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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 25, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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became to become the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. stay tuned to fox business. lou dobbs will have special coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern this evening. melissa: all right. it's been quite a day. market down 328 points. that does it for us. here's the evening edit. >> whether it's north korea or trade, we're taking care a lot of problems that should have been taken care of over the years. >> he has threatened to punch back but so far hasn't with tariffs of his own. >> we need to be sure we're dealing with something that were in effect intellectual property. we're still the strongest market in the world. i don't agree with trade wars and i don't agree with tariffs. but at the same time what we've been doing for years hasn't been working, and we need a change. >> trade front and center as the swamp swirls, the dow dropping nearly 500 points at
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today's low as president trump has reportedly considered new measures to keep our technology out of china's hands. he wants new controls on their company's investing here. and our technology going over there. and now listen to this. chinese president is telling ceos he'll strike back at the united states. while at this hour, president trump is traveling to south carolina for a big evening rally. but what are the democrats up to? california maxine waters is encouraging her supporters to quote harass and throw trump people out of public life. to hound them, wherever they go. and in the wake of white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders being kicked out of a restaurant in lexington, virginia. all of that story is coming up. plus, money, politics, we deliver the debate. i'm cheryl in for elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit starts right
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now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: first to your money, the dow closing down 328 points at 24,252 on a trade dispute fear that, of course, was the big story today. it was down nearly 500 points at the session lows. we've got nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange with all of the latest. what a day, nicole. >> oh, cheryl, what a tough one no doubt for the bulls out there. we dropped almost 500 points but down 328 points. and this all becomes all of this tariff talk and the back and forth concerns that chinese companies won't be allowed to invest in technology companies here at home. at the same time, curbing exports of u.s. technology to beijing. no one wanted to take any risks today. you can see the dow, nasdaq, and s&p all sold off. down over 2%. and we saw the dow laggers and
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some of the heavily weighted names including goldman sachs, boeing, caterpillar accounted for half of the drop. here's some of the tech names as i mentioned under pressure. you can see the chip talks when sang today. intel. also some of these nvidia, twitter, advanced micro all selling off. and the carnival cruise lines and norwegian hit new lows also on the weaker forecast. nowhere to run today except the ten-year bond cheryl life on the new york stock exchange what a day down there and what a day around the world. president trump reportedly planning to curb i want chinese investments in u.s. technology. now you've got chinese's xi telling ceos he's going to strike back at the united states. but treasury secretary steven mnuchin said earlier today quote on behalf of president trump, the stories on investment restrictions in bloomberg and the wall street journal are also. fake news. the lyric either doesn't exist or know the subject very
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well. statement will be out not specific to china but to all countries that are trying to steal our technology. joining me now is economist ben stein. well, ben, what do you say? is the president right here with regards to -- i mean, this is kind of a global trade war that is brewing. shouldn't we maybe just gone after the chinese instead of messing with canada and mexico and the europeans? >> trade wars are a bad thing period. it's been proved over and over again that trade wars are a bad thing. but we are dealing with a unique situation, historically unique in terms of our relations with trade and involving trade with china. china is a country which can undercut us every single time. and if they keep undercutting us, they are going to hollow out many of our industries, technology, as well as basic metals and other industries. it may be that although in general we do not like trade wars, it may be that we're going to have to put up some
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resistance to china. i hate to say this because the chinese make a wonderful product, they make it at a great price. they took the money that they make from us, and they reinvest it in our bonds. so it's not something we take lightly. but on the other hand, trade with china is a unique situation. never been anything quite like it in human history. cheryl: there was a fox news op-ed. and according to that op-ed, china is cheating by protecting their home market with tariffs. constantly changing regulations. china cheats by subsidizing the exports of government-owned national champion to crush the free market competitors and dominate the global market. they cheat by preying on weak countries, ben. they're subsidizing manufacturing and cheap energy. >> they are a very, very aggressive power. but you know what? we are a very aggressive power too, and i don't think we're just letting ourselves be pushed around, and i don't
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think president obama and ourselves are allowing be pushed around. i don't think president bush are being pushed around. it's a myth that we're just being a big marshmallow being pushed around. for the ordinary american consumer going into walmart, going into costco or whatever stores there are and seeing chinese-named goods at incredible market prices, it's a great thing. what we do not want to have happen is have pittsburgh, detroit, and all of these other important manufacturing cities be ghost tones because china can beat us at every kind of manufacturing. we, oh, it to ourselves to keep some industrial base. and as to china's technology, that's been well documented. it's a really serious problem. i think president trump is right to stand up to them. but let's do it with kid gloves and certainly let's not do it to canada or mexico. canada is our best friend in the whole world. let's not do it to canada. canada is not a country you pick a fight with and joke
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blame canada. we don't really want to fight with canada cheryl maple syrup fans across the country are very nervous. but let me ask you about -- i want to go back to china here for a second. they've used the national security angle, the administration has for all of the space to kind of use -- this is an old law that's been on the books for decades. use that and say, well, this is about national security. is it? >> well, to some extent, it is in the event there were a war, god forbid, we would run out of good strong manufacturing capacities of every kind of technology and every kind of metal. so it is to some extent a national security issue. but we don't have to get that far. we don't have to go such a grim road. and certainly what we can do is take incredibly smart people like mr. mnuchin and incredibly smart people surrounding mr. trump, and we can talk to the chinese without yelling and screaming. i don't think they're yelling and screaming at us.
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we don't need to yell and scream at them. cheryl: i agree with you. and mnuchin has been over there. wilbur ross has been over there. mike pompeo has been over there. and i have a ton of time. there's a big story this morning. china released about 100 billion for commercial banks there to boost lending stimulus. do you think that's going to help the chinese? >> the chinese are already a super powerful industrial power. $100billion in their economy is a drop in the bucket. it doesn't mean much one way or the other. except it points to the fact that they're willing to go to gains and stimulus to move the economy. but their economy is already fantastically strong. what they have a problem with is going to be the same as our problem. a labor shortage. that's going to be the real crisis for china down the road. cheryl: interesting. and we're sitting on that right now here in our country. ben stein, thank you very much for being here tonight. >> god bless you. thank you so much. thank you so much. cheryl: well, we have got a lot more to cover because your
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money had a big day; right? we've got our market gurus here to protect what you've got. but today michael lee and jonathan are with us. hey, guys, how are you doing. >> well, i've been a little bit better when it comes to the market, cheryl. but great to be with you. cheryl: i know. well, jonathan, hey. that's the question. i know you get this all the time. it's a basic question. what do investors do? this is a bigger picture story than one company blowing it on earnings or one terrorist attack happening overseas. this is a full time future fear. >> trade war. the president wanted one, cheryl, he talked about how easy they were to win. well, he's got one, and, unfortunately, i think it's a self-inflicted wound that you're seeing the results of today. tremendous day on wall street. the biggest hit stocks have been the biggest winners like tesla and netflix, ones you
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wouldn't think would be influenced by trade war. but investors don't know what to think because this is literally be played out on ad hoc basis and just like stimulus when companies didn't know which ones were going to get bailed out, i think we're seeing that same sort of uncertainty on wall street. sell first, ask questions later. cheryl: maybe sell that have international exposure. the dow did close lowest since 2013. what's your prognosis here. >> i see this as a temporary blip. we've had a million different sell offs on trade talk. and the big headline today was that the sensitivity ford investments. so these regulations have existed. and since long before trump was president. so anybody that wanted to come in from abroad and invest in sensitive technology company, there's all sorts of restrictions around it. what's really what i thought was interesting about market movement today was when peter came out at 3:30 and talked,
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markets turned. you have a company like netflix off over 6% today that has nothing to do with china. so some of the top performers just pulled back a bit today. cheryl: jonathan, a couple of big names. boeing, caterpillar, gm, they all have significant exposure to china. importers all fell. what do you think of these big names that are frankly in the portfolio of most of our viewers tonight. >> those are the names, cheryl, that make up a majority of the stock embassy. so even if you don't necessarily own those names, the overall market is going to be impacted on this selling. and let me just say a lot of times you'll see investors kind of minimize the affect of these tariffs and say, well, i don't own steel companies or i don't own temple companies. the problem is the supply chain. the market is a interconnected whole. and just today, cheryl, you saw harley-davidson talked about cutting american jobs as a result of new tariffs that have been put on american companies. so this is a trade war.
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and as ben stein even admitted a moment ago, these never end well. cheryl: no. i hate to say, jonathan. we all talk about that. >> read history. >> one thing i want to add real quick. cheryl: but trade wars are bad but, michael, maybe this is the bully tactic that we need to deal with the chinese that have been stealing intellectual property for decades. >> exactly. the chinese market is down almost 20%. highs down almost 4%. the goal here is to open up other markets. the freest trader in the world and as a result we're the wealthiest. so what we're trying to do is get other countries emulate what we've done, which is get rid of these tariffs, get rid of the barriers to entry. allow global trade to exist and ultimately in the end, it benefits you greatly. cheryl: michael, jonathan, we're going to be talking about this for days, possibly weeks. guys, thank you very much. we appreciate it.
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>> thank you. cheryl: all right. well, coming up, conservatives heckled across the country. >> what would mr. rodgers think about you? taking away health insurance. cheryl: republican florida attorney general accused of ripping babies out of the arms of mothers while she tries to go to a movie over the weekend. we're going to have the full sound for you. also occupy ice protesters shutting down the local immigration and custody building in portland. [chanting] cheryl: and guess what? the mayor's on the protester side. we've got the details. but first, president trump now slamming red hen restaurant after they ask press secretary sarah huckabee sanders to leave. trump 2020 campaign manager katrina pearson reacts. we'll be right back
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. cheryl: president trump slamming red hen restaurant after they asked press secretary sarah huckabee sanders to leave. here's what the president said. quote the redhead restaurant should focus on more cleaning etsy canopies, doors, and windows. it needs a paint job reducing to serve someone like sarah huckabee sanders. always a rule if it is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside. katrina pearson joins us now. first off, the irony. you know he's a germophobe. what do you think is happening. >> well, cheryl, if you want to know how the president feels, check his twitter account. he's going to be extremely honest about it, and he's
5:18 pm
absolutely right. sarah huckabee sanders is a phenomenal person. i've worked with her on the campaign, and she just wants to serve her country. and these types of establishments if they don't want trump supporters there, if they don't want people who work for the administration there, they should simply just put a sign out on the door or in the window because i'm sure many people like myself wouldn't want to spend our money there anyway. cheryl: yeah, that's interesting. well, sarah sanders former governor huckabee responded about this whole incident to fox just a few moments ago. i want you to listen what he said. >> it's an incredible thing when people in the name of their liberty want to deny someone else theirs. and if you're in the hospitality business, your goal is to be hospitable. the owner of that restaurant was not hospitable. in fact, a little unknown fact about this story is after sarah and her husband left and the family relocated to the owner across the street, the owner of the red hen then organized an effort to go scream at them at the sidewalk
5:19 pm
from the other restaurant. it's real simple. if i owned a restaurant, i would want to take all the money i could from every conservative because i would want to take that money and spend it on things that make them mad. but i would treat them respectably and nicely. because that's what you do. you don't show your hate, your bigotry, your animosity to people who are your guest. cheryl: you know what? first off, the restaurant owner organized a mob. that's part one. part two, can you imagine if that was a democrat? can you imagine if that was nancy pelosi that that happened to? the mainstream media would be flipping out. it would be the lead in every single hour all weekend long after that happened. >> well, of course. you know that's what would happen. and as governor huckabee just said and you can tell where sarah received all of her class from. that family is an amazing family to begin with. but this is republicans. republicans don't take time out of their day to go make other people's lives miserable on purpose or just because they don't believe in the same thing, this is something that
5:20 pm
republicans don't sit around and try to do. is to harass other people. they just want to get up in the morning, do their job, take care of their families and at the end of the day try to make the world a better place. and what we see now is the hypocrisy of the left. this establishment even had something talking about love in the windows and this is the subordinately left who accepts everyone but the other side. cheryl: speaking of president trump, we do expect to see him in the next few moments as he departs the white house on his way to this rally in south carolina. now, let's talk about california democrat maxine waters. she calls on democrats to harass the trump white house. listen to this. >> if you take a rally, you haven't seen nothing yet. no sleep. and guess what? we're going to win this battle. god is on our side.
5:21 pm
[applause] on the side of the children. on the side of what's right. and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out, and you create a crowd. and you push back on them, and you tell them they're not welcome anymore anywhere. cheryl: katrina. it was just a year ago that steve scalise was shot and then this is her response about how we should be handling politics. >> well, imagine that coming from an elected official on the republican side. but, you know, anyone that knows anything about maxine waters, cheryl is not thinking of the exemplification of class. any american that pushes for violence -- and that's what she's pushing for, would be just reprehensible. but coming from an elected official, this is absolutely unacceptable. she should absolutely be asked to step down. nancy pelosi did not go that
5:22 pm
far, and she should. because the unintended consequences of this type of speech -- it's not maxine waters, so i'm clear. it's not maxine waters that concerns me. but it is her audience that concerns me because as you mentioned, that shooting just barely a year ago occurred without this type of rhetoric. cheryl: right. things have really worsened since a year ago. megan mccain, by the way, john mccain's daughter, of course, ripped on maxine waters saying quote this is absolutely insane. extremely dangerous. my father-in-law works in the administration. when we should go out to dinner, we should be ambushed? don't ever give me the when we go low, we go high lip service. we actually have that sound, by the way. >> when they go low, we go high. when others go low, we go high. >> when they go low, we go -- yes, we do.
5:23 pm
[chanting they go low we go high] . cheryl: i guess not taking the high road anymore. >> no. that ship sailed some time ago. you have lieutenant governor in florida. you have individuals who just support trump. there's all kinds of stories out there of people wearing their make america great again hats. whether it be at restaurants or other public places. this did not just begin today. people forgot the horrific pictures of the last campaign when trump supporters were physically attacked violently by the left at the rallies. cheryl: i want our viewers to know that we're expecting to hear from maxine waters herself. she's going to be holding a press conference some time in the next few minutes. if we do get some news on that, of course, we're going to let you know. maybe she'll -- i don't know, katrina. maybe she'll take the high road and maybe apologize. because obviously covered as a journalist maxine waters for years, i've watched her for years.
5:24 pm
but even for her, that seemed pretty darn low and pretty violent from maxine. the woman can be funny sometimes. this is not funny. >> no. it's not funny. but let's hope it is a resignation because this is someone who has been pushing for the resistance, even said the word take trump out. and now pushing for violence just in the general public. this is coming from a woman who has security, who lives in a community where she doesn't need to have, you know, people around all the time to protect them and others don't have that luxury. cheryl: yeah. katrina, thank you for being here tonight. always great to see you. >> thank you very much. cheryl: we'll see you tonight. katrina pearson. tonight, we have a guest coming up who says he too was blacklisted like sarah huckabee sanders. actor and congressional candidate antonio jr. is here to speak about his experience. but first, cnn political commentator anna nevro sympathizing the restaurant owner who kicked sarah
5:25 pm
huckabee out. coming up we do have the tape of that six in the morning. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened the next day.
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>> i feel very badly that her children, her family had to witness that. but i also think -- look, you make choices in life. you make choices in life, and there is a cost to being an accomplice. cheryl: that was cnn political commentator anne saying she understands why the restaurant owner asked press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and her family to leave the restaurant last night due to her position in the trump administration. now, this sparked variety reactions from the left and the right. former obama senior adviser and cnn commentator david axlerod condemned the incident. here's what he tweeted. kind of amazed and appalled by the number of folks on the left who plotte applauded the
5:29 pm
constitution of the family. this from a trump division of america now we're divided by red plates and blue plates. former speechwriter for george w. bush bill. again, this story i think has gotten so many legs on it because both sides in some ways find it offensive and kind of too much. but we kind of know the fact that it did happen. this is where we're at. >> yeah. i never thought i would be saying i agree 100% with david axlerod, but i do. i think what makes his comment so interesting is how rare it is among democratic leaders, you know, we spent a lot of time in the press wondering if donald trump paid stormy daniels to keep silent. i think a better question is he paying maxine waters to go out there and cause this ruckus? because it's only going to help republicans. cheryl: you know, it's interesting. she's now the third staffer from the white house that has been booted from a restaurant. we just saw the homeland
5:30 pm
security secretary kiersten nielson. she and her husband are quietly sitting there at dinner. i thought they were going to get attacked when i first saw it. is this the new normal. >> i hope not. i don't think we want to go down this road because i can understand -- even though i don't agree with everyone, i can understand why people would've strong reactions to donald trump's policies. however, there are strong reactions on the other side, you know? there are a lot of people who feel strongly about abortion, about the civil war in syria, and the obam obama administration's complicity. what if they start meeting out the same behavior? i don't think that's a path we want to go down. cheryl: i can tell you the wall street journal very interesting op-ed that came out. i was actually on the air this morning when you released it. and the op-ed was how to reelect trump. >> right. cheryl: it was a great point that you all made. the political left is repeating the mistake as its cultural and political vanguard hostility and now.
5:31 pm
may end up relitigate him. >> i was wondering if president trump is paying maxine waters. if he isn't, he should be because this is just going to create more of a rift between ordinary people and the democratic party. it's just amazing how many people can't just say i agree with her policy but this is beyond the pale. cheryl: even the washington post wrote about this. they had an op-ed that said let the trump team eat in peace. i mean, this is the washington post. here's what they ised. we nonetheless would've argued that ms. human being bee and nielson and miller too should be allowed to eat dinner in peace. those who are insisting that we are in a special moment adjusting incivility should think for a moment how many americans might find their own special moment. now, i've had friends on the left say to me -- because we
5:32 pm
had this discussion over the weekend for sure. that donald trump is the one who started the rhetoric. he's the one running for president. >> does he hound anyone out of a restaurant. cheryl: i don't think so. >> like, last year, i heard a lot president -- then not president did say something about teaching a protester a lesson. but i seem to recall it was a lot of trump supporters who got beat up by the people who give us lessons in civility. listen, also, this is a cheap substitute for actually doing the work. i mean, the wall street journal's very pro immigration paper. we would like some changes in our policy. that requires people like the congresswoman to sit down and do the hard work and make the tradeoffs to get policy. and one of the reasons why we have these problems is because congress won't get serious about this and democrats won't get serious. i was in the white house during the bush years when then senator barack obama helped blow up the deal on immigration. cheryl: yeah, oh, i remember that. and also too the senate, the republican-controlled senate,
5:33 pm
barely, hasn't been a good friend to the president either. that's where i think we're going to start to see the next immigration side again. >> the immigration, i think the president has to decide exactly what he wants, and then he has to do what presidents do. and go out on other things, go out and sell it. cheryl: bill, thank you very much. great op-ed this morning in the journal. >> thank you. cheryl: well, the heckling continues. listen to this: >> what would mr. rodgers think about you? taking away health insurance. cheryl: republican florida attorney general pam bondy accused of ripping babies out of the arms of mothers while she tried to go to a movie over the weekend. we're going to have that full sound for you. also occupied ice protester shutting down the local immigrations and customs building in portland and the mayor is on the protesters' side. my next guest says we'll just trying to keep us safe. and brad blake man is standing by. there he is. he's going to talk about all of this. we'll be right back
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. cheryl: breaking right now. democrat california congresswoman maxine waters having a press conference on capitol hill. let's listen. >> this is about peaceful resistance to the kind of actions that we're experiencing from this president as he holds these children hostage. we want a plan. we want a capable plan that
5:38 pm
spells out how these children are going to be returned to their parents. that's what this is all about. >> he holds children hostage. is he someone that you respect. >> well, the interesting thing about calling the president a liar is that for the first time in my career, i see the journalists calling him a liar almost every major television station now and on radio stations, et cetera, we have people openly calling him a liar. so i think he's earned that description. he has defined himself. and so now we know that, and we want to talk about the children. we want to talk about when are you going to connect these children and their parents? when are you going to come up with a plan. and when will the public see it? again protesting is being done.
5:39 pm
it got started before i even made my comments, and i suspect it is going to continue. next. >> one of the places you said specifically to push back for your supporters was at a restaurant and, of course, sarah huckabee sanders was kicked out of a restaurant this weekend. is that what you're looking for for people who are in the trump administration to not be able to go to a restaurant or out to dinner? >> the restauranteur who decided not to serve is responsible for that. i have nothing to do with that. i didn't know -- i don't know him. i didn't know he was not going to serve her as as i said. >> but do you support that? >> as i've said, there is going to be on going protests, i believe, against this administration and this president until they come up with a credible plan that they give to the public, that people can say. okay. this president hears us now. that he's got to back away from what he's doing. even come up with additional information about turning
5:40 pm
everybody. not allowing them to seek asylum, et cetera. that's another thing. and i'm not even talking about that now. all i'm talking about is the children. that's what i'm talking about. cheryl: so we've been listening to congressman maxine waters. we were wondering if she was going to be answering questions or asked, at least, about her controversial comments over the weekend calling for, basically, attacks and the resistance what she chose to focus on was to call president trump a liar and then say that they want a plan to bring those children who have been separated from their parents down at the border, the illegal immigrants that have come through that have been now detained children. we've been talking about that. we want a plan. we want a plan. but all she said was, you know, i didn't know about the restaurant. i didn't know about the guy who owned it. well, it was a woman, congressman waters. but anyway, i wanted to see if she was going to answer any questions. i want to bring in former bush deputy brad blake man. obviously she stuck to her stript. but what she did over the weekend, you've got to --
5:41 pm
condemnation coming from the right and the left that she's insight violence by what she said over the weekend. going after those protests. basically attack conservatives. >> absolutely. it was outrageous, it was uncalled for, especially by somebody who's a public servant. she has the luxury of having security and walls around her and safety and yet she's inciting people who don't have the luxury of a secure environment to go out and publicly confront them. it's not about free speech. it's about incitement to violence. we saw it with gabby when she was gunned down in arizona. we saw republican congressman on a softball field in virginia. she could have apologized, and she chose to avoid that. she could have came out with a
5:42 pm
statement and said let me clarify and apologize and there's no way i want to incite people to violence. i don't want people confronted, but she didn't. and it's shameful. cheryl: yeah, well, obviously, she -- like i said, she stayed on her message about we want to plan this about president trump. forget what i had to say over the weekend at a rally in los angeles. again, both sides are saying is inappropriate. brad, thank you for being with us. sorry you got cut short. we wanted to see if she could at least answer for herself, and she didn't. brad blake man, thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: we have a guest who says he too was blacklisted like sarah huckabee sanders. congressional candidate antonio is going to speak out. but first top editor at time is now defending the magazine's choice feature crying immigrant girl on the cover without knowing the truth about the girl's story. listen.
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. cheryl: nbc tonight show host fallon said the public ganged up on him after his comment with donald trump. listen. >> i did not do it to normalize him or say i believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff. it was definitely a downtime, and it's tough for morale. all right. we get it. i heard you. you made me feel that so now what? are you happy? i'm depressed. you want to push me more? what do you want to do? i made a mistake. i'm sorry if i made anyone mad and looking back, i would do it differently. cheryl: nbc wished to say owned by comcast, that stock ending the day in the red down over 2%. let's bring in our political panel, kristen tate is with us and charlie cook. guys, it's great to see you both.
5:47 pm
>> great to be with you. cheryl: you know, i'm wondering what do you think here. do you think the late night host felt guilty interviewing presidential candidates if it doesn't go well. do you think he's really sincere? >> i think he's finally understanding who his left wing base really is. the left has become mean, perpetually outraged and really nasty. they see late night comedy as nothing more than a tool to silent conservatives. and fallon is finally realizing that and seeing who his fans really are. and, of course, this is a comedian who is known for his light hearted comedy, so he was a little bit more cordial with trump but the left schooled him for that. and that's who these people are. they're obsessed with destroying anything and anyone associated with donald trump. it's really pathetic. cheryl: but, charlie, that happened a long time ago. i mean, he brings it up now. so, of course, we're all talking about it. do you think he overestimated the affect of that interview at the time. >> yeah. probably. it was a year and a half ago. i love what he said. well,
5:48 pm
i'm really sorry. i didn't mean to normalize him. what does that even mean? you're a comedian. the problem is the skit went too well. it rated beautifully. and this is the problem. oh, the public ganged up on me. no, the public didn't. a small handily of leftist liberals that you care what they think ganged up on you. most of america found that lighthearted and funny. it's disappointing because i thought fallon was one of the most above politics. he said i tried to make jokes on both sides. he's now capitulated to the mob that hates republicans. it'sa very sad day of affairs cheryl: he said he doesn't care about ratings, but that's got to be a driving force for a lot of these liberal shows that are going after president trump because they're looking for ratings. and we know that president trump rates. >> well, that's exactly right. and the thing that a lot of these comedians don't seem to
5:49 pm
realize is that half of this country is conservatives. and conservatives are hungry for material that reflects their viewpoints. but because, you know, these comedians get so much pressure from the left, i'm sure that someone like fallon feels totally destroyed when he's not in the cool group anymore. cheryl: kristen, charlie, we're out of time. thank you for being with me tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. cheryl: my next guest says he was blacklisted after speaking with donald trump at the national convention. we've got california republicannian candidate antonio jr. he's speaking out. he'll be here right after the bk i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
5:50 pm
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5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
>> i'm concerned about our country's future. i'm concerned about my children's future.
5:53 pm
and i believe we need donald trump who shares -- that's right. who shares my beliefs and my faith to get our country back on track. cheryl: republican congressional candidate antonio jr. now saying he was blacklisted just like sarah sanders after speaking in support of donald trump at the republican national convention. his agent and managers all left him. he joins me now to talk about all of this. great to have you on the show, sir. >> thank you for having me. thank you. cheryl: you say you were also blacklisted. you lost jobs. tell us about it. >> yeah. i've been blacklisted from day one since i promoted this president. since i was for donald trump. i've been talking about this for quite a while. it's a communist world we live in right now in california, especially. and they're socialists, and they want to control the way you think, the way you talk. and if you're for this president, you're against everything they stand for. this president is for this country. i am for this country. that's why i'm fighting for
5:54 pm
ventura county, my district 26. that's why people in the democratic party are trying to control the narrative and they're focusing on hate instead of what i'm trying to focus on is peace and harmony and trying to bring my community together, not separate people like they're trying to do every single day. look at maxine waters. look at her community. look at her constituents. they're dying on the streets of her neighborhood, and she lives in beverly hills making millions of dollars. this is insane. you've got to stop voting for the democrats. you have to start voting for the republicans this november. it's very important for the future of this country. cheryl: well, especially what happened to sarah huckabee sanders. because that restaurant had a sign in one of the windows that quoted martin luther king that said love is the only capable of transforming a friend. >> yeah. it's a disgrace what they're doing. cheryl: yeah, exactly. that wasn't very lovable what they did over the weekend. >> no. cheryl: and look what happened to kiersten nielson, and it's pretty crazy. >> and it's happening to me. it's been happening to me. but i stand up for that because you don't scare me.
5:55 pm
we moved to this country for freedom to search for a better life. we love the constitution. we love the flag, our military, our police officers. and i'm going to keep working hard so that i can get in office, i can go to congress and make things happen. these people, all they do is complain. they don't work. they're not enthusiastic about the flag or the american way. it's an insult to everything that this country stands for. and the american people are standing up. we've got to own and get back california to a place where its prosperity is the number one thing, and we have to protect our borders. we cannot keep paying for illegally immigrants to come to our country and take advantage of us. the american people are first in my county and first in my heart. cheryl: well, immigration, of course, a huge topic for california and for arizona. >> yeah. cheryl: but, you know, do you think that those who are actually conservative in liberal california who support the president keep quiet? do you think they're afraid to voice their support for the president. >> yeah. absolutely they're afraid. they were afraid for a long time. but now we have to stand up for what is right. common sense. that's why i have to go to
5:56 pm and join the cause. we have to win. this is important. i risked everything. my career and everything to be a here because i love the country and the american people. we have to follow the constitution. that's why we have laws that are written to follow. these guys. the to change laws and destroy this country, and we cannot allow that to happen. ever. cheryl: real quick. you're running, as you mentioned several times running for congress out of ventura. early this month, you got general election, second in the primary. do you think you have the chance to take the win here. >> we're going to win. we're going to win. it's not about me. it's about the american people. i'm fighting for you. we've got to do this together. you know, i listen to my community. they tell me what needs to be done, and i follow what needs to be done. it's not about my party. it's about the american peopl p. cheryl: antonio, we're going to be following this very closely. thank you for being being on the show tonight. thank you very much. god bless you. >> god bless you. cheryl: president trump on his way to south carolina for a rally tonight. we're going to have more on that. we'll be right back what might seem like a small cough to you...
5:57 pm
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cheryl: president trump en route to south carolina for a political rally. thank you for having us in your homes tonight. charles: the crowds are beginning to build as president trump is on his way to south carolina. he's going to hold a rally for governor mcmasters. the stock market tumbling 1.3% monday. wall street focused on speculation about the administration's next move with respect to curbing china's grand ambitions. the report suggests president trump putting more pressure on china. this according to the "wall stre


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