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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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air and inspected the cabin before they were averted. passengers were eventually put on a different flight. >> can you imagine how terrifying that was? it must have been so scary for them to that does it for us. >> with that any question this is the biggest moment of the term presidency. obviously he's done a lot of big things. he met with kim jong-un of north korea. he passed the tax bill. he's done major deregulation. there have been executive orders but i think this moment is the biggest opportunity of the term presidency so far because it's the retirement of anthony kennedy that was a very strict for conservatives and for liberals on the court and anthony kennedy was the swing vote. if donald trump is able to nominate and confirm a solidly conservative justice and swing
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the court's solidly 5-4 conservative that is going to change the supreme court and could perhaps for a generation or two. this is a very big deal. >> a big week for the supreme court upholding a travel ban in dealing a major blow to government unions and now the big blue backlashes on against that decision. we'll tell you the big democrats trying to do an end run around the scotus position to keep government union muscle intact as well as their base. we'll tell you what this means for your money and your taxes. also coming up just as anthony community rick -- kennedy retires for president trump to get another second supreme court pick in just two years time moving the high court more solidly to the right possibly before the midterms. we are on it the kitchen table
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issues that will affect you and a big -- joe crowley losing to a 28-year-old socialist millennial on her first campaign try. now she's saying this. she wants to make everything free. we'll show you how her policies will hit your wallet. money politics we deliver the debate. i'm elizabeth mcdonald and the evening edit starts right now. let's get your money the dow erasing its 285-point gain finishing down 165 points to end the day at 117. financials falling more and that in just a second. for the big announcement justice kennedy retires from the supreme court effectively in the next month. mitch mcconnell on the floor
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today saying it will vote on justice kennedy's successor this fall. with me now christina with the latest. >> justice kennedy who has been on the bench for 43 years, 30 years in the supreme court. he's going to be 82 when he retires july 31 and said he wants to spend more time with his family. he is control of the outcome of many hot-button issues including to reaffirm women's legal rights one major case in 1992 in casting a vote with conservatives over the dispute before the presidency of george w. bush. also cleared the way for same-sex marriage in 2015 said definitely a big member of the supreme court. also consider the swing vote. he said he doesn't like that term but nonetheless it's usually the case. this will be the second opportunity for president trump to nominate a justice and why i could change the outcome for decades to come for the supreme
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court. democrats and republicans are already disagreeing about the process in the nomination regarding justice kennedy. listen in. >> we will float to confirm justice kennedy's successor this fall. our republican colleagues in the senate should follow the rules they set in 2016 not to consider a supreme court justice in an election year. elizabeth: the president says he has 25 people under review. we will put that forward possibly in the fall before midterms as you said earlier in the show this news comes how you had news of the big case that janice case involving union fees and justice kennedy was on that and voted in favor of the plaintiff mark janice. mark janice was a public childcare worker. he argued that he shouldn't have to pay $45 a month towards a union that he is not part of.
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the court ruled in his favor saying it was infringing on his first amendment rights and that when you join a union and you are negotiating a contract or negotiating the contract with the government a fee is political so this all came about today with a big blow across the country. now they are going to have to convince people to join unions because they are convincing them to go forward in order for them to survive across the country. this is major news. today's a lot going on. justice kennedy saying he's going to require -- retire. elizabeth: president trump speaking minutes ago. listen. >> we will begin our search for a new justice of the united states supreme court that will begin immediately. we really had a good discussion. i got his ideas on things including i asked him if he had
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certain people that he had great respect for the potentially could take his seat which is a very hard cetaphil. we talked about different things and he was here for about half an hour. elizabeth: so here's the question. what would a court swinging center right look like instead of a court going centerleft? justice kennedy has been the swing vote on many of the courts most ideologically charged decisions. he has voted for legalizing same-sex marriage, wrote v. wade wireless -- wiretapping. he's the host of huckabee saturday and sunday on the network. governor mike huckabee, great to see you governor. >> tanks a lot lives. >> justice kennedy was against obamacare and voted against it. he upheld the president travel ban. how do you see a conservative
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supreme court playing out? >> i'm not sure it's going to be a conservative court. in fact i don't even care if it's a conservative court. i want a balance court, court that doesn't look at issues conservatively or liberally but looks at them in context of the constitution. we need a strict constructionist who believes the words of the constitution matter and they mean what they say and they mean what they meant when they were written. that's really what we look for rather than somebody who may have a few liberal or conservative. you don't take that to the courtroom with you. you've got to be able to be as fair and simply look at what the law says. >> that's a terrific answer because there has been so much talk governor about how to kennedy retired and he's conservative and gave a 5-4 concert at the edge anyway on business regulation gun rights but to your point going forward is still the shaky 5-4
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consensus. would you agree with that? >> absolutely agree with it and the key thing is you don't put someone on the court who believes that he or she has a right to legislate. the court, the third branch of government cannot make law. only congress can do that in the problem i've had with some of kennedy's decisions is he acted outside of what the constitution said. he took on issues that were not even mentioned in the constitution and his argument was maybe they should have been. if they were that's congresses job to put them there. it's not the court's job. what we need to make sure more than anything else is we don't have an activist judge. if you want to legislate don't submit your name to the supreme court for consideration. run for congress. that's where you make the laws. liz: governor there's a cry right now that obama's. that blocks by mitch mcconnell
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you can do that in election year and mitch mcconnell may allow another conservative justice to come in and a midterm election year. >> it's a ridiculous argument that chuck schumer is trying to make and that's grasping at straws. big difference between a midterm election in the presidential election. in a presidential year election you have a person in the case of obama is going out of office but who would make a last hail mary touchdown throw to try to get a justice in there. that's all we are talking here. president trump's in his second year. this is a midterm election. it's not a presidential election in chuck schumer knows that a watching him lately he can't help himself. he plays the role of the ever predictable partisan and he's doing it today. liz: there's talk that the president has a list of 25 names to look at. when you look at this governor a lot of those ideas, 25 majority are in their 50's. they are very young so this is
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really important who the president chooses. do you have your druthers for any candidate? >> that's why i'm not on that list. i'm pretty sure that's a only reason i wasn't even included in my list of 25 but i think that's a smart move to put people on their who have the opportunity to serve 30 or 40 years. if you get somebody even in their mid-40s because that really gives a person an opportunity to leave an imprint. getting a good person. that's not to be somebody that has an ideology that matches mine. i just want them to go in there and say what does the constitution say and let's don't make is a more or less and leave it at that. liz: roof bader ginsburg is 80 ginsburg is 85 years old. the president has to conservative pics in just two years time. we haven't seen that in a while governor. final word. >> this is why the election of doll trump was so critical. i'm sitting here thinking god
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help us if we are thinking about hillary clinton having two appointments to the supreme court. it would be past the lifetimes of maybe then my grandchildren before we would do -- undo some of the damage that could be done to activist judges. liz: governor you will be back with me later in the show. thank you. joining me now media advisory board member gina loudon -- nice to see you both. here's chuck schumer saying republicans should follow the same example one they have lost obama supreme court merit garland. would he think the argument of chuck schumer saying wait a second it's a midterm election year mitch mcconnell. are you doing a double standard? gina your reaction. >> it's comparing apples-to-oranges as the governor pointed out. this is not a presidential year. this is a different kind of fear
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and the comparison is a one stand. the american people when they voted for donald trump voted for the rule of law and restoration of our constitution and most people are hoping that's the kind of appointee that will happen. liz: kennedy is the swing vote. he did not like obamacare and voted against it. he upheld the travel ban but he was also -- he voted for abortion rights. he voted for marriage who think the president will pick a midline person or conservative? >> i hope to present pick someone who can look at the constitution say what is the best for the american people? it there were any questions in her mind about whether or not there would be consequences today is that day. not only is he upped the ante for midterm and not just for congress but the person who has the rule of law in the palm of their hand for the next half-century. this is major and even though i did not vote for trump personally he made the right
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decision especially if he's looking at people and age of 50. his novel in my lifetime but my children's lifetime. liz: gina senator jeff flake sits on the senate judiciary and he does not like some of president trump's policy choices. for example he said i will block president trump's judicial nominees over those tariff fights. do you see republicans blocking president trump in his pic because they are mad at him? >> i really don't because public opinion for a president who is ready to stand by the rule of law and the constitution. this is something i think in the last administration and administrations prior people were tired of activist judges and activist courts overthrowing what is constitutional. a strict constructionist should be something as windy just said is palatable to most people. on somebody who regardless of their political opinion about
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what the actual constitution says. liz: wendy you have two seconds. and though you look at the constitution i want someone who make sure they put women's rights and immigrants rights not separating families at the forefront. someone has a heart. liz: gene and wendy you will be back with a shortly. let's check your money. markets in the ratted out down. president trump did drop plans to impose tighter restrictions on chinese investment in u.s. companies and we saw larry kudlow assuring everybody that the white house is not ending foreign investment in u.s. companies. watch. >> president trump's a trade performer. the president proffered the possibility of $200 billion in tariffs. it's not implemented and it's not executed by the late it out
5:15 pm
as a warning because we have not had a satisfactory response from china. the chinese have not yet responded. we will wait and see. i may be too optimistic but at the moment they have not come back with their own new set of tariffs. maybe they are thinking this through that they heard the president in québec and they may be rethinking their position. liz: we will have more on that later in the show and also the justice department disney's 71 billion-dollar acquisition with 20th century fox. let's get to nicole petallides on the floor at the big board with the latest. >> was a case of what happened. we were up 285 points and finished with and a low-paid trade worries once again concerns about investments from chinese companies in u.s. technology companies. that uncertainty the dow finished down 155 apple google
5:16 pm
facebook all sold off. financials as well. all of those on the downside. larry kudlow a trade performer but the tears were not executed and not flushed out in that uncertainty is what hurt this market. last but not least fox the department of justice approving the disney foxtail and this approval gives it a leg up in the battle against comcast. liz: thank you nicole. secretary of transportation delay and chat all telling the sector hey leave my husband mitch mcconnell alone. also tonight fbi agent official for the first time getting a congressional drilling behind closed doors but my next guess has the inside scoop and the supreme court dealing a big blow to government unions and big blue states trying to do an end run to keep union muscle and their base intact.
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>> 59 government public-sector workers can make there on choice that they have not previously been able to do. i wanted the forests to pay somebody something just to hold a government job that i want to make my own decision they shouldn't have to pay a fee just to do something that i like to do and that i enjoy doing. >> where we go from here is making sure that every state and every union respects workers first amendment rights to decide whether they are going to fund the union. the unions of course are going to risk this as much as possible and they probably have some state governments friends who are going to help everyone to make sure that every workers able to exercise that right to
5:21 pm
choose. liz: supreme court still a huge blow to government unions. they include california new york pennsylvania ohio and illinois. they are laying out the battle plan to fight back. government worker unions literally campaigned for democrats in those states in look at this judge andrew napolitano saying this latest supreme court decision catastrophic for government unions and especially democrats. watch. >> the word is catastrophic. the only reason the principle reason i should say the public-sector labor unions have survived 22,018. they are 100 years old because states have forced employees to join them without the compulsion of law forcing members to join unions but the units will be required to offer benefits so people will voluntarily join. i don't know that they have the financial wherewithal to do this but if you look at it from
5:22 pm
republican versus democrat as you were just discussing with andy mccarthy because of some crazy phenomenon where blue-collar union members tend to be more public and what their union leaders tend to be more democrat. this is catastrophic for them. liz: let's bring in california attorney hermie dylan. is the judge right? >> deaf i am particularly so in the blue states you mentioned california number one on the list where there is this very unhealthy symbiotic/parasitic relationship between the public-sector labor union bosses and democratic politicians in sacramento that end up driving up or our cost of living cumberpatch and everything in california becomes more expensive than difficult. this is going to affect democratic funding and ultimately the laws we see. liz: the governor did an end run
5:23 pm
a preemptive move to keep preeminent government intact. you can bet other states have picked up on that. >> no doubt. in fact it's a mandatory orientation for public-sector union members and that would include having a waiting time period before you could opt out of the union having union bosses decide to opt out of the union and other things like that. >> the democrats say hey this is a bad decision and it shows the system is rigged against the middle class worker. the taxpayers out there saying wait a second to the system is rigged against us. there are 53,000. we want government pensions for the police and the firemen and the good teachers out there. we are talking about 63,000 state workers in illinois who
5:24 pm
get six-figure pensions. one guy gets at the million. we are talking university school doctors getting $400,000 a year and pensions. >> that's amateur hour liz. i could tell you 100 horror stories in california. the reality is this is about the government compelling speech from people who don't want their dollars used for that purpose. doesn't mean if public-sector workers want to unionize and want those units to lobby they can do that but they can't do it at the point of a gun. liz: we love having you on the show. thank you so much. the rhetoric is getting really heated. we have got secretary of transportation elaine chao telling protesters hey leave my husband mitch mcconnell alone. we will show you the exchange plus the debate but first fbi official peter strzok for the
5:25 pm
first time getting a congressional grilling behind closed doors. my next guest is republican doug collins. he's going to tell us what went down after the break.
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welcome back. house judiciary and oversight committee meeting with peter struck behind closed door. he is the man of the center of the fbi bias controversy in the investigation of hillary's e-mails and russia probe. let's bring in georgia congressman doug collins. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> any bombshells from testimony today. >> they're doing this behind closed doors but it's time to get him on record. he's under oath and he will have to talk. these are the tweets where he
5:29 pm
will have to explain his bias and why he believes he could stop the presidential election and not focus on his job. that would been something unique for him to have done at the department of justice. >> will he reveal what the insurance policy is against trump. he's a guy who texted about the election and has a sense of unfinished business. he said i need to fix it and later called the russia probe and investigation leading to impeachment and he was excited to join the muller team. that was before he joined it. what was the insurance policy? you're asking -- are you asking pointed questions. >> oh yes. we will also get into his state of mind. we want to know his motivation. is this a bias is not reflected where you just can't write it off as something you tweeted your friend, is this something that was showing up in bias when you're supposed be on the clinton
5:30 pm
investigation but you are preparing for a rush investigation because you wanted to stop a candidate you didn't like. this is where the problem is. if you look at who's resigned including peter struck and then finally had security clearance removed. i talked to rod rosenstein about that several months ago but this is a problem we've had pet we will ask those direct questions but he can't wiggle his way out of this. if you think she's that smart, go at it. >> find out if it's deeper. are there more guys and girls showing that bias? they are backing a motion to censor maxine waters after her call for protest for confronting trump officials and aides. now this. the gop has released an attack ad casting spotlights on some of the left most unhinged moments but i guess that's what happens when you don't work on policy. watch this. >> a few years ago, ideas that
5:31 pm
we talked about were thought to be extremist ideas. those ideas are now mainstream. >> i just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. [inaudible] do something about your immigration practices. >> one way to get rid of trump is to crash the economy. bring on the recession. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. okay the rhetoric has really gotten out of hand.
5:32 pm
let's de-escalate the degrading rhetoric. everyone should stop and take a timeout. both sides, all leaders should display character, compassion, sound moral judgment including the left and president trump with his attack tweets. let's dial it down. >> i'm living proof of that. having somebody who has threatened me and my family, it's something that should not happen. i may disagree with you but we do it in a policy way. we handle our differences through election. it's not going on twitter and costs and talk to me in demeaning terms. >> or bully. don't show up bullying people in restaurant. >> exactly. leave that alone. >> thank you congressman. i love having you on. next story, the harassment continues. elaine chao telling protesters back off, leave my husband, senator mitch mcconnell alone for the governor is back with us and will react after this. is demanding.
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florida attorney general pam bondi seemingly in response to democratic representative matthew waters throwing accelerants on the fire. >> do you see anybody from that cabinet you -- liz: the governor is back with
5:38 pm
us. everybody in both sides which is at the one-year anniversary of the shooting at the republican baseball fields. go ahead. >> well unfortunately there are not so so many ill tempered people in the countries that this is an overwhelming weight that american majority has thank god but enough of them do and we need to explain to them that if you want to scream at somebody at town hall that's your right but you don't go to people's homes. don't disrupt them in public places and if you do u. are just not trying to exhibit your liberty. you are trying to deprive someone else of theirs and that is not america. bigotry. liz: representative maxine waters asked again about her comments about going after trump officials. she yelled at reporters. let's take a listen to what maxine waters said. watch.
5:39 pm
>> where can a concerted eat at a restaurant? >> you can come to my office and talk. come to my office and talk with me. >> talking about civility do think it's civil to -- i'm asking you right now. liz: why isn't she answering questions? >> this may surprise you but in fairness to maxine waters that may not than the time or the place. think she could have answered something simply. she was saying come to my office. think the reporter should have said they had come right now or can you give me an appointment and kept the camera and insisted she didn't then give her an appointment in her office after being invited then i think she confronts her in the hallway next time but i don't want conservatives to be rude just answer rudeness. i don't think that's helping our cause. let's just hope maxine waters continue to be the face and the
5:40 pm
voice of the democratic party to the midterm of elections and were going to have a good year. liz: governor huckabee thanks for coming on. good to see you. alexandria io at 28 year-year-old millennial of former bernie sanders organizer pulled off the biggest upset in this election cycle. she basically ousted job crowley in new york. my next guest says the left is moving further left and everyone should be worried. coming up after the break. they appear out of nowhere.
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5:44 pm
28 teen -- 22 election cycle but less than 30,000 people came out to vote but she won. she beat back the primary competitor 10 term incumbent democrat congressman joe crowley. her district covers the bronx and queens in new york city but watch what cortez is all about. in one of her ideas along, taken alone could damage the economy. none of this is free. the taxpayer pays for it. she's pushing for free government health care for everybody expanding social security, raising taxes on the rich and everybody who she sang housing is a human rights and that's what led to the economic financial collapse in 2008 in 2009. she wants federal jobs guarantee and free public college and debt forgiveness and on and on. we'll take it up with "the weekly standard" editor. a tedious lack of economic knowledge here. what message is this sending to
5:45 pm
democrats? this party is really going far left. >> no question about that. my district in new york city is left joe crowley behind. he was thinking he might be the next house speaker. i guess not. this is 40% hispanic 15% asian, eight or 9% african-american with only 23% white. it's not a district demographically that should -- good for joe crowley and democrats are lucky. radicals like the candidate that won lost in districts where a democrat could upset a republican. it's just regular democrats for the most part but want a competitive distance. liz: i don't get it. don't these democrats remember what bernie sanders said about
5:46 pm
food lines in venezuela that they are quote good things? it's stunning the lack of economic knowledge on the party of up-and-comers and you talk about it nancy pelosi sat on the heads everybody else want to be up-and-coming heddell left-wing coming in and looking at pelosi dressing down a reporter after she was asked about younger politicians. let's listen in to pelosi. >> the democratic party is increasingly younger more progressive and the democratic house leadership -- . >> i am progressive so what's your problem? >> they made a choice in one district. let's not get yourself carried away as an expert on demographics and the rest of that. liz: do you know the problem
5:47 pm
here? it democrats don't have any economic policy. it's like they are watching a jerry seinfeld episode and nothing goes on. they are talking about identity politics when people are sitting at home wait about -- . >> they don't have any of that. they think rich people have too much money and ought to give it to them and the government ought to be much bigger. the government would collapse. if all those things were done that she is advocating there would be an economic disaster. but look at the democrats in nancy pelosi in particular are on par of time. when you look at the house caucus its lead by. they really are old but there are younger people that will be elected in the democratic caucus this year and i think nancy pelosi is on our way out and joe crowley will be there when she
5:48 pm
gets there. liz: what about the blue-collar worker who said wait a second we understand that things are being paid for. we don't want these far left candidates. what about the blue-collar democratic voter up there? >> candidates like this woman are pushing blue-collar workers to the left, to the right and trump grabbed a lot of them in 2016. i think there going to be a lot more out there for him to grab in 2020. the more candidates from the democratic left for trump to be the president for eight years. liz: fred ours that's quite a prediction. we are going to hold you on it. fred warren c. love having you on. come back soon. now to the story. do you remember the story of the senate intern who cursed at trump? she wasn't fired she was suspended one week. my next guest says if you don't
5:49 pm
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it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. liz: you remember the story the senate intern identified. she wasn't fired. she was suspended for one week and a hampshire democrat maggie hansen this in turn worked for her. counselor to president kellyanne conway not happy about just a suspension. watch. >> look at this in turn last week. a congressional summer intern. her name is katelynn mariotte. i'm sure she is being deified on the socialist left. she gets a week suspension still
5:53 pm
has her job. i guarantee i talked to the president this morning you said by the way i can promise you on his behalf that a white house intern here this summer anything like that to an elected official let alone the president of the united states the f word followed by the name but i guarantee that person would be gone. liz: let's bring back the panel. gina comments great to have you back gene and wendy. gene m. senator hassan is saying her behavior and what the intern said you shouldn't be equated with the president that the president is the worst factor here. what are your comments on that? >> this is an intern speaking in a place that should have a certain level of decorum. she not only should be fired but she should be taken home and have her mouth washed out with soap. that's the way it would have been handled and before people like maxine waters were advocating publicly with very few democrats approaching her
5:54 pm
for more hostility and more vitriol. that's what led to this. she thinks it's okay because of the leaders of her own party. liz: wendy why was she fired? >> that's a joke. kelly sadler who is a white house aide who said john mccain is dying anyway but she wasn't fired so let's make sure -- . >> g. not like to finish. we have people on both sides of the aisle who use inappropriate language so if we are going to wash someone's mouth out with soap those people that are -- on pennsylvania avenue because that's an issue. liz: wendy you agree the rhetoric has to be dialed back. >> the rhetoric has to be dialed back from both sides. so everybody should dial it back and stop doing it everybody everybody right gena? the intern should have been
5:55 pm
fired come you agree that an kelly sadler should have gotten in trouble more quickly. >> it needs to be dialed back but this is an intern we are talking about a professional who is hired and that's different from someone who didn't use profanity. someone yelling this at the president of the united states completely apples-to-oranges and want again -- liz: wendy we are talking about the office of the presidency, right? forgive me you have to treat the office of the presidency with respect. do you agree with that? >> are you serious? we have individuals who work for the president -- liz: i hear were you saying that i'm talking about the interns right now. i'm talking about the intern in a public space yelling at the president. i'm talking about respecting the office of the presidency. though i had.
5:56 pm
>> if an intern uses that language yes it's wrong. the president himself doesn't respect his own office so what are we saying here? it let us be honest and let us be clear here. liz: gina respond to what wendy said about the president not respecting his own office. >> completely ridiculous. the president, every single 36 hours the president has accomplished something monumental and that's without the help -- liz: is a personal in his attacks? that's the question. >> this was an intern and the president of the united states and i would commit to elizabeth we would be making a different argument if the were obama. >> obama would never do what president trump has done. liz: thank you both. a president is a north dakota. he is an holding a rally for his
5:57 pm
supporters. more on that after the break. .. what might seem like a small cough to you...
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liz: both miss "lou dobbs tonight's" coverage of president trump's rally in north dakota. charles: we have to begin the blockbuster news out of the supreme court. a string of momentous ruling. christina joins us live with the details. reporter: the retirement of justice kennedy. he is 81 years old. he served for 41 years, 30 of those years on the supreme court. he'll be retiring july 31. he has


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