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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 22, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website, e much. here is lou. [♪] lou: good evening, i'm david asman, lou dobbs has the night off. deadline day for the doj and the obstruction continues. the justice department still hasn't handed over key documents related to the russia witch hunt. we'll take up the deep state stonewalling with tom fitton of judicial watch. rinos and dems in congress push for open borders and amnesty. president trump: where is the media outrage over the catch and
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release policies that allowed deadly drugs into our country. where is the condemnation of the democrats sanctuary cities that release violent criminals into our community then protect them? david: the national left-wing media goes fact free in its coverage of border enforcement using misleading imagery to gin up the crisis. our top story tonight is the deadline for the justice department to release documents related to the use of sources in the russia collusion investigation. catherine herridge tells us where things stand. catherine: two sources close to the matter tell fox news the justice department ramped up its production of record to the
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house committees. but a key set of documents when the russia case began was not provided. they are expecting a letter asking for more time or explaining why they cannot comply with the subpoenas. the house speaker met with the fbi director, deputy attorney general and the three republican committee chairmen and went line by line through the outstanding requests. it includes the use of confidential human sources to kickstart the russia probe. >> they have been dragging their feet at the justice department. they could have spared the country a lot of drama if they would have complied months ago. catherine: new information cape
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to light that appears to move up the timeline with the fbi taking significant investigative steps before the russia case officially opened in 2016. trey gowdy's outspoken comments reflected the new information. >> you are going to comply or there will be floor action, and i think they got the message. chris: floor action would be the full panoply of constitutional weapons available to the people's house. david: catherine herridge thank you very much. joining me is judicial watch president tom fitton. it's 7:03:00 p.m. no sign of the documents
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requested. >> congress will yell some more about it and i think we'll get some more documents. i think the issue of contempt and impeachment is a good way to escalate things and make it apparent to the justice department congress is serious by the. but i won't result in a mass disclosure or immediate disclosure of information. my concern is we have this modified limited hangout approach. they withheld the strzok text messages, they refused to disclose information about strzok's removal. he was removed for bias. and here we are getting dribs and drabs of information released slowly, and in a way to guarantee that congress doesn't have a full picture by the justice department on this core issue as to why, when and how
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the targeting on donald trump began by an fbi that was banding over backward to protect hillary clinton. dave require' the doj and rod rosenstein. i am getting the sense rosenstein thinks he's above congress. that he doesn't have to adhere to rules of oversight, of congressional oversight which was what this country was founded on. >> my impression is they think that the mueller investigation can't be touched. and as a result. any documents related to the what it was conceived, how corruptly, they are loathe to release to congress because it's all about protecting this mueller investigation which has zero credibility for anyone who spent more than a minute look at the i.g. report that showed key investigators involved in the
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investigation were very yo -- we virulently anti-trump. david: thank good news for the i.g. the inspector general shared information that rod rosenstein was withholding. more information about the peter strzok lisa page memos and what they were planning to do, and what they did do, in one case switch from the hillary clinton investigation over to the russia investigation. and they came out with more information about other fbi officials that apparently had just as much anti-trump boy as as peter strzok did. and they came out with information about copy being under investigation. at least we have information from the up spector general. >> the question is what happens next? all these folks have been implicated in setting up the
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mueller investigation. why is the mueller investigation sack crow san --investigation no scrutiny. we sued the justice department for the transcripts. the justice department told us we don't have any transcripts. david: unbelievable. what we did find out this week was very revealing from the inspector general. it was a tale of two cities seeing rosenstein and horowitz sitting next to each other. but one thing in specifically that horowitz said is that the bias exhibited so clearly by peter strzok and others at the fbi did translate into policy. other people tried to deny that that was so.
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there is a former attorney general mike mukasey who was on fox news yesterday who talked about how that process worked. >> that's true, ebb has got a right to an opinion. but when you say we have to close out this investigation. that's not an expression of opinion. that's a stwaivment you have to do on your job. strzok was one of the supervisors and lisa page was counsel to the deputy director of the fbi. these were not treat agents. david: you are entitled to your opinion but you are not allowed to let it affect your job and that's probably what happened. they probably changed the investigative course of what the fbi was looking at moving the hillary clinton investigation over to russia with all the false narratives coming out of that. >> peter strzok was a prime
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mover when it came to the dossier and surveillance. the idea it's anti-trump bias where he was highlighting the role in the investigation. in stopping trump, making up for what he allegedly did to make make hillary clinton's election more challenging. i don't know how you can separate the two. that's where the i.g. failed. the facts are there to call into question the mueller investigation. frankly it's up to congress, the justice department and fbi to get on the ball and understand the mueller investigation. we can't wait two years for another i.g. report. david: there is not that much of
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a dips between peter rock and rod rosenstein in this particular record. he is tainted. we found out this week there is an investigation, fbi investigation of former fbi director jim comey flips an investigation ongoing. considering rod rosenstein's participation in the firing of jim comey, he has to recuse him sell from the investigation. he has to stop his role of being the foreman of the mueller investigation. don't you agree? >> if they were applying the recusal rule he would. but if they are not. maybe jeff sessions should come back in, unrecuse himself and take control of the justice department. as far as i'm concerned, robert mueller is running the justice department with respect to russia and congressional oversight. that's why we are getting the obstruction. jeff sessions has to come back
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david: the national left-wing media has been busted yet again to engineer an uproar over the *'s immigration policies. "time" magazine is admitting the 2-year-old honduran girl was never separated from her mother. in fact she was standing right next to her when this photograph was taken. last month multiple democrats and liberal entertainers retweeted these pictures of detained pictures. and they were taken from 2014 during the obama administration. another viral image of a child in a cage spread by left-wing activists came from a staged protest in texas. that is not in a detention center.
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ed rollins, it's great to see you. we were talking about "time" magazine. it's a shah dove its former self. i remember when every single word in this magazine had to be checked, double-checked, triple checked. even if it was the word the or and it had to be checked. now proper began today, a pew false story. ed: we all get our hearts tugged when we see kid. but this is disinformation. the people take care of these kids, they are doing everything they can to deal with a significant problem. this kid's mother. the father came ford saying he didn't want her to come. she tried to sneak into the country. she paid $6,000 to a coyote to
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bring her up. david: there are other examples. there are other examples i could reel off. this is the second front against donald trump. the first front was russia. that's falling apart. so then they turn to immigration, and this is falling apart. i am just wondering if in fact the whole second front, this move to make immigration the key issue of the election will be a total disaster for the democrats. ed: you created an emotional issue so you need an intellectual discussion. we need a comprehensive long-term immigration. david: you did have something happening this week, an executive action taken by the president to do what he could in
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those cases where there were legitimate issues about separating families. he went ahead with an executive action. what that does, it keeps families together, but it results in the incarceration of children, which is something the original ruling by a judge was meant to prevent. ed: these judges basically say in 20 days you have got to let them go. where are you going to let them go? the parents are in the judicial system. what do you do with them? david: rush limbaugh talked about the real objective of the left is totally transparent because of the failure of the propaganda. that is catch and release. they want to let the children and the parents go and be free to do what they want to do. ed: i watched wolf blitzer who
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said this is like a misdemeanor. give them a traffic ticket and let them come into the country. if you are going to have an open border you will have all kinds of problems. no country in the world has open borders. david: i wonder if he'll get tbheent november. 54% of americans blame the parents of these children. they don't blame the trump administration. ed: they are sending the kids on the trail. the idea that you are coming $6,000 to pay a coyote. $6,000 they could have lived effectively in their home country. at the end of the day, this is an outrage. they want to create an emotional issue and they don't want to deal with the serious problem of immigration. david: come november, will
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immigration be a plus or negative? >> we are trying to resolve it. democrats won't participate in anyway, shape or form. immigration for practical purposes is dead. members have to go back and argue what they want to do. if they do that, they will be okay. if they don't do that. and the president promised to build a wall. the vast majority of americans see that as the only remedy on the southern border. david: do you think the deceptive coverage of childhood detainees has exposed members of the national left-wing media as mere shills for open border agenda. coming up next, new york's left-wing candidate for governor comparing our brave i.c.e. agents to terrorists.
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david: the hughes judiciary committee issuing a subpoena for peter strzok to appear before congress june 27 at 10:00 a.m. they issued the subpoena after strong rrp failed to commit to a specific daughter to testify. new york gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon called i.c.e. a terrorist organization and called for its abolition. she said it's terrorizing people coming to this country. joining me, former nypd officer and former secret service agent. i have a list of a couple dozen
11:26 pm
i.c.e. agents who died in the line of duty, march continues, morales, gomez, alvarez, vega, ramirez, dominguez, rojas. i could go on. these are supposedly the anti-latino terrorists cynthia nixon is talking about. >> this is one of the most of troubling times i have seen in my two decades heavily involved in politics. i have never seen anything like this. people make statements like this that you and i understand 20 or 30 years ago you would never be accepted again in polite company if you were to call law-abiding patriotic law enforcement officers employed by i.c.e. terrorists. you would be humiliated. now run for governor under the banner of the democrat party and
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people almost celebrate these comments. did you see her appearance on "the view" where people in the krowrd were clapping? david: i trust a lot of the audience is just ignorant. the fact that the families of these agents. these hispanic agents have to endure the murder and deaths of their family and loved ones who put their lives on the line and lost their live. but to suggest that these hispanic officers were anti-hispanic is nuts. >> my wife's maiden name is martinez' ortiz. she is a first generation
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immigrants from colombia. if you are a conservative, you are a racist. and a xenophobe. what they are doing is tactical. they want to dehumanize you so they win the argument before it starts. if the debate starts, they will lose on the facts. by getting people to'. they can avoid uncomfortable facts that would slam them in the face. david: i married a nicaraguaian immigrants who came here with her 7-year-old son. he didn't speak a word of spanish. but we did it legally. it took a couple of years before they could get the green card and get citizenship. he's now a u.s. marine. it takes time and heartache and
11:29 pm
sometimes heartbreak when allege immigrants comes to this -- when -- re legal immigrants come to this country. but it's an insult who to those who do it the right way. >> i know how 0 proud you are of that. you are damn right. my wife and i spent 7 years going through this process. and probably close to $15,000. i get it. the legal immigration process is a mess. and it's a fair argument. you know how i know that? i went delight. it stinks. but what do you say to your spouse and mine who sat there patiently in line while others get to jump the line and get the same benefits. that's not equal application of the rule of law. do they matter or do they get lost in this whole thing?
11:30 pm
david: for people who put their lives on the line, i'm concerned, and maybe you can assuage my concern that people who have to deal with ridicule from idiots like cynthia nixon. >> i wish i could put you at ease, but i can't. we view liberals -- as a people with generally bad ideas. but a good portion of the radical far left. they don't view us as people with bad ideas. they view us as bad people with bad ideas. they lump in ice and law enforcement with that. that officer morales, the patriot who died in the line of
11:31 pm
duty? i never met him and i never will. at that father's day dinner some kid was missing his parents. these are the people cynthia nixon called terrorists. she should drop out of the vase tomorrow. david: they are heroes to the nation and to their families she has just insulted, there is no forgiveness for that. coming up next, president trump and angel families unite demanding congress fix our immigration laws. man: i got scar tissue there.
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now, we're constructing new buildings that will define the future of piedmont and chubb is here, insuring our expansion. two million patients a year depend on us. and we depend on chubb. david: welcome back. i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. president trump meeting with family members of loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. president trump: these are the stories that democrats and people who are weak on immigration, they don't want to discuss, they don't want to hear or talk about. >> 63,000 americans since 9/11 have been killed by illegal aliens. >> remember when you go home and hug your kids, there are many of us, thousands of us who don't get to do that anymore.
11:36 pm
all politicians, i don't care what side you are on. you don't want your child in a casket or urn. get it together for god's sake for this country and our citizens. david: she was holding an urn which is all that remained of her son. congressman, this one of the most of powerful meetings at the white house i have ever seen. i'm wondering what you thought about it. >> whenever you are talking with families who lost a family member in any situation, but particularly when somebody has been killed or murdered and you look at the situation that led to the murder and find out there was an illegal alien involved, the family starts asking questions, how did that person get here. how did they stay here. we have to fix our immigration
11:37 pm
system. we have to secure the border. that has been an issue for not just one year or two years, but for a long time. we have a proposal we voted on yesterday that came up short. not a single democrat voted for that bill that would have secured the border and provided legal status for daca recipients. so it is past time to secure this border. we are going to continue to do this until we get the job done. the president campaigned on this. this is a big issue, people want that border secured. david: it's important for the safety of americans and people who live here now. it's important for a lot of the illegal immigrants. particularly the children, tens of thousands of whom are sent across the border alone. completely susceptible to the worst kind of criminal presented towards, the coyotes who prey,
11:38 pm
particularly on the young girls. >> they are exploited by evil organizations. the cartels have wreaked havoc in mexico. they are responsible for the poison coming into this country known as heroin that's killing people here in western pence vein in. the bill we voted on yesterday would dramatically increase resources to make sure ports of entry along the southern border, that we have more people that can be doing the inspections. we should be inspecting every single vehicle coming into this country. that's where the poison is coming in. if that's not a reason for somebody to step up and say i'm going to secure that border. david: some republicans have a lot of explaining to do as well. the freedom caucus put together a bill that it didn't almost
11:39 pm
pass, but it got a lot more votes than many people expected. you got over 190 votes. >> this is much, much broader than the freedom caucus. you saw a broad coalition. >> 190 is a huge amount it's far beyond freedom caucus. but why didn't you get support from the speaker? and is it possible? is it conceivable in the coming week or weeks you could add to this bill enough sweeteners, if you will, to bring enough people to pass it? >> that's the hope. we had a conference last night. we pulled together and regrouped after that vote. there are some folks who have additional concerns about this new bill. i'm taking a look at it. i'm looking at it from the perspective i want that border secure. there are some good points in this legislation. we are look at ending the
11:40 pm
diversity lottery and we are looking at the asylum situation. to be able to tighten up what's happening with the asylum and making sure. it addresses the issue of the children being separated from their parents when they come here. david: the president tweeted out this morning maybe it's better not to pass anything, considering the toxic environment we are in. we were talking about the "time" magazine cover and forms of propaganda that make meaningful honest debate impossible in this country. he suggested we wait until after the election. we'll read the tweet. democrats are just playing games. they have no intention of doing
11:41 pm
anything to solve this decades old problem. what do you think? >> every day that border remains open is another day the poison killing people in western pennsylvania can come in. i was talking to a colleague across the aisle yesterday expressing frustration with the division in washington, d.c. you can't have democrats coming to vote on a significant piece of legislation. this has not always been the case. take a look at the reagan economic recovery. we had broad democratic support. when you are moving large pieces of legislation it would be helpful if they would step back and seat good in the bill. david: they have an expression that nothing concentrates the mind like an election defeat. if there is no blue wave in
11:42 pm
november. if the democrats are defeated in november, that might bring them to the table more than they would be likely to do so now. >> you think they might have learned in 2016 with the stunning upset victory of president trump. you have the coastal elite totally missing what's going on in the middle part of the country. this ties into so many issues including look at how the fbi conducted the hillary clinton investigation. when you have a guy like peter strzok talk about trump voters, that he can smell them in a walmart in virginia. the contempt they have for every day americans is shocking. david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think the deceptive coverage of detainees has exposed the media as mere shills
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david: president trump is threatening a 20% tariff on vehicles assembled in the european union. deirdre bolton of fox business network joins us from new york with an update. dierdre: some strategists say massive tariffs on american car makers can cause economic chaos. based on the tariffs and trade barriers long placed on american cop any, if they are not soon broken down and removed we'll be placing a 20% tariff on all of their cars coming into the u.s. build them here. ford and gm.
11:48 pm
mercedes-benz has a huge presence in the united states. a 20% tariff would result in 195 lost auto workers jobs. the u.s. and eu are already in a trade spat. the e.u. announced a 25% tariff in retaliation for tariffs on steel and he aluminum. president trump asked his administration to identify $200 billion worth of chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10%. stocks were lower for most of of the five days. boeing, caterpillar, all examples. china's stock market fell, too. sources telling us some at the white house are trying to
11:49 pm
restart talks with china to avoid a full-blown trade war. most of say they can manage trade tensions, but not trade wars. david: on wall street stocks closed lower to end the week. the dow losing 2% this week. the s & p and nasdaq down 2%. abc announced it will bring back the roseanne show without its star. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
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david: abc is bringing roseanne back to life without roseanne. it's called the conners featuring the family. joining me now is tammy bruce. president of independent women's voice and a fox business editor. tammy, is anybody going to watch roseanne without roseanne? tammy: from my radio audience they weren't interested. this is an interesting points of view. i found, and i have been
11:54 pm
critical of roseanne in the past. and yet she was really the only likeable -- except maybe for dan, she was the most of likeable character. my audience, you are thinking why would we watch that. every time you see it, it will and reminder about what happened. what she tweeted was awful. but i found her apology to be quite genuine. but all the people who had been making a lot of money for years threw her under the bus. now they are having the new show. she removed herself from the financial end of things. she wants those people to work. but i think they will find the reaction will be very different. david: i hope for their sake that it succeeds. i don't want any show to put people out of work. but the hypocrisy has to be
11:55 pm
stated here. this is the week peter fonda sent out a tweet in which he suggested the 11-year-old son of the united states be kidnapped and forcibly raped. this is extraordinary. not only did he not lose his twitter account, but he didn't lose his yeah with sony which has a deal for a picture with mr. peter fonda. you have got to approach the hypocrisy of this when you compare that to what happened to roseanne. >> the double standard are clear and unambiguous. there is one rule for the left and one rule for everybody else. that's what we saw with peter fonda. his communities were beyond the reprehensible words. but we see hypocrisy day in, day out. at least roseanne owned up to her mistake.
11:56 pm
she did apologize genuinely. i agree with tammy. the feeling i have got is this has got to be a big flop. and really it's hard to see how abc is going to win from any of this idea of a spinoff. david: we have the hypocrisy of comparing happened to roseanne and peter fonda. we also have out-and-out lies. we have the comments of cynthia nixon. we reached a point where the absurdity and the very least misstatements if not out-and-out lies have accumulate to the point where the liberal left is not believed by the general public. what do you think? tammy: a lot of people are talking about when peter fonda does what he does. people on the left are saying stop it. because this doesn't help.
11:57 pm
you see this more an increase in this mob mentality and hysteria when they realize the numbers in california weren't so good. california didn't goat way they expected. the president's approval ratings are in the high 40s and sometimes in the 50s. david: you are saying the accumulation of all this stuff, the lies about the immigrants, will lead to an election defeat. tammy: they were already headed there. this is a result of their panic seeing nothing they have done has worked. i also say it's a distraction. the border argument came out on the day of the i.g. report. then you have incredible success with north korea and the economy. the using of children effectively as a distraction to get a political edge which in
11:58 pm
and of itself is obscene. david: there was a tussle between paul ryan and mark meadows over the issue of what kind of bill would be put ford. there are a lot of people in the republican party who refuse to give their support to president trump. president trump is not running in november, congress is. >> from your lips to god's ears. the republicans have been very ineffective. they haven't been able to really help the president in any substantial way. you look at this president. look at his accomplishments and achievements and the progress he has made. these are tangible things. this president, his track record so far has been staggering. what he's been able to achieve in 18 months is incredible. but we don't see him being backed up by people like paul
11:59 pm
ryan. tammy: this is why the president was elected. we have seen the republican party snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. the american people knew we have to have a man of action in the white house. this is the typical republican party. and this is the problem for them. it's highlighted because donald trump has shown everyone what you can get done if you mean it. this is their problem. leadership is the issue. that's the old guard. we have a chance for change in november. david: do we see an immigration bill before the election? >> i think we see an immigration bill before the election and i think it will benefit the republicans. tammy: the president said he thinks it shouldn't happen before the election because if the senate won't pass it anyway. david: tammy bruce, nick adams,
12:00 am
thanks. lou will be back money. be sure and watch me and melissa frances 4:00 p.m. on business network. good night from new york. >> announcer: from the fox studios in new york city. this is mb rrp "wal -- this is a bartiromo on "wall street." maria: thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. venture capital see you con alan patricof our special guest. adam shapiro standing by in the fox business newsroom with the headlines. reporter: concern over a trade war continued to ramp up. president trump threatened the european union with a 20% tariff on all auto imports into the united


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