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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 18, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump setting the record straight, delivering a devastating blow to the desperate dems, rhinos and the national left wing media intent o gining up hysteria over his news conference with vladimir putin. >> we're doing everything we can to prevent russian interference in the election. we have a lot of power. lou: judge janine pee jeanine pd rollins with us tonight.
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also, the former president, barack obama's quest to subvert the presidency of donald trump taking a repugnant new turn as he try to scold a new order of billionaires and those he accuses of playing strong man politics while boasting, bothing about his and post-presidential fortune. >> i should add by the way, right now i'm surprised by how much money i got. there's only so much you can eat. there's only so big a house you can have. there's only so many nice trips you can take. lou: former white house strategist dr. sebastian gorka weighs in on the cynicism, has pichypocrisy and yes, the narcim of the obama shadow presidency. and rhino mitch mcconnell rushing to the defense of the
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deep state, refusing to back impeachment for rod rosenstein no matter how contemptuous the corrupt attorney general becomes toward both the senate, the congress own thcongress and the. top story tonight, president trump chose to dealin deal withe whining daffodils, nonplussed by the president's cordiality when he met with russian president vladimir putin. most of them believed that mr. trump should be shouting at the russian president and stomping his feet. this is the extremists of both political parties. this time spinning themselves to a higher level of distraught and went on an untethered 24-hour rampage of hi peshably and his
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steerics ignoring all facts of any kind. fortunately for them the president took pity on them and gave them a statement today to the effect he had misspoken when hhe said he saw no reason that russia had interfered in the 2016 election. >> it should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. so you could put that in. and i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. i have on numerous occasions noted or intelligence that russians attempted to interfere in our elections. i have full faith and support for america's great intelligence agencies. always have. and i feel very strongly that while russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election, let me be totally clear in saying that -- and i've
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said this many times, i accept our intelligence community's conclusion that russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place. could be other people also. a lot of people out there. there was no collusion at all. and people have seen that. lou: and my first guest tonight was with the president today and in fact was sitting next to him in the cabinet room when he made those remarks. she was there to talk about further tax cuts and driving further economic growth. joining us tonight, representative diane black, serves on the house budget committee as well as the house ways and means committee. representative black, great to have you with us. >> thank you. great to be with you. lou: that was quite a moment in the white house, in the cabinet room. your thoughts as it unfolded. >> i think the president made it very clear he's acknowledging
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that the russians cannot meddle. we're not going to allow them to meddle in our business, especially in our elections. and our intelligence community is bright and they will do the work that they need. so i think that that was something that he cleared up with the media. i think you talked about it in your opening statements about how the left wing just wants to find something to jump all over our president. but he was strong when he was there in europe and also with putin and i'm very proud of him open his strength in letting them know, look what happened with nato and letting them know they've got to belly up to the bar and do what they're supposed to be doing. i'm proud of our president. think he did a great job. lou: and i have to believe that most of america is and the rest who aren't don't have any comprehension as to what he's done or where this country is now headed compared to where we were headed before his election to the white house. i mean it's sort of stunning that the president, who has
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created what we think will be 4% gdp growth this quarter, record unemployment, record unemployment for minorities in this country and extraordinary foreign policy showing dividends across the globe. and he stands tall and all but alone in calling for balanced trade relationships which nearly every macro economist 30 years ago would be cheering him. but these folks we have now in academia won't acknowledge trade deficits cut into economic growth stripping trillions of dollars from this country in economic growth over the past four decades. >> the first six years i was here under the obama administration, we got all excited when we got 2.1% gdp growth. that was like, oh my, that's wonderful. and now we're getting 4% and the
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democrats can't say things are good. the american people know it's good. and we're getting ready to do more. we want to make the tax cuts for individuals and small businesses permanent. we want to give them permanency and we'll see a growth in number of jobs, 1.5 million new jobs. my goodness gracious. lou: don't you find it laughable that chuck schumer can say with a straight face that this president has gone soft on russia? this president, unlike the previous president, he's ordered our military to carry on, whether it's against the destruction of isis, whether it is the destruction of anyone who puts our troops in harm's way, killing -- people forget, remember when the cia director, mike pompeo, acknowledged in february that the united states, through air strikes and artillery had killed hundreds of
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russian military. i mean who are these idiots on capitol hill, including by the way, your speaker, house ryan, who criticizes this president who's done more than any one of the last three president to actually constrain russia? >> absolutely. let's look at what happened in the previous administration withdrawing the red line in syria. this president didn't just draw a red line, he took action. and he didn't take it just once but twice to help the syrian people. there is no some pairson with the kind of words that he uses and the action that he takes. i'm proud of that and 100% behind him. lou: i'm going to ask it this way if i may, representative black. where the hell are all of those people who wanted him to act presidential, to be kornl cordid polite? he's being as presidential as
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you can be but these fools don't want to play straight. >> oh, yeah. lou: they are -- to use one of his favorite words, when talks about the fleas that dog him from time to time. he's being as presidential and forth right and as effective as any president in modern history. >> absolutely. i love the fact when he was with nato and he told the nations you got to pay. up. it's truism when you say well they didn't pay up last year and they didn't pay up the year before and all those years they haven't paid up they really need to make up. what he's asking them to do is start paying their fair share. we want a president to stand up to nato and say look, we can't keep paying your fair share. it's time you pay your fair share. he's holding them accountablable and some people don't like that. that's what we want our president to do, isn't it?
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lou: absolutely. certainly the previous president would have gone all weak-kneed as the prospect of dealing face to face with vladimir putin. i wonder why the democrats aren't adding up the russian casualties under this president versus barack obama. he of the strategic patience and the, well, the little full-windewinded vacuous statems of his foreign policy which amounted to a giveaway of this country's interest in favor of iran, you name it. you get the last word, congresswoman. >> let's go back and look at one of my favorite presidents, roanld reagan. you will have peace but it will be through strength and that's what we're seeing now. lou: hooray for this president. good fortune for us. congresswoman diane black, thanks for being with us. appreciate it.
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up next, democrats on the national left wing media won't let up on the president after his meeting with vladimir putin. caution. we're about to take you into a situation where you will hear overheated, overcooked rhetoric that you're likely to find hieber bollic and representative of the dems and the left in these trying times. >> america's president sided with its enemy today. >> that's the worst case scenario. and, deep breath. it means we're going to have to come to terms with this as a country. >> you stood next to that man and said it and gave the middle finger to america. >> even donald trump supporters know by this point that vladimir putin has something over trump. i know they know that. he certainly acts like a president that is compromised. >> the integrity of our democracy is at stake. we must protect it.
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an assault on our democracy is an assault on our country. lou: he looks like a president who's compromised? really? now we know something about the iq of the left. we'll take up that issue and the hysteria of the left. judge jeanine pirro joins me after this quick you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ ♪music
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click, call or visit a store today. lou: joining me now, judge jeanine pirro, the host of "justice with judge janine jts. author of "liars, leakers and liberals, the case against the anti-trump on th conspiracy ." the book published today. glad to be here with you on your book release. >> today is the number one day and i'm thrilled to share it with you. lou: congratulations. the book is extraordinary. we recommend it to you. give it our highest recommendation, five star, top cabin, first class. wish you a lot of luck with it. it will not be our fault that it is not a number one for weeks and weeks because we're going to remind everybody about it.
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>> thank you. lou: great to have you here. "liars and leakers and lefties." good grief. you were thinking about what the president would have to endure over the past 24 hours. >> when i think about today and the last 24 hours, i must tell you, lou, i pretty much set the foundation for this. president would be face fg the left. they lie and they leak and what they did yesterday because they had a collective breakdown. i mean -- lou: it was a psychotic break, no doubt about it. >> they blew their collective basket. lou: it's incredible to me that anyone takes them seriously. because i mean, i'm watching the usual suspects. they have no context historically of what this president has done, they do not credit him for a single achievement. this is the most significant
4:18 am
consequential historic president of the modern era and no question about it. it's not arguable. and here they are carrying on because he was cordial and professional with russian president putin. >> one of the things i said today was what was he supposed to do, take a gun out and threatethreaten him with it in f the americans? -l. lou: a pencil neck geek who's never done anything except suck up is criticizing this president, this man who has been successful throughout his life? who -- how dare they. it leaves me just. >> we're all speechless 3. and the sad part about this, america is in a place right now we've got more jobs than people to fill them, the isis call fate is gone. i remember wondering if they were going to come and kurt our
4:19 am
headand cut ourhead off. lou: people forget when isis has 80% dominion in iraq. and now not so much. >> it's gone. america got this. that's why they elected this outsider president. they knew instinctively there was something wrong in politics in washington. they fle knew there was a swamp. now for the first time we've got people in the justice department trying to effect politics as opposed to politicians. lou: the president had to put up with rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general's press conference last weekdays before he's sitting down with vladimir putin. the justice department running its own coucher foreign policy against this president. and people are clucking and clacking on the left and the right. >> let me ask you this. look. it now comes to 25.
4:20 am
there were 13 before indicted by mueller. by the way, you don't need a special counsel for this. the justice department can do this. 13 before, 12 now, 25 russians. none of them connected to trump. 25 of them who will never extradited, arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted or sentenced. it's all make believe. it's like the russia investigation. it's collusion. lou: we put a picture of rachel maddow talking about the worst case scenario. i don't know. >> they are having a breakdown. that's why i wrote the book. in the book -- lou: the book. what's the title of the book? >> "liars, peak leakers and liberals." i talk about james clapper and john brennan, these are the swamp, people who made up an investigation as an insurance policy to go against donald trump in the event in their
4:21 am
minds god forbid he get elected. lou: and at the same time john brennan is going around cluckin. >> treason. lou: he's beyond belief. this is a guy who spied on the senate intelligence committee and got away with it. this is a guy who was running errands for barack obama long before he was president. and this is a guy who is just about as honest as -- well, i know of no peer to him when it comes to integrity. >> and he wants to complainant president trump because of peutn't? john brennan voted for a communist for president. the whole thing is upside down. lou: he stayed consist consistent. great to have you here ." the book is available everywhere
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and it can be yours. "justice with judge janine" saturday nights at 9 p.m. on the fox news channel. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you think the national left wing media is consciously ignoring president trump's tough stance against russian provocations which include massive sanctions over the annexation of crimea. $90 billion in arms sales to the ukraine. the expulsion of 60 russian staffers and their families in the united states. the killing of a couple hundred russian troops operating in syria. a call to double nato defense spending. a. $70 billion improvement in history. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. surely they weren't ignoring all of that. follow me on twitter, like me on
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facebook. up next, former vice president joe biden is apparently gearing up for a run for president in 2020 after serving eight years in the scandal free obama administration. how do i know it's scandal free? well, barack obama said so. the former vice president taking to facebook to air his grievances on president trump's meeting with vladimir putin. we'll take that up with ed rollins. stay with us. we'll be right my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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lou: the republican national committee raising a record $200 million during the midterm election cycle, nearly doubling the democrat party. the rnc outraising the dems in cash on hand by a factor of five. the dems have a whole $9 million to the republican party's
4:28 am
$47 million. i see intensity building, don't you? and the trump bump. this time in the republican race for governor of florida. congressman ron desantis leading against his opponent putin. desantis is at 42 42%, a 12-pot lead after president trump's endorsement. the primary just six weeks from today. joining me now, the dean himself, ed rollins, chairman of the great american pac and alliance and hall of fame political consultant served as the reagan white house political director and joining us tonight. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: that's an impressive bump for congressman desantis. >> don't think that being on your show every night hasn't helped him too. you're going to have every candidate who's running behind want to be on here which is great. he's a great guy, a wonderful
4:29 am
guy. lou: and he'll make a great governor. he's an extraordinary congressman at the forefront of defending and working on in l ts president's agenda. i've got to turn to joe biden because this is too much fun. the former vice president outraged over the president's meeting with president putin. is it maybe time for biden to think about that fresh space that 71% of the democrats want? >> the reality is he's never gotten votes outside his home state. the other time he got kicked out for plagiarizing. i don't think he's going to be a very viable candidate for the primary or the general. if he wants to get in the deep water, feel free. lou: i want to turn to one other thing while i'm sitting here thinking about it. a good friend of ours, has been
4:30 am
confirmed now as the ambassador of poland. we want to congratulate you, george et. she's make an extraordinary. >> first woman ambassador topoland, the first nonforeign service appointment. she's going to do a fabulous job. done great great things for veterans, for wounded veterans. the head of the green beret association. knows a lot about foreign affairs. right on the russian border. lou: she's a wonderful human being, a terrific friend and a great great american. so congratulations again, georgeette. ed and i were fullin pulling fo. >> love you dearly. see you in warsaw at christmas. lou: i want to turn to the president now.
4:31 am
the president, what he went through in the last 24 hours. here's a guy who is doing unheard of things as president. >> right. lou: putting up with some of the most ignorant s.o.b.s imaginable in his own party, the dems, the national left wing media. this man is not getting a thank you -- forget a thank you. he's not even getting recognized for all he's accomplishing and achieving. >> he's redefining american foreign policy for i the first m since world war ii. america is not going to come to the aid of everybody. we're going to help ourselves as we should and at the end of the day we're going to spend a lot of money on military and protect ourselves, protect our friends when it's needed. but it's not automatic and don't take it for granted. most americans will applaud that when they know more about it. lou: i think it's going to take
4:32 am
a while. because the president is facing a hostile left wing national media, of course. he's facing a hostile establishment led bought and paid for political leadership in both the house and the senate. it's tough going without question. and this president is showing more guts, more courage. i mean when you take a look at what is going on here, here is a guy who has led the fight against isis, the russians in syria. he's drawn clear lines and enforced them. and for him to have to put up with this is just astounding. >> he's rebuilt the military and goat a booming economy. lou: rebuilding we have to say. >> it's important. lou: because he's putting so much -- we're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars that would not have been spent on the u.s. military had he not been elected. and that's -- think about if he
4:33 am
hadn't been elected, the tax increases that the dems are insisting upon, that hillary clinton would have. we wouldn't be talking about 4% gdp growth. we would be talking about an economy that was in utter disaster. >> this is what reagan did 30 years ago, we built the defenses of the country and bought the soviet to their needs. we need to rebuild again and he's had the guts and the courage to do that, and a lot of skill. lou: and you know what else he doesn't get credit for? the guts to say to every leader of nato, who are all very important men and women in their minds, but to say, you know, enough with the glad handing and the bull. you're going to step up. you're going to be responsible for your own defense. you're going to be a full maturt 1951. this is time for you to take charge of your own destiny. and they wail and they scream
4:34 am
and nash their teeth. >> they're only doing that because the president. lou: without trump. >> hopefully his next target is the united nations. lou: well, there's a joke this there but it's one i'm not going to tell. thanks so much for being with us. ed rollins. up next, house republicans working toward impeaching corrupt deputy attorney general rod rosenstein after months of justice department stonewalling of congress. but they have a rhino in the senate certainly blocking their way and they've got more than a few in the house as well. we'll tell you all about it here next. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right
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that i know that are dealing with the same struggles that i am. wounded warrior project understood what i was going through. i am grateful that wounded warrior project helped me re-establish my life. i am living proof. ♪ lou: house republicans led by congressman mark meadows and jim jordan now days from releasing articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. republicans plan to enter it as two separate resolutions to impeach rosenstein for his continuous stonewalling of congressional documents in defines of the constitution as well as the congress itself. rhino mcconnell, however, says calls for rosenstein's impeachment, as he put it, are pretty farfetched. wow. what an establishment figure mcconnell has become. the witch hunt goes on.
4:39 am
special counsel robert mueller asking for immunity for five, five potential witnesses in the trial against paul manafort. his request was filed under seal. the identities of the five not yet public. manafort will face trial next wednesday on bank and tax fraud charges. joining us now, fox legal analyst, gregg jarrett, author of the new book "the russian hoax. the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump ." it hits bookstores july 24th meaning you can still preorder and appreciate it. >> a week from today it will hit the bookstore shelf. you said 15 minutes ago you were going to make another book number one by justice judge
4:40 am
janine. but you told me you were going to make my book number one. lou: i'm doing my far for you both. you guys are going to have to fight it out. wouldn't you like to be a conumber one? >> no. i want to be there all by myself. lou: how many weeks? -l. >> just a day. lou: i think the judge will let you that day. >> i'll take top ten. i don't have to be number one. lou: i don't want you pitting against yourself. we want you up there for a long time. great to see you. let's start with this mark meadows and jim jordan, the freedom caucus takes on this issue, preparing impeachment against rod rosenstein. trey gowdy answered the question, impeach for what. i've got a list. do you? gowdy has a lot of trouble apparently with these affirmative actions. >> it's obstruction of justice if you defy a lawful subpoena.
4:41 am
which is what he's done. there's your grounds, trey gowdy. you were a former prosecutor, although you did admit you weren't a very good one. here's the problem. you've got to have a majority in the house and you would have to have two thirds in the u.s. senate to convict. you probably can't get that with democrats. lou: i'm not sure you could get it in benedict arnold were to show up in the senate. i mean that's a strange place right now. >> yeah, it really is. lou: you've got ben sass running around, lindsey graham. it's a strange strange place nlt it's little cuckoo over there. lou: let's turn to brennan coming out against the president. i mean, you tweeted this, am i correct. whenever john brennan opens his mouth or tweets he removes all doubt about his ignorance. i like that. >> you like that? well it's true. he accused the president of trees.
4:42 am
treason. there's the tweet. that's ridiculous because the treason laws in the united states are very specific. the u.s. has to be at war with another country. and we're not at war with the russians. and you know, the julius and ethel rosenburg case in the 1950s, they gave nuclear design secrets to the soviets, they were not charged with treason. lou: i'm sitting here grinning right now. only a great attorney could take a 140-character tweet, limited tweet, and turn it into a brief and go from there. i thought -- you had me at ignorance. i really think you nailed john brennan right there. >> thank you very much. you know, john brennan says dope things all odopey things all of. he was a hillary clinton
4:43 am
sycophant. and more than anybody else, he was propagating the anti-trump fabricated dossier to congress and members of the media. and you know, i write about this extensively, and him, in my book. lou: your book is entitled. >> "the russian hoax." lou: with that, as we fight to make you number one and of course judge janine as well, we say thank you for being here. we appreciate it as always. we know you'll achieve your dreams of being number one. >> thanks to you. lou: in part. i think sean hannity has had something to do with the marketing aspect of it all, you know. and we entrust to you that title. that title nails it "the russia hoax." you should get a copy to vladimir putin. >> now there's an idea. but i would be acushione accusef collusion. lou: you know what?
4:44 am
you'll be in great company. thanks for being with us. vote in the poll. the question is, do you think the national left wing media is consciously ignoring president trump's top stance against russian prove vegases. those prov provocations, of cou, well he responded with annexation of crimea, added 90 billion of arms sales to ukraine, expulsion of 60 russian staffers and their families in the united states, the killing of a couple hundred russian forceforces in combat in syria y u.s. air strikes and a artillery, call to double nato defense spending and a $700 billion u.s. military budget. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. despite a left wing melt dowmeltdown, president trump focused on putting america first. >> we're working very hard with
4:45 am
our allies and all over the world we're working. we're going to have peace. that's what we want. that's what we're going to have. i say peace through strength. lou: dr. sebastian gorka is here next. we'll get his take on the russia summit and the psychotic break in the country amongst the globalist elites and of course the left wing national media. stay with us. we're back with dr. gorka in a we're back with dr. gorka in a
4:46 am
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lou: the obama shadow government still hard at work trying to undermine president trump's administration, the former president making not so thinly veiled criticisms of president trump during a speech in south africa. >> politic out fear and resentment and retrenchment began to appear. and that kind of politics is now on the move. it is in part because of the failures of governments and powerful elites to squarely address the shortcomings and contradictions of the national order that we now see much of
4:50 am
the world threatening to return to an older, a more dangerous, a more brutal way of doing business. lou: like funding state sponsors of terrorism like iran. the issues go on and on for the obama administration's penchant for strategic patience. dr. sebastian gorka joins us now, former strategist the president trump. author of a new book, "why we fight." great to have you with us. and we recommend the book to you highly. dr. gorka, i mean, barack obama is obviously upset that there's 4% gdp growth, the minorities in the country are enjoying historic low levels of unemployment, prosperity is returning under the leadership of donald trump, that foreign
4:51 am
policy actually means something now for the united states and that america is damn well first. >> yeah. he talks about returning to a more dangerous age. this man's memory span must be nanoseconds. when he was president, just a couple of metrics under his presidency, under leading from behind and strategic patience, we had 65 million refugees in the world. that is an historic record. we had less refugees in the 1945 at the end of world war ii. we had a world on fire. we had russia invading another nation and annexing its territory. and what did he do? what did president obama do? this isn't a joke. your viewers can go on to the internet and check it. he sent blankets to kiev. he sent blankets to the ukrainian government. no american leadership is back. it's being reinserted.
4:52 am
lou: you remember the powerful response that president obama ordered against vladimir putin. you remember the protests because the american people thought he was being too kind to vladimir putin to let him have all of crimea. this is a maddening revisionist view of american history over the course of just the last decade by former president obama. >> a man who did -- this is why the whole helsinki hysteria is absurd. this is a man who said, tell vladimir i will have more flexibility after the election. could you imagine if donald trump had said that? i mean why isn't john brennan screeching about the treasonist obama who said, i will be more flexible after the election. lou: you know, in the minds of the left in particular, but the
4:53 am
rhinos and the globalist elites, it's all the same. they are absolutely apoplectic that donald trump is doing exactly what he said he would do as a candidate. >> yes. lou: now as a most effective president, the most successful president in modern american history and it drives them mad. let's go to the issue of putin. here is a president who has the guts to sit down and talk to vladimir putin and hold a summit in hill sin hill sinksummit. he is trying a new path, a new direction and it is upsetting the neocons in particular, the left in particular and of course in particular the national left wing media. why so? >> well, i think the most important reason is the sentence from the president's presser where he said, in the interest
4:54 am
of stability and peace i'm prepared to put the interest of america above parties and political interests. that's not what we're used to in washington, whether it's the grand standing rhinos, whether it's jeff flakes of the world, who all they're interested in is that moment in front of the camera to bash a president. this is a president who will give the interest of the american people priority over everything else. and the faux elite can't stand it. lou: and it's why the elites can't stand the word populous, because all it means is the people. if you're not for the people, what in the world are you for? i'm sorry. >> one sentence. populism, politics the elite doesn't agree with. lou: you got it. dr. sebastian gorka, great to have you with us. thanks. up next, illegal immigrant
4:55 am
deported 11 times committed a heinous crime in the sanctuary state of california. that story and much more straight ahead. we'll be right back. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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♪look into my eyes ♪you will see ♪what you mean to me ♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lou: an illegal immigrant deported 11 times charged with attacking his wife with a
4:59 am
chainsaw in california. he appeared before a los angeles judge. i.c.e. officials describe him as a serial immigration violator with three previous dui convictions. the united states filing separate world trade organization complaints against five of our trading partners just a day after china filed its own complaint. the united states launching complaints against china, mexico, the european union, and turkey. on wall street stocks closing higher. the nasdaq up 49. and a new all-time high. vol 3 billion chairs. jerome powell said he believes a trade war could hurt the u.s. economy in the short term but
5:00 am
sees positive long-term benefits if the result is lower tariffs worldwide. we thank you for being with us. john gerri: breaking news this morning. the european union will reportedly announce a record $5 billion antitrust find against google today. we'll have details. >> federal reserve chairman jay powell back to capitol hill after giving it up a few of the u.s. economy. gerri: at the comments given a list of stocks that the dow 55 points yesterday. spamming dow component ibm american express posts morgan stanley is up this morning. headed the u.s. stock market futures as you can see the dow was up as is the s&p 500 will have it all later on. gerri: mixed bag for u.s.


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