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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 16, 2018 5:00am-9:00am EDT

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cheryl: thank you for watching, everybody, early edition of fbn:am, thanks for being here. we send it over to mornings with maria. maria: with early edition with mornings with maria, we will see you soon. good morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, history in the making this morning. the last time the two leaders spoke face face to face in viet. >> going with low expectations, i'm not going with high expectations, i can't tell you what's going to happen, and i can tell you what i will be asking for and we will break down expectations. markets look like this.
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s&p 500 closed at highest level in 5 months and momentum continues with 55-point gain on futures. on friday dow industrials 95 points. third of a percent higher, hoovering near the flat line, cac quarante in paris up a fraction and dax index in germany up about 19 points. in asia overnight, markets closed mix, take a look at worst performer china, shanghai composite down two-thirds of a percent. this morning economic data out of china which showed economic slowed down from 6.8%. tokyo stock exchange closed for holiday as you can see there. earning season in full swing, bank of america to report before opening bell this morning. we are breaking down both expectations coming up. the stocks are higher, the founder of papa johns under fire, the board has agreed to
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evict him after he used racial slur and the backlash on him coming up. plus, it is amazon prime days, protests are also planned against the e-commerce giant, we will tell you why and france, what a day, it won the world cup yesterday beating croacia the second time in 20 years the country has won the world cup and there was a lot of celebrating going on in paris on sunday. plus, hillary clinton is making the victory and what she said about the game while bashing president trump coming up this morning. all the stories coming up monday morning, joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, form -- republican candidate steve forbes and former director of communications united nations mission to un jonathan. good to see you. >> good to see you. maria: welcome to the program? >> thank you. >> good to see you. maria: 4-hour program and historic program. dagen: absolutely. >> the president says it's huge.
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[laughter] dagen: thank you for that steve. i was going to say and i can't think of better people to spend it with. maria: same here, exactly. one hour away from the president east highly anticipated sit-down with vladimir putin. blake berman is live this morning and he is in helsinki in the ground with the very latest, good morning to you. blake: good morning to you, i know it's early edition to you 5:00 o'clock probably still dark on the east coast, it is noon here which means we've had sunlight now for about 8 hours or so today. president trump has been up and added and had meetings this morning, meeting for breakfast with the leader of finland and during the breakfast the president made brief remarks with meeting with vladimir putin. >> i'm seeing him in a little
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while. [laughter] >> we will do just fine, thank you. blake: we will do just fine, president trump said, he's been trying to lower expectations coming into this and the hours leading up the president wrote on twitter, relationship with russia has never been worse thanks to many years of foolishness and stupidity and now the rigged hitch hunt and now here as well over weekend. >> i think that getting along with russia is a good thing but it's possible we don't. i think we are greatly hampered by the whole witch hunt that's going on in the united states, the russian witch hunt. blake: so coming up next hour, 6:30 your time or 1:30 in the afternoon in helsinki the president will meet one-on-one with vladimir putin, many democrats say they do not want that to take place, the first time the two met the then secretary of state rex tillerson was in the meeting as well.
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after that, more expanded bilateral meeting among both sides and then after that, a press conference between the two leaders. maria, it is noon as i mentioned over here in helsinki, still aa big day ahead, handful of hours with the president and the russian leader vladimir putin. maria: sure is, blake berman on the ground. we will come back to you as news develops and ahead of that meeting joining us to talk more about that cia chief who serves in moscow and pakistan, fox news contributor, daniel hoffman, what are your expectings ahead of the important meeting? >> well, there's certainly no shortage of extraordinarily important issues for president trump to speak with vladimir putin about meeting together for roughly 90 minutes and i'm sure that first and foremost you will hear and election meddling. i hope the president aggressively calls out vladimir
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putin and promising him if he continues, russia will pay for that. we also have syria, north korean, russia's braise in violation of ukraine territorial integrity to talk about. maria: interesting to note, steve forbes, that even before the meeting, the president called out germany for paying all of the billions of dollars to russia for the gas pipeline, we will see if that comes up. >> yes, indeed. that was bad deal with the russians. we should be doing deal with baltic states for export and things like that. in terms of other issues, one of the key things is not for the president any way to aquiest. dagen: we did a 5-year deal to sell liquefied natural gas to poland which was done last year and i always point and he's gone
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now, the secretary of then rex tillerson because that was something that he understood almost better than anyone on the planet and that was the energy infrastructure and power of having energy independence in this country. we will see how that works into the discussion today because we also found out that the u.s. with western allies is in discussions to release potentially oil from the strategic petroleum. >> and with nato, making it clear that the u.s. feels free to put u.s. forces in poland states. >> a couple of thoughts, it's important to get weaned off of reliance of russia. that started with chancellor under social democrat. who works for -- exactly, steve. extremely important to shift ways thing. it was unpatriotic for gary to
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do, he's essentially an enemy of state, important to get wise with what's going on with vladimir putin. absolutely correct about having no concessions whatsoever on crimea, eastern ukraine and being tough on what's going on with syria. one of the things i was thinking that it's ironic here, there have been big deals with russia, we've got alaska so, you know, there are ways in which you can cooperate with russia but you have to be very careful now. this is a different russia run by a very strong man, a very capable individual who holds power there. >> there was a member of the russian parliament who made an issue, we should take back alaska. [laughter] >> but to say that our relationship with russia has never been worse from american perspective people remember the cuban missile crisis and my parents having to dive under desk during drills or people
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installing bomb shelters in their homes in 1950's and even 1960's it's stretch to say our relationship has never been get worse. what if the president meets with vladimir putin and we don't give them anything, we give them the appearance of having the meeting and that's it, you give no concessions on anything, is that a possibility? >> i think it is a possibility and one could argue that that's the best possibility. why do you need to have some sort enormous gains by this summit. there's really so much at stake, so many mistakes that can be made, you know, in trying to rush through things, one to have important things that we can hope to get out of this is the beginning of a very serious conversation about the nuclear arsenals that we have in in ensuring that they comply and they have broken part of agreement and star treaty, these are important issues, you're reminding us of cold war days when we had to worry about, i
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remember crawling under the desk as if that's going to help in nuclear holocaust. the stretches were still there. dagen: signs in elementary school and high school that i went to that these were basically make-shift bomb shelters in case of a nuclear attack. maria: dan, i think markets will also react if we -- if there seems to be obvious potential that there might be additional sanctions, if there are going to be additional sanctions on russia. markets will likely react either way. >> from what i understand at least from preliminary discussion from the administration, there's no plan to impose additional sanctions on russia, but certainly, you know, their behavior has been pretty aggressive towards us. i wouldn't discount russia taking further action against national interest, that could result in additional sanctions, at this point i don't think the administration has plans for anything. maria: the president took aim at
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eu following contentious nato summit and trip to uk, here is what he said when asked to identify his biggest foe globally ahead of sit-down with president trump. >> i think the european union is a foe, what they do to us in trade, now, you wouldn't think of the european union, but they are a foe, russia is a foe in certain respects, china is a foe, economically certainly they're a foe, but that doesn't mean that they are bad, it down mean anything, it means that they're competitors. maria: daniel, your reaction? >> i can tell your how the kremlin views us. vladimir putin's kgb officer, the main enemy. we are existential threat to russia because what scares put tin most democracy, freedom and liberty, that's why he attacked social networking and media sites because that's infrastructure of democracy today. maria: we will leave it there. thank you so much.
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maria: coming up special coverage continues in a movement. bank of america expected to report within the hour, we will have the numbers as soon as they hit the tape. it is amazon prime day, find out why workers in europe are calling for boycott of one of the biggest shopping days of the year for online giant. back in a moment insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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maria: welcome back, a suspected cop killer accused of murdering police officer with his own gun. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: emmanuel lopez charged with murder for the death of police officer as well as bystander. was responding for a call, lopez took gun and shot him in the head. lopez wounded and arrested after a shootout that also killed bystander. officer war veteran, leaves behind a wife and two children. three police officers shot in kansas city, two officers were working undercover in motel. a third officer shot while
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searching for the same suspect. all three officers, luckily are in stable condition this morning. well, earning season in high gear now and this week's will be the busiest from the financial sector, we been hearing as you mention a few moments ago bank of america this morning, earnings expect today jump nearly 25% from a year ago thanks in part to the federal reserve latest hike in interest rate. netflix to report latest earnings after the bell. earnings expected to soar more than 400% from a year ago, yeah, shares of bank of america and netflix are higher in premarket trading. all right, amazon's prime day kicks off at 3:00 o'clock eastern time and while some customers will be on the hunt for the best deals a prime day boycott is actually getting traction in of all places europe. started with strike by amazon workers in spain by tuesday last week, now online workers, gamers, shoppers are boycotting
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prime day. over the years many amazon workers have criticized company's long hours and tough working conditions and they say, high-pressure period like prime days. maria, they want to take the day off, that's fine, more good shopping for the rest of us. maria: thank you, cheryl, lots more going onioned the trump-putin summit in addition to earnings as well. >> well, this gets to the trade issue, that why you didn't have the cloud overhang, you you would see the market up 2 to 300 points. the good thing for the future is other countries as they did in 80's, last reforms will start to imitate us and that will be good for global growth. dagen: steve, what do you make -- the wall street journal wrote, s&p and dow have gone every single day since the u.s.
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and china imposed tariffs on $34 billion in goods, each basically attacking each other, so their market and s&p 500 is up almost 5% year to date. >> well, it should be even higher given what's happening on the earning side and the fact that people are cautious about it. the fact that we are still climbing the wall of worry, that's a good thing. we don't have the kind of giddiness. maria: we have a lot coming up in markets, the earning season, global financial implications of the historic summit as well. how markets could benefit or take a hit based on the outcome of this important meeting, then helsinki has come ground zero between presidents between u.s. and vladimir putin. back in a moment right here.
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maria: good monday morning, welcome back to coverage of summit, with president trump and putin in helsinki. s&p is up a fraction. nasdaq up a quarter of percent. we are closely following how markets are following historic summit. economic data was leading the sentiment, the economy in china has slowed a bit from a year ago and as a result that economic data weighed on stocks there, shanghai composite down two-thirds of a percent closing lower, second quarter gdp which met expectations but was lower than a years earlier. nikkei average in japan closed for holiday and in europe markets are mixed as you see
5:23 am
ftse 100 and cac quarante are lower and dax in germany up by a fraction. what they need to hear, your thoughts jonathan? >> look, a couple of big factors here is what might putin expect to happen in terms of economic relief with the sanctions hopefully we won't see anything of the sort happen given all of the ridiculous land plays that we have seen with vladimir putin, obviously some jitters within europe on the discussions of nato and where that's going and what the alliance is like, the western alliance and concerns over any possible concessions that our president would make with vladimir putin but the president himself has lowered expectations of the summit which is a very positive thing. maria: he made a point of lowering expectations in terms of what he would get out of this and you were happy with that? >> very happy, i hope it's not
5:24 am
to saying, we have exceeded expectations with the great agreement in syria or something like that. i think the president has to make clear that any concessions to put are going to have to be met by substantial concessions from him starting with ukraine, crimea, stop meddling with nato neighbors especially the baltic states, if he makes that clear and he should announce, after helsinki go to poland as you were discussing and pat the poles on the head and say, good for you, won't hesitate to put our forces in poland to make sure the integrity of western europe and central europe are preserved. maria: the president wants poland and all the other countries there, the balkin. dagen: we are the largest in terms of what president trump has done for our national
5:25 am
security is being more energy independent takes us a long way in doing that. we are the world's largest exporter of refined product in terms -- gasoline, diesel and the like and quite frankly putin wants high oil prices and based on what the president has been doing, other western allies in terms of trying to camp prices down, make sure that our supplies are safe, production is safe, i think that that speaks more than whatever might come out of, oil production. russia is our enemy in terms of production, they want high prices, we want prices that prop up our energy producers but also because we are consuming nation and nation of drivers, frankly. maria: maybe that's the leverage. you're talking about the economy of russia about the economy of texas. >> probably connecticut.
5:26 am
maria: if you do it again, meddling, we can destroy your economy. >> absolutely -- maria: with oil. >> oligarchs target friends. when we undermined the integrity of the dollar, putin in those years got $4 trillion of bonus money because of that inflation. if we keep a stable dollar, that's what helped bring down the old soviet union in 80's, let's do it again. maria: great point. let's get reaction from senior analyst, craig, thank you so much for joining the conversation. we are talking about the dollar, oil, give us your take on what you're expecting from this meeting in terms of market reaction? >> i actually think the market reaction might be quite tame, we are talking about and everybody
5:27 am
cares and everyone wants to see easing of tensions to an extent. from a market's perspective, i think relatively standoffish and we see tensions and markets tend to go to risk mode, i'm not expecting bullish sentiment to appear if we see softening of tensions, he's under a lot of pressure at home with regard to the meeting, something that he's very much pushing for on his own not necessarily having full support or at least that's what's being reported anyway and you to wonder exactly how much he can offer because he expelled diplomats very recently in response to poisoning in uk, we know the relations aren't the best with eu right now but the meeting is being watched very closely from that also. maria: let me ask you in terms of the flow this morning, what are you seeing in terms of investor moving money this
5:28 am
morning? >> it's been a little slow to be honest. markets are pretty flat. i think we have an interesting week ahead and a lot of interest, for example, a lot of uk data, u.s. retail sales, another big focus on this -- on what trump is doing post all of these meetings last week on brexit, from european perspective in particular. very there really worries about what's going to be happening in the european economy with the political uncertainty in britain, italy and elsewhere, is that going -- it's already weighed on the market, will we see more of it and will that affect the u.s.? >> i think we will see more of it. the next six months will be interesting from the uk and eu perspective. we have dilemma where they want ties particularly when ties were strain but at the same time growing populism in the likes of italy will be a concern so they don't want to let the uk off too easy.
5:29 am
it's a fine balancing act. i'm not sure it will have impact on the u.s. unless we start to see recession, when you have a block size of the eu can have implications but in the near term u.s. is pretty safe. >> are there concerns about having snap election in britain because of weakness and corbin coming into power. >> i think the markets are aware of it. they are not necessarily worried about it. there's certainly possibility, theresa may's position is very weak. it's not even grantee of that, does that lead to new leadership and a bit more stability going forward, make difficulty in negotiations or collapse of government altogether which is being propped up by irish party and more elections, there's no reason why corbin couldn't win
5:30 am
an election because you saw how much closer the last race was and people are going to be looking at reasons saying, what have you achieved in brexit negotiations, our country is no more strong and stable than promised. maria: thank you very much for weighing in this morning. >> thank you. maria: coming up earning season in full swing, big week, are set to report before opening bell, we will have the numbers, show you the stocks, really flat on the morning. fallout this morning, additional fallout after papa johns uses racial slur in company conference call, evicted from office and university cuts ties, more on the backlash coming up. more from helsinki live when mornings with maria returns. stay with us come away with me! but i am a simple farmer. my life is here...
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thank you very much for joining us bright and early this morning, monday july 16th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. face to face with vladimir putin. president trump will meet with russian president in helsinki this morning. the last time the two leaders spoke was back in november of 2017 at an economic summit in vietnam. earlier the president had working breakfast with finland's president and weighed in on nato. >> nato is, i think, fever been
5:34 am
stronger and really was a little bit tough at the becoming and turned out to be love. it really was a great meeting that we had and brought everybody together and i think very worthwhile. maria: we break down expectations ahead of putin meeting, meanwhile markets are cautiously higher, dow industrials this morning up about 40 points, we are looking at higher opening for broader averages, s&p 500 is up fractional move. momentum is there on the heels on good day on friday, s&p 500 closing at highest level on five months on friday even though it was a 3-point move, the dow friday was 95 points and nasdaq was up 2 points on friday, in europe this morning shares hoovering near the flat line as you can see the ftse is 100 and crack quarante are lower and dax in germany higher. in asia markets were mixed. tokyo stock exchange closed for
5:35 am
holiday but others mixed. earning season in full swing in the u.s., bank of america is set to report second quarter before the opening bell this morning, we will bring you those numbers. netflix is reporting after the closing bell tonight and the stock is up 1% ahead of the numbers, we are breaking down all of those expectations this morning. a deadly bus crash in new mexico kills 3 people, injuries dozens of others, details on the investigation now later this hour. and the founder of papa johns under fire, the company's bard has agreed to evict him from headquarters after he used racial slur, the backlash coming up. and then there's this, france is victor winning world cup beating croacia, hillary clinton is making the victory, what she said about gaming while bashing president trump this morning. first now to top story half an hour, president trump is set to meet with russian president vladimir putin within the hour, commander in chief expected to bring wide range of issues
5:36 am
including conflicts in syria, ukraine and russian meddling and concerned about energy and chiding allies including germany for using russian gas. >> germany made a pipeline deal with russia where they will be paying russia billions and billions of dollars a year for energy and i say that's not good, that's not fair. you're supposed to be fighting for someone and that someone gives billions of dollars to the one that you're, you know, guarding against. i think it's ridiculous. maria: joining us right now hailey, international lobbyist, ceo of 45 group and former trump campaign presidential adviser. >> thanks for having me. maria: the president making a big deal of pipeline between germany and russia. can the united states fill that void if the europeans switched and stopped using it? >> absolutely and the europeans should switch and rely on the u.s. for l&g exports, we are a
5:37 am
company based on democracy and freedom and i would certainly want to be utilizing my relationships with america in order to have energy sources. maria: it's interesting that the president brings this up jonathan just a couple of days before he meets with president putin, your thoughts on an arrangement between the u.s. and germany? >> very important to have arrangement like that. one of the ironic things that vladimir putin is a billionaire many times over because of his participation, his ownership of shares in gas and some of the other energy sectors, so it's extremely important to contain even vladimir putin by having this type of arrangement with western allies in which we are selling fuel and using what we have in assets and making sure that in the process actually making the world a better place, safer place. >> absolutely. if we look at geopolitics of energy and geographically, the eu where it sits in contrast to russia it's critical for them to have energy independence an that's one thing that the u.s.
5:38 am
can provide them so i was very pleased that the president brought that up at the onset of the nato summit because it should be something that's top line issue to be discussed. >> two things, how are l&g permits in this country, people want to build facilities and how is it going no europe to receive l&g, are permits being made to get this doing going? >> well, the request to export l&g they can't approve them quickly enough. the president issued an executive order actually in august of 2017 to expedite processes to deregulate from environmental loopholes. >> has that happened yet? >> they are stamping request as quickly as they can. there's a lot of hoops you can have to jump through in dc and the government. the fact of the matter is demand of l&g and l&g is there. specific to eu, there's a lot of concern, they're afraid that
5:39 am
they have been putin's flex for a long time so this would be a tricky deal to negotiate for us. >> are they starting to put in facilities or start the process of permitting facilities to take gas in to various countries? >> currently there are two in negotiations, a lot of sensitivities there, i think that we will see this context. >> they afraid of the russians if they approve the facilities? >> correct, they are. dagen: i pointed it out at the top of the hour with poland last year in fall of 2017, 5-year deal with the united states to export liquefied natural gas to poland. are we going to see those types of deals, again, that takes power away from russia. >> right, we are in those negotiations, for instance, estonia sits in prime location for l&g port terminal but then you have gas prong and you have putin comes in swinging from the other side putting political pressure on countries.
5:40 am
let's look at georgia when we put in the -- this is something that's historically and putin uses energy as blackmail. maria: putin has to be feeling good going into the meeting given the price of oil and where it is right now? >> i think so. he's still collaborating with iran albeit the sanctions, he's budding up with china and playing multiple positions to be in position he thinks he should be in. maria: former fbi lawyer lisa page is back on capitol hill today and continue closed-door testimony, day 2 of her testimony regarding text messages with peter strzok, the president tweeted, president trump thought that crooked hillary was going to win the election, when he was informed about russian meddling he said it couldn't happen and it was no big deal, when i won it became
5:41 am
big deal. yesterday on sunday morning futures house judiciary john ratcliffe commented on lisa page and peter strzok's testimony. >> the credibility will be prime importance to ultimately what people think of the special counsel's findings, there are significant differences in her testimony from agent strzok as it relates to these text messages, what she thought some of them meant and she gave us new information that he either wouldn't or couldn't that confirmed some of the concerns that we have about these investigations and the people involved in running them. maria: your thoughts, the importance of the page testimony today? >> i think it's critical, i think she's going to be someone who turns, who talks, you know, what do they say, there's no hell like a woman scorn and she's also a lawyer, so she has to think about her future career but this is another example of corruption and abuse of power
5:42 am
within the government specifically the fbi and the american taxpayer should be outraged an we should demand answers. maria: house intel chairman devin nunes joined me yesterday and commented on the indictments of russian agents noting that the indictment left out a critical point. >> the indictment plays like they are going after the democrats when bob mueller and all of his investigators and lawyers know for a fact that they also targeted republicans. why is that not in the indictment? makes the indictment look ridiculous. maria: okay. >> i'm not saying they shouldn't be indictment. maria: russians were democrats and republicans. >> they know that. why doesn't the department of justice allow this to be declassified. maria: steve forbes, your thoughts on that, was that omitted? >> we know it was omitted, blatantly political. i'm glad testimony from her is behind closed doors where she can show the way former lover
5:43 am
did before congress, if you heard the way he acted people didn't realize this guy had done a lot of bad things and that's why you have to do things sometimes behind closed door where is you can pinpoint them and not be able to go over heads and appeal to public and get contradictions and maybe get indictments. maria: there's been contradictions what peter strzok said and what lisa page is telling the lawmakers, your thoughts? >> i think we will continue to see more, we are at the tip of the iceberg and great to watch this unravel and get the answers that we deserve. >> that's why the democrats hope they will win the house in november to put a stop to all of the investigations and that's why they are delaying it, delaying it. maria: waiting for clock -- >> declassify fbi documents. dagen: really quickly something that you pointed out from day one in terms of indictment that came down on friday, the fbi was never given access to dnc serve er, jim comey -- -- jim
5:44 am
comey said himself, we never got the machines, we ultimately got the underlying information, but it's always better if the fbi has the raw information. maria: right. the democrats we wanted to hire own private company to investigate their server instead of giving to the fbi. dagen: let's not act that the fbi was worried about -- maria: coming up helsinki is historic locations for negotiations between u.s. president and russian leaders, and then france won the world cup, we are with that next.
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maria: welcome back, special coverage of president trump east summit with russian president vladimir putin, we are waiting for the arrival of putin.
5:48 am
first, police are investigating bus crash in new mexico that killed 3 people, cheryl casone with those details now, cheryl, good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria, big news here at home, deadly chain reaction early yesterday on interstate 25, this is about 18 miles north of albuquerque albuquerque, first a car and pickup truck from behind and then bus driver tried to avoid hitting wrecked car and ejected driver, sadly the bus driver lost control and the bus rolled onto its side. then that bus was sideswiped by a semitruck, that's what you saw on the screen. during entirely deadly chain reaction at least 24 people additionally injured. quite a wreck in albuquerque yesterday. more fallout after peaa johnson
5:49 am
-- papa johns, among them the university of louisville says its football stadium papa johns cardinal stadium is going to be renamed cardinal stadium. schnatte did apologize last week but shares of papa johns are down 4% so far this year. well, you might not have seen it but france was crowned the 2018 world cup champions yesterday, they beat the tricky croacia team. france lifted world cup trophy second time in history 20 years after they won in 1998. a heck of celebration, very fun to watch, we should say and, yes, there's vladimir putin at the match, he was in full attendance, hillary clinton, though, used the global event to take a jab at president trump's summit with russian president
5:50 am
vladimir putin who, of course, attended the final. clinton tweeted this, maria, great world cup, question for president trump as he meets putin, do you know which team you play for. president trump will sit down, of course, one-on-one with vladimir putin within the hour, maria as we, of course, wait for more live pictures out of helsinki. >> thank you, cheryl, helsinki has become grounded zero, we will talk more about the city's unique place in history next. plus we are waiting for arrival of president putin, live when that happens. back in a this endangered species is getting help moment om some unexpected friend. om some unexpected friend. these zebra and antelope. they're wearing iot sensors, connected to the ibm cloud. when poachers enter the area, the animals run for it. which alerts rangers, who can track their motions
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maria: welcome back, we are waiting on the arrival of russian president vladimir putin
5:54 am
with summit with president trump in helsinki, the meeting will be one for history books but how will it stack up to other historic meetings between united states and russia. former adviser to president george h.w. bush and georgia w. bush, doug weed, doug, good to see you. >> good to see you, maria. maria: what's your reaction to today's summit in. >> well, i think it's going to be very important. i see the criticism and it kind of amazes me, fdr put it this way, sometimes you have to walk with the devil to get across the bridge he obviously not only met with joseph stalin and to give comparison today what trump is facing with putin is the meeting of reagan and gorbachiv, it was against the law to own christmas tree, and concentration camp and the soviets were protecting, he
5:55 am
killed 4 million of his own people. so i hear bill browder, i was in russia when sergey died. but under gorbachiv there were thousands of political being murdered but if reagan hadn't sat down with gorbachi maybe the cold war would not have ended. sometimes the utility for the meetings. >> we have seen some summits not go too well afterwards specifically if you look at the meeting between eisenhower and there was all excitement and fanfare and a chance to maybe end nuclear arm's race but it went south, how do you see this meeting and -- and the potential discussions let's say about bringing down the nuclear arsenals that both countries have pointed out at reach ' re and making sure our treaties are
5:56 am
in good standing? >> yeah, i think you hit on it, john, the part of bringing down the arsenal. i would love to ask the same question of maria and steve because they've interviewed donald trump many times but in my brief encounters with the president on a couple of different private meetings is that he's focused on making america great again and i think that was behind him going to nato trying to get them to increase spending and now going to putin and trying to talk him into decreasing spending, let's use some of that money for bridges and airports and roads which russia need as badly as we do and if we could lower some of the costs, if he could have the private talk with putin and say something similar to -- that he did to kim jong un, let's quit, we will get war gaming baltic state ifs you quit gaming baltic states, some of the money would be saved.
5:57 am
i wouldn't be surprised on zero focus on make america great again that that's what's going on here, there's a lot of win win in america for dealing with terrorism, in dealing with north korea, russia will help us. >> do you think, doug, that there's any chance that putin will change his behavior at all or sit going to take more pressure from the west, from us? [laughter] >> well, it may take more pressure but it's such a different world now than it was, as you know, the income tax rate in russia is 16%, probably more religious freedom in russia than in america. maria: wow, that's great. doug, thank you so much. doug weed, i want to thank jonathan, great to have you, please come back, soon, still ahead president trump's summit with vladimir putin expected to go underway in the next hour live underway right here.
5:58 am
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6:01 am
>> i think the european union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. now, you wouldn't think of the european union but they are a foe. russia is a foi in certain respects, china is a foe economically they're a foe, but that doesn't mean they are bad, it down mean anything, it means that they are competitors. >> president trump arriving in helsinki, there's his plane, touched down already, we will take you back as he departs the plane and gets ready for historic meeting with president trump. markets this morning are watching cautiously the developments, we are looking at gain at the start of trading as the momentum continues, a lot of optimism about second-quarter earnings, corporate sector on earn, dow industrials set to be up at start of trading this morning. s&p 50 up a fraction one and a quarter points and nasdaq up, fractional move higher, momentum on good day friday, s&p 500 closed at highest level in more
6:02 am
than 5 months on friday at 2801. dow industrials up 95 points, a third of percent and nasdaq was up a fraction. this morning european shares hoovering near the flat line. take a look at action. 30 points lower, cac quarante is down a fraction, 2 points lower and dax in germany sup about 20 points. in asia overnight, economic data really drove markets, they were mixed, the tokyo stock exchange closed for holiday. we did get gdp out of china, 6.7%, that was lower than a year ago so the markets were lower. shanghai composite down two-thirds of 1%. bank of america is set to report before the opening bell this morning, netflix will report its quarter after the closing bell tonight, we break down all of the expectations and as you can see netflix is up going into the numbers about a percent. massive iceberg drifting toward greenland sparking flooding and tsunami concerns, the jaw-dropping photos and
6:03 am
evacuation warnings coming up this morning. talk about bad timing, 300,000 luxury sports car totaled one day after it was purchased. stark warning from law enforcement coming up. wow. a finished brewery releasing limited edition beer, the internet's response to this, let's settle this, say it is label. all the stories coming up and joining me dagen mcdowell, former republican presidential campaign steve forbes and fox news contributor mary kissel, what a power panel this morning. >> good morning, maria. great to be here. great to be here. maria: great to have you here. dagen: mary has an extra hour of sleep. >> i'm loaded for bear. [laughter] after this i will work a full workday. there you go. god bless america. maria: highly anticipated. >> a couple of points, maria, putin is looking for legitimacy
6:04 am
on the world stage and also looking to solve problems that he himself created in syria in ukraine, the breaking of treaties and lastly, look, he has a very different psychology than western leaders and i think we often forget that, you say let's have a summit, let's sit down and talk, you know what, he doesn't view the summits in the same way that western leaders view them. he views them as opportunity to exploit weaknesses, not to come for the table for compromise. >> what do you think he will get out of donald trump? >> i think it's impossible to know. look, president trump has been very, very clear, it may work, i'm not going to be chicken little and say the world is going to end because of the summit. maria: president putin about to depart the plane, watching live picture of president putin's
6:05 am
arrival and the high-stakes meeting has everybody talking. the president's russian counterpart putin to commence in a few minutes. we will bring you back here. let's get to blake berman live in helsinki. >> we continue to watch pictures not too far away where i am in helsinki. the reason why he is coming in now is because we saw him last night, of course, in moscow for host duties for world cup final. president trump has been on the ground here since yesterday, in fact, he's already had meetings this morning with the finished president breakfast meeting and the president made remarks about upcoming meeting with russian president. >> i'm seeing him in a little while. [laughter] >> we will do just fine, thank
6:06 am
you. >> we will do just fine, thank you, the president said. he's been trying to lower expectations in the lead-up to this. he said in a tweet a happenedful of hours ago, our relationship with russia has never been worse thoongs many years of foolishness and stupidity and now the rigged russia witch hunt, here he was over the weekend as well. >> i frankly don't expect, i think that getting along with russia is a good thing but it's possible we don't, i think we are greatly hampered by the whole witch hunt that's going on in the united states, the russian witch hunt. >> all right, here is what we expect to play out. you will see vladimir putin come off the plane in mere minutes and he will make what is about 20 minute drive or so over to the presidential palace which is in the main square here in downtown helsinki and then one-on-one meeting with president trump just interpreters in room and
6:07 am
officials on both sides will sit down and discuss many issues that we talked about and then after that, a scheduled press conference where we are led to believe western journalists will be posing questions to the russian leader, we await the arrival here of vladimir putin, maria. maria: we are waiting for him to depart from there, aside from legitimacy, mary kissel, putin probably wants some kind of assurance that they won't see additional sanctions, i don't know how you feel about that, the president may offer there? >> that's a matter for congress, maria. the president can't lift sanctions even if he wanted to because that's congressional decision. by the way, there's a good reason why putin has been isolated, 2014 invasion of crimea, let's not forget the downing of mh17 which killed almost 300 civilians and recent murder, maybe accidentally but still murder of a british citizen on british soil. we are lucky we didn't have more
6:08 am
people kill in attack. maria: more journalists have been killed in russia than anything else. dagen: poisoning of the former spy's daughter daughter in foreign soil, in britain. people talk about -- people on the left worry about trump giving away the store but how much really is there that he can do or deliver to russia without congress? he gets the prestige of the meeting but maybe that's it. >> well, look, the president has a lot of executive power when it comes to deployments in syria and we know that president trump -- he's transparent about what he wants. he said, you know i want to bring the troops home and i want to take the troops out. we have 2,000 troops deployed in syria, there are only leverage now in that part of the world, i think, president trump's instinct to bring those troops out and he has the ability to do that. maria: here comes putin walking
6:09 am
down from the plane as blake told us he's in route, once he gets into the car, 20-minute drive to meeting place with president trump, putin has his own egged agenda and right now coming down with delegation. dagen: i always find it interesting, president trump uses height to his advantage as many tall people do, you see it with jim comey. putin is a mittle man, probably 5'6, maybe, the president kind of lords over him physically. maria: when he takes his shirt off he looks tall. dagen: trying to distract from the height. >> putin should know musalini and we saw what happened to him. [laughter] maria: can't write this stuff. let's bring in another important voice to the mix, former policy adviser joining the conversation, nile, joining thus
6:10 am
-- us this morning. your expectations ahead of this meeting? >> well, i think it's going to be a fascinating meeting and my hope certainly is that president trump will reinforce robust policies of his own administration, actually the trump administration has been far tougher on russia than the obama administration, under obama confusion, a lot of appeasement, you had this disastrous russian reset that hillary clinton brought in. there's much more clarity actually under the trump administration and this is one of the most important aspects here. the trump white house has been very, very tough on russia and so my hope is that president trump will continue this toughness that he will send message of strength and resolve any kind of weakness or
6:11 am
concession will work tremendously, he's being defacto in charge for russia for nearly 20 years, former kgb agent, he has dealt with 4 u.s. presidents in the past and let's face it, vladimir putin is a deadly adversary of the united states and he should be treated as such. maria: what do you mean by that in a practical manner? treated as such. what do you want president trump to do in that regard? >> yeah, i think it's very important that president trump sends clear message to vladimir putin that actions in ukraine, occupation of crimea, his continuing occupation of big chunk of georgia, this is absolutely unacceptable, the president must make it clear that there will be no weakening of u.s. sanctions, no lifting of u.s. sanctions unless the russians withdraw from ukraine, in sign that they are going to do that. also, i believe, that president trump must make it clear that the united states is -- is committed as well to ensuring
6:12 am
that iran and moscow do not increase influence in syria, there's a good reason why u.s. forces are still on the ground in syria, not only to fight isis but also, of course, to ward off especially iranian influence and the russians are heavily supporting iranians at this point and the message to back off in syria as well. the russian-iranian alliance is detrimental to the middle east and the u.s. has to approach moscow with resolve here and months ago u.s. forces engaged with russians, up to 300 russians were killed by u.s. forces, that's the right signal to send to moscow. putin only understands strength.
6:13 am
dagen: russia should rejoin the g7 again after he invaded crimea in 2014, he's been to, quote, the wall street journal editorial paining persona engrada, wouldn't you suggest to the president don't repeat that assurance in. >> absolutely, i think the idea that russia could be brought to g7 is, you know, it's completely unrealistic as opposed to all of the members of the g7, that would be the g8 if russians came back in. that would be a very, very bad idea even to suggest at this meeting, the russians, you know, can come back here and under the current circumstances, there's a lot of things the russians need to do in order to return to what was originally the g8. i'm sorry. maria: nile, i want to ask you as we have new information in the uk, another conservative has resigned over prime minister threa may's plan, scott man,
6:14 am
private secretary, he's not prepared to accept what he's calling a watered down brexit. what are the implications here? >> well, good for him. you have seen a whole wave of resignationses,, not only from two biggest cabinet members, boris, parliamentary private secretaries, let's face it, theresa may brexit is bad news to britain. there's a rebellion brewing at the conservative party right now against this deal and the momentum building against and the british people voted to be completely free of shackles of european union, that's not what theresa may has been offering with the proposal and she is facing a real fightback against real conservatives and standing
6:15 am
up and you will see a lot more resignations this week. maria: nile, good to see you, coming up our special coverage of the president's meeting with russian president vladimir putin continues in just a moment. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms,
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6:18 am
cheryl. cheryl: 31-year-old matthew armstrong remains on run this morning, one of two prisoners to escape the county jail saturday night after three inmates overpowered an officer, police found and arrested other prisoner yesterday morning, armstrong was booked on fist-degree murder charges in shooting death of woman back in march, local sheriffs telling residents keep doors locked and keep keys out of vehicle and be aware while they search for dangerous criminal. goldman sachs reportedly set to name david solman as next ceo this week. he will succeed lloyd, appointment has been widely expected after he was promote today president this year. goldman sachs decline to comment but expect today retire later this years as 12 years of bank ceo. shares of goldman sachs are down about 11% this year. there's this, police in fairfax
6:19 am
county virginia sharing photo of a total mcclare, in the day after it was purchased, yes, folks they go about $300,000, speed considered the likely cause. likely the driver only suffered scrapes and bruises, police took the opportunity to share photo to warn people to slow down and be safe. they are really pretty before you wreck them. maria: oh, my god. cheryl: $300,000. maria: the day after the purchase. cheryl: the driver he or she picked it up -- i'm assuming it's a he. [laughter] >> i don't want to pay future insurance. [laughter] maria: coming up, massive iceberg drifting toward greenland and worried about tsunami swallowing tinny town,
6:20 am
incredible pictures, commemorates the trump-putin summit, live where the two leaders are expected to meet very soon. back in a moment [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. that's the same things i want to do with you.
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maria: welcome back to special coverage of president trump and vladimir putin's summit. we have markets fractionally moving. european indices are mixed. ftse are down two-thirds of a percent. dax in germany is up about 20 points, fractional moves across the board n. asia overnight markets closed in japan for holiday. china, the shanghai composite as you see was lower and hong
6:24 am
kong's hang seng index was higher by a fraction. china reported second-quarter gdp numbers that basically met expectations but lower than a year ago, we see the economy slowing, investors were hoping for a beast and stocks did trade down on economic data. joining us etf's tom, any flow that is you can tell us before meeting with president trump and putin? >> also we are continuing to see more money come to fixed income even though rising treasuries affected from a negative stand opinion, during times corporates an high yields actually do well during times of rising interest rates even though we tend to see some bit of concerns as far as treasuries. >> that's counterintuitive, explain that? >> corporate environment is pretty strong, steve. we continue to see great
6:25 am
earnings. >> they are not going default? >> that's right, that's right. we know when treasuries tend to fall back. if you have bond portfolio that's mixed, the treasury portion is challenged with the corporate and high yield portion is probably doing well. i think we will see a lot of people break it apart their fixed income portfolio, maybe having short duration. >> the conventional wisdom in this kind of environment, rates may be going up just to stay short, can you make a case -- what's the counterintuitive? >> you want to stay on treasuries, there have been periods of time in the past where we've had strong economic environments and rising rates where corporates an high yields have done quite well and based on the way the markets are performing, we will continue to see corporates probably do well and exhibiting off higher yields. maria: by the way we could have a catalyst this week, let's not
6:26 am
forget that jay powell will be testifying in humphrey hawkins testimony. >> i expect to hear from him from trade and any concerns on federal reserve on the tariff that is we have slapped on our allies an other nations including china. how do you explain outperforming and utility stocks in the four weeks, utilities up 8% and s&p 500 not even 1% over the period of time and that doesn't make any sense if you think interest rates are going to go up. that seems to suggest people are nervous about the direction of the market and the economy. >> it is, it's a bit counter intuitive for sure. it's been a great time for utilities to rebound because they got hit so badly. one thing to think about is small cap stocks have had a great move, performed twice as well as large cap stocks so far this year, when you are looking at portfolio, make sure you are not looking at mega caps because
6:27 am
they are more affected by what's going on internationally right now, small cap stocks have more positive effect based on tax cut and we have not seen small cap stocks outperform large cap stocks in the years. i don't think so, we have seen large cap stocks outperform, number one, and the tax effect on small caps, they make up more than 55 per of the gdp, this is something that to the think about and i don't think we are spending enough time on that. maria: meanwhile earning story is pretty strong. blackrock is reporting earnings, looks like beat on earnings per share and revenue number. your thoughts on earnings backdrop. >> so as we are talking about etf's blackrock, the king kong of etf of marketplace, what they are doing is they are pressuring others by lowering their rates, lowering expense ratios and
6:28 am
continuing to gather more, more assets. it's all about fees, fees are compressing and we are seeing this in brokerage business as well. maria: sorry about that, steve, go ahead. >> 2-year treasury is better, is that just noise? >> if you're looking for fixed income, don't go out an duration, shorten it up especially but don't be be afraid of corporates because you really can get great yields. dagen: where short-term rates are higher than long-term rates predicted every recession going back almost 50 years. >> exactly. dagen: at least 50 years if not longer than that. maria: tom, great to see you, coming up firefighters are struggling control a massive blaze near yosemite park.
6:29 am
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo it is monday july 16th, top
6:32 am
stories right now 6:31 on the east coast. history in the making this morning, president donald trump gearing up to meet with russian president vladimir putin in helsinki, finland this morning, the last time the leaders spoke face to face was back in november in 2017, economic summit in vietnam. earlier today president trump had a working breakfast with finland's president, he weighed in on the nato meeting. >> nato has never been more together, people are now agree to go pay and we were having a lot of problem with people not paying, the president will tell you and they are paying and they are paying more rapidly and i think nato is probably never been stronger than it is today. >> the very latest developments as putin has arrived in helsinki arrived short time ago as you see departing his plane, we are waiting for the president to arrive, he will now, putin will have a 20-minute drive to meet with the president for historic summit. meanwhile markets this morning
6:33 am
anticipating really a fractional move across the board, cautious anticipation really, dow industrials up 10 minutes off of the highs this morning. s&p 500 has turned negative and nasdaq come pit is up 5 and three quarters point. very much a fractional move this morning. a bit of momentum on the heels of friday, closed at highest level at 2801 rat the close. and the nasdaq was up just fractionally, much of the gain due to number high-tech names really driving driving the rall. in europe markets are mixed. take a look at indices, the cac quarante in paris is down 8 points, fractional move there and the dax index is up 16 points, another fractional move in germany as well. in asia overnight markets closed mixed. tokyo was closed for holiday and you had economic data driving things in china with shanghai composite down two-thirds of a
6:34 am
percent and earning season in full swing, bank of america set to report before opening bell this morning and netflix reporting after closing bell. blackrock reported earnings that we just told you about, earnings as well as revenue beat expectations, we will check the stock in a moment. plus, a forest fire close to yosemite national park prompting evacuations, the heroine scene as they mourn firefighter killed just this morning and we will have more on that coming up. massive iceberg drifting towards greenland sparking flooding and tsunami concerns, take a look at pictures, jaw-dropping photos and evacuation warnings coming up this morning out of greenland. and a finished brewery releasing limited edition beer, the internet's response later this hour. all the stories coming up monday morning but first this top story
6:35 am
this half an hour, president trump and russian president vladimir putin now both on the ground in helsinki finland for the historic summit. here now is bill richardson, former ambassador to un, former new mexico governor and former presidential candidate himself. governor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: your thoughts on what the president should bring up with vladimir putin? >> well, i hope he goes on the offensive on 12 indicted russian hackers, try to get them extradited, it's probably not going to happen, don't interfere elections, make commitment that you never will, annexation of crimea, maybe arm's control agreement that restart the arm's control start talks, we have 5,000 nuclear weapon pointed at each other, i just want the president to be tough with putin, not to think of him as
6:36 am
his buddy. maria: here is the chairman of house intelligence committee devin nunes joining me yesterday, says that president trump has done more to confront foreign policy issues than anybody, watch this. >> i laugh about all of the people that are saying that trump shouldn't meet with putin, trump has done more on the highest issues of the most important level pointing them out to the europeans and the american people that you've got to stop buying gas from russians and you have to beef up defense in poland, romania and baltics, that's what needs to happen and only by force will putin understand anything and we should give the president room to do that. maria: do you expect that to come up, ambassador? >> well, i think on the issue of energy i was hearing steve forbes, he's absolutely right, we have to approve in our own bureaucracy more l&g terminals
6:37 am
if we want to sell to germany, germany has no choice and that's why they made deal with russians on natural gas because we have not approved l&g terminals as fast as we should. under obama i think there were 7. i think that was a positive start but there's still a lot of snags in the bureaucracy. i agree that the president should meet with putin. i don't have a problem with that, i just want him to be very, very strong. the problem is our bureaucracy is strong against russia, intelligence agencies, congress, his own cabinet, but then the president seems to like, okay, my pal is putin, we are going make things work well, that's -- that's a big, big different cross current that's existing right now. maria: here is steve forbes. >> good to see you, governor, ambassador, steve forbes here. on the europeans on gas, why haven't they done very much in approving local l&g facilities
6:38 am
to take the gas in, they talk about it, nothing has happened, they still fear the russians, we are in this conundrum, they fear the russians but they won't move to take alternatives, the real bottleneck is in europe and not the u.s. right now, isn't it? >> well, there is a bottleneck in europe, steve,ic what you're seeing is a shift all over europe away from coal, away from nuclear to renewable energy to natural gas but they have their own bureaucracy problems, you're absolutely right. but, steve, we should approve l&g terminals more faster than we have. the president issued executive order, that's fine but it still takes agencies forever. i was secretary of energy, it takes ferk and the other regulatory entities a long time to just deal with the paperwork and do the approvals. maria: the president has been
6:39 am
rolling back regulations and that has bun priorities of economic policy, governor, we want to point out that president putin arrived at the presidential palace to meet with president trump, the president tweeted ahead of this meeting this morning with putin. president obama thought crooked hillary was going win election and when he was informed about russian meddling did nothing deal and when i won it became big deal and the witch hunt headed by strzok? >> well, i think the president should stop blaming president obama and hillary clinton and focus on saying to president trump, you cannot interfere in our elections again, i won a commitment and as for the 12 russians to be extradited. it's not going to happen but it's a matter of tone. i think the summit is one there's no friction then putin wins because he gets acceptance on crimea, on syria, on the
6:40 am
election meddling, and that shouldn't happen. maria: so just to be clear, just to be clear, you are happy he's having this meeting, because a lot of people on the left are demanding that president trump not meet with president trump? >> well, i was -- i was okay with the meeting until the 12 indictments, i'm okay with it happening. maria: 12 indictments, honestly, we knew about russia was doing for a while and we certainly knew specifically about these 12 individuals a year and a half ago when devin nunes and the intel committee came out with report, yesterday i spoke with congressman john ratcliffe who responded to demands for not meeting with putin, listen to this, i have to get your reaction. >> the real reason that senator schumer and other democrats don't want donald trump to sit down with vladimir putin tomorrow is the same reason they didn't want donald trump to sit down with kim jong un last month, they're afraid he will succeed. so now i think the democrats are definitely afraid of donald trump sitting down with vladimir putin and kicking holes in all of the things that they've been
6:41 am
saying about him a puppet of putin and the kremlin. maria: there you go, what's your take about that? >> well, that's excessive, that's out of control. i think, look, it's important that they meet, now, i do would -- i would hope that in the one-on-one meeting that the president is firm, i mean, in fact, i felt that it was good that he had secretary pompeo, john huntsman our ambassador, they are strong people to be there. what i don't want the president to make concessions on sanctions, on nato exercises, you know, putin is going to want some of those nato exercises deceased and i worry about the president, i think the summit with kim jong un was a positive step, but at the same time i did not like that concession on allowing exercises between the united states and south korea to be canceled. maria: mary kissel weigh in. >> i seem to recall that you were a big fan of appeasement
6:42 am
with north korea in prior administrations, that didn't turn out very well, what lessons have you learned from that experience and how do you apply that to this meeting with putin? >> well, i never was for appeasement. what i did with north korea was get american soldiers out, get american prisoners out, look, i think the summit with kim jong un was the right step because negotiating with north korea from the bottom up didn't work, i admit that, so you take a gamble with the president going from the top to the bottom, i think tensions have lessoned, mary, but look at the results, the north koreans have not done anything to curb nuclear weapons even on the remains of our soldiers from the korean war they are just promoting meetings, nothing is has really happened yet, we made the concession on milts -- militaries with south korea.
6:43 am
i just want meat on the bone not just bland statements. maria: appreciate your insights, bill richardson, we will take a short break, as you can see putin arrived at presidential palace, we are awaiting president trump's arrival at the presidential palace in finland and we will take you there once he arrives, meanwhile let's slip in a quick break, mother nature, massive iceberg drifting towards greenland and sparking tsunami concerns, take a look at the pictures, incredible. a finished brewery commemorating the trump-putin summit. all of that coming up, back in a minute dear great-great grandfather,
6:44 am
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maria: welcome back to special coverage of president trump's and putin's historic summit. we know that putin has arrived at palace and now we see that president trump is arriving, crews are battling a growing
6:47 am
fire in yosemite, cheryl casone on headlines. cheryl: headlines here at home at we watch historic summit in finland. the fires scorched throw 300 acres. they are mourning death of fellow firefighter this morning, 36-year-old varney died when bulldozer drove over, the fire has forced closure of key road in the park, prompted evacuations of nearby communities. well, there's a huge iceberg drifting close to town in greenland, as you mentioned the pictures are incredible, chunks of ice falling, residents worried that a giant chunk, danger zone around the town and urging folks to move away from shore and seek higher ground. maria, as live pictures out of finland, they are doing more
6:48 am
than just hosting the summit today, a finished brewery with limited edition beer to mark the occasion. it's got both president trump and putin on the front of it and here they are, they are playing rock, paper scissors. the brewery is called rock paper scissors. 10,000 bottles released, already sold out. but they did send bottles to u.s. and russian embassy and i bet the staff will need them after today. maria: that's funny. while you were talking, bank of america earnings came out and they are better than expected both on earnings line and revenue line as you see on the screen, 63 cents a share on revenue of $22.6 billion better than what analysts were expecting, stocks are up, we have big earnings week in terms of second quarter, we will take a short break.
6:49 am
we break down the verbal and now nonverbal cues of what we will see today in this historic setup, president trump has arrived at the presidential palace in helsinki, back in a moment ♪ ♪ keep your most valuable insights hidden from your competitors. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. the ibm cloud. that's the same things i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah
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maria: welcome back, president trump is arriving tat presidential palace in finland this morning about to meet with president putin of russia, president trump, of course, responded to calls from his critics to cancel the one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin, the president, of course, is meeting with the russian leader this morning in helsinki and as we are watching pictures live, the president is just arriving at the presidential palace, number
6:53 am
of issues that people want discussed this morning with president putin not to mention the meddling in the election, but certainly syria, iran as well as the gas pipeline to germany, mary kissel with us along with steve forbes, your thoughts on what the other important topics should be in the meeting? >> i tell you what it shouldn't be, maria, some kind of compromise, defacto recognition of putin's invasion of ukraine, ukraine is a sovereign country and putin himself committed, well, russia committed in 1994 in budapest to respecting their borders. putin has broken every agreement he has made in 3 successive administrations and president trump thankfully i think is ware of the history and he's going in with eyes open. maria: one thing i have to agree with the president that he's a foe, putin has been a foe. dagen: it was something that we were discussing in the break, my parents, your parents, your
6:54 am
parents, steve, you too, understand that russia is a foe and that vladimir putin is exkgb, he's a soviet and reunite the soviet empire and anybody who grew up during cold warren it is threat of russia and i think that you carry that -- that -- regardless of what president trump says, he grew up during that period of time and has to remember what an air raid drill was like and the looming threat of the soviet union and one thing i didn't want to push back on that governor richardson was saying about that president trump must go in and demand stra discussion of the intel officers who were named on this indictment on friday that john bolton who is in helsinki with the president that that's absurd to go in and say that because russia will never do it and if you begin with demanding the stra discussion you're operating from a position of weakness an not strength.
6:55 am
maria: especially since there's other important issues to bring up and at this point what does the former kgb officer care that 12 intelligence officers, i mean, are now indicted by u.s. authorities? >> he doesn't, but what makes vladimir putin so dangerous is not just that he has the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons an he's used weapons like nerve agents abroad in the west, it's that he starts foreign conflicts to solve his domestic problems. he invades crimea to take attention away from the revolution in ukraine, he goes into syria to take attention away from all the russian body bags that are coming home out of ukraine. that's what so dangerous. dagen: he does it, he starts conflicts to drive up the price of oil because that is their money maker. maria: enriches himself. dagen: we have so much more power as nation and greater national security because of energy dependence.
6:56 am
we are -- not russia, we the u.s. the number one exporter of refined product in terms of dollars that was last year. maria: which is a really good strength. >> that gets the whole attitude of the meeting that the president should go in, putin needs me more than i need him. >> amen. >> putin should be putting concessions on the table and trump should sit back and say, what can you offer me. maria: putin knows this but oil at $70 a barrel, putin has to be feeling better in terms of the economy of russia even though it's obviously as i said earlier about the size of texas. dagen: i hope president trump says, we have reserve that has 650 million-barrels of oil in it, you know what, you start stuff we will drive down the price, temporary but nonetheless we have a roughly full spr. >> that's why you see russia cozying up with saudi arabia because they want the relationship strong and they want to keep the price up. maria: the president has arrived
6:57 am
at presidential palace as you can see, he's about to get out of the car and go in this meeting is about to begin with president putin, as you see president trump and first lady at presidential palace walking in. the president bringing delegation and -- and you can see this meeting taking place right now as we speak, the president just arriving here. there's the first lady right with him along with the rest of delegation, we know that general kelly is there. he is also in line and john bolton, national security adviser also with the president this morning as he gets set to sit down with president putin, we will be navigating this important meeting in terms of what's to come. there's john bolton and there's mr. pompeo, secretary of state, also with the president the delegation has now arrived at the presidential palace. the president, of course, had breakfast with the president of finland earlier today, working
6:58 am
breakfast before he met with president putin. the leaders consumer the meeting is going to be taking place shortly, we are going to slip in a short break and then come. we are going to be speaking with the psychologist and behaviorist before we do that, he's profiled infamous dictators and leaders and hussein, dr. goodfield, gad to have you on the program, thank you for joining us. >> good to be here, maria. i want to say that every observation and remark that i make it's made on behavior, what i call the nonverbal leak, that's something that we can see that these people are actually doing. it's not maria: and you cautioning critics not to bet against donald trump. tell us why. >> only a fool would bet against donald trump. ask yourself a question, who would you bet against, a kgb spy or a very sophisticated, 50-year
6:59 am
experienced new york real estate guy? come on, think about it. maria: well, let's talk about the behavior we're expecting. you point to the ego-driven agendas on the part of president trump and president putin. can president trump use putin's ego to get the best of him? >> he will, of course. he's a natural negotiator, and he will use everything that he's learned over the last half a century of negotiating with people, yes, he will. and the man across from him will do exactly the same. both will think they can outsmart or and outdo the other, but it's not going to happen. president trump is the guy i'm betting on in this one. >> why do you say that given what happened in north korea where the president seemed to go off the his way to establish a relationship with kim jong un in a way that people thought it went over the line? what do you think will be different here? >> well, i think, ultimately, what people have to realize is the fact that what we're hearing
7:00 am
is some sort of referential change. will that happen? what we can have is an opportunity to realize that the arrow is going in the right direction. when a doctor walks out of surgery, what he says is the patient will su vi. survive. both of these men will give you an indication that things will get better and they're going to try. it's a process, everybody should understand that. >> is there a danger -- mary kissel here. is there a danger that we're dumbing down summits? you heard the ambassador to russia say essentially the summit itself is a deliverable -- >> he said it wasn't a summit. >> yeah, it's not even a summit now, you don't even know what's going to come out of it. that's a real shift from prior administrations where, you know, when a u.s. president showed up, there were deliverables there, you knew what they were going to discuss. >> standard or is to lower
7:01 am
expectations. please understand something, by the way, the word summit was a word that was invented by winston spencer churchill, so we're going to be in another summit kind of a format with. it is referential and does reflect some genuine change which i think everyone wants. maria: so what would be success for the president? >> if president trump comes out and says we've agreed that we will, in fact, do some things directly to try to reduce tensions. of course, there's not going to be any movement be, i don't think, on crimea, because this is not something he'll even willing to consider negotiating. is i think you can get some chance for change if you look at some of the things in syria. maybe he'll do something there. maybe they'll both want to have an agreement on something like that -- >> well, i'll push back on that -- >> that's probably the place -- >> i washed sunday morning -- of
7:02 am
watched sunday morning futures, and you pointed out we entered into an agreement with putin and russia and jordan and and southwestern syria and basically russia has defied it, has attacked on behalf of bah or shower al assad the opposition there, so we got hoodwinked by a deal we've already done in syria, and putin will play -- potentially -- try to use the president's desire to withdraw the troops from syria which we have not done yet, nonetheless, putin will try to use that to his advantage to take -- to one-up the united states. >> oh, i agree you. >> that agreement, by the way, was different from the chemical weapons agreement that putin also broke with the prior president, obama. he basically gave cover to assad to take his troops and take over the eastern suburbs of damascus. it gave him time to do. that remember, assad cannot hold
7:03 am
ground if not for the rain grab ground -- iranian ground forces and the russian air force. yes, when you say we were hood wupged, we absolutely were. >> the basic question, why do the we think putin's going to give anything in this round of negotiations? maria: it's unlikely, right? >> the fact of the matter is it's to putin's advantage to look like he's doing something that is substantive and it's not just some kind of get together to become more friends. he'll want to do something. both of these men want to walk out is and look into the camera and say that something happened that wasn't a waste of time. maria: all right. we will leave it there. dr. barry goodfield, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. president putin as well as president trump arriving, president trump arrived moments ago at the presidential palace for this historic summit with russian president vladimir putin in helsinki. the meeting is expected to get under way this hour.
7:04 am
joining us now, former national security adviser under president reagan, robert mcfarlane. give us your expectations of what might come out of this meeting. >> i think one thing that's being missed entirely about this summit, maria, and that is putin is trying to expand his influence welch beyond what he already has achieved in ukraine and syria. he's trying to become the dominant power in the middle east with all that means for control of the suez, hormuz, the price of oil. he's doing it by the ability to sell nuclear power into these countries, and he's already got a contract in egypt for building four plants, two more in turkey, two more in jordan. but the point is when you put yourself in a position to literally turn the lights off in a country, you've achieved enormous political power. so putin is moving inexor by to
7:05 am
displace the united states. -- inexorably. this has been our region where we pledged to maintain the security of the middle east for good reason 70 years ago. and today you'd have to say that putin is moving to move us out, move his country in and dominate a strategic, pivotal connection of three continents with all that implies for commerce, about 40% of the world's commerce goes through suez. the price of oil, of course, is important dramatically not so much to us, but to asia and to europe: so allowing him to consolidate a dominant inannounce in that part of the world is very much against our interests. just as you told another guest here a moment ago, our performance thus far hasn't been very good. that so-called agreement to keep russian forces and assad forces
7:06 am
in place and not to move beyond established deescalation zones has been neglected, ignored. and today we are very much at risk of making lines in the sand which, when they're breached and violated, we do nothing about it. in short, the goal here is going to be inform the american people, first of all, the middle east is going nuclear. we don't want that nuclear future to be controlled by russia or china. the united states for 70 years has set the rules, the safety precaution, the security, the non-proliferation standards, and if we turn that over to russia, the game is over in the middle east, maria. maria: is there anything the president can do to stop this? obviously, he's got deals in egypt and turkey and elsewhere. what can president trump do about it? >> well, our own nuclear industry is in very bad shape. we haven't built a plant here
7:07 am
for almost 30 years successfully. so first of all, he should focus on rebuilding that capability. only with our own industry can we demonstrate the credibility of setting the rules to the rest of the world. so at home focus on rebuilding our own industry which is in terrible shape. secondly -- >> but, rob, steve forbes here. isn't the real weakness of putin's policy in the middle east iran, and what should we be doing more to undermine the iranian regime? if iran falls from the mullahs, russia's whole policy goes up the way egypt through them out in the early 1970s. >> well, iran clearly is ascendant in the sense that with the future we've given them of being able to move toward a nuclear weapons program, it has intimidated the rest of the sunni-arab world and stimulated what is likely to become very
7:08 am
soon a nuclear arms race in the middle east. iran is a wealthy country, it has a lot of oil as you know, steve. russia has the ability to dominate decision making in iran by virtue of selling them sophisticated air defense weapons and other weapons and also to assure security of arms supply. so it's very much in putin's interest to maintain his relationship with iran. >> it is, but with the weakness of the iranian regime, it's one thing to prop up syria -- and each that has been harder, i think, that putin anticipated how weak that's been -- but to try to prop up iran, what should, what can we do to keep undermining iran? the regime, the economy is weak, inflation has taken off, people hate the regime. this would seem a prime way of just totally upending putin's plans to dominate the middle
7:09 am
east. >> well, there's several things we could be doing, but you're spot on, steve, about the iranian people very much against what the regime, the mullahs have been doing with the money that they have, and that is p spending it on far-flung missions in syria and aggression, properring up hezbollah -- propping up hezbollah, using surrogate forces to do things outside the country that don't benefit the iranian people p. we ought to resurrect what we had in the reagan years of a broadcasting program -- >> exactly. >> -- that reaches into the grass roots of iran, begin to stimulate formation of parties. in short, make clear that the united states is not going to abandon the ability to influence stability throughout the middle east from iran to egypt and all points between. maria: we're watching a live picture of president putin and president trump, looks like they're going to be making some
7:10 am
opening statements. robert, stand by for a moment. let's listen in. here we go. [speaking in native tongue] >> [inaudible]
7:11 am
[speaking russian] [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you very much. well, first of all, mr. president, i'd like to congratulate you on a really great world cup, one of the best ever. from what everybody tells me, one of the best ever, and also for your team itself doing so well. [speaking russian] >> i watched qiewbt. in the united states we call it soccerrer, and i watched quite a bit of it, and i watched the entire final and the semifinals, and they were really spectacular game, but it was beautifully done, so congratulations on that.
7:12 am
[speaking russian] >> most importantly, we have a lot of good things to talk about and things to talk about. we have discussions on everything from trade to military to missiles to nuclear to china, we'll be talking little bit about china, our mutual friend, president xi. [speaking russian] >> i think we have great opportunities together as two countries that, frankly, we have not been getting along very well for the last number of years. i've been here not too long. it's getting close to two year, but i think we will end up having an extraordinary relationship. i've been saying, and i'm sure
7:13 am
you've heard over the years, i've said getting along with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. [speaking russian] >> and i really think the world wants to see us get along. we are the two great nuclear powers. we have 90% of the nuclear, and that's not a good thing, it's a bad thing. and i think we, hopefully, can do something about that, because it's not a positive force, it's a negative force. so we'll be talking about that among other things. [speaking russian]
7:14 am
and with that, the world awaits, and i look forward to our personal discussion which i think begins now, and then we're going to meet, our whole team. you have quite a few representatives as i do, and we all have a lot of questions and, hopefully, we'll come up with answers, most importantly. great to be with you. >> [speaking russian] >> thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you, everybody. thank you very much.
7:15 am
maria: president trump and president putin just began their summit. they did a press conference before they're actually speaking privately. we are with robert mcfar lain, former national security adviser urn president ray -- under president reagan, steve forbes, mary kissell, dagen and myself. reaction to that press conference. we're all questioning who made the decision to give a press conference before they actually got into business. give me your quick reaction there. >> well, as scene setters go, i was disappointed. after all, it is a summit coming at a time when russia is accelerating its aggression in the middle east, syria is one step, the next step is going to be trying to dominate egypt, saudi arabia and iran. and to do that by virtue of
7:16 am
being able to sell weapons and separately to sell nuclear power plants. the middle east is going nuclear. that's not in our interests. it's important that the president engage on this issue and come home with clear understandings that the united states is going to be doing what we pledged to do for the past 70 years, and that's securing the region. we to that for a good -- we do that for a good reason. the key waterways of the world are are right there in the middle east. 40% of the globe commerce goes through suez. all or most of the oil that goes to craze and europe goes through -- to asia and europe goes through hormuz. to turn the over control and dominance of decision make anything that region to russia is very much against our interests. maria: yeah. >> so we've got to be competitive, make clear that there are red lines that we're going to resist and not look at this as some kind of a love
7:17 am
match. maria: did you say 40% of commerce goes through the suez, robert? >> that's right. maria: mary kissel from the journal, your reaction. >> i'm really struck at the similarity and approach between trump and obama here. remember when obama took office, we wanted the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty, they wanted arms control deals, a better relationship, you heard similar language out of trump. wouldn't it just be bert if we could all -- better if we could all get a along, "kumbaya." the problem with that is putin is an aggressor. he has occupied three different sovereign states, georgia, moldova, ukraine. he has deployed nerve agents on british soil, his regime, rather. he has downed a russian -- rather, a malaysian civilian airliner, killed almost 300 people in eastern ukraine. he is accelerating his development of strategic nuclear weapons, he has violated the ballistic missile treaty, the sixer nf treaty -- the inf
7:18 am
treaty. so this is not someone who is walking into a meeting looking to do deals. he is an aggressor who is looking to take advantage of the united states, and trump, i think, by setting the table this way is saying, yeah, let's talk about all this aggression instead of coming to the table and saying, look, i have leverage over you and we will exert that leverage million you behave better. maria: i'm not sure what the thinking behind bringing up the world cup as a the first item on the agenda was there, dagenen. >> just to bring up the world cup. again, he used the word congratulate, remember -- maria: that's right. >> according to reports president trump was cautioned do not congratulate piewt preponderance on his recent -- putin on his rent election. there was an interesting story from jonathan swan at axios over the weekend that the one, the time that putin actually enraged
7:19 am
donald trump, and it was earlier in this year during putin's election campaign. putin released a propaganda video that in the graphic et -- it showed missiles raining down on florida. and it was very clear it was florida, the home of mar-a-lago, the trump estate there. and president trump, according to this report in axios, was furious and actually brought it up in a phone call with vladimir putin. so again, we might not see anger here and we might see even a carelessness in language, but again, president trump does understand the threat. maria: and his policies have been stronger than obamas. >> you have to give trump that. sanctioning putin's inner circle -- >> expelling diplomats. >> i don't see that as a big deal. >> how about arms to ukraine? >> antitank missiles to ukraine was a big deal. >> airstrikes in syria?
7:20 am
>> that was sort of meaningless, and they should have been bigger. you do have to separate the rhetoric from the reality. hearing those comments about the world cup you've got to wonder, president putin engaged in a huge amount of corruption. >> that was about enriching his friends and cronies. maria: that's a great point. >> to bring up the world cup, that's just an ice breaker. maria: so you think that was a strategy. >> i don't hold that against him. but i'm wondering what has the u.s. been doing especially in the last year and a half? why have we allowed to let the russians move into e script? jordan, why are we allowing the russians there? >> look at israel close cozying up to -- maria: robert mcfarlane, steve's wondering what the u.s. has been doing to stop all of this progress between russia and the mideast. >> well, it'ser terribly important that the president remember how vital this region of the world is for our
7:21 am
interests. we want stability in the supply of energy throughout the world. it's in our interest. we want japan, east asia, europe to be able to count reliably on middle east oil. russia's trying to achieve a position to dominate decision making from if iran through -- from iran through control of suez and hormuz separately. he's already established a foothold in syria. he's using two things to overcome this region politically. one of them is selling high stakes, state of the art weaponry -- air defense especially -- secondly, to sell nuclear power plants. and once you control the supply of electricity to a country, you're going to dominate political decision make anything that country for 70 years. >> but, robert, where was the u.s.? i mean, egypt is dependent on the u.s. jordan is dependent on the u.s.
7:22 am
what were we doing when putin was making those deals? >> real quick. >> out to lunch? >> well, a very important point, steve. a year ago we had an opportunity to engage with president sisi in egypt on a very constructive agenda, and we didn't do it. we've still got an opportunity there, but it's going to that take a lot of catch-up ball by the president to restore our ties with egypt and avoid a russian takeover. maria: robert, thank you so much. we appreciate your insight. very important conversation this morning. thank you for join us. so, how's it going?
7:23 am
7:24 am
well... we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice.
7:25 am
but it doesn't mean you can't get back on track. great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. maria: welcome back to our special coverage of president trump and russian president putin's historic summit. just a short time ago, the two leaders shook hands, made brief statements. they will now meet one-on-one for the high stakes meeting. we are watching the situation behind closed doors, the two are
7:26 am
getting into the meeting. that press conference, i think it's fair to say, disappointed all of us. >> yeah. i think it was very conciliatory language. maria: steve? >> well, it would be nice if the conciliatory language was a prelude to a hard-hitting meeting. maria: in the meeting, perhaps. >> that's the key. >> president trump clearly doesn't get hung up on what he says. he's going to say what he wants to say. and i said this on friday on the fox news channel, i think that he say what is he says very are often to merely taunt the media. >> yeah. >> and to get people, and to whip them into a frenzy. don't tell me what to say, i'm going say whatever i want, i don't care. he just doesn't -- maria: he doesn't care. >> he feels like he has the upper hand, and in terms of height, he certainly has a height advantage over or president putin. maria: yeah. meanwhile, elsewhere the earnings season really picking up. this week bank of america reported before the bell, the
7:27 am
company beat expectations on revenue of 22.6 billion. joining us now, marty, good to see you. thanks very much for join us. >> thanks for having me. maria: your take on bank of america earnings this morning and what you're getting out of the entire banking reporting for the second quarter. >> we're seeing a continuation of what started on friday. we've got growth in the balance sheets, so loan growth is back. even bank of america showed some deposit growth which is or very strong. then you get into, you know, revenues are coming in because a margins are getting better. we actually saw investment banking kicking in a little bit better as we've seen some of these capital markets numbers come in. investment banking's offsetting that right now. maria: wells fargo, jpmorgan and citigroup all reporting their
7:28 am
numbers on friday, is this largely due to the tax cut plan, or do you think we're actually seeing organic growth at the major banks? >> no, that's the overlooked story here. if you look over last year, these earnings are up around 35%, and only about half of that is due to the tax benefit. and if you look at their stock price, the stock prices are up only about a 15%. so there is this whole other operating earnings that's kicking in. we lose sight of that the first quarter because seasonally that's weak, but we're about to see the operating results continue to improve in the back half of this year and the companies themselves, these banks can start buying back their own shares. so that's support for the stock -- maria: i see. >> marty, the banks still have hue humongous deposits at the federal reserves, and the fed is making noises it's not going to run down its portfolio as it should s. that going to put a crimp on future lending? that would provide a real stimulus to the economy instead
7:29 am
of sitting over at the fed. >> it would. but when we went through the financial crisis, it was the fed's plan basically to buy the securities from the banks, which they did, over $2 trillion worth of that. and then in order for the banks to not throw that out into the economy, they actually put this new liquidity coverage ratio in which in our fund -- put it right back to the fed. so it was basically -- >> so is the fed going to be in a stimulative mode, or is it just going to take -- give with one hand and take with the other? >> well, they're pulling back at this point. so they will, again, wind down their balance sheet. but we think the natural buy year for that is these banks stepping in and take thing those securities back as interest rates are higher. maria: would you buy the bank stocks right now, marty, and real quick, are you expecting anything from jay powell at his testimony? he'll speak to the senate tomorrow and the house on wednesday. >> so, yes, we do think this is
7:30 am
a great entry point for these banks. like we said, they've got momentum that you haven't had to pay for right now. we do think that especially the super regional banks will continue as they start to report earnings. they have the catalyst even stronger than what we've seen so far in these money center banks that are up in the first part of this season, and then from the fed what we think is they will begin to, i think, show some measure. they had to step in and be strong initially, but they don't want to invert this yield curve, so i think that's another positive for the banks. maria: all right, marty, thanks very much. >> nice talking to you. maria: coming up, we are headed back live to helsinki where president trump and russian president putin address thed the media moments ago. then france wins the world cup, beating croatia. hillary clinton is making the victory political. wait until you see what she said about the game while bashing president trump next. stay with us. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from the beginning,
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7:34 am
to discuss just moments ago. >> we have a lot of good things to talk about and things to talk about. we have discussions on everything from trade to military to missiles to nuclear to china. we'll be talking a little bit about china. our mutual friend, president xi. maria: we we are told that was t an opening statement, we are awaiting a joint news conference at 9:50 a.m. eastern between the president and president putin. we will take you back to helsinki live when they get in front of the podium after their meeting. meanwhile, the dow industrials up 8 points, the s&p 500 down a point and the nasdaq is up a point, very much a cautious trading story this morning. on friday the s&p 500 closed at its highest level in over five months with a gain of three points n. europe marketing this morning have traded lower. the ft100 is down better than 100. the cac in paris down half a
7:35 am
percent and the dax index down a fraction, so we have seen a reversal of fortune in the european indices, and they are trading down. in asia overnight there was a lot of conversation about the chinese economy. the gdp was out in china, and it was lower than it was a year ago, so things have slowed down in the last year. the shanghai composite down two-thirds of a percent. tokyo is closed for a holiday, and the other majors fractionally moving. it's also earnings season, bank of america beat earnings and revenue expectations this morning with its second quarter report. stock's up three-quarters of percent, 20 cents higher. netflix will report after the closing bell, and as you can see, its had been up about a percent earlier. it has given all of that up and as you see up just a fraction. france has won the world cup beating croatia. hillary clinton is making the victory political though. what she said about the game while having an opportunity to bash president trump, coming up. all those stories coming up. but first, we are following all of the latest developments out
7:36 am
of the summit between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. fox news correspondent ken cork is at the summit. -- kevin corke is at the summit. he has the latest. >> reporter: maria, good morning. it took a while. after all, president putin is notoriously late, but it went fairly, i think it is easy to say, according to form. a quick spray of pictures and a little bit of sound. you shared just a bit of it before the two had a chance to break out individually and head to that bilateral, just themselves and the interpreter. we'll let you know how that all turns out. but as you can imagine for the president this is more than just an opportunity to meet with vladimir putin, this is a chance to really shore up some major issues, and there are many between our two countries, and the president has made no secret, maria, that he feels very strongly that this is something that can change. we're talking about this relationship with a country that we simply have not gotten a along with for quite a long
7:37 am
time. the president also in his remarks this morning talked about nuclear proliferation. listen to what he had to say about that. >> and i really think the world wants to see is us get along. we are the two great nuclear powers. we have 90% of the nuclear, and that's not a good thing, it's a bad thing. and i think we, hopefully, can do something about that, because it's not a positive force, it's a negative force. so we'll be talking about that among other things. >> reporter: among other things, indeed. and there is a laundry list of things that the two men certainly could be talking about; syria, crimea, ukraine, sanctions, obviously, nato's role in europe to say nothing of election meddling. as you pointed out, maria, we expect that press conference originally slated for 9:50, that will most certainly fall into the 10:00 hour, but when it happens, we promise to bring it to you live right here on fox business.
7:38 am
maria: we were all scratching our head about those opening remarkings that we just saw between president trump and president putin. i guess that wasn't planned. they sat down and just gave some opening remarks. not much substance though there. >> reporter: not a lot there, and it didn't surprise me only because i i know president trump likes to sort of take advantage very quickly, in fact, i thought he might actually field a question. if you look back, he kind of looks as if he wants to say something, i think his handlers gave him the wrap on that. he's going to get into that bilateral and keep it moving. we are looking forward, i can say this, to that press conference later, maria. maria: kevin corke, thanks so much. joining us right now, the former commanding officer of the uss cole, thanks very much for weighing in this morning. we're happy you're here. president trump's unconventional style, is it good or bad when it comes to dealing with russia? >> good morning, maria. i think it's going to be good.
7:39 am
putin's always going to try and keep whatever opponent he meets with off balance, and when president trump meets with him, there is no predictability which means in some ways putin is going to be just as off guard as others are meeting with him. maria: what's your take on what robert mcfarlane just told us, the former nsa director under president reagan, that basically the middle east is going nuclear and that russia wants to provide the weaponry to deals already in place in egypt and turkey among other place ares? is this a major or worry that the president should be focused on during this summit? >> i think it's a long-term concern, maria, when you look at what russia's trying to do. they're trying to export and keep their weapons in the hands of countries that they can use. it supports their economy, it keeps their arms industry going which, of course, undergirds what they're doing. so i think we'll have to look at it for a long-term thing. it is of concern because primary also is the united states has invested a lot over decades
7:40 am
throughout the middle east. we need to insure that we can maintain that influence. i know that egypt is a primary concern. we want to make sure that we keep that area stabilized because, obviously, our close ally israel is going to be the very worried about the extent of russian influence throughout there and especially with the growing concern with iran. >> is there concern, do you have concern that that we seem to be passive with russian gains in jordan, of all a maces, egypt of all places? both places dependent on us? turkey, and what do we do about turkey? first egypt and jordan, then turkey. >> when you look at e egypt jordan both, i think the concern is that that they are gaining influence, the last thing we want to have. but when you look at it, the united states has very close relations with the senior military leaders in both of those countries, especially in jordan. when you look at turkey, turkey is becoming more and more problematic. president erdogan is continuing to develop and create a more
7:41 am
authoritarian regime there. the fact that they are getting the s-400 missile system from russia which runs counter to virtually everything in nato is clearly going to create problems for turkey in the long run. as a nato member, having russian weapons runs counter to almost everything that that organization stands for -- >> so what do we do with it? what do we do with turkey? just let it play out or what? >> i don't think we let it play out. i think we continue to work to influence turkey to come back within nato -- >> but how? what do we offer them? what pressure points do we have? >> i think the pressure points are going to be, first and foremost, economic. >> right. >> then we look at it diplomatically, then with respect to nato membership, ultimately, may be up for discussion. because turkey is clearly not doing what is necessary to enhance and build the alliance to be strengthened. they are working counter to it when you look at what they're getting from russia. >> commander, mary kissell from
7:42 am
"the wall street journal". i'm surprised you didn't put military up at the top of that list because, essentially, we're not giving erdogan any choice because we're not really that present in syria. what other choice does he have but to cooperate with russia and to try to push back on assad himself? same thing goes byes reel. they're cooperating -- goes with israel. they're cooperating with putin because they don't think we're going to get involved in a syrian civil war. isn't the issue that putin is changing the facts on the ground and we are not? >> the problem is, i think, that the american people have made it very clear that in many ways in the middle east while the u.s. can be engaged, we're being limited on what we can do. i think we are unwilling to do what's necessary to toppling the assad regime because of our concern about russia and in the region. when you look at hur turkey, the fact that they do not wants a sad in power by the same token, they see it as influencing the
7:43 am
kurds and giving them, in fact, you are power which the turks do not want on their southern border -- >> but we're the only people who can broker a deal between the kurds and the turks. if we're not there, that deal is never going to happen. finish. >> we're going to have to be there, and i think we will continue to remain engaged with them, especially the kurds in northern iraq. but when you look at the extension across there, turkey has made it very clear they do not want any kurdish state to ever come into existence. that has been a longstanding policy. if we start to broach that subject with them and come up with the limits of how we're going to do that, we may see progress. but right now the window is not going to be there for us to do that except through diplomatic and economic means. i'd never like to put the military options first because i think that's just the easy way out. we have other instruments of national power that can be more effectively usedded if we, in fact, exercise them. maria: commander, thank you very much for your insight this morning. we appreciate it.
7:44 am
we'll take a short break. when we come back, back to business. president trump and russian president putin now behind closed doors for their high stakes sitdown. much more from helsinki and what is being discussed. then, more fallout after papa john's founder uses a racial slur. evicted from his office and a university cut ties. more on the backlash coming up. plus, it is also amazon prime day today, why workers in europe are calling for a boycott of one of the busiest shopping days of the year for the online retailer. back in a moment right here. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff that's part of running a business. so frank can focus on the beat. you hear that? this is frank's record shop. and this is where life meets legal.
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so, howell...going? we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped.
7:47 am
even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice. but it doesn't mean you can't get back on track. great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. >> and welcome back to our special coverage of president trump's summit with russian president putin in helsinki, finland. look at live pictures from helsinki, finland. back here at home, some headlines for you this morning. a suspected cop killer accused of murdering a massachusetts police officer with his own gun. set to face a judge this morning. emanuel lopez charged with
7:48 am
murder for the death of michael chestnut and a bystander. respond dog a crash when he was attacked with a rock, that's when lopez took his own gun and shot him. lopez wounded and arrested after a shootout. the police officer leaves behind a wife and two children. and three police officers shot in kansas city. officials say two officers were working undercover at a motel surveilling the suspect who was a person of interest in the death of a local college student. the suspect fled in a car but later was killed in a shootout with police. reports say a third officer shot while searching for that suspect. all three officers, luckily this morning, are in stable condition. also following this for you today, there's more fallout after papa john's founder resigned as chairman last week over using a racial slur. the company has now kicked him out of the headquarters and have taken his name off all marketing
7:49 am
materials. many colleges also cutting ties with papa john's, among them university of louisville. their football stadium, papa john's cardinals stadium, they're going to rename it cardinals stadium. he apologized last week. shares of papa john's are down about 4% year. well, you may have seen this yesterday, france was crowned the 2018 world cup champions. they beat the tricky croatia team in a nail-biter that ended with a rainstorm. score was 4-2. france lifted the world cup trophy for the second time in their history 20 years after they won back in 1998. also hillary clinton using the global event to take a jab at president trump's summit with russian president vladimir putin. there he is yesterday. of course, he a attended that final in moscow. clinton tweeting: great world cup. question for president trump as he meets putin, do you know which team you play for, question mark. and, of course, as we speak right now in helsinki,
7:50 am
fellowshipland, president trump is meeting one-on-one with vladimir putin. all right, we've got a lot more coming up on the show. christmas in july. it's amazon prime day. some workers in europe are throwing cold water on the global event. we'll explain when we come right back. ♪ ♪ when it's too cold for camping... we go camping. when it's too hot to work... we work. too far to fish? too hard to hunt? too wet to keep going? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and a/c, three-wide seating and our quietest cab for a comfortable ride, it's never too anything for anything. nothing runs like a deere.
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7:54 am
gerri willis with all the details. >> that's right the, maria, amazon workers in europe walking out ahead of what they hope will be a global prime day boycott complaining of poor working conditions, timing their protest on one of the online retailer's biggest sales day of the year. amazon workers in spain lawned. ed a general -- launched a general strike last year including groups in italy, france and england. meanwhile, amazon pinning its opens on prime day with some analysts hoping for sales to total $3.4 billion making it bigger than black friday or cyber monday. tech experts say the real benefit to amazon is growing the company's member base currently at 100 million. prime members spend $1400 a year versus $600 for nonmembers. for consumers that pay off price breaks for back to school items,
7:55 am
plus lower prices of the year for amazon technology. here's some examples of sales, it's all about amazon-branded products, the echo show on deep discount, whole foods, a little bonus there, $10 if you spend $10, you get $10 back, and you can see chocolate on sale too. i thought this group would like that. [laughter] and that's just the beginning. amazon will cut prices on one million different items. watch especially for deep discounts on hd-tvs and laptops, but the sales don't end with amazon. big box retailers will match, many of them, or they have their own black friday in july sales. bed bath and beyond, macy's, walmart, target, jcpenney. >> if you want to go to black friday, they will have the best deals. and if you don't have a prime account, don't worry. you can get a temporary account and not have to pay that $119. finally, the biggest seller last year on prime day was the echo
7:56 am
dot right here in the usa of a, and internationally it was 23 and me -- this thing goes on in 17 countries. maria: that was the top seller, the 23 and me and now the echo. >> echo last year for the u.s., 23 and me for the world. it's worldwide, people. this is, like, a very big deal. maria: yeah. good prices. >> but a shocker that they're striking in europe. please, they strike once a week. [laughter] there's a strike in italy. >> amen to that. well, they'll be back -- >> the thing that got my eye was the chocolate. i'm surprised the protesters aren't saying you're promoting sugar or something like that. [laughter] a lot of credit, that gives me sweet attitude towards amazon. >> i'm looking at this, the deals start at 3 p.m., but you get early access deals. there are already some discounts, 43 items. >> they're pushing that to prime members right now, there's a lot of that going on. you've been seeing things all week if you're a prime member. if you're back to school, you've got kids in school --
7:57 am
>> that's a great point. maria: gerri thanks. still ahead, we headed back to helsinki where president trump's summit with vladimir putin is underway. mornings with maria, stay with us. ♪e so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. yo[music playing]4.95. (ceo) haven't been playing golf this year, i am sorry about that. (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event.
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maria: good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, july 16 top stories right now 58om on the east coast breaking news history in the making,
8:00 am
president trump, is meeting behind closed doors with you russian president vladimir putin in helsinki finland one-on-one high stakes the president weighing in on the meeting, earlier this morning. >> and i really think the world wants to see us get along we are the two great nuclear powers we have 90% nuclear not a good thing it is a at about the thing i think we hopeful can do something about that because it is not a pof force it is a negative force talking about that among other things. >> awaiting a joint news conference 9:50 a.m. eastern after two meet we will bring that live to go through what they discussed, markets this morning, very cautious, futures indicating a mixed opening for the broader averagesios up 15 points s&p down three-quarters of 1 point nasdaq up 6 fractional moves on friday, the markets were higher s&p 500 closed at highest level more than five months, up just 3 points on
8:01 am
day dow industrials on friday up 95 points that was one-third of a percent, the nasdaq was flat even on nasdaq, technology, has been the leadership in this market european markets are lower to look at the indices where ft 100 down better than 1% cac quarante in tar paris down a third the dax in germany down a fraction, in asia overnight markets closed mitigated japan was closed for a holiday, there is a lot of economic data that led things in china seaning smang down two-thirds of a percent on slowing economy there earnings season in full swing bank of america be the earnings revenue this morning with second quarter report netflix after closing bell tonight, a finishish brewer releases brrr commemorating trump-putin summit later this hour coming up joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, forbes media chairman former republican presidential candidate steve forbes editorial board member
8:02 am
mary kissel a lot already this morning three hours that we have been on air. >> unexpected sit-down with putin addressing the world press. >> yep the word trade didn't pass his lips. >> that is true lot of people of issuing with trade policy for sure. >> president trump did call the european union a foe when it comes to trade, i think this week they are actually hearing the commerce department potential tariffs on automobile imports. so that will be interesting to watch i think that ising on the 19th of this week one thing that i ingest want to know because robert mcfarland was talking about putin and russia wanting to displace u.s. in middle east the power circle russia syria iran we pulled out of iran nuclear deal was important because that deal enriched iran gave money to fund interestism and fund rise to power then also
8:03 am
kept them on the road to having nuclear weapons by restarting that program by 2025, we instead back out of the deal and we just last week refused european requests for exemptions from our new sanctions on iran i thought that was important -- >> so c. >> we thought punish iran great thing on editorial page on the other hand you are letting iran run wild rampant in syria the president is saying the right things, doing the right things, halfway, but where is the comprehensive strategy if we really want to hurt iran you have to hurt them in syria, because that is where their pulth all eggs. >> no they are pinpoint strikes israel can only enforce a board with iranians in syria they cannot unseattle assad by themselves, especially not when 1200,000
8:04 am
rockets, pointed at israel by hezabollah could overwhelm israel precarious situation. >> key things are sanctions, we made it very clear i think so far with europeans that we are serious about them they will pay a price for any companies like total not pulling out of iran if you undermine that government syria doesn't matter go for big one regime change i hope where headed. >> we don't want a regime change with the iranian revolutionary running the. >> when that falls keep imf out so iranian economy with an -- >> american companies, knew it seemed as if they knew all along that iran deal would not hold up they did not jump in headfirst the way european companies did, in terms of immediately doing business with iran, may be boeing but
8:05 am
very few u.s. companies. >> do we mean it are we going to let iran take over syria turn into next lebanon? >> the president said he is going to be you the put sanctions on european companies that do business in iran, we will see how that plays out. >> we want to get to top story that is going one-on-one, president trump now sitting down with you russian counterpart president vladimir putin for a historic summit in helsinki. >> frankly, we have not been getting along very well for the last number of years i have been here not too long but it is getting close to two years but i think we will end up having an extraordinary relationship i hope so i have been saying i am sure you have heard over years, as i campaigned, getting along with russia, is a good thing not a bad thing. >> joining us right o now to weigh in house majority leader kevin mccarthy of california mr. majority leader good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me back on your who. >> let's talk about this meeting we just saw, the two
8:06 am
sitting there behind closed doors now what would be victory from your standpoint in terms of the summit between president trump and president repute snin. >> well first, i think it is spla are the they sit together, but putin's mind what looking at america, looking at a different america. think about it for one perspective because he always looks to power or weakness, here we are now we have america where a military is not being cut by 20% but actually being increased where we put the investment back in, america where economy not weak but one of our strongest we have seen in decades, america where you have a president that actually pulls out the iran agreement, i believe weakens iran and syria as well gives disruption stands up to what he said he was going to do, something that will put fear in putin at the same time you have a president went to nato told him they had to increase defense spending, something putin fears, and remember what else he did he
8:07 am
publicly went after north star 2, becoming energy independent the strength of russia, russia's economy is weaker than california. but they rely on energy america nkdz energy independent surpassing him built publicly after germany why go with russia putin make him stronger go around ukraine president trump is going in with a greater strength in america is stronger on the world stage as well so i believe it is correct, remember what has at an place last administration, soviet union left middle east in 70s last administration let russia back intoly me inside syria creates a problem for us, us about we are going to have to deal with it we also if we want iran not off to a stronghold within there we are going to have to work with russia, to remove them russia pulled out last administration, from the imf treaty we have in new nbaa, funding for r and d these are things that will sput a
8:08 am
greater strength to russia great rer strength to president trump in dealing with russia. >> is there appetite in congress to institute further sanctions against russia given the fact that now we do know that the doj indicted 12 more russians for election meddling. >> think about what congress and what this administration has done, they have imposed more sanctions than any administration before, on russia there are 460 sanctions on russian entity and individuals never before but not just sanctions that work, putin will wake up when he sees that america has put a reinvestment into their military. those are things, and if you study history the things that the soviet union at the time feared most when ronald reagan came in that kept his word fired the air traffic controllers this can about what he is thinking putin when he watched trump come in said he would pull out of one, the iran agreement, more importantly put that empathy
8:09 am
in are jerusalem every other president said they would and backed away this is an individual has a country, that is going to be fearful of america where president trump is trump walks into negotiations much stronger than in an administration in the past so i think from a standpoint, we are in a stronger ground he knows he will put sanctions on he knows he will invest in military he knows he will keep his word, it can from long term perspective around the world if we have a relationship with russia pull thes more in check with china where we wanting to in the future russia is not going to be stronghold economically as in the past, by -- china on rise up we have have to have a different relationship with russia if we want to be stronger against china long run. >> i will get to china in a moment people have been talking the morning worried about the fact that putin has been able to get a real stronghold in europe caution of the gas and deals there, now he wants to control middle east already done deals in
8:10 am
turkey egypt especialliwhere does president and congress need to go involved furthered in terms of breaking upness relationships that he is securing with middle eastern players? >> you just raised all those great issues of what russia has done during the last administration. because what putin will do he will take advantage when he seez weakness this ice change in new congress new administration, more sanctions, more investment in the military, we now have a stronger bond in the middle east with amlize a fear we had in last administration we did not enemies beginning to fear us at the same time so it is a different stage that is being set, and something that is turning the corner, that is why putin is wanting to sit down with president trump right now, because of the actions of this new administration, and the actions of congress, and if we need to go further we will. maria: let me switch gears ask about china tariffs talking about seems one thing that many people agree with, is to disagree with the president stance on aluminum
8:11 am
and steel tariffsive most understand what has taken place in china stealing from us president trump trying to make them stop what about the impact of aluminum and steal tariffs to your colleague kevin brady joined me yesterday said some point later this year he they will cut into growth they will come up and show that actually the growth that we have been seeing from tax tax reform package will get impacted from tariffs. >> see the challenge here is a lot of that is moving from klein into other countries then into america. what we really need to do what i like what this administration has done very recently they sent a number of individuals down to mexico to meet with the new president i think now is the time to find an ingredient that we can come to agree in north america set that together with allies that would one alleviate a lot of steel and aluminum when we solve that problem, for both because mostly of it comes from canada that we deal with 350-50 they buy a lot of ours as well i think a stronger
8:12 am
footing to move through with china, also, remember what you are reading here as well i just read a new article china is going into the their own they control the media not allowing them to talk about what happens with the euan their stock market they have more to lose nobody wins in trade war that is why we've got to deal with this properly at the same time those past administrations have allowed klein to get in the position of theft everybody knows technology they have been able to steal everybody knows they moved from unfair trading advantage what they've done with us we have to have ability to to stand up do not need to be in a trade war. maria: we don't want to be in a trade war at the same time china don't admit they steel from u.s. have they admitted where he we are stealing your intellectual property have are been for decades how do you get a partner player competitor to change behavior when not admitting it. >> i was just in my office last week with secretary
8:13 am
mnuchin sitting there talking with senators and other congressional members about 50th ability to make sure china stops stealing technology, remember when we looked walk to the past world soviet union and america were the world powers how did we deal with soviet union nixon did three community kaques with china building america economy having a fairer trade process being stronger in the international stage as well, also dealing with china, sitting down with president putin is probably pretty smart right now and dealing with china in the longer term as well not let china have an advantage with relationship with putin dealing with wherely me is going, russian was not in the middle east last administration let them back in we have to deal with problems from the oppose the administration, clean them up to make the world safer. maria: ahead of this meeting, with president putin house intelligence chairman dnh den
8:14 am
nuñez told me on "sunday morning futures". >> don't hand reset button over like hillary clinton did, that -- that is number one, number two, what he is doing with europe and nato what is needed to be done a long time which is one pay your fair share two, we cannot allow eastern europe to rely on russia gas, the germans are buildingpipe lines getting russian gas feeding the russian beast. >> any plans congressman for u.s. to replace russian gas get germany to change plans by gas and oil from america. >> defin is correct look what the president did in nato meeting called out china, i mean publicly called out germany for what they were doing in north star 2 this is that america can supply to europe not just about energy costs, it is about economics and also about military this
8:15 am
makes putin stronger this president is willing to stand up publicly do it i think that is a different administration, and putin is going to find a different strength with america. >> we will watch always a pleasure thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> we'll be right back. like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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8:17 am
coverage of president trump and russian reputein. >> united airlines taking aned
8:18 am
to replace jet fleet. cheryl: buying 29 brand-new aircraft most embraer jets delivered couple years also order long haul jets boeing 787 i delivered 2020, shares parent up% this year a look buying from boeing stock higher more than half a perh percent in premarket canada's largest chain dropping ivanka trump fashion brand shoppers no longer going to find brand on web site by fall, those outfits completely gone from 90 stores, company says decision to pull the controversial -- based on performance not boy cots in united states and canada toronto behaved company owns
8:19 am
saks fifth and lord & taylor, nice one finland doing more than hosting the russia and u.s. presidents a finish brewer created limited edition beer features president trump and russian president putin on front of the bottle, the phrases legalities settle this like adults, and may being lager great again released 10,000 bottles last week revolv reportedly sold out fun for u.s. and russian, helsinki because after today staff at both embassies need a beer or two or three. maria: or something, thank you so much cheryl. coming up. >> vodka. maria: that is true, that is right coming up president trump russian president putin made statements ahead of siteddown with president trump congratulating russian xat on success of the world cup
8:20 am
raised eyebrows into going to talk about it major global financial implications in regard to the historic summit closer look across the world back in a moment. ♪ how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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8:23 am
phrases li phrases. >> i think the world wants to see us get along we are the two great nuclear payers we have 90% of the nuclear and that is not a good thing it is a bad thing, and i think we hopeful can do something about that because it is not a positive force it is a negative force. >> president trump this morning with opening remarks, discussing the world cup victory with president putin earlier now president trump sitting down for a private meeting with the russian president joining us bill hemmer america newsroom co-host on the ground in helsinki bill good to see you. reporter: good morning,
8:24 am
everybody. . >> your take on comments from the president this morning kick it off congratulating president putin. >> on world cup two as well i thought thank you russians did quite well pulled it off going to be a pretty good tournament french victorious i think still going on streets in paris i think telling about comments president made world wants to see us get along you contrast that with spokesperson for vladimir putin talked about this meeting having a special responsibility for two global powers responsibilities they have around the world i think that is telling. i think the president over weekend said set the expectations for this a bit lower, and what the spokesperson for putin said today could be a baby step how do we read that, what comes from this that is something we are waiting to hear i can tell you there are about an hour behind, no big deal. but based on schedule given late last night about an hour, behind so far. maria: we've got a list of
8:25 am
items on agenda, mary you have been talking a locality about middle east. >> yeah, well there is a lot to discuss in the middle east particularly russia's intervention in o propping up shaw aassessed broken agreement with president trump made last year, maria, with vladimir putin and king of jordan, and that really hasn't been discussed in the media there has been a lot of attention on indictments that doj brought what about the fact that putin-trump met twice already, they have done a deal putin already broken that. maria: you wonder if that comes up topics president is expected to address, including annexation of crimea the election meddling. >> an interesting point very telling one, too trust is a big factor here, now men have met before twice in fact, since president trump was elected, spoken on phone several times 8 to 10 by my count based on reporting here
8:26 am
so not the first time they have talked to what degree do ghoe at these issues what is the level of intensity each brings you can look at tape read out an hour ago first met here, but about watch body language during joint prepares conference you are going to see today watch vladimir putin interview with chris wallace on fox try and see for yourself, and gage level of relationship men developed one more bing about that russian spokesperson in moscow said we are well aware president str is america first attitude we have ab russia first attitude as well and that sense very much aligned can they get something done? i guess the relationship will advance but as to tough issues, we will have to wait and see. maria: look the president tweeted about the relations with russia said relations with mush have never been works russia ministry of
8:27 am
foreign affairs responded they agreed why say how horrible relationship is. >> not because of our actions the relationship is bad it is because of russia's actions isn't that the point here? . reporter: yeah. last four years you are precisely right very aggressive action taken on behalf russia vladimir putin eastern ukraine crimea, the military involvement in sir election meddling 2016 very big deal if russians were behind economically saw an opportunity to catch up with the rest of the world, by with technology, they have invested in it very good at it that is something that we have to get better at defending. >> they are rg relying on energy to enrich putin enemies keep country propped up we have great pour in terms of our energy security ability to be now being the number one
8:28 am
exporter of refined product in the country one huge point of leverage over russia i will add, to a do we think this is worst can we this can about cold war soviet union? and the cuban crisis? and when kennedy sat with khrushchev said to talk about i talked about how a nuclear exchange would kill 70 million people 10 minutes khrushchev looked at kennedy said, so what? >> khrushchev knew how to verbally beat somebody up kennedy that is why he made the mistake of thinking he could get away putting missiles into cuba. so what does the center of bill do you think for putin to make real concessions to donald trump or just going to squeeze him? >> a great point i am not so sure there is we will see how this goes whether the relationship builder as would you do if your own business
8:29 am
daying tone your point the reason they talked about relations being allow they character arrived not so allow since end of cold war cuban missile crisis big deal we grew up in america feared soviet union, soviet union feared us as well it was mutual destruction now after being in helsinki last three days we are 180 miles west of st. petersburg several summits they notice territory vladimir putin was kgb agent, 65 years old now, he hasn't changed, he has said himself that the biggest mistake in the history of the world was breakup of soviet empire how trying to salvage some now keep that in mind. maria: right. >> that is putin's background for were those say donald trump doesn't changes at 71, vladimir putin is the same guy 65 agency he was at 35. when ronald reagan was in red.
8:30 am
>> er. >> lips moving -- >> obviously trusts. >> -- shake his hand be afraid what was on hand what disease i would catch. in terms of the poison i am not joking, again that is -- >> can be a nasty country our first forbes russia was murdered in russia. >> bill has been on program to tell us what happened to him he faced not to mention the number of journalists that have been killed in russia, bill hemmer we are going to watch your coverage obviously live on the ground in helsinki thanks for weighing in this morning. >> great to be with you. >> we will see you later on "america's newsroom" fox news bill hemmer power of netflix fresh off storm of any nominations break down expectations for the quarterly results after the bell stock up going into numbers stay with us right here.
8:31 am
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maria: good monday morning thank for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, monday, july 16 your top stories right now 8:33 a.m. on the east coast, breaking news the trump putin summit under way president trump and putin behind closed are doing as one-on-one with vladimir putin in helsinki finland president weighed in this morning. >> a lot of good things to talk about things to talk about, we have discussions on everything from trade to
8:34 am
military to missiles to nuclear to, china to, talking a a little bit about china. and mutual friends president xi. maria: we are awaiting a joint news conference from trump and putin :50 a.m. eastern we bring you that take live as soon as it happens breaking news june real sales hitting tape in line with expectations, up 5/10 of a percent, that was the estimate so right in line, not major reaction from market, dow industrials right now up 24 points, fractional move s&p 500 flat down a quarter point actually, nasdaq is up 6 and quarterly points right now fractional moves, ahead of the open this morning on heels of a pretty good day friday european markets lower across the board to look at european indices ft 100 once again near lows of the disorienting moun 74 points one% lear cac quarante lower dax in germany flat just down two points, in asia overnight, markets closed mixed tokyo closed for a holiday, economic data drove
8:35 am
day in china shanghai composite down two-thirds of a percent weaker than expected, numbers in terms of gdp, actually in line but lower than a year earlier, earnings season in full swing bank of america beating earnings and revenue expectations this morning, stock bank of america up better than 1%, coming as netflix will report after the closing bell netflix shares up half a percent into its report. all that this morning first on story this half an hour the historic summit between president trump and russian president vladimir putin is officially under way kevin corke in helsinki kevin. reporter: good to be with you as expected are bilateral between two under way a little bit later than we expected, but no surprise it is going off without the a a hitch so far, by the way, i should point this out, we are talking about two leaders and their interpreters interesting look forward to read out as they conduct a news conference probably our 10:00 hour that
8:36 am
expanded bilateral that you mentioned coming up talking about the one that will include, secretary of state mike pompeo national security advisory john bolton host of americans russian leaders as they continue their conversations here in helsinki. finland, today you saw the president very brief comments, sort of mention a few interesting topics talked about nuclear pro life braigs collaboration most important he seemed to make a very strong suggestion maria that despite years of hostile tees this summit maybe first step to brighter future between our countries. maria: we are waiting on that news conference that is going to be lan in a couple hours in :50 a.m. eastern we are told we will see if late 10:00 a.m. hour thank you kevin corke live in helsinki joining me to talk about that california congressman darrell issa
8:37 am
member of house judiciary revitalize foreign affairs thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria, and definitely is going to be an eventful day you can see all that teed up. maria: let's talk about that what do you want to hear out of this putin-trump summit what would be victory in your view? >> well i think invitivictory achieved president made it clear not lifting sanctions without a change in behavior, he is demanding two staunch antirussia people both bolton, and pompeo are also meeting. really, what the president has done created an environment in which putin is there wanting to get quote better relations and the president has a long list of requirements that are going to be necessary. the other thing is that the president's commitment to energy exports has put what john mccain rightfully called a country not a gas station not a country, in a position
8:38 am
in which they depend on our good will to keep their economy smaller than italy, from going in the tank. maria: but you know, the relationships that it has made russia has made throughout europe are substantial yesterday, of course, we talked a lot about this deal between germany and russia. what is your take in terms of the u.s. replacing that gas deal is its feasible? then there is questions about the middle east as well we had robert februarying far land on earlier former national security advisory under president reagan said russia wants to dominate middle east, middle east becoming nuclear russia happy to provide weaponry. >> that is exactly at rooflt all this well before president trump was a formal candidate you had this -- benign neglect when it came to countries aspirations for nuclear and russia involvement, you know at the core always russia happy to help you get peaceful
8:39 am
nuclear energy, that always seals to turn rod production looking at iran success to the extent they have it you have together back to russia but you are exactly right, russia wants to dominate particularly ports they wanting to do that, for you know a hundred years now putin wants to expand taken effectively back two pieces of old soviet union gotten away with it under president obama, and now what he wants to do is to solidify that under this president. my guess is the president is not going to give him a get out of jail free pass, but is going to push at least for now, for issues that are more immediate like syria and iran. >> let me get your reaction to what the chairmen of the intel committee your colleague on house devin nunes told me yesterday, on "sunday morning futures," in terms of wanting a tougher stance on russia with putin and trump together, listen to this. >> well, the president has to
8:40 am
be tough number one i would say don't hand reset button over like the hillary clinton did, that -- that is number one. number two, what he is doing with europe and nato what is needed to be done for a long time which is one pay your fair share, two, we cannot allow eastern europe to rely on russian gas germans building pipelines getting russian gas feeding the russian beast. >> how do we stop it what is appetite in congress to do new deals tell me how you stop this relationship that is strengthening between the european union and russia? >> well you know if you if you buy gas out of necessity, they kind of own you, that is what happened in armenia so on, but if -- if germany chooses to buy gas because quote it is the lowest price, we continue to come in with new lines out of kazakhstan out of turkey liquefied exports growing quickly, there is a lot of production that is coming on
8:41 am
line, what we're doing is we are creating a situation in which we can export gas profitably russian can no longer demand high prices and turn off the spigot on cold days so i do think even though people would say they are buying it, they are not buying it out of necessity they are buying it out of opportunity, let's also remember that germany ran away from nuclear and other alternatives and now is separadesperate to try to ge2 emissions down this is something united states without go, going if you will renewables has dramatically reduced curve in footprint we are ahead of o germany when it comes to reviewing carbon footprint. >> let me ask you before you go switching gears, today, fbi lawyer lisa page is back on capitol hill, she will continue closed-door testimony regarding her anti-trump text
8:42 am
messages your thoughts where we stand a couple days after among those interviewing questioning peter strzok in that hearing last week. >> well i think behind closed doors, the kind of thing that the public saw with peter strzok pro confessing total you know purity, isn't going to wash nearly as well her technicalities are damning it is very clear she had bias very clear it isn't a coincidence that the downgrading of -- of the charges against hillary clinton from a crime to a noncrime occurred on peter strzok's computer he and lisa page talked about insurance policy, undoubtedly people are going to say isn't the insurance policy this false investigation into clollusion more than a year has not found any evidence of collusion. >> the point of pointing out that 12 russians meddled in our economy in our election
8:43 am
they are now being indicted from the doj, but we don't really have jurisdiction so they really won't ever see justice right? >> not only won't they see justice but it is a false a canard to make you you it can that this was real, the fact is our spies are warranted in a number of countries we are not extraditeing them we very proudly talked about how we put a bug into iran's computers slowed down nuclear development, you know what we're not turning over our software people that did that, just because iran would like them extradited for a crime the et al is that is just not part of what happens when spies getting caught even if they are arrested generally traded off so what we are dealing with, is what is the united states doing, to protect itself against bad actors and russia will continue to be a bad ookt for the foreseeable future.
8:44 am
>> thanks for joining us this morning. we will see you soon congressman darrell issa drilling down on how day's summit could impact bill back below $70 a berarrel. that is up next. e other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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8:47 am
maria: earnings bank of america shares up this morning beating second quarter expectations, the company reported better-than-expected numbers on earnings and revenue line nicole petallides with more good morning. >> good morning, maria. this traders have been talking to i know you lad marty earlier on show the real theme we are seeing is loan growth there is a not only just the tax benefits that some companies see to move along beat the street on bop and bottom line but also the fundamentals particularly earnings bank of america up about 1% today also thought very interesting blackrock i know not doing that to downside larry fink saying he does not believer the inverted
8:48 am
bond yield curve forecasts recession actually sees emotion investment in dollar based assets very interesting everybody has been very concerned about that, last but not leaves netflix looks at cash burn, subscribered added you are looking at slightly higher, the tone on this not surprised to see it definitely wouldn't get into stock today -- nearly tripled according to credit suisse good news netflix breaks history more emmy nominations than hbo this is the first time ever, we will watch for emmys september 17, of course, beaten out hbo big deal also the world -- had no impact stock slightly higher. >> amazon gets under way online whole foods joining us host of "varney & company" stuart tutor oaway.
8:49 am
>> watch amazon stock next year in previous years the one year following, amazon prime day, amazon stock went to the moon. after that 2017 prime day amazon stock has gone up 76% in the past year. that is a rally i think you would say. i mean look, what they are doing is they are created a whole new holiday not christmas not thanksgiving not black friday, this is a whole new shopping day right in the middle of the year, right in the middle of summer, that is what amazon has created with this prime day thing i think remarkable, endlessly fascinating by amazon the company business model, and taking over everything watching closely amazon prime day begins 3:00 eastern this afternoon to a midnight tomorrow extraordinary event. >> created this it is interesting i know you have a
8:50 am
lot more top of the tour thank you, stuart joining stuart and company 10 minutes' time first on "mornings with maria" president trump and president putin still behind closed doors, we are take a closer look how summit is impacting global oil prices saudi aramco working on cars that use less oil back in a minute.
8:51 am
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remember, medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. chemicals awailting a joint press conference from president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin expected to take place rourl one hour from right now to look at oil prices how they are raeblthing the middle of this summit, as you can see, oil downtown 2 1/4 percent traded down, really just in last hour or so opus chief oil analyst tom good to see you this morning, first off lemon get your take this morning in
8:54 am
oil why looking at a decline, right here, and are you expecting any action to impact oil prices out of this summit? >> no, i am not. i mean the really contenuous subject talking about iran. you know, the russians want to invest 50 billion dollars in iran, got a lot of reserves easy to get united states want to put clamp down on iran i think bottom line within next year or so we are going to lose a million to a model and one half barrels production iranian oil i doubt if they will address that i am sure will talk a little bit about oil but in our view we have run scenarios for this we think the next 18 months is going to be as wild a period as of you seen in the last 30 years or cried oil you can make strong case for 100 dollars a barrel a strong case for 50 dollars a barrel.
8:55 am
both probably happening on the back of the bench you don't want to she. >> because of political situation i mentioned iran venezuela libya others why this wild ride. >> i think the wild ride first of all, you have to remember the market is exponentially bigger than 90, 91 pergs engulf war secondly we have added demand 5 to 6 million barrels a into interlude of cheap oil if you lose iranian oil lose venezuela, libya, and you know perhaps some others that were not accounting for you can see prices spike up quickly there are many, many more actors in the pits in machine trading that are not programmed for what might happen if for example, president trump and vladimir putin came out and said something that was surprising today. dagen: it is dagen mcdowell,
8:56 am
is production capacity there for us to ramp-up our production here in the united states and is this why to what you were speaking of, why the united states is at least entertaining the ideacapping strategic petroleum reserve. >> we have the production we don't have pipelines to move from permian basin where a lot of production is to governmental where it can be, xortdz to be run by refineries probably won't have until fourth quarter of 2019, the examining thing is this is a very active president, understatement there, i think he is willing to use strategic petroleum reeve as weapon to get his way if that to kwael how much iranian production is out there might use it though it looks as a political stunt because you know might take place right before the
8:57 am
november elections. >> opec manipulating the price, looking at this market closely, tom good to see you thanks so much. >> coming up final thoughts from this all-star panel. stay with us. you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. you'll only pay $4.95. the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators
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8:59 am
>> final thought there this allr panel. >> putining loon to divide us us from our allies and looking to get us to solve problems that he himself created that's what you need to watch out for. >> we should remember we hold the asis let's play them.
9:00 am
>> with our energy strength. our energy independence, again, we have enough production to offset lost iranian oil and we have to 650 million barrels in a petroleum reserve. >> stay with stuart varney now as we await that news conference. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart take it away. stuart: good morning everyone. summer are you kidding we deliver news and we have a lot to deliver. the trump putin summit, it's underway they're talking one-on-one right now. we don't know what they're talking about. it's just a two of them. no note taking. within the hour, they hold a joint press conference you will see it entertainment guaranteed. then within hours president boards air force one and heads back home where does he get the energy? arrives back home met with a booming economy. it's now growing at about about 4% a year. we'll get


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