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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: both miss "lou dobbs tonight's" coverage of president trump's rally in north dakota. charles: we have to begin the blockbuster news out of the supreme court. a string of momentous ruling. christina joins us live with the details. reporter: the retirement of justice kennedy. he is 81 years old. he served for 41 years, 30 of those years on the supreme court. he'll be retiring july 31. he has controlled the outcome of
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a lot of hot button issues. the first one in 1992 regarding abortion. echo wrote the opinion to reaffirm women's legal rights to abort. then you move on to 2000 where he was involved with casting a vote with conservatives on the disputed electoral results that cleared the way for the presidency of george w. bush. then he penned the landmark opinion that's paved the way for same-sex marriage across the country. we have justice ruth bader ginsberg who says i will miss the pleasure of his company and helpful suggestions on circulating opinions and his recommendations on art acquisitions in my chambers and more. kneeneil gorsuch said it was an
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honor to serve as his law clerk and it has been a joy this we are to serve as his colleague. president trump can now nominate a second justice. the first one being neil gorsuch. they are going to be nominating before the mid-terms, possibly in september. they have a list of 25 nominees they will look at. this comes when today was a big day at the supreme court involving the janus case. he says he doesn't want to pay $45 a month towards a union he's not part of. the court ruled it's infringing on his first amendment rights. so public unions will have to have their members opt in. definitely a huge day from the
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capitol. charles: john burnett, ford o'connell and gayle trotter. we know president trump allude to that list. word leak out that he wants someone who is young. maybe even under the age of 50. is that the idea -- the ideal nominee? >> you want someone around 40 years of age who doesn't have a paper trail whose confirmation you can manage. this is perhaps the biggest moment and opportunity of the trump presidency. given the gridlock in congress and supreme court, it's the most of influential branch of government. if president trump does this right, his decision will impact decades of american life.
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he has a tremendous responsibility, a tremendous opportunity, and he has to find a way to get 59 votes in the senate. charles: the left went apoplectic. i think they are going to rally around the idea that the next nominee will remove a woman's right to abortions. what do you make of it? >> they are trying to scare people. they are going back to their normal liberal playbook. you will see character assassination. you will see an all-out assault to try and defeat the president's nominee. but they are not going to be successful. this is a big moment in the trump presidency. he has the ability to appoint someone just like justice gorsuch who is fair and independent.
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the list of 25 people are the best and brightest with a long history of upholding the constitution and listening to both side fairly. charles: mitch mcconnell says the vote to confirm his successor will take place before the elections. you have to wonder if you can't do it during a presidential or mid-term election, soon you don't even be doing it when the dog catcher is up for reelection. >> they are trying to present this as an unfair thing. but it's not an equal situation. but back to this issue of trying to scare everybody about how we are going to roll back abortion rights, you have to get to the senate. and that won't be too easy if you pick someone who is extreme. this is the story that has to be
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told. charles: isn't that in the eyes of the beholder? >> let's talk about susan collins and lisa murkowski. they are not going to vote for somebody who will roll back roe versus wade. everybody has to calm down. if they don't get this person approved by the senate and the clock keeps ticking they do have an election. my thought is they will come up with a measured strict constitutionalist but someone who won't vote in an extreme way. charles: a lot of folks on the republican side who didn't like donald trump or were critics of donald trump, they are saying at least they are backing him despite having some continues with him validated today. because the supreme court is the
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ultimate decision that the president of the united states can make. >> he drove out the vote by putting it out there to americans. look, this is how important a president is with respect to appointing supreme court justices. i think the say thing will hold true now. what they will try to do is delay the vote. however, if they don't use the political poison pill to get to 51, what they will try to do is make it a get out the vote evident. so it will turn out into our favor. some fights you winner. some fights you have to go the distance. i think this is an example of going the distance. charles: ford, that is another side bar to this. both sides are galvanized and both sides are enthusiastic. there won't be the enthusiasm
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gap you might give in the mid-term election where the party out of power has more determination. you will probably see more now democrats in those red states look more vulnerable than they did this morning. >> i think democrats in red states are more vulnerable because republicans understand the importance of the judiciary. but it's important to remind the republican grassroots, republicans are on a winning streak. we had 19, 5-4 decisions, and we can thank judge gorsuch for that. but you have got to hammer home this before the mid-terms and we may have another opening. donald trump may have an impact for the next 50 years. charles: we have critical decisions key controversial, if you will. if it's not going to be
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abortion, i'm also hearing immigration which obviously they seized the high ground after the parent separation crisis. what can they do? what can they do to try to block this and ultimately what will mitch mcconnell's role be? >> think of the scare tactics they are using. you bring up mitch mcconnell and he was yelled at by liberal protesters and his wife. i would not want to mess with secretary chow. she is a strong, powerful republican woman. everybody in congress will have to understand and work towards is not allowing the left to orchestrate this playbook. it will have to be a strong, firm response to point to the wisdom and experience of whoever the person selected to do this. we know the 25 names.
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and we know they are the best and the brightest. charles: they have been vetted to a degree which he diets the process. union dues, voter purge. cell phones, tracking, what do they suggest? a lot of people are saying when it's 5-4, it's obviously political. president trump has an opportunity to build this out with one or two more nominees. to your point, making them more moderate, will that be important for the history books so these are longstanding laws that evolve out of the court? >> if you pick an extreme person on. >> i of necessary issues -- extreme person on any of these issues, the weaker the case will be. what can mcconnell do?
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of its manufacturing. before i begin. i wanted to say, i understand what harley wants to do with respect to expanding outside the united states. the american motorcycle market has peaked. registrations hit 549,000 in 2006. last year 288,000. european registrations have been coming on strong. but i reject the notion they are closing their kansas city plant and moving to the thailand because we got out of the tpp. they had this plan or had this plan in australia. 500,000 square feet. the lease goes until 2020. and australia is part of tpp. >> they have been manufacturing along with australia and other parts around the world. parts made in america are assume
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belled overseas. but the kansas city plant closing, according to the company is the result of less demand in america. the market is shrinking. millennials don't like hogs as much as baby boomers do. but the thailand issue was, they want to be competitive and not have to pay a tariff. they want to make over there to sell over there. charles: thailand itself isn't going to be the market. fit was about tpp, they had a half a million square foot plant in australia that has no tpp rules. i don't begrudge them. but i worry when the companies get involved in contentious issues giving china more leverage because i don't think in this case it was fair for
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harley to do that. >> if he succeeds and is able to persuade europe to do the planning, it's great. but it should be pointed out. this company is getting hit hard by his trade policies so far. this is not a company whose stock has soared since his election. they are paying more for aluminum and steel. charles: the market has shrunk dramatically. >> in the u.s. you look at what's happening now. charles: is it fair for them to go to the white house in february when they made up their mind before then that they were moving their manufacturing. i see more corporations becoming political like this and i think it's a slippery slope. >> the new move is to go to europe which is in retaliation
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for the trump aluminum and steel tariffs. charles: they are going to spend $300 million to avoid $100 million? i think president trump at this point should be -- a lot of news out there today. some people are uncomfortable with them coming on a company like this. i think they dissed him to a degree. >> i think we'll see that happen. you will understand why people would be uncomfortable with president trump going after a brand that has a lot of overlap between people who ride harleys. and he does tap into something interesting it's sad to see a company that's so american. i am from the milwaukee area. i understand the american
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appreciation, it's such an american brand. you can see why people would be uncomfortable with that. it could backfire. charles: on this decision with cfius a big sigh of relief. one thing that was under reported. i didn't see anybody in china talk about it. china has apparently stopped bragging about china 2025. i have a feeling something is going on behind the scenes. what is the sense you are getting? >> i think people are very relieved, especially in the technology industry. that this will not be a general worldwide limit on silicon valley's ability to export to the world or our ability to take investments from people overseas. charles: we don't want to give
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that up. emily, thank you very much. we are going to discuss more about civility and how fragile it is. it feels like it's hanging by a thread in america. we have a special guest next. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm... i'm a small business, but i have...
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charles: lack of civility dominating headlines. the attacks not unique to a single littl political party, te are some things about this that are happening. we know that it is spiraling out of control, consequences could be real and dangerous. joining us dr. alveda king. niece of dr. martin lug luther king jr., you wrote an article, you went there talking about where it could lead america. >> charles, this is expensive.
6:24 pm
the shattering the breaking. these are the best of times, also the worst of timings. we have so many good things happening in america right now, with tax breaks, unemployment down, job market up. several things you talked about. all of that is just so great. but then we have elements that want to find something wrong, and fight and splinter and argue at the same time. i am a little bit older than a lot of our audience, i remember in very worst times in 20 century, segregation, houses bomb the. but people were working. there were flowers in the window whether you were rich or poor. we were not attacking each other like this internally. it has to stop. we have a president that actually is improving the economy. some of the issues that people are concerned about. he signed that executive order,
6:25 pm
reuniting children with parents at border to certain extent. there are american mothers maybe who committed a crime because their children were hungry, they were thrown in jail, and their children thrown in defects, we have to lock at that as well. charles: we do. what makes me nervous. if the anger is such a boiling point with unemployment at these levels, record unemployment for blacks and hispanics, economy growing 5%, wha what happens whn ththe inevitable recession come. >> it could erupt into violence if we don't keep level heads, my uncle, we have talked about this before, he said, i decided to stick with love, hate is too difficult a burden to bear.
6:26 pm
in atlanta, the city too busy to hate, my daddy ou taught me howo love in the face of hate, rational thinking, a soft answer turns away wrath. i tweeted that, we don't have to come back at somebody because they say something that is offensive. we have to keep level heads, it is very expensive. strive tears up things then who will rebuild it. charles: i don't disagree. i will share part of an ad an tt g.o.p. put out. >> one way to get rid of trump to crash the economy, bring on the recession. >> what is last time. >> i have thought a lot about blowing up the white house.
6:27 pm
house. >> i hear what you are saying, we hope and pray that cooler heads prevail. what if they don't? >> cooler heads can prevail. that is actually happening, we have got real news. we have fake news. we need to broadcast some more things about people who are doing kind things, rational things, safe and secure things. that really is happening. and we see what the great executive orders that president is signing and things are reversing, getting better. he will appoint a new supreme court justice. and we may see some more advances. we really just have to do what you do, call me back, let me say, a soft answer turns away wrath. i will say it a hundred times, maybe it will stick. charles: we appreciate your words of wisdom, they are needed now more than a long time. >> thank you.
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charles: we'll be right back. it was here.
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at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. >> how are you feeling? can you put it into words? charles: celebrating shocking democrat primary win over crowley who the number 4 democrat in the house, he was.
6:32 pm
last night, the real big loser in my opinion was the establishment on both side, bernie's people won big time. joining me to discuss author michael starr hopkins. -- let me start with you evan. i'm thinking italy right now, have you far left, far right sharing that kicked out the establishment. i am thinking brexit. another sanders guy, and west jared polis who beat the establishment. i am thinking that the establishment is a big loser. >> polis was the establishment. i think people are over reading this race. if you look at queens politics and new york politicos see it clearer. the queens democratic machine has been getting a serious aim
6:33 pm
of blow back, crowley got in trouble for support of idc. and backing state senator jose parial ta and jeff klein. charles: you think more of a local. >> it was local, people were shifting in the district who wanted to see them gone, and cortez was the beneficiary of this. this is not indicative of the nation, i don't think as queens goes, so goes the nation. you would have seen maloney lose last night, she decimated a candidate running on same platform and had more money. charles: michael starr hopkins. we know that nancy pelosi wing of the democratic party is in trouble. if this is not another wake-up call to them, i don't know what circumstance i think bernie sanders energize part of the left has more wind in sail.
6:34 pm
i think if democrats elite don't pay attendtion, they are in trouble. >> i think that democratic party is a big tent party, we're seeing them win in all areas. nucor tenew -- cortez is charis, young and latina and ran a great campaign, and congressman crowley did not really show up in his district, he sent a stand in to debate. i think the different factors is what lead to this. i think we're seeing in the democratic base that is excited. charles: i remember when brat won. other guy he didn't campaign, he was the arrogant and yada yada. i think dave brat's election on republican side with seats reveal seats of something that evenly en up being donald trump. i think maybe i am reading too much into it wit.
6:35 pm
but i believe something monumental is going on with rejection of elite establishment, i think people in general are tired of them. >> i don't think you are reading too much into this. we look back this movement began before 2016, ended with donald trump as president. it really is still just at the beginning. in mid terms in year and 2020-22 we'll see establishment candidates on republican and democrat sides ousted. people feel they are out of touch, they have been in congress 20 years, promising the world, giving us nothing. you look at miss cortez, she was like able, he within door-to-door grassroots talking to people, crowley was not connecting with his district. i don't know what type of congresswoman she would be, but
6:36 pm
i do find here to be likable and a fresh face. charles: touching, particularly if you were not into politics. when you look at that video, you listen it was powerful. >> a well produced campaign ad, you will see a lot of candidates on both side try to replicate it but i don't think what she did was a part of a national wave. if you look at all of negative stories that have been trailing joe crowley, he gave his finance director son an $80,000 a year internship. >> isn't that what the elites do? abuse of power. >> there has been a civil war for control over the queens democratic party, this happened to be one of those. charles: michael. >> i think this points to a bigger issue for democrats, we need to make sure we have a narrative, miss cortez had a nainarrative.
6:37 pm
charles: free stuff, this time we mean it. >> she said israel -- it was a dark day. charles: it was. people concerned about that, we'll come back, thank you very much. appreciate it president trump taking stage for another rally, a big one. we'll have more details next. jay type 2 diabetes pill proven to both reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis
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can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales. charles: a crazy day, major reversals in all direction. keep in mind, there were winners, energy surged, rallied to highest levels in 2018,
6:41 pm
utility a bligh a little bit hiw jones indicating town 200 early -- down 200 early. then they would vet potential chinese investment in united states it works. soon after, dow is higher, almost 300 points higher than rally began to fade, i think commentsa larry kudlow made on varney and company suggesting that china has not done much to soften their stance. but then later on seemed something else was spooking market. nasdaq clapped and s&p 500 slipped to red. and then the dow stumbled, i think professional investor looking at yel yele curve -- yid curve, the 10 year. inverted yield curves are
6:42 pm
considered a sure fire predict whicpredicture for regular recei don't see one. what is gnawing at this market. >> just the uncertainty with tariffs, the market does not like tariffs, they love trump but they don't like tariffs, whatever trump tweets anything -- >> did you thing morning news, this whole thing this weaken fortunately mnuchin made worse suggesting we would stop all foreign investment. but at least congress would be in charge of this part takes away element of surprise. >> we were down, if you got up, i was up this morning we were down big time. charles: we made a 500 pound reversal up, why did we lose it. >> what i said, uncertainty.
6:43 pm
every time somebody talks, man who was talking on varney, every time someone says something, nobody knows what to do. people ar taking profits. >> i think it is more about policy, every war and strategy, generals have opposite opinions, but the commander has the final decision. that uncertainty is causing people to hit the sell button. charles: you don't feel maybe something else could be at work. work? with advent of financial television, every day there has to be an federal official reason. >> there is something wrong right now, with big diversions, you have fed officials tripping
6:44 pm
over themselves to how high gdp will be. there is something wrong, one of those two charts is wrong. charles: red or yellow flag? >> i give it yellow right now, we're in purgatory, investors are shot sure where we are going. charles: the summer? you are still feeling that way? how vulnerable are we too breaking key support numbers. >> close, the banks look horrible, looking at goldman sachs that stock is so close to breaking major support, almost in a down trend, i have not seen it look this bad in so long, you are not going to have a strong market without the financials. charles: i think without a doubt that -- >> tech and financials, they are two main. charles: and financials have been terrible condition all year. thank you very much. well cycle of fake news and how public persevered media is an epidemic, w we break down the nw study you probably already knew,
6:45 pm
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charles: according on a new actsio survey, 92% of republicans think media intention rally reports fake news. here to discuss the author of the poll. -- sarah, you know, this is something that i tell you, bothers me. of all things you pointed out, hardly anyone 3% thinks that fake news makes headlines by accident.
6:49 pm
i think headlines are the weapon inflation news -- fake news, they are used to destroy, kill, maim, they are heartless and effective. >> yes, you are right. content matters -- context matters news businesses membership are struggling right now are trying to do better things to get engagement from people. unfortunately, one of the vehicles is the consumer with hyperbolic headlines, not every newsroom all of the time but it is a friend mos trend people age on-line. charles: there was a time you could read into author's feelings. you get a sense, but enough facts constituted the bulk of article. now from headlines throughout
6:50 pm
the piece it is almost all opinion, a lot of it sidesteps or ignores stru truthful matter. >> what more troubling, you have that case you just lined out, people will see or read headline, they the not click to read more facts, that is how we've been training to consume news. it is troublesome. charles: mark, if you look at chart of "new york times," it was crashing. despite their animosity and feud with trump, they have done pretty well. 92% of republicans think that media intentionally reports fake news. that is serious stuff, that not supposed to be. >> it very troubling. i started my career as a journalist, and trained in it 50 years ago president johnson lamented when he lost walter
6:51 pm
cronkite he lost middle america. there is not one of big three network anchor is a claim they could speak for middle america, most would be shocked if they agreed with the president rather than disagree with the president, they have lost touch with their viewers, that is why they are losing viewers, concerning. charles: actsio has carved out ais niche for itself, is there room in this marketplace, enough consumers that will consume news that had benign headlines and more truthful articles? >> absolutely, i am bullish on that, we should be optimistic there is a good place for truthful journalism, i think that news media is going through a intesting time of transition, trying to figure out how can you produce sustainable goodjournallism what economics behind media are a little bit
6:52 pm
rough. we will get to a point where we'll crave truth. charles: do you share that optimism? >> i do, the media always adjusts, and in to be honest, journalists most, sometimes they are bias, they go into it with right intention to cover news. we get back to the basic foundation, the american people will reward it. but it will take some time getting there. charles: sarah and mark thank you very much. >> a good piece. >> thank you. charles: coming up, remember north korea pledge to denuke? a new report shows they are doing the opposite, quickly, trying to put their nuclear research facility back together. we have shocking details coming up with colonel allen west, next.
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charles: according to a new report, and satellite images, north korea is ramping up its facility as u.s. military aims to install missile defense radar system in hawaii to identify any ballistic missiles fired from north korea. >> with me now, retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel allen west. you know this i guess is what a lot of people feel was the concern. you come back from north korea. from summit in singapore. there is freigh great and hopefs then shortly after that, sort of right now looks like some evidence they are back up to their nuclear ambitions. >> good to be with you. to take a play-off what ronald reagan said, you cannot trust but you still must verify. that is what we see with north
6:57 pm
korea, nothing is for sure until we get people on ground in north korea, have inspectors. but first we must develop a timeline. we must have specific conditions that have to be met, north korea has to abide by this timeline. this another reason why i disagree with the president. suspending the military exercises, you never put your own military capability capacity of readiness on a negotiating table. we have not seen anything fore comes from north korea to lead to us believe they are serious, yes, there have opinion baby be. >> realistically what would be next step? to see? a trip, a meeting, pompeo or a pledge or pledge in writing? next concrete realistic step be? >> i would preassume that satellite imagery is known to the cia, known to mike pompeo, secretary of state, he should be on the phone calling north
6:58 pm
korea, saying what's up with this? he should quickly say, here is list of new santions we're putting in place, we will reinitiate the military exercises within 48 hours, unless you stop this improving. we probably need too have people come down and be on ground in north korea to see what you are doing there in the facility. charles: colonel west, it looks like russia trump summit, is on announcement tomorrow. a third country. a third party country, your thoughts? >> well, that is important that you meet these despotic dictators face-to-face, do you that from a position of moral high ground. a couple weeks ago we finished several joint exercises in balkans with latvia and estonia. we need to send our oil and natural gas to eastern european
6:59 pm
countries and poland. let putin know we're serious. charles: i know that you are asking president trump to pardon army ararmy lieutenant clint la. >> an incredible story, you have bowe bergdahl a deserted who walked ar around free, and you e a american platoon leader in prison. clint did not ordering of firing upon civilians he ordered his platoon to fire upon taliban members who were bomb makers. charles: you have presented this request to white house. >> no, that is one thing, i want to make sure that american people are aware of, that i would be happy to sit with president and secretary of defense and ask them about this case, this is a travesty of just
7:00 pm
whiz a bo bergdahl runs free. charles: we know you stand up for justice. colonel west thank you, really appreciate it about thank you. charles: thank you at people, here is -- thank you at home, here is lou. lou: good evening, our top story, justice anthony kennedy is retiring. giving president trump a historic opportunity to further shape the u.s. supreme court. decision capping off a week where high daughte court upheldl band and deliver left a defeat on abortion and a defeat on the political weaponization of union dues. >> in our country the selection of a justice of theu u.s. ruses suprem unitedstates


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