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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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network. former federal prosecutor sydney powell joins us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. just g with you charles. charles: audience thank you and of course here is lou. lou: good evening everybody. our top story's president trump harpooning the haters today just two days after returning from his historic european trip. the president's russia strategy showing signs of potentially making real foreign-policy dividends and leaving the ever more unhinged lunatic left in the never trumper's absolutely great did. >> there has been no president ever as tough as i have been on russia. all you have to do is look at the numbers and look at what we have done. president putin knows that better than anybody certainly a lot better than the media.
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lou: retired four-star general jack keane among our guests and also republicans in congress showing a surprising level of conviction and cleverness on immigration. the republicans passing a resolution to praise immigration and customs enforcement and expose the open borders and criminal illegal evidence while also securing $5 billion in spending for border barriers. the next step funding the whole enchilada. we will take it up with republican representative sandy biggs and claudia tanney and also tonight air force one meeting the arc of the deal and they art includes the visual. president trump signing a plan that will mean a whole new look for the world's most famous aircraft. our top story tonight president trump pushing back hard against the hysteria over helsinki by the democrats, the right dose, the republican establishment, the national left-wing media and
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in a new interview released just moments ago president trump reveals some of what went on behind closed doors talking with russian president putin. trump says he holds mr. putin personally responsible for russian election meddling and said the united states won't stand for it. >> very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling in the cant, now look we are living in a grown-up world. a really strong statement. president obama supposedly made a strong statement. what they did here is the statement that he made to putin's very close friend and that's not acceptable. it didn't get much play relatively speaking but it was not acceptable. i let him know we can't have this. we are not going to have that and that's the way it's going to be. lou: we are seeing some of the
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first tangible foreign-policy results from the meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. president trump telling reporters at the white house the russians are as he put it very much involving guaranteeing israeli security in syria and taking a new course of action there as well. sara sanders took up the issue during the daily press briefing. >> a number of issues were raised including humanitarian aid, iran's nuclear position israeli security north korean denuclearization ukraine and that occupation of crimea reducing russian and u.s. nuclear arsenals and of course your favorite topic russia's interference in our elections. all of these issues were talked about. this is the beginning of the dialogue with russia and our administration and bears and we will continue working through those things. lou: it appears a lot could
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happen in those two hours of mr. trump and mr. putin got together in and helsinki. my guess is that trump putin summit was a good step towards normalizing diplomatic row -- relations with russia. and he big is the leader of the freedom caucus. it's great to have you with us press. the president was holding few cards in the face of the tsunami of hysteria and the left-wing media. >> what's interesting about that there are too many times the president can't get a word in edgewise that they were so hysterical about over the top over the press conference that was virtually impossible for them to come out and report this is what we talked about. this is the direction we are going and i think what he did today was he's letting everyone know look we had substandard discussions and i think you and i knew that in most of america knew that. i think it's just within the
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d.c. bubble and this left-wing media bubble that they couldn't understand what was going on. lou: i think it's more than a bubble. these are forces that have a target in 1600 pennsylvania caught in this occupant even without doubt. this president is being treated as i have never seen any president treated. when i think back to nixon into carter the disrespect and disregard the disregard for those two men by the national media. >> a day's picture all from the left-wing national media for president trump. >> i'm old enough to remember the nixon time all the way through and even gerald ford got it but now with the social media in the media that's out there
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and that turns so hard left and i look at the democrats. it's so vitriolic and its 24/7. there's not a new cycle where you will get up at i've and 6:00 news at 10. this is 24/7 and is a lot of hatred that's been out there. so many things are driving this country in the right direction. >> this is a president who should be held in respect and certainly given our gratitude. all americans because all americans are the beneficiary of what is not even his two years in office yet. foreign policy and domestic policy successes, great leadership, positive atmosphere. a moment or two under president
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obama. it's in calculable the improvement and a brighter future of this country obviously now has. >> i can't go anywhere within my district and other people's districts and you find out that tax cuts worked in the regulatory reform is working. the economy is going forward. we have people that are getting jobs. the job participation rate is extremely high. people are optimistic. business owners are optimistic. this is a great time and the trajectory going forward is all positive and yet think about what the president has had to deal with. the mueller investigation that has produced nothing really. he has overcome that. he has overcome that and the recalcitrance from the elites in congress, then remarkable. lou: frankly we can't even get
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to a conference to focus on much that is significant because you have a lame-duck speaker. by the way who is amongst the first to jump into the chorus of the nonsense spewing by this president about his quote unquote conduct in helsinki. it's a bipartisan deal. almost the first to jump on the president and criticize. today moving forward we have a 5 billion-dollar down payment it looks like moving through the system. for the presence barriers but not as walter that's better than
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the 1.6 billion in the spending bill that reduced the number of life stages but i've got to tell you paul ryan and the leadership folks on his team are tearing your conference to pieces and may be absolutely responsible for what will be a devastating result for republicans in the house. >> the democrats, that's a good thing that the democrats introduced a bill to abolish i.c.e.. i think a strategic thing would have been good to say if he really want to abolish i.c.e., 80% of the country doesn't want to do that. let's put that on the floor and make the democrats vote for what they introduced. that would have been a good strategic move i think. the second thing is -- lou: the gutless democrats
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congressmen wouldn't even vote no. on your resolution they were voting presence. you are talking about gutless wonders. they think they are going to take this country over and drive us into a communist state or socialist state whatever you want to call it, and marxist state. they'd understand this country very well at all. >> no they don't. whom you talk about a slow walk to the wall that the president promised. we should have funded that whole wall and the first thing we should have been doing is a complete repeal of obama can the second thing is the building of the wall the third thing is tax reform. this country would already be two years in the tax breaks. lou: the great thing is we have a country that is prospering and mentally with the deregulation and a commitment to a favorable atmosphere for business, our stability in the economy even as
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the morons in the business press for crying out loud or china should talk about trade tensions. even afford to escalate it would be short term and the result of the presence policies and balancing trade would be immensely positive and protect there for the global economy. we are dealing with the press that is so -- ideologically that they have forgotten whatever little they have known in their careers and lives and have just simply cast their own careers aside to join a march of lemmings toward never trump land >> this never trump movement was largely quelled. this one press conference that didn't meet their expectations.
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lou: i don't know much about foreign policy and they don't know much about the economy and they sure don't know much about journalistic integrity. congressman it's great to have you with us as always. up next the helsinki hysteria does go on and how they go on. the national left-wing, national media can't quite grasp that president trump is in charge. he is doing great things. our president is saying he hasn't been in office even two years and these folks are really so hateful that they haven't patients with their own being to look at what all is being accomplished in this country. we will take that appear next. stay with us. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then.
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lou: the national left-wing national media embarrassing themselves further today again after falsely interpreting the word no uttered by president trump and having fun doing so we are sure. the confusion and the consternation ginned up when the president had a question shouted at him with regard to russia still targeting the united states. white house press secretary
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sarah sanders badgered on the issue by these reporters today. that's another matter. why she puts up with that is beyond me. i would clear the room. i wouldn't put up with their ignorance for a moment but she set the record straight. >> the president said thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. the president and his administration are working very hard to make sure russia is unable to meddle in our elections produced talk to to the president. he wasn't answering that question. he was saying he's not taking questions. the president put out an initial tweet after boarding air force one that clarified his comments. again he put out an initial tweet from air force one. again the president said we have to focus on our election integrity. lou: sanders wanted to highlight the president's top stance on russia and the tax that the left-wing media for what they
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call reporting saying otherwise. a big win for the president as republican congresswoman martha roby emerged victorious in her primary runoff in alabama. the president tweeted this this morning. congratulations to martha ravi and the great state of alabama on her big gop primary went for congress. my endorsement came appropriately late but the floodgates opened and you have the kind of landslide victory that you deserve. enjoy. joining us now the dean of political strategy himself ed rollins political consultant "fox business" contributor white house political director. great to have you here. >> i think we are making too much out of this thing. helsinki -- we are now into wednesday and now moving forward
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he said what we were all concerned about. he told putin that the stuff could go on and call them up on it and the bottom line was let's move forward. he tells us the director of national intelligence dan coats one single iota of russia messing around with their elections. want to know and we will do whatever it is to stop it. lou: when you say we, that's what i find interesting because the president himself traveled back from a weeklong trip which was immensely successful. it's a national left-wing media in concert together in creating an echo chamber that was immense and pathetically, they went on this nonsensical tour of every kind of horror movie they have ever seen.
11:20 pm
if you wouldn't tell them to go to that's great that the national media in this instance includes us. it's my guess and it's only a guess and this might guess that we'll be waiting further to get all of the details of what happened of what emerged from that meeting. the public does not have a right with everything that goes on in meeting like this. two leaders cannot sit down together and have a serious discussion in the media not demand to give us all the gory details even to the point if congress wants to subpoena the interpreter to tell us. lou: the democrats want to play strongman politics.
11:21 pm
they want to -- an interpreter from helsinki who was with the presidents of russia and the united states before congress by god. that's how ignorant the democratic party is. >> it's my sense of the president is clear this thing up in the president has made it very clear. we will know what has gone on in that meeting. it's not the first meeting between the president of the united states and leader of the soviet union and russia. i would put them in the executive office building and send them tweets.
11:22 pm
lou: i don't understand for the life of me why he puts up with the rude attitudes of those people in the room. anyone who behaves as indignantly as they do and he to say he's an insult to children are absently out of control. >> putin understands do we understand. let's move boring -- forward. lou: we will move forward without sound effects as well. ed rollins thank you. do you think the democrats of push themselves so far to the left of the american electorate will destroy any chance they would have had to win seats in the house and the senate? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs and follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. up next republicans turning the democrats calls to abolish immigration and customs
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lou: the house of representatives setting the stage to deliver an important money for the construction of border security. congressman kevin yater of kansas securing $5 billion for 200 miles of new physical barriers along the southern border together is working on legislation for the homeland security appropriations committee. president trump thanked the congress with his tweet thank you to congressman yoder. he secured 5 million for border security. devin has been strong and loves our military and vets. kevin yater has my full and total endorsement to the disastrous senate omnibus
11:28 pm
spending bill allotted only $1.6 billion for so-called border security. it will do was not for the wall and did not include any physical barriers and by the way it resulted in a reduction in the number of immigration and customs enforcement agents. thank you speaker paul ryan. the house today passed a pro i.c.e. resolution. 34 democrats voted no. that's how many mustered the courage. the gop praising i.c.e. were putting victims are to ahead of the midterms for the public and party using incredible humor as the democrats intend to move further to the left in this country. for example speaking of moving to the left hard to believe he could do it but here he is keith ellison claiming borders are in injustice and mexican workers should be able to compete with americans for high wages.
11:29 pm
socialist darling of casio cortez is calling for the abolishment of i.c.e. and occupation of airports. those go together. joining me the co-sponsor the support of i.c.e. resolution claudia tenney of new york. she serves on the house committee. that was an overwhelming vote. it's interesting that victims didn't want to vote no. 34 did that the president seemed to be their way of showing how much courage they have brought their ideas about abolishing i.c.e.. >> yeah i'm surprised that anyone would go against this. i.c.e. is no different than any other law enforcement we have in this country. something like 76,000 arrests were made in 2016 alone for dangerous drug offenses and thousands of other serious crimes committed by illegal
11:30 pm
aliens in this country so why would you want to abolish an agency that's keeping americans safe. they tried to do it and protest but they were democrats who sponsored legislation to abolish i.c.e. and i would love to see that come to the floor and make them vote no on their own bill. the hypocrisy in the hysteria over this bill during the presentation was quite spectacular. lou: i can imagine paul ryan having the flare to do that. this is his idea of returning -- >> i think kevin mccarthy was the one who really wanted to put it on the floor but either way we got them on record. even cures tangelo brand who is one of my senators has supported abolishing i.c.e.. she comes from an area near a city where we have so many issues with crime.
11:31 pm
lou: we don't have time to go into the list of how many way she has inserted her politics. it's extraordinary. speaking of absurd policies the national left-wing media goes after the president because they thought he should have been a high school sophomore bumping up against the leader of russia with 6500 nuclear warheads. i mean who are these people? would have they become and what is going to be the result here? we are watching the democratic party move left. the national left-wing media is going to arrive there before that. >> the media is ridiculous and the media's not doing its job. they are supposed to be providing us with the information we need to make decisions. we are in a self-governing republic and they keep saying democracy, democracy. we are dependent on this government and the people running this government which are the people under the 10th
11:32 pm
amendment. they are partisan left-wing media. lou: it's no accident that corporate ownership, they hold that corporate ownership of these outlets. when i look at "cnn" and nbc and their various outlets and we look at "the news york times" and the "washington post", it's appalling and i will put it this way seldom do you hear corporate ownership mentioned. comcast, time warner, at&t now jeff bezos writing a check every year for what is a propaganda outlet. there's just no possible excuse for their conduct other than they have decided to be propaganda outlets. >> if you can give the president credit for a number of things. think the president did remarkable and you cited in your earlier segment but what is done in less than two years and look
11:33 pm
at the media did one thing he is done and i used to own a newspaper so i know what it's like. i owned an alternative newspaper weekly and i had to compete with the other news media. for years i mean i wish i could have coined the term fake news back then because that's exactly what it was. whatever the status quo was and whoever they needed to protect in this case it's all day long never trump. it doesn't matter what he does or says. if he says exactly what president obama says they meltdown in hysteria and it's really too bad. lou: it's going to be too bad for the democrats come november. so long as republicans in congress attach themselves to the trump agenda i think they are fine. as a matter of fact i think the democrats are and have a lot of explaining to do to the electorate. congressman it's great. come back soon. >> thank you. lou: up next a russian gun rights act of -- advocate.
11:34 pm
that apparently didn't set off any alarm bells anywhere in a d.c. federal court now accused of trading sex for political influence. has that ever been done before? they didn't say was a new plot line. we will take up the timing of these charges with john solomon right after the break. stay with us. well, it's earnings season once again. >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions. one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade. a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one.
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lou: and accuse russian agent ordered held without bond in a u.s. jail. 29-year-old maria butina appeared in d.c. federal courtroom. by the way she is charged with trading sex for political influence as a spy for russia. the fbi claiming she was in the united states on a student visa for two years and try to infiltrate groups such as the national rifle association. and accuse leaker in fired fbi director james comey lecturing the american public on how to vote. calmly saying this, what he said this and you describe it as you would. quote this republican congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the design that ambition must correct ambition. all of those must vote for democrats this year. policy differences don't matter right now. history has its eyes on us.
11:39 pm
comey of course one of three stooges along with james clapper and john brennan. these three stooges the illuminati have the intelligence community under president obama who by the way swept russian meddling in our elections away and tell it could no longer be resisted by joining us john solomon contributor for the hill one of the countries best journalists and i was a delight to have you with us john. let me start with maria butina. this is a fascinating story because for some reason a lot of people bumped the idea that this young woman really did represent gun rights groups again in russia. a little preposterous but apparently she was convincing. >> i will tell you a story i have never told before. in march of 2015 i observed her in several events relate cozying up to conservatives and making
11:40 pm
what i thought was a weekend at case for the courageous gun rights activist going up against putin prepares never going to be a 2nd amendment in russia. i became perplexed by her behavior and going up to congressional candidates. i call the fbi and the u.s. intelligence and very quickly i learned we know she is somebody as an agent of influence connected to this guide portion and we know what she's trying to do. that's really interesting. it doesn't appear they ever did. i thought the role of a gag counterintelligence was to prevent context from occurring that are not in the acheson united states. sounds like they sat around a watch as for three or four years to bring a criminal case. they told me they knew she was an agent of influence for russia. doesn't make a lot of sense that they let this go on for four years. lou: i love those couple of news
11:41 pm
outlets. that's what the fbi does. they simply watch the trail build and follow it through. it's preposterous. >> i remember interviewing bob mueller shortly after 9/11 a couple of your saturday said he was going to change the culture of the fbi. it wasn't to prosecute but to prevent. they knew about manafort in 2014 investigating president trump chairman. there are our a lot of weird sitting on their hands until opportune times for that understand as a reporter. lou: certainly that's in large measure to your reporting. we understand a politically motivated the leadership, much of the leadership of not all of the leadership are the fbi and the department of justice has been. now it's become a bureaucracy not a crime-fighting organization. it's very hard to find the fbi's activities and a crime-fighting
11:42 pm
in this country let alone counterespionage and counterintelligence. it's a disturbing institution in that it has become something unrecognized by most americans. >> i think there's a lot of frustration. i think the fact that people like strzok and page in the deputy director mccabe riccadonna gives them a chance to get back on track. before 9/11 we got back at her starting terror plots after that. i have great hope that the fbi will get back on track for sure. lou: we really should have an institution so will lead that it wouldn't have to do course corrections every decade. i want to turn to get some sense from you, your view in your judgment about whether or not rod rosenstein should be impeached. we know there's a great call for
11:43 pm
that impeachment. the department of justice and the fbi stonewalling the congress oversight is only credited to a few individuals who have demanded that they carry out their constitutional functions. they have for the most part resisted. your thoughts about whether he should be impeached and whether or not congress should just move vigorously ahead on that issue. >> i may be a minority in my reporting. we had matt gates on the hill tv show today and he said he doesn't think that photo is going to happen and the leadership is not going to allow pim working on a story that it will come out tomorrow but takes a look at what the fbi knew when it was recommended to rod rosenstein to name bob mueller in may 272 via special consul to
11:44 pm
look at collision. think people will be surprised by what the fbi assesses own collusion was. maybe rob rosenstein participated that they decided to move ahead on what i believe the public will determine is fairly weak evidence. that's not my words. that's the words of the fbi agents working on it. it's a story i'm working on for tomorrow and other people will have to make decisions on what rod rosenstein's future is. lou: we should point out that the senate majority leader has made it very clear that he has no interest and paul ryan and this is my opinion john and i will not attach you to it in any way. he's a shameless lame-duck tool of the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and for principally the republican party.
11:45 pm
that's a shame for the republicans and for the country. john solomon you are delight for the country. thank you for being with us and we look forward to talking with you again soon. up next secretary of defense james mattis reportedly opened a meeting with his russian defense counterpart following the orders of his commander-in-chief. we'll talk about that and the future of u.s.-russia relations. general jack keane joins me next we will be right i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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lou: chief of staff john kelly reportedly undercutting the president over his meeting with russian president vladimir putin. kelly was reportedly irate in the coffin made to congressional republicans according to reporting giving them the green light to speak out against the president. rhinos paul ran a mitch mcconnell did do press conferences contradicting the president and his statements in helsinki by joining us tonight retired four-star general "fox business" chief strategist strategic analyst and general jack king. good to have you here. this reporting on john kelly is not helpful.
11:50 pm
he keeps ending up in the center of these ancillary stories to events that make you scratch your head and wonder what in the world is going on. >> i find it hard to believe frankly. i can imagine chief of staff kelly doing something like that. i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. lou: as i say it's over and over throughout the course of his time with the president and he is a four-star general conducting himself that way and secondly not be sure doesn't happen on a recurring basis which unfortunately it has been let's turn to the president. when i think of the national left-wing media i think they are a bunch of clowns. they have become outrageous, nonsensical irrational, hysterical hyperbolic doesn't even suit.
11:51 pm
people talking about pro-harbor for crying out loud. when i hear this nonsense i can even believe we are talking about the same events i.e. the president meeting with president putin in helsinki. what gives? >> it's staggering. certainly on your show we discussed what we thought was the mistake the president made. he has come back and corrected that and we should be able to move on here. frankly lou the reality is putin knows this and here's what he knows. the toughest guy on russia since ronald reagan is donald trump it he knows that because he is the guy that's in the bulls-eye. what am i really talking about? it starts with our defense budget. trump's defense buildup compared to reagan's defense buildup which contributed to breaking the back of the soviet union. putting more into the nato
11:52 pm
defense budget as a result for president trump. that's $14 billion that he can be accounted for through the more truth deployed in eastern europe these are all things of major substance that gets attention. lou: i can imagine that i will always defer to you on geopolitical issues and military issues but what i cannot comprehend is really the madness that has beset the national left-wing media in this country. if they had been critical of president obama as he failed to enforce a red and if they had been a little critical of him basically funding the iranian state sponsorship of terrorism in perpetuity with the so-called nuclear deal. where were they and wide to this president do nothing when the
11:53 pm
office of personnel management was hit with cyber attack's relentlessly and the list goes on and on. he never retaliated once. the national left-wing media absolutely silent. >> putin understood obama very early on. he knew that obama wanted to avoid confrontation today know for a fact that on the at ukraine issue when the white house and the national security apparatus was considering providing -- putin called him and says listen i understand you were thinking about providing military equipment to the ukrainians. he said barack look, if you do that you will put me in such a tight place that i have know i choice but to escalate. it's going to be your responsibility as a result. lou: he did exactly what putin
11:54 pm
told them to do. >> he has always seen the exit ramp being the consequences of confrontation. lou: meanwhile was not just obama. but it was also merkel. it was also the leaders of the entire european union and mostly nato whose acquiesced as russia took crimea and inhabited a good margin of eastern ukraine without effects. so this president when he talks about paying for defense in raising their contributions and to step up your commitment to your own defense i think it makes perfect sense because the history is weakness and absolute irresponsibility. i mean i can never the so-called leaks of the left-wing media clucking because president trump have the audacity and was so ignorant as to suggest nato needed to redefine its mission and the way in which it
11:55 pm
conducted itself. >> if we put a microscope -- microscope on nato and capabilities, the defense budget is one thing. they can deploy a brigade into eastern europe. lou: general jack keane always good to have you here. up next the multibillion dollar deal to revamp. we will tell you all about it next and i join tucker carlson at 8:00 p.m. on the "fox news." join us. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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lou: mexico's new leftist president is exploring the idea of legalizing deadly drugs like heroin and cocaine. he says it would be the way to curb cartel crime. the white house making it clear they won't support any measure like that in mexico or the united states. boeing is given a new contract to design and mod spy two new pair force one fleans. the president successfully negotiating the estimated $5.3 billion contract cost down. the new air force planes will be ready december, 2024. listen to my reports coast to coast with the salem radio
12:00 am
network. former federal prosecutor sydney powell joins us. thanks for being with us. good night from new yor kennedy: president trump says he holds vladimir putin personally responsible for russian meddling in the 2016 elect and going on the offensive blasting everybody who is criticizing his controversial summit and press conference. he came out swing in a series of blistering tweets. he said some people at the higher end of intelligence love my discussions in helsinki. we got along well which bothered many haters who wanted to see a boxing match. and some people hate the


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