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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 25, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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follow us on twitter and instagram it kennedy nation on facebook kennedy fbn e-mailed kennedy pic tomorrow night will be in business back at 8:00 p.m. eastern in my guests include commerce a man claudia -- lou: good evening, our top story republican candidate riding trump train to victory in the midterms, president trump about to speak at a rally in columbia, south carolina. speaking there for and campaigning for governor henry mcmaster, we'll bring you all of president trump's remarks live here tonight. also the president firing back at dems who have been demanding quote due process for illegal immigrants crossing our border from mexico. >> strong borders. we want no crime. the democrats' open borders, they don't care about crime.
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>> summing up the divide between dems and republicans we take up due process debate, and fate of the rino speaker paul ryan backed immigration bill, there is such a thing, we have not seeseen it no one else has in u. congress. congressman andy bigs joining us, and left wing bullies and thugs targeting trump administration officia official. plaquesinmaxine waters calling r harassment and worse, diamond and silk join us to talk about the dangerous war that has been wageds reicallar toicly -- rearg for a compromise, leadership, immigration bill, with amnesty for illegal immigrants, that would spell certain doom for
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republicans in midterm election. senior house republican sources tell us they are skeptical, that anything now can pass on the issue of illegal immigration. and continued open borders. that has not stopped speaker ryan, lame duck speaker, pushing ahead this week with a vote, we're told, members working over weekend to possibly including a provision to expand everify, citizenship confirmation program necessary for employment. we don't know what is included this the bill, a vote is expected on wednesday or thursday. imagine that, before lawmaker can read it, and before they depart washington for their 4th of july recess. >> our first gift to dis-- guest to discuss leadership focus on amnesty and immigration legislation that appears to be dead on arrival. congressman andy bigs, republican of arizona, member of
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house judiciary committee, freedom caucus, i can't believe this. you all are still thinking about a bill that no one has read or contributed to in anyway, moving to the floor for a vote? by the middle of the week? >> well, lou. not only can you not believe it i would like to say, i can't believe it, but i think this is come to be expected by me, i am disheartened by it, but you are right, going contrary to what president trump saying, i call a virtual fence, turning everyone away. this is a bill that will have the beginnings of general amnesty, to be honest. you have first wave is daca. second wave is second daca. and third parents, and by then it will be basically anyone who is here. it will be a general amnesty, that is right out of the democrat playbook, that does not make sense, this is not good for
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country or good for those running at republicans in this midterm election. lou: how is it that paul ryan, lame duck speaker, still in was on the that he resigned, who is going to lead you all, i think that we have talked about it before with agreement, it will be a disaster for the conference across the country. >> yeah. lou: i estimate 50 seats lost in house, if they precede again the will of the base, the voter who put this president in office. and i don't hear this president saying to paul ryan, don't think about it. put it aside. >> well, i heard last week was that president saying, you are wavering time. -- you are wasting time, nothing is getting through senate, i agree. i don't understand why in the house wir we are put on spot toe for this or not, regardless whatever senate will do, we know
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the senat is not going to take with up, it is not in keeping what we promised voters, we have cross over independents, and cross over democrats and rest say, i'll vote for this president, and republicans because, they said they are going to no am mosty, a tough immigration policy, that means that workers will get protected, that is a problem. lou: would you believe this president of all people would say, paul ryan, you are a lame duck. you are a absolute failure as speaker, if you are putting anything forward you put forward made, my agenda. build a wall, have full funding for it. there is no a negotiating, there is president of united states speaks to the speaker of lame duck speaker of the house, paul ryan. and don't even think about crowding me on the issue of amnesty, you know that is a absolute killer for the republican conference in november. >> yeah. you know, i think he has sent
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signals, i don't want what happens when they talk privately. i can tell you we need a simple bill this needs to be funding for the wall, that is our promise, if you think nothing in senate then let senate take the blame for not funding the wall, fun the wall in house, and get to it over there quickly and keep our promise for a change that would be really solid. lou: i think you are right. but you know, i heard, some members of our conference, a few, saying, but we should just do a narrow daca bill. i mean, i heard these kinds of moronic musics from a few people in your conference who still don't get their future, rino's futures are hanging by a very weak thread. >> yeah, you know, there is a part of our conference that really is very sympathetic to an open borders and amnesty.
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but i don't think that is the vast majority. i think we can get the votes to fund and build a wall. let's be honest, you have to get your border secured, otherwise it is just emotion,al i driven, build a wall provide for border security, get our boots on the groin, and get thaground, and gr rather than later. >> imre meetin imre meeting a st forward formula, you cannot reform immigration law if you cannot control your borders, we're a long way from being able to royal our borders if any republican president again accepts amnesty as a continue for a deal with the democrats, before border security, and before securing that border, building that wall, as it is more than a metaphor, it is reality we have to face.
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and you have manuel lopez, leading presidential candidate in mexico. ready to go to the polls on july 7, saying he wants to send more of his poor, me of his uneducated. more of his unskilled labor to this country, call figur figurir -- calling for a wave across border, we have fools here in this country still in important positions within this government of donald trump, who don't understand they are in a war here. it a war against the left, a war against those who would run over our borders, as if they were not even lions in the sand -- lines in the sand, they want to debate. they want to confer, reality is, we're in a war. we're either are going to win or lose the destiny. >> absolutely, so, here is the deal, i think that is why president said let's just send them back, turb the turn them be
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of phony bologna too process. congress is note funding the wall -- it is a varity qualwall, turit is.>> it is a virtual wal. lou: watch the reaction from the left. the dems, they are having a fit because of the separation of the families at the border. involve something 2000 people. it is a absolute micr my micro. saying we thought we had to do it, we did it i give him credit. acknowledging what the obama administration did. but these democratic activists
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having none of it, they are seeking political advantage rather than dealing with reality, and the truth. and dishonoring the word truth. >> you are talking about right now, 50,000 plus people coming across our border, that we're apprehending monthly. and you know estimate 2 to 3 times that get past. more than that, the unaccompanied minors and so-called familiarial relationship people, we'll see over 30 thousand of those in 7 weeks. his our borders, and what is supposed to happen at that point? lou: we know, the president is right, he said that dems' open borders, they want them to pour across that border, they look at them as -- correctly so, as potential voters. soon to be imminent voters.
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and republicans look at it as a violation of our sovereignty and our law, congressman andy bigs, we'll hear more on this tonight. president about to start speaking. in columbia, sth carolina. to support governor mcmaster. anniean andy we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: there you see the room there. in west columbia, we're awaiting trump rally there. we'll take a quick break and we'll talk about a fellow who won't go away soon enough, rhino jeff flake, he is threatening to block president trump's judicial nominees and side with those country like china, european union, and cuba to name a few in the battle over trump tariffs, this fellow is so flaky he does
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not understand who started this war, who is winning it. ed rollins and michael goodwin you are looking live at airport high school, in south carolina, where prurchl wilpresident trumg in a moment, we'll bring it to you, all of it live. stay with us, we'll be back with the president, a rally. it doesn't get better than that. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to... [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving!
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lou: rino jeff flake threatening president trump. listen to this fellow, who i am not going to mention his iq. something of a challenge i am sure just being a senator. >> i do think that unless we can actually exercise something other than just approving president's executive calendar, his nominees, judges, we have no season to be there i think myself and a number of senators, will stand up and say let's not move any more judges until we get a vote on tariffs. for example. >> for example.
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he just exude the importance and relevance. joining us now the dean ed rollins. michael goodwin. both fox business contributors, great to have you here. what do you think when you think or see or hear senator jeff glaik? flake? >> he could not win a primary to keep his open seat, that is why he is not running. there competition now among john kasich. bob corker, jeff flake. to fill the mccain seat on the sunday talk shows, only two requirements you be a republican, and second is you attack republican party, that is why you dollar. lou: particularly the president, president trump. >> right. >> that is the only reason they
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are invited. lou: who will play role of lindsey graham and that relationship as who emerges as new john mccain. >> that tough, lindsey graham has been more principled where he has picked his spot. where flake is just a hate trump person, he should just leave now, but this is his reward, you get on national tv. >> i agree, he would have gotten clobbered in a primary, not been reelected that would have been great am i think back on great senator arizona had, he will be on the bottom of the ladder on any given day. lou: who can you think it. >> bar barry goldwater. lou: that comes first to mind there are 9other greats. >> like it was yesterday.
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stop. lou: mitt romney, who came out today. three weeks ago, making nice with the president. today comes o on eve of the primary in utah tomorrow, and announces he will make very clear he will speak out against president trump. what in the world is going? is utah going to elect that mess? >> i hope not, this man, after ronald reagan and george w. bush had successful careers. he said, i am not going back to a reagan-bush type of a -- i am going to be a different republican. then he switched on every major position he had been on, he was a governor one-term who abandoned state for 3 authoritys last term. lou: this guy, kennedy, what do you think? >> a conservative,.
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lou: running against mitt romney. >> and my issue and i hope that donald trump does not do anything to help romney, romney will never do anything to help him. >> it is a little late. >> he should not be raising money for him. lou: this president is the nicest fella, he is. >> short memory. lou: a terrific memory. >> he picks these insults and he forgives more than most politicians. lou: others he does not, i don't always quite understand his i would assume he flick romney off the table. he is just an objectable human. >> he said he will be a different republican, he has been, he has never won but for that race in massachusetts. lou: funny thing, romney running at utah republican. his only credit is he won a
10:21 pm
massachusetts race as a republican. >> also voted democratic primary, and was an independent at one point in time. he reminds me of former mayor bloomberg put himself in democratic column, with 80 million given to kennedy. >> what are we going to see? against a validation of president's choices in these primaries, is this are we going to see a strengthening of his view or weakening? >> i think approval number for president among republicans is sky-high, 90% according to a poll. which you really can't -- >> high marks for his handling of the economy. his approval rating is at or near all-time highs. >> it will vary state by state. lou: and above president obama at-this-point. >> right it will vary state by state, and candid by candidate, you saidly did in south
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carolina. -- you see what he did in south carolina, i say his endorsement should be a lot to republicans. >> majority of voters in america today, say they are for the wall. the poll. lou: the dems left wings on other side. >> some republicans. i think he has driven his message home and will continue, that wall is important. lou: looking at message driven home from the left, president said it, open borders, crime bring it on, that is what democrats. republican stan for law and order with border security. and getting rid of crime. it is strange that moment that dems are embracing thuggery, rule of the mob. this thing with red chicken restaurant down in virginia. that is low life stuff right
10:23 pm
there. >> for party and country that went through exclusion of people in south of many years ago. the idea you will take sarah huckabee and her family, throw them out of a restaurant in lexington is outrageous. idea of most outraged person the greatest racist of maxine waters in california, spewing hatred. lou: she is trying to back off her remarks where she was encouraging harassment and more of thissi ignore ignorant appro. other part is it is good to know who doesn't want you in their establishment. and if restaurants think they are going to make political choices without economic consequence, the damn fools. >> you know, back tot back to t% approval --90 percent approval,
10:24 pm
no democrat can match that. goings to mid term if they fight trump with pure hatred, and open of borders diane feinstein bill, raise taxes, i think right now the republican party looks pretty good for the fall. lou: they look good if you throw out paul ryan. >> well. lou: throw out 25 rinos are ready to sign discharge petition for amnesty and open border, it looks to be a great opportunity for president, i want your view, i received word that president's plane has not yet landed. in columbia, south carolina. because of weather delays, still circling awaiting the passing of the storm before he and his plane in the group land in clm
10:25 pm
colombia, we waiting with those folks, who are gathering. as soon as we get word of his landing we'll bring it to you. >> we turn to issue to me that is fairly straight forward. that is run as republicans. president has been saying it now opportunity is presented itself. run as republicans, run on border security. run on building the wall. run on low crime. run on law and order. run on getting this country out of the misthat is the immigration -- mess that is the immigration system. it not an accident of any kind that we have a mess, that mess of created by good offices of chamber of commerce, b business round table. "wall street journal" and two administration, bush administration and obama administration thought if they
10:26 pm
could ensnare all lawyers in immigration process. and build up what is almost 700,000 cases that are in backlogs in immigration courts they would win defacto, so far it has worked for them. >> i would argue another point. our base is eye rural suburban base, sanctuary city is an urban democrat idea, we should run against every single one of them, if that i want to put all these lawless people in there. lou: that fine. i think you are right. >> a big issue. lou: the trump party, republican party, is so much bigger than anything that is rural. it is a coast-to-coast. when we look at what happened in midwest. and 2016 election. potential for this president to carry his party in the midterm elections, to even more larger
10:27 pm
majority, is impressive. what is daunting to think about what speaker paul ryan represents as a threat to that conference. >> ed thank you. >> thank you. lou: we appreciate it. >> michael thank you. >> up next, president. a massive rally about to get underway in south carolina. we'll be right back. some cash back cards send you on a journey to get to your bonus cash back. first they make you sign up for bonus cash back and it's only on a few categories. and when those categories change, you gotta sign up again. when does it end?! with the capital one quicksilver® card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's like a cash back oasis. what's in your wallet?
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lou: president trump has solidified himself as the law and order president, cracking down further on illegal immigration. in a series of weekend tweets the president said we cannot allow all these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order. most of children come without parents. our immigration policy is laughed at all over the world.
10:32 pm
it's unfair to people who have come through the system legally and waited in line for years. the sentiment echoed by former dhs head jeh johnson. apparently the only honest guy who was part of the obama administration. listen to what the former dhs secretary said on "fox news sunday." >> we expanded family detention. we had 34,000 beds for family detention. only 95 equipped to deal with families. we expanded it. i freely admit it was controversial. we believed was necessary at the time. i still believe it is necessary to maintain a certain capability for families. we can't have catch and release. lou: i love that. not have catch and release. joining us fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett.
10:33 pm
we are getting closer to the publication date of his new book. gregg: mid-july. just around the corner. it's america. we commend the book to you mightily. let's start with the president's statement. what he's saying makes all the sense in the world. it just doesn't happen to fit the law as its currently written. gregg: the only viable solution is a border which is impenetrable which is what donald trump wants to do. because it makes sense, congress won't do it because it's their nature. anything that's logical and solves a problem is aand an ana
10:34 pm
to congress. lou: the on thing i love about paul ryan is he resigned. i lament that he remains in that seat to be a great danger to republicans in the mid-term election. let's get to what the president is saying. we have a backlog approaching 700,000 cases in our immigration courts. that's all contrived. it would take a century at the current rate to go through those cases. how do we get to the point where donald trump is talking about, you cross the line illegally and you go back where you came from. gregg: i would expedite expedited he move. pending an administrative
10:35 pm
proceeding and sent back, forget the administrative proceeding, just send them back across. you will have a lot of howling by civil rights attorneys, but so what. they don't have standing unless they get in front of somebody who is being detained. if you don't detain them, then they don't have that opportunity. lou: we are a nation of laws. here is our problem. that law says we have to go through this for a non-citizen who violated the first law that's possible, that is, crossing the border illegally. gregg: if you do it repeatedly it's elevated to a felony. we can't clog all of our prisons and jails with felonious people. the solution is to immediately send them back. and to his grade credit, president trump has expanded.
10:36 pm
under obama and birth was only within 200 miles. trump said nonsense with that, we are going to get you anywhere. lou: the president ignores the law that requires the due process and says you are going home. gregg: it's interesting because the law only applies to asylum seekers. the vast majority of people who come here and sneak in are not seeking asylum. and they can be sent back across the border immediately. only 1% actually -- only 15% actually get a judiciou -- actua judicial hearing. lou: why could you not make a
10:37 pm
decision and say the only way you can get asylum is to go through a port of entry. you crossinged the border illegally, therefore, this person was not truly seeking asylum or they would have gone through a port of entry, and therefore you are subject to immediate expedited deportation. gregg: non-asylum seekers are subject to policy, not law. the president is dealing in a very strong way. but asylum seekers by congressional act, the law, are entitled to a hearing. that's the problem. lou: we have two problems. you have got congress and the other fools involved. gregg: the civil rights lawyers. lou: i thought you said they didn't have standing. gregg: they managed to get
10:38 pm
standing. once i.c.e. detains, the civil rights lawyers get access. just don't detain, just escort them to the border. lou: if they are not at a port of entry, they are not seeking asylum. on its face it doesn't make sense. gregg: that would require an act of congress. if an individual is seeking asylum and they are already here. they slip through the border and say i want asylum, they are entitled under law to a judicial proceeding. i didn't make the law. lou: there you go bragging. the president's frustration is paramount, manifest. and by the way, everyone if they do not understand, it's type to get rinos out of the republican
10:39 pm
party so that common sense can prevail and the national interest be served. just that straightforward. greg: it underscores the immigration is a mess and it need to be fixed. all right. good to see you. up next, president trump says we should deport illegal immigrants without a court hearing. we'll take up his battle to make america safe. mark simone joins us. we are awaiting the start of the president's rally in south carolina. weather holding up the president and air force one. we'll be bringing you live the president's arrival just as soon as he gets to west columbia, south carolina. can't wait. stay with us. we'll be right back. find the remote yet? nah. honey look, your old portable cd player.
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in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. lou: we just received word, and there you see what we received word about. the president's plane, air force one, has landed in slum yeah, south carolina. he has -- in columbia, south carolina. he has been held up by a rainstorm. you see a nasty-looking sky and an amazing tarmac as well. that we threw in as a bonus for
10:44 pm
those of you watching. joining us now, social media stars, president trump's most of loyal supporters diamond and silk joining us tonight. great to have you back on the show with us. we are going to be going to the president just as soon as he arrives at airport high school in west columbia, south carolina. thanks so much for being here. i want to start out talking with gregg jarrett earlier about the president's frustration. i'm sitting here getting a little more than angst listening to the d more than anxious listening to what's going on on the border. demand? what do you think? >> i find it appalling how obama
10:45 pm
had the children wrapped in foil in their cages and no one said anything about it. president trump is following the same law obama followed, and now iive wants to have a hissy fit. everybody is concerned about the children. we just visited the inner cities of detroit. what about those children in we saw something so devastating. we need to pay attention what's going on in america with the american people. lou: 20% of the kid in this country live below the important i line. and when you say everybody is concerned, we know they are not concerned. these are democratic left-wing activists, many of them paid for by the chamber of commerce, the business round table, wall street, the koch brothers, to have their hissy feet.
10:46 pm
it's not about the kids or the truth. or they would have included the truth that the situation was so much worse under president trump. and the national left-wing media, there was a time they were supposed to be truth seekers. they were supposed to be the ones holding us to an independent objective standard of reality. they are now complicit with the left and with the establishment elites. >> we call them the very fake news. they want to take this and sensationalize the story and say this to the american people and we are supposed to believe them. we don't believe them. we don't believe the liberal ideology. you the children that they really don't care about. it's so sad and it's sick. lou: think about what we
10:47 pm
witnessed in this country the last few weeks. whether it's steven miller, some of the president's closest advisors, consider 10 nielsen, the department of homeland security secretary, whether it's sarah sanders. attorney general pam bondi down in florida, being confronted by activists who are there to just make them miserable and to be as aggravated as they can get them, seeking the opportunity to make them angry to the point that they react. fortunately none of them did. but it is a horrible thing we are watching in this country. the left has become a bunch of thugs. this is mob nonsense. >> yeah. lou, it's different between being confronted and being harassed. when i'm sitting there minding
10:48 pm
my own business with my family eating on my own private time. you don't get to harass me while i'm there with my family. there is a time and a place for all things and that was not the tind that was not the place. lou: both of you are exactly right. harass is the better word. the shame is, that this would happen in a public place at all. these are people serving the president of the united states, serving the people of florida in the case of pam bondi. who in the world do these folks think they are to do this? it's gotten ugly, and something is going to happen. human nature being what it is, something is going to happen, thin the left will be so thrilled with itself. this is an ugly thing we haven't seen in our lifetime. >> but remember now. it wasn't just that long ago where black people were unable
10:49 pm
to sit at the lunch counter all from left-leaning liberals in the democratic party. now look at what you see today. left-leaning liberals won't allow someone to eat their food at a table. all this is the same script with different cast. they don't have hoods on no more and they are showing their true colors. the democratic party, this is what maxine waters said, go ahead and harass them like this is okay. this is what they want to do. they want to manipulate and intimidate to dominate. that's what they want to do. lou: as we were talking the president walked down the steps of air force one, getting ready to move on to the site of tonight's rally in west columbia, south carol.
10:50 pm
you can see they are having some interesting weather. weather that was severe enough to hold up the president's aircraft, air force one just landing moments ago and had been expected to be there in time for the president to begin speaking at the top of this hour. obviously working right now to catch up as the president waves to the welcoming crowd there in columbia. just about ready to head to the venue for his speech. we are going to -- i want to just quickly if we can, ask you what you think the solution is. what is the way to get ford on this and to in -- to get forward on this and introduce the notion to the left that they will have to be respectful of the president and elected officials. this is reaching a level now that is nasty, nasty stuff. >> it's very nasty.
10:51 pm
we have to learn how to agree to disagree in this country and talk to each other instead of disrespecting each other. what the left is doing is disrespectful and dangerous. it's dangerous for a congress wham and to -- for a congresswoman to tell americans to harass an official. let's talk about it so we can solve these problems. but the left is the party obstruction. they don't want to solve anything. they want to keep bickering. >> it is what it is. president trump is the president of the united states and we have to respect that. it's part of democracy. to respect that and stop acting like fools. lou: i couldn't agree more with both of you. there is the view that the left
10:52 pm
is engaged in a war while the right in this country thinks it's engaged in a debate. so long as the left is behaving like this, it's going to be difficult to have a national conversation with all americans. as you suggest, that's unfortunate, and the left does need to understand how to correct their behavior. it's not a national problem. it's a problem of the left, and their activists. it's squarely on them. diamond and silk, it's always great to see you. we thank you for being with us and look forward to you rejoining us soon. great to see you. joining us tonight, wor radio personality, mark simone. great to have you here. the president held up a bit. you have been tweeting, my my my you have been tweeting. and some great tweets. the president has also been
10:53 pm
busy, and he's talking about this very frustrating thing about joining in what is a 700,000 case backlog in the immigration courts. we are behaving like fools, and i will be very candid. i don't know what the solution is. there has to be at least administrative due process. and whatever the congress has done, congress has got to change. it's that simple. >> it won't be easy. i remember 14 years ago i was watching "lou dobbs tonight." you used to do a segmenter night called broken borders. and it struck me how serious this problem is. the only country in the world without a border. you have been talking about this and you kept it alive. i thought the republicans would step in, the democrats would step in. this congress is so bought off on both sides, the chamber of commerce, the business round
10:54 pm
table. lou: we have more tonight. >> i don't know how we'll get the border closed, democrats like the cheap votes and republicans like the cheap labor. lou: we have to build the wall and secure the border. if we cannot control our border, there is no way we can control immigration. it's that straightforward. for anyone to pretend otherwise means they have been bought off. because there is no other explanation into the border secured folks on both sides are absolutely corrupt. >> we love immigrants. their the backbone of the country. we love legal immigrants. liberals want the border open.
10:55 pm
anybody can walk across. but they will choose who can come into a restaurant. >> when it comes to the department of justice turning over those documents, i don't know why donald trump isn't over there demanding they be turned over. and he'sed a builder. he should start the wall. lou: he keeps talking about the border wall having been started with the $1.6 billion. that's not entirely the case. the fact of the matter is paul ryan made a point of not giving him money for the wall. the $1.6 billion is for rehabilitation and additional technology and securing the border, but not for the specific purpose of building that wall.
10:56 pm
and also, paul ryan made another great gesture, he reduced the size of immigration and customs enforcement. fewer agents, instead funding under this most of recent omnibus bill. it's appalling what this one man has done to the president. >> romney and paul ryan, nobody would win. lou: people of utah have their chance to show their discretion in their primary tomorrow. >> even if you build 10 feet of it, build it just so we can see that 10 feet standing there. lou: one of the things i run into almost everywhere i go people ask me where is the wall? why isn't the president building
10:57 pm
the wall? the answer i give is the congress would not fund it. but there has got to be more done here. and it means the president -- he said this. we have got to the elect republicans to congress. not rinos. republicans. men and women who care about the country. we are looking at an amazing economy created by this president. and the fools in congress are going to mess it up pretty big if we permit them to do so. doing business with them is not the answer. getting them the heck out of congress is the answer. >> it will take a while to get them out. lou: we are 10% of the way there already. and you have some people retiring like paul ryan. a lot of net positives here. >> these congressmen left and right, both sides are bought and paid for. we have to figure out something
10:58 pm
where money doesn't control everything where special interests don't buy whatever they need. we have people pay-for-play politicians that will get re-elected. quietly bides make sure they are still there. lou: they are going to be there for a while. i think we have the opportunity under this president who is without question the historic president certainly of this century, and i believe you have to go back paul the way to fdr to find somebody with the energy -- ronald reagan accomplishments were great, throwing aside the soviet union, destroying marxist leninism. this president has the ability to match those accomplishments in foreign policy. he has a long ways to go. by has that opportunity. he's already done so much. as ronald reagan to restore
10:59 pm
confidence in the economy. this president is historic and has i fence opportunities for achievement. >> we love ronald reagan. for those who say why does the president have to tweet that way. i don't think reagan would have gone the anywhere if he didn't have the bull in the china shop attitude trump has. lou: you say a china shop. i say he's a bull in the arena. and i think he means business. and it must drive the left in this country nuts everybody time they try to take a whack at him, he gives it back even better. as we have seen, a lot of them are nuts. the president has already made it to the arena. i guess that's why they call it
11:00 pm
the airport high school. we learned that lesson. there he is. long awaited. and i'm sure much appreciated by all the folks there. flying through the storm. and getting ready to give his address to the rally of these folks in west columbia, south carolina. [♪] [cheers and applause] president trump: hello, everyone. hi. hi, everybody. hello, everybody.


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