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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 24, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump using all of the powers of his office, trying to push for secure boards and sensible, rational immigration laws and the rhino and the dems in congress play obstructionist in congress for the fight for amnesty and open borders. >> the worst immigration laws. the whole world is laughing at the united states and had been for years. >> lou: we'll take up the latest high stakes battle in the immigration and borders.
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republican leadership on capitol hill, hardly leadership at all and in total meltdown. mark meadows unloading on speaker ryan from the house floor while the establishment leader mitch mcconnell resists calls from the government to end the 60 vote rule and allowed the dems to stall the laws in the senate. the ed rollins talking about what is a civil war brewing in the republican party. lame duck speaker paul ryan legislating over another legislative debacle on the hill. in a late development this evening, the so calmed -- called
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leadership bill crafted by ryan is pulled. >> weep need the administration to have the tools they need to stop the problem. the obama administration wanted a number of the changes that are in this bill. nayes 193 and na ys 231. >> it is from virginia congressman. it had no pathway to citizenship for dreamers. texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee, said it is not fair. >> the time has expired. it is a sin and shame. >> reporter: now it shifts to
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a carefully negotiated compromise. it is based on the president trump four pillars and would provide a pathway for dreamers. >> we want to keep the families intact and enforce our laws and secure our border. some in the middle of the fight said the compromise bill is only action now. >> more so on the other side of the aisle have been promising a solution for dreamers for 17 years. with nothing to show for it. this is our opportunity to make sure young impacts are treated fairly and guaranteed a future in america. a vote against the legislation is status quo. >> reporter: hughes democrat leader blasted the republicans for lack of outreach.
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>> it may be a compromise with the devil, but not the democrats in terms of what they have in the bill. >> reporter: the senate law maker down played it. >> congress getting it done is not going to solve the problem. immigration is a contentious and divisive issue. the president has to do it himself. let's hope he does. >> reporter: schumer tamping down results and senate republican sources are worried that democrats are keeping to move the goal post. >> lou: thank you very much. even the compromise bill went down in flames. another defeat for the ryan- led republican conference in the house. joining us to talk about the republican law maker's failed
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effort to get an immigration bill in to pass louie comboemer from texas. thank you for joining us. i would think that everyone in your conference would have had a belly full of paul ryan and the nonsense he sells to the president and conference sometimes successfully. this is a typical result. >> there is a flaw in your thinking lou, and that is you're thinking. it is not something we do a lot of. everything you said made sense. i would have thought people would be furious. i go back to the election for speaker after the november election and trump had won and the speaker was quoted as saying
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that donald trump heard voices that none of the rest of us heard. some of us were saying the same thing that president trump was saying and he said look, i am trying to pay him a compliment. that's the problem, you are haven't been listening to the people that got trump elected. you didn't support his idea of having a wall. you support amnesty and legalization all along and not a totally secure border you haven't been there. i need to know that you are going to support all of the things that got donald trump elected president. he said we talk every day. i said that didn't answer my question. are you going to get the wall done. look we are getting along great, loui e, i keep going back to
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that. it appears that we have leadership that was never going to deliver for the president on the promises and god bless trump. he's still trying to lead. >> lou: you know the president. this is a once in a century president. he's getting things done. >> oh, more. >> lou: he gets things done that others just talk about. he did more in a year and a half than any president since fdr and he's not been in a year and half. >> he's doing it with all kinds of rockets and arrows and he shoves them off and keeps going. we had a two hour conference tonight. and i thought we were going to go in. the bill, there was a lot of good things. it had e- verify and ending chain migration and did the things we wanted.
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the last 30 pages was giving amnesty on daca. we secure the border before we talk about. and make sure you are not luring more people in here, yet the conference was more of an effort to persuade people who could not support the lack of the four pillars in the bill and that they were wrong and get on board. look. we have 193 with a goodlat bill with all of that stuff in there and tweak it and get a win. loupe lou you know the answer to that. tom donahue in the chamber of commerce didn't want it the and the business roundtable didn't want it and the koch brothers didn't want it and they are the ones that are managing the bill today. >> yeah, and so i didn't know until i just got here to go on
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with you that they pulled the bill at the floor. when i left the conference 20 minutes ago, we were going to have a vote tomorrow. >> lou: i am curious on this. is there anyone paul ryan will not lie to within the conference? is there any rain, is there any reason, why anyone in the republican conference should tolerate him as speaker for another minute. >> i can't say that he lied. he has gotten good with his words because he said this compromise bill address all four pillar and takes care of all four pillars and he didn't actually say it was going to fix all four, it says it addresses sdmem on chain migration, he didn't say it ends chain
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migration. those words this puts us on the road to fixing chain migration. i said we have been on the road for a hundred years and we need to get off of the road and fix it. that's parsing words, but it gets him from saying he didn't lie and we are kind of on the road. >> lou: like you, i am from texas and nothing keeps me from calming it like it is. >> you and i both do that. that's a problem. >> lou: we are overtime as usual with my long question and your short answers. we go to overtime. >> it is it so serious and this is our country's existence we are talking about. we fix it. >> lou: answer three question and give me your fastest answers. what is so urgent about getting daca dreamers citizenship right now? >> it is a mistake to address it
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now. if we address that today or tomorrow for example, there will be 2 million more people that will come through our border in the next six months. it will be the biggest surge in history. >> lou: and all of the nonsense working with the democrats. in ryan is sincere and honest man, why doesn't he tell the rhino members to get out there and campaign for the midterms like hell and go out there and as ryan wants call for wide open border and unconditional amnesty and see how many survive a general election. >> i don't understand why you try to placate the democrats. that's why the compromise bill does. it gives the democrats they want except they are not voting it. they are not voting because they
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want the issues. >> lou: they need republicans to get it done. end the nonsense about amnesty. >> lou, put you on the spot. there is no requirement that you be a member of congress. are you up for being nominated, lou? >> lou: i have too much respect for the judgment of the house for them to allow them to consider me. >> i could vote for you. >> lou: which raises the question, why isn't your name out there in the house. >> because when i went out there on a limb to take boehner out i exposed a lot of people and many haven't forgiven me. i was a sacrificial lamb and i felt it was worth to to get rid of boehner and we still have
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a problem. >> lou: i am flattered by your suggestion that implies i was forgiven for my harsh words. >> i like the way you think. >> lou: i like the way you think. up next, law makers threatening more subpoenas for the department of justice stone walling of the documents related to the out of control russia witch hunt. i know, no evidence. what are they doing? we take it up with judicial watch tom fenton, much more on what is going on in capitol hill. where are we headed? we'll be right back. and now for the rings. (♪)
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>> lou: all sorts of fireworks on capitol hill. freedom caucus congressman mark meadows said subpoenas are coming within days for members of the justice department involved in the witch hunt. doj officials and officials who are stone walling are called to testify before congress. joining us tonight.
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judicial watch president tom fenton. you have to be feeling good, tom, to know that congressman meadows said there is going to be subpoenas. >> it is a positive step forward and it is a year over stone walling by the justice department and they are attacking congressional oversight and incredible stories out there. >> lou: i would have a basket full if i were speaker ryan and i was running one of the intelligence committees. i would have a basket full of subpoenas for rod rosenstein himself. this is outrageous what is happening. i want to congratulate mark meadows when he put his face right in front of the speaker and told him he's had it. i have to tell you, i applaud it. meadows is a man of high
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integrity and principle and to put up with this speaker this long without response, all i can say, congratulations to the folks in north carolina he represents and this is stuff you want to see more of in congress. >> it shows you that you need leadership and not only from the leadership. you need folks like mark meadows who are not part of the leadership crowd but represent the interest of the american people and certainly in the rule of oversight here. it is the back benchers in the house, that are driving this. devin nunnes who took a lead here. but i tell you, it is despite the leadership in the house that any of this is getting done and only the unremitting measure of meadows, jordan and desanton and nunnes that ryan is allowing this to go forward.
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>> lou: and matt gates. >> yeah. >> lou: amongst the folks there is a general view unexpressed publicly that something has to be done here and they can't come together because they have a sellout to all business interests and global elite on the part of the speaker and are they are going in to the midterms with this guy. if they don't have the guts to get rid of him, they are consigning themselves to the abyss. >> there is a big crowd in washington d.c., political eleepts that want mass amnesty and they will take it any way they get it. >> lou: to the hell with it and them. >> i have a simple take on all of this. the best immigration reform is enforce the law on the books and it will stop the now of families coming forth and stop mexico
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from happening. and take care of those who are here within the law. but not much needs to be done. >> lou: let me interrupt you on this, and i understand what you are saying, enforce the law. but here is the basic fundamental logic that is undeniable. you can't reform, change or alter immigration law if you don't control the border it is that straightforward. if that is the fact control the damn border. >> if i was the president i would deploy the military and give them national security and humanitarian threat. not only protect the american people and illegal aliens that are trafficked through this border region that is it wide open in many areas. >> lou: it is time to let the
7:22 pm
mexican know that they are bringing thousands of unaccompanied minors and giving them escort to the northern border and dumping those young people on our doorstep and creating ha voc. and that includes 60 billion worth of illegal drugs, meth and methamphetamine and marijuana that are coming from mexico every year. and to think that there is a discussion to go on on capitol hill and they are trying to represent the chamber of commerce interest. it is sickening to watch gutless frauds even discuss the issues that are paramount importance to the epitire -- entire countries. >> it will get worse. congress is undermining the rule of law and the media is
7:23 pm
undermining the rule of law. we have to get across the boarder and take advantage because they will not hold us. any discussion of amnesty increases illegal imgrapgz. the president needs to stand fast and enforce the rule of law. it is why he was put in office and fundamental to the united states. >> lou: the president is already a historic president and only person to lose in not abiding by his promises to the american people and to his base and to his voters because no one expects any of those other folks on capitol hill to keep a single promise that they ever made. i doubt they remember what they promised their voters with a view exceptions and we mentioned half dozen of them. nquickly here, there is an opportunity to get a quick small
7:24 pm
bill in that allows families to be detained together and upholding the rule of law and taking children who are needlessly put in harm's way by their parent and amnesty crowd. this can be done quickly if the republican leadership to move forward. >> lou: i would say odds of that is remote. >> we need to demand action. we can't let it continue. it is a nightmare. >> lou: the nightmare can end when we control our borders. all. stuff piecemeal or comprehensive. the fact is, until we have the guts to defend our own border and courage and commitment to the values. nation and integrity of the congressional republic and society, we are lost and it is that straightforward. tom fenton, great to have you with us. we'll take up the deep state later. we have troubles on the border
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>> lou: the so- called leadership compromise bill was pull the from the floor and delayed until tomorrow and delayed altogether. the conservative immigration bill failed to pass but by only 25 votes in the margin and 193 votes for it. and neither piece of legislation would have had a chance passing
7:30 pm
the senate because of the 60 vote rule that majority leader mitch mcconnell refuses to eliminate without racial explanation and judgment and president trump absolutely begged mcconnell to do the right thing to move the entire agenda forward and mcconnell refuses. president trump tweeted about it this morning. what is the purpose of the house doing good immigration bills when you need nine votes by the dems in the senate and they are only looking to obstruct. which is good for them they feel in the midhelp terms. republicans must get rid of the stupid filibuster rule. it is killing you. joining us is fox business political analyst edrollins. is the president right about the 60 vote rule? >> absolutely. and the reality even if we hold
7:31 pm
the senates it will be by a few seat and it will have to be a majority rule. and the senate stops everything that is passed in the house and it is just time to quit. if you want things done. >> lou: you know what motivates mcconnell and understand why he does this. >> he is a leader for a long time and part of the institutional and you have to share the minorities views. i believe who ever wins the majority. you move the agenda and if you fail, you will get voted out of office. >> lou: you can bet one thing. i continuing is fair to say, if the democrats win the senate by a size able margin they will get rid of the rule. it is that straightforward. >> i promise you if they have 52 or 53 votes they will change the rule and not bat an eyelash about it. >> someone needs to change the
7:32 pm
rule about speaker and republican conference in the house. you tell me why the republicans are putting up with a speaker that doesn't seem how to understand to count votes or any concern about what he says to the president of the united states about his ability to deliver vote and puts together hog wash and nonsense and puts a bow and call its a immigration bill when it is a work product of the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable, and koch brother and wall street. >> this is the worst group i have seen. barely government a tax bill through. >> lou: they couldn't have gone it through without a million years without the leadership much president trump. >> and the health care bill. and option of two bills. the second bill they can't get it tomorrow and it is dead. and the reality at this point in time move on and do other things that are meaningful.
7:33 pm
the daca vote will not happen and the courts held that. >> lou: why not straight up onner forward. the president promised a wall and just put your hands figuratively speaking around paul ryan's neck. >> if you don't get a wall you will not stop the problem. you have thousands and thousands of people sprinting for the border. >> lou: why in the world not go to the voters in the polls in the midterm election and say we are republicans and we support this president and we want the wall and control our borders because we can't control immigration if we can't control the border. >> it is a winning issue and the president proved that. and the members are foolish not to do that. hr- 1should be the wall. >> lou: ed rollins good to have you here.
7:34 pm
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>> lou: you like the direction the united states is headed. dissatisfaction is a 12- year high. and the latest gall up poll, find that 38 percent is happy. that is a high not seen since november 2005. think about that. that is three years before barak obama was elected. 68 percent of the republicans polled gave big thumbs up to trump's leadership. and joining us tonight. retired four- star general, fox strategic analyst giant jack keane. the sense of optimism is moving high. 30 percent doesn't sound high but that is highest in 12 years a turn around is taking place. >> no doubt about it. the economy is moving forward
7:39 pm
and good national security policies. they are not perfect but it is it a work in progress and we changed american leadership in this world. today allies are pushing back on us because they have taken advantage of us for years. i think we will sort through all of this in time. >> lou: the g- seven turned out to be i g- six. the president is right about balancing international trade relationship and right from the u.s. perspective given that we haven't had a trade surplus in 43 years. it is interesting to see the friction of build up. he talks about the terrific relationship with all of the leaders. but they need to hear what the president has to say. and sometimes you don't need syrup.
7:40 pm
sometimes you just need the medicine. that is true for a nation with a 22 trillion debt. >> most of the democracies have feckless leader and never able to deal with terrorism issue, you know, they have open border and mass immigration and no vetting and multiculturism neighborhoods and people are prisoners in the neighborhoods and can't access mainstream nob jobs and the leaders don't make the policy changes that would assist in dealing with the problem. and now, what the united states did with the feckless european leaders is coddle them. and we have a president who just wants to be treated fairly. and he's willing to defend them with u.s. major military power against russian aggression.
7:41 pm
>> lou: that military power has been boltstered and certainly the asian region and pacific region in large measure because of north korea and china. china, state media making nasty remarks about foolish leadership and building walls instead of bridges as if they never built something called the great wall. they are lose stand nothing the game, aren't they? >> yeah. the economic warfare that china is creating in the indoe- pacific and eastern europe and middle east, they are using bullying tactics and pull the elite in and their own labors in and deliver second rate projects when they complete them in terms of infrastructure and energy. they will wear a lot of folks
7:42 pm
out and more people will come to our side i predict, because the united states is taken the lead to stand up to china. >> lou: a lot of attention paid to the president calling for a space force which is a terrific idea by the way. i love the fact that the united states is going to get aggressive and be on the offense in cyber warfare. your thoughts about the importance and timing of it. >> no doubt we have to get organized in space and we should dominate space after all we were the first ones there. there is a lot there. i can tell you for a fact by 2030 the chinese will have three times as many satellites that are serving their national military needs based against the united states. i don't know if the space forces the right way to do it. he's starting the process.
7:43 pm
the end result is we want to dominate space. >> lou: up next. the ig report that hillary clinton was not a subject of a formal investigation and the f.b.i.'s attempts to understand the matter as loretta lynch, the attorney general then insisted it be referred to. the fix was in to fix her from the scandal and andrew mccarthy joins us and stay with us, we'll be right back. hi over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being.
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>> lou: joining us tonight. andrew mccarthy, former assistant authority for new york. and national contributing editor, andy, great to have you with us. i don't know what to say about michael horowitz and clear statements of findings of bias in the upper regions if they can
7:48 pm
be called that in the leadership of the f.b.i. and he found that none of this, he testified that none of this suggested to him that the decision not to investigate hillary clinton was motivated by an anti- trump bias that seemed to be universal in the f.b.i. >> you know, it is funny, i knew horowitz as a prosecutor in new york. and i think if you were making an argument to a jury rather than doing a report like this, what you would say. ladies and gentlemen, you get to bring your common sense in to the courtroom. if you find people who are biassed and they take actions that are consistent with the pervasive bias. when you get to the end of the rainbow, you can say they's acted on their bias. >> lou: it seemed unworthy of notice or a preimminent place.
7:49 pm
the fact that 50,000 emails between strzok and lisa page, there was not first of all as to their being livers. i didn't see a single reference of i love you or i like you or anything suggesting that suggested lust. it was a sterile as least according to the text relationship i have seen. >> there is an f.b.i. form for that. hugh lou i thought there was a f.b.i. penalty for fraternization. and the office of professional management doesn't care. and what is missing from the e-mails in addition to the private e-mails, there's not a single reference to anyone by anyone, i really hate hillary clinton and i despise her and a terrible witch and a horrible person. not one person e-mail has been produced that suggest that
7:50 pm
anyone in the f.b.i. let's say leaning republican. >> i don't begruj them their. >> lou: i do. >> look i was a lawyer and a prosecutor in new york for a long time. my best friends in the office were liberal democrats and i never found it was brought in to the courtroom. we didn't have a case like this, granted. but what bothers me and this is the whole case. mueller gets appointed on may 17th of 2017, the next day, strzok is talking about joining mueller's team and he reguards it unfinished business. he's basically saying, all of that stuff we will stop him and we'll need an insurance policy? that didn't work out he got elected, now i have a chance to
7:51 pm
address my unfinished business. what other possible interpretation would be? >> lou: who is the we? why in the world the inspector general tell us who these people were carrying out the mission to stop him and why is there a reticence on the part of the republican leadership in the senate and house to recognize that. it was one thing for trey gowdy who can't decide if he is for trump or institution of the f.b.i. or establishment is that he seems to seek to serve intermittantly. why in the world ryan and mcconnell saying enough. get it over with and brap it now. >> they do need to wrap it. and the artificial thing, it is all of the clinton emails
7:52 pm
investigation and there's nothing about the russia investigation and that is the piece and context that you need to understand everything. >> lou: great point as always. andrew mccarthy. thank you, sir. coming up next, a shocking immigrant report of thousands of illegal immigrants live nothing the united states because of president obama's daca. we'll take it up with angel men dosa, next. we'll be right back. find the remote yet? nah. honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer. oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...! [laughing] what year is it? as long as stuff gets lost in the couch, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you
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>> lou: joining us tonight angel mom, mary ann men doza whose son brandon men doza was killed in 2014 with a head-on collision with an illegal immigrant that killed her son. we thought it was only appropriate given all of the talk of families separated that we turn to you and the angel moms who lost a loved one as a result of illegal immigration and the acts of illegal immigrants to get your reaction to the rhetoric and narrative that is spun off in a highly coordinated way by the national left wing media and on want
7:57 pm
cacant hill and in the house of representatives. >> i blame all of our politicians. any elected official on a federal, state or city level for working tirelessly and so hard for illegal aliens in our country and not putting forth the american to protect fellow american citizens. it is an ongoing battle and something they don't want to solve. the current issue makes me sad so many americans read a headline and look at a picture and immediately go with the rhetoric of how terrible the children are treated when in fact they are arrive nothing the border having been kidnapped and with sex traffickers. we are doing a favor to the children and i wish americans would take the time to understand, these children needed the help at the border and thank god the united states was there to help them. >> lou: by the way, part of the story that is not told, they
7:58 pm
have not been cared for. they have to be taught how to use the toilet and taught basic hygiene. the care they are receiving is unfortunately much better than the care that is practiced by the mexican government which has in most cases allowed central american unauchled "minors" to travel the length of mexico, hundreds and hundreds of miles to get to the united states. no one asked the question, why is mexico doing that? what is their purpose and what is the result? and why in the world would they if they seek a sylum turn to mexico first at their southern border. and by the way, as we talk with you. what about all who have been
7:59 pm
separated from their loved ones forever as a result of a open border's policy and de facto amnesty for so many millions of illegal immigrants? >> we reached out to the politicians, liberal politicians and they don't want to talk to us or hear us. my son, a respected police officer, their fellow citizen, means nothing to them. none of the over 4300 americans that are killed every year by illegal alien criminals that are allowed to stay in our country and we have senators and congress member fighting for ms 13. they are roaming our streets. this is where the problem has to stop. >> lou: thank you for being with us. marian an men doze a. thank you for being here.
8:00 pm
>> loyal trump supporters diamond and silk join us here monday 7:00 p.m. eastern. and don't miss their tour in california on july 21st. that is just com business network. good night from new york. >> announcer: from the fox studios in new york city. this is mb rrp "wal -- this is a bartiromo on "wall street." maria: thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. venture capital see you con alan patricof our special guest. adam shapiro standing by in the fox business newsroom with the headlines. reporter: concern over a trade war continued to ramp up. president trump threatened the european union with a 20% tariff on all auto imports into the united sta


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