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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ gunshot ] [ thud ] >> i've been in the building a lot of times and there's not any security and there doesn't seem to be need for security. gerri: breaking news this morning, five people gunned down in targeted attack in capital gazette news room have died. the suspect sued and won defamation lawsuit. cheryl: today final day of trading for the week, the month and the second quarter, we are now six months to the year, looking to pose half percentage gain at least for second quarter. dow down 2% right now. gerri: stock futures looking
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pretty good here pointing gains for the last trading week, dow up 16 in premarket trading, the nasdaq up 47. cheryl: i meant to say dow 2% for the year. taking a look at europe, eu leaders have struck a deal on immigration at the summit that they were holding, that has given investors relief. stocks opening pretty high right now. ftse is up 1% and look at the dax, up more than 1 and a half. gerri: big deal. like wise in asia, stocks soaring. shanghai composite bouncing back over 2% and in hong kong up nearly 1 and a half percent. cheryl: investors will want to stay tune to fox business as maria bartiromo sets get to interview steven mnuchin, mick mulvaney and white house adviser ivanka trump and many more in
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washington. that's all this morning. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ ♪ gerri: good morning, it's 5:01 a.m. in new york. good morning, i'm gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody, i'm cheryl casone. we begin this morning with 5 people gunned down and killed in a targeted attack at the capital gazette news room in maryland, suspect in custody, jerry ramos of maryland, ramos will go before judge this morning. he had a long-held grudge suing paper for defamation over reporting of him and raising social media campaign against them. >> this person was prepared to come in and this person was
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prepared to shoot people, intent was to cause harm. we know that there were greats sent to gazette through social media. gerri: signs and signals that this will happen. in response to shooting police stepping up patrols and why nypd officers outside new york times and outside abc headquarters right here in new york. deployments made out of abundance of caution and believe the baltimore's son's building the capital gazette owned by the sun, the gazette published refused to be silence by the violence. front page. cheryl: staff at news room worked all night long and made sure they would -- good morning. >> good morning to you. cheryl: this person was armed,
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dangerous, shotgun, smoke grenade, all signs were on social media. he had been found to be harassing a woman. that's the story that paper did on him, harassment of woman on facebook, twitter, all of this, the signs were there, how do we keep missing the events, steve? >> you and gerri brought profound thought, the common denominator that there were signs and signals. in this case, perhaps the company could have strengthen their security measures, we see this happen in schools, we see this happen in many office buildings across the countries and other venues. the fact of the matter is that strengthening security is going to become a way of life in this country and the way you could really strengthen it, the short-term is long-term solutions, on the short-term you have metal detectors and you have arm security personnel well trained as layer of protection
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between potential victims and the shooters. the police thank god got there quick enough. cheryl: 60 seconds. this brings up two issues, first safety of journalists, let's be honest, unchartered territory with public and assault on the media and even sarah huckabee sanders, white house press secretary tweeted. strongly condemn the evil act of senseless violence in maryland, attack on every american, our prayers with veements and friends and their families. now we've got more news room security today across the country, is this a new norm? >> attack on journalists is attack on first amendment. if they have to fear for their lives because they are doing
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something so precious to the country, we have to take measures to protect them and those measures are going to be making sure that they have the protection necessary and that protection is certainly strengthening. cheryl: before i let you go, facial recognition technology, they use that to identify him. is this something that law enforcement is thinking about using more and more in events like this in. >> we will have no choice but to use facial recognition and other measures that will be very good in protecting potential victims. cheryl: steve rogers, thank you for joining us on breaking news, we do appreciate it. >> you're welcome. gerri: now to supreme court, both parties mobilizing for the fight to replace outgoing anthony kennedy, justice kennedy. president trump meeting with bipartisan group of six senators at the white house last night to discuss vacancy, democrats face uphill battle from prevent president to nominate
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conservative leaders and republican leaders have vowed to act quickly to fill the seat. >> the senate will vote to vote for success or 2016. they aren't the final months of lame duck presidency, presidential election fast approaching. gerri: reports say the white house hopes to announce nominee before trump departs for nato summit in brussels on july 11th, that will be super quick. can he recall cheryl well, results of the federal reserves regulatory stress test are out. deutsche bank failing, white house deficiencies and mismanagement at the bank, morgan stanley pass that neither bank will raise dividend or share buybacks, they must may taken payout levels in order to build capital. jpmorgan to raise dividend to 50 cents a share to 80 cents a share with buyback of $20 billion in stock.
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shares of jpmorgan were actually up in afterhour trading, bank of america, wells fargo also raised dividend. gerri: great stuff. california setting precedent by doubling down on data privacy. cheryl: tracee carrasco with that and more headlines, good morning. >> the law which takes effect in 2020 gives people complete control over their personal data by giving them the right to know what information, companies like facebook and google are collecting, why are collecting it and who they will share it with. people will have option to end, this could serve as model for other states. cheryl: facebook is in support of this. tracee: they are, they are working with policymakers, approaching it with open mind and trying to working with. gerri: amazon sending pharmacy stocks tumbling, great time to
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put walgreens in the dow, what's going on with that? tracee: am done taking plan in health care industry, acquires pill plan, several medications by sorting the pills by dose into personalized daily packages and delivering straight to home each month. news sent shares walgreens, cv s and sent shares tumbling. trump administration unveiled draft of 1040 tax document which is less than 1 payment with 23 lines, much shorter than the current paperwork, the new form, however, could require additional paperwork depending on what your financial circumstances are. the tax cut and job's act eliminated certain deductions which is how the administration
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was able to shrink the size of the main individual tax reform. cheryl: tracee carrasco, thank you very much. gerri: thank you, programming reminder, our maria bartiromo will have a series of big and i mean big interviews this morning in capital, steven mnuchin 8:00 eastern time, white house economic adviser larry kudlow and maria will also sit down with mick mulvaney and chair kevin and then get this, ivanka trump will join mornings with maria. don't miss maria's interview starting at 6:00 o'clock eastern time right here on fox business network, a big, big show. cheryl: all right, coming house republicans taking aim at rod rosenstein on capitol hill. >> you haven't complied with
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requests from separate and equal -- >> it's not accurate, sir. >> we have caught you hiding -- cheryl: much more of the fiery exchange and big financial stocks among the worst performers this quarter, should you buy them ahead of the earnings? i don't know, we will talk about i. u.s. stock market futures as you can see right now, friday, we are watching a lot of things. we had six months of trading the first half of the year is over, the dow is up 159 in premarket, s&p is up 14, nasdaq is up 46. we will have a lot more in, of course, first half of the year for your money and more fbn:am coming your way. jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down.
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cheryl: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. taking a look at futures, big day for markets, halfway through the trading year, we will have green arrows, dow up 163 in premarket. nasdaq is up 46, so far the dow is down for the week actually. well, in washington, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein clashing with republicans in hearing yesterday. rosenstein critics jim jordan didn't hold back. >> did you threaten staffers on the house intelligence
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committee, media reports indicate you did. >> media reports are mistaken. >> who are we supposed to believe, members who we worked with, never misled us or you guys who we have caught hiding information from us who tell witness not to answer our questions, who are we supposed to believe? cheryl: rosenstein called accusations and holding information deeply wrong. your opinion leaders reaching a deal after talks, over talks in brussels in how to handle migration crisis there, this follows italy's demands for more help, plan screening migrants in north africa for asylum eligibility, questions about how to eu will distribute refugees in neighbor nation and treat rejected asylum seekers. twenty-first century fox has set a date for shareholders to vote on disney bid for entertainment access. july 27th, last week fox accepted new bid favoring it over comcast attempt to derail
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the potential deal, 21st century fox is parent of fox business network, gerri. that's what's happening now. gerri: thank you, cheryl, wall street puts second quarter in the books after today, that's right, it wasn't a good quarter for financial stocks with s&p 500 financial sector down 3 and a half percent. david nelson joins us now, let's get right to it, david. i want to talk about those first half results, we see the dow for the week and the month down but up for the quarter, we have seen some impressive moves but i have to ask you, where are we going in the second half and what do you think is going to be the most important story moving the stocks? >> you have a mixed market, gerri. you look out there, you're getting mixed signals. revisions are going through the roof. you have a federal reserve that's tripping over themselves trying to, you know, who has the highest gdp estimate, when i look across the global complex,
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global versus defenses are clashing, there's something wrong with the picture. one to have charts is wrong. gerri: interesting, let's talk about financial stocks, we just showed you full screen. let's bring that back up again, how the financial stocks are doing, only industrials performing worst probably because of ge, look at s&p 500 financials, 3.6%, but david, what do you see doing forward, we had the stress test, we saw goldman sachs, morgan stanley as well s now the time to come up and scoop up some of the stocks, goldman sachs is down 11% in the quarter. >> for goldman and morgan stanley, these are two challenged companies right now, they have investment banking and trading houses and those are
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challenged industries for everyone out there. trading isn't what it used to be. investment banking has new players out there and companies looking to go public and raise finances, have a lot of choices so you're getting margin compression. gerri: i want to talk about earnings because that's what we will be focusing on. we are getting started on the season, s&p 500 earnings up up 195%. financials up 22.7, tech up 21.1, the big surprise was performance of financials because we expected them to do so much better because of higher interest rates, isn't this a strong earning environment and why can't the stocks do better on the basis of that? >> beg it is question what's wrong with the picture. i think the big problem is the federal reserve. look tat short end of the curb, ramping up rates, that should be good for financials but the long-end of the curb is flat and for my money the fed, you know, making a policy mistake here.
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they may not be talking about it right now but if this yield curb goes flat or invert you can bet every economists in merrill lynch will be talking abit. gerri: one of the secret saucers that traders know about. they believe if it goes flat, a recession and frankly it oftens does. >> not a guaranty but certainly people will be noticing it and weighs on sentiment. gerri: that's right, david, always good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: programming note for this morning, maria bartiromo with big guests, treasury secretary steven mnuchin 8:00 o'clock eastern time and maria sit down with ivanka trump. those are some of the high-profile guests on the show today. don't miss maria's interviews starting at 6:00 o'clock eastern time right here on the fox business network right after fbn:am. gerri: wow, a big, big show coming up there and coming up
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here online grocery store kroger making a cutting-edge announce ment tech leader with driverless van. ice to your home because of heat wave will be coming, adam klotz. big start to friday, s&p 500 almost 13 and nasdaq dabbing 2. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ hawaii is in the middle of the pacific ocean. we're the most isolated population on the planet. ♪
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cheryl: major heat awe is
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hitting much of the country. people in northeast are bracing for a hot, hot weekend. gerri: i know i am. weekend forecast with adam klotz. >> intense heat, current temperatures behind me. not the daytime high, this sitting at 85-degrees in kansas city. everything you are looking at red is warning. that can be dangerous for folks who spend a long time outside. take mind of that as you head out this weekend, how warm, feels like temperatures, the heat plus humidity, this is what it feels when you step outside, 110-degrees in st. louis, 10 a5 in chicago, 106 in memphis, it is going to be incredibly warm and all the warm air continues to slowly shift off towards the east over the next couple of days, i do want to leave you what's happening in new york city, i know you're planning your weekend, look at this,
5:25 am
sunday, 93-degrees here in the city, it's going to be hot and muggy and sticky the entire weekend long. cheryl: we are ready for this, i think. >> turn on the air-conditioning. cheryl: we shall see. hydrate, adam, thank you. all right, coming up, utah senator mike lee the front runner for supreme court vacancy, our political panel is going weigh in on that and nike stomping on investor expectation with stelar court -- quarter and that stock is actually soaring, we will talk about. last trading day of the week, the month, the quarter, the dow is up 149 in premarket, s&p is up 12, nasdaq is up 43 and a half, still the dow down for the week. we will be right back.
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i want some more what's he doin? please sir. i want some more more? he has asked for... thank you well he did say please
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yes he did and, thank you (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. >> i've been in the building a lot of times and there's not any security and there doesn't seem to be any need for security. cheryl: breaking this morning 5 people attacked in maryland, 5 people are died and three injured. gerri: markets today is the final day of trading for week, month and second quarter. dow down 3 weeks in a row but looking to pose a half percent gain for the second quarter, dow is actually down 2% for the year, what about the aging bull market. cheryl: stock futures pointing to gains for the week, the month
5:30 am
and, of course, the quarter. gerri: on europe eu leaders strike deal on immigration, stocks higher there. dax up 163. the cac 40 up 64 and the ftse up 51. cheryl: big gains, as china soar s restrictions. remember bear market territory this week. hong kong and hang seng nearly up 1 and a half percent. gerri: investors will want to stay tune to fox business as maria bartiromo gets set to interview treasury secretary steve mnuchin, mick mulvaney and ivanka trump, it's going to be amazing. fbn:am continues right now.
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♪ ♪ gerri: it is 5:31 a.m. in new york friday june 28th, good morning, i'm gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. we start with this. the president searches for nominee for replace anthony kenty is now an overdrive, the president wants to name pick before he heads to nato summit on july 11th and dems are feeling intense pressure. republicans have only a slender majority to work with controlling 51 of 100 senate seats, the dynamic producing mixed results so far. let's bring in michael barnes, policy adviser to georgia w. bush and mike hopkins, democratic strategists. obviously this is going to -- this is going to be a big story for democrats, do they plan to
5:32 am
use the supreme court nomination process in the midterms against the republicans? >> absolutely. i mean, when you look at what's on the agenda at the top of the list is roe versus wade and every woman has the right to choose, democrats need to make sure that every american has the right on the ballot. cheryl: all right, michael barnes, let's look at some of the nominees being discussed. we have a pretty short list which is interesting, some of the names, some controversial, some are not. you have thomas hardman, raymond from and mike lee from utah. the president thinks he will be the easiest one to get confirmed. the easiest name. >> it does certain make sense
5:33 am
politically and i think the president has been smart politically up to this point in getting gorsuch confirmed an working with federalist society and i also seen list that has brother of lee. the list that the president has includes 25 people. politically can democrats not find someone that they can live with and i think that the president perhaps has met with the democrats and said, frik this list that i published someone you can live with so he can get the justice confirmed. cheryl: certainly, michael hopkins, whoever is nominated and takes the seat this would be the most conservative bench that we have seen in decades. i want to listen to what leonard who, of course, is advising president trump said about the process and in particular where we are, listen. >> the left has been using the
5:34 am
roe v. wade and 30 years later nothing has happened to roe v. wade. the abortion issue is really much a scare tactic. cheryl: is it a scare tactic i would think the party will use that extensively as we go through this and maybe into midterms? >> i don't think it's scared tactic at all. i think there are millions of americans or millions of women across america that are weared we will go back to a time where abortions are done in ball ally -- back alleys and not doctor's office where it should. and so i think that that poses a unique conflict for this president that's under investigation. cheryl: you answered my question, it will be used as scared tactic, we will see -- >> reality.
5:35 am
cheryl: well, we have to see. we are not there yet but michael barnes, do i want to ask you about there's one political side to this and i want to go to mike lee from utah, if you pull him out, that leaves a seat that's opened that has to be filled. doesn't that hurt the party, he's a senator, trump has a slim majority in the senate, isn't that a bit of a risk? >> in other states it would be, in utah i don't think there's a chance that a democrat will place mike lee out of utah. that's a political consideration that makes it easy if the president we wanted to nominate mike lee. going back to issue to scare tactics, the list has been published by the white house is of experience jurist in supreme courts either, state level or in federal courts and appeals courts included and they respect precedent and becomes really hard to imagine anything more than chipping away of the law which, of course, is important to people who like me support
5:36 am
rights for women to have an abortion in certain circumstances, rights of gay couples to get married, the chip get away of the rights is greater concern than outright overturning and it would be great if the president would nominate somebody who has a commitment to the law including precedent over ideology, someone like justice kennedy. cheryl: justice kennedy who said he voted on the issues, he hated being called the swing vote because he said no, it's case by case and he did respect the law. hopefully we will have a nominee that will respect the law. >> i agree. >> absolutely. cheryl: guys, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> really quick i want to say as washington native my thoughts and prayers are with the capital gazette and journalists. cheryl: it's been a horrible 24 hours. gerri: very difficult, indeed. moving on. nike stocks soaring on a terrific earnings report. cheryl: tracee carrasco has the story and other headlines, good morning. >> good morning, sales beat
5:37 am
analysts expectations, nike said it's all, quote, a return to growth in america which has been weak, this is the first time sales here rose in the last 4 quarters, a sign that shoppers are clearly liking nike's new products and launches, shares of nike soared 10% in after hours trading following the earnings report. gerri: a lot of wandering in the desert for that stock, now let's talk about tesla once again they are missing the mark on production, what's going on? trace tray they seem to catch a break with the model 3. reuters reporting that tesla workers say that it's not producing enough model 3 srveción's per shift to reach the 5,000 per week target that elon musk projected. tesla shareholder meeting earlier this morning, musk said it was, quote, quite likely that tesla will be able to build about 5,000 model 3's per week by the end of june even though at the time tesla was producing 3500 of the vehicles per week. cheryl: goldman sachs this week
5:38 am
says they will not make predictions. tracee: let's see if he tweets anything. cheryl: let's talk about kroger, driverless cars. tracee: to begin testing grocery delivery to customers using driverless mini vans, there they are in your screen. silver van will begin to deliveries this fall as kroger tries to keep up with am done to offer same-day deliveries to customers, this is one of many investments kroger has made into delivery efforts. gerri: amazing, cutting - edge technology that company. cheryl: thank you, tracee. gerri: programming reminder, maria bartiromo will have a series of big interviews this morning in nation's capital, steven mnuchin at 8:00 a.m. eastern time and white house economic adviser larry kudlow. cheryl: maria will will down
5:39 am
with mick mulvaney as well as economic adviser kevin and ivanka trump will join maria bartiromo also, just some of the high-profile guests on the show today. don't miss interview all starting 6:00 a.m. eastern time right here on fox business. all right coming up president trump is weighing replacementsover chief of staff john kelly. we have that story as we head into last day of trading, the months, the weeks, the quarter, amazon, netflix, stand-out stocks so far, buy sell or hold, we will talk about it, futures right now pointing to a nice positive opening on your friday, we need this, the dow is up 150 in the premarket. nasdaq up 40, you're watching fbn:am ♪ ♪ you said you're not like me, ♪ you never drop to your knees, ♪
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conservative kennedy ricardo facing challengist who has 22-point lead on average. that's according to latest polling. two-time presidential runner-up and run campaign and that's what's happening now. gerri: it is going to be interesting. big implications for the u.s. so what were some of the big winners and how should investors position portfolios for the rest of the year pick from joe pick
5:44 am
from good to see you. leading the way is united health care. two leading the way. is there rotation in leadership in the markets pick from what do you see when you get into the details pick from joe. what you see tech certainly and consumer names like amazon pick from niek seems to have a great move today as well as health care pick from a lot of consolidation. gerri: they are getting into the big health care sector in a big
5:45 am
way scaring the pants of other rivals including walgreens which was added to dow jones industrial average pick from walgreens down. companies have sought to cut costs. disruptor like amazon coming in and cutting health care for workers that warren buffet and jamie bezos has been working. cutting health care will lead to consolidation both in distribution and retail. gerri: let's get back to fang stocks for a second. for the second quarter which we are getting start of reporting on that pick from tech expected to post earnings pick from are
5:46 am
some of the names losing momentum and how should -- how should investors analyze stocks going forward? yeah tech is priced per -- for perfection. energy had excellent second quarter. gerri: right. >> we looked to put money there as well as some of the forgotten consumer names. mccormick had excellent earnings and rallied. gerri: i feel like we are starting to see maybe sector shift pick from rotation in the markets pick from it's going to be interesting to watch in the second half pick from joe pick from thanks for coming on today. appreciate your time. maria bartiromo will have series of big interviews in nation's capital. steve mnuchin pick 8:00 o'clock
5:47 am
eastern time and maria will sit down have ivanka trump. 6:00 o'clock right here in fox business network. gerri? sports outrage at the world cup as japan backs off in world cup match against poland giving them a huge black eye. one of my favorite names. tiger woods pick from jared max with highlights. let's take a look at markets. dow futures to open 144 points. nasdaq up 39. you're watching fbn:am. just another day on the farm. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai.
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he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here, for precise monitoring of irrigation. it's a smart way to help increase yields, all before the rest of us get out of bed. >> i'm not your charity case. >> i am not your excuse to buy a new dress for the annual fundraiser. >> i am not the poster child for your big donation. >> i am out of debts and in my own home. >> i am off opioids. >> i'm graduating on time and on my way to a great job. >> i am. >> i am. >> we are. >> we are. >> we are. >> what it means to live united. retail.
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under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver.
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cheryl: we will get into the world cup in a second. first. gerri: jared max decision time for lebron james. jared: lebron james, widely expected will opt out of his contract with the cleveland cavaliers by tonight's deadline this to become free agent which promises to be anything but free, if leonard of the spurs, the lakers will join super team in la. what about paul george, la native to be part of super team. george opted out of contract with oklahoma city, would have paid him 21 million next season. he he return to thunder but higher cost. one night after oregon state scored in ninth inning, beavers beat arkansas again 25-0. college world series title,
5:52 am
third one in history. tampa bay buccaneers will not have winston as quarterback. the nfl concluded that winston violated the personal conduct policy. now never charged criminally winston accused of breaking uber driver against consent in march 2016. world cup, we have reached the knockout round. this includes japan, despite losing 1-0 yesterday, they played very conservative to not give up another goal which would have knocked them out. japan squeezed over senegal because japan had fewer yellow cards in world cup. that was tide breaker. widely criticized. rooney joining major league soccer in the u.s., highest player in dc united at 3 in over two and a half year. great for u.s. soccer. no, that is not ivan, that's tiger woods trying a new putter
5:53 am
this week. didn't really help. tiger with birdie chances, only two made, 7 shots back. gerri: the putter is broken, that's what i think. jared: something is broken. cheryl: thank you for explaining world cup with japan. jared: next part of tie-breaker, something new to world cup and better sportsmanship got them in. gerri: the opposite. jared: in baseball one game playoff today. play match today. cheryl: they didn't break any rules. gerri: thank you, jared max, sports report 24/7, siriusxm
5:54 am
115. cheryl: fbn:am will be right back.
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5:56 am
cheryl: daich bank failing federal reserve annual stress test. chris joins us now, hey, chris, what's the reaction over to deutsche's u.s.' operations and
5:57 am
not doing real well? >> no bad news for deutsche. the game is plagued and germany has problem to reform when you have good growth in europe, seems odd, huge bank, major hassle to sort out and this will go on for long time and test results confirm this this morning. gerri: chris, eu leaders reaching agreement on migration that saves angela merkel's bacon i think for germany, what does it mean for investors in. >> well, i think it's good to see this agreement descending on europe after negotiations and signs of fallout between brussels and berlin. shows angela merkel's mission, probably signals maybe approach and i know how bad this is
5:58 am
playing out among population. it will help settle and push on us from here. cheryl: chris, before we let you go, we want to ask you about oil, big week for oil, markets as well. futures up substantially here in the u.s. oil 73 and change. what do you say real fast? >> huge move. opec increase didn't do enough to suede and bit of supply and was good thing for global economy. cheryl: chris, we appreciate it. gerri: mornings with maria starts right now. >> live from inside the u.s. treasury department, here is maria bartiromo with special edition of maria bartiromo. maria: good friday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday june 29th, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6 months of historic tax cuts,
5:59 am
we are making the occasion, marking the occasion with conversations with top administration officials this morning looking at the effect of reform and what is next on the agenda. the president touting the economic impact with legislation and we have ground breaking of the new foxconn plant in wisconsin yesterday. >> at the center of america's economic resurges are tax cuts that i signed six months ago. largest tax cut ever approved, ever gotten in the history of our country. maria: today i will be sitting down with president trump, exclusive interview will air on sunday morning futures on fox news channel at 10:00 a.m. eastern. join us this weekend for the exclusive with president trump. you will also be able to see it monday morning right here on mornings with maria. we have a lot coming up this weekend. we are looking at rally to close first half of the year
6:00 am
meanwhile, futures indicating the market will open 128 points, 1 half of 1%. s&p up this morning about 10 points and nasdaq up 35. modest gains across the board yesterday. take a look at yesterday's action, you see the dow industrials up 98 points, s&p finishedded 1 and nasdaq composite 58. take a look at european indices, ftse is up almost 1 percent. cac quarante is up 1 and a quarter percent and dax in germany better than 1%. in asia overnight, the shanghai composite and hang seng, top performers as you can see, hang seng and hong kong up and two-thirds of a percent. news room targeted, 5 people were killed in rampage at capital gazette in annapolis, maryland, staffers are putting out paper this morning as you can see, we have the latest as the suspect is set to appear in court after being charged on


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