn't in has not been an administration that has fill love cally or legally tackled the issue of demand. they try constantly to go back to supply. >> i think if the president wasn't surround with jeff sessions, he's a practical guy web's from new york.
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i think this is the president who would take the criminal justice reform in general, if he didn't have old school republicans around him that don't think practical about the issue. he wants to get rid of the magnet. kennedy: let's talk to david bruno. back in action. the earpiece is working. let's talk about the legal woes that might fall before this president with the executive border and the ensuing action and lawsuits. what does he do now? >> they need this amendment. like i was saying. they filed a complaint today. kennedy: the department of justice did in the 1997 california case. >> the restriction on having the minors in the fat silts needs to change if you are going to keep
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them together. if it doesn't change they will have to release everybody that comes over. that's the other alternative. i'm sure some people actually want that too. kennedy: i understand that. en i understand people saying the majority of people who come to this country are well-intentioned and they are escaping bad parts of the world where there is no opportunity and their lives are threatened and they want to work. the government has not come up with a sufficient plan for vetting people and separating those who want to work and make this world a better place and those who want to harm people and squash their freedom. how can they fix that chasm. >> it's being brought to the attention of everyone. they have to fix it. but also get back to the asylum process. there is a process they have to follow, and they have to follow it. they can't come over illegally. there is a review, there is a district court judge who has to
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make a decision. more attention to the process. the conditions have to improve as well. kennedy: sorry about the technical difficulties. i will see the panel a little bit later. president trump talks tough and doesn't apologize when dealing with foreign leaders. a far different approach than president obama. is trump's style of diplomacy more effective? it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions
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so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. kennedy: if you want to understand this president's motivation and philosophy, all you have to understand contrasts. whatever president obama did, president trump does the opposite. except separating children from their parents. president obama crafted the egghead butthead policy called strategic patience which endangered the mess in the
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middle east. and cause a mess on aisle 9. there was no real pressure or believable threat. no nicknames like little rocketman. now this unorthodoxed befuddling maximum pressure might yield surprising results. and if it works, they should indian give obama's nobel prize to trump. will strong arming western europe work? it might lead to frosty tariffs and awkward meeting. but global leaders don't know how to respond to this president. and that's how he wants it.
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macron wants to get along. justin trudeau betrayed his dependence on the bully he has to pacify for the next 2 and a half years. will this bull in a china shop change the world? who the hell knows. but it's entertaining to watch. it offers a new episode every single day. the white house announced john bolton will travel to russia to discuss a possible summit between president trump and vladimir putin. joining me, the host of the dennis miller podcast. it's dennis miller. so glad you are here in new york. >> you should do the weekend
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update. you have good delivery. >> i'm not liberal enough. >> i studied the g-7 guidebook. throwing a starburst at somebody is code for nitrate. kennedy: getting angela to loosen up there. kennedy: i hope that story is true, by the way. >> here is my take on trump. when i had a show on hbo. i would hire friends as writers. but there were a couple slots left. would i tell them, give me the submissions and put a number on the top of them. i would call eddie my writer and i would say i like number 17 and number 3. my exchange with the president
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isn't being his friend. my exchange with the president is competency. it's like a blind test. if you gave me 10 of the things trump has done so far and kept out the overbearing stuff and said here is what has been common in the last year and a half. i would give him a thumbs up. kennedy: in college when you put of the paper. if you take away some of the bluster and the tweets and you just look at the raw data, he would be doing pretty well. everybody telling trump not to tweet does so on twitter. some of the stuff the scientists think you can tell he wants
8:24 pm
approbation like anybody because he reacts like a bull in the china closet when he doesn't get. obama didn't have to worry about that. i remember george stephanopoulos, he said i have to be true to my muslim faith. and george stephanopoulos said your christian faith, your christian faith. it's etched into stone for the rest of time. as far as competency. i guess this makes me a bad guy. when i see unemployment down into the low 4s, 3.9? i am happy we are going to have a deal with north korea. kennedy: any president would take some of those numbers whether it's the stock markets, but the other aspects of the
8:25 pm
barometer, i think any president would take that in a heartbeat. politicians love adoration. this president, if he doesn't get adoration, he wants a fight. there is one writer who is trying to crystallize the trump doctrine and ask senior writers of the white house what is the trump doctrine? >> one said no friend, no enemies. people who love the president love that. people who hate the president despise that. >> trump came home from the summit in a good position. even a lot of the people who hated him had to give a little bit. and the people loved him gave a lot. it seems he was home for a few days and he goes right into the border and he dove into things that are not helping him right
8:26 pm
now. and when he said he was going to act on his promises in the campaign. this is the first time i have seen a president do that. that's a long time i have been watching presidents. i didn't pay attention for many years. probably 40 years now. they do it after they run, then they have to move to the middle. so it starts phasing in. and all of a sudden you have a stepford president running around. kennedy: they were all the same. it was never more clear when president obama was running against romney. and they had competing plans. they were essentially the same numbers. no matter what, you were going to get the same guy who spent the same amount of money and spun a silver yarn with his
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tongue. >> i remember when romney and obama were talking and romney said the biggest geopolitical threat is putin in russia. they made such fun of him. obama said the 90s wanted their foreign policy back. kennedy: it shows you how unserious obama was about russia and how that problem grew and grew until they were screwing with the 2016 elect on his watch. stay here. the supreme court says, states can collect taxes from online sales. it gives brick and more tar a
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kennedy: the supreme court handing down a decision that could increase prices for everything you buy online. it gives states the power to require online sellers to
8:32 pm
collect sales tax it, a victory for brick and mortar who were losing business to sites like amazon. states could collect $13 billion in new revenue. but is this good policy for consumers like us? scott martin, welcome back. apparently my tax bill. i don't like this at all. hashtag taxation is theft. >> the prices of things you said you were going to buy. i got question for you. if you shop online at the amazon, the wayfairs because you were saving on sales tax? for me it was the experience, you could get stuff in two years, it was discreet.
8:33 pm
so that to me is the experience part which still the big box stores don't have. kennedy: maybe in 1997 it was the case that people were starting to discover e-commerce from that point on. but certainly now, it better be one hell of a shopping experience with champagne and foot rubs to get me into a store. otherwise i can sit in the comfort and luxury of my palatial penthouse and tap on my laptop. >> e-commerce is a small part of overall retail. the states are final getting their acts together saying we have to charge sales tax.
8:34 pm
as retail and online gets going and gets a bigger part of the retail share. the states are foaming at the mouth to get money. kennedy: that money won't end up in your pocket. you won't feel the tax savings. all it will do is whet their appetite. >> more fiscal infidelity from the states you know and love because of this ruling. it's a terrible idea. the states are going blow all this money they are going to get from buying this stuff online. >> thanks for the clarity, always good to see you. today the trump administration, they are starting to shrink government. >> i call it the drain the swamp
8:35 pm
cabinet meeting. we talked about it during the campaign. today we are introducing the actual actions that follow up on those words. when we gone it this, one of the things we learned, it has been almost 100 years since anybody reorganized the government at this type of scale. kennedy: the plan includes combining the labor and education department. and a single food safety department. but they will face pushback from congress which usually makes these kinds of decisions. but even if they are successful, does this begin to scratch the surface of our below thed federal government? joining me now, the man in black returns. nick gillespie. you and dennis on the same night. glorious. >> i'm happy to be following the word below thed.
8:36 pm
i don't way sales tax. kennedy: "reason" has done some incredible work catalog and documenting government waste. you have the commerce department on the cover "reason" magazine talking about how that whole thing could be scrapped. >> this is one of the things. i am generally very mixed on trump. i think some of the things he does are awful. this is a great idea to talk about condensing and consolidating cabinet departments. the education department only came into being in 1979. ronald reagan said he would get rid of it and he expand it. it makes sense to condense these program. one of the things i don't think he mentioned.
8:37 pm
they will take food stamps and put it in with health and human services and not the department of agriculture. you should have the welfare programs being administers by one agency. kennedy: it's a redundancy. you have identical programs in separate departments that don't communicate. they do the exact same thing which makes it very confusion for people who need those services. >> then you can't evaluate them. the department of education ideally. this in a way, betsy devos, one would hope if she is true to her rhetoric. what the department of education should be doing is cutting economics for certain times of federally funded programs. a higher level, some other programs, k-12. but they shouldn't be involved in dictating this or that thing. it's one of the smallest federal
8:38 pm
agencies that's only got 3,500 employers. kennedy: is it true you are a scott pruitt fan? >> i love the tactical hat. yeah. pruitt is very frustrating because he's doing certain things right. then he's screwing its up by being an ars when it comes to spend other people's money which he shouldn't be doing. kennedy: the president does things that are frustrating. restrictionism and immigration and protectionism not good for the country but when you talk about deregulation and cutting taxes. >> and he pardoned jack johnson. but that was jack jones. patrick johnson.
8:39 pm
get rid of all. let all the johnsons run free. kennedy: i hope someone clips that. kennedy: i'm delighted to have you here. come back soon. coming up. there is not much canada does better than america. but canada does pass a law that's got us green with envy. we are talking about how to get rich on weed.
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kennedy: the great night white north is going green. canada officially legalizing recreational marijuana. making it just second country on to do so after uraguay. but can days a much bigger deal. fell justin true doug true doves he hopes the law will take place october 17. who is making all the money and how can we get in on the action. every time i hear about canada doing more research, now they
8:44 pm
are nationally legalizing cannabis. i think there is a huge market for that there are going to be products and services, and it will be legit. and there is going to be money to be made. how do i make some of that money. >> it's a no-brainer. they are understood cutting the cartels and terror organization and providing a safe substantiated way. and i think president trump. kennedy: don't you have a hot stock tip. >> this is as no-brainer. kennedy: i want the brain part. as the companies go big, whether it's met-men or some other conglomerate. there will be a winning stock, a winning strategy. >> this is lbj's position, not
8:45 pm
lawrence jones. there is a lot of companies getting into the culinary business because it's a product you can cook with so that's what i'm into. kennedy: you are more on the edible side. >> most of definitely. kennedy: an entire generation of people coming of age, they will incorporate it into their casual life. >> the president is against opioids. kennedy: how far behind is the united states? kat: very far behind because of jeff sessions. i just don't understand. you know what i need to do? i have got to stop all those people from smoking weed.
8:46 pm
people want to smoke weed and do drugs. its ever it's your own body, keeping up with the kardashians is legal. kennedy: the sugar, simple cashh high draits and maple bacon bar. >> legalize it all. >> i will tell you one person who inspired me will remain nameless. she is a cancer survivor who lives in oregon who confessed she got her green card so they can go to the new pharmacy and find some relief from some of her symptoms. well done woman who may or may not have given birth to me. it's tri-partisan. we have to wrap this up and roll it up, i guess.
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you guys are great. "topical storm" is next. stay right here. [thoughtful sigh] still nervous about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance.
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kennedy: mtv announced the plans to bring back the 90s "real
8:51 pm
world." as long as they don't also bring back that female vj with the glasses. she was a real train wreck. get off the tracks because this is the tropical storm. being and cop takes some serious onion. this trucker forgot to cover his bed and what happened next will bring tears to your eyes. 2,000 pounds of onions flying on to the highway. the driver was ticketed for not having a tarp on his bed. that will be a lesson to everyone. if you are going to drive on the california highways, you can't go peeling out. most of of them have too many
8:52 pm
layers. i should put a tarp on my bed. topic number two. the solution woman claims she never played the lottery in her life. but last flight she decided to like abba take a chance. police dubbed her the dancing lotto thief and she stole a bunch of scratchers. lotto tickets get void once they are reported stolen. police posted the video online. she wound up getting caught after a man shared the video with a neighbor who happens to be good friends with her ex-boyfriend's roommate. what are the odds? let's head to virginia. it's for lovers.
8:53 pm
a chick-fil-a employee is making a run for employee of the month. he was working the drive-thru and a woman left without a full order which means a., he's a great employee, or she was really hot. wilson is going called a hero, and the woman is being shamed on social media for eating chick-fil-a. he put way too many onions on her order. they always go through the drive-thru. topic number 4. nbc announced that the jerry springer show is being canceled. the news shocked americans. many of whom had no idea it was still on and cocoa was still alive.
8:54 pm
female guests everywhere. springer show ran for 27 years it was a lot like a white house press briefing but way more civilized. people call it trash tv but it was nothing more than a prequel to everything on bravo. and of course none of the springer guests needed plastic surgery until after they were on the air. one woman started her own fundraising campaign. springer finally made the leap from cheating spouses to cheating lotto players. topic number five. like a stray cat, you feed one. this next segment won't go away. it's time for viewer mail.
8:55 pm
honey starts us off with, cats are smarter than anyone. but you are pretty up there in intelligence as long as you don't become a leftist ignoramus. sandman tweets, i used to like you, but it's clear to me now, you are a moron. david writes, when you drop a what happened? it cracks me up every time. please never stop doing it. what happened? do we have time for one more? we'll be right back. managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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kennedy: a very sad night. charles krauthammer has passed away. that sad news has gone throughout the world. dr. krauthammer dwarfed every one. but what truck me was always his patience. he strung pretty word together with ease and depth and was able to capture the essence of any
9:00 pm
political story while forecasting outcomes better than any for tun -- fortune teller. he always made time for the curious. the place. >> sounds like you're the unofficial mayor of this town. >> well, that's one of my hats. >> guess what? they do. >> your dad bought the whole neighborhood? >> yes. the whole town. >> it is a real community. very close-knit. >> i was told i was born here, but i was too young to remember. >> they never thought they'd live to see this day. >> makes me sad. i don't want to have to move. >> when is the last time you got a listing for a whole town? >> never. >> will the heirs take the cash and let the bulldozers in? >> if you did sell, where would those people go? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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