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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 27, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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problem, might be one of the contraors that the fisa court was found to be abusing the fisa court. lou: a thank you both. we appreciate it. thank you for joining fnew york. . kennedy: it was a huge pli polil victory for president trump as the supreme court upheld the president's ban on travel from several muslim countries the court sharply divide ruling 5-4 and this has been more than a year in the making. and node in the white house the commander in chief spiked the football, of course. >> today's supreme court ruling just coming out, a tremendous success, a tremendous victory for the american people and for our constitution. this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming
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into the country. we know who's coming in. we know where they're coming from. we just have to know who is coming here. the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrat politicians are wrong and they turned out to be very wrong. kennedy: well here you go. the policy affects travelers from five countries with overwhelmingly muslim populations, iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen and also two nonmuslim countries, north korea and venezuela. critics have long claimed the rules are racist in their root and they exceed the president's authority under immigration law as well as under the constitution. the supreme court today disagreeing. democrats saying while they respect the decision, the ruling was un-american. here's illinois senator dick durbin. >> we need to keep out every dangerous person who tries to come to this country. but to categorially ban people
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because of the country they're in is not the way we should do things in america. kennedy: he wouldn't be saying that if this were president obama's edict. what does the ruling mean and is the battle over or just begun. joining me now, the host of fox news at night, it is shannon bream, the resident supreme court mistress of all. shannon, i'm really curious to see how this version differs from the first version that the white house put out which was, the rollout was kind of botched. and what it says about the narrowing of the confines of this ban. >> yeah. so you know, kennedy, this is the third version, travel ban 3.0. and in this version within one of the things they did is they actually did a worldwide study involving home lapd security, the state department. what they did is go to the countries and say we need every country who is going to send
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people here, give us this information so you can vet them on your end so we can vet them on our end. and if you can't give us that information and if you've previously been designated as a trouble spot by previous administrations, we're going to put you on the list. that's how we got to the list we're at today. some people have gotten off of the list because they've complied with the requirements. and basically what the court said is federal law grants the president broad discretion to suspend the entry of aliens to the united states. he la law lawfully exercised its discretion. they did not get into whether they should weigh all of his tweets and statements, with respect to whether there was an antireligious or anti-muslim. kennedy: how are other countries complying? what does that look like? what are they doing differently now and what are some of the countries that were targeted before, how are they changed
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their processes? >> chad is off the list now. it was on the list before. and one of the things it's done is it's been able prove it is provide information to homeland security and people specifically when they want to apply to come here. they've got ability to vet and formally identify them, providing information on their background. other countries don't seem to be working hard to get off of the list. it's not a priority for them. kennedy: somalia and me yemen? >> they've got other stuff they're working on. but chad has gotten off of the list. iraq was on an earlier version. they were taken off for a number of reasons. kennedy: why wu iraq taken off? >> most people think that was political in nature, the fact that the u.s. is trying to help them recover after years of bloodshed and tragedy and terrorism. but they're actually a partner with the u.s. in the middle east, we want to encourage that relationship and not make them think they're targeted.
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that was political in nature other than chad which has done the work of stepping up and complying with the requirements qun whatf you're a good pn from a bad country or a country that has been deemed problematic or unel. fuunhelpful and you really wantd come to the united states and make a better life. is there any way of doing that? >> there are waivers that you could specifically apply for, especially people seeking urgent medical care, they have different family relationships or academic relationships or obligations or business obligations. there are things that people can apply for these waivers. they're not granted en masse but they're granted in a number of cases. that was important to the court too. the dissent obviously upset a that the president's words and tweets weren't factored in. kennedy: and that is an interesting precedent. so when the president is legally challenged in the future, what does that say about some of his
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campaign rhetoric or some of the stuff that he says at rallies. is that now a no goone for future suits? >> it's interesting. because what the court did, the majority here, the five of the 5-4 were just looking at the text to see if there's a legitimate reason for what they did. the text of the law, the administration called it proclamation, om calling it an executive order. based on the face value of those things there are legitimate reasons that back up why this was put it out. there's data behind it, criteria satisfied or not satisfied. kennedy: and it seems as though the administration went through their own legal eluon in crafting the third version. i can't wait to watch your show tonight. >> see you at 11:00. kennedy: chief justice john roberts wrote the majority writing, quote, the order is expressly premised on legitimate purposes preventing entry of national is who cannot be adequately vetted and inducing other nations to improve their
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practices. the liberals on the court, they strongly disagree. jus sis sony sonia sotomayor wr, history will not look kindly on the court's misguided decision today, nor should it. so did the nation's top court get the decision right? joining me from the daler caller, chris bedford, also writing the book "the art of the donald." from the daily beast, lock lin markay. you are in that white house briefing room day in and day out. you're one of the people trying to extract truth and hold the white house accountable all at the same time. what do you not like about this decision? >> well, i think it's going to have major political
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consequences down the line. obviously the decision was a direct result of the sort of maneuvers that senator majority leader mitch mcconnell did in 2016. the president picking, gorsuch to feel scalia's seat. and the left was not only lived about the decision itself but the process that led up to it where conservatives on the court hold a slim majority. so i think in the foreseeable future, i don't think you're going to see any supreme court justices confirmed by a senate -- i don't think you're going to see them confirm a nominee made by a president of the other party. kennedy: because of this ruling. you think this will affect the rules of the senate and that will come back to bite any minority party if in fact that happens. and you say that hinges solely on this decision? >> yeah. this was s that broke the camel's back. and there's been a string of supreme court decisions, 5-4 decisions that a lot of democrats really did not like.
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kennedy: let's talk about some of those democrats and bring in our friend chris bedford, the word's finest dog sitter, i'm told. so keith ellison says that the ruling undermines the core value of religious tolerance in the country. >> keith ellison doesn't have a great track record of religious tolerance. a known anti-semite. a massive racist. today he said we're not talking about me. we're talking about donald trump and that's all they want to make it about. the democrats are going to have a hard time convincing voters that there's nothing more american than letting everything from yemen and somalia into the country. that's not something that people are going to vote on and it's not a constituency that they should be playing to as hard as they are. kennedy: it seems like a future template for the administration. and if twhai do learn from the victories, it is the president is free to spout out fiery
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rhetoric that excites hise when he has intense rallies in south carolina, like he did last night. but when it comes to putting pen to paper, having his legal team and advisers making sure that legally they are airtight. >> this white house should hope it's a te template. the first couple of policies, they rolled out with were done very sloppily. they didn't go through the normal process of going to the national securityounsel, counci, having their options weighed. and often the people in charge of implementing the decisions had no clue what to do. it's a more free wheeling white house than we're used to and the president is a more free willing politician than we've seen in since andrew jackson. but they need to get on a legal basis if they're going to have any of this upheld and not spend an entire year spent in ninth
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circuit hell. >> this goes back to the lowerrer court and we'll see what happens there. gentlemen, we're learning tonight that a group of protesters confronted senator majority leader mitch mcconnell and his wife elaine cho. we've have more on that as we get it. but it comes on multiple vorts that white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is going to receive federal protection. the red hen has announced it will be closed until july 5th to deal with the fallout. maybe to clean the canopies. and a bipartisan course of lawmakers calling on california democrat congresswoman maxine water to apologize saying she did nothing wrong to encourage the public harassment of the donald. watch. >> i believe in peaceful, very peaceful protests. i have not called for the harm of anybody. this president has lied again
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when he's saying that i called for harm to anyone. i am having sleepless nights about the cld and really i don't want to engage constantly with this lying president. kennedy: stop engaging with him. i don't know what else to tell her. so harassing political opponents the wave ofhe future or is it this smer's fidget spinner. >> i think it's going to get worse before it gets better. i hope it doesn't turn violent at any point. but just last year we saw a member of congress get shot at a baseball practice by someone who is clearly motivated by politics. kennedy: and he was motivated to kill a bunch of people. he wasn't just aiming for steve scalise. >> and it isn't necessarily going to be the politician that's targeted that gets hurt. i can see secret service or police officers getting aggressive with protesters who
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are getting too aggressive with the people that the officers are trying to protect. eventually it's going to get out of hand. kennedy: i think you're right and i think you're also right about the reaction. if i were a public member of the administration, i would certainly be on edge. and if i had someone gather a crowd around me to come at me, you know, what are you supposed to do. at some point you have to defend yourself and that's when things can get really ugly. >> well you saw secretary cho certainly getting a little bit in the face of the protesters who were approaching her and her husband this evening. i wouldn't want to be a protester trying to confront secretary cho, that's for sure. kennedy: absolutely not. and what does it say about the tenor in washington, chris. it's not just leftist protesters. there are people -- and that's the thing. maxine waters may think that, you know, she's having her occupy wall street moment with some of her supporters. but when you say out and get a crowd together and harass
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people, you're telling the opposite side to do the exact same thing. and jim acosta saw that. >> and she's not even opposed to violence in general. back in march she endorsed the rodney king race riots by saying that was a great reckoning moment for blacks in america. it was a race riot where people were attacked for they skin color. kennedy: people died. and people's lives for destroyed in the aftermath of that. and you know, i was there in los angeles in 1992. i saw that happen. i saw a car on my street get fire bombed. and the men in the 7-eleven a block away, pulled out of the storend beaten. their atm taken out of the store. that was not a moment of reckoning. this was a moment when society falls apart and people lose faith in each other. and the vail tweeng life and death sort of evaporates. and it's really frightening when that happens and it's amazing
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how quickly it can anyone encouraging that is incredibly irresponsible. >> you can put a match on a tinderbox like we saw in balt baltimore and other city that are on their way up and before you know it are burnt out in a week. maxine waters needs to be careful with the rhetoric. i don't think she's being careful. she says these things when we have violence escalating, women being attacked in the streets. you don't want this. america has a pretty good history of political violence. we've had fire bombing in the '60s and '70s. that's notven talking about the civil war. kennedy: just because it's dormant doesn't mean you have to wake it up. i know that you and chris are friends and he baby sat your french bulldog. vi a french bulldog. i worry that you're feeding your
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french bulldog poultry. is that true? >> i sure hope chris wasn't. that's not his usual diet. kennedy: what kind of kibl are e you giving him? >> there's some duck in i will come to you in the future with all of my dog advice needs. kennedy: that's all we need. look at these gentlemen. they're civil and smart, they may disagree but that's how you do it. thank you both coming up, we're waiting for the results of tonight's big primary races. a number of states including the governor's race in south carolina. you heard about it last night because the president was there supporting incumbent henry mcmaster. will mcmaster be their servant? will it be enough in a live report from columbia, south carolina. president trump's war of words with harley davidson starting to get ugly as a biker brawl. we'll have the details next. coppertone sport.
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near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. alert tonight. results expected any moment to determine the republican nominee for south carolina gubernatorial race. this race is more important than you might think. incumbent governor henry mcmaster is being challenged by john warren.
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and just yesterday president trump held a rally in the state for mcmaster. but will that be enough to get him past his young challenger. joining me now, our fox news correspondent in beautiful columbia, south carolina. what's going on there? reporter: hi, kennedy. this is a beautiful city and beautiful state indeed. you know, all eyes of the nation are going to be on this race because of the president's decision to get involved. throwing his support behind henry mcmaster, endorsing an incumbent who has only been in office for about a year. henry mcmaster of course took over for governor nikki haley when she joined the trump administration to serve as united nations ambassador last year. during that time he's been touting his record of continuing to recruit international businesses coming into this state. at the same time his challenger, john warren, is come paining as an outer.
12:22 am
out cider. a political newcomer, a military veteran. a greenville businessman. and in this climate of people voting against incumbents, people voting against career politicians, he's hoping to ride on that even though trump has decided to support the incumbent. now the irony is that both candidates here consider themselves supporters of the trump agenda. we asked mr. warren how he felt about the presidentsupporting his opponent. he said that this relationship between the two developed before he entered the race, that mr. trump is a very loyal man an bause governor henry mcmaster very early on in the campaign for the presidency, back when he was serving as lieutenant governor, was one of the earliest statewide politicians -- kennedy: that's absolutely right. >> he saw this as an opportunity to return the favor.
12:23 am
kennedy: that's one of the reasons that when nikki haley was named us ambassador to the u.n., the president was delighted to have then lieutenant governor jump into the governor's chair. and that's why he gave him a rousing welcome last night in south carolina. jonathan, we got to move on. thank you for your time. have some fun there. fantastic food in that city. reporter: will do. kennedy: president trump doubling down on his attacks against charlie davidson a harlr announcing they would move some of the production out of the u.s. due to tariffs. joining me now, susan lee. this is one thing i know. you don't just kick start a brand-new factory in thailand. that's in the works. that's something you have to plan. it's not something that happens with a light switch when the president is threatening tariffs
12:24 am
as a negotiation tactic. >> it's been in the works for a while. they're looking to shut down the kansas city factory. that will close next year. a loss of close to 900 jobs. they employ 5200 across usa. obviously that's upset the president as he hosted the harley davidson executives early in his administration at the white house. let's look at this tweet. this is threatening. when the u.s. president tweets this at you, harley davidson should never be built in another country. never. their employees and customers are already angry at them. and in they move, watch it's the beginning of the end. kennedy: how important is it for the loyal customers. what is that brand loyalty? what is that relationship like? how important is it for them to have their bikes built here? >> it's an american icon. do people care at this point? they assemble in brazil.
12:25 am
they have o kansas city that will be shutting down. this is an excuse as the u.s. president says to move elsewhere. kennedy: people who know harley davidson and loyal to that brand, they know where the bikes are made. they know the models that are flaws and they can tell you year by year. and this could be a very important differentiating point for the people who love those bikes. >> you're aog rider, aren't you? kennedy: well i don't like to admit it too much in public but giddy up. thank you so much. good to see you. please come back. coming up, trump hitting fbi sergeant peter strzok. president trump says he wants this thing to be public. i hope that happens. i've got my monologue and reaction to the panel. wait until you see their hair. it's glorious. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip.
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kennedy: lover boy peter strzok is going before congress to try to set the record straight that he's not a totally biased dirt bag. which means he's basically cut from the same comey cloth. thinks he's the savior and wants a book deal. why should this pariah get the closed door treatment so we have to use our imaginations.
12:30 am
i want to see grown-ups hammer the former head of the fbi's counter espionage unit to see if he violated the protocol. he had he oversight and influence and years of counter-intelligence training and an inadvisability cloak that would allow him to monkey with the 2016 election. but he couldn't keep his smart in his pants. and he didn't realize break from one investigation to the next. the work and ethic and records speak for themselves. but sadly for him and his love-sick longing, not for lisa page, but for hillary. he was overwhelmed.
12:31 am
he overwhelmed his built-in bias control when he let his fingers do the talking. long before his bod concluded hrc was merely careless. he was declaring her odds of wing at 100 million to zero. then that tricky electoral map. 100 million to zero. he wrote that in a text. i want to see his face when he answers how he shelved her case for the russia toda investigatin that had no there there. he spearheaded the flynn investigation along the way before flying into the mueller coaster before land income hot water. he deserved the heat, the scrutiny and the screws that only a public airing of such
12:32 am
filth can bring. congress doesn't owe him an insurance policy for his part in bringing shame to the bureau and chaos to the country. and that's the memo. peter strzok is due on capitol hill at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. just 25 and a half hours from now. president trump is demanding a public hearing. will this be the beginning of the end of the bias at the fbi and the doj? let me go to the man panel, robby soave is here, and richard fowler, and making it a trifecta, kim jong-un biographer, michael malice is here. kennedy: did they put an apostrophe in there? i will have stern words. open it up. there is no reason we shouldn't
12:33 am
see peter strzok be held accountable in public with tv cameras. >> i think this has been going on for so long and it's so meandering. it's gone in every possible direction. i think what will end up happening is you are going to have two answers where the left is going to say see even though he was for hillary, he will be objective on his truth. the right will say it's impossible to be objective because look what's' in the bag for hillary clinton. kennedy: for someone who heads the counter espionage unit at the fbi, he should have known better how to cover his tracks and not to have her on speed dial on his iphone. i love hillary so much.
12:34 am
>> i don't think he liked hillary or trump. he harpooned both campaigns. you can argue the fbi harpooned the hillary and trump campaign. one of the reasons it's behind closed doors is there is information that is on the highest level of american intelligence that can't be disclosed. there is a reason for it to be behind closed doors. kennedy: i appreciate your opinion. but that is hot malarkey. >> you think there is nothing here and no conspiracy in wouldn't you want there to be an open -- the hearing to be open serve we can clear the air? the people think it many a deep state conspiracy. they will have more to say if we don't find out what peter strzok is telling them. >> they are going to think it's a deep state conspiracy no
12:35 am
matter what happens. >> people are a little unsure. he seemed very bias. kennedy: deep state conspiracy. that used to be the neighborhood of alex jones. now' you know what? it feels like there is a deep state. all they want to do is protect their jobs. >> it's a dismissive term for something that happened brazenly. the dnc wasn't a conspiracy in without that logic it makes no sense. kennedy: peter strzok was. >> about what he wanted to do. they were appalled at the motion of president trump. they said we'll stop it. he was very open about an insurance policy and andy's office. and these are things we have access to that we extract. >> 7 days before the election comey says we found all those
12:36 am
emails on hillary clinton. and some people would argue that caused hillary clinton the campaign. if that's the argument they were all for hillary, they wouldn't have done that period. >> they were ruminating about how the "new york times" probability was swinging in trump's favor. >> i get the text messages. but their actions speak louder than their words. >> it's possible they were biased against trump. but maybe they ended up helping trump by causing comby to have to do that at the last minute. kennedy: maybe they thought there was no way he was going to be elected because everyone who was pro hillary wasn't paying attention to people who had been hurting since 2008 in this country. in that bubble they thought there was no way he would get elected. >> you can't look at people's
12:37 am
secret text messages literally. that's crazy. kennedy: you think they were writing in code? >> apparently. kennedy: it's so much worse than we'll stop him. they had power to spy on people and arrest people. they have that abili. they could have manufactured the entire russia case. >> there is a notion now that this is also sort of fake made up thing. but then you have mike flynn pleading gy forie together fbi. you have george papadopoulos being drunk in london talk teeng australian foreign agent. you have paul manafort who tampered with witnesses and he was chairman of the trump campaign. very clearly connected to donald trump. kennedy: the stuff he's being
12:38 am
targeted for happened in the filth and squalor before trump. >> some of it was happening during the trump campaign. that's what the mueller investigation is trying to find out. >> we should all hear what strzok has to say. i don't want to rely on the fbi or trump. kennedy: i don't want to hear adam schiff's devin nunes' version. mark warner. sorry. you guys are amazing. thank you so much. michael, richard and robby. house republicans have two immigration bills fail. now they are trying to push a vote again this week. will this one pass where the others fell apart?
12:39 am
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12:43 am
wrangle and whi those votes. republican leaders are looking for compromise between mod rant conservative members of the caucus. the bill is said to include $33 billion for a border wall and surveillance. but it's unclear if they will have the votes to pass it. claudia tenney is back on the show. what's it going to take? what is the most of important thing you are trying to accomplish with this legislation? >> i look at it as a coalition government. we have so many different factions, the moderate, conservatives, republicans, i think it's a good thing republicans are so diverse. at least we can differ and couple with solutions. it would be nice if some of the democrats would joins. but we have to solve this problem. it's been around for decades and it needs to be solved. we are seeing the crisis at the
12:44 am
border. we are seeing people coming across the border illegally. this needs to be resolved. we have other issues that have come into play. kennedy: if it fails what happens? >> we have to go back to the drawing board. the president saying let immigration go away ban we'll come back and resolve it. but i think a lot of that is the negotiating strategy. >> is that a strategy for republicans or democrats? >> i think he's speaking to all of us. i'm co-sponsor of the goodlatte bill. hopefully if this doesn't make it tomorrow we'll come up with the best latt bill. right now i don't know where we are. kennedy: how are you involving the senate and their methodology into crafting this house bill?
12:45 am
>> their methodology? caou explain that to me? i would like to know what it is. kennedy: you have a bill spear head by ted cruz at this point and he's working with fellow republicans and democrats. does that have any chance of pass imagine the house? >> i'm co-sponsor of the house version of the bill. that's the david brat bill. and that's one portion of this entire large omnibus bill. it deals with border security and the daca suit kids. it deals with agricultural workers. visa lottery system. you name it. all those things are in there. kennedy: this will be a big black eye for republicans if they try and try and fail and fail. it's bad news. it's bad optics for your caucus and your party before the mid-terms. why don't you try and take more narrow elements that have to get
12:46 am
done and where you can find some bipartisan support and do those. >> i think that's what's trying to be done. kennedy: it's difficult to have a more narrow version when you are trying to do everything. >> the reason omnibus bills exist, they are used for leverage. they are getting somebody to vote for something they don't love. kennedy: what a horrible way to govern. >> i would love to see us do all these bills and stand on their own merits. i would like to see us deal with the border security issue. we have to deal -- kennedy: we have to deal with the wall and just do that. it does not seem with the split in your party you can do that. kennedy: "topical storm" is up
12:47 am
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worth $120 billion. but i believe it. take out a filter. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin in madrid. where the sights will take your breath away and the dogs will give it back. poncho is a police dog and trained to perform cpr. there is nothing i can possibly say that can compete with this. if you tried this with a cat, they would just let the guy choke to death so they could eat his face. the internet wants to know what breed he is and police won't say. what we do know is he's a rescue dog. if you google choking video, you
12:52 am
will have stories about hillary's campaign. what happened? i am president, right? let's go down to florida where a starbucks customer captured a fight between two lizards. the woman to took his video thought the iguanas were heating each other baits is florida. but as alarmed as some people were, it turns out they were play fighting. and were in the parking lot because they got kicked out of the restaurant for supporting president trump. it was suggested they make up over a cup of joe. i would like to see starbucks
12:53 am
baristas spell iguana. last time i was there they spelled my name b-i-m-b-o with a lot of dummy faces. i-95, north carolina, a student found out the hard way that america runs on kungin. on dunkin. the fella who slammed it. one internet commenter suggests the new york knicks should sign him. but he wants to sign with a real professional team instead. there was a soup juice -- therea
12:54 am
supervisor on hand to reus state. -- to resuscitate. he always chases loose balls. topic number four. new jersey beachgoers got the scare of a lifetime. they saw a pilot who appeared to be flying in more ways than one. watch this. oh, lordy. we don't know this guy's name. but he does a great impression of denzel washington. he does loops and flips before landing on a beach and disappearing. police believe he may have been carrying ill contraband. look at my true religion jeans.
12:55 am
the pilot is believed to be hiding somewhere that no sane person would ever go, like a maxine waters rally. topic nbe five. finally, we bring you a new hampshire man who takes the slogan two tortoise day too seriously. this is benjamin. for dui.rrested twice in one day you might be wondering how much drunker he could get after his first dui arrest. well done. he was released after this arrest on his own personal reef cog any zans. but i am not sure he recognizes himself in the picture. he looks like our producer paul when he comes to our morning pitch meetings. he's in danger of losing his
12:56 am
driver's license. but fortunate for him he still has his pilot's license. now he's in more trouble because everyone knows you are not allowed to make a left turn in new jersey. we'll let your inner light loose with one a day women's. a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. look for new one a day women's with nature's medley.
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