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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa: take a look at this orange sky in san francisco as a result of smoke from wildfires about 70 miles away. david: wow. officials are urging california residents to not call 9-1-1 for smoke. only if you see an actual fire. quite a vision. wow. melissa: that does it for us. welcome back. evening edit starts now. david: thank you. liz: to the protests for family separation at the border. we're bringing you this fiery debate. democrats calling now to abolish ice. this as the media misreports they've got it incorrectly that there was a push by ice agents to disban ice. that's not true. we're going to give you the real story. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi in a fight with maxine waters. they want her to tone down the rector. they're firing back. we've got the details, and you won't believe where else maxine waters supported protests. the eu and mexico now doing what president trump has been asking for all along.
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a tariff-free trade deal. we're going to give you the details. money, politics, we deliver the debate behind tomorrow's headlines and thank you for watching. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit starts right now. ♪ ♪ . liz: well, welcome to the show. the dow finishing up 35 points ending the day at 24,307. it was down as deep as 194 points to the downside intraday. the s&p and the nasdaq also closing higher to kick off the third quarter. trade fears lingering. more on that in a moment. but first, china mobile will be it announcing in the u.s. this is a breaking story. edward in washington. >> yeah. we learned this about 20 minutes ago or so, and we got it on the air. china mobile has been denied to be licensed to operate a network here.
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they want to be known as a common carrier to go against verizon, t-mobile, sprint. they were trying to be a competitor for all of them. now, the commerce department did track the history of the company, and it shows in their application that 74% of the company's owned by the chinese government. therefore under national security concerns, china mobile has been denied a license in order to build towers and build a network here. moving on to other tariffs that are in the news, interestingly. the canadians now are not backing down off of their tariffs. they officially went into effect yesterday. the retaliation tariffs. the canadians saying that their position is the same. they're not changing. they're not a national security threat to the united states they say no reason for steel tariffs to go on. the president is trying to use those tariffs to level the playing field in terms of u.s. trade. this is how the white house says the president directly made his pitch to world leaders. listen. >> at the g7, the president actually proposed that they get rid of all tariffs and
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drop all barriers and have really great trade, and they refused that and escalating tariffs against the united states does nothing to help canada, and it only hurts american workers. >> the white house also hopeful for a deal with mexico now that there is a new leadership there or going to be a new leadership. a new mexico election. their new president said that he wants to reach an understanding with president trump in terms of trade deal with the united states. he believes that we should be a good, responsible partner between the united states and mexico. now, listen to what the president said about this later on. trump: we had a great conversation about half an hour long. we talked about border security, we talked about trade, we talked about nafta, we talked about a separate deal just mexico and the united states. we had a lot of good conversation. i think the relationship will be a very good one. we'll see what happens. >> and the mexican president, again, saying that he wants a good relationship with the
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u.s. now, if mexico does come onboard with the u.s., that could nudge canada. but, again, the canadians, i got off the phone about an hour ago with them, saying that they would like to come to the table of nafta now that there's a new mexico president going forward. so they're interested to coming back to the table to talk about nafta. a lot of things happening but still the tit for tat tariffs still in place. liz: good to see you. thank you for your reporting there. democrat calling to abolish ice. thousands marched in protests in cities across the country over separating families at the border. that's a policy the president has since reversed. protests turning violent in portland, oregon. demonstrators calling themselves antifascists threw eggs and water bioticses at a prayer group prompting police to fire paint balls filled with pepper spray into the crowd.
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this as refused to solve any border problems because they see the families as trump's hurricane katrina moment. the president spoke with maria bartiromo saying democrats will be beaten badly if that's the way they will campaign. >> 28-year-old socialist that just beat out joe crowley to abolish ice and get this. more democrats are getting in line at that today saying we need to abolish ice. trump: well, i think they keep thinking about it because they're going to get beaten so badly. ice, you know, these are the guys that take out ms13 because they're much tougher than ms13, like, by a factor of 10. and these are the ones -- if you get rid of ice, you're going to be afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue that they're going to do that. they're seriously talking about that? because you are going to have a country that's crime ridden. the border patrol, the border patrol agents, ice, these
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people are incredible. liz: joining me now, former ice agent and u.s. border patrol agent david ward. great to see you, david. >> thanks for having me back. liz: what do you think of democrats' call to abolish ice? what are democrats not telling the american people about the brutality of criminal illegals coming in. can you explain all of this? >> you know, we've seen all of this protesting over the last couple of days around the country about ice being down at the border separating families when it was far from truth. it was the border patrol. these senators they see ice for all the good work that they do. the other day made his comments about being -- that was ineffective. and the problem is they seem to be describing themselves and their ineffectiveness as congressmen and legislators that should be running this
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country and enacting laws that we can deal with. liz: but here's the thing. i've seen the images of what these criminal gang members do. i'll describe one. a body covered with 50 knives. i mean, can you explain what you have seen at the border that the protesters don't see. >> i have seen in my career of 34 years both with the border patrol and ice and the interior, we have seen a lot of death. and it's all because of the border being as open as it is. in u.s. where i was resident agent in charge. i had 12 counties, and we were constantly called out for motor vehicle accidents involving smuggling cases involving a lot of death. there were a couple of accidents where eight people were killed in a smuggling load. we're responsible to investigate that. we have to identify bodies. we have to get in touch with the consulate to return the bodies back to their home countries but the people don't see what the heck is going on here except for congress. liz: we also have the democrat mayor of oakland, california
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libby shaff also saying ice should be abolished. let's listen. i would like your reaction. >> this is a relatively new agency. but let us admit that it is a failed experiment. we have criminal enforcement mechanisms that are there to protect us from criminal activity. and we've traditionally had a civil system of laws. that moderates and monitors the ingress of residents and citizens into our great nation. the fact that we are treating families that come here for opportunity to escape violence and persecution in their countries and that we treat them like criminals. that is not working. that's not america. liz: okay. you know what? it's criminal to break the law and cross the border. that's a crime. the fact. >> it is. liz: the fact is she's mixing two issues, david. we're talking about refugees mixed with criminal illegals. is it realistic to get rid of
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ice. >> no. it's not realistic. this is the woman that warned all the gang members that ice is coming into the neighborhood. it wasn't. it was a targeted operation to go after specific gang members and people who violent the immigration law under warrant of arrest. she's the one who abdicated responsibilities. ice has been around under the name as ins, immigration national services since 1933. they changed it back in 2003 and became ice. it's the same agency and same responsibilities. liz: good point. here's the media misreporting this story. incorrectly reporting that quote more than a dozen ice agents in reality it's not a call to get rid of ice. here's the facts. 19 senior investigators of ice have called on congress or dhs to split the agency into two. one handling homeland security issues like trafficking. your take on this getting this
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wrong. >> it is wrong. back in 2003 we joined forces of u.s. customs and u.s. national emigration forces. they operate under title 18 and 19. what these agents are asking for is a break to go back to customs enforcement under title 19 and immigration enforcement under title 8. i don't have a problem with that. but we have had a problem of the law not being followed because most of these individuals in this letter here on their counterparts were customs agents that didn't want to get fire feet dirty doing immigration enforcement. so during this time frame, enforcement hasn't been done much. we have alien smuggling cases that aren't being done. so, yes, to break it apart and put specific immigration officers out there and agency, i would go for that. liz: interesting. angel mom. let's get to mom courtney. her husband, two children all killed by illegal immigrants. she's saying stories like hers
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is not being covered. watch. >> everybody wants to talk about the families being separated from illegal immigration and that's the hot topic. but what they don't think about is that we are in america and every day parents are separated from their children permanently by actions that are often caused by the people -- those very people who are here illegally to begin with. so we see one side of the story. liz: david, why are their stories, these victims' families stories not getting the respect they deserve? >> it doesn't meet the agenda of the open borders and antiimmigration enforcement lobby that's out there. they want a global world, and they don't immigration enforcement. they don't want a united states right now. we have a bunch of anarchists running this scenario across the country.
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these angel families have lost their families. thousands and thousands of angel families are without their children, permanently separated for the rest of their lives without thigh families, and we're here griping about some families that have been separated so that we can find out who they are. these are politicians that are doing this along with the anarchists in this country, and it needs to come to an end in november. we need to get rid of these congressmen and senators who do not support the law of the united states. that's all problem. liz: david ward, thanks for coming on, sir. great to see you. >> thank you. liz: let's can get a check on your money on this first day of the third quarter. the market ending higher today. the dow ending up 35 points higher. let's get right to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the very latest. nicole. >> we woke up this morning, we saw those futures lower. all about trade, tariffs, that weighed on the market. the dow was down over 200 points and oil never really recovered. in fact, chevron and exxon
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weighed on the dow jones industrial average. that weighed on the commodity itself. and then we saw technology. that was a different story. we saw the stocks moving from negative into positive territory throughout the day. and apple and microsoft in the green for the dow jones industrial average. and tesla meets the production goal 5,000 a week. but another blow to the company. the chief engineer leaving after a leave of absence. so that surprised wall street late in the day. analysts are skeptical on tesla. stock finished lower. liz: great to see you, nicole. now, to this story. maxine waters hitting back at her democrat leaders. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi both called her comments unaccessible. chuck schumer said they're un-american to to wanters to harass trump officials. now waters firing back. what this all means in the midterms. and could the democrats win the midterms making ice and immigration an issue? our political panel going to take it up next.
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because the time to think about today. go long. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, you get up, and you create a crowd, and you push back on them. liz: said that to a crowd of about 20 people. maxine waters pushing to harass trump officials. chuck schumer said her recent comments are quote un-american. pelosi said they're quote unaccessible. here's maxine waters firing back saying chuck schumer is all about staying in power. >> are you surprised to have the leadership of your own party to essentially come out and call you un-american. >> well, you know, i was surprised that chuck schumer, you know, reached into the -- of the house to do that. i have not quite done that before. but, you know, one of the
5:18 pm
things i recognize being an elected official is in the final analysis, you know, leadership like chuck schumers will do anything that they think is necessary to protect their leadership. so what i have to do is not focus on them. liz: joining me now, kelsey and democrat strategist kelly grace gibson. great to see you both. wow. kelse, maxine waters firing under her own tent. that was a big reaction from maxine waters. take your take on it. >> well, you know her comments went too far when you have nancy pelosi and chuck schumer denouncing her for it. but there's a lot of people who are still encouraging her calls for people to be harassing trump administration officials in gas stations. some of those organizations include the women's march, which claims to support women and now they're supporting a woman who's calling for the targeted harassment of a woman. i think there's a lot of hypocrisy here, and i do think
5:19 pm
that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer's comments signify that maxine waters went too far here. liz: all right. let's do a quick reminder that maxine waters and her reaction to l.a. riots in 1992. maxine waters embraced jamian felons, he helped the truck driver drag out of his chuck, and through a cinder block at him nearly injuring him. nearly five people died in the l.a. riots. many seriously injured. but maxine waters did not denounce that attack and since called it a quote rebellion. and when his accomplices got off, she joined in the celebration. and now this. williams in prison accused of murdering somebody else. your reaction. >> i think you're remembering a small part -- liz: wait a second. you're entitled to your facts not your opinion about what happened. not remembering. those are facts. the point is she has never
5:20 pm
denounced. >> the l.a. riots started because of 17 cops -- liz: we're not talking about that. we're talking about calling the riots rebellion. >> much of rebelled the neighborhoods that were completely rough. liz: we're going to move on because you're not answering the question. kelse, your reaction to that. >> you're right. maxine waters has a track record of actually supporting violence against people and look at the protests we have going on. look at the riots we have already seen just in the past couple of years. we do not want to repeat history and her rhetoric can certainly lead us there. liz: go ahead, kelly. >> maxine waters has got death threats, she's had to cancel events. nobody is calling on anybody in responding in a dangerous way. maxine waters never called on violence for anybody in the trump administration. she said push back in meaning that she said stand up for what you believe in. these people work forgetful. these people are making laws. if you don't like the laws,
5:21 pm
protest. liz: i hear what you're saying. we want to get to the facts. no talking points. let's get to the facts. democrats calling to abolish ice in the midterm and now this. president trump has no problem for that. let's take a listen. >> between maxine waters and nancy pelosi and getting rid of ice and having open borders and the biggest thing you have open borders, all that's going to do is lead to massive, massive crime. that's going to be their platform. open borders, which equals crime. i think they'll never win another election. so i'm actually quite happy about it. liz: chelsea, your reaction. >> the idea to abolish ice is completely ignorant, and it really reflects a lack of education on what ice officials do, bravely putting their lines on the line. you know who would support democrats and their call to abolish ice? groups like ms13, terrorists, human traffickers, drug smugglers. these are the people that ice officials are out there on the streets fighting against every day and for democrats to align
5:22 pm
themselves with those, i think signals scary terms. liz: kelly grace, i want your reaction to this. democrat congressman seth of massachusetts, he's upset about the. direction of the democrat party and he's not confident about the midterms at all. let's listen. >> i think it's time for an entire new generation of leadership in the democrat party. i mean, we have to look ourselves in the mirror and think trump must be terrible. but if we can't beat him, we're literally in the worst position since the 1920s, which is where we are today we have to make reforms ourselves. liz: what do you think, kelly. >> i think there are. there are more democrats in the midterm election than ever before. more teachers, scientists, women, who don't have their trust funds to bank roll their campaigns. i think there's amazing energy. they're walling it a blue wave. i believe it, and i think that change starts from electing the right people and letting those people enact the right laws. and no matter what trump think so -- liz: definitely in play.
5:23 pm
kelly, there's 27 of 29 primaries that the democrats won; right? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. we've had major, major wins up to this point. we need 23 seats to take back the house, and i think we're going to do it. liz: kelsey, kelly, you're going to be back in a bit. mexico litigating a far left president. how did president trump react? that's coming up. but first, president trump has been pushing uphill for fair trade and now this. you're going to see the other countries already beating the president to the bunch. you're not going to believe it. details on this story after the break. stay right there ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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trump: when i was at the g7, i said i have an idea. i guarantee everybody immediately. no barriers, no tax. everybody, are you all set? no more tax. canada, you're not going to get 275% for your dairy, and we're going to take down all of our barriers and all of our taxes; right? you know what happened?
5:27 pm
everybody said can we get onto another subject? . liz: president trump talking to maria bartiromo about no taxes, no barriers trading zone with europe and canada. today, nobody's responding. idea did not go over very well. but look at this. back in april, the european union and mexico, they reached a trade deal. all trade and goods practically all of them between the eu and mexico now duty free. no taxes, including the foreign sector. this as canada fights trump tariffs with tariffs on their own with items like coffee, yogurt, whiskey, ketchup packets. melissa, owner of swoosh. mexico doing what trump is asking for. what's your reaction. >> trump is taking a hard line, they don't want to cooperate. liz: he's unreasonable about this; right? >> well, that's what they i say. the tariffs really aren't fair and yet they made this with
5:28 pm
mexico, the eu did. so why are they fighting with trump about this? and also i want to know on friday those new tariffs come out that are going against china. expect some big action july 6th. liz: you're talking in the market. >> yeah. liz: 40% tariffs. >> not today. liz: oh, it's. your reaction eu and mexico now have a tariff free trade zone. >> well, that's good. that's the way it should be. liz: yeah, but the point is trump is asking for that, and here eu is saying "no" and then all of a sudden eu and mexico have it. >> so that's because it's a much smaller -- you're talking about much smaller dollar terms. the u.s. is a big consumer of manufactured goods all over the world. we have a massive -- liz: i don't understand your logic there. i don't get it. >> it's a rounding error; right? so compared to the u.s., they need that money
5:29 pm
with tariffs to protect their own industry. and if you look at the u.s. goods that are produced that are tariffed over in europe, that's there to protect the lobbyists that have bought off their various politicians to be there. these tariffs are stupid. you need to tear them down. and the ones from canada are particularly the worst. i mean -- sorry? . liz: go ahead, michael. finish your point. >> i was going to say justin from canada through these on at the last minute. it's all political posturing. we're a huge trade partner with them. we have a slight trade surplus. the problem is the manipulation of the rule. countries like china are going into canada and mexico and pushing goods into the u.s. tariff free, and they're bending the rules and breaking the rules and not applying to the rules we have set forth. liz: melissa, what ending do we have for this. >> i don't think we're at the end by a long shot. liz: are you worried.
5:30 pm
>> long-term the markets look good but short-term, i don't think the s&p or dow make new highs this summer, even though the nasdaq did. look for more selling. even though we got up today, we were selling off in the premarket again. liz: down 194. >> we were. liz: michael, usually in the midterm i think on average the s&p is down nearly 17% since world war ii and then it bounces back 32%. are we going to get a bounce back even with this fight over tariffs. >> well, look, i don't think this -- i think this tariff stuff is all noise. the u.s. economy is doing spectacular. we had a fantastic manufacturing number today. so, look, as long as the u.s. economy continues to chug along and continues to improve, which i think will happen for another couple of years, stocks will ultimately end up higher. in the interim, things like trade wars, those will cause headline risk and, you know, possibly create opportunities. liz: michael, do you think it's totally unfair. do you think the trade tariffs have been unfair to the u.s.
5:31 pm
>> well, look, i think we could do a lot better. and the best correlation i've heard for these trade tariffs and these trade wars is we're essentially the union workers going on strike. we don't normally go back to work without a better deal. we have the largest economy, we have a huge trade surplus imbalance in the u.s., so we're almost always going to come out ahead because we're the ones carrying the bigger stick in the form of our trade imbalance. >> and, listen, -- liz: you think the trade imbalance -- >> no. i think it's unfair. liz: you think it's unfair. >> i think it's unfair. so i think what trump is doing is not unfair by imposing this restriction. i think in the end, it's better. but there's something else. trump is concerned about our national security. i don't know if you remember this. but broadcom wanted to purchase q com. this is back in 2017. liz: qualcomm. >> exactly. and that did not go through. and the reason was trump cited national security. remember, china is stealing a lot of our intellectual
5:32 pm
property and information. liz: and i think -- >> everybody's forget that. this is about the tariffs. liz: and this has been a problem for i think since 2001, michael. >> okay. liz: this has been a real long-term problem. i think finally china is getting embarrassed by this, michael. final word. >> well, look, china is super aggressive on all fronts, and they need to be confronted. again, over the long run, we need china and china needs us. they need us far more than we need them. but, look, this works better if we could both play nicely. liz: well, it's make america great again versus made in china 2025 you guys are going to come back on this for much more. thank you. appreciate it. while it is getting to the finish of the line, trump making his pick for supreme court justice replacing anthony kennedy. and what does it mean to have a socialist who's now saying he possibly may go soft on crime right at our border?
5:33 pm
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>> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe haves wade. >> well, that's a big one. they're all saying don't do that. you shouldn't do that. but i'm putting conservative people on. i'm proud of neil gorsuch.
5:37 pm
he's outstanding. his opinions are so well written, so brilliant, and i'm going to try and do something like that. but i don't think i'm going to be so specific in the questions i'll be answering. and i'm actually told that i shouldn't be. >> because on the campaign trail you said you would leave it to the states. >> well, maybe some day it will be to the states. you never know how that's going to turn out. that's a very complex question the roe v. wade is the one people are talking about in terms of having an effect. but we'll see what happens, but it could very well end up with states at some point. liz: president trump in an exclusive interview with maria bartiromo saying he will not ask supreme court nominees on their position on roe v. wade. this as announcing to replace anthony kennedy july 9th. republican senator susan collins, lisa murkowski, they're now the swing votes on
5:38 pm
this. both support roe v. wade. collins says she will not support a trump candidate who opposes it. senior adviser kristen. senior collins now telling the president who she does not like on his short list, and she may have gotten him to expand it. she and lisa murkowski got to block the obamacare repeal and support kneel gorsuch. >> they voted for gorsuch and incidentally so three democrats. and there's some other trump candidates who are in support who might frankly end up voting "yes" on this. you know, they're senators. it's their prerogative to express their l will. partly because it's their lit misstist. you have others for their. liz: do you see the supreme court overturning roe v. wade or even gay marriage?
5:39 pm
judge napolitano said they won't do that. they don't want to hurt their leg by changing laws due to political elections every four years. when you put on that black robe, you decide according to the constitution. that is for life, that black robe. >> they're not going to overturn gay marriage because there's 65% plus for gay marriage. if they did, they would in fact instead of doing it through judicial activism. same with roe. but they would limit it and allow things. abortion bans. liz: so letting the states come in and regulate it, is that the issue? but then it's the fear it would get curtailed; right? >> yeah. again, reasonable limitation that are broadly accepted by the public. liz: you know, reagan did not expect kennedy to vote for roe v. wade. george h.w. bush didn't expect to be pro-choice. not pro-choice, but they voted for roe v. wade.
5:40 pm
that's interesting; right? >> it is and what you're seeing today isn't just the president making another choice like gorsuch and his administration team getting it through. but the work of hundreds of thousands of americans even millions groups like the federalist society that have cultivated a group of conservatives who understand what the constitution means. it means what it says and who want to govern accordingly. liz: okay. let's move on to the next topic. to mexico, it is the first leftist president for mexico in decades. now, he has been leaning on corruption and violence in mexico. mexico now coming off its most violent year in decades. 30,000 homicides last year. cities in mexico now rival middle east cities in growth. speaking on the phone with the new president today. saying there will be treatment. our representatives will talk. here's the thing. reappalling violence never before seen in mexico.
5:41 pm
overdose, opioids pouring in. saying he doesn't want to escalate the drug war. your reaction on that. >> well, he does have these leftist tenancies. but both establishments in mexico in the same way that trump was a rebuke of our establishments here. if he does far left, if he does what he says, disarms the police or pulls the military out of this fight, i think he'll have more trouble. but he's unconventional enough to wheel and deal with donald trump. liz: christian, i don't think the american people out there, the viewers fully grasp. i've seen the images. we have -- i have to see them at work of the violence south of the border. we understand the people fleeing the violence. but i don't think people understand the criminal illegals coming in and the violence that they can perpetrate. can you react to that. >> yeah. if you go closer to the blackboard, especially outside of the pristine ten miles of the coast of southern california if you go inland a little bit, huge problems. people who have lived there
5:42 pm
forever for generations face the violence. and it's not just at the border, places like long island. it's been part of downgrading middle america that has been fault of elite parties. liz: 26 democrat senators voted for the border fence. they include barack obama, chuck schumer, hillary clinton; right? >> yeah. it should be a bipartisan issue. we need the wall and internal enforcement. it's not a crazy idea that we should enforce our immigration laws. liz: we have a border. it has to be enforced. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. liz: i still don't understand why the u.s. shouldn't control its border while every other country does. we've got new satellite images on the buildup of potential missile facility that's going on in the summit. also facebook in the hot seat yet again. new documents in congress' hands showing facebook misusing your personal information. so the question is this: is
5:43 pm
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. liz: president trump now saying it is quote possible that the deal struck with north korea to end their nuclear threat might not work out. just as the president was meeting with kim jong-un last month, north korea was completing a key expansion to a missile factory potentially with missiles that could still hit the u.s. and north korea is ramping up a potential nuclear facility hundreds of miles away from the mountain nuclear testing site that it blew up. let's take you to the author of the book nuclear showdown gordon chang. gordon, what was your reaction to these reports. you saw this coming. >> yeah. the thing is what this does is it undermines presiden president trump's rational for his north korea policy.
5:47 pm
that rational that north korea has made a strategic position to give up its arsenal. now, clearly they haven't because we have the reporting about the missile site and also nine days after the summit they were working on the cooling system for their only plutonium-producing reactor. one that has no useful purposes. so clearly the north koreans have not made that decision. liz: the reports also indicate that the white house may hold the second meeting with kim jong-un in new york city. what's your reaction to that. >> it's wrong them talking about meeting with kim jong-un, which will give him more status on the world stage before he has committed to give up his weapons. i was stunned to hear that. we have pompeo secretary of state going to pyongyang, but if he doesn't, we shouldn't be talking about meeting with kim again. liz: what's the best thing we should hope for with north korea. >> this is not a kim
5:48 pm
question. because kim's right. he doesn't want to give up his weapons. this is a question of what our president will do to force the north koreans to do what they don't want to do. and it's not just also using the leverage against north korea. it's more important. using the leverage against north korea's major power sponsors. russia and china. liz: interesting. now we have white house security adviser john bolton saying the u.s. could still dismantle north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs within a year if it commits to the agreement reached in singapore. what do you think of that in a year? >> that could be done if the north koreans really make the commitment, and they decide to hustle. you know, two and a half years, which is what pompeo is talking about is more realistic. but the point is bolton is saying, look, if they make the decision to do it, they can. we saw that reporting i in the new york times saying 15 years. that's much too long. i think this can be done in a matter of one or two years. liz: before we get onto the next summit with putin. i think what's the next step is the white house says cut off the oil to north korea and
5:49 pm
potentially more sanctions; right? >> yeah. china controls that. we don't see what goes on in that pipeline. liz: to the up coming summit that's now being talked about with russian president vladimir putin july 16th. that's got european allies really concerned. now the kremlin spokesperson saying crimea is off the table. what's your reaction to that. >> if they're not willing to talk with crimea, why are we meeting with putin? the issue is before trump goes to see putin, whether he will -- well, whether trump will give an article 5 decoration. that the united states will use force to protect our nato allies from a russian invasion. president trump didn't do that at the last nato summit. though, he did it a couple weeks after when he was sort of forced to do it. so if trump doesn't give that article 5 commitment, then this summit is really going to unnerve europe. liz: interesting. gordon, we want you to come back on and buy your book about north korea viewers. great stuff.
5:50 pm
good to see you, sir. thank you very much. >> thanks. liz: now this. facebook on the hot seat. dozens of software developers, hardware companies special access to user data. breaking its own rules. also gave to chinese companies national security there. how it affects you, next
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
. liz: facebook back in the hot seat. admitting again it gave dozens of app developers and hardware and software companies special access to your user data. but this time, it broke its own rules it set down in 2015. giving quote special extensions to these companies. they all got access to your personal info. it's all detailed in a 747-page document. released to congress big document dump late last friday
5:54 pm
night. let's take a check of the stocks. facebook closing to the upside there. look at that. up in the green. back with me, kelse and kelly grace gibson. kelly, your reaction to this. facebook also gave chinese company alibaba access. what's your concern. >> i mean, they broke their own rules, but they didn't break regulation. they were trying to partner with companies that would make the user experience on their platform better. so it's a space that needs to be looked at closely from a regulation at some point. i think facebook had a really long leash in some places. i do. do i think there were national security ramifications as a result of those partnership? i can't speak to that. but i do think that they took all the leash they could to make their platform better. liz: kelly makes an important point there, kelse. long leisure and can we expect mark zuckerberg to do another
5:55 pm
apology tour. >> mark zuckerberg and facebook have this awful habit of begging for forgiveness rather than asking for. what facebook really needs to do is ask permission to use their data and then be transparent in the way that they're doing that. i think a lot of americans are growing very frustrated with these types of stories. facebook before congress mark zuckerberg promised to change things and be more transparent. and then it seems every two weeks another story like this drops with facebook sharing people's private information. liz: kelly, so when does facebook jump shark? because right now facebook stock not getting hit by this. >> i don't know. right now i think another platform needs to come in its place. the second sort of big platform people are on is instagram and that usership is exploding, and it's owned by facebook. so i don't think, you know, that people may be frustrated, but they're certainly not putting their money where their mouth is right now. they're not walking away from the interface and neither are political campaigns. liz: no, they're not walking
5:56 pm
away. kelse, when you have the what's app founder saying you know what? unplug your facebook. i mean, shouldn't web concerned? >> it is interesting that we haven't seen a huge drop in facebook stock price. because you would think how frustrated americans are, you would say that in the markets. i do think facebook has a monopoly on this form of social media and that they also own instagram. but i think that americans have made it very clear they want transparency from facebook, and i think facebook has an obligation to give them that. liz: and final point. you know what's happening? people are spending less time on facebook. they're checking out more quickly. kelsey, kelly, we want to have you back on the show. we're going to be right back after the break. don't go away [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today.
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i hope you have a happy 4th of july with your family and friends. thank you for watching. charles payne is here now with "making money." charles: markets charging higher into the close ending the day in spectacular form. at one point we thought it would be a disaster. later in the show we'll discuss the obstacles facing the market. these escalating trade tensions, more and more it seems it's president trump versus the world. today tariffs from canada, european union threats then the chamber of commerce pouring in their money in opposition to the white house. this as the u.s. thought about pulling out of the world trade organization.


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