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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i hope you have a happy 4th of july with your family and friends. thank you for watching. charles payne is here now with "making money." charles: markets charging higher into the close ending the day in spectacular form. at one point we thought it would be a disaster. later in the show we'll discuss the obstacles facing the market. these escalating trade tensions, more and more it seems it's president trump versus the world. today tariffs from canada, european union threats then the chamber of commerce pouring in their money in opposition to the white house. this as the u.s. thought about pulling out of the world trade organization. the white house said there are
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no immediate plans to pull out of the wto. president trump: the wto treated the united states very badly and i hope they change their ways. they have been treating us very badly for many many years. that's why we were at a big disadvantage with the wto. we are not planning anything now, but if they don't treat us properly, we'll be doing something. charles: the president reiterated the wto has not benefited the united states. these are complaints about intellectual property. we brought them in 2007 and again in march of this year. should america continue to waste its time with the wto? here to discuss, morgan o orteg. and ford o'connell. ford, this is not the only
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example. we brought a case against canada on dairy yet they still have 270% on our dairy imports or exports into their country. the wto has been gamed by china. anybody who thinks they are going to gal up to our rescue is out of their minds. >> you are right, charles. president trump's view of is simple. it's dysfunction at and it takes too long to process claims. it was the early 2000s and we don't have a solution on that. china doesn't have the most of favored nation status and gets to play by the rules much a third world nation. it's dysfunctional and basically i do not think president trump wants to leave the wto, but he wants to find some negotiating and leverage to make sure it' more favorable to the united states and the american worker.
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>> everything is ratcheting up. last week i say the in the consumer certain i am survey. it was mentioned over and over again in the manufacturing data even though it came in significantly stronger than wall street thought it would. it will be there in we don't get a resolution to this, there will be pain and people should understand that. >> i think there is so much going on in this. if you look at the wto, ford was right about china and the most of favored nation status. however, we cannot get out of the wto without an act of congress. i think the president's advisors told him that's dead on arrival. what i would like to see this administration do is focus their efforts on county countering china. the i.p. theft that china takes on, the amount of stealing of our business information is a huge problem.
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i would like to seat focus there. but i understand why the president is using -- charles: what would he do to specifically focus? i think their primary focus is made in china 2025. and i think that's where they will apply the screws to china. is there something beyond this? i thought the olive branch was zte, and i was hoping that would be enough for xi to come back with a reasonable deal. >> xi will see how far he can push the president. there are is a report on how we can counter china. part of that would be protecting our companies here in the u.s. from the i.p. theft. what you need to do is looking at building an international coalition. where i agree with forward on the wto is this is where we need
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to strengthen the institutions. everybody is not come together game equally. that's where the president is not heading back in wto and nato as well. charles: the first complaint we took to the wto. we had european communities, india, mexico, thailand, turkey. i would see where president trump's frustration comes from. even nato. we have been locked into these agreementsen havagreement --s al with it. >> let's look at the chamber of commerce for what they are. this is the group pushing the gang of 8 amnesty. the chamber of commerce is being
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backed by heavy duty gop players. it tells you where they are. i like where we are. we have a world that has been playing soccer on one field and we have been playing american football. are they going to be paying for some producers? yes. but we have to get to a point where sarah sanders said we may never get to the no tariffs, but we would like parity on tariffs. you have to take on not just china. but you have to take on the smaller issues. they are part of a larger approach, fixing the wto. but we are still in the driver's seat. and i think it's important that this is where we need to be right now. charles: moments ago general mountains said they would have d general motors said they would
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have to pull back production. obviously there is a certain amount of pain that comes with this. i think right now the majority of president trump voters are willing to deal with that if they think and they do believe. they do know he's trying to do the right thing. ultimately we need fair trade, we wanted these other countries to remove their barriers. >> there is no question president trump is taking on risk here. but at the same time we have not hadding a long-term trade strategy since the end of world war ii. i salute the stand he's taking for the long-term viewpoint because at the end of the day the american worker and business has been hurt by unfair trade practices in the global economy. he's telling our allies more so than china. you drop your trade barriers and tariffs and we'll drop ours.
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they know there is always another election and the president will always cave because at the end of the day they want to win. donald trump is saying i want to forsake it all. and i think that's absolutely the right way to go. >> they have been used to this unfair advantage they have. they have subsidized industries more than we do. but the problem is the world has had the benefit of the american strength and the dollar and the american economy. whether it's europe, the e.u. deficit. so we need a change in where we are in this picture. and we have got to do it playing hardball long term forthright. we need a long-term strategy and lighthizer is doing a good job keeping this together. >> there is a lot of risk here. and i think from the perspective
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of multi-national corporations, it's worried to see planning for the mid-term is the uncertainty. if you know nafta is going to change, you can make decisions based on that. without knowing what these trade deals with look like, when you look at the german auto manufacturers that have plants in alabama, there are german auto manufacturers that have been providing jobs for americans. >> why did bmw move to columbia, south carolina. why is mercedes on the gulf coast? they moved here for a reason. they couldn't function as effectively. they looked at their countries, the cost of supply chain and supply lines and goods. but we are going to have to get to a point where the business can make a better long-term decision than short-term
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compliance. charles: the dow jones industrial average which gets profits from overseas. look what happened to the russell 2000. we are talking record highs almost every week. so, you know, we can't let the market space. either you want a level playing field for america long term or you want to blink right now because the consequences will be more detrimental if we blink. violent threats these days have become the norm, even elected officials. we'll bring in a special guest who had to preside over a difficult funeral in new york city.
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charles: it's a topic that's become more inflap tore why it more we talk about it. and more solutions involve more finger pointing. i'm talking about the uncivil i i'm calling a virus. this leads to dark conclusions like the 15-year-old who was killed by a machete attack in the bronx. the funeral and vigil services were preside over by father jonathan morris. >> thank you. it's been intense the last few days. very sad. charles: i have so many relatives in the bronx. this is the first time i have heard of people moving out. afraid, angry. how was it -- i read the articles and the things you
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talked about and how you praised the family for not seeking vengeance. this was a kid who wanted to be a police officer. >> it was mistaken identity by a gang. people say they are coming across the border illegally. these were kids born in the bronx who spoke english as this fairs language just to be clear about it. the situation is a tragic lack of meaning in these young kids. in high opinion also a lack of role models in their lives. parents missing. fatherless homes. and these kids were looking for meaning in their life and community and they find it in the wrong places. and this tragedy is a result of that. charles: the things that spark things like this are so trivial.
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then to have a gang drag this kid out of a bodega. it's hard to say, you know, who is safe? then we see on a national level. we have one politician whose life was threatened. his family was threatened. we have other politicians saying be vocal. get in people's faces and have people pay for having an opinion. >> people are on edge today. i think social media has a lot to do with it. this killing was sparked presumably it seems from the reports by the police by a video that went out that disrespected one of the gang members or hyster. then one thing led to another and it became physical. a gang life. on social media things that are digital sometimes turn into real life. i think we are seeing that in
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the political realm. and we all have a responsibility from the president all the way down. yes we can speak our mind and speak strongly. i do it all the time. i'm doing it right now. but we have to do it in a respectful way. charles: it's one thing for a politician to say things in a certain way. but when someone is having dinner like a sarah sanders. she this the press office. she is not making decisions. she is not the president. pam bondi the attorney general from florida three men in her facing with yelling spittle on her face. something is going to happen. >> maybe we think that it's absolutely fine for me to go on social media and spew hatred and anger and say things i might never say to somebody in person. but maybe somebody reading what i'm writing will actually do it.
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and i think that's what we are seeing right now. our actions even in the dark corners of the internet have an effect in real life. 15-year-old innocent kid slaughters because somebody put up a video. that really happened. that really happened. and i think we have to be careful about it. i find myself sometimes responding to people on my twitter or facebook in a way i wouldn't do personally. i know i have to be more careful about it. not because i'm going to turn violent. but maybe there is somebody who is unbalanced who is reading it and says i'm going to defend this or that. charles: the theme of the vigil sunday was be the light. i think that's good advice for all of us. >> shah thank you, bliss. charles: authorities say in brussels a belgium couple and an
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apparent. >> i iranian diplomat were among the four people arrested over the weekend in a planned bomb attack at the free iran rally. iranian opposition groups attended by rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. the growing split between democrat leadership and the younger folks in the party. something else is afoot there. we'll discuss it next. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent,
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charles: democratic congresswoman maxine waters make headlines again. this time surprised by the criticism she has received from democratic leaders for her calls for people to push back against members of the trump administration.
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>> in the final analysis leadership like chuck chiewmer will do anything necessary to protect their leadership. so what i have to do is not focus on them. charles: a reuters poll shows democrats are rapidly losing ground with millennials. joining me, emily jashinsky. i was shocked by the number especially with white male millennials. fleeing the democrats saying they won't support them for democrats. this is the logical conclusion of identity politics the democrats have relied on for so long. emily: this is the big shift. you see a lot of younger white men go to college and what they hear on their college campuses is probably a big turnoff. it's interesting we led in with
6:24 pm
this slot with maxine waters. this generation came of age 9/11, and the recession. the poll picked up on more millennials saying they are not going to vote and they will support third party candidates. she has been profiles in all kinds of things. and it's the anti-establishment stuff on the left and right that's almost scary to see how a millennial responds to a bernie sanders or maxine waters. charles: she has hit a nerve with younger democratic voters. she is using it against the democrat leadership who said chill out. she doesn't want to hear it. she is guns blazing. we'll be go and be forceful about all of this because that's the only way you can win.
6:25 pm
you have got to wonder if it will help or hurt the democrats. >> i think it's definitely going to hurt. i think maxine waters rhetoric is the reason they are losing support. she has had popularity with millennials. but i don't think many people like what the democratic party is going for. just negativity about what's going won the trump administration rather than any positive message. any time republicans try to work together they say no. and human were, pelosi and waters saying they don't want to work with the other side. most of of us want to work together and get things done for the country. they might not like republicans. but trump got more millennial votes than romney or mccain.
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trump has some millennial support. but at the end of the day a lot of us want a more pragmatic approach to politics. charles: the democrat leadership is resisting change within its own party and the hierarchy cast system they develop where only a 70-year-old can have leadership. they are going to vote for bernie or somebody else. >> that's an extremely underreported part of the democratic party. the lead i shallship are so far from their youth base. you are talking about steny hoyer and chuck schumer. bernie sanders and maxine waters do it somehow. i don't know how they do it. but they are the exception to
6:27 pm
the rules. the older leaderships resists bringing the newer people in. one of their best candidates for doing that, joe crowley was. charles: thank you both have much. calls from democrats to abolish i.c.e. are getting clouder and louder. is this going to be a winning message as we head to the mid terms? we'll discuss that next. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. new fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures.
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>> replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. >> i don't think i.c.e. days work as intend. >> there is no question we have to critically reexamine i.c.e. and its role. >> we are committing human rights abuse on this border. that's part of the structure of the agency. charles: more and more democrats calling for the abolishment of the immigration and customs enforcement i.c.e. but many are wondering, is this the platform you want to run on in november? here to discuss, kayleigh
6:32 pm
mcenany. are you excited about the motion maybe the democrats found something to run on and it will be abolishing i.c.e.? >> we are quite thrilled about this. we have been saying at the rnc, find a message, democrats. but we didn't say find an insane message. when cnn writes this is a mistake. perhaps you have gone too far. i.c.e. congress fist skated 6,000 you pounds of the fentanyl last year. they are protecting this nation. aboicialing i.c.e. is an insane idea. charles: we saw it work in one district in the box. >> you had one upset with joe crowley and every other democrat got scared and spent the weekend
6:33 pm
saying abolish i.c.e. i.c.e. just announced the indictment of 23 ms-13 members. what does it even mean? you have elizabeth warren saying we should abolish them. the abolish i.c.e. concept is in the ear of the beholder. republicans for the better part, hear open borders, lawlessness, and amnesty. charles: there is a harvard poll that showed 64% say people cross the border illegally, they should be sent home. 47% of democrats agree with that and 66% of independents. when you start talking about abolishing the one police force trying to keep -- get a handle on this thing. it's not very popular. >> it's not only not popular.
6:34 pm
to kayleigh's words, insane. i hope the democrats keep going down this path. now i'm talking about americans. you ask who the democrats are talking to essentially. they are talking to their hard-core base and believe alexandria ocasio-cortez actually group in the bronx when she is from yorktown which is one of the richest areas in the country 2/3 in median income. socialism is never from the socialists. go with this because middle america and even new york city america will look at you and say are you crazy? they prey on their own communities, if you get rid of these enforcement agencies, you know who suffers? the illegal alien community. charles: it feels like with the supreme court pick coming that the left has become completely
6:35 pm
unhinged. they are so unhinged to the point where many of them are espousing violence. they are saying this is the only way we have to get tough. the republicans are tough and the on way we can recapture this thing is to get tough. they are talking about physically getting tough. >> swing voters, the average american, the moderate american right in the center does not want to be part of that message. they don't want to be part after party calling for taking out a president. they don't want to be part after party who hug lewis farakan and not be called out by their fellow democrats. they don't want i.c.e. abolished. 73% said do not abolish i.c.e. those are the voters you have to win. democrats aren't doing it.
6:36 pm
charles: it feels like the whole message before all this was never trump, not trump. but never a message much their own. i just -- again, agree with everyone in the panel. >> everyone in the panel sort of agrees. it's not even a good political issue for them. they had somewhat much a political issue with the family separation. that was unpopular. charles: after the executive order -- >> they went in a direction and further lurched to the left. donald trump is further in line with the center on immigration and the democratic party of 2018. >> the left has gone to the point democratic party is in turmoil of themselves. i say let them elect nor alexandria ocasio-cortezs. let them all go into this cam
6:37 pm
and carry that message because america is looking at this going, this doesn't reflect us. charles: the stock market made an improbable reversal to the upside. surging into the close. my take on today's wild ride next. i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already within me. because my body can still make its own insulin. and once-weekly trulicity activates my body to release it. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. charles: we have breaking news on the migrant crisis in europe. angela merkel reaching a deal on migration with the interior minister. he was refusing a bitter row. she says it's a good compromise.
6:41 pm
i want to switch to markets. the dow did open down 180 points. the big question is how much would we be down today. but then we slowly began to turn around. the initial spark came from better than expected data on manufacturing it was riddled with warnings about the trade skirmish and the data itself blew away estimates. i think it's the super strong economy against the angst of what could happen. and bank stocks continue to get hammers. danielle, you talked a lot about the banks and of course you were with the fed. and that's my only worry.
6:42 pm
i'm not too worried about anything but i wonder why the banks are under performing so badly and fit's harbinger of things to come for the economy. >> i follow the yield curve. i know it' not popular to bring up the shortened and long end of the yield curve. but we saw the differential drop 30 basis points. .3 of 1 percentage point. it's showing up in bank's performance because banks have to have a nice wide differential between where they borrow and where they lend in order to make a profit. that's where we are seeing such weakness in the bank sector. charles: they were supposed to do well this year. then you went through this stress test which i think is a joke. but a lot of them got a chance
6:43 pm
to put out enormous dividend and buybacks. but you are saying the inversion of the yield is a great indicator of recession. are we talking about recession being that close right around the worner? >> i am concerned. you are starting to see the household sector hit the panic button. we shouldn't see delinquencies where they are right now. you mentioned earlier the details in the manufacturing report that came out this morning. 18 out of 18 industries, that's 100% of industries reported they are choke on higher costs, and that's up from what we have seen the past four months. my greatest concern is at some point if your profit margins are squeezed to too great an extent. companies can no longer cut costs to a great enough extent
6:44 pm
and layoffs follow. charles: what do you make watching this market? >> i think one thing we'll hear more and more about is the inflation argument. are we running too hot. what is the fed going to do and are they going the bumble what they need to do. we are seeing this in the consumer sentiment numbers. regular folks, mom and pop main treat are starting to get worried about trade talk. people in america know free trade means lots of good, more better chances of cheaper prices for those goods. they like that. some of this threat of trade war is making folks nervous. we are seeing that reflected in the numbers. consumer spending is great. business spending and government spending are in positive places right now. charles: everyone is talking
6:45 pm
about certain things and there is a certain amount of anxiety. but a lot of the other things that are actual developments are pretty strong right now. thank you both have much. appreciate it. the global establishment taking another hit over the weekend. this time in mexico who elected a socialist. he says he's not the run-of-the-mill socialist. these are high-stake games we are playing right now.
6:46 pm
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charles: the leftist wave dealt a blow to the globalist establishment. the people of mexico electing leftist populist andres manuel
6:49 pm
lopez obrador. he has conflicting views with president trump on immigration. but he is in support of renegotiating nafta. it's a key step with president trump and one of his campaign promises. when you get these sort of elections, you brace for the most of possible out come. you see what's happening in venezuela. it seems like he's putting out some olive branches so far. >> we have talked about the devastation in venezuela. hopefully he's looking at that. i saw the president trump's comments after he spoke to the president of mexico were quite interesting. he talked about a time he had seen him campaign for another office and said he was going to be president of mexico one day. the two had more of a rapport
6:50 pm
than i expected. we do need to get resolution on nafta. president trump signaled we won't plan anything before the mid-terms. if he can develop a rapport with the mexican president, that's important. it's not good to have a socialist on our border but we need resolution with nafta. charles: let's play that sound. president trump: we talked about trade, we talked about nafta, we talked about a separate deal just mexico and the united states. we had a good conversation. i think the relationship will be a very good one. charles: this is what you want to hear. it's not fireworks out the gate. i think everyone wants to resolve these issues. you have to have political leaders willing to at some point compromise and negotiate. >> at the top of the his is probably president obrador
6:51 pm
himself. he inherited a country with a significant mandate. it will give him a lot of opportunity to implement social programs that will put the country further in debt. $27 billion in exports come to the u.s. their next biggest export partner is canada at 11 billion. he needs the u.s. charles: china made an overture to import $70 million worth of more goods. there are indications that nafta has been close on many occasion having a larger percentage of them built in this country. so it shouldn't be -- do you feel like we could be on a cusp. forgetting what the headlines and the markets say and the
6:52 pm
chamber of commerce say, that we could be on the cusp of resolution? >> i would be surprised, i wouldn't be surprised if we end up in a deal specifically with just mexico and a separate deal with canada. after the election the peso declined, the biggest drop since '04. there are so many ways in which the government could be expanded to mexico under these programs. he said he'll be for the poor people. and i think as an observer of president trump the way he makes a lot of these deals are based on personal a port. who would have thought the relationship would have started between a socialist and president trump. we'll see about nafta. charles: wear seeing sweeping
6:53 pm
europe, anti-establishment. whether it's president trump or in italy where you have the unlikely combination of far leftist and far right joining together to govern a country. >> people are focused on the fact that he's a socialist or more socialist than president pena. but the fact that he's a populist person with such a significant mandate can't be wrong. proof positive he wants to negotiate and work with president trump. it was a lot of anti-trump stuff to very conciliatory right at the moment he won in his speech. i think you will see more of that and less of a focus on the anti-trump stuff. charles: as the i.s.-russia summit draws near. people have a lot of questions about the meeting and what will come of it.
6:54 pm
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>> if we can have a direct convery between the two leaders, we can find out where russian main points of, and main objectives are. bought this discuss -- we have not been aim to able to do that. charles: john bolton on fox news sunday, saying fears over upcoming russia summit are unfounded. joining us to discuss john gardner, and ford o'connel. this summit some people say hastily put together, others wondering what will come of it,
6:58 pm
what should president trump focus on. and why is he embracing our enemies at same time pushing away our allies. >> this is a officially high-risk -- potentially a high-risk su summit with vladimr putin, but this is a opportunity for president trump to strongly advance robust u.s. positions. strong standing up to russian aggression so far, i think it is important that president trump sends a clear signal. united states is not going to be pushed around. united states will not make concessions. united states will be standing with nato allies. i do think that this is all for the president to put across a clear vision for u.s. leadership standing up to moscow and putin's dictatorship. charles: ford, russia became 7
6:59 pm
nation to file a complaint with wto over our trade practices. so, certainly setting stage that they want to maybe have grievances going into the meeting because we have a pretty long list. >> when you have a opportunity to have a bilateral meeting with world power whose president is in there for a lifetime. i think you are being foolish to not take the meeting, times having changed, everyone said that president trump would be a failure on the world stage, thus far he has been a pleasant surprise. there are a lot of things to discuss, you have to talk about iran, and talk about syria. you have to talk about going forward, not just what happened in 2016, so the more they can meet and face-to-face understand, the better we'll be. charles: 20 seconds, reporting out of uk, cameron asked
7:00 pm
president obama to make that comment about putting uk at back of the -- we got 10 seconds do you believe that is true. >> i think it could be true. charles: a shame. >> a poor story about cameron. >> thank you very much. lou: good evening i am david asman in for through dobbs, president trump meeting with potential supreme court justices moving rapidly on a nominee to replace justice kennedy. as they panic watching preemptive attacks before one is chose ep, president addressed the issue at white house while meeting with the prime minister of the netherlands. >> interesting, i will be meeting with two or three more, we'll make a decision on the united states supreme court. new justice that will be made over the next feway


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