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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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anthks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ gunfire ] uch. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, our top story, president trump on his way home after a week-long european tour, including bilateral meetings, nato summit, summit with vladimir putin. and president trump returning to andrew air force baseles base wo hours from now. it is not often in modern america that we see the dems, conservatives, rinos and
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national left wing media in agreement as they are tonight. president's conduct in a join news conference in helsinki with putin of hair raising and confounding as he seemed to side with the russian president rather than u.s. intelligence committee on question of what hacked dnc servers in 2016. of course, they seem to be forgetting that president trump is correct to pin out as he did, that large questions have gone unanswered. namely why did the dnc refuse to provide intelligence and law enforcement agencies with their servers, and when dnc refused to allow fbi to examine the servers, why did the bureau not insist on taking charge on was what a national security issue? seize the evidence, take the lead on the investigation. joining us tonight to talk about it, congressman matt gates, on house judiciary committee, and
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judicial washington's director of investigations, chris farrell. vladimir putin declared cold war after today's summit and president trump said this meeting will lead to more talks, chief white house correspondent john roberts with the latest for us from helsinki. reporter: lou, president trump left helsinki today, confident he completed a wart she watersht in u.s., and russia relations, but immediate effect -- >> a torrid of criticism. >> president trump promised to raise issue of election meddling with vladimir putin. >> it was a message best delivered in person, spent a great deal of time talking about it. >> russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into american internal
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affairs. reporter: in a departure from established fact, president trump said he just might believe putin. >> dan coats, came to me, they said, they think it is russia. vladimir putin said it was not russia. i will say, i don't see a reason why it would be, putin was strong and powerful in his denial. reporter: bringing a rebuke from director of national intelligence, saying we've been clear in our assessments of russian meddling of 2016 election and ongoing pervasive effort to undermine our democracy, in a press conference, putin acknowledged he wanted president trump to win. >> yes, i did. because he talks about bringing u.s.-russia relationship to normal. reporter: putin of asked about 12 russian intelligence agents indicted for russia an meddling, he said he was not aware of them
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but invite the mueller's team to sit down while russian authorities interviewed them. >> we would expect that americans would reciprocate, and question officials including the officers of law enforcement and intelligence service who have something to do with illegal acts on territory of russia. reporter: before the summit president trump blamed u.s. foolishness and stupid tie for ruining the relationship with russia, asking whether russia bears any responsibility for that. >> hold both countries responsible, i think thatu u.s. has been foolish, we have all been foolish, we should have well, it dialogue a long time ago. reporter: president's critics speculate he treats putin gently because putin has something on him, he was asked that question. >> i did heard this rumors that
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we allegedly collected compromising material on mr. president trump. i didn't know that he was in moscow back then. reporter: as it was unfolding in helhelsinki, a 29-year-old woman living from washington, d.c. was arrested for being an agent of the russian government. >> john roberts reporting. lou: we have breaking news now. freedom caucus chair mark meadows uncovered two new texts that implicate the obama white house and initial steps of trump campaign investigation. asking deputy attorney general rod rosenstein why the october 2016 text between fbi attorney lisa page, and former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe was not turned over to congress as requested.
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and whether the texts are being intentionally with hel -- withhd from lawmakers? joining me now congressman matt gates, he serves a number of very important committees. let's start with meadows revelation in this letter, what is going on? just one after another. and the question has to be asked? are you people withholding information? obviously, they are. >> that is affirmativ affirmatiy answered. there were text-messages with peter strzok and lisa page. involving strzok's personal friend ship with a fisa judge.
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and there was famous text message, infamous, where strzok says no, he won't we'll stop him, this is now a pattern, department of justice is not giving ut the information we ask in a timely fashion, we get a trickling of information it is far to redacted. lou: we've been hearing, we know, we heard throats threats from nunez and various people in congress. and it comes to nothing. why should gone at deputy of justice sweat you guys at all? >> we have a i think get more people to the republican side in congress enthusiastic about our oversight responsibility. the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, said congress has no constitutional authority you know to conduct it. >> he said you are all
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extortionists. >> yeah, we need a critical mass of republicans to favor the sanctions, contempt and potentially impeachment of rod rosenstein if we don't see the justice department complying with our oversight demands, this is either elected people or unelected people who make final call, if unelected people make final decisions we have eroded this republic. we shouldn't stand for it. lou: i agree. as you know. not another minute or second. but, unelected people as you call them, i call them deep state, are running all over you guys. the department of justice is running you, fbi is running you. stalling you for absolutely frustrating you fies at every turn. and guy the way. they worked out a special counsel deal, a witch-hunt, first 11 months of investigation by the fbi into collusion with the russians between the trump
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campaign and the russians be then special counsel, just to add zest to it all, that is actually running right now running every effort to subvert this president. >> i agree with you. lou: these are unelected folks running the country right now. >> i agree with your criticism, this is a fair one. i would add our oversight work in congress has resulted in a lot of firing termination, and demotions. lou: will i hear you cheer for christopher wray, he looks every bit as uncooperative as james comey. >> i would say christopher wray has an opportunity to to the right thing, i would hope he
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would seize it to date there are things he has done that i have been in agreement with, regarding in standing up for rank-and-file at fbi. but there is no defense for actions of strzok, and paimg, ankeep --comey and page and mcc. your criticism is fair, i am trying to encourage him to do the right thing. lou: turn if we may to all of criticism that now focused on president of united states he did not meet the particulars of the dems, the left, the left wing national media, rinos, and conservatives. i'm trying to figure out how he will be able to withstand such calamity as not meeting expectations of those fine americans? >> well president trump has a unique style, sometimes the game you are watching is not always the game played. you will remember in north
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korea, he called kim jong-un little rocket man, at same time he was establishing a platform for diplomacy and negotiation. so here, you may have witnessed president being perhaps a little lighter than we would have expected to putin publicly, they were behind closed-doors for a far longer period of time than in front of camera, saying that president raised issue of election meddling it is my belief they did meddle in our elections and over the world. i think that this country has an unfortunate past, as recently as obama administration, meddling in elections in israel, and balkans in coordination with george soros groups. nudgnone of us are virgins heree should hold both governments accountable. lou: everyone should be a grown up and they have to triple digit
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iq's, anyone that thinks that obama administration was not meddling in about seven elections and that directly with the one voice group, over the course of years and diverting taxpayer money, to fund an outcome that was decidely not in the national interest but in the interest of an obama white house. where was the outcry, where was the outrage? you know the bringin wringing o. i'm talking about from left to right, national left wing media, not one of them smart enough to understand what was going on in elementary civics, let alone geopolitics, and 2018? >> well, as is typical, left has missed beg story here, on nonproliferation of nuclear weapon, in iran and north korea, russia can be helpful in bringing pressure to bear so we
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don't see widespread proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and media does not top talk about, that they just want to criticize the president, instead of focusing on anti-terrorism and nonproliferation effort that i think were productive today. lou: i think this president is in charge of foreign policy, as no one has been for the last three presidents who preceded him. think about this, we're not at war anywhere. isis is all but exterminated. he is not at war with china. he is at same time holding them if you will, in position of whether south china sea or their economic expansionism before the world trade organization with a challenge against what they are doing, european union. i mean, these are fools who are prad eling off their -- prattling off their complains
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about how he conducted himself in a join press conference with the president of russia, it is ideaison the idea on thetic. >> i agree with that. two country matter, u.s. and china. i think we should start rowing in the same direction, get everyone to work, do great things that president fought for for the american economy so we can beat our compete ors to battlefield rather than sniping at each other through media. lou: i would say one thing, i would quote vladimir putin, if i may on this day. that is he will take care of russia, president trump will represent u.s. interests and good luck to xi jinping, i added that last part. >> matt gates. >> thank you, lou. lou: the dems trying to undermine president's meeting with vladimir putin. >> in entire history of our
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country, americans have never seen a president of united states support an ad an adversae way that president trump supported putin. >> this is a bad day for u.s. of america. >> the president is unwilling to stand up to putin, man-to-man, eyeball to eyeball. and to defend our country. >> you know senator bill nelson reminds me of great movie, dr. strange love, and slim pickens riding a hid hydrogen bomb on te way to russia. it was a movie. and hopefully it will stay fiction. reacted from judicial washington's chris farrell and lisa page grilled again on capitol hill, she now is about as popular as a prom queen, we'll tell you what is going on next. stay with us. how do you win at business?
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lou: democrats besides themselve after president trump's news conference with vladimir putin. rinos in congress were just as desperate and confused and
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confounded. the poor darlings. >> i strongly disagree with president's statement that the russians were not responsible for the meddling in 2016 election. >> i fell that president's comments made us look as a nation more like a push over. and i was disappointed in that. when he had the opportunity to defend or intelligence agencies who work for him, i was disappointed and saddened with the -- he gave between them and what putin was saying. he knows he -- >> just confused to why united states president would basically take the word of a dictator.
10:21 pm
a thug like putin. over his own intelligence services. and just throw everybody here under the bus. lou: you heard so many cliches in one string? flake is fascinating, grinning all of the way through his concerns of national security and leadership of in their president, he is an irrelevant see and a sad one at that, we're sorry we well to share that. leading rino in the house, ryan asselta they arpaul ryan.>> hous taking action moved toward impeaching rosenstein, traps this week. and lisa page deposed on capitol
10:22 pm
hill for a second day, giving her testimony, her comments conflicts with agent strzok's last week. joining us, chris farrell, director of investigation, researcher for judicial watch. chris, strzok is suddenly taking on a different sort of almost halo here. house is fascinated by her. and condition say enough good things about her forthth rightness. >> i think page has opportunity to become the anti-strzok, looking for a immunity deal or treated as a cooperative witness, she saw from last week when her boyfriend was doing, she a pretty sharp attorney, she sees an opportunity to recast herself, and i think she is
10:23 pm
taking advantage of it. lou: sending letter to justice department, with another example of texts that were not turned over as requested. suddenly the texts between mccabe, former directory direct of the fbi, and lisa page, are turning out to be talking about a meeting with white house counsel dating october 16, 2016,. implicating possibly president of united states. >> i want obama deposed. there is substantial evidence, earlier text message from page, she said, potus wants to know everything we doing. how much more evidence do we need, at what point does mr. obama come out of hiding and offer his version of the facts? that is my question. lou: if the scope of special
10:24 pm
counsel is russia collusion. then why not bring up the flexibility remark by president obama in 2012. >> precisely. lou: talk about how much more flexible he could be on issuing surrounding russia. >> all of the hysteria over hacking is on obama's watch, where is the accountability, i want him deposed. lou: that is a terrific idea, because no one else in his administration seems to be willing to be deposed. he did say he would have most open, transparent administration in american history, maybe he could make good on at least that promise, that would be nice. and this president inc under atk from all these folks. what do they think this is a high school football game, he is supposed to go in thump his chest and bump putin aside.
10:25 pm
what are they thinking? these are the most puerile, ignorant and ungifted people ever served in elected was on. >> this is a phony narrative. all of these posturing and this verb aage today,y throw in mr. irrelevant to the mix, mr. brennan. lou: i would like to have him deposed as well. >> he is on the list. this is false choice arguments, manufactured contrived outrage. where is the dnc server, where are the servers, they were hacked servicesly at the same time, you think there no connection? lou: nothing to see here, move along. that seems to be standard answer from leadership of fbi and deputy of justice and obama
10:26 pm
white house. criss farrell thank you. >> thank you. lou: ve vote in our poll. do you think that meltdown over trump and putin summit by dems, and whichever -- rather than any serious concern about the russian threat to u.s. national security? cap of the your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter, like my on facebook, instagram. >> up next, loonie left, absolutely melting down, showing their true colors after president's meeting with putin. stay with us, we'll be right back. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff.
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well, it'sonce again.eason >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. lou: my goodness, president trump disappointed left wing national media during his press conference with vladimir putin,
10:31 pm
because of that, well all of the top leftist critics, went wild. attacking president trump today. >> you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president at a summit in front of a russian leader that i have seen. >> all he had to do was not put on jammies and crawl undercovers with vladimir putin, he can't do that. >> i have never seen an american president simply surrender to the leader of russia, you should call this surrender summit. lou: what do they call it when barack obama said, to medvedev, tell vladimir putin i can be more flexible after the election? joining me, e ed rollins and michael goodwin.
10:32 pm
good to have you here, my goodness that is some. you could see sincerity pouring out of them as they express their disappointment, here to for they loved and admired. >> really, the way they were describing it was a disaster, for them it seems to be heaven. i was disappointed also, not to extent of this, i think that president did miss an opportunity to put the meddling question to bed, the way i argue it in column, separate the issues. lou: tomorrow in "new york post." >> yes. thank you. he should separate issues, whether russia meddled and whether he won the election unfairly, first one, yes. but trump can also argue, i got the votes, i won the election fair and square, russians did
10:33 pm
not prevent hillary clinton from going to wisconsin. lou: only votes what were changed in 2016 were taken away from bernie sanders by the democratic national committee. >> it is important, we forget the election, and he have. this is an important day for him, my sense is, teddy roosevelt, said speak softly carry a big stick, he spoke softly, i think he left his stick in the golf bag in scotland. >> as u you may have discerned. michael and ed and i are good friends. sometimes we disagree, this one of those. i think that president handled
10:34 pm
himself perfectly. what would it have taken to satisfy the morons on the clips? and what is his name brennan? the biggest joke i have seen. what is she going t is -- he goe settle it now toe-to-toe with thruss keys this beyond the pai. as far as i'm concerned. he is beginning a relationship with putin. in his intelligence community is so smart as chris farrell said, where are the servers? why didn't the fbi investigate them, what is the basis for this indictment? the basis for indictment of 12 officers, is hearsay. for crying out loud. and reports of the house
10:35 pm
intelligence committee, what is she supposed to do? >> to your first point, there is nothing he could do that would satisfy cnn, msnbc, washington times or "new york post." lou: or chuck howard or nancy pelosi or paul ryan. >> no. >> he does have to be tough with the russians, he should have said, a new day. a new relationship. i guess you did something in our elect, you always have, but you don't get to do it any more, this is not a good guy. there is a lot of activity going on in russia. lou: is xi jinping a good guy? >> no. lou: kim jong-un, i is he a good guy -- merkel. >> standard as american president you have to look strong. lou: look strong or be strong.
10:36 pm
>> both, part is an impression. you have to verify trust. lou: we had a guy rocking on his toes and heals with excitement when we within to war against iraq. the enemy was in afghanistan in saudi arabia with sponsorship in 2001, when are we talking about? we have a series of presidents out right jokes, i am talking clinton, bush and obama, the fact this country survived these 3 folks is amazing to me. >> i am a trump supporter, bottom line today, not his finest day. >> okay. >> look, i think that merkel and her screw ups, trump took those people on for sake of american
10:37 pm
taxpayer, and for american workers. i think today he did not appear strong against vladimir putin who deserves at least as much toughness as merkel or anyone else in europe. lou: fair comment, and i think in point of fact, this president is being harshly judged by folks odd there. i am talking about conservatives, dimms to left, he would not going to satisfy them, if he had thrown a quick left hook, if putin said i surrender all my power to great united states of america, come on. ed rollins and michael goodwin. >> thank you. lou: i was going to give you last word. >> i would have liked to see the left hook. >> up next, general jack keane, said trump failed to back his own intelligence community during his pros conference, i take it up with the four-star
10:38 pm
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10:42 pm
access to, that we'll kind of find out what the arm wrestling really was. press conference, it important part of summit, it is what the public is exposed to. i think a couple things happened, putin did what we expected him to do. that is score some propaganda victory for himself by lying through every serious issue. no surprise. what surprised me, was the president, i think made two mistakes at the conference, both surprised me. one not backing international community, hard evidence that the russians meddled in our elect, he appeared to favor putin strong contention he didn't do it. that makes no sense to me. and president seems to have a
10:43 pm
problem, like a blindside, lou, whether he hears russian meddling, he thinks, delegitimizing his election, this is not the case, because, the meddling had no impact, he has to get that issue off his back. lou: i am sorry go ahead. >> go ahead. lou: i agree, a terrific insight, he also hears that reminds him there is a special counsel suffocating his administration and has both through fbi investigation for over a year now. who has not found an irky on iof evidence against this president and his campaign, frustrating him, it should frus -- frustrate americans he has been shackled by mueller.
10:44 pm
running a partisan, canted witch-hunt. >> i agree. eveningle-- mueller will share. but i doubt he has collusion. president on a international stage today, standing next to an international tyrant, there is no way we show this guy any favor other than not being rude to him. but listen, the president while not responsible for that stopping hacking that took place, he is responsible for 2018, and 2020. i hope that in the confines of that summit, we're not privelaged to, he looked putin in the face, said something like -- if you meddle in 18 and 20 elections in united states, not
10:45 pm
only will i am pois will i am it sanctions but our relationship will be ended right there, and i will have nothing to do with you as long as i am president. lou: i hear the frustration in your voice. i will defer to you every time on geopolitical analysis. but here is part of the contact i believe -- context i believe that deserves at least notice, same intelligence community, that dan coated it for example said, decided that the russians had meddled in the 2016 election. there were 4 agents involved, though are same agency that did not stop that meddling dnot detect it, and by way did not insist upon acquiring, seizing the searchers at the dnc that
10:46 pm
acknowledge the we learn now, that the private server that was in violation of every regulation at state department and against the law with classified information on a personal server of hillary clinton, they did not do anything. 30,000 e-mails were destroyed y clinton either her or her associates. and without consequence. so we hear meddling we hear from that same intelligence group, not a vote was changed, not a single vote changed, outcome of the election was never at issue, and there was no consequence to anyone involved. people don't mention that the republican national committee was also a target of the russian cyberattacks, but they have the hardware and software to thwart that attack, because they were prepared for it. >> yeah.
10:47 pm
the president should embrace what you just said. that is this meddling, as feeble as it was, had no impact on the election. >> right. >> okay, embrace that and move on. he has to move on. you know, i was opposed to most of president obama's foreign policy decisions. but the one thing i respected him for, he had critics out there, and he just stayed focused on what he thought his agenda was and moved on. our president that to do that, he has to move on from this issue, get on with business at hand, and deal with russia. with china and north korea and iranians. his policies to date, in dealing with those countries, have been solid.
10:48 pm
unquestioned and part of a new vision for america, and it a brighter one, a prosper ioous o, it has been peaceful, his success with china, north korea and european union, sayin sugget to mexico city nee me, we need m space, follow him, as he forges a new direct for this country, whether it be with adversaries, competitors or enemies and our friends who have not always been so friendly in particular with trade, general the last word. >> only thing that putin respects is strength and resolve, he has to see that every day. i hope that interview with sean
10:49 pm
hannity recovered a little bit from this maybe next few days, and of his advisers can give us insight to what took place at summit. >> all right, general, thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. and as the general just mentioned, president trump and sean hannity, at 9:00 eastern time, on fox news channel, president on hannity. be sure to join them. >> up next. stay with us rinos and dimms upset with the president's meeting with putin. stay here with us we're coming right back with mark weed and dog samone. know what? no, what? i just switched to geico...
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lou: president trump says his number one issue is our nuclear dealing with other countries. he spoke to sean hannity after the nuclear up it. >> the nuclear problem we have to make sure. we have to be very careful.
10:54 pm
if you look at russia and the united states. that's 90% of the nuclear weapons. lou: joining us tonight, mark simone and doug wead. doug, the hysteria generated across the political spectrum because the president did not insult or act like some sort of street corner thug with vladimir putin seems to have set off a universal cry of outrage that he was weak on communism. excuse me, that goes back to a different era. soft and putin and soft on putin. >> i may be the wrong guest to have on tonight. i thought the whole thing is
10:55 pm
ridiculous. i saw fdr go to salta. and they make monuments to him today. yet they get angry and hysterical because donald trump isn't saying the word they want him to say. obama in 2014 the russians invade crimea. in october he goes to the baltic states to send the message we are tough, the estonians love him because he's the first african-american president. he missions up the capital cities of the baltic states, he calls an organization democratic that worked for the nazis. it broke the heart of the people in the baltic states and scene message to putin, i don't care enough to spend 30 minutes to vet my speeches. you talk about weakness.
10:56 pm
i find this whole thing hypocritical. >> he didn't do what the experts say and what the swamp says and what the bureaucrats do. the whole point of the summit is to make peace. not more conflict. lou: i questioned the intelligence community in this country. but where were they during all of that? why weren't they better prepared in understanding what was going on. you can go through the list of failures. you can't name any successes. the other thing that is extraordinary. successive presidents have had tremendous sanctions against russia. we have been told for how many years, we were told russia's economy is about to collapse because we are tough. we keep applying sanctions. no one is explain together american people how russia is the most of formidable foe when
10:57 pm
it comes to nuclear weapons that this super power nation of ours faces. >> if the president is saying let's hold up until we see hard evidence. can you imagine if bush said i don't see the hard evidence. let's wait a while and see what you can come up with. >> the thing that shocks me about it. it's the justice department. they are like an independent branch of government. they don't take any advice or control from the congressional branch, and now they have their own foreign policy. if they are so smart why were they so dumb to have a press conference a few days before the president's summit. that's a good example of traitorous in my humble opinion. lou: rod rosenstein is a complete lout and he's tbhowngs his chair and enthusiastic and animated. the fact that he's in charge and
10:58 pm
jeff sessions is nowhere to be found. yet this president who has the to say declassify these fisa documents as devin nunes has requested. it's time to start rolling this thing back. because a raid against the president is an unprecedented amount of power and force. >> if the president was trying to tamper. he was no match for strzok, mccabe and those guys. lou: they can't manufacturer the same outrage. >> the people who will stand up for donald trump need to stand up for him when there is that kind of pressure. he's going to make real mistakes. what happens when you make real mistakes if people abandon him or nonsense and hysteria. lou: paul ryan is such a
10:59 pm
duplicitous and incompetent remainder residing in an office he gave up. but wants to still keep the furniture and location for as long as possible. these are not friends of the president, no matter what. >> we have been through thisser three months. hysteria, it's the worst thing ever, then it's all forgotten about. >> i'm glad for those people in the trump family and for donald trump himself for taking on this whole mess and being willing to do it for his country. because he's not doing it for money, and he's not doing it for recognition. that's apparent. lou: we owe hip a lot of gratitude for having the guts to put up with all of this and leave the one -- lead the country directly in the way we should be headed, that's toward a bright, possible perrous
11:00 pm
future. that's it for us tonight. join us tomorrow, good night from newuch. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, our top story, president trump on his way home after a week-long european tour, including bilateral meetings, nato summit, summit with vladimir putin. and president trump returning to andrew air force baseles base wo hours from now. it is not often in modern america that we see the dems, conservatives, rinos


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