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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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sees positive long-term benefits if the result is lower tariffs worldwide. we thank you for being with us. john solomon and congressman afnedy biggs with us tomorrow. kennedy: president trump looking to clarify his controversial comments and says he now accepts the intelligence community's conclusions that russians did meddle in our elections. the media, democrats and republicans said he believed vladimir putin when he said he didn't meddle in the 2016 race. >> people came to me, dan coats came to me. he said it's russia.
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i have vladimir putin. vladimir putin said it wasn't russia. kennedy: he claims he misspoke. >> the sentence should have been and i thought i would be maybe a little bit unclear on the transcript or the actual video. the sentence should have been, i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a dumb old negative. you can put that in and that probably clarifies things pretty good. kennedy: the president said he doesn't take his intel team seriously. >> i have full faith and support for america's great intelligence agencies and always have. i felt very strongly while russia's actions had number pact at all on the outcome of the election, let me be totally clear in saying, and i have
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saidth said this many times. i accept our intelligence community's conclusion. kennedy: will this be enough to put the controversy behind him? joining knee, ron desantis. he's also running for governor in the sunshine state of florida. he has the support of the president. congressman. i will ask you. were his comments today that clarified what he claimed was simple misspeech, was it enough to put this behind us? >> i think there will be some people here who will never let him put anything behind him. with the whole russia things, things have been conflated by the democrats and media. if the question is did the russians meddle, the answer is yes. but did it have any effect on the election? obviously it did not.
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was there trump-russia collusion? obviously no. having those things clear so when the president is saying that this investigation should stop, he's talking about the collusion angle. but he does have confidence in people like dan coats. kennedy: i think you are absolutely right there and it's important to pull those things apart. there is a big difference between russia interfering with the election and actually changing votes, versus russia buying ads and trying to sow chaos and meddle with the election in that way. and there is a difference among those two with collusion. working with russia to somehow change the results. i think two of those three things didn't happen. the president also needs to be clearer here. and do you think some of this stems from his frustration when people talk about russia
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interference in the election it delegitimizes his presidency? off course that's what his critics are doing. it's a legitimate issue what they did in the cyber realm. but there have been things that are much worse. remember when china did the cyber attack against the office of personnel manage meteorologist they got millions of file with the security clearance. very sensitive information could be used forward blackmail. that was a one-day story in washington? why? because it didn't fit a media narrative. obama was president and they didn't want to use it to tarnish him. trump and putin had a two-hour meeting. they discussed presumably a lot of important issues. what is the first question they are asked by the american media, it's about the meddling and
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election interference. what about syria and ukraine and crimea. kennedy: those are all great valid questions which shows that put requires an authoritarian dictator who will stop at nothing to access for power and land. that makes him dangerous because he uses subversive and deadly means to meet those goals. there are people within the president's party and within the security and a us in this country who would like to see him be more forceful with his language towards putin as was with kim jong-un. it was his unpredictability, even the president's greatest foes claim that brought north korea to the diplomatic table. why aren't we seeing the same toughness and sternness with putin. the whole thing seems weird. >> there have been some areas where trump has bench tougher
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than obama. obama refused to defend ukraine with lethal aid. so he does have a story to fell. but i would -- to tell. but when they weren't back and forth for the interpreters to translate. when america is accounting with strength, putin doesn't need an interpreter for that. he'll realize that. and that's the best way to deter him from doing more nefarious things. the reason he did more with barack obama is because barack obama was weak. kennedy: you are saying president obama was weak and he capitulated to iran and strategic patience, north korea, made the world less safe and doing nothing with russia. and exacerbated the trifecta of bad situations.
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if obama was weak, the president needs to be stronger here. do you agree with that? >> i think we did with kim jong-un. he exerted a lot of pressure on him. i think he should do a similar approach with russia so when you have a summit like that, you are doing it from a position of strength or you turn the screws on russia. he has done it a little bit. but if we do it a little bit more it would be helpful. >> that would be successful moment. and would certainly help your party in the mid-terms. i know the president helped you in your polling in florida. you are 17 points ahead with likely voters in the sunshine state. do you feel you have to support the president blindly to maintain those numbers? >> i support the president because i want him to succeed. if i have a difference of
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opinion, i don't try to blame him publicly. i will call him and tell him, here is where i'm coming from. he appreciates that. that's the difference between being constructive and destructive. kennedy: you don't want to be jeff flake. sitting around doing nothing club. congressman, thank you very much. the president was also criticized for meeting with putin in the first place in helsinki. today he repeated his beliefs that meeting with leaders like putin make the world a safer place. president trump: i met with president vladimir putin to attempt some of the biggest issues facing humanity. we have never been in a worse relationship with russia than we are as of a few days ago. i think that's gotten substantially better and i think it has the possibility of getting much better. i used to talk about this during
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the campaign. getting along with russia and china would be a good thing. a very good thing. we are nuclear tours, russia and the u.s. have 90% of the nuclear weapons. i always thought getting along is a positive thing. kennedy: should the president trust vladimir putin at all? joining me is daniel freid. welcome to the show. so ways your takeaway from this. let's look forward a little bit. how did this move the needle in terms of our diplomacy with russia and given russia's contracting economy, how important is that? >> it's not a bad thing to try to work with the russians. but it's a mistake to pay the russians in advance. i don't understand why our
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president didn't draw clear lines and call out the russians, call out putin for their bad behavior, their aggression in ukraine and meddling in our elections and european elections. you have got to do both. walk and chew gum at the same time. kennedy: why can't the president trust vladimir putin? it's an interesting dynamic. the's at his best when he's plain spoken. but kind of stick together format a little bit, and here he seems to have tumbled a little bit. ways it about putin that brings out this side of him, do you think? >> wouldn't we all like to know. it's inexplicable. the president goes to nato and leans hard and beats up our friends on issues of defense spending. i was right to push them. but why does he then not push
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putin for doing much worse. he ought to remember there is a difference between calling out our friends to do more while remembering they are our friends and dealing with somebody like putin who is not america's friend. he's not democracy's friend. kennedy: he wants the united states out of syria. he wants to control the region for his own means. the president was very moved when he saw the results of those chemical attacks. he saw those babies gaping for breath. that's why he rained five dozen missiles down on that syrian air base. do you think russia was involved in that or any other chemical attack directly or indirectly in syria. >> russia supports assad and they are responsible for make it possible for assad to do these horrible things. i remember when president trump took those moves. that was a good thing to do.
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but don't run after putin and seem to beg him for cooperation in syria for god's sake. if you want to cooperate with the russians in syria, better ask john kerry how that worked out. how his deal with lavrov worked out. kennedy: he was given assurance by the rug -- by the russians tt they were going to dismantle syria's nuclear weapons program. >> try to work with the russians. but do it with your eyes open. and you and i and i think millions of people around the world were puzzled by our president's inability to stand up to putin. it would have been easy for president trump to have a good summit. >> there were a lot of people stateside who want the president to succeed and want the economy to do well and who want peace.
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they are saying yeah, give it to them. macron hail little bit. maybe that remains to be seen. the two leaders will meet again and they might have another press conference. thank you so much. the president's attempts to walk back his comments on election meddling did not sit well with many republicans. >> i am glad he clarified his comments. i didn't see it live. but i understand he clarified his comments. i wish he had said tonight front of president putin and the world yesterday. but i take him at his word. we need to be as one here pushing back. kennedy: like senate minority leader chuck schumer. he accused the president of trying to squirm away from his comments because he didn't have the courage to stand up to putin
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in helsinki. if the president didn't put the comments to bed today, what will it take. joining us, kristen anderson. let's talk about the political ramifications. the president was apparently shooting from the hip a little bit. if you read some press reports, he was briefed on how to be stern and pointed with putin and how to use various arguments against him, regionally and globally, and the president seemed to have brushed that aside. he did something very rare for him. he almost apologized and walked back and clarified his comments. how monumental is that for this president? >> i think it many a big deal that he walked back his previous statements. this is not a guy who is known for apologizing.
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if the reason why he decided to walk this back is because the criticism is not just coming from the usual quarters. it wasn't just coming from the media and the republicans who typically take shots at trump it was coming from folks like newt gingrich. kennedy: who had written a book, a love letter extolling the virtues of his world view and his methods. >> i think it reason you have seen such a wide range of republicans criticizing this when president trump does something unpredictable or unusual, for a lot of voters, that's why they elected them. but they also voted for him to be strong. the one thing he can't afford to do is be weak. this was really a big misstep
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because of all the things trump can't be. he can't get away with being weak. and that's what his comments were. kennedy: i think that's what stinged him. we can forecast down the road when the mid-term races are heating up. democrats will be using that tape. they will have a nonstop loop of it including some of the other comments he made. i don't know what effect that will have on the election. i think that's why you are hearing a lot of talk about ramping up new tax cuts because republicans need congressional success in order to further bolster the economy. kristen, thank you so much. coming up, are you going to get another tax cut? do you love money? republicans say they have a new plan. they claim it can save you a boatload. i'll be break down tax reform 2.0 with the panel in moments.
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kevin brady who had this to say. >> we are here to talk to you about making permanent this tax relief so they can continue to grow, and so we can add a million and a half new jobs and we can protect against a future washington trying to steal back those hard-earned dollars you and the republican congress has given them. kennedy: i love tax cuts. besides make the tax cuts permanent. republicans are look to make it easier for small companies to offer 401k plans. congressman brady wants the house to vote on his by september. can republicans get it done again? daniel mclachlan is here along with charlie hurt. and kat timpf is here.
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welcome, everyone. charles, i'll start with you. you are the most of excited and optimistic about these tax cuts. that was argue bit biggest win for congressional republicans. if they do this, the perception of that i will have more money will make voters happy and could booths economy between now and november. what say you. >> it's a good thing. but the tax cuts are great and i do love them. i want all the tax cuts you can possibly have. and money going to the government is a bad thing. it many not just that we need to find other revenues. kennedy: the government has plenty of revenues. >> too much revenues. and they are not cutting spend. kennedy: we want more our money
8:23 pm
back from the government, we want them to stop stealing it in the first place on all of these redunn damage programs that even though there are too many program -- >> the republicans picked a great day to come out and talk about this tax plan. it's not like there are any other news that's distracting. kennedy: people just assume every single thing that comes out of washington, d.c. is some form of political posturing. there is no genuine adventure anymore. it's just i'm doing this to screw you or help my guy. >> there is a political advantage to tax cuts. i would love to see a tax cut and see lots. my hard earned money stolen for universal basic income or other
8:24 pm
garbage they are coming out with. but we need to cut spend and that's not popular. but money is like a real thing. and you need to have it. you can't just have huge deficits forever and ever. kennedyever.ken. kennedy: we spent $7.5 billion on the social safety net. how are we going to cut spending? >> that's a great question. do people vote on it? i think they will want to see more money in their wallets. but for millennials, they will be saying i'm going to be paying for that and my kids will be paying for that. i think politically it's interesting. the 401k piece is great. it's bipartisan. >> people say social security
8:25 pm
went be there. medicaid will go bust. >> whenever politicians get too man kig around with 401ks, they will take it back some way. kennedy: their gooey hands are covered in emu feathers. stealing money from voters is a bipartisan issue. the panel has grown in your heart. we have more with them after the break. former president barack obama returns to the stage to explain why capitalism, the very system that made him rich is somehow bad for the rest of us. i'll explain in my monologue next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products,
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8:30 pm
opportunity. kennedy: so he's still a busy body and and a and a commie at heart. >> it will not involve unbriemedded unethical capitalism. kennedy: he claims to hate capitalism which has lifted untold millions, billions out of poverty, or at least that's what he has to say to shake the guilt from his private sector success that earned him $60 million for post presidency memoirs. and good for him. he has argued for capitalism by beating the pants off hillary clinton in his open market of ideas. he turned empty soaring rhetoric
8:31 pm
into a presidency. if that's not multiplying political capital. i don't know what is. if you are so disgusted by your filthy profits. shut your pretty mouth and give the money away anonymously. but he persisted. he suggested we beat that old tired socialistic horse that demands government pony up for writing a check for $500 a month in his native chicago. instead of public uvi. we should tap into the lottery of obama's friends and distribute millions from jeff bezos. that's free scratch for 78 million families more the entire year. sure the billionaires' wealth would be decimated.
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but by obama's logic they are ambitious. and in his world view those concepts are mutually exclusive. that's what the socialist ideas add up to when the wealthiest of us are shamed and forced to provide for the poorest among us. president obama did not mention our current president by name but he railed against strongman politics and officials who make stuff up. he called for an inclusive market-based system in the 21st century, whatever that is. the party panel is back. kat timpf, charlie hurt and danielle mclaughlin. leftism is road in campaign slogans which sounds great in theory. but when they are practically applied their end is north korea
8:33 pm
or venezuela. >> i don't know how anyone can look at the end result of socialism and the examples of it going badly and saying i want to try that here. it's ironic when you hear it coming from somebody like obama when he has made so much money. he also said his favorite thing about making so much money is he can give back. come on, man. then give it all away. you don't have to go on your fancy vacation. or at least admit it. you like having cash. i respect that. kennedy: we all want to be jay-z and beyonce. capitalism is not immoral it is not unethical. that is why there are people on this who have rising literacy rates and dropping microbes. >> it's the opposite of
8:34 pm
unethical. but when you thrift atrocities committed in the name of socialism and communism it's staggering. can you manage this guy, obama. remember his 2008 campaign that was so hopeful and unifying. can you imagine him peddling his crap in this campaign? he wouldn't have gotten past the primary. kennedy: and he lied to the american public saying americans were not being spied on. that's one of the most of hypocritical 180 shift we have seen in modern politics. you are a fan of the president and a lot of people are for various reasons. >> i think the point about him saying it's very, very progressive saying on the world stage, campaigning on that in
8:35 pm
2008 wouldn't have made it. but the resident communist here, we have a welfare system anyway. we have food stamps and things available to low-income americans that could be far more -- better using resources for the government. kennedy: let me ask you this. it's not just a check. someone has to write that check and someone has to pay for it. it would be great if we all had free healthcare and spend $3 trillion a year on healthcare. we simply can't afford that. if you are saying we can give up medicaid and food stamps and long-term disability and all this other stuff. when you take that $179 billion it's 16,000 dollars per person per year. if you are saying you can get away with $6,000 and that would be it. that's the ceiling.
8:36 pm
no more medicaid. is that the trade you are willing to snake. >> it absolutely is. use the resources and channel it. kennedy: are you willing to get rid of medicaid and write everyone a check for $1,000? you are going to have that in addition to the pension problems they have got in chicago and illinois as a whole. in addition to the federal programs people are tapping into. it doesn't take care of a number of issues they are facing locally. >> without think data week sit around and we are just posturing. >> we have a huge deficit. if you can work, you can get an income that way. kennedy: or move to oregon. my hometown of oregon is a
8:37 pm
cesspool. the homeless have turned the rose city into a dump. gerald turner writes it has been replaced with human feces in doorways and in our parks and on our streets. mayor wheeler's public policies have failed. report tax revenues are being brought into the city, but what do we have to show for it. portland is one of many elite havens that have major homeless problems. no one has figured out how to handle the homeless situation. it sucks to have to wade through
8:38 pm
tenth cities. in some areas, it's moms with kids and it's heartbreak. what can you do? >> i think it can't be understated how much the drug war has to do with people living on the street because if someone goes to prison for a drug-related offense and come out with something like that on their record. not only have they not been work, they have that on their record. kennedy: if you have a choice between someone with a college degree and someone who just spent 4 years in prison, who are you going to hire? >> this is the great thing about federalism. portland can try all these things and fail and people living elsewhere don't have to deal with it. the problem is we don't learn from these mistakes. go whack to the day you were talking about earlier which is related to this.
8:39 pm
would you just get rid of medicare and get rid of everything. the rib tearian response is it's better than what we are doing now. the problem, any kind of largess like this that you are pursuing. it's a great responsibility. i wouldn't just give my children a bunch of money. kennedy: fit backfires, you have to admit it. that's what these mayors don't do. >> 60,000 people who are in homeless shelters every night. this is a tragedy in many ways. >> some of them are in four-star hotels. >> i think it was the time. kennedy: last word. we have 10 seconds. >> this is a serious problem
8:40 pm
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ken r. kennedy: former fbi leader lisa paidges all cried out after test fietion about her conduct in the russia probe and the hillary clinton email investigation. >> i do think she is trying to give us as much information as she is allowed to do which is a distinction and difference from what we saw with peter strzok. kennedy: ratcliffe claimed there were several discrepe is between
8:45 pm
page and strzok's testimony. we reached out to page's attorneys and they told us there were no discrepancies. self democratic congressmen said the same thing. joining us, criminal defense attorney, david brown oh. bruno. i hear republicans coming out saying she did a much better job, much more cooperative, much more consistent. this was behind closed doors, you didn't have the his his -- histrionics. >> the inspector general gave testimony about the text messages. on the will stop him text she
8:46 pm
said she didn't know what he meant. on the insurance policy -- i don't believe either one of them. she said that she did not know what he was talking about. that she searched her notes and could not find any -- kennedy: you are not going to write that in your notes. >> i don't believe either one of them. >> they speak for themselves. you want to talk about a discrepancy? i did find a huge discrepancy. strzok testified they never took his personal phone because there were no government in related text messages or emails on it. he said he was the arbiter like hillary clinton. well, page in the i.g. report and reportedly in this interview said we did use personal phones to engage in government-related
8:47 pm
messages. kennedy: there is a good chance they were talking about work. >> more political biased text messages on the personal. strong said in the testimony last week never provided any of them. they need to go back to the personal phones. >> that's where they may be. kennedy: when you go to a nude beach and it's never the attractive people partaking. >> lizza page said they used the government phones so their spowtss would not see the messages. kennedy: david bruno on the case. "topical storm" is next. capital one and
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kennedy: two georgia police officers are-hot water after they apparently flipped a coin to decide whether top arrest a speeding motorist. and this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin in the desert in palmdale, california where cops
8:52 pm
committed some major moving violation. they were responding to a 911 call. the kids challenged cops to a dance contest. but by the looks of things they had a drink contest. the kid is great, but the cop looks like my producer paul. the l.a. county sheriff's department shared the video on facebook and it's been liked by 10,000 people. i never thought it would say this, but you facebook clowns are starting to make me miss the days when everyone posted cat video. it's that bad. topic number two. let's head down to cape may, new jersey where police caught a fugitive who won't have a leg to
8:53 pm
stand on in court. he ran away from home so the this created this mugshot to help catch her. it would be nice to see someone on all fours. but unliked the cast. , she wasn't throwing up. we are happy to report that bean was found a few hours later. police believe she had help getting loose. but so far she is refusing to roll over. topic number 3. a bear couldn't find any food in the woods of gatlinburg, tennessee. but he wasn't worried because when one door closed, a window opens. or a car door. you never know who will come wandering out of the words. it could be worse like hillary clinton.
8:54 pm
she loves walking in the woods, but that will change if she ever figures out where she buried her server. i don't see no bear. okay. topic number 4. yahoo messenger went off to that big my space in the sky after a 20-year run. for those of you who are unfamiliar. yahoo messenger was like'' google messenger but your information was kept private. let's hope the drifters didn't take it too hard when they final parked near a wi-fi signal. they are replacing the app with something called yahoo squirrel. which makes sense.
8:55 pm
everyone hang out in chat rooms is a little nuts. it's not just me and richard. topic number 5. finally we head down to florida for a man who called 911 to report that someone stole his cocaine. it's an unbelievable headline. 13-year-old david blackman allegedly called the sheriff's office and identified himself as a drug deal more had some bunker sugar stolen from his car. as far as we know the cocaine has not between found. but we obtained some alarming surveillance video of his car.
8:56 pm
get off my cocaine stash. then they throw cans of meth at it. the bear has not been caught. but he was last seen outside charlie sheen's house. we'll be right back.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm tomorrow night on the show, anthony scaramucci has a thing or two to say and dolph ziggler. >> from dusty boxes forgotten in the attic... emerge military artifacts handed down across five generations... >> the writing is unbelievable. i can't believe it's in such good shape. >> heirloom that may be a long-lost piece of history. >> i think this is a once-in-a-lifetime find. i'd never seen one before, and i don't expect to see one again. >> value is just rising with literally every fold. >> a war, a map, a mystery. >> i had a little momentary roller coast there. >> will it lead to one family's hidden treasure? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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