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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 28, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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♪ great show everybody thanks so much. always a pleasure. >> maria bartiromo tomorrow d.c. maria. [laughter] have a great day everybody. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart take it away. stuart: good morning maria, good morning everyone. here he comes bear nubbing l fight over the supreme court. and a contentious presidential trip to europe and a summit with putin. are you ready? this intense summer is already off and running. for the supreme court, the in thes say they will try to block any nominee the president puts forward. and he has already has a list of 25 possibles. front runners said to be senator mike lee, judge's amy comey barrett and brett, amongst others, here's a taste of what is to come. first off, washington post headlines this morning, our legal future is up for grabs. next one, kennedy's exit
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imperials the court. as for "the new york times," how bad will it get? without kennedy -- as for tv, they were close it tears. guaranteed to left reaction goes down hill even from here. within two week website the president will leave the fight here and head for a fight in europe. first, he confronts nato which doesn't want to pay for its own defense and goes to britain where he'll be met with hostile demonstrations after that cut summit on july 6th with putin and who knows what comes out of that but wait there's one more, the president comes home after all of these meetings for a meeting at the white house with italy's populous government leader -- [laughter] that judge napolitano -- the president is sticking it to the europeans you want to laugh again, judge -- [laughter] now how could a broadcast be complete without with an a.m. l dison story who we've got two for you they're starting a last mile delivery service, and they're buying pill back tha a mail order pharmacy.
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walgreens and cvs way down on that news the markets well turned south and just wait until you hear some of the things our president was saying last night. "varney & company" is about to begin. >> one of my biggs critics a man named joe crowley. maxine waters i think she's taking over. maxine she's a beauty. heidi will say no to the supreme court we must elect more republicans. dare i say class tick trump from the president last night. i can say that trying to rally republicans certainly his base. i'm saying we're in for a very long hot summer in politics. and if anybody wants to disagree with me, now is your chance.
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[laughter] stop it lizzy now check out that market. we open in 28 minnesota time and we're down about about 120 points we heard this morning -- that the growth in the economy annualized in the first three months of the year was only 2%. not up to standard, and that may be why this market is down 100 points just before the opening bell. let's get back to politics, supreme court justice anthony kennedy retiring -- all rise possible supreme court nominee andrew napolitano is leer. this will be contentious unless you're the nominee -- okay. let's get serious. >> it will be contentious. definitely. it is all about abortion. i fully agree with you if you put up the president picture of everybody. one thing they have in common, every single one of them is pro-life. now, there is no case making its way through the pipeline that would affect roe versus wade because a justice is pro-life doesn't mean that justice wants to vote to undo roe versus wade
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and chief justice of the united states does not believe in changing law it is that people have relied on and planned their lives on. and worse case scenario for the pro-choice folks if roe versus wade were to be repealed or reversed -- the effect would be that 50 states would decide. so in states like new jersey, where abortion is lawful up to moment of birth as we speak, new york, california, illinois, abortion would still be lawful other states, about alabama, pennsylvania, it would not be -- >> knockout dragout fight, no matter can we put on the screen again just some of those potential nominees taken from the list of 25. i've been told by you and others that senator mike lee is a front run arer. >> mike lee is a slam dunk because he is a sitting member of the senate. but listen, the senate has rejected its the own john to be secretary of defense. but it is never rejected its own
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for a judicial position. >> if you were nominated do you think he gets in? >> yes, and he would be brilliant he was justice -- his father and chief lawyer before the supreme court -- he's been steeped into constitutional law since he was ten years old he's small government, keep the federal government within the confines of the constitution. and he's maximum individual liberties exactly what -- and pro-life is exactly what donald trump has been saying he would nominate. >> judge amy -- she's a fellow notre dame person with me -- this is very interesting, the president just appointed her from the notre dame law school faculty to the united states court of a peels to 7th circuit in chicago. senator dianne feinstein said to her judge barrett when had she was professor barrett you might be too catholic to be a judge. to which a lot of democrats as well as republicans have octobered because a clause in
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the constitution there shall never be a religious test or inquiry to hold public office in the united states. after judge barrett was sworn in, the president personally took her name and added it to the list. she's the 25th on the list. his own nominee been a judge for three months. >> you're going to get a lot of work in the next three, four, five months gainfully employed. >> happy to hear that. stay there for a second. where's the market going? up and down this morning -- right now we're down about 110 odd points. again, lower because of that weaker report on gdp in first three months of the year, however, we could be heading for 5% growth when the spring numbers come out. joining us now market watcher jack, what do you say jack if we get a 5% growth rate or anything above 4%, with that makes it is look like the fundamental over this market are really strong. should be a supporter the market
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shouldn't it? >> yeah. i think it will be supportive stuart, you know, although keep in mind, earnings growth has been phenomenal stock market gone nowhere. so two things can be happening. one, of course, evaluations are coming back in line where we got ahead of ourselfves perhaps last year the other, however, though, ominous is maybe investors are looking at this saying is this about as good as it gets and now we're kind of going to roll over -- going into latter half of this year perhaps next year. >> atlanta fed says -- 4.5% in the quarter and companies have repeated 300 billion in cash from overseas that could help growth. >> so 4.5% growth jack that's pretty strong. i have to assume -- >> yeah but they move it but a growth rate like that qowld result in stellar profits for our corporations. >> it would. stuart, i think here's the issue, though --
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we still have a potential gdp growth rate what our environment can handle is about 2% and we've seen that pretty much quarter to quarter since the recovery. so yeah we can grow at 4.7 and grow at 5. problem is we can do it for a couple of quarters, and then what's going to happen is we're boing to quickly run out of capacity as we're already starting to see. prices will go up we'll see a little inflation. fed cools in and interest rates go up and kind of roll back over and head back towards that 2% growth so for us to really have a sustainable growth path substantially higher -- than 2%, we're going to need one of two things to happen. either, our labor force growth increases which is hard to do unless we open our borders and have more immigrants come in. the other, though, is productivity and tha where i'm a little more hopeful we get a lot of this business invest that time we've been talking about
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the in this money and translawsuits to high per productivity then we can be on sustainably higher growth path without inflation. >>i'm waiting for profit numbers that should be coming out in next couple of months. jack thanks for joining us sir. appreciate it see you soon. back tots judge and this for a second here, anti-trump fbi agent feater tholed his side of the story on capitol hill yesterday. he told it behind closed doors it shall judge i take it there are sufficient leaks that we can find out what his explanation was he for wildly biased texts. >> so perhaps the most terrifying from the misuse of the fbi text was between ms. paige and agent struck. she says trump is running, he says, yes, and we will stop him. when asked about that, he said the we referred to the voters of the united states of america. and he was speaking as a voter
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as a potential voter as a person who would not vote for president trump not as a person who would use the power of the fbi to cause trump to stumble. >> we don't know whether he left a paper trail to make good on that pledge. >> i don't to beat a dead horse but this -- that's a phrase you hate but this is again, a frustrating example of government behind closed door i don't know what the follow-up questions are. i don't know if what i reported to you is accurate because it is bissed on leaks of people who were there who weren't supposed to leak it but they did this morning. they did promise that eventually two committees there, two chairs -- and promise theafn chully there will be a public interrogation. >> eventually. thanks very much. i want to tell our viewers with more on this when we talk to congressman jim jordan -- >> he was there. he was there -- and he's on this show later on this morning. back to the futures market, how do we open this morning? sell down about 120 points.
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yeah there you go down 120 and nasdaq has been at 25 down. i've got some gee wiz tech stock from ibm send progress bot to international space station they want it to be -- wait for it it will be a companion to the astronauts. >> can it cook? [laughter] >> avocado toast only. we're going to talk to the guy who helped make this thing in our 11:00 hour. the ceo of sales force says his company will not sever ties with custom and border people. despite protest from his own staff -- he is not bowing to their pressure. politics, president trump planning a summit with russia's putin on gel the 16th in sinky what will europeans their leadership what will they think of that in got a question for you. why are right aid stores in california blasting barry manilow music? [laughter] inquiring minds want to know. we have an answer, more varney
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president trump will meet vladimir putin on july the 16th and the summit will be in finland. joining us now steve with the counsel on foreign relations. sir, when you bear in mind this summit with -- putin and then the president come back and holds white house meeting with the italian populous i put it to you that our president is sticking it to the europeans. what say you? >> well, there's no doubt that the -- that europeans are after the g7 summit which went very badly a little nervous about what their nato summit when proceeds meeting with putin is going to be like and whether after
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discord there, this symbolism of a russian american love fest will be bad. but there's an extra drama to this and europeans are in some ways not the most important part of it. because you have the presidents own advisors extremely nervous about his outreach to putin. you have the congress quite opposed and they're all finding ways of trying to deal with that. but you have the congress months ago voting to take control over sanctions away from the president. and you've got the president's advisors trying to figure out how to narrow the impact of this meeting about which they have many doubts. you know, john bolton called putin a liar said negotiating with russia is very dangerous. >> i did say at the top of the show there's a long and contentious summer with present trips to europe and rest of it. can i bring unout subject of his
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visit to britain. that's going to be met with hostile demonstrations in the extreme. some of them organized by the mayor of london at e-con what do you make of this? >> this is -- not all that exceptional in europe trump is extremely unpopular across most of the continent. the -- the prospect of a visit to britain has been on the horizon for a long time and british sentiment has mobilized against it. but you could get demonstrations against trump in almost any european capital question is will you have it at quin cor castle? >> will it -- it's going to be large demonstrations it is going to be violent. and yet i think the europeans need president trump, don't they? >> well, there's a strange dialogue going on between the u.s. and europe now. you know, and i'm not sure the president is really thought through what he wants.
9:18 am
for example, he keeps beating up on them about defense spending. but who does he hi they're supposed to be spending their money against. obviously, the russians. >> iran -- >> trump seems to think that russia can help him against iran. but actually russia and europeans are against the american position on iran. the -- trump wants to beat up on europeans by trade. but actually the russians and europeans are together against the u.s. on trade. >> so the president goes right into the middle of the hornets nest and i think i'm right in saying it is going to be con contentious in the extreme. and -- >> new meetings will gives i fantastic headlines any way you slice it. >> absolutely. but -- you've got to understand what the white house advisor's strategy is here. it's to let the president have a good time particularly with putin.
9:19 am
have a love fest, talk about what a great guy he is, the way he did with kim jong-un, and then refer all of the details to meetings that they will be in charge of. they don't want to let the president handle any details believe me. >> i'm sure they don't but then he doesn't want to either he wants to establish a relationship and everybody else handle details steven i'm sorry i'm out of time i'm sure you'll be back with us. thanks for joining us. yes, sir. again look at the market how do we with open? we've come back a little bit we were down 150 now we're likely to be down 100. how about "halo" talk -- a very popular brand of ice cream. well, that company has been accused of dramatically underfilling their pints of ice cream. they're facing a lawsuit can you believe -- >> outrage. [laughter] stuart: ice cream -- a pint. a whole pint. details after this. [laughter] insurance that won't replace
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9:24 am
urging the company and the ceo mike to not do any contracting with the border patrol. the u.s. cuss testimony and border protection saying that they have been complicit they say in the, quote, inhumane treatment of vulnerable people splitting up of the children from their parents. ben gnu says look i don't agree with that policy at all the, in fact, let's call the white house and said what are you doing and i pledge money to groups who have been split up at the border, however, i'm not going to start doing contracts with the government. because sales force was not directly involved with this particular aspect of the operation. what's interesting, though, the company goes on to say look if you really care employees why don't you get involved by doopghting or volunteering? >> got you. this is just the latest, you know, tech companies as microsoft e by the way has come underfire but their management is careful an kind of backed away from the issue. but continuing to do contract work with, i mean, it's the company. >> yeah it's the tail wagging the dog. >> shall i deliver the outrage story -- [laughter]
9:25 am
lizzy is outraged -- let me set this up. diet ice cream halo top facing lawsuit becauser that allegedly underfilled their pints of ice cream. vent -- >> not outraged. 5 million dollars lawsuits two customers in california think this their halo ice cream is not a pint here's the -- they eat the ice cream and eat the evidence because you have to bring that into court halo is it settles to the bottom in shipping so you know, that is a problem these guys filing this lawsuit out of california have. >> a nuisance lawsuit. but you can understand it. >> it is guilt free and feels guilt free and low-cal because it is in the a piengt but question is did they eat the received in evidence >> not talking about a pint of beer but a pint of ice cream -- [laughter] we can rest easy. not much but we're coming back a
9:26 am
bit. down about 100 poingts now. we were supposed to be down about 140 just a few minutes ago. so we're coming back just a little. the big problem first thing this morning -- was the slower rate of growth for the economy in the first three months of the year wait until the next three months. we'll be back. ♪
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>> in 12 seconds we open this market on this thursday morning. we're likely to be down but not that much. we were down yesterday -- triple digits today down probably 80 or 0 the opening bell which is now just over. we're off, we're running and we have opened on the downside as expected. 50 points lower as we speak. 46 points lower as we speak. and i'm going to summarize this and say we have opened the dow industrials about .2% down, a mod pest loss in the very, very early going. that's the big board now check the s&p 500 -- it is down or just a tiny all of this virtually that's virtually unchanged up .4 of a point. that's nothing. as for the nasdaq same story, down .08. i'm going to call this a dead flat market with a slight bias to the downside for the dow. that may change. and probably will -- you better take a look at amazon
9:31 am
they're ramping up a new kind of delivery company delivery industry -- that's going down quell. the stock is up 10 and also buying pill pack -- that is an online pharmacy talk about disrupting a whole new industry. wait until you see the other pharmacies way down today. how about chipotle they have a new ceo and changing menu closing stores ouch -- down 25 dollars -- down 5.5%. interesting. back to amazon -- now look at those pharmacy stocks can you look at this? walgreens down 9% cvs8% cardinal health 4% express 3% that's because -- amazon is arrived. they bought are buying pill pack and online pharmacy they're going compete with these guys on your screen. i need help -- i need help on the set. >> don't we all suffer -- stuart: left-hand side of the screen elizabeth and ashley webster and from bermuda by
9:32 am
popular request john. all right john -- amazon -- did this brangd new delivery are service that they've got i'm sorry, let me talk to you first of all about pill pack. that's another invasion of another industry this is very big deal game changer. >> rumored for a while you look at what cvs and walgreens which i sold a.m. notified they were gotting into the pharmacy business. i don't to be in companies that compete with amazon. now you're seeing that they're actually getting into this business, this is bad for all of the retail rs like cvs and walgreens good for amazon stock. >> and by the way -- walgreens as you can see on your screen is down pangtly, down 9%. that accounts for walgreens is now in the dow accounts for 44 point loss for the dow industrials so without that we'll be dead flat. wal-mart buying pill pack last month for just $under $1 billion
9:33 am
but amazon still on negotiations and a managed with popular online pharmacy because many have multiple medications they package in a way that make it is easy for consumers sending them one package through the mail open 24/7 online -- so all about you know customers -- deep pockets and they've got a stock that they can use as currency. let me et to the other amazon story starting up their own package delivery service here's what they're going to do they have to hire local entrepreneurs -- and have them lease a fleet of amazon branded trucks -- these drivers, these entrepreneurs go to a local station delivery station -- pick up the packages and deliver the last mile. that's another break through -- >> last mile is extensive mile here's the back story. amazon has been in a fight with donald trump jeff bezos and donald trump wants audit of how amazon uses u.s. postal service if the u.s. postal service raises a cost per package by
9:34 am
just $1. that qowld wiped out half of amazon's annual profit last year. they have now been delivering 1.2 billion packages a year. so they are now looking at this model in order to protect are themselves from any -- from any encroachment. paid $22 billion for shipping last year alone. the serging more than 40% of money spent online goes to think about that. now something of a -- >> now they have to get the package of the last mile. that was expensive with the company look at chim pottle please with a new ceo changing menu and closing stores -- the stock goes way down. i guess john strategy thus far is down 20. it is not working at all you find something you do and you do well. look at mcdonald's will they get into other different menu items that's when they have a problem. shake shack and you make burgs earn shakes people buy it and chipotle has problem with the
9:35 am
menu new ceo not sure he can write this ship but this does not look good. i would not buy this stock. >> john, analysts would agree with what he said, that food scare of a few years ago still is overhanging stock. it lost half of its market value in three years time down to 12 billion or so. so yeah is this guy brian over from taco bell having go of it. tesla, goldman sachs says -- tesla will miss its model three goals again. however, elon musk top guy at tesla he says goldman is in for a, quote, rude awakening. all right come back in john i know you're a big hufng fan. what do you make of this spat? who wins? >> i'm a fan. i think you don't bet against elon musk not made money betting there. but thing to me is a e-mail leaked by a employee. this guy these to be fired they was a disgrace that you work for a and we lease e-mail he needs to be fired to be made public but bigger issue is don't bet
9:36 am
against elon musk sleeping at the factory he's not been go ahead at producing cars he's been good at everything else and battery he's been good at rockets and producing cars i think he's goapg figure it out but main thing is i don't to bet against this guy. >> but this could be end of tesla as a momentum because tesla says we lsh cash flow positive in the third quarter of the fourth quarter if they've been profitable and that profit out of last ten years so he set a high ambitious goal for himself. >> some from day one stock sup today, though, 7, 350. but they missed that figure that's a big deal. wall street is watching. but any company. you know the profit figure. cash throw positive and you missed it. we're back almost to level playing field here. we're down 7 points by the way, walgreens which is now a dow stock is down sharply. it takes 40 points off the dow so if it were not for walgreens the dow would be up. disney in the news --
9:37 am
it is one antitrust approval to purchase most of fox disney at 104 sales down, at bed birth date and yongd fewer customers using their coupons everybody gets the coupons not use them down 8% now look at pier one look at it. they gave down beat outlook down 11:% back to 2 dollars share. better profits at walgreens that's the dow component -- it is beginning it buy back share -- and now it is going to compete with amazon look at it go down. 9%. kohl's has already started hiring for holidays by that i mean bag to school and yongd that. i say that's a sign of a strong economy. average very strong economy. you know it has been interesting but they've been light on consumer confidence and retail sales and what have you but heading in the right direction and i know that we have that 2% imroat number for first three months but remember those tax cuts, that were put in take a while to take effect.
9:38 am
it doesn't happen overnight. yods believe that second half of the year will pick up momentum. >> but that's a important point go ahead. >> look we're looking at the quarter that we're now in -- which is about to end -- we're looking at 5% growth. some estimates so above 4% had is huge -- >> u.s. government says 300 billion dollars in cash was reare patrioted so apple will invest what 3, 50 billion over next three years that's just cooling in. pnches we have a 4% growth let's settle on 4% growth in the current quarter that is very, very strong that means that fundamental for this market and underlying economy very, very strong reason are to buy -- fundamentals are strong and 0% in this next quarter and 40% of that because of the trump tax cuts but the the reason the economy is doing so well a is also reason there's a black
9:39 am
cloud over the economy. white house with these trade tariffs and this talk about not phs inning in tech in the united states is a reason for the black cloud. you lift that, and i think the market takes off the economy is doing really well. >> i want to talk to you john about wwe the wrestling people the stock hit a record yesterday i think it was. as you know it sign at the deal with usa network and with fox sports they're going to district wrestling shows raw and smack down you're a former wrestler has wrestling become a global entertainment vehicle these days? >> yeah. as ed says one of the day we're overnight sensation yeah, they've been you look at what they did jacob are saudi arabia they're moving into a global market as regional places that you have tv networks and
9:40 am
regional places. wwe is biggest holding right now because of the stock appreciation. that it has had i think it is right now that it is also in a current -- growth phase you look at wwe ratings versus nba ratings it is better but not twice as high. i'm surprised they weren't higher because they're delivering like on friday night for fox they're delivering king the rating 52 weeks year with no seeghts that is a huge base for a network, i think that growth phase is just beginning. >> john, i do want to tell you that you have performed most amazing trance are decision ever -- you've gone from global wrestling star to international money manager based in bermuda that's a pretty good transition congratulations. >> thank you. [laughter] >> well i will say that rock -- transition to even sold a billion dollars in movie resale tickets for one year and never put me in a movie but i'm proud of him and you look at glenn jacobs a mayor of knoxville and
9:41 am
transition from wrestling into -- what we consider mainstream we consider wrestling mainstream anyway. [laughter] stuart: absolutely john good stuff. thanks for joining us john see you again real soon. all right, look at that market. where are we down 30 points not exactly a great movement and if you take walgreens out the market is actually up. big guests coming up later this morning wait for it. c.c. sabathia pitcher how does he feel about the government taking more than half of his money? i will ask him. big upset in the democrat party -- at 10 term congressman unseated in the primaries by 28-year-old socialists. nancy pelosi's response is only one district he say. you'll hear more about that in a moment. some cash back cards send you on a journey
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to get to your bonus cash back. first they make you sign up for bonus cash back and it's only on a few categories. and when those categories change, you gotta sign up again. when does it end?! with the capital one quicksilver® card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's like a cash back oasis. what's in your wallet?
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have we turned positive yet only briefly now we're down just 14 points. 24,100. mcdonald's gettings into -- wait a minute, wait a minute mcdonald's is getting into just muffin tops. all right nicole this is one for you to explain. go. >> yeah well you like mofn top without the stump does anybody remember this seinfeld episode back in 1997, all about selling just the top well that's exactly what mcdonald's is doing. they are trying to beef up breakfast get people to breakfast doing it all day now and woo you in with their great coffee which have been clambering about recently and they're calling them muffin toppers. so you'll be able to go there to mccafe to get that so top of the muffin to you. stuart -- stuart:very good that works youn working on that all morning and it work. thanks nicole. [laughter] i can't quite believe this. but i'm going to tell use about
9:45 am
this a california right aid store is blasting barry manilow's music tell me why? >>he writes songs to make loites go in san diego, long beach around the clock starting at 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at night barry manilow blasting outside store to stop panhandler to stop loiters apparently it is working. neighbors complaining -- they call, you know, wright aid say why are you doing this they're saying it is working and basically neighbors are saying leak listening to a low grade migraine. very barry manilow play. >> let's tell viewers right are aid stock down 11% and might have competition from amazon. >> that's correct. got it. big upset for congressman joe crowley but remember he was -- the fourth ranking democrat in the house. he lost an election. here's what president trump said about it. roll tape. >> one of my biggests critics a
9:46 am
man named joe crowley got his -- [bleep] kicked. >> we couldn't resist. joining us now is brad he's the former deputy senator to bush -- and i think the president's base loves that kind of stuff. but does it give him appeal yongd his base? what do you say? >> ting does because resistance turned into a full blown melt down and republicans go high. democrats go left. far left and by her own admission she's a socialist by the way washington we have a new nickname for her name now is bernice sanders she's the female bernie sanders she's proud of it. free everything. free education, free health care. the american people get it. the economy is doing good and guess what, people got to earn what they get. >> okay. so they -- a lot of people washington are taking aim at that young lady on the lngd side of the screen alexandria but i have to bring
9:47 am
up to your attention nancy pelosi. sh's playing down crowley's defeat roll that tape. [inaudible conversations] progressive on -- what's your problem? [applause] twice in one driblght so let's not get yourself carried away with expert -- >> brad if i'm not mistaken democrats are running a mile away from her. there's no doubt and nancy pelosi lost one of her key lieutenants and she -- by her own admission is seeking to be the speaker again. the democratic party leadership they're telling this past they "don't ask, don't tell" know it few but progressives are winning primaries they may win elections her days are numbers and for republicans yes. i want nancy pelosi i want her there in november and i want them to want the leadership back because i think that's going to help us.
9:48 am
but they better watch their back because -- their leadership is not going to come from -- republicans switching. >> i'm astonished that left would drift to democratic party but almost universal that they want universal single payer health care. that is full blown socialized medicine and it is an idea which is really picked up a lot of steam with a lot of democrats in the house. what do you make of this? >> uh-uh had you -- what i make of it is that party has lost its way. look, it's not enough anymore to be a progressive democrat now you have to be a socialist. you can't even be a socialist democrat. that take you completely out of -- of the democratic party as we know it. now, if they let this that hay do it at their apparel because american people are right of center. we want to work for what we get and appreciate what we can afford and having a society -- that is a free for all, it is
9:49 am
not in anybody's interest and certainly not the people they claim to seek to help. >> okay brad thanks for joining us we'll see you again soon. i want to refer to the dow again because the completely change direction all over again and very suddenly. now we're down 114 poins. literally in the fast couple of minutes -- we went from dead flat to minus 110 and that's where we are now. president trump now he hosts a big event at the white house for student leaders featuring charlie kirk i want to know what is the president doing to bring more young people into the foul. kirk joins us next. [sfx: bottle sounds on conveyor] one bottle at a time. today, we produce nearly 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally.
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9:53 am
>> look at visa and mastercard i got news just coming into it from "the wall street journal." visa and mastercard are near a settlement over dispute with merchantses about card swiping thieveses ongoing dispute reportedly near a settlement that would involve visa and mastercard. and amount of money is significant. 6.5 billion dollars that's what si is a and mastercard plus a couple of banks would have to pay to the merchants. big deal. 6.5 billion but now you know the number now you've got some reaction from the stock. if you know the number you know what you've got to deal with up
9:54 am
goes the stock. now look at health insurers i should say taking a real big hit because of amazon purchase of pill pack these guys have competition sigma, etna united health down and anthem human that i believe in the sail position all of them down sharply. president trump hosting a youth event at the white house yesterday. listen to who got a shoutout. roll tape. >> very special thanks also to my friend charlie kirk of turning point usa for being with us and helping us with this event thank you very much joe. spectacular person. >> yes he is frequent guest on the show here now charlie kirk himself welcome back good to see you. >> good to be here. as of now i don't think the president has the youth vote -- how does he plan to get out to get it? >> well look i'll tell you it is shrinking and remember barack obama got elected because he was tiebl get over 63% of the youth
9:55 am
vote. democrat popularity amongst younger voters is barely above e 50% there's a debate whether full socialist i'm half kidding but no in reality here they're going so far to the left they're turning off and disenfranchising middle of the road are young people not total political activist but they they want a jd life -- >> but you're a fine politician i think you're going to meet the president one day but avoiding question very what will president trump do proactively to get that youth vote? >> continue to do record results with the economy by champion the student loan issue in the cost of higher education but talked about it number here and there. but talk about doing -- >> it is a big issue and is it amnesty and going to do? >> no look here's what needs to happen based on previous same he's said make college
9:56 am
accountable for federal graduate on money going to institutions yet to introduce a bill for higher education. there's whispers that's going to happen some time soon but if president trump can eventively tackle the student loan issue and coast of college have a youth vote for generations to come it is the defining issue for our generation. >> offer amnesty that's a bigger draw for youngsters. >> think about it not for the students that pay the off student loans but students that worked their way through college those are students that vote in higher numbers in students that have these high records student loans that are looking for forgiveness. so the free message of bernie sanders that we're going to frif loans that works for a portion of students but it also turns off students that worked their or way through college saying wait second i did it right they did it wrong and they're getting amnesty so a way and i think this president is able to do it. >> we like to see you warming up i know what you're up to charlie but come back as soon as you can please. thank you. justice kennedy announced his rearm and left goes shall i say -- up --
9:57 am
my take on that, coming up next. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
9:58 am
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10:00 am
in the studio and in my office have a bank of tv monitors that tune to other news and information channels. i want to see how they are treating them. some pretty gloomy work looks and now it is confronted with the kids and it is dominated the judiciary. no vote no hearings. not even any meetings between democrats and trumps nominee. now look at the opinion pages. in the cover of the new york daily news i think you get
10:01 am
that message. they have another problem. they are visually divided. it's a three-way split. they keep calling for the harassment of trump officials. group three the far left there is now an openly socialist congress. a political superstar. she is dedicated as a socialist and is likely to win her new york district in november. so the party which seemed unified by the shock of his election is now chronically divided. when they are at each other's throats. they are in no shape to fight that. trump is on a roll.
10:02 am
the second hour of ernie and company company is about to begin. thursday 1001 eastern time. that time. that means we had mortgage rates. i came at 4.55 percent. a year ago this time it was a 3.8 percent. they are reflecting that. the problem in the market right now is a lack of housing. there's just not enough ended victoria out there. how long has it been since we reminded them. and you paid 16%. i thought it was a steal.
10:03 am
check out the big tech names. that's where the money is. and then we had two big amazon stories today. and as ramping is ramping up its own delivery service. dragging down pharmacy stocks related to that look at walgreens down 10%. and look at the delivery stocks also affected by competition. we give them a lot of publicity because they are always up and down. look at them down $35. changing the menu. the market doesn't like it. next case. supreme court justice in any kennedy announces his retirement. i look at some of the fun -- front runners. i will pick out three who are supposedly front runners.
10:04 am
look at who is with us now. it's a terrible thing to say. it's the gentleman's name by the way. and then you have a conversation with president trump. what did that imply about who he might replace kennedy with. the president called after that visit. they have a wonderful time talking. the president has tremendous respect for him. he thinks he's really intelligent. they had known each other. what did that conversation and you head with the president if your you're led to tommy what
10:05 am
did they tell you about that. >> of the key take away is he wants another neil corsets. not weak. and somebody who is going to interpret the comp institution the way it was meant to be. that's what he's gonna continue to push for. does he the semi- justice who would respect precedent and i think there is a legal expression for that you don't want to change what previous courts have ruled. did you get any impression. no impression on that. it is basically someone is going to interpret the law as written. if the present reflects that state of affairs than fine. is this just a fight about abortion. but as a scare tactic received good book 36 years.
10:06 am
with the nomination of sandra o'connor. over and over again we have heard for 36 years roe bead -- roe versus wade is dead. he said he must overturn that. it is ranked speculation. it's wrong to treat the court is something where outcomes are all that matter and it's wrong to treat a confirmation process about one single issue. the so much more to the rule of law. has come intensely political. based on outcomes. that's not what the president wants. that's not what the american people like. he is a judge. he is not a politician. and that's what the president wants to do that.
10:07 am
this was in a new york primary. universal healthcare guaranteed minimum wage even need you need it. the socialist wants it. why are you expressing us strong opinion on a socialist is about to appear in congress. socialism only lives in breeds because of capitalism. every spent is because it is off the back of the hard-working people in this country. somebody like a bernie sanders has never created a dime of wealth. he's never created a job but he is willing to tell you give him more money but you will get more in return from him like he knows what the hack heck he's doing. i've also always said when capitalism turns into socialism you end up with a venezuela and when it's completely gone. it goes back to the 1950s
10:08 am
and 60s at this point in time. are you seriously worried that the socialist well have a material impact on the conduct of our economy. are you really worried about that. i believe the american people still believe in rugged individualism. the earning of their money not the beginning of money from others. i don't think they will get there. i think they will see that in the election. in some districts you're going to end up with a few but overall i think this country will be on a good flight path as we move forward. i'm reading where you are pointed towards. what is a warning signal and
10:09 am
how worried are you. we've been talking for weeks about how markets around the globe had just been getting crushed. by the way venezuela is down 70% since i believe january but china is now down 20%. it's never good when world markets are under pressure. our market also even though the nasdaq 100 went into new high grounds had to market has been what my estimation is bearish and there has been other areas that are starting to really give in now. that is financials and semi conductors. they've always been leading groups in the market and then they start getting the big step over the last few days. i think we have a deteriorating market. we don't have to go into a full-fledged bear market. but we can be on defense throughout the summer and we will reevaluate after that. microsoft has been doing great for the size of company you are.
10:10 am
breaking news on equifax. a former manager at that company charged with insider trading. he was a software manager. according to the court records was trying to find what was behind the massive breach of people's information. with the people's data was exposed. now prosecutors say it was caught in what they call insider trading. that was the moment when the breach was announced. it has not recovered to the levels previously. we have a big hour coming up. leaked memos to show that there is internal debate at the aclu. some people there only want to protect our progressive speech others and not happy about that.
10:11 am
we will have someone who stopped donating as a result she will make her case chaos and venezuela. it is virtually useless. keep in mind socialist just won the primary in new york. we are on it. a new poll shows what they are thinking for 2020 and it's not what we been seen. no new ideas. ♪
10:12 am
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if you were to take out the performance of wall grades and take them out and you would
10:15 am
have a pretty much flat market as it is we're down 66. down 66. will take that. seventy-three dollars per barrel. check the price of gold. a steady drift lower for a long time. down $2 1253 per ounce. visa and mastercard they in a number of banks would pay the merchants about six and a half billion dollars remember once you have a number you can go at. the stock goes up. no longer open ended. a leaked memo -- memo shows there's an internal debate there about whether they should only cover progressive causes. she what wrote an opt at.
10:16 am
why am no longer giving to the aclu. she has been the managing editor of youth voices. i always thought it was progressive. so why it has taken up to the aclu. i am personally a libertarian who has a lot of conservative entities. i think the real challenge which was leaked internally to the general public the issue is it shows that the aclu is focusing a little bit more on pandering to their partisan progressive base. to me that is a problem. i really fear for that. i have to tell you this is nothing new. in some areas they are really
10:17 am
frustrated with their progressive base. the aclu from long-time has longtime has been interested in defending the free speech nazis, a communist of awful groups. they do a really good job. how would you categorize the editorial policy. most of the time that means libertarians and conservatives that are interested in me and a voice against this direction we are going in. not exactly my expertise area. in the way young people think
10:18 am
about free speech these days. we are told that free speech is under attack because of president trump. where do you see in on that. he certainly does some things that i really disagree with. but it's worth considering that there's a lot of issues with free speech and hypocrisy on college campuses. just not understanding the way of the world. * is so short. a jampacked news day. next story. hilltop been sued for under filling their pints of ice cream. how outraged are you liz.
10:19 am
this is an amazing story. they are not filling the pints with the right amount of ice cream. they are a case here and part of a hundred people and multiple states halo is responding send ice cream settles to the bottom in shipping did you weigh the avenues cream did you eat the evidence to prove that it is under filling for years it's a pint of ice cream. now go to the company and threatened them threaten them with the lawsuit. that's how these things work.
10:20 am
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president trump he is going to be there and we will have live coverage. he's in mount pleasant wisconsin. they are getting a lot of incentives to open their plant. and that is not set well. $4billion. they are all with the legislator. 20434 they recouped $3 billion of that and it is the tax break in the additional money to improve infrastructure and that sort of thing. one study found this incentive
10:25 am
was about eight times the average incentive to bring a business into estate. this is the first big chinese company plant here. $4billion is a lot of money. we will will be back to you for sure. the wholesale club going public and just started trading on the new york stock exchange and that is up 24 percent. twenty-one dollars per share on bj's wholesale club. president trump going after harley davison. customers won't forget that they're moving some production to europe. chris cox said he will tell us on the show. july the 16th. is he just sticking it to the
10:26 am
10:27 am
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>> that's cruel. that's cruel. stuart: producers know perfectly well that i'm well above 64 -- facing -- oh. that will be my song. wrote that when he was a teenager. can you believe that? check the big board we're down 39 points just above the 24,000 level. now if it wasn't for walgreens, it would be a different story for the dow. it is way down, it is a dow
10:30 am
stock and that is taking 40 points off the industrial average. now walgreens is down because we've got big news from amazon buying online pharmacy pill pack, that by the way, is a three and a half year low for walgreens just as it enters the the dow industrial. totally different story for mccormick sales way up and that stock is at a record high. who would believe that up 7% a spice company, at 113 dollars a share. big news president trump will meet vladimir putin it will be on july the 16th. joining us now former u.s. ambassador alexander -- sir, welcome, welcome to the program. very good to have you with us. ivetle good to be with you. >> i'm going to suggest that president trump summit with mr. putin is a way much sticking to the europeans. i know you're laughing but what say you? >> there may be a little bit of
10:31 am
that involved but seeking meeting and held back by some of his advisors now that he's going on to his own instincts i think he decided to take advantage of his presence in europe for nato summit putin. >> what do his advisors have against this summit why do they sunlight that he did you doesn'? >> a question whether we can accomplish anything. you know having a nice meeting and smiling photo op doesn't necessarily advance the relationship. but i actually think that president is right. it is important to talk with putin he's the source much instability and trouble in the world. he's still occupying parts of ukraine, he's not -- working with us but rather against us in syria. so we need to address these differences head on. question is will he extenge wait the positive in singapore. >> do you think there's anything that you can tell us now that president trump will walk away
10:32 am
with after that summit? what do you think he can get out of it? >> i scratch my head trying to think of what putin season going to do he's very stubborn on ukraine he wants to dominate his neighbors which is something we should never accept. he's basically giving syria to iran and turkey rather than working with ugh and reduce are military tension, restarting nuclear arms control discussions -- where russians, of course, have been violating one of the main treaties so we have something to talk about. but yopght see major moves towards our major concern on putin's part. >> president is also going to visit the u.k., britain as things now stand that could change but at the moment the plan is, that he goes to windsor to meet the queen i believe he goes to scotland to play some golf. but without a shadow of a doubt there are going to be massive hostile demonstrations against him in britain.
10:33 am
now, what do you make of that? >> what's the end game there for these demonstrations? >> well i think they reflect partially -- opposition to president trump on the personal level but mainly i think it is opposition to u.s. policies where we've die verged from european steadily over the year and a half of the trump administration. climb change, trade a lot of outrage about the separation of migrant kids from their parents. so there will be huge protests o.c. it will be -- look even worse because it will be a transit strike in london at the same time. but i think they're moving most of the program away from london and see the prime minister out of checkers at her country of state as you said, they'll see king and the queen and the -- prince philip at windsor castle. >> one more for you sir. when the president trump when he comes back to america he holds a meeting in the white house -- with the italian with leader who leads a pops plus government isn't that a way of sticking to angela merkel on subject of immigration?
10:34 am
>> well, there may be -- an element of that. but of course italy has one of the longst stapgding allies it is important to meet with the new lead percent early on in their tenure. he'll see the italians at the nato summit which is i think the main part of this visit. and i hope that president use it is to recement ties with our close allies important before putin with the united front rather than give putin sort of a gift of a divided nato which is exactly what he dreams about. >> that's exactly what we have at the moment i do believe. thank you so much for joining us sir. we appreciate it. >> yes, sir. now this -- at&t made a deal with a digital ad firm which is called app nexus now i believe this is all about getting into video content for at&t. steel house ceo mark douglas joins us now is this a back door way that at&t gets into the video content may be streaming
10:35 am
business compete with the facebook and googles of this world? >> yeah. absolutely, and it is not a back door way but they spent 85 billion to buy -- you know a bunch of television next and so -- now what they're doing is if you look at google google has something called ad words, ad words allow what drives google's revenue at&t is buying to build own ad words but the television. dges well seems to me there are videos not streamings but video services i mean content has been pushed at you -- from all directions. it is all of the crowd of field isn't it? >> well, it's a crowd field but you look at comcast you look at at&t they are just spendings huge amounts of money to basically collect these assets. you know comcast is after fox right now. and so -- what it's all about if television is changing it is all about connected television now basically watching all on dhangd
10:36 am
and it is changing world of advertising and these companies are looking to dominate it and they're spending just massive amounts of money to do it and it is new acquisition is the the next step and buying the technology. just to drive advertising revenue. >> i don't know many youngsters and when i say youngsters, i mean, people under 40. i don't know many of them laughing at myself here. i don't know that many of that age group who actually watch television. do you? >> i think they don't watch television the way we, you know, the way people used to watch they're watching television on their phone basically when they want to and that's why these companies are changing. these companies like comcast and at&t they're cable companyies and cable is disappears because like you said, younger people now watching it. but now that's changing and they're changing it is smart, at&t and comcast are change hadding also and buying the technology to do it. >> so who's the leadser in this
10:37 am
whole field of create -- of providing video for -- for people on their phones who leads this? >> well, netflix leads it, and so -- netflix has 100 million subscribers so they are the leader. but the -- the at&t and comcast are buying older networks to essentially assemble their own massive young videos content companies, and advertising technology to drive the revenue it is a smart move, and it's expensive but very smart move. >> you wanted to ask you mark what do you think of trump? [laughter] >> i'm the not the biggest trump are support or but i know where i'm sitting so you know i support your political views. [laughter] stuart: sir you should be on state department you're a diplomat you are a classic and that story is a fact. you know what you're talking about. we like that mike douglas thank you for joining us.
10:38 am
>> thank you -- pretty good. pretty good. okay. i'm going to show you things no just a joke. just a joke. all right mark. sales force -- says it will continue working with the customs and border protection agency. well who wanted them to ?op the employees, of course. don't like that but ceo says our software does not have anything to do "separation of children and families that is such the big issue on border as we enforce the immigration rules. and mark after the head of sales says look if you want to get involved you can volunteer and donating i've already challenged white house i don't agree with that policy either. so that doesn't mean we end our contracts with the government because they have a self other contracts lined up and so -- you know, that's business. >> there seems to be a move in the big corporations where employees who -- try to force their political views on management and change the way management behaviors --
10:39 am
>> how about just do your job. go to work. stuart: does this happen at google? >> microsoft -- microsoft is successfully sort of pushback a little bit on that one. but it is ping a real factor. i don't think employees should be using their political views to affect the way that company does business. profit and your job are most important. >> you don't like it -- yeah. they want to unionize now on ethics and principles in sin valley. now peter struck testified behind closed doors yesterday -- congressman jim jordan was behind those closed doors listening and watching and questioning. he'll tell us exactly what happened in our next hour. trap looking for leadership, new poll shows who is leading the pack for 2020. some very familiar faces right there. more varney after this.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> in the last hour, judge napolitano tells us all of trump picks to replace justice kennedy are are pro-life. but that doesn't mean they will rye to overturn rogge versus wade roll tape. >> i fully agree with you if you put up the president's 25 nominees it is postage size stamp of everybody one thing nef in common every single of them is pro-life now there's no case making its way through the pipeline to affect just because they justice is pro-life doesn't mean that the justice wants to vote to undo roe versus wade and chief justice does not believe in changing laws that people vo relied on and planned their lives on. prices of the season' with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts
10:43 am
on both sides, for effortless comfort. for a limited time, save up to $500 plus free home delivery on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends june 30th.
10:44 am
big deal bears repeating stock price of health insure is taking a very big hit that's in reaction to amazon's purchase of an online pharmacy. pill pack -- looking now at cigna, etna, united health all of them way down, now look at anthem and human that all of them way down. amazon is in their space. i can't handle it. listen to the president go after a congresswoman maxine waters. roll that tape.
10:45 am
make a new leader. who's the new leader? maxine waters i think she's taking over. there you go joinings now fox and friends weekend co-host, pete i have a harvard poll that suggest former vice president joe biden -- may be the democrat front runner in 2020 this is a harvard poll. what do you make of the democrat front runner leadership? >> so president trump is smart to make amendment to make her the face of the democrats been the face of the resistance in unhinged sense. now you see this poll i did a lot of research there weren't as many about republicans in 2014. the appears media might want to start turning the page to have a conversation but who might replace trump in 2020 but no surprise name idea it was joe biden television hillary clinton. it is elizabeth warren, were
10:46 am
names that top the list. it's predictable. but front runners for 2020. you have to look at the democrat leadership as it stands now. as we go into the election. >> qoangt vote for -- chuck schumer and maxine waters need to remember that but as it comes to 2020 they want to turn that page as fast as possible to build a play book and have a messy one with like republicans did and i looked bag into 2014 the polls guess whose name nowhere near polling, donald trump. not even a glimmer of anyone's eye. it was jeb bush chris christie, ben carson, ted cruz marco rubio, rand paul, all of which were left in the dust by donald trump. so i don't take any credence at all people like uncle joe and think he could go toe to toe with trump the democrats have -- for 2020 how far left can you go joe biden can't win that or how hard can you punch trump? >> you know why i'm laughing i just love to see you having so
10:47 am
much fun -- anticipating the debates before 20 -- >> not good stuff do we not have the good fortune of being in an industry that gets to cover this stuff day in and day out and now you get a supreme court pick coming that's going to be an armageddon political fight and if you think 2016 was big the supreme court in 2020 are going to be like -- if the super bowl and world cup had a baby. that's how big it would be. [laughter] >> what do you make of this increasing left wood trend within the democrat party which is attracting votes look at the election about the socialist in new york. there she is on the screen. 28 years old, and a vowed socialist and she won there is now a socialist caucus in the house of representatives. and they're getting all of the support. these newcomers the the youngster, the far left have a lot of support in those votes. >> remember, socialist should have won the democratic primary in 2016. i mean, they're already there stuart. the veil is off. this idea that democrats are,
10:48 am
are real deal free market capitalists. they are democratic socialist they're policies reflect that. and they pretended -- >> you never believe they were democrats that they were capitalists. >> no, of course not but now they're a vowed socialist their policies reflect that they've tried to hide that for a long time. medicare for all to get rid of your tax breaks and we want open borders defectively platform for 218. can you win the president and win back the house on that platform? >> absolutely not which is why they've dropped the billion and momentum with this president and he knows how to pick key issues like immigration and border and tease out their real position own that's what he's done. j makes an important point used to be far left considered walter -- and mcgovern right and jimmy carter now it is totally different. >> and on the show today. just a few minutes time -- did you -- >> this is my varney look the not your look i have my brother's wedding this weekend,
10:49 am
so i'm not on fox and friend so i'm taking that opportunity to sort of -- go rogue a little bit. and you're part of that pack. >> welcome to the show. [laughter] great to have you pete you're all right thank you, sir. speaking of socialism. real chaos in venezuela really frankly very sad the currency becoming virtually useless to the point where people are using the bills to make it a soccer ball and play with it. yeah, i've seen it we've got video of that. keep in mind a socialist just topped crowley in new york -- socialism in new york -- collapsing socialism in venezuela is there a link? we're on it. i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
well, what are you doing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life.
10:53 am
with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? for a limited time, save up to $500 plus free home delivery on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends june 30th. venezuelan currency devalued so much that people are using bank notes to make soccer balls or works of art. joining us now the author of blood profits the book venn is a with us today. now i want to talk to you about 28-year-old socialist who won here in new york but before that how do people live in venezuela if currency is utterly worthless
10:54 am
how do you buy or sell anything? empleg well you don't what you do is barter and they call it red which is to resolve in other words they're going out and getting food and through your are day is a problem that needs to be resolved. that's an old latin american expression but now it is being used for, you know, to eat. and to do things so basically you barter other way is to you get money in from your relatives so everybody i know who is venezuelan living and working with a job, profession here in the united states, and they include professors at national defense university, they include lawyers and doctors, they literally ship food home to their families because they can't eat. their own relatives are back and former doctors and lawyers and corporate managers themselves keapght eat so the family sepgdz them food. but that's still a small percentage that leaves most of the country and that's why they're fleeing.
10:55 am
>> i believe that vice president pence is ecuador at the moment is this some kind of concerted effort by america to bring venezuela's neighbors together to do something about this? >> well, yeah, and in fact the oas the organization of american stage was sort of the big organization of the the western hemisphere issued a declaration that the president of venezuela is null and void because it was a sham so basically they have said that there's no legitimate government. but nobody is actually really doing anything. what has happened we have last week, you have 82 military comangders detained and tortured but queue attempts in venezuela so there are events happening, and, in fact, one of the people accused i'm actually related to is -- who is the only strong opposition lead per left standing. they are trying to get -- you know, solutions from within, but they're picking people up
10:56 am
and torturing them so -- nobody wants to step into that mess. >> you have it dismayed when you see a socialist elected in new york at a election here -- going vengt go heated. >> yes. yods. i'm like come on have you not learned the lesson? how could you -- how could you think socialism is a good idea? look at what it has done to -- to the country where i was born. you know, and i think what has happened is, and hard to pattern start again. it is basically people feel excluded so on one hand right wing trump support rs and other hand polarization of the political system and like no, not again. and you just cannot regulate human freedom and human the will to go ahead and to own a business and to forge ahead. it is so interestingly tied. >> we really appreciate your commentary on what's going on in venezuela and the regime there but we haven't got therein yet.
10:57 am
venn is a thanks for joining us. appreciate it see you soon. okay. big hour ahead including yankees star pitcher, c.c. sabathia, how about that? a real star on the show. we'll be back. what is an act of mutuality? for a single mother, it's preparing her daughters for the curveballs life throws. ♪ and it's guarding a family weekend- letting calls go to voicemail. ♪ it's planning so by the time this little guy's ready for college, she will be too. ♪ and it's sharing this retirement, : .
10:58 am
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i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation, you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. you think our politics are uncivil now, just wait. the hate is going to ratchet up and it starts immediately. you've seen the hysterical reaction to justice kennedy's retirement. resistance will be fullbore and it will go on and on and on. overseas it will be just as bad. president trump will head to the nato summit within the next two weeks. that won't be pretty. he's at odds with germany's angela merkel over military
11:01 am
spending. the london and mayor, a muslim, is also not keen on his visit. then he is off for the vladimir putin summit. that's where americans will say he's chummy with the russians. they will pull that out of retirement. anything to slime our president and he returns to america and meets with the leader from the italian government. the cinema the president is guaranteed just for bringing a populace to the white house. a long hot summer. it will be the high point of resisting all things strong, and then it's the midterm elections where we will find out just how effective the democrats resistance really is. i'll say it again. trump is on a roll. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin.
11:02 am
♪ ♪ ♪. >> later this hour we will have much more on the instability in politics. check the big board. now we are up. we been down for almost the entire day. we are up 19 points on the dow. walgreens is dragging the dow down. we will have more on that in a second. look at the s&p 500. that is also ever so slightly higher. a quarter percentage point higher. as the nasdaq, that too on the upside to the tune of about one third of 1%. we've turned around across the board we are up. amazon, i've got two stories there. it's starting a last mile delivery service and it is buying the online pharmacy pill pack. the news hitting pharmacy stocks really hard especially walgreens because now amazon is going to be messing around in that space.
11:03 am
walgreens is down 9%. health insurance, they are also down on that news that amazon is getting into their turf again by buying pill pack. cigna is down. united health is down about 2%. outside that arena we have chipolte, they have a new ceo trying to reorganize the company, changing the menu. it's down $38. that is 8%. very new this hour. they will launch of falcon nine rocket tomorrow now we have matthias with ibm.
11:04 am
>> i am told this robot will be a companion. tell me how a robot is a companion in space. >> they are doing daily experiments and they have features they need to conduct. that's the task and he is asking for assistance on the international space station. >> so he's not there for conversation, is he? >> you can have a conversation with him. you can have some small talk with him and talk about your feelings with them, or you can just do your work with them and conduct experiments. >> hold on a second. i think i've got a soundbite. a little piece of videotape that demonstrates how your roadblock and show compassion for the astronauts. hold on. rotate. >> i'm really sad and i miss my family on earth.
11:05 am
>> ohno. i know we are very far from home. what can i do to cheer you up? [laughter] >> matthias, how about that. what he said. actually that's one part of the personality. we have a personality that is working on building a character personality for simon that he can actually show some compassion. >> what kind of jobs is simon the robot actually going to do? >> right now they are scheduled three experiments and they will support an experiment with personalization and try to guide an astronaut and through that experiment --dash. >> this is a really good commercial for ibm is in it. >> definitely, yes. >> based technology is
11:06 am
commercially available to all the and used in more than 20 industry. that's the cool thing about it. >> did you donate this robot to the space effort. >> actually was a collaboration of the german space agency and ibm is delivering the ai component with help of ibm. >> we are going to be watching tomorrow. i know you're in orlando at the moment. the robot goes into space at 541 eastern tomorrow morning. you will be watching? >> definitely. >> you can watch foxbusiness and we will have it on air as well. where are you from. >> and from munich. >> did you see the world cup. [laughter] >> yes, unfortunately. things for joining us. we do appreciate it.
11:07 am
>> it's time to check the market. the coin is barely above $6000. coin. get gold. it continues its long arduous decline down another four dollars at about $12.50. energy secretary rick perry is asking opec members if saudi arabia, russia will step up to the plate and fill the gap due to sanctions on iranian oil exports. we wanted out of the market and we want you guys to pick up the slack. >> that's what ricky said. >> yep. >> he makes very few headlines as a trump candidate. cabinet.
11:08 am
everybody else is getting rained on and pushed around but rick perry, still there. >> oil is at $73. barrel. >> that the for your high. >> the statistician on our block. thank you. show me gasoline please. it has been edging lower and it's holding now at about $2.84. gallon. but you know, with oil back up to $73. barrel, i have a sneaking suspicion will make another run at three dollars. gallon gasoline this summer. coming up, you will be amazed, all-star yankee pitcher on this program, on the set. that man has made nearly a quarter million dollars in his career. i'm going to ask him how he feels about paying more than half of that in taxes. i promise i will ask him. the anti- trump fbi agency that testified behind closed
11:09 am
doors with peter struct, a member of the house judiciary committee jim jordan was in the room during that hearing. we want to know what he heard. 20 minutes from now, the president will meet with supporters in milwaukee wisconsin but "after words" he heads to the groundbreaking of the new fox plant in southeast wisconsin. stay with us. we have a jampacked live-action hour just ahead.
11:10 am
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11:12 am
two new casinos are going to open in atlantic city this week. officials hope this is the start of a new gaming boom in atlantic city. susan lee is there. she is at the hard rock cafe in atlantic city. susan, i think this is complicated. isn't the new jersey government going to shut down
11:13 am
tomorrow night? when that interfere with the opening of these casinos? >> people are talking about that. we do, and spoke to him about that and he said from what i gather they are still pretty far part and he said he is not going to grad. [inaudible] he said if the government shuts down that fund them. also we have about we should point out on saturday, he's not so sure senator sweeney is not sure it's going to go ahead. is that going to impact beaches and parks and governments and does that impact casinos? we spoke with jim allen at hard rock international and here's what he had to say about it. >> in my opinion, i slam not one of the elected officials, but we truly believe the state understands, not just atlantic city but all in all the be able to work it out to the house and the senate and obviously governor murphy.
11:14 am
>> so i guess fingers crossed, especially as you have two brand-new casinos opening here. a million people expected in atlantic city. >> why do the official there think that two new casinos can rescue the gaming business in atlantic city. why should they win now when previous conceals have really failed. >> it's been a tough stretch. that's for sure. a tough stretch over the past five or six years. five out of 12 casinos had shut down during that time. when i speak to the executives and the owners of these brand-new casinos, i said what's different, what's change. they said were going to di diversify. not just about gaming. there can bring in entertainment. carrie underwood is here along with other celebrities and famous djs. they will try to get into entertainment and provide a little bit more for the family and not just the slot machines and the tables. that's something there trying
11:15 am
differently. >> are you staying down there for the opening of the casinos? >> i have to go back to work but can i just quickly show you the buzz here? there are lines across here trying to get their player cards also come i don't know if you can recognize this place but this used to be president trump's taj mahal. it has undergone a 500 million-dollar renovation but i can tell you, it's buzzing. >> susan stay there. get your players card and then come back. thank you susan. we will see you again real soon. >> this is the meeting that's finalized, formalized, it's going to happen. july the 16th, president trump and vladimir putin. >> the day after the world cup final. >> that's right.
11:16 am
president vladimir putin has to be at the finals in moscow and then he'll go to helsinki. >> they are very worried about him and his ambitions. they still have crimea and what's going on in ukraine. the brits are at a very big verbal battle, tresa mae and every one of the british officials have recounted the world cup because of the russian poisoning, the brits say to russian nationals, for him to go to helsinki and meet with vladimir putin sends a message. >> it's a real flap to the russia, russia, russia solution. >> it is. can i just raise the issue you just noted, in britain, in parliament, a leading politician stood up and said why don't we know, when we check commonly madras is there are, lord pearson said this and he was shouted down.
11:17 am
>> he was shouted down even though they said we will monitor those numbers because that's where the hate rhetoric is coming from. now he's been shouted down saying shame on you and of course had he said that outside of parliament, on the street, he would have been arrested. you are not allowed to say that. that's a disgrace. no wonder we are in america. separately, failed down at bed bath and beyond. they have fewer customers using those coupons. everybody gets them but not many use them. it's below $20 a share. pier one goes down big time, 24% lower, barely above two dollars. stock alert, bj's wholesale club went public today and started trading. it's up 26%, $21. share, up for 50. that's bj's.
11:18 am
yankees all-star pitcher has made more than a quarter billion dollars and hurts majorly baseball career. how do you think he feels about paying more than half of that in taxes. i will ask him. i will see if i get an answer, next. ♪ ♪ michael michael ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ whoooo.
11:19 am
11:20 am
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11:22 am
we have a major star with us, a baseball star, yankee pitcher. a round of applause for the great man himself. welcome to the program. >> things for having me. >> you're on the show because you are working with youngsters so they eat healthy. >> were teaming up with the boys and girls club. i grew up with the boys and girls club and they had a huge impact on my life. >> what you telling them to eat. >> anything healthy. everything healthy. just get on play and try to be as active as possible and spend more time outside. >> forgive me for raising the issue, but i'm looking at you, your big guy. >> i am. i've always been a big guy and
11:23 am
it's just a genetic thing. i played all sports, football, basketball, soccer, baseball growing up. i was very active. >> you are in the boys and girls club. the fruits and vegetables. will i was begin for about three or four weeks after that. all. >> three or four weeks, that's pretty good. >> actually real begin was pretty tough. dominic tried again. i. >> who did you have for the world cup. >> i had germany. i guess i have to ride with
11:24 am
belgium now. >> i am an american but i shall be rooting for the brits. attendance at major league baseball down this year. i think it's 815 year low. what you make of that? >> i have no idea. it always sticks a little while for the league to get going. kids are out of school right now and summer is heating up. hopefully people will start coming to the ballpark. there's a lot of great players in the league and talented stars. price harper and mike trout. we have aaron judge. >> it's a great team. >> this is a tricky subject. you are a wealthy guy. you've made close to a quarter billion dollars and i think you live in the tri-state area.
11:25 am
when this new tack thing roles and you'll be paying more if you live in a york or new jersey. what do you think. >> it will be tough. >> tell us what you really thin think? >> we will have to wait and see. >> i've got to ask you about taxes. you're losing 15 maybe 16% on every dollar -- 50 or 60% on every dollar. >> it's a lot of money. it's outrageous. >> will you say is outrageous. >> it's outrageous. [laughter] >> thank you. were really impressed at what you're doing with the boys and girls club. i've got to go on a diet and lose 15 pounds fast. >> vegan. >> it's a great fun having you. it's good to see you. comebacks in.
11:26 am
come back soon. president trump meets with supporters and will be greeted by protesters. we are following it for you. there's the protest ongoing right there. more of that in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip.
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11:30 am
it's happening right now in portland oregon. a standoff with law enforcement officers. dozens of officers lined up in the street outside the buildings for any further developments. that's in portland oregon. president trump is holding a meeting with supporters in milwaukee wisconsin. after that he heads to the groundbreaking the new fox. check the big board. the dow is down 50 points. that's despite walgreens which is a down stock which is really way down and dragging
11:31 am
40 points off the dow. it's still up 55. walgreens is down after amazon announced it's buying the online pharmacy pill pack. a lot more on that later. starbucks is below 50 bucks. that's a new three-year low. what do the analyst say? they say the high prices that the company charges are encouraging customers to go elsewhere. look at that. down 3%. 48 bucks a share. back to my take, top of the hour, instability we were talking about. i'm thing were seeing this in politics big time and i say the resistance from maxine waters and the rest of the left will go on and on and on throughout the summer. it's titled teeing off on trump. he joins us now. what do you mean. >> that's what the left, the democrats think they can do. they thought it since the
11:32 am
inauguration. they just go nuts on donald trump. the question is, is there a political cost for doing that? they just are full on. the left went out in the streets by the thousands and created chaos. they disrupted traffic all over. you just saw the scenes from portland oregon where the left have been shutting down immigration services building. they are now in a standoff with police. for the democrats this is a problem. they are on the rise and the possibility of violence. richard nixon made an issue and got elected. it always works against the
11:33 am
democrats because there's is the one that creates disorder. >> i think it will get worse. >> you get the nomination of a new supreme court justice for they will be hell to pay about that. then he meets with vladimir putin. the left will go not about this. the political temperature does not come down for the rest of the year, am i right? >> at the come down at all. the left is riding high. they won this race in queens new york. they think cortez is the future. >> why doesn't the modern wing of the party rain it in. >> because they can't. that is the point they are uncontrollable. they think direct action is the way you get things done.
11:34 am
it makes a lot of voters extremely uncomfortable when that thing happens. then they start looking toward republican candidates to restore some order. the more the democrats go into the streets like this, the more they just are unhinged in their attacks on donald trump. i think it will help the republicans in november. >> unhinged. the word i will use. i want to get to the supreme court and justice kennedy's retirement. the democrats say they will try to block any nominee that the president puts forward. by the way, senator schumer was on the floor of the u.s. senate saying all of the people on the president list of potential nominees are not fit for the office. judge napolitano is with us now. you've actually spoken to some of the people on the list. >> yes, and i will tell you that the lobbying has begun. this is not an seemingly
11:35 am
because they are permitted to lobby. >> sitting judges are not permitted to lobby but they won't stop there accolades from lobbying. i can tell you the lobbying has begun. i don't know how work out but it's begun because i've caught wind of some of this in the past several hours since i was on with you at 9:00 a.m. >> what form does the lobbying take? do they go to leading politician and say my guys not really like that, he's like this. >> fidelity to the presence principles of small government and confirm ability. who is the most confirmable. you heard what chuck schumer said. i would suggest an asterisk to what he said. i don't think senators will vote against one of their own. i think senator michael he is probably the most confirmable on the list just because he is a united states senator.
11:36 am
>> i kind of disagree with you. >> there's no way a single democrat in the senate would vote for mike lee to be on the supreme court. >> they don't need a democrat if the republicans stay together. the issue is whether or not murkowski would vote for him. >> and he wouldn't. >> you know more than i do apparently. >> sorry, i'm interrupting you. if the litmus issue is abortion, and it is, lisa murkowski answered suzanne collins will not vote for that candidate. >> joe wants to get reelected and so does heidi i can. they are carried by huge numbers. >> so senator schumer will not be able to lay down the law and say a single democrat will go for this nominee. >> i don't think so, but what senator schumer was saying in the beginning of this segment when he said none of them were qualified, what he means is none of them are pro-choice. that's what he means. they are all qualified for they've all been confirmed by
11:37 am
state senate but they're also all pro-life. so he was really candid, that's what he's talking about. i think we will be going through this for months. thank you judge. >> big amazon story. yes it's buying the online pharmacy pill pack. hillary is outside a walgreens store with much more on this. this is really hitting the walgreens of this world. explain why. >> it's because amazon is further moving into the healthcare industry, getting into pharmaceuticals. walgreens, cvs, right aid, although shares are falling on this news. he'll pack is a presorted med company that delivers meds to your door in presorted packs.
11:38 am
if you're juggling a lot of medications you can make sure you are taking the right pills at the right time. now amazon is acquiring that. they are going to start home delivery for prescriptions for their customers. this is setting them back definitely, but it's also hitting health insurers. you're seeing at nine, united health group, they're all falling on this news because they're concerned this is going to cut into some of their profits as well. we also heard a little bit of reaction from walgreens ceo this morning in a pre-planned call with analysts producing this is definitely a signal from amazon that they are targeting this industry but he said he's not too worried because he said there's a lot more to the pharmaceutical industry than just pill and package delivery. >> i'm just amazed at the expense of the amazon impact. when i see a company like walgreens and its stock is down close to 10% and right aid driven to one dollar.
11:39 am
share, you know that that is an extraordinary impact from one company extending into their turf. hillary, great report. you're in the right place for it. things for joining us. >> is for president trump, he continues to slam harley-davidson after it announced is moving some bike production to europe. next we will be joined by bikers for trump, the guy who runs it, whose side are they on in this dispute. we will be back.
11:40 am
11:41 am
i'm nicole with your foxbusiness brief. a close look at visa, mastercar mastercard. this is after a finding by at judge at the district court. they've reached a settlement dating back to 2005. it was the merchants against visa, mastercard and some of the banks. merchants were saying they had to raise white fees while boosting out rewards for customers. in the end the settlement is worth six and half billion dollars in the final agreement will be drawn up and put out in mid august. in the meantime, merchants who were dealt a big loss earlier this week when they were told by the supreme court that they cannot tell you to use other cards besides american express because american express has
11:42 am
hired. [inaudible] voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at
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moments ago fireworks on capitol hill. jim jordan questioning rod rosenstein. watch this. >> why did you tell peter struck not to answer questions? why ask peter stark if he had ever communicated with glenn simpson, he gave an answer he gave dozens of times.
11:44 am
on advice of counsel i can answer that question. >> we were trying to get jim jordan on the show later today to talk about the closed-door testimony. mr. jim jordan was in the room of the closed-door testimony. we are trying to get him on the show so he can tell us exactly what happens. if you can't get in today we will try to get him back tomorrow. important stuff. president trump continues to really slam harley-davidson. it is moving some production to europe. here's the presidential tweet. harley-davidson should stay one 100% in america with the people who got you your success. i've done so much for you and then this. other companies are coming back where they belong. we won't forget. and neither will your customers or your now very happy competitors. it's time for chris cox, finder of acres for trump. chris, who said you on. >> we are certainly on the present side. he is one 100% right that the
11:45 am
biker community, the veterans of the blue-collar which are the kickstand and the blood sweat and spit of the harley-davidson foundation. they been suffering for some time, the bikers have stuck with them through the good times and the bad and it wasn't that long ago that am i on harley-davidso harley-davidson, and as a result of the poor leadership, the bikers would turn their harley-davidson upside down protest but nevertheless they stuck with them. they have been a firm believer in the american-made motorcycle. these motorcycles have been being prostituted out as far as europe and asia and australia, they come from all around the world. if you pull a hip tender office has made in china. that being said you can have a motorcycle made very easily. go to crossroads harley-davidson in north carolina and the put together an american-made motorcycle for you.
11:46 am
you have an american-made steel frame and carburetor, handlebars, we have native american indians ditch these bags so harley-davidson wants to turn its back on the biker community and not show the respect they deserve with the veterans of the blue-collar, we certainly will move on. >> chris, could you ever see the day when you would drive a kawasaki or japanese, any bike other than a harley. >> no, sir, i can't. as a young man i had a honda and a yamaha but as i got older i liked the balance in the weight and the power of the harley-davidson. >> when i was young guy, and this is a long time ago, i drove a trial bonneville 650. it was an x police bike made in britain and have the throaty war of a harley. it was like a ninja bike from japan. this thing was not quite hard but something pretty similar. would you like to drive a triumph. [laughter] >> if it's got two wheels on it and a good set of tires,
11:47 am
i'm all for it. we've got some other american-made motorcycle dealerships, companies that have actually just signed a deal with united states military. i think it's an upward of three to $5 million. we've got american-made parts all across the country. back in the '90s we had over 200 between producers of motorcycles and as a result of all those motorcycle shows that run tv and fizzling out, those companies kinda went under. harley wants to take his business elsewhere, the eicher will figure out how to make its own parts. with that being said, harley's been talking about moving overseas well before donald trump became president. to suggest that this is the reason they're going to move over as a result of these tariffs, that is nonsense. there market over there is booming, harley-davidson is not working to entice the
11:48 am
millennia millennial, not reaching out to other motorcycle companies, their embracing these things we call flat tracks. they're figuring out ways. i have a friend of mine who has been working on the program, those children that ride on those little hover boards, they're trying to figure out how to have hover board competitions in these parking lots of other dealerships so they can entice these kids and get them into the showrooms and show them motorcycles so we can have these guys riding bikes in the future. >> chris cox i will leave it there. suffice it to say you are not happy with harley and you're still with trump. bikers for trump. thanks for joining us. we will see you soon. more on president trump's by american, hire american but in a moment will be joined by a man who owns a high-tech company committed to growing here in america in new york. everything made in america. everything with u.s. workers. you will meet him after this.
11:49 am
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11:53 am
having made in america with all u.s. workers. it just launched the only 5g chip on the market. jeff shealy is the founder and ceo of acoustic technology and joins us now. before we go any further, before we discuss the new factory, i want to know what 5g does for me. can you tell me? >> i can. thank you for having me this morning. acoustics is a high-tech company. we are traded on the nasdaq under the symbol a kts. regarding 5g, it is the next step in the evolution of high-speed data for mobile devices and high-speed devices and data medications. if you view current devices that you have in your pockets, probably a 4g lte device, the amount of spectrum that's needed in the exponential growth of data is requiring that we take the next step
11:54 am
toward opening up new spectrum that allows munication and acoustic technologies has announced the first two products have been 5g or a filter chip that allow a smart phone to connect to the internet. >> 5g speeds, everything up, basically that's your bottom line. you are putting money into america. i believe you originally had a plan to put some money into china but you reversed course. you're putting it into america. is that because president trump want to do this or is it also because new york state is giving you time and money to move to new york state? >> let me address both of those. first our decision to pick made in america based on the company being founded in america and the desire to manufacture in america. it goes much beyond that. when you consider where to manufacture you look at pro any fracturing policy regulations and we found a
11:55 am
pro- manufacturing environment at the federal level. we also find a pro- manufacturing environment in new york state with the support of not only the governor, the senators and the county officials, but to answer your question regarding incentives, we did receive some incentives but were investing far beyond those incentives. >> the plant in wisconsin got three or $4 billion to build there. did you get a billion or half billion to move to new york? much did you get? >> what we've announced is that we received incentives in the high single digit millions. what we've done beyond that is put back on the textbooks which has also been a benefit to the state would increase the job by over 50% in the
11:56 am
first year. by the way, we are celebrating our first year of producing and upstate new york. >> so you are in place, your building, the 5g chip is coming out of that factory in upstate new york. where exactly is it. >> it's just south of rochester, new york in ontario county. >> because that particular part of new york state has been run down horribly in the last couple generations. you are trying to build a backup i think we can all join in support of that. how many workers you have now and how many will you have in a year. >> today we are approximately 80 employees companywide. we see the opportunity to expand an additional two or 300 manufacturing jobs and just to clarify in the appreciation of where we come in, the area has been ravaged by the rocket and kodak's business and were taking many
11:57 am
of those manufacturing resources and retraining them as well as providing a lot of blue-collar jobs. >> thank you very much for coming on the show. thank you for putting money into new york state and into america. jeff shealy, ceo of acoustic technology. thank you. we will see you soon. >> more "varney" after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:58 am
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yet, let's go bring the entire new york studio - live. let's go anytime, anywhere, with anyone who's willing. and let's go do it all right here. ready to go? peloton. stuart: i'm going to do something the producers really don't want me to do -- [laughter] i'm going to talk world cup. we've only got 45 seconds left. so, ashley webster, today england plays belgium. i believe one of those two teams, both of them maybe, will try to lose. ashley: it'll be better to lose because you go into a different bracket, and you avoid having to
12:00 pm
play brazil in the quarterfinals. elizabeth: riveting. [laughter] stuart: talking about soccer. [laughter] yes, he does. and somebody who does not want to talk about soccer, his name is neil cavuto, and it's your show, neil. neil: thank you, sir, very much. the markets up about 47 points here, and the bottom line is the markets don't know what to make about trade on a day the president is saying, look, the wind is at our back when it comes to the economy, foreign investment, and all of this hammering about trade is much a dodd not about -- ado not about nothing. jeff flock is there where the president will be very shortly. jeff. >> reporter: liquid crystal displays, that's what they make at foxcon, and perhaps


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