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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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m i'jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance."' and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ people, here is -- thank you at home, here is lou. lou: good evening, our top story, justice anthony kennedy is retiring. giving president trump a historic opportunity to further shape the u.s. supreme court. decision capping off a week where high daughte court upheldl band and deliver left a defeat on abortion and a defeat on the political weaponization of union dues. >> in our country the selection of a justice of theu u.s. ruses suprem unitedstates is considere
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move important things. lou: we take it up, allen of harvard law. and roh, nos suffering a defeat on the hill. we'll talk about what it means for the future of the republican party and the nation with kimberly guilfoyle, and the dean himself ed rollins, president trump has plenty the supreme court. midterms and beyond. he is true to speak an hour from now at a campaign rally in fargo, north dakota, we'll bring his remarks live on a special edition of "lou dobbs tonight." top story, critical opportunity for the president to submit a conservative majority in the supreme court for a generation.
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perhaps two. justice anthony kennedy today announcing he is retiring, stepping down from high court after 3 decade, his retirement at end of next month, a decision a year after his former law clerk neil gorsuch took over the seat occupied by late justice anthony scalia. >> justice kennedy will be retiring. he is a man that i have known for a long time. a man that i have respected for a long time. he has been a great justice of the supreme court. he is a man who is displaying great vision, and tremendous vision and heart. he will be missed but he will be retiring. lou: president said he is going to work immediately to identify
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candidates from a list of 25 names previously released. all well-credentials and conservative. justice kennedy retirement setting up an epic confirmation fight that mitch mcconnell vowed dhaichamber would take up this , dems insisting americans should have a chance to vote first to midterm on senator who will either confirm or deny the nominee, senator schumer has a long way to go to persuade that president or senate majority leader that he bears listening to. joining us congressman matt gates. he serves on judiciary committee, budget, and arm services. your reaction. a lot going on today. justice kennedy's retirement how do you feel about it? do you have a favorite among
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those 25 on the list? >> i think there are a number of excellent choices, you remember a number of conservatives voted for donald trump because they knew that future of the supreme court could be at play. could be the very deciding thing that dictates what this presidency will judge by. with the american people, i am excited he has that opportunity. when you look at decision we got today on unions. where public sector union members will not be forced to pay off union bosses just too have a job that shows how impactful the mayb membership of supreme court can be. lou: those conservatives that voted for president trump, have to be feeling very good. they got an additional bonus, most successful president in 16 months as president since fdr . and another supreme court
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justice choice to boot. turn to this peculiar, even by paul ryan standard, peculiar vote in house, pushing forward a so call compromise bill on amnesty and open borders, because everyone that ryan because has to be associated with amnesty and open borders. and vote was overwhelming. it was a stunning defeat. for the speaker. and for k-street, chamber of commerce round table and woot. wall street. >> first is path to citizenship, i am an immigration hardliner, i admit it. i don't think that people who come here illegally should have a automatic path to citizenship,
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it is not something we bestow on people who come illegally. and chain migration, not legalized as a consequence of family relationship rather than economic value they can bring in. america first agenda that presidenta delivering on for american people demands we putin rest of this country first, not interest of family reunification over our economic objective. i nang the presideni think thats right, moving forward. do we start from negotiations ryan bill or from the bill that got 193 votes. we should start from conservative bill as a bases to go forward. lou: you are not contemplating 94 slo another vote.
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>> we promised people a wall. and get rid of chain migration. lou: everyone talks about over borders and amnesty. it should be clear to everyone now. not just republicans in the house of representatives. because there are some difficult issues facing some of those people. not the least of which is reelection. american people are expecting this president to build a wall, that is a product promise, many of your colleagues promised to join him in building that wall, how does this get twisted every time. that we've seen what happened since 1986, every time you listen to a democrat promise you border security right after you vote for amnesty, this time, why doesn't every republican pledge this. there will be no amnesty, what so ever for any illegal
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immigrant. until the border wall is built. not funded not appropriated but built. and our border secure. >> i would go further, not just the wall that will secure the border, but everify, ending visa lottery and chai migration. >> i am thrilled with that. lou: i appreciate, that but last time i heard people say they wanted to do it all, i wented abouwitnessed a 20 year fight or comprehensive immigration reform. you now, understand that one of the greatest ploys in washington, d.c. is if you can't solve a problem, you make it bigger, then you talk comprehensive then you do nothing. this time, build a wall, secure the border. then we'll talk about how we'll change immigration law. the american people deserve that considering, that respect from
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there president and this damage, congress and next elected. >> we need about 30 more votes. lou: go get them, you -- you watch this president he works night and day. >> he does a great job. lou: i have to say, you need a speaker who will work for the american people, not for the chamber of commerce, work for the deplore ages, and not for the be round table and wall street. do you think that can be done. that is what you should focus on. every rino in congress should be defeated and every one of them defeated by a conservative republican. >> from your lips to god's ears, i would love more conservatives here in congress. we have congress that we have right now, i think that this will be an issue in the election, like you said we have not delivered on the promise, the immigration of central issue in last elect, my expectation that american people will demand
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more of us midterm than we have offered. another issue that keeps bubbling up, we think near resolution, if not conclusive. that is the conspiracy in the deep state, and the dems and left and this country. who are insinuated to every part of our federal government, today you had one of the most brazen among them, peter strzok, once head of counter intelligence at fbi, who was absolutely singular in the midyear exam, e-mail scandal investigation by fbi of hillary clinton. bob mueller's special counsel. oh, yes, and remember the collusion by the trump campaign. i mean this guy was central, today behind closed-door, you
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hear him. >> it should have been open hearing, i expect we'll have him in front of everyone soon. i was most taken by lack of curiousty of bob mueller to reassign strzok back to fbi, you would think after mueller found the text messages strzok talking about his bias against president that mueller would inquire and into whether or not investigative digs were impacted by the bias of his top investigate or strzok. i am flabbergasted that mueller did not seem to ask basic questions that someone would ask if they found out that their cleave investigator was spewing hate and bias about the very person they were supposed to be investigating in the trump campaign, there there are a lot more questions for bob mueller, my hope to get this information out to american people with public hearings exp and testimoy
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soon. lou: did strzok say anything of relevance, of means, subshan today? or more of the same, sudden he e cute, and he can do what he wants to frame the president of united states when he wishes or exonerate a democratic candidate for president when he wishes? >> it was very clear to me that peter strzok had deemed hillary clinton not guilty, before even interviewing her or conducting major portions of the investigation. and he deemed donald trump guilty, and ready for impeachment after only a day of opening up that investigation. the bias not only existed in hearts of thied these people but investigative decisions they played to make nothing of hillary clinton e-mail investigation, and instead, to prioritize total hoax that total witch-hunt into donald trump. it is disgusting, we need to put
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it on display so it never happens again. lou: we always have a straight forward conversation this thursday we hear from christopher wray and rod rosenstein. deputy attorney general. they have defies oversight congress throughout. they have slow rolled, the administration and you guys how long are you going to put up with their nonsense? >> i hope not too much longer. information that we have requested before they opened up on job or papadopoulos would tell us whether or not fbi was collecting intelligence on trump campaign, we need those documents it may show payments it may show records of sources that were worked, these are people who do not believe in congressional oversight, that not my perception much their actions it is what they have said, rod rosenstein said on may
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one, there is no constitutional basis for a coma congressional oversight. we're going to press them, if they don't produce documents we need to begin impeachment, and have support of our leadership to do that strong leadership on power of congress, to conduct oversight, and we're always looking for more help from the leaders. lou: your leadership, you need help. you need help in form of new leadership. i don't know if we can, agree on that. thank you very much. always grade to have with you us. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, a primary, a big win or two or three for president trump. trump supported candidates building momentum going into the november midterms, co-host of the 5 kimberly guilfoyle will join me next. we're awaiting start of president trump's rally in fargo, north dakota. he won the state of north dakota
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in 2016. i think that number was 95% to 5% for hillary clinton. i'm not over stating, that am i? we'll be back with audited numbers, right after these messages. we'll bring you president's rally, live, i love it, fargo, north dakota. stay with us. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai.
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lou: president trump continues to win, with him republicans continue to win. and win. as the president promised during the election of 2016,. this primary season up to midterms looks like a replay, thanks to president's endorse. last night henry mcmaster governor of south carolina securing a victory in south carolina primary, and dan donovan winning big in new york, even president trump's old adversary, mitt romney endorsed by president trump amazing, amazing. i have always wanted to talked to the president why he did that but nonetheless, with than dors endorsement rom ye romney won. joining us, kimberly guilfoyle,
10:20 pm
president doing it again. >> unbelievable. lou: you would think there should be no doubt of minds of anyone in house of representative of attaching themselves to president trump's make america great against or maybe by november keep america great. state forward. >> like hate to be master of the obvious, the man knows what he is doing. okay? now he is fulfills his campaign promises. and exceeding all expectations. he under promised and has over delivered a number of things. lou: i don't believe the last time a president has over delivered. >> when has it ever happened. in jobs, economy and immigration, she focused and determine -- he is focused and determined, and american people, resonating with them, not just working men and women across the
10:21 pm
country that were left behind. by previous administrations, but -- lou: forgotten. >> by everyone. lou: 2 presidents in secession pro preceded president trump. and president getting so mad at harley-davidson he is spitting nails, in his honor we'll resurrect two terms you don't hear, offshoring of production by harley-davidson. that has to stop harley-davidson. and so does the out sourcing are that gat them i got them in the. >> he is not letting it slide, he is sputing america first, and american jobs and our economy. in the past, people felt shameful we were making a buck there and putting dollars in people's pocket, now he says, i will hold you accountable, i will call you out and i will shame you, if you don't redave
10:22 pm
in threa half-- behave in the ri don't have a problem with that, it works. lou: american people have learned about trade, i can tell you from having covered bill clinton, george w. bush, and barack obama, three of them, what they knew about trade deficits, trade balances, international payment systems, you could put in a thimble this president taught more americans about the important of balances fair trade, reciprocal trade, and the mercantilism of china and germany and european union. suddenly people realizing, the president is right, united states has been played for chumps for almost 50 straight years. >> true, and he has to wall it out. it was appalling, subsidizes people who thumb their nose at us, no more free lunch. there has to bee reciprocity in business and trade, that is all
10:23 pm
that president is trying to do even out the playin playing fee. it is shameful behavior on pat past presidents who did not care enough. lou: national left wing mediacom bliss it with those 3 administrations, chamber of commerce, business round table, koch brothers and wall street, they wanted more cheap labor they still do, and paul ryan for crying out -- i had to mention his name. >> i know. lou: difficult. paul ryan's silly bill. a compromise bill. he could go to his master and say, i tried to open the borders, get you more cheap labor and suppress wages as has been done for last 20 years before president trump was elected. >> no more open borders. no more globalists, this is not our job and responsibility to subsidize ul all of the other country and a nation that
10:24 pm
lawless, people coming in with dis regard, disrespect, and we're made to feel for sorry it? no, get in line, follow the process that has been set up like everyone before you. and quit trying to come in, and take without doing tote right -- boeing to the righdoing to the e it, but there a legal process, and must be observed, they don't let us saunter in where we want, do they. >> no. lou: we'll build a wall because president said so, he is aboard that aircraft you see there, landing in fargo, north carolina to begin rally 8 p.m. eastern. and by the way. >> he is the best way to send the message, he really so exciting people it resonates, he delivers results. lou: i get a kick he of in the
10:25 pm
west columbia, south carolina, he within down a no microsoft -- nostalgic path that some plane here, is right, he said in the speech, that night, he said, 22 hours from singapore, even in air force one, 22 hours is a long time. time. >> dekept working on that. lou: look what the el and more winning. i am laughing from joy of the thing. and that is winning and winning and winning the supreme court, handing down decision after decision. whether it is a -- >> he has been vindicated. lou: travel ban, i am sorry left wing take your nastagest and work it out, our president, is
10:26 pm
in charge of national security. >> they tried to strip him of his powers, he is commander in chief, it is incumbent on him we are's secure country. now he will get more wins because of the vacancy of justice kennedy. lou: 40 years of unions able to confiscate dues of people who don't want any part of the union or top support the union's choice of candidate. >> absolutely, now individuals can cast their ballots for candidate they choose not the monopolize by the union who really have tried to hijack elections and steal votes for years, that has come to an end too. lou: and trump era's beginning. >> trump economy. lou: a good start. >> trump national security. lou: we going to recite those,
10:27 pm
endlessly. winning and winning. >> can't stop winning. lou: thank you. jeff flake, what a name, taking aim at president trump again. you won't believe it this time, we'll be right back. we started making wine in 1948... [sfx: bottle sounds on conveyor] one bottle at a time. today, we produce nearly 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally. now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers.
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lou: if you are taking a look at the president waving as he's coming off air force one in fargo, north dakota. moments ago the president giving that wave before he set off to a huge rally at the shields arena moments from now. we'll bring you everybody moment in our coverage when the make america great again rally starts and it's a matter of we think he'll start somewhere near 8:00 eastern time. let's turn to rino senator jeff
10:32 pm
flake. he's just an abysmal example of and senator and certainly a republican. and again taking petty aim at the president's travel ban order that has just been upheld by the united states supreme court. you want to know what pettiness and short-sightedness is? just look up the word flake. this is a quote. just because something is constitutional doesn't make it wise end quote. the lame duck senator said the travel ban compromises u.s. security goals. this is a man who does aren't the intellect, knowledge or comprehension to be making any of these statements. i guess as he would look at it, just because jeff flake is a senator at least for a while doesn't make him in any way relevant. arizona will be electing flake's
10:33 pm
replacement in 132 days. joining me now, the dean himself. chairman of the great america pack. white house political director under president ronald reagan. ed: the supreme court said in the constitution the president has the power and gave him back the power to basically do what's in the best interest of the country on security. what's in the best interest of this country is to make sure the people who come to this country are not potential terrorists. lou: are you talking to jeff flake? he doesn't understand what you are saying. ed: someone needs to talk to him. my fear is these couple guys -- lou: he's done, it's over. ed: all right, let's go. lou: i wish the man had superior intelligence, but it's not the
10:34 pm
case. let's turn to the primary wins that are the result of somebody with extraordinary intelligence, that's president donald trump. his endorsements did pretty well last night including mitt romney. ed: i hope mitt romney remembers that. this president has proven he's one of the great -- i got to travel with reagan and ran his operation for a number of years. this president has proven his endorsement matters. republicans who run against him pay a heavy price. his endorsement made a big difference with mcmaster, and i would think everyone would -- every republican would want his endorsement. the speaker took us twice over the cliff on the immigration
10:35 pm
issue. it's time for him to say thank you very much. if this was parliamentary system he would be voted out. he would be gone. we desperately need a new leader to lead them into the fall elections besides the president. lou: you have worked with three presidential administrations. what would motivate paul ryan to further humiliate himself? is he beyond a sense of shame, embarrassment? and has no regard at all for the interest of his conference. ed: there is a self-righteous quality to him. to be the vice presidential candidate on the mitt romney nick tet. we have a great leader in donald trump. follow him over the threshold of
10:36 pm
victory in november. lou: why would the republican congress continue to put up with him? he's a loser on every level. ed: he's hurting us as a party. lou: what a night for the president and the republican party, setting up quite a mid-term election. it may be more complicated than someone on the left. the supreme court handing down more rulings and they are quite something. so is the retirement of justice so is the retirement of justice kennedy next month.
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lou: the u.s. supreme court delivering a major political defeat for big labor. the real swoart ruling 5-4 that government workers cannot be forced to pay union dues for collective bargaining and political activities. alan dershowitz is with us. this is the longest string of wins for conservatives in this country from the high court that i can recall. how about you? >> it is a long strain of victories. the problem is, i think the
10:41 pm
american public wants to see a supreme court that's non-partisan and objective and is not a republican supreme court or democrat supreme court. conservative or liberal. they want to see a supreme court that views the constitution fairly and objectively. we have seen with bourke and it went to bush versus gore. now we see 5-4 decisions on partisan grounds, and that's not good for american justice. lou: if you happen to be a conservative or republican or independent, it's a refreshing change from the liberal courts that dominated the last 40 years. >> i think it last liberal court was in the 1960s.
10:42 pm
rehnquist was very conservative, and john roberts who is fairly conservative. it's a matter of degree whether you think it's a conservative or liberal court. they did recognize gay marriage and a woman's right to choose abortion. true conservatives also follow precedent. the big key issue will be whether the president nominates a free-wheeling conservative who thinks it's up to him or her to overrule rulings or say i would have voted differently, but the law is the law and i'm not going to change it. lou: i think msnbc, nbc news, cbs, cnn. what's the other one? and their hair is on fire talking about the decline of roe
10:43 pm
versus wade. >> the cnn and msnbc pundits have been wrong from day one. they predicted the supreme court would overrule the travel ban. they predicted so many things that proved to be wrong. i hope these stations play clips of their pundits, when it turns out they are wrong, showing how wrong they were. jeffrey toobin says we'll see a woman's right to choose overruled. that's not going to happen. justice roberts is not going to vote for that. lou: let's turn, if we may, to this extraordinary moment in which fbi agent peter strzok is behind closed doors. this is the man who was at the
10:44 pm
he center of the russia collusion probe, the mid-year exam probe, the jargon that the fbi used for the hillary clinton email scandal. and he's also on the bob mueller special counsel staff. this is a guy i can't even imagine why he's walking around -- it looks like he ought to be in jail somewhere. >> i don't believe in criminalizing political differences. but he shouldn't be a member of the fbi. when he says we are going to stop the election of the president, that sounds like collusion. that sounds like interference with an election. i tried to stop the election of president trump by voting for hillary clinton and contributing her campaign. but for an fbi agent to say we -
10:45 pm
say we are going to stop it and we'll have an understand policy. i don't know why he's testifying behind closed doors. if it's just explaining why he said he was going to stop an elected president, we are entitled to know. lou: thanks so much for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. be sure to vote in tonight's polls. should today's disastrous defeat of rino paul ryan's immigration bill bring his disastrous lame duck speakership to an end? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and follow me on instagram that "lou dobbs tonight." the president in fargo, north dakota. is it time to ditch mitch after
10:46 pm
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lou: rino mitch mcconnell refused to abolish the filibuster rule in the senate despite the president's repeated calls toned it. listen to mcconnell's reason behind his decision. >> the votes are thereby to change it. it many not just me. i think it protected the country from wide swings one way or the other. and is good for the country and is not likely to change. lou: do you buy that? charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor and savant of all things washington. especially the good things, not the bad things. does mitch mcconnell make any sense when he says he doesn't have the votes? did harry reid have the votes?
10:51 pm
>> the next time democrats are in control of the senate you will bet they will end the filibuster. there is no question about that whatsoever. but mitch mcconnell does have forces within the republican caucus that would not go along with something like this. >> who are those forces. let's identify them for people and what their interests are. >> i'm sure there is a concrete list of them. but there are people like john mccain. obviously a lot of people who will be going here before long. and he's exactly right about one thing. for a long time it worked. for a long time it sort of worked to keep a lot of bad things about gun legislation from getting to the senate. and i was always appreciative of it. it's a whole different game now. these people have so wrecked the
10:52 pm
institution. they wrecked everything about it. they may as well be up or down vote in the senate. and the only reason there isn't that is because of the senate's own rules. he'll at least need some caucus. and so i think that's what he's trying to say. lou: moving to the other side of the hill. what do you make of paul ryan is insistence on another defeat in a disastrous vote today that he should i would think he feels like a fool no matter what his other comprehension problems are, that message has to have gotten through to him. >> i don't understand why they are not learning a lesson about how to do politics from donald trump. keep it simple, keep it straightforward. make it simple so people understand it. people want border secured.
10:53 pm
you want it secured because you don't want illegals streaming act bored or you don't want to see families separated. if we had a secure border, everybody would be in favor of that. to sit there and listen to these politicians in both parties right now, and listen to them talk about the rights of all these people at the border. they are concerned about everybody. none of them are american citizens. and i am just wondering why aren't they fighting this enthusiastically to protect americans' rights? donald trump is the only one doing it. lou: he's the only one doing it. but he's being besieged to go along with the open borders amnesty crowd because they have been able to bombard disinformation across the country. the reality is he promised to put up that border wall.
10:54 pm
we have $70 billion of illegal drugs coming into this country from mexico. it doesn't include fentanyl which is the number one drug coming across that border. it doesn't include $50 billion in remittances from foreign nationals sending money back home. it doesn't include the trade deficit. this is a huge amount of money. that's why there is so much corruption around it. there is corruption on both sides of that border and people are being short. their position on this is being bought. >> look on our side of things. you have so many people with a vested interest in whether it's cheap labor free labor whatever it is, that there is a lot of people have a vested interest tonight, and and lot of people put pressure in washington. the only people who don't have
10:55 pm
an enthusiastic support from these people are regular average american voters. and donald trump is the only one who represents them. it's a war zone on the border that we are were getting game at every turn. and if it were happening in any other country, there would literally be tanked on the border and the invasion would be stopped. donald trump is so smart to stick with that and we can deal with the other stuff. we can deal with all that stuff later. let's stop the flow across the border, period, hard stop. lou: let's go to shields arena. look at that crowd gathered to hear the president of the united states. president trump set to speak at the make america great again
10:56 pm
rally in the next few moments. right now i'm being joined by the "daily caller" editorial director, vince colignase. the president's winning streak extending to the supreme court. what a run he has had. the travel ban, big labor with a tremendous defeat today. faith-based decisions on faith-based organizations are going the right way as far as the president and the republican party is concerned. his winning doesn't get tiresome to me at least. >> his winning is consistent with what he promised the american people. he promised a specific agenda and he's getting it. he'll be able to appoint a supreme court judge and we may
10:57 pm
be able to see ruth paidered pah bader ginsburg retire in his presidency as well. lou: to see the president today, he is animated. he's energized. and he hasn't even gotten to the rally yet where he draws a great deal of energy from the crowd and they from him. his president is putting on a remarkable display as the chief executive of this country. he is tireless, he is energetic. he's reasoning out every complex issue. whether it is long, whether it is in point of fact esoteric economics, and i think trade balances and capital flows would fit within that category. watching business journalists trying to understand what's
10:58 pm
happening in markets is obvious. this is the president trying to balance international trade systems. it's the right thing to do and ultimately these countries that are wailing the loudest will be been fisheries. >> this is the winningest week of the trump presidency. there was a sustained media campaign the last few weeks look to hurt him. that's not what we have gotten. the supreme court decisions have put a lot of wind in the white house. the battles that he had on trade and the tax cut plan and how good that's been for the country and the economy. it leaves me wondering how anyone could consider themselves a never-trumper. the only people who fit into that category are people who
10:59 pm
don't care about the future of the country. he could have an impact for generations with these supreme court picks. lou: look at the way the special counsel investigation has unfolded. peter strzok behind closed doors, of course. they couldn't put him in front of we, the great unwashed, the citizens of this country, but to have him -- he has been to use the metaphor. he has been stripped bare as a result. he is dishonest, dishonorable. he looks like a man who should be prosecuted without question. it hasn't happened yet. maybe it will. >> his conditions saying he had no intent, it was just a discussion with his extramarital affair girlfriend doesn't make sense. he said i want to stop this man.
11:00 pm
he didn't say i don't like him. he's talking about aggressive behavior. lou: there was not a single message that suggested this man had any interest in lisa page whatsoever. the most of bizarre affair ever. these are two barn burners. these two, i can't imagine they have a great deal of -- well, whatever. >> these people across the country like, even washington romances are lame. this is horrific. peter strzok got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. everyone knows he was eating the cookies. he was trying to rationalize it away. and suggest he didn't have any bias in the way he conducted himself. these lawmakers should not let him squirm. his bias was explicit, overt and disgusting. it involved all the


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