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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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scott pruitt. he said he was a terrific guy. but in the end he said it was his decision to resign. we thank you for joining us this evening. it's charles payne with "making money." charles: president trump holding a rally in great falls, montana. we'll have you there. you will hear the entire speech on fox business. the stock market had a strange way of showing concerns about a china trade war. u.s. tariffs go into effect at 12:01 a.m. tonight. ahead of the labor department's jobs release. there is the incivility crisis in america. when you see this video of a texas teen attacked in a restaurant for wearing a make america great again hat, it will
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disgust you. tammy bruce is with us. don burnett, one empire group for under. vince colignaise. michael barns is with us as well, and gina loudon. gina, what should we expect from president trump at this montana speech? >> a couple weeks ago i had the honor of being backstage with him where like a prize fighter he got ready. this is where he gets his energy. he's going to speak directly to his base. i think some of the things you are touching on in your opening are some of the things he'll touch on. he'll reassure his base and in
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his own donald trump way will stand strong despite them being harassed, followed, trolled by media on the left. charles: all these things going on, we saw a stock market that closed at the high at the significance. the saber rattling becomes policy in 34 hours. president trump saying it could be followed by $200 billion and $300 billion. the stock market seemed okay with it today. tammy: without say this is already baked in? you saw some activity and people got nervous when the tariffs were first discussed. even though $50 billion is a lot of money for people. in consideration of china it's an opening chip. and i think it's a matter of the
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edge donald trump wants. and the bigger numbers of $100 billion and $200 billion. this market is used to the president's negotiating style. reaction to these particular tariffs are already baked in. perhaps the market is also the nation as a whole appreciating the president's approach and trusting him on these issues as well. charles: something you will not hear from anyone but me base love this kind of stuff. truck orders. we have never seen this many commercial truck orders. every time go to a hospital or see a doctor. what's the one thing they do? they check your pulse. think have an index called the market demand index. up over 200 percent. this is amazing stuff you will
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never hear anywhere else. we are dealing with a sizzling economy and the unknowns of the trade war. >> this is what winning looks like. what the president will say tonight, the american grit is back. the american citizen is on the job interview line, and not the unemployment line. the optimism is built into the market. so as we get more people employed and work out in trade agreements throughout the world. the american production, the american jobs, it will mean a second term for the president. charles: michael, what do you want to hear from the president? >> i think he'll go after jon tester. but i think the president might encourage this rural audience to be patient and recognize this is
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a negotiating strategy and the united states will come out better off. it's a heavy agriculture state in montana. but if you look at the agriculture numbers, small businesses. 31% of small businesses increased wages last month. the economy is very impressive. i think it's leading to more people getting training and education. there is a lot to talk about economically. >> when you see the shot of the those people waiting for the rally. those individuals have already felt the benefits of the president's policies. they have questions about what might happen with the tariffs. but they are going to trust him. this is a president with his pulse -- finger on the pulse of the country and he'll speak to voters. charles: donald trump, jr. will
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play a role in the mid-terms and he's extremely popular with the base. now his son donald trump, jr. being a surrogate out there. today late in the day we had the resignation of scott pruitt. are there things that can trip up the white house agenda other mid-term election efforts? >> i don't think so. i feel optimistic about the mid-terms as someone who serves on the president's advisory board. the confidence in the american economy. that's what people vote is their pocketbooks in these elections. basically i think we'll have good results. and i think there are just more good to come. remember this president has accomplished one major
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accomplishment every 3 hours of his presidency. the other side can't even couple with an issue that is winning. i don't foresee anything tripping him up. there will always be blips on the radar. charles: vince, in the next several days, tomorrow we have got the jobs reports. secretary pompeo is in north korea. then monday we get the supreme court pick. so that is a blistering pace. the next 11 days could be the next consequential of the entire trump presidency. when we watch rallies like this. he's not just going after john tesser for going after ronny jackson in such a vicious way
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without any verification. and we'll hear donald trump talk about all those events you he nome rated. who he might have on his mind. whether he'll demand more money. >> the president approaches the american people with the understanding that they know what he means, they get it about tariffs and get it about the importance of the supreme court. he talks with his audiences, the voter, as though they get it. they might disagree with him on some things. but he doesn't talk down to them. he's with them in this framework. it's teddy roosevelt.
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in the sense of -- being within that group of individual, not separate from them. even president reagan whom we all adored was still slightly above because of how we viewed him because of his acting career. but he still worked like he was the every man. and i think donald trump really feels that way. >> donald trump respects the american voter. that's the difference between him and almost the rest of washington entirely. so many of them have a fundamental belief the american voter doesn't know what they are doing and need to be led by their nose. charles: that's the elite establishment taking a walk on both side of the aisle. i don't care if you are the bernie or trump crew in italy or
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germany. i find it interesting. i am look out to this crowd and i see a lot of hard hats. we have averaged over 40,000 goods-producing jobs each month. those are those dirty fingernail jobs i talk about all the time. the 18 months before that we averaged 10,000. think about that. that's a mind boggling number. that resonates. you don't need a clipboard to ask people how they feel about the economy. >> thank goodness for modern day presidential. president trump has brought this country back to the point where there is huge optimism. people are back to work. and he's walking that fine line between negotiating global trade and foreign relations. no one else is doing it or able to get and achief results he has. you can argue his taxes, but you
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cannot argue the results. charles: the fine line between trade negotiated and foreign policy. the flash ally will be angela merkel. she made news saying maybe the e.u. should do something about these auto after requires. of course, it has to be group accepted. france is pushing back for whatever reason. it's ridiculous to have these tariffs and not expect america to pushback. what are your thoughts on that? >> it comes down to the wire that they are willing to negotiate to create a fair scenario for trade with the united states. the u.s. stands to gain and they can give a little. they will see ultimately are europe and other nations as well that there will be bilateral deals and some of the hardest hitting tariffs will be put off.
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but this will result in improvements for our trade balance. that includes agricultural workers. charles: i want to ask you about the supreme court nominee. reportedly it's been narrowed down to three. the left and the mainstream media has gone on the attack with self of them. the litmus test will apparently be abortion, roe versus wade. >> the president may come up with somebody none of us are looking at at all. charles: i don't judge napolitano don't leave his phone. >> exactly. i don't think we can guess much. i think he'll pick a smart choice. it will give the democrats a real drug until their narrative. optics of this rally happening
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right now right before all this is getting ready to take place, including his foreign travel, you have to imagine being angela merkel or someone want to go oppose him on his supreme court choice. with thousands of people in the building and thousands waiting outside. i have been there, i have seen it, it's real. wow, we are up against something. maybe they. >> the to start compromising and winning. charles: dan henninger wrote a good article. he says the most of important thing is not the roe versus wade litmus test the left wants. but the constitution. the person that believes in the consequence caution as it was written, that the living,
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breathing document should reflect what the framers mental the time they wrote it. >> we have seen that with his judgment base when he chose gorsuch. when it comes to someone like judge barrett. she was just confirmed last year and three democrats voted for her. the senate already confirmed her through the process of these difficult questions. mitch mcconnell -- charles: we have to take a quick break. what do you think of the notion she is too catholic is that insulting or what? >> if she is the right person for the job, she should be nominated. if they are going through a religious test like feinstein did. people rejected that. that's an ugly thing to do. that's the epitome of being un-american. charles: that's donald trump, jr. getting the crowd going big
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time. we'll take a quick break and be right back. the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning. giving technology is not a total solution. teaching technology, now that is.
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charles: donald trump, jr. really getting the crowd going. he said remember what was in your hearts in 2015. keep that going. he talked about opening up land, big sky, they believe in rugged individualism. they are ready to go. i want to ask you one more time. we know there will be some montana-specific commentary and the jon tester stuff. but the main theme you think
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we'll get out of tonight's speech? >> promises made, promised kept. he managed to accomplish most of of his promises and then some within a short 18 months. when you look at contrast of the other side running on open borders, higher crime, higher taxes. they have no issues to compete with the accomplishments of this president. he'll hammer that home. charles: one of the things point out over and over again with respect to this so-called blue wave is there is no message, to gina's point. the message has essentially been anti-trump. wouldn't that be enough to give the democrats control of the house? >> i think it answer is a resounding no. he time we see a you are in efficient media -- every keep
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pea see them going after the president. yet his approval rating continued to particular up -- tp during that period. they need to come up with a positive message of what they and for. resisting is only firing up the president's base. charles where by now most of of you heard about -- speak of an attack. a teenaged kid sitting down at a mall or somewhere. and some guy comes over, one of the kid had a make america great again hat. he takes it from the kid and throws a beverage in his face, and he screams and curses at
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him. someone scaling the statue of liberty on july 4. i think these guys are imploding and they do more harm than good. who wants to be associated with them? >> i remarked the maxine waters rhetoric, if you are being given a permission slip to attack an administration official, why wouldn't that trickle down to attacking a kid with a maga hat. but i would contend with his harvard-harris poll with 59% of democrats saying i.c.e. should remain, should not be eliminated. it tells you how far await so-called leadership is from the base. we are always told there is so much division. i'm wondering if there isn't so much division. these are self-appointed leaders
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with no real direction aiming to depress us. charles: i want to do a segment on it that shows the misconceptions that republicans have of democrats and democrats have of republicans. americans are so much more alike than unalike. john, i want to get your thoughts on tomorrow's jobs report. the last report we had was amazing. 70,000 black americans came back to the jobs market. 200 thousand more black americans had more jobs and the month before. it was the lowest unemployment rate in the history of black americans. to push this narrative that they don't like people of color and don't like women. it won't show up, particularly in these job numbers. >> you have to go outside of new
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york and california. to really get an understanding of where trump is with respect to their personception with regard to their pocketbooks and regard to certain policies. you can actually get a better poll. a better barometer so to speak instead of look at the coastal 80s that will be progressive, extremely left and how all these attacks with respect to people expressing their first amendment rights. >> these attacks are brutal and they have gone too far. i'm worried. i'm very scared, michael, that someone is going to get hurt. i didn't feel this way for a long time. but they are escalating. it seems like people who to them
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are rewarded. what you hear from the main real media is justification, things that happened during the election campaign. those are justification for adult men to assault a few teenagers having a burger somewhere. >> the music must be playing loudly. something is going to happen. there it is, president trump is coming out. he's great be the folks
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president trump: we are thrilled to be joined by some great people. you just heard steve dade. he's been so helpful on the tax cuts and everything else. they have been incredible for me in washington. i appreciate it. 2020 he comes up. we are running together, steve. i want to thank gregg. he's a member of congress who has been 100% with us. incredible success story. a lot of people don't know that.
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gregg is an incredible success. you have been great, appreciate it. thank you very much. montana attorney general tim fox. thank you, tim. secretary of state corey stapleton *. thank you, corey. montana republican chairwoman, debra lamb. superintendent of public instructions, elsie aarnson. finally the person that we are here for tonight, a very special person who than an incredible primary, wouldn't you say? any time you want, it's incredible. but he did. it's tough and good competition. and he's going to be your next senator from the incredible
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state of montana. matt rosendale. come up, matt. [cheers and applause] >> hello, montana. do we have an incredible president or what? we actually have a president who fights he single day for the people across this great nation. and here at home he's fighting for our military men and women serving right here and across
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the country. for all our veterans. and for our seniors. he's fighting for folks working in the timber industry and our energy production. he's fighting for our hard working farmers and ranchers across the entire state. and you know he is fighting for our miners down in butte. and the coal miners who produce that beautiful clean coal. he's also fighting for everyone across our state who feels their voice isn't being heard. including the unborn. [cheers and applause]
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and i will be that voice for you if you elect me to the united states senate. [cheers and applause] and i will fight for you every day because i mean business about standing with president trump to make america great again. because what's good for america is great for montana. today i ask for your vote so i can help president trump continue his good work. thank you, president trump. thank you, montana. may god bless each and every one of you and the great united states of america.
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[crowd chants "usa] county thank you very much. that was great. this is a really good man. this is a man that loves the people of montana. loves the people of this country. it's time to retire, liberal democrat jon tester. [cheers and applause] president trump: you will get on your side a real montana fighter. you see it. he is a tough cookie. he's a fighter. he'll fight for you. matt rosendale. so jon tester says one thing when he's in montana. but i will tell you, he does the exact opposite when he goes to
6:34 pm
washington. [crowd booing] president trump: a vote for jon tester is a vote for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. and the knew leader of the democrat party, maxine waters. [crowd booing] president trump: where have they gone? jon tester voted no on repealing obamacare. and even though we got a little surprise vote that evening, you all remember that evening, somebody came in with a thumbs down after campaigning for years that he was going the repeal and replace. but that's okay. because we for the most of part have already done it, and we have great healthcare coming out, and i just came out two weeks ago. and we got rid of the individual
6:35 pm
mandate and lots of other things. sometimes we have to do it the hard way. jon tester voted no on tax cuts for montana families. he voted no on cutting the estate tax or the death tax for your farmers and small businesses. think of that one. but you got it anyway, because we got it passed. so on your farms, for the most of part, you will have no estate or death tax to pay. you can leave your farm or small business to your children or whoever you want to leave them. don't always leave them to the children. if the children aren't good children. leave them to somebody else. but you have no taxes to pay. pretty good, right? tester voted against it. jon tester voted no on legislation to stop late-term
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abortions. you wouldn't think it would play very well out here. how did he get elected? i know a lot of people from montana. you have got to ex blaine that one to me. how did he get elected? all right, you can right the wrong in november. matt rosendale. jon tester voted no on kate's law. you know what kate's law is. that's legislation named for kate steinle who was gunned down by a five-time deported illegal immigrant. you deserve a senator who doesn't just talk like he's from montana. you deserve a senator who actually votes like he's from montana. tester even voted no on enhanced
6:37 pm
vetting for refugees from terror-stricken countries. you believe this one? what's going on with that. the democrats want open borders which means lots of crime. we want tough, strong, powerful borders and we want no crime, and we are going to protect i.c.e. we protect i.c.e. they protect us, and we protect them. [cheers and applause] they protect us and we protect them. you saw that clown yesterday on the statue of liberty? see the guys that went up there? i wouldn't have done it. i would have said let's get some nets and wait until she comes down. just get some nets. do you see the bravery of doing that? what a group. we protect i.c.e.
6:38 pm
and our border patrol and law enforcement. and our fire department. and our fire department. but we protect our people. yawn tester oppose our travel ban to keep america safe. which by the way i'm proud to report that last week the supreme court of the united states just upheld the trump travel ban. and they gave us the authority to protect our nation. keep our nation safe. keep it safe. as you know, there is now a vacancy on the supreme court. and if you turn in monday at 9:00, i think you will be extremely happy. they are all great. they are all great.
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and i want to thank justice kennedy for his lifetime of truly distinguished service and he had confidence in me. he left base said you are going to pick somebody great. so nice. great man. a great gentleman. jon tester voted against neil gorsuch, the incredible justice who supports fully our constitution. that's a hard one to vote against. isn't it? tester opposed many of our amazing judges. yet i see jon tester saying such nice things about me. but i say he never votes for me. and i would rather have hip say booed about my but vote -- about me but vote. jon tester voted for liberal obama judges who tried to take away your second amendment. tried to take it away.
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[crowd booing] president trump: tester doesn't share your values. jon tester showed his true colors with his shameful dishonest attacks on a great man. a friend of mine. a man i said why don't you run the va? you would be great. navy admiral ronny jackson. and a report just came out and i should have brought it, i would have read it. but it's long but beautiful for ronnie jackson. secret service are all over the place, and they wrote a report that what he said was so false and so untrue. it never happened. and they could have ruined -- they could have ruined a lesser man. but dr. jackson, shall i call him admiral or doctor.
6:41 pm
doctor/admiral. tude at annapolis. graduating this year. incredible wife be -- uncredible family. admiral jackson was getting ready to leave service. not a blemish. perfect. a beautiful person. he said i was healthy. he's the one. when the fake news said why isn't trump giving the physical. why? dr. jackson and his staff, they went out and gave me a physical. that was a physical. and when they said i'm very healthy, the news was devastated. they were devastated. they didn't want to hear that. they didn't want to hear that. but he's a great family man.
6:42 pm
i said to him, i feel guilty. i said hey, doc, why don't you run the va. you are a leader, you are an admiral. people admire you. he said, well, sir, i wasn't thinking of that. i said you would be great, go ahead and do it. he said sir, of what your order i will do. even if he didn't want to do it, he said that to me. in fact your great first lady said to me that same day, did he want to do it? i said i don't know. he said he would do it. but when i thought about it, i don't know. he said if you ask, i will do it. but he didn't want to do it. i sort of feel guilty about this whole thing. because what happened is he said, sir, if you would like me to do it, i'll do it. it wasn't what he had in mind. i put him into the world of politics. how vicious is the world. but jon tester said things about
6:43 pm
him that were horrible and that weren't true. [crowd boos] president trump: that's probably why i'm here. because i won montana by so many point, i don't have to come here here. you know, a lot of people from state where we have crazy big lead, 42 and 44. we won by about 44 points over a democrat. that was crooked hillary. but still she is a democrat. yeah. she gets special treatment. sorry. sorry. she gets special treatment under the justice department. [crowd chants "lock her up"]
6:44 pm
president trump: sorry. she gets special treatment under the justice department. anybody else in america -- how about that fbi agent? how about that guy? you think he likes me? you think he likes me? think there was a little bias there? oh, did we catch them in the act. it's a rigged deal, folks. i used to say it it's a rigged deal. it's a disgrace. and we go away on monday, we appoint and go away. i will see lots of people. i will see nato and i'm going to tell nato, you have got to start paying your bills. the united states is not going to take care of everything. we paying for anywhere from 70% to 90% to protect europe.
6:45 pm
and that's fine. they kiss on trade and other things. they make it impossible to do business in europe yet they sell their mercedes and bmws to us. we have $151 billion in trade deficits with the e.u. on top of that they kill us with nato. we pay 4% of a huge gdp. it got a lot bigger since i became your president. germany which is the biggest country of the e.u., european union. germany pays 1%. 1%. and i said, you know, angela, i can't guarantee it, but we are protecting you a and it means a lot more to you than protecting us because i don't know how much protection we get by protecting you. then they go out and make a gas deal, oil and gas from russia
6:46 pm
where they pay billions and billions of dollars to russia. okay? so they want to protect against russia, yet they pay billions of dollars to russia and we are the schmucks paying for the whole thing. so then -- i have to say this. since i came which is a year and a half. almost 33 billion doll parse more is projected to be paid by those nato nations. but it's not enough. do they ever tell you that? no. no. but i will tell you, the secretary-general is trump's biggest fan. he said the nato nations are all going like this, less money, why not. when you came in and started talking it went like a rocket ship. it went like a rocket ship. so any time i suggest anything,
6:47 pm
so we have $33 billion -- it will and lot more thane than that. but then they say, he's angry at nato. he loves russia. i love russia. i will say this, i'm meeting with president putin next week. getting along with russia and getting along with china and getting along with other countries is a good thing. it's not a bad thing. it's a good thing. i would say for stupid people or political people. all they are is good at obstruction and good at resisting. he type it couples, i will have
6:48 pm
have -- every time it comes up, i have to say, we just uncreased our military spending. we are at $57 billion. we have become a nation that is exporting energy for the first time. we are exporting energy. so many things. and you look at all the money nato is getting now. they are probably saying in russia. you know, if we did like this guy we made a big mistake. we would rather have crooked hillary clinton. i think they would rather have crooked hillary. but getting along with other countries, and you are talking nuclear powers. getting along is a nice thing. it's a smart thing. we'll beat everybody. we have now -- hopefully we'll never have to use it. the on way you are never going to have to use it. if it's so powful good and
6:49 pm
strong that nobody wants to play games. thaps that's what we are doing -- that's what we are doing. you will never have to use it. then of course we have north korea. where you notice 8 months. during the obama administration it seemed like a missile a week. a lot of rockets going up and nuclear testing. they thought there was an earthquake. they said where is it? it's in korea someplace. it was a nuclear weapon. so since the rhetoric stopped. we had tough rhetoric. would you say that was tough? remember, they said, he's too tough. he's going to cause a war. it's too tough. now they are saying he's too nice. i got along very well with chairman kim. i got along very well.
6:50 pm
that's a good thing. what hasn't happened in 8 months, we got our prisoners back before i even went. right? and i didn't pay $1.8 billion in cash. we paid slightly less than 1.8. we paid nothing. yet it was a very smart deal for north korea. goodwill is very important. but we signed a wonderful paper saying they are going to denuclearize their whole thing. it's going to all happen. but now up back six days. why hasn't it started? why? these guys -- obama was very close to going to war. you have 30 million people in seoul. it's 30 miles off the border. that's a tough border.
6:51 pm
thousands of cannons they call them. you could have lost 30, 40, 50 million people. you could have had a war like you haven't had in a long time. now you have 8 months, no nuclear testing, no missiles. mike pompeo is over there right now. comeers * -- [cheers and applause] and they say he, meaning me. the crooked press, they are so dishonest. fake news. the fake news media. so what do they say all the time? because they didn't give anything up. what do they say all the time. they say, he went there. i weren't there. i went to singapore.
6:52 pm
we had a meeting. by agreeing to meet. i didn't give like clinton and obama would have. obama couldn't meet. obama couldn't meet. they wouldn't see him. so i didn't have like clinton where they gave billions and billions of dollars and got nothing. so they couldn't find anything? they say he met. i met. that's what we lost, folks. he met. by the way, obama would have loved to have met. they wouldn't see him. they wouldn't see him. one of the first questions i asked when i was over there. they wouldn't see him. so i met. that's how we got the meeting. now they are saying about putin. putin is highly prepared and trump. will he be prepared for the meeting? trust me, we'll be just fine. fake news, bad people.
6:53 pm
will he be prepared? will he be prepared? and i might end up having a good relationship. but they are going, will president trump be prepared. you know president putin is kgb. you know what? putin is fine. he's fine. we are all fine with people. i have been preparing for this stuff my whole life. they don't say that. [cheers and applause] i see the way they write. they are so damn dishonest. and i don't mean all of them. some of the finest people i know are journalists. i hate to say it but i have to say it. 75% of those people are down
6:54 pm
right dishonest. downright dishonest. they are fake. they quote sources. a source within the trump organization said. they don't have a source. they never use names anymore. in the old day they had to use names. jim smith said donald trump is a bad guy. they don't say that anymore. they say a source within the administration. they make the sources up. they don't exist in many cases. i saw one of them say 15 anonymous sources. 15 anonymous sources. these are really bad people. but here is the bottom line. we are here. how the hell did we get here? how did we get here? so if you look at jon tester, he signed up for the democrats'
6:55 pm
radical immigration agenda which is let them come in and we believe they say in sanctuary cities where they house the criminals, and others. we believe in strong borders and no crime. it's very simple. strong borders. we believe in coming into this country legally. we believe in coming in. we believe in the merit system. so when you have a business, and somebody comes in and honestly, hate to tell you this, got to go with it. we are doing so well, so many businesses are moving back to this country. so many car companies are coming back into michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and north and south carolina. we need people. we don't have the workers
6:56 pm
anymore. that's something that's unique. wages are going up. right? but we need people. but who do we need? we need people that come in under the merit system. under the merit system. a vote for the democrats in november is a vote to let ms-13 run wild in our communities. to let drugs pour into our cities and to take jobs and benefits away from our hard-working americans. and we are not letting it happen happen. democrats want anarchy. they really do. and they don't know who they are playing with, folks. i said it the other day, she is a low i.q. individual. maxine waters. i said it the other day. she is somewhere in the mid-
6:57 pm
mid-0s, -- the mid-60s. even the democrats are saying how are you saying that? they say stay away from that word. especially since he has done nothing wrong. there is no collusion. after spending 22 million and the house just left and they said there is no collusion. can you imagine this? it's all a ruse. this was an excuse for democrats who lost an election who actually got their ass kicked. [cheers and applause]
6:58 pm
306-223. that's a pretty good shellacking. take wisconsin. i just left wisconsin. we are building -- they are building, friends of mine, foxconn, they make the apple laptops and iphones. we are going to spend -- they are going to spend $11 billion. it will be a $15 billion plant. there will be nothing like tonight this country. and outside of china there will be nothing like it. but by the time it's finished it will top anything in china. it's incredible. but $15 billion. 15,000 jobs, wisconsin. but think of wisconsin. reagan had his big win. he won every state except one. the great state of wisconsin. first time, first time since dwight eisenhower, 1950.
6:59 pm
and we won michigan. and we won pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, florida. we ran up that east coast. we ran up that east coast wing the electoral college is very tough for republicans. much tougher than the so-called popular vote where people vote four times. much, much tougher. we had a great -- we had a great victory. but not since dwight eisenhower in 1952. was that one of the great evenings? and i always say because the ratings they are getting are beyond belief. you know, the "new york times" was ready to fold. it was going to close. i came along and they sell. but don't worry. when i leave 7 years from now -- [cheers and applause] -- they will fold.
7:00 pm
they will fold.


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