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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fbi, i don't understand. melissa: yeah, they want him to sit in front of the committee, answer questions, people who want see. we'll se. david: that does it for us, "evening edit" starts right now. >> epa administrate or scott pruitt is out, resigning a short time ago. we found out it from a presidential tweet, details as we know them, we'll tell you what it means. >> president trump gearing up if take on democrats in states he won. about to speak at a campaign rally in montana. tonight target democratic senator john tester, we're live who the president begin. >> and barring some sort of last minute reprieve, the trade war is on just hours away from $34 billion in u.s. tariffs going into effect on everything from
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chinese machinery, auto parts, medical devices. china now saying it is ready to respond immediately, we deliver the debate. i am connell mcshane in for elizabeth macdonald. the "evening edit" starts right now. >> on wall street dow shaking off trade war angst, ending higher after the fed minutes were realized, a 102 gain by the time the day ended on wall street. more on that in a moment, but first breaking news epa add plen administrator, scott pruitt has
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resigned. reporter: president accepted the resignation letter from true pruitt, and announcing it on twitter, and tweeting about what is next, saying wheeler will assume the active add blin admir duties at the epa. we have made tremendous progress. pruitt steps down amid allegations again him of abusing power, misusing taxpayer money. some issues spending $43,000 on a sound-proof phone bein [booing] phonebooth in his office. not only has he acted time and
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time again, unethical manner but has lead agency in wrong direct. and grassley saying president did the right thing, in the resignation letter, pruitt said it is effective tomorrow. also because of the transformative work that coming out, but the unrelenting attacks on me, my family have taken a toll on us. several ethics investigation have been open into pruitt. some lawmakers have asked the inspector general to get involved. >> could be legal issues thank you edward lawrence. straight to bush 43, brad blakeman is joining us. looking as well at countdown to
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midnight. a few minutes we'll talk about trade war fears, but first, resignation of pruitt. edward talked about, all kinds of scandals, it could be a dozen or more. first question would be, what took so long? >> absolutely, he should have been gone a long time ago, i am flood the -- glad that president cleaned the area, and wheeler will do a fantastic job. we're not going to hear baggage and drama that came with pruitt, he is well-known in washington, very respected environment parenattorney and energy lobbyi. he has a long history serving nation and private sector. i think that president will have
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a better opportunity to pass his agenda without the constant headline. >> that makes it more puzzling or intrigues, you are probably right, nothing will change that goes to first question, what took so long. if the president knows that. i pripresume he does, wouldn't have you wanted to do this sooner behind you if policies remain the same. >> yeah, i think that president probably in in case of loyal to a fault, he was maybe too loyal to someone that did not deserve it this is the right decision, it will be welcomed within the epa. >> thing about this story for our business audience, what does that mean for business and regulation. you make the point pruitt's done, will continue with the same policies. any type of hurdles that become
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in where administration's you know policies come up against it or is it scat us -- stat us kuo. >> the question is how long will he serve as interim administrator, i hope that president will elevate him, he is a known commodity, well-known and well-respected. i think he is in tune with the president' feeling of deregulation. >> idea, you know, democrat like bernie sanders which was statement read by edward that the -- this is worst adminstrat or of all-time, leading agency in a wrong direction. that is the whole deregulatory agenda continues. >> right. >> bern berndt is agai bernie se
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guy, i can assure you he is probably doing the right thing, we're not looking for any endorsements by bernie sanders. >> some of the things brought up, someone in this position would have allowed themselve to endure, a $40,000 phone book for one. >> crazy. >> they go on and on. you know president draining the swamp, and the guy here, help his wife get a job through one of his aides that not draining the swamp. >> there is an illness in washington that can affect cabinet members and low level staffers, that is potomac river, you get it, it deadly, i have seen it he came to washington, he caught it. and it is fatal. >> no known cure. >> nope. >> other than getting out.
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on a couple other topics, this big one countdown clock on. u.s. said to impose tariffs $34 billion on imported chinese machinery, automakers, and medical devices, chinese saying they will respond immediately, markets not seeing much today, with report that this is an issue, maria bartiromo spoke about this with president, let's listen then we'll talk about it. >> we don't have a trade deal with china, nobody bothered to make a deal, they charge 25% for a car, and we use 2%. we have some of the worst trade deals in th the world. >> this is could be one area
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that president changed thinking of republican party could different from when you were serving in bush administration's administration. >> the president is right, china is a schoolyard bully who has been knocking ut around, you can take it or stand up to the bully. we're the strongest most powerful economy in the world, and we're letting china and others take advantage of us, if they cause us a little pain, the games will be well worth it. i predict china will back down like most bullies. i think that president will make the best deal he can for american people, we should be dealing bilateraly. >> the question, say you are right they back down, the
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question is when, how long are chinese willing to let it play out for, that to your 59 leads us to a situation where we're dealing with more pain of the americans. these policies he is putting in place could hurt people that supported him. >> we're getting screwed, to a half -- trillion dollars, already. what is trump trying to do? stand up for american jobs. we have to be behind the president, this is long-term thinking. i have a new word that diagnosis america's problem, a momentaryium. living in the moment, trump is not only looking it take care of us today but looking to save guard us for tomorrow. >> we'll talk about it tomorrow,
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brad to see you. let's check in on the markets, dow in the green more than 180 growth rally, adp added business added 177,000 jobs in the month of june. nike knoll on the floor -- nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. reporter: dow gained 182. nasdaq up 1 .1%, and federal open market committee on pace for rate hikes, we saw movement in energy and oil has president trump tweeted his concerns about opec monopoly, up about 60 sinces year-over-year. and will it happen. very hot, could be large of the ipo.
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and reports of it stalled and company is not making any comment. >> thank you. >> president obama made speak. moments away. fox business will bring you there live when the president arrives in great falls. >> coming up, concern over smart tv vacuuming people's data right out of their living room, mark zuckerberg's facebook apologizes for flagging a declaration of independents post as hate speech. >> first, t the president is pl3 day visit to the u.k. the brexit architect nigel is
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here with us.
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connell: president trump moments away from speaking the a campaign rally in montana. idea that president going to states where he won the presidential election. this case, john tester, the try to go after a senator like a john tester, see if republicans to cake back -- take back the seat, anything can happenner we'll carry it live on fox business from resignation from scott pruitt. that we were talking about, tariffs on china that go into effect midnight.
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everything and anything happens. we'll carry that. july 12, president planning a three-day visit to uk, he will meet with prime minister theresa may, and the queen. but according to uk daily telegraph, uk government told president trump he should not meet with european parliament member nigel more -- he is joining us now, what do you been that. >> since i appeared to a campaign platform with donald trump in mississippi in august 16, uk government has been paranoid about my relationship with u.s. president. they are trying to deny the fact that i exist. the truth that relations between
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uk government with mrs. may and american administration under trump as not as good as they should be. rather than banning me from meeting the president. that should do use me as a bridge between the two. i'm not sure at the moment, the uk government did bright enough to understand that. connell: a couple things, have you been told or confirmed that this is true, they have banned you from you know try to ban you from meeting with president, have you spoken with the president or anyone at white house about it. connell: >> in last 18 months, since president tweets it many people in washington think nigel farage would make a good uk ambassador. government in downing street have been climbing the walls, they hate me, because i force brexit on them.
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connell: you think, you have every reason to believe based on history. >> it is a completely consistent pattern of behavior, i know the briefing you read, written up in a uk newspaper, i know for fact it came from prime minister's office, yes, it is true. i have not spoken with the president. i have spoken shall i say with people close to him, i don't' to embarrass him on this trip, if he wants to meet me, i will, but i won't force it. connell: you don't know if it will happen. >> let's see. i don't know, you don't know. and the great thing about donald trump is, no body ever, ever can you know predict. connell: true. that is true. like him or not, you don't know what is coming next. think about this trip, a lot of back and forth about whether it would happen, how it would happen, and initial and this and
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-- initia official. and here the mayor of london, to fly a blimp designed to look like an infant president trump during the visit. >> look, in a free society, people are able to protest. they can hold up a placard draw a cartoon, we believe in freedom of speech. but what is happening here in parliament square, right in front of our 1 ancient parliame. this blimp of donald trump as a baby will fly 100 foot in the air. do you know why? sadiq. the mayor of london has given permission for this i think it makes my country look like a laughingstock, no country in world that would insult u.s. president in this case, i would beg, plead, with fox viewers,
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and all americans, please, next friday, when you see this ridiculous spectacle next the parliament, don't judge the whole of my country by it judge mayor sadiq khan by it. connell: your take on another issue. this is important you know we've been talking about a lot of other things, north korea secretary of state pompeo will be in there pon pyongyang, to ae there, first time since singapore summit, there have been a lot of stories, that have lead to skepticism about whether kim jong-un is really going to abandon his nuclear arsenal or adding to it or hiding it. what do you make? you are spectical now, what do you think that mike pompeo withk
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do about it. >> you have been through years of obama making big public declarations what he is doing, then doing nothing. that is western world politics, the point of this trump administration they actually do things. the very fact that the meeting happened is great, but what everyone wants to see is act, the fact that mike pompeo is back there trying to make it happen shows will of this regime to get a result, does not guarantee a result but i believe that pompeo is doing right thing. connell: real quick. how do you know when to walk away, they are not playing you? >> all through history, we've seen you know peace deals, accords, and people breaking them. i -- you know. winston churchill once said.
5:23 pm
jaw-jaw is ready than war-war. >> all right, we'll continue to check in with you, maybe update on president's visit. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. connell: as we said, president is moments from rally, campaign style out in montana. looking like crowd is getting revved up. for events like this we'll bring it to you live, fox business, we'll show when you president arrives and bring you rally. >> but first mark zuckerberg facebook reinstates a declaration of independents post. after it was flagged as hate speech, the details on that after a quick break. >> calling for building walls, instead of building walls -- we can help people. more and more people are finding themselves
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>> that was a big mistake.
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it was my mistake. i am sorry. i started facebook. i run it. i am responsible for what happens here. connell: all right mark zuckerberg, facebook ceo apologizing earlier this year over platform sharing personal data. now apologizing to a texas newspaper for part of declaration of independents labels as hate speech. they posted whole declaration in small daily chunks. on the facebook page for 8 days, this is in run up to 4th of july. but the 9th excerpt not posts, saying that it could not about up it was hate speech.
5:28 pm
we go to chris bedford, offending passage. was part of bill of particular. written against king george of britain, merciless indian savage is what got flagged. the saying perhaps if thomas jefferson written it as native americans at a challenging state of cultural development it would have been better. your reaction to this. >> not a friendly time on the frontier, british crown was -- tribes on the frontline to attack, cause troube trouble.
5:29 pm
a lot of people on left would call de declaration of independence a hate document. and saying that independence day on wednesday. this got caught up in facebook largest machine like alga rhythms, publishers told they have to trust it, it is like the coca cola secret formula we're not allowed to see it, just take their word for it there is no transparency with the massive -- >> zuckerberg talked a lot. during his senate and house appearances about artificial intelligence, saying it can do a lot. but it does bring up a question whether it should do all or human monitors would be better, but you would have bias with human monitors. >> you look at who they hired to come on.
5:30 pm
to decide what was going to be good news source, they are retired people from cnn and "new york times," they have a pretty strong liberal bed, not a single person on news team, you say i might agree with them politically if you or conservative side, if facebook's to maintain a trust of half the country they have too figure out to bring on the people, they view in sa silicon calley valles knuckle draggers. connell: let's listen to this in time. >> there are great many americans who i think are deeply concerned that facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political sensorship. >> i understand where that concern is coming from, facebook
5:31 pm
and tech industry are in silicon valley when is very left leaning, this is a concern that i have, i try to root out the company is making sure that we don't have any bias in the work that we do. i think it a farrakhan certain -- a concern. >> only thing in that case, that we're talking about, this phrase, merciless indian savages seems like a fille like a filted on right way. maybe i am wrong. >> it is trying to call, they have a 25 page manuel on to define as hate speech, one includes attacking a protected group, today maybe in 1776. the american indian was a protective group and jefferson did not have kind thoughts on the frontier. it was a time of war, probably just caught by a computer.
5:32 pm
facebook problem is there was a message board, that you could post anything that you wanted to, they were not responsible, then after some terrorists and then after hillary clinton lot of, they blamed facebook for it people on left said we need to regulate this make it so hillary clinton can never be dispar ad disparaginged again. right now they for washington d.c. without a friend. connell: interesting. it gives us a chance to talk about it again. good to see you, chris. >> thank you. connell: back to montana, president getting set to speak at campaign rally, soon as he begins, there is a look. we'll bring it to you live, you know scott pruitt resignation at top of headline, sometimes president gets in this, other times avoids, we'll see, supreme
5:33 pm
court and his appointment is another thing people are thinking about. first. anti-trump amend been fired from his job, a video, merged of him ripping a "america's news hq" great hat off a head of young boy and throwing a drink at him as he was eating food in texas, we talk about that next. katrina pearson will be here, don't go away. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here? copd makes it hard to breathe.
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connell: breaking news in to us president trump just arriving moments ago air force one touched downgrade falls airport -- at great falls airport. president trump the motorcade as he gets out of the plane. to the arena in great falls. the president begins a rally at top of the next hour, 23 minutes from now we're expecting it to begin, president is usually on time. appears to be on schedule right now. let's bridge in trump 2020 campaign senior adviser katrina pearson. i said before the last break that pretty much anything and everything become up at the rally. president trump made headlines, with the accep acceptance of resignation o pruitt, do you thk
5:38 pm
he talks about that? >> i think your initial thought is correct. the president could speak about anything tonight, he has his written speech in the teleprompter, if you have been to a trump rally, president is known to just feel the energy in the room and talk about things he's to talk about and current headlines this may come up, he is going to talk about many accomplishments he is making and how democrats are failing to block his agenda. and he will show support for his supporters who are under attack now because you have democrat politicians encourages physical couldn't fronttation. connell: we'll talk about that. -- confrontation, we'll talk about that, i have covered enough rally, to know what you expect going in is not necessarily headline that you get. maybe he gives a hint about his supreme court nominee. >> he may, this is where
5:39 pm
president is in his element, most comfortable with his supporters, as you know. thousands attend the rallies some, wait overnight, there will be thousands on outside of the rally. highments his is up -- he wants his supporters to know these types of things, we using this at opportunity to bypass mainstream media to get away from filters on some other cable news networks and talk to his supporters so they hear directly from him. >> you see, they are waiting for president to make his way to the venue. you mentioned some confrontations going on. and headline. i think you may have alluded to a video, gone viral, he rips a hat off a young man's head. the make america great against trump hat, throwing soda on him. let's watch it first. >> [bleep] president.
5:40 pm
[bleep] connell: man has been identified, keeno jimenez, a bartender in san antonio. at a bar, they fired him. the bar did. here is the teenager you see there responding to it. >> i didn't think he would generate that amount like, not like what people are doing, i was looking at comments, people saying this is uncalled for, and others saying, with mixed opinions, i don't think it would blow up to what it is now. connell: it has blown up to a story. a controversy that is what you refer, to right? >> absolutely. this this case, this was a cowardly man, this is an adult, a 30-year-old man. who attacked a teenager. kids that ride skateboards and play video games, this is how low the left has gone. this more liberal bafoonery on
5:41 pm
full display, many in mainstream media are always mischaracterizing the president and his aexpwrend a-- agenda. with others on lift pushing for confrontation. it has been going on since the beginning, if you followed 2016 campaign, you saw trump supporters get violently attacked outside some of the rallies,. and now the media and politics make it worse. connell: the president's detract or said he plays some role in this his language, insights people on other side to be aggressive again people who disagree with him, are there two sides or one side? >> i think that, you can take anything you don't like, any policy that maybe does not work in your favor call it what you like, never president never encouraged people to go out and confront individuals, if he was
5:42 pm
abrasive in any tone it was in defense was his supportsers who were beak attacked. this kid in san antonio, brad is trump campaign 2020 campaign manager he tweeted today he would like to send this young guy a signed hat, a new hat with president's signature, we stand with trump supporters. connell: tonight in montana, they are hearing president speak. katrina thank you for coming on. >> great to be here. connell: with this rally set to begin, we keep our eye on it. the warming up the crowd is just been completed. motorcade on the way over to the venue in great falls, montana. live at fox business network. growing concern over smart tv, vacuuming people's data out of their living room. sometimes it happens without their full knowledge, details on that story coming up next. like the american red cross,
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connell: state of montana, left and right of scene, air force one on left with the stairs out, president set to leave the plane, and head to motorcade, then he will by the power of that beast motorcade make his way to the arena in great falls. that top of the hour, fox business live coverage, we'll keep an eye on both live pictures. we'll have his arrival and his remarks. before last break we promised to talk about this crazy story involving smart tvs that keep track of more of what you are watching, concern growing over personal data misused by big tech giants, and smartphone companies. but people's data is being taken from living room tv, sometimes it happens without them knowing. what happens have you on opt in
5:47 pm
as user agreement, but language is confusing. we have it on the screen. reading interact with your favorite tv shows, recommendation on contend you love, connection devices for offers. susan lee is here with a little bit more on this, this confusing. what is the company? >> there are several. largest one that we're focusing on samba tv. it is different. 4,000 words, for the policy. opt in is 6500 words, do you read them. connell: all kinds of things we sign our life away, agree, agree. >> you just want to get it over with. this is what samba tv does, 45% of americans have smart television. in their living rooms. i have one, i am scared now. samba tv does it vacuums info
5:48 pm
off of the smart television, and this era of internet, tv connected to internet, connected to speaker perhaps your phone, sama tv takes pixel by pixel, it understands what you are watching second by second. >> that could be used, for good. >> so they can't directly sell the data, they see what you are watching whether conservative or liberal media. they also keep track of, they use -- target ads to your other devices. connell: like the internet. >> you wondering, you are watching say "game of thrones." connell: what is that ad. >> then something pops on facebook, where did that come from? how did they know were they listen. >> companies in tv have wanted to do this, they have been jealous of internet, but now it happening, but concerns come up, people say, i did not know this.
5:49 pm
>> thing is, opt 34 rat inn ratr sam -- opt in rate for samba tv 90%. connell: they don't know what they are clicking on. >> big investors are getting involved with samba tv, mark cuban, liberty media, time warner. connell: you mentioned they can't sell, what are restriction. >> they can't directly sell the data, that is single restriction but big companies work with them, like citi, jetblue,. connell:ure world. >> yes, you want target ads and right eyeballs. >> give up something to get it i guess, thank you, susan. >> thank you. connell: president trump will speak here in a few minutes really at campaign rally, see crowd gathers behind the lek ton with the presidential seal on
5:50 pm
this. you target that state. kelleykel is here, next
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mack. connell: news alert in montana. let's bring kelly in from rnc, we set you up for president's rally. good to see you, a couple things kaley, about supreme court, whethe--whether we'll get a hin. i think he has it down to 3 or 2. but, your thought on some of
5:54 pm
these picks? they are all appeals court judges. 51 years old. you have two other picks judge kavanagh, a lot of ghow gorsuch comparisons appointed by president bush push a. it those are three picks, condition go wrong from your point much view or how to you view this. >> you cannot go wrong it is important to remind everyone that these three individuals come from that list of 25 judges put together during the campaign that was tut put together by president trump with a member of federal society. this organization is all about finding strict constitutionalist
5:55 pm
to interpret words on page as they should mean. all three of judges kavanagh, and coning they -- barrett, i should say in a have passing test, you can't go wrong. connell: president made some sort of remark air force one, any of the 25 on his list would have been terrific. to point of view of conservatives probably true. going to that mold. we knew that going in. >> right. make no mistake, each one of these men and women on list, will be demonized, left is coming up with a playbook to attack all of them, does not matter who they are, saying they are going to every turn roe v. wade and they are going to reverse civil rights, this
5:56 pm
nonsense. connell: president threaten a 300 billion in tariffs on chinese, we're in a trade war kaley? >> i think trade war that term or a grand negotiation is how i see it, as president has said china has more to lose than we do, they have trade surplus. i hope there is an opening salvo of a languag a long negottation. connell: thank you, cally. >> thank you. connell: all right kayleigh mcenany. from rnc. we'll come back and have it live for you on fox business in just a moment. instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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6:00 pm
scott pruitt. he said he was a terrific guy. but in the end he said it was his decision to resign. we thank you for joining us this evening. it's charles payne with "making money." charles: president trump holding a rally in great falls, montana. we'll have you there. you will hear the entire speech on fox business. the stock market had a strange way of showing concerns about a china trade war. u.s. tariffs go into effect at 12:01 a.m. tonight. ahead of the labor department's jobs release. there is the incivility crisis in america. when you see this video of a texas teen attacked in a restaurant for wearing a make america great


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