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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 19, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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workers. amid the threat for automation and artificial intelligence, the largest companies are on board, details coming up. targeting tariffs, donald trump issues a threat over trade with europe and how the us might retaliate. >> i made no bones about it, trade barriers where farmers so that, we don't negotiate something fair when we have tremendous retribution hours is the big one and you know what we are talking about with respect to cars and tariffs and cars. they know better than you do, they know better than all of us do what that means. maria: this ahead of the commerce department hearing on all tariffs. markets on edge this morning, take a look, futures indicating lower opening for the broader averages, down just real down 40 points, nasdaq down 20, major indices closed mostly higher yesterday, don't
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disrespect up 80 points, the s&p was up 6, the nasdaq right about where it opened, flat on the session. mixed performances, trade tensions weighing on investors, the s&p is up 15 points but the cac quarante is down 20 and the dax index is down 40. in asia declined across the board, worst performer china, shanghai composite down one half of 1%. a new twist in the controversy surrounding papa john's, the company's founder held talks to merge with wendy's. the fallout after he resigned coming up. the car dealership going digital. amazon teams up with her and day, you can team up with your next ride on the race to a $1 trillion valuation. money milestones. a new survey showing the ideal age to buy a home. it might surprise you. joining me to break it down foxbusiness's dagan mcdowell
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and mitch rochelle and heather zimmerraga is here. we will talk about tariffs. this auto hearing for the last few weeks. dagen: i don't know if it is a market mover but the trade fight, the war we have started with other nations, has it hit the stock market? the stock market has been able to power through that yesterday, you saw the dow gain 79 points. however, trade is exceedingly complicated when you start flapping tariffs on to industries and you might say we will slap a tariff on bmw and the cars that it imports, bmw employees and other foreign not a manufacturer's, tens of thousands of people in the united states.
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bmw has reduced our trade deficit by $1 billion because it is a net exporter of cars it makes in the us. i see the bigger picture but in the short run it will damage american jobs and send consumer prices higher and i hope we get some sort of resolution on the entire trade picture. maria: we will hear that in the hearing with more on that coming up but joining us in the conversation, south dakota senator mike brown is here, roger williams joining us as well. herman cain is here, fox news host janine. oh stopping by with a new book. you don't want to miss a moment of it and our top story is trade and getting to work, donald trump set to sign an executive order forming a new council and advisory board focused on boosting job opportunities and vocational training for workers. the president explained the initiative from the white house yesterday. >> so many companies are moving back to the united states like nobody ever thought possible.
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we need people, trained people, and we are starting a very intensive program of training people so when they come back into the country many of them left years ago they are coming back because of that and it means jobs and that is why the unemployment numbers are so good and you have seen nothing yet. dagen: ibm, lockheed martin, fedex among those signing on to the white house counsel to advise governments on dealing with the threat of automation facing workers. and ibm and fedex to create more than 500,000 jobs so this seems an easy win for the president, this is obviously something most people understand we need with digitization and automation, really taking jobs. dagen: the pressure sitting in the white house i put the pressure on the companies
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themselves to do this training rather than it being the burden of the government and american taxpayer. this is what you do for a living, that is what companies are doing, they are trying to retrain workers but also make sure they have the growing skills to make these companies and economy vibrant. >> training the workforce falls in the workforce itself, and obviously businesses love government incentives. and they know what the needs are in the best position to do that. maria: what are they doing specifically to that end? >> start with your existing workers to make sure they are best prepared for the future which is a digital future and what you have to do is get into schools and start making sure colleges and high schools are preparing kids for the
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workforce which is completely different. maria: preparing kids for the workforce and vocational training, two your degrees specific to what you're going to whether it is engineering or certain types of construction jobs but the point is we have 6.7 million job openings available, not enough people in the labor market pool to fill them so this is very important that donald trump is saying there is a big skills gap that needs to be addressed because we have job openings. if you want a job we can get you a job. dagen: ivanka trump wrote an op-ed and she is part of the commission and she is launching this today. dagen: in the beige book we talked about yesterday which surveys the federal reserve districts the labor markets were described as tight, most reported firms having difficulty finding qualified labor and there were shortages across a wide range of occupations but if you want to move on to the trade issue --
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maria: in terms of making sure our people are thriving for these industries in the future china wants to own those industries and that is why people understand what is happening in terms of the trade push back against china. when you look at ai, block chain technology, this is what china wants to own. when it comes to the auto tariffs that is a different story. dagen: because of the tariffs we slapped on china and the way china has retaliated against the united states and we can't leave out tariffs on washing machine imports and steel and aluminum imports which hit the washing machine makers, it is an exceedingly complicated situation and not just targeting theft by china but a greater deal more. in terms of trade in the beige
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book although economic activity is great among all the districts, manufacturers in all districts expressed worry about tariffs and in many districts reported higher prices which hits businesses and consumers and supply disruptions attributed to the trade policy so there is concern percolating, not showing up in the markets, business owners are worried. >> one of the words that referred to supply chain as chaotic, not good when business is in chaos mode in terms of investing and back to the issue at hand job creation. dagen: the auto issue, is the commerce department going to use national security as a spurious excuse to get a better trade deal with europe? that is the question. maria: they have done that with canada.
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but that is why the senate is trying to reign that in, presidential power to have this power on national security. maria: how is it auto? the president is standing by a threat to slap sweeping tariffs on auto imports. >> if we don't negotiate something fair we have tremendous retribution, we have tremendous powers, including cars. >> what this term trade war means with wall street this morning and called it a trade dispute but this is fast turning into a lot more. why are markets responding? >> fundamentals are really strong, that is the fact,
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earnings are up, growth is there, companies making money, very profitable. we are here from technology comedies, amazon, netflix still on track as well as energy sector, that is going to be up big. tariff, once you see it on a more global macro level. individual companies may be using it as a reason but it is across the board. dagen: when nancy pelosi called a $2000 bonus crumbs we took issue with that and continue to take issue with that. these auto tariffs if they are put in place do not just drive up the price of imported car by $6000 per vehicle to drive up the price based on the auto industry of a domestic manufactured car, us-made car, $2000. that is not crumbs and i won't sit here and act like these auto tariffs are gravy for the
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american consumer. it will wipe away a good chunk of tax cuts. maria: we are talking 3% growth for 2018. how much gets cut? how much goes away? when you see what has happened to the economy, and take away. >> one thing you will find with the tariffs as it gets to a point where businesses start making investments because they are not sure what the future looks like and once businesses stop investing that spirals a downward trend. maria: we see distortions in certain commodities market as a result of this. keep it right here on foxbusiness. lockheed martin will join after the bell from the white house. you don't want to miss a special interview with melissa
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coming up later today. a massive manhunt is underway for a man suspected of killing a police officer in hawaii, the sixth officer shot in the line of duty. the power of amazon, shop for a and a, the partnership that is driving car sales in a new direction. amazon catches up in the race for a $1 trillion valuation, back in two minutes. ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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dagen: a massive manhunt underway for an alleged cop killer in hawaii. >> a tragic story, this is the most wanted man in hawaii, 33-year-old justin, hawaiian police returning from vacation to help and him down after he allegedly killed one of their own. officers were conducting a traffic stop tuesday night when that suspect got out of his car and fired multiple shots. police officer bronson killo o killohloa was killed, leaving behind a wife and 3 young children. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information that
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leads to the arrest. you might think there's a war on police officers because this marks the fifth police officer who has been shot in the united states just this week. papa john's founder john schneider reportedly held preliminary talks to merge the pizza chain with wendy's. the talks have cooled since the resignation's after his use of a racial slur during a company conference call. shares changed following the news of the potential merger. papa john's is down year-to-date while wendy's is up. a chick-fil-a worker's video is going viral and he went above and beyond his normal job duties. matthew nunez holding an umbrella for customers on a rainy day in texas, nunez is a hospitality director at one of the el paso stores and escorted customers to and from their cars during the rainstorm holding the umbrella above
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them. and posted the video to post so social media, it has been viewed 2 million times and that is what you call take out service with a smile. >> top notch service. >> another reason to love chick-fil-a. maria: mitch thinks i only love mcdonald's but i also love chick-fil-a. dagen: it is a southern chain. understand courtesy. coming up, more money, the pockets of american workers and small business owners, that is the plan for tax 2.0, the next phase of tax cuts continuing to fuel the trump economy. the perfect age to buy your first home, we reveal the magic number, may surprise you coming up. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning,
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and it can be included with your internet. which could save you hundreds of dollars a year. plus, get $150 dollars when you bring in your own phone. its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. >> we expect to begin our listening sessions with house republicans next week. it will be a tight and focused package. the centerpiece is permanence because that is growth. 1 million new jobs and make sure the washington scan comes back in steel tax cuts back and growing the economy. maria: there was kevin brady on the program with me yesterday. for the second round of tax cuts. joining us is chief investment strategist sam stowe ball, thanks for joining us.
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we are basically expecting the tax-cut plan to have a centerpiece of making the permanence, tax cuts for individuals permanent. will that have a lot of impact on markets? >> not for the standpoint of stimulus but the standpoint of uncertainty and cloudiness. why are they doing is now with unemployment at 3.8%. in the next gdp number coming up being 4% or 5%. we don't have that kind of stimulus. the two words you need to think of our off-balance smokescreen. it is to keep the other countries off-balance because maybe we won't have a currency war or a trade war but maybe we do have a tax war and the smokescreen, let me raise an issue that will move it away from what happened in helsinki. maria: kevin brady said he wants to get a vote by
6:23 am
september. they want to talk about tax cuts going into the midterm elections, that is pretty clear. >> i don't know what the pay is going to be. they made those tax cuts expire so they could get under the $1.5 trillion in ten years and this would take them over that. i don't know what the pay is. there was talk of a national sales tax, of raising the corporate rate a little bit to pay for it. don't know what the trade-off is. maria: he talked about 20% in the interview so i don't know. they have got to reign in spending and that is what kevin brady said. it is not about tax cuts it is about spending. dagen: i worry because i'm a worrywart. i wonder if they move ahead with more tax cuts given the economic environment, given that we're into running $1 trillion annual budget deficits, if that wouldn't trigger a selloff in
6:24 am
longer-term treasuries, send yields significantly higher because they are 2.85% yesterday. >> that is a concern but the focus is the midterm elections. historically the party in power loses 22 seats in the house on average, four seats in the senate so that would put the republican control in jeopardy in both houses. they want to do as much as they can, maybe all they are going to do is dangle the carrot so voters say i want to stick the republicans to get with this permanence to the tax reduction and goes away after the election. maria: let's go through it for a second, we are in full swing now. next week will be an important we, s&p earnings up 20.5% from a year ago. your take against the overall picture with earnings growth and revenue. >> hitting the ball out of the park is the way i would describe it on the top line
6:25 am
with revenue, bottom line with earnings. we are seeing ten of 11 sectors that are now posting better-than-expected earnings. we are on track to have 26th consecutive quarter in which actual earnings exceeded end of quarter estimates and the average beat has been for percentage points bringing us to 24%. maria: guidance in terms of company talking about what is ahead in the impact in terms of tariffs. >> the impact is more a mental one and it is a big question out there. right now from the standpoint of economic growth projections in terms of interest rates, they are on the rise and relatively low but corporations are still sounding upbeat which causes analysts and investors to buy into the commentary rather than run from it. >> i worry about the strength
6:26 am
of the us dollar and the impact on s&p earnings with so much revenue the s&p earned overseas. is that possibly going to see its effect in court is to come in terms of downward trend? >> possibly. on a quarter over quarter basis we need first-quarter 2018 versus second 1:45,017. the dollar went down but on a sequential basis the dollar has been strengthening. our economics department believes we will have her between 88, and 89 on the global dollar index. much of that has been factored in. it is a worry out there but now probably not going to be much of a head wins. maria: autozone and oracle have cited the strong dollar as a potential issue for the past. in the past a lagging indicator, not a head wind blues not only does it make exports more effective but more importantly like mitch is
6:27 am
saying, when you take it back to the us and have that exchange rate for multinational companies they are taking a hit on their bottom line more so than the tariffs. maria: you predict a new all-time high in the s&p by the end of august given the backdrop in terms of earnings, would you put new money to work with stocks? >> i am a believer in this economy. gdp 3, maybe 4% if you believe the atlanta fed. you don't want to.8% on the 10-year right now. maria: what is the call? >> it is not a brave call because we are 2% away from an all-time high in the s&p that could happen by the end of july let alone the end of this week so that is the first thought. history says once we break even from undergoing a correction, a decline of 20% the market tends to advance 9%, 10%, before stumbling into another decline of 5% or more. i call myself a blue with a b.
6:28 am
my feeling is i'm trying to find catalysts to make me more optimistic which is what investors need. >> a lot of fund managers are being negative just to be negative. they are looking for a reason to sell. maria: the uncertainty of tariffs is real. when you don't know what is going to happen in terms of tariffs you sit on cash. dagen: you have to listen to the operators of the businesses you are investing and even if it is a private business, publicly traded company, there is definitely concern and the overhang of nobody knows how this will play out, nobody knows. maria: great to have you as always, donald trump just tweet this, thank you to know varda's for night increasing prices on prescription drugs, likewise to
6:29 am
pfizer, making a bug -- a big push to increase substantially on prescription drugs. we will take a short break. support for immigration and customs enforcement, the house overwhelmingly passes a resolution supporting the agency democrats wanted to abolish. we get into it next. the battle for bragging rights for two bel air homes to be exclusive and enormous, battle between neighbors to be the most expensive house in the entire country. how much the stakes are coming up. ♪ right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
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maria: thanks for joining us. i maria bartiroma, your top stories on the east coast. the election meddling this one, donald trump called out vladimir putin during an interview on cbs. >> is the leader of the country you hold him responsible. you can't have meddling. i let him know i can't have this, not going to have it, that is the way it is going to be. maria: the president double down on his confidence in us intelligence coming up this morning. markets are lower, futures
6:33 am
indicate a lower opening for broader averages, lodging earnings, they'll industrials down 60 and the federal reserve, jerome powell signaling in day 2 of his testimony. rising for the sixth session in a row. the s&p is up a 12:45%, down a fraction. in europe, markets are lower, with the exception of the s&p. and dax index in germany down half of 1%. the worst performer, the shanghai composite, 1000 vehicles over concerns rolling away. backlash over attempt to
6:34 am
abolish ice. and passed a resolution last night supporting immigration and customs enforcement agency. and the stock market value hit $900 billion. and real estate reality, the ideal age to buy a house. and trump doubling down on support for the intelligence community. he holds russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for moscow's interference in the 2016 election. >> do you hold him personally responsible? >> i would because he is in charge of the country just like i consider myself responsible for things that happened in this country. as the leader of a country you have to hold him responsible. maria: joining me is katrina
6:35 am
pearson, good to see you this morning. your reaction to the president's statement? >> the president has set a number of times he does believe the russians metals in the election. a lot of people created facebook pages to push propaganda, not just the russians but i do grow tired of people holding donald trump to a standard that was nonexistent to previous presidents. this all occurred under the obama administration and not once was president obama asked to publicly rebuke vladimir putin or hold him accountable for what they discovered to be this, quote, meddling, donald trump carrying the weight of all previous administrations including members of congress's actions and that is not fair. maria: this is getting a little
6:36 am
goofy at this point. i understand the russians have been undermining or trying to undermine the west for decades but at this point there are real issues to be talking about in the media is in a frenzy about are they meddling right now, where they meddling 5 minutes ago? but the fact donald trump is continuing to do interviews on this is evidence the white house viewed what happened on that stage standing next to vladimir putin as an error, as a mistake that could hurt the president's standing. that is why they continue to talk about it. >> the president has always been this way, whenever there has been this kind of misinformation or disinformation being pushed about him or his positions he always opted to do several interviews on the topic. it is quite disturbing that
6:37 am
even in the context of the press conference in helsinki no one is talking about the things he has done as president against russia. may be you guys do but this mainstream chaos that occurred after helsinki was largely left out of the discussion in the mainstream and that is why he does continuation of these topics talking with cbs, abc and others because he does want the mainstream viewers to understand, it is more important for him to continue to do that because he has issued sanctions against russia, diplomatic expulsions and strengthening nato. maria: brought up the gas pipeline. this -- fighting for that business. the house last night passed a resolution backing ice, the
6:38 am
immigration and customs enforcement agency, some democrats called to abolish ice. is this in stark contrasts between the two party that of the midterm election. the dems voted a lot of them present which basically meant they didn't have to vote yes or no but that is a know. voting against ice. >> constituents, considering they propped up several politicians, some veterans, some new talking about abolishing ice out of the context of family separation which isn't even ice to begin with. it does highlight the fact the democrat party still has 0 direction, 0 policies to put in place, 0 platform to push in the midterm election. it is nothing but a political stunt that was thrown back on them and called their feet to the fire and they failed to follow through on that and constituents need to pay close
6:39 am
attention, and whether or not, tasked with going after criminal illegal aliens in this country including three of which who kidnapped and raped two teenage daughters in ohio during 4 july week and that is absurd. and we should have entities in this country keeping black tar heroin out of our communities so this is absolutely going to backfire. maria: the resolution last night shines a light on it, who has foresight and who doesn't, the president tweeted about this moment ago, the democrats have a death wish in more ways than one, they actually want to abolish ice, heavily in the midterms, the republicans overwhelmingly passed a bill supporting ice. could have been looked at as a stunt but at the same time it is shining a light on who supports ice and who doesn't.
6:40 am
>> immigration is a big issue for the president and his election. will republicans use it as an issue to garner support in the midterms and convey weapon eyes the democrats denouncing ice to get quotes. we will see. it looked like a stunt. but voting president is not the best way, are you a vote would have been just as well. maria: do you think this hurts them, the democrats, in november? or now we know and this is overlooked? >> it does hurt the democrats in november because this is not a game. i'm from texas, communities are hit hard by illegal immigration, you can't have an intellectual discussion about the budget, the debt, the deficit, the cost of healthcare
6:41 am
without talking about illegal immigration and this is not something republicans are using as a political football because donald trump came to the table and gave over 1 million opportunities to get the issue to bed, and let's make a deal, let's solve the problem. democrats won't come to the table, republicans trying to resolve the issue and democrats who don't want to deal with the issue, just want to play games and people don't believe this is a game anymore. maria: we will see you soon, donald trump just tweeted again the fake news media going crazy, they make up stories without any backup sources or proof, many of the stories written about me and the good people surrounding me our total fiction. the problem is when you complain you give them more publicity but i will complain anyway. coming up, race to $1 trillion
6:42 am
after a holiday bonanza. amazon market value touches $900 billion for the first time. than the sweet spot for home sweet home, we reveal the perfect age to buy your first house. what do you think it is? back in a minute. year, i am sorry about that.
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(♪light musical cords)
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maria: a major recall to tell you about. adam shapiro on headlines. >> forward is recalling 550,000 fusions to fix a problem for the automatic transmission that could cause vehicles to roll
6:46 am
away. the company says the vehicle may be left in park but it could really be in another gear. three owners say they were injured. shares of ford are down 15% this year. hyundai is teaming up with amazon to debut a virtual showroom. and the show room offers a lot of information on its latest vehicles like pricing and reviews. you can book a test drive or see local dealers in the area where you can buy the car in person and already has its vehicle catalog it launched in 2016 but hyundai is the first carmaker to partner with amazon, shares of amazon fresh off of prime day, the stock hit another milestone. reaching $900 billion announcing they raked up $100
6:47 am
million in sales on amazon prime day. the most valuable company on wall street after they went public 21 years ago. jeff bezos founded that company in his garage in 1994. shares of amazon are up 12% just this year. maria: incredible. what an incredible creation of value. sitting here on $1 trillion of market value for amazon. microsoft at $800 billion. the value creation. dagen: one of the producers, i know i am on camera. when i see this something big is coming. >> with kevin kelly, apple, for
6:48 am
amazon. maria: kelly -- >> i said apple would get their first but the market is 935. it is in that can. maria: $800 billion reporting earnings tonight and s&p earnings out and seeing valuations. maria: people get on my case about being concerned about tariffs and that. we are rooting for america to do well. we would rather the stock market go up and down. we route with the success of american businesses. maria: they said in washington the tax writers etc. there is a long runway for tax cuts.
6:49 am
i know you expecting to slow down because of tariffs. >> it is quite possible. maria: this is a long runway. >> correct. there are some americans that won't get the benefit of tax reform until 2019 because they get a refund of overpayment, a long runway plus benefits and depreciation and expensing isn't seen from a while. the rocket fuel isn't going to evaporate soon. just the tariffs could be a setback. maria: on the weekend program wall street, microsoft's ceo and bill mcdermott, microsoft, $800 billion. the battle to be the most expensive house in the country, this is no ordinary
6:50 am
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maria: purchasing the american dream. what most americans say the ideal age to buy a home. we have been keeping this all morning, what is the ideal age? >> buying a home is a stable of the american dream and a new study shows the age most americans think is appropriate,
6:54 am
not the age they are doing it. over 1000 folks, found the majority pulled say the ideal age is 28 if you can afford it and a lot of people can't. national association of realtors said it tends to be 32. four years older. other highlights from the survey, the ideal age to save for retirement, 22. i know anything-year-old who is saving for retirement. retirement age is 61. that is what they want to retire and other housing news, alarming financial mistake, one in three on homeowners make, dipping into their retirement nest egg to finance their down payment. that is something you can't make up. financial advisor stated is more important to pay off debt and fund retirement before buying the house. that is not the first house you buy, the last house. let's talk about bel air and these mansions. the battle of the mansions. massive 34,000 square-foot home is hitting the market for $180 million but it is right next
6:55 am
door to another beast of a home that is asking $188 million, both aspiring to be the most expensive home ever sold in the us, current record belongs to the massive hamptons estate, hedge fund manager barry rosenstein purchased for $137 million. i love real estate. i love houses and i wonder what happens to that sort of up their group of homes during an environment when prices are coming down. does that upper end, $130 million home get affected? >> perhaps not. other luxury homes where the home mortgage deduction limit has been impacted and lack of state and local deductions has been impacted. i talked about this yesterday, the fact of the matter is look at the major cities, we are seeing a little fall off of
6:56 am
home values. dagen: connecticut never really recovered from the housing crash in 2007-2008 and particularly if you go an hour outside new york city these markets have been weekend increasingly we, a massive amount of inventory on the market and softness in new york city. maria: we got a recovery in westchester but getting flattened right now. at $188 million, if the economy does go south those prices fluctuate even more than the median price of homes would see. you can get in trouble in a heartbeat. >> i am often asked the median house price at 250, icy three times the median house price is 750, where you get into softness when the economy slows down and now salt deductions. dagen: may i say super luxury
6:57 am
expensive homes look like hotels. they don't look like homes. >> they may have casinos in them. maria: 6 months from today our high prices going to be higher or lower? >> it will depend on tariffs. if foreign investors don't feel comfortable pouring money into the united states, if you lose that the high end gets back. maria: the power of netflix moving into satellite radio. this is no joke. we will explain how the empire is growing on "mornings with maria". ♪ (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. maria: . welcome back many good thursday morning. i'm maria bartiromo. your top stories. training america's workers, the white house set to announce a new initiative to help bring workers into the 21st century. something ivanka trump told me last month. >> there is a real focus in this administration and throughout the country on the importance of skills education and clas collaborating with the business community to make sure the education we're giving mid to late career workers who need retraining or american students correlates with the jobs that are actually in demand in the modern economy.
7:01 am
maria: now major american companies reportedly getting on-board. we have details of who is working with the administration on this. ibm, gm, lockheed martin, fed ex, home depot, among others. trade tensions rising, president trump threatens retaliation, using auto tariffs, days before european leaders are set to visit the white house. markets on edge this morning, dow industrials down 5068 points, nasdaq -- 50 points. major indices closed mostly higher yesterday. the nasdaq was down yesterday even though technology has been really taking the lion's share of gains year-to-date. in europe mixed performance, trade tensions weighing on investors there. the fq100 is up, the cac is down half a percent, the dax index down a third of a percent.
7:02 am
earnings in focus this morning, ibm reported last night. it beat analyst expectations, stock is up 2.5%. that will be a positive for the dow industrials for sure. we have mcdonald's betting big on delivery, it is offering some throwback items if you get your big mac delivered. a heart-warming rescue goes viral, a cyclist picks up an injured stray dog and carries it on his back while biking. the dog now is home and has a new home so we will tell you all about it. all those stories coming up this thursday morning. joining me to talk about it, dagen mcdowell, mitch rochell and heather zimeraja joining us this morning. great to see you. >> good morning. >> what about the dog. >> i love a dog story. >> i stop and rescue tou res --e turtles. i will pull my car over in the middle of highway and rescue it. maria: turtles?
7:03 am
dagen: literally any animal that seems to be in danger, i'll stop my car and move it. that's incredible. maria: to see the dog on his back like that was so sweet. training for the jobs of tomorrow, president trump will sign an exec tough order today to -- executive order today to form a new council that will boost job opportunities an vocational training for american workers. ivanka trusivanka trump and sten is behind this move. i spoke with them about this last month. >> we've seen in recent decades the negative trend in terms of american productivity, so we believe that this will give that an enormous boost and change the trajectory, plus secretary mnuchin and i were looking just two days ago at a very compelling chart that showed the direct correlation between increased investment and wage increases, wage and salary
7:04 am
increases. when american companies get this tax cut, when they invest in their businesses, it is going to the american worker in the form of higher salaries, bigger bonus as we've seen just in the early days and a general investment in the american workforce. maria: wages has been stagnant for a decade before this. >> it's started to change. maria: when does that become an issue in terms of inflation or economy that's getting too high. >> i think one of the tremendous opportunities that we're seeing, because the economy is so strong, is that people who have been out of the workforce are coming back off the sidelines and this is something we're working incredibly hard to incentiveize. there is a large population of prime age working or prime age men and women who are out of the workforce and who are slowly starting to return. we're seeing that. 2 million people have come off food stamps and have come back into the economy. so we're starting to see people who have been on the sidelines
7:05 am
re-enter the economy and we think that's incredibly positive and we're excited about that. maria: some of that has to do with training, right, secretary? the fact that -- what does a steelworker know about a.i. what does a bus driver know about robotics. >> this is a public, private partnership, working with companies, working with the department of education, the department of labor and making sure we have problem training because this is about creating good careers, not just good jobs, but good careers and also saving taxpayers money because every person that goes back to work comes off of food stamps and comes off of welfare. we get both sides of the equation. >> i was on the hill this week with senator alexander and senator murray advocating for the reauthorization of perkins career and technical education which will affect 11 million students around the country and equip them, students and workers, with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digital economy. that passed out of the health
7:06 am
committee with unanimous bipartisan vote so bipartisanship can still happen in washington, d.c. but there is a real focus in this administration and throughout the country on the importance of skills education and collaborating with the business community to make sure that the education we're giving mid to late career workers who maybe need reskilling or retraining or american students correlates with the jobs that are actually in demand in the modern economy. there's going to be a lot more to come from this administration on that front, but we're very, very focused on skills training. maria: ibm, general motors, lockheed martin, fed ex and home depot all among the companies signing onto the new white house council to advise government on how to deal with the threat of automation facing workers. the white house planning to announce commitments from ibm and fed ex to create more than 500,000 jobs. this seems like a win for the president and an easy one. most people understand this, guys. that automation is taking away
7:07 am
jobs and our folks are not prepared to thrive in environment. what do you sunshine. >> we talked -- what do you think? >> we talked about it the last hour. the issue is getting the digital skills to the workforce through schools as early as possible. everybody takes for granted that they think kids in school are digitally equipped because they grew up with phones. that doesn't mean they have the right training to be commercial in adulthood. >> after age 24 or 25 when you come out of college or if you get your mba or whatever you're doing, you really don't get anymore skills or advancement in terms of education, skills training, after 24, 25. maria: my doctor, i want him to keep -- and her to keep getting training. everybody, every job needs to get trained up to the most up-to-date issues. >> in my firm we have a largely
7:08 am
millennial workforce, like 60 or 70% of our workforce is millennial. we're investing a ton of money in retraining our people so they can be digitally relevant in the future. because what companies are going to be doing is going to be completely differen different h0 years than it is today. dagen: it's another way for this white house to highlight the strong job growth under this presidency, what they have done to really juice the economic growth that we've seen in this country and to create a playing field as far as the eye can see for businesses and by making those corporate tax cuts permanent. regardless of what they do on trade and tariffs, that is perm then sigh that -- permanency that businesses can count on. it's critical to reinforce. the president will also mention about vocational training, focusing on trades, rather than the fixation on going to a four year university. i think that's also important.
7:09 am
it needs to change the mindset of young people who are graduating from college. >> look at student death. it's ballooning, it's massive, the student death situation. maria: that's why the shift has happened. people can't afford it and they're questioning whether or not it's worth it. the president tweeted again, saying this. the fake news media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war. they're pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that i'll probably have a good relationship with putin. we're doing much better than any other country. it is true that the media has been obsessed with this story. we'll keep watching it. coming up, every day is now friday. mcdonald's giving away free french fries for the rest of the year. there is a catch. wait until you hear this. and what happened when one cyclist came across an injured stray dog on his regular route. take a look. we have the heart-warming story to tell you about. back in a minute.
7:10 am
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maria: welcome back. this just in, breaking news, a steam pipe explosion in new york city. adam shapiro has the details. >> the details are still coming into newsrooms but new york police tell fox news it looks like a steam pipe did indeed explode near the flat iron
7:13 am
building at fifth avenue and 21st street. this is one of the iconic buildings in manhattan. it happened around 6:40 this morning during the rush hour commute. the explosion sent a huge cloud of smoke or possibly steam over the area. several streets already have been closed to track. there have been no reports of injuries. we will continue to follow this story throughout the morning and steam pipes do on occasion here in the city explode. 22 soldiers have been injured in a tent collapse at a military base in california. this happened when an army black hawk helicopter was landing at fort hontaligette. four soldiers were taken to the hospital. fortunately, most of their injuries are minor. the fort is 170 miles south of san francisco, the largest u.s. army reserve command post.
7:14 am
during a test flight yesterday, a capsule was shot higher into space than the company has ever done before. it flew to anil at this tied of nearly 390 now feet or 74 miles. the booster and capsule landed safely. jeff bezos tweeted crew capsule looks great. astronauts would have had an exhilarating ride and safe landing, great engineering. blue origin has yet to announce when they will start selling tickets or how much the space flights will cost if you want to go into space, hopefully you get a drink and a couple peanuts with that. an army pilot surprising a dog that missed him the most. the golden retriever sniffed out a familiar smell under the covers and could not stop wagging his tail. the two had been separated for six months before that sweet
7:15 am
reunion. take a look at this, another dog in for a different surprise. a ride from a cyclist. jared little was on a bike ride with some friends when he spotted the injured stray dog on the outskirts of columbus, georgia. with the skinny frame and broken leg, little put the dog on his back and rode the dog into town. a woman from maine spotted the pair on their way and took over from there. after having surgery to fix the broken toe, the dog was transported to the house back in maine. strays are the best. we had a stray. they love you forever. maria: i love that story. >> it's a good story. maria: we love rescues. >> dagen.dagen: both my dogs are rescues. adopt, don't shop, i always say. be on the lookout, particularly riding through the country, looking for dogs that have been thrown out of automobiles even. people just treat animals with
7:16 am
just such disregard. maria: that's so horrible. dagen: certain parts of the world and certain parts of the country, so be on the lookout, you might find your best friend needing help on the side of the road. maria: coming up, first pfizer, now novartis, why they said they will not raise prices this year either. the president tweeted tweeted about this. jurassic park turns 25. >> everybody hear that? that's an impact, it's what it is. i'm fairly alarmed here. maria: how london is celebrating the film's anniversary by paying tribute to one of its stars, jeff goldblum. that's next. stay with us. ♪ year, i am sorry about that.
7:17 am
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maria: welcome back. jobs in america, president trump is set to sign an executive order today forming a new council and advisory board aimed at boosting vocational training as well as job opportunities for american workers. fed ex, ibm, lockheed martin among a few companies agreeing to help implement the executive action. joining me now is senator mike rounds. senator, good to see you this morning. your take on this executive action in terms of getting americans ready for the jobs of the future. >> positive move. any time you can add value to a worker, you're going to be moving them forward and making them more valuable, meaning you can pay them more. it also means you add to the gdp. right now we need trained,
7:21 am
qualified workers and those qualified workers will be doing more than one kind of job during their lifetime. when you have a system in place in which you can retrain them, you keep the value there, you improve it, all good things. maria: it certainly is important in this environment where there are different industries that will be leadership industries today than they were 10 years ago. whaabout the trade tension? the president is threatening auto tariffs now on europe, despite broad opposition, it's ahead of this meeting he's having with the e.u. commissioner next week. he'll be at the white house on the 25th. are you worried about tariffs affecting economic growth and what should we expect from that meeting in the white house, from your standpoint? >> i am concerned about the possibility of additional threats of tariffs. a tariff is a tax on us. in this particular case, what we see right now in the marketplace is that trade will slow down our economic recovery and growth. i understand what the president wants to do. i understand that he wants to improve and get us better trade deals. but in the meantime, we've got a
7:22 am
lot of folks out there right now that are concerned about retribution and retaliation, particularly those of us that have commodity producing states many south dakota, corn, soybean and so forth. our producers are showing an economic impact on their balance sheets of over $800 million. that's a negative $800 million since march 1st. that's concerning to us because some commodities you can't just simply put on the shelf and keep. you've got to move them. maria: do you think this is a negotiation position that the president is taking ahead of this meeting with juenger next week. how likely is this to happen? >> i assume it's a tactic. look, we want trade deals. we want to move forward and get things put back in order again. one of the things that could -- we had mr. powell who is chairman of the fed yesterday in front of the banking committee and one of the things that kim pact our ability to improve gdp is if we have instability in our trade plans and right now that's
7:23 am
what we've got. look, we want to grow gdp. that's one of the reasons why we've got this new idea in terms of additional vocational training and putting it on it. you've got to have a qualified workforce. we've got to have a good tax plan, which we've got. the president has done a great job eliminating regulations. the challenges, right now, workforce, an second of all a stable trade relationship with oural lies and growing trade market. those are the areas we're stumbling in right now. i know the president's got some plans. i know he wants to make things better but time is of the essence for a lot of us. maria: let me ask you, senator, your colleagues in the house are talking about tax reform 2.0, the president has also talked about lowering the corporate rate to 20%, making the individual tax cuts permanent. are you going to vote yes for that? >> you i like all the ideas that they've suggested so far. in particular, to be able to make the individual tax cuts permanent, that would provide
7:24 am
sole proprietorships, lcs, those organizations with stability long-term. a sense that they know that those tax rates will be there for an extended period of time, that lends once again stability to the marketplace. i'd be interesting in doing additional stuff there. on the other side of it, the chairman in banking is looking at new package as well, trying to do additional financial services reform that could add to growth in our economy which is a positive thing, create new jobs, create more demands for workers, bring wages up, that's a good thing. maria: kevin brady told us that he would like to get a vote on the floor by september but there's questions about whether or not this would even fly in the senate. do you think votes would be there to actually move this forward? >> we would have to be able to do it under 51 vote margin. i don't think our colleagues on the other side of the aisle will move anything through in a positive nature for taxes until after the november election. maria: that makes sense. >> some of those folks may take a look at it then.
7:25 am
i'm not optimistic. i think you'll have to do it with a reconciliation scenario, one you could do with 51 votes, you only get one vote a year like that. maria: let me ask you about the fbi, christopher wray and keith alexander, saying china is one of the biggest adversaries we face from a espionage perspective. listen to this. >> i think china from a counter intelligence perspective in many ways represents the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country. >> chinese attacks into our country is the greatest theft of intellectual property and the greatest transfer of wealth in history. maria: that was the former nsa director joining me right here. does the senate have potential legislation to combat chinese cyber attacks and the fact that china keeps stealing the intellectual property of america. the president is trying to fight back with tariffs. is that the right move? do you have any other ideas? >> tariffs when they're selective and specific can be
7:26 am
very helpful. in this case we don't think they've been selective enough and specific to china. i agree with everything you just heard, the classified meetings that have with regard to cyber security will indicate that china has been focusing on stealing our intellectual properties. they're trying to get into our contractors with regard to defense contractor, trying to find information that gives them an advantage on defense and with regard to intellectual property, they're stealing stuff with us. they have no qualms at all about going in and taking and stealing information that is very important to our businesses and l simply rather than buying it or negotiating for it, they're stealing it and they're doing it through internet connectivity. so it's a very important part of the discussion that we have with chinese leaders. we've got to call them on it. russia does things to us, they he meddle. they get in the middle of things and they're looking at places in which they can take advantage, particularly in europe and sometimes the united states on a daily basis. but they're in it for a
7:27 am
different purpose. china focus as much on economic development purposes and trying to steal intellectual property as they do defensive measures. so long-term they have focused on trying to steal stuff that otherwise they would have to buy. maria: and russia is in a different category in terms of what they want? >> yeah, they really have been. their focus has been more in meddling, creating havoc, creating chaos. it's what they did to the elections in 2016. they're working right now on 2018. they're doing the same thing again. they like to create chaos, which provides detention among our allies. some of theal lies are critical -- allies are critical to the long-term success. maria: before you go, senator, you had jay powell in front of
7:28 am
your committee today -- yesterday, rather, pardon me. what struck you? anything strike you in terms of what he had to say? >> he had a very positive outlook, number one. the tax bill, he identified clearly that the tax bill we passed earlier had an impact on gdp. i'm really looking forward to what the comments are for tomorrow in terms of the actual growth. but anything over 2.6 basically is more than paying for the cost of that tax bill in terms of revenue, means we're going to bring in more revenue than what it took out. second of all, he talked about the fact that you've got to have employment in the right spot, in other words, you need that job market. he also talked about the fact that the thing that could hold us back and could go either way is stability in trade and i think that's a real message we've got to look at. let's get stability in trade. but i think his outlook was very optimistic and i think we're going to see gdp start to really move again. maria: move again in terms of what? >> in a positive direction. maria: 3% this year. a lot of people feel like the tariffs will cut into that
7:29 am
growth later on in the year. >> if we have instability in that market, that will negatively impact gdp growth. but i'm optimistic. i think we'll hit gdp growth but i don't think we should limit ourselves to hoping for just 3%. i think 3% we can do. but i think we could do better than that if we can get this trade activity stabilized, if we can get trade agreements in place, if we can pick up on or start negotiating again with companies that make up t.p.p., that's a half a billion people that want to buy our products and would prefer to work with us than with china, if we can get some of those things in place, i think our gdp can easily move well beyond 3% over a 10 year period of time. i'm very optimistic about that. maria: senator, it's good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> you bet. maria: senator mike rounds there. coming up, taking a break from breaking up, why a proposal to split up california into three is now being put on hold. then throwing it back, how you can get some '90s swag with
7:30 am
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too hot to work? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and air, it's never too anything for anything. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, july 19th. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast.
7:33 am
earnings season gets into high gear. black stone among the companies reporting earnings ahead of the open this morning. beating estimates across the board and yet the stock right now looking lower by about 1%. we're checking out what black stone group is saying about the guidance and what's ahead right now, stock is trading down in the face of numbers. let's take a look at markets this morning. futures indicate a lower opening for the broader averages. s&p 500 is down a quarter of a percent, the nasdaq is down a third of a percent lower across the board. mixed day yesterday on wall street. the d dow was up 80 points, the s&p was up a fraction, the nasdaq was lower just a fraction. in europe this morning most markets are in the red this morning. only the fq100 is showing a bit of green on the upside in london but the cac is down a half a percent and the dax index down a third of a percent. the asian markets all closed lower in overnight trading. tackling rising drug prices this morning, novartis put on hold a
7:34 am
price increase this year. the president has already tweeted about it, what he said about that, coming up. president trump is tweeting thanks to drug maker novartis. we have the very specific details. if you order your mcdonald's from uber eats today you can get more than just fries on the side. mcdonald's is offering free '90s inspired merchandise including shirts, socks, bandanas, pins, whole new fashion line coming out of mcdonald's. can't go wrong there. we'll tell you about that. then there's this, jurassic park celebrating a silver anniversary. >> that's how it starts, but later there's running and screaming. maria: a company is building a 25-foot statue of the star of the film, jeff goldblum. it's going vie l rail as well. first -- viral as well. first the top story this half hour. three californias, are they
7:35 am
better than one. the state supreme court doesn't think so. the court knicksed a proposal to split california into three separate states. the measure will no longer appear on the ballot this november. joining us right now is janine pirro. judge, good to see you this morning. >> good to be with you. maria: let's talk about the initiative before we get into the book. this initiative to split the state of california into three states, it is funny, isn't it? >> it's perfectly appropriate because california is whacky anyway. why not whack it up one, two or three times. the problem was the court said look, you can't do this because it's got to be approved by the state legislature, two-thirds of the state legislature. it wasn't approved. the court said they won't put it on the ballot.
7:36 am
they tried to do it before when they tried to cut the state into six parts. but they wanted to do northern california, southern california and california. and so they said not. maria: maybe it would have been two sanctuary states and one not. or three sanctuary states. >> the orange county portion will definitely not be a sanctuary state. maria: it's not happening. dagen: around riverside, california, it's in the red there. people get really angry at us when we talk about california, that left wing nut wildly liberal deep blue state because there are a lot of people who are conservative. you've seen that locally with the pushback on this sanctuary state law. you had mayor after mayor step up and say we're not abiding by that law. >> that's right. there are sections of california that are absolutely unsensed with what the rest of --
7:37 am
insensed with what the rest of california is doing. maria: i had a driver in malibu who was whispering to me i like trump, don't tell anybody around here. a democratic candidate vying for alaska's house seat is sparking controversy this morning. she's not an alaskan native. she is on the primary ballot. officials are questioning her authenticity. you've been of a number of ballots yourself. >> that's a game i'm familiar with, never for congress. the constitution says number one you have to be a certain age and you have to be a citizen to run for congress. you have to inhabit the state at the time you're elected. this woman is from new jersey. she admits she's not going to alaska. she wants to run for congress there. so you say tour self, why do you want to run for congress. she says because i feel a kinship to alaska and there you have it. maria: is she going to do the
7:38 am
right thing for alaska? does she care about the issues that the people of alaska care about? >> she says she feels a kinship. she says i want to do good in a place that i feel a kinship for. she's never been there. she doesn't plan on going there. she plans on doing it online. i think she's going to lose. [ laughter ] maria: we'll see. president trump doubles down his support for the intel community now. in a new interview last night the president said he holds vladimir putin personally vbl for moscow's -- responsible for moscow's interference in the 2016 election. you wrote a book about leakers and liars. tell us what you think about this. >> the book is so appropriate that it came out this week because the president basically teed it up. maria: liars, leakers and liberals. >> with the meddling, there's no question that russia meddled. the president said it. the intelligence community
7:39 am
cooked up charges against him with a fake dossier, presenting it to a court, knowing that hillary clinton paid for it. maria: it's an incredible story. >> it's crazy. you wouldn't believe it if it took place in a movie. dagen: some in the intelligence community -- we have to be care lful. this is a question, not a statement. we have to be careful. these are some individuals who were up to no good. maria: the top. >>top.the leadership went rogue. dagen: not the entire community. >> of course not. i worked with the fbi. i worked law enforcement for over three decades. i've been a prosecutor, judge and d.a. i get that. they're good people. you had an administration that at the very top of the fbi along with the top of the doj, the rules were just thrown aside. they teed up a collusion investigation when that's what the insurance policy was all about. remember the tweets and e-mails, we'll have an insurance policy.
7:40 am
that was the russia collusion investigation. they started planting the seeds in the event god forbid donald trump was elected. you need to get over it. he's the president. the economy is doing great. leave the guy alone. dagen: i'm going to ask you something on air. i'm curious your thought on this. why in the name of all that is holy did president trump keep jim comey on as the head of the fbi? because the way jim comey operated was well-known for years, even when he was here in new york and the justice department as an attorney. why did he keep him on? it doesn't make any sense. maria: why did he put jeff sessions in? why did he put rod rosenstein in there as deputy a.j.123? there's the question. >> i think on the one hand they made the decision to keep comey because normally the fbi director is there for 10 years. all right. and it looks like you're just
7:41 am
being fair. comey did this on one side, he did this on the other side. let's see who the guy is. the president meets with him, next thing you know jim comey's writing documents that he's going to use in the event he ever gets fired. maria: no notes on hillary clinton. >> you're right. i think the thing with jeff sessions was donald trump, he's a loyal man, i've known him for decades. jeff sessions says i want to be the attorney general. he was a u.s. attorney. he lost the prosecutor y'all hutzpah. maria: did he say he would recuse himself on all things russia. >> he took the job, begged the president for the job and the next day recused himself and has been hiding in a closet ever since. rod rosenstein, who has every reason to make sure the comey, mueller group stays together and in power, convinces him to go in the closet. maria: is rosenstein conflicted? he said yes to the third warrant on the fisa warrant, i signed
7:42 am
off on the fisa warrant for the third time when they renewed it. >> he's so conflicted, maria, not just in terms of signing on the warrant. he told the president fire him, i read the memo it was excellent, all the reasons to fire jim comey. now he's in charge of the investigation as to whether or not the president inappropriately fired jim comey. you think that's a conflict? maria: i think what's interesting is that peter strzok and lisa page are now contradicting each other. you heard john ratcliffe on sunday. dagen: the e-mail said we'll stop it and peter strzok said i don't remember writing that message. behind closed doors he said he was referring to the american people. don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining. that is exactly what he did. >> and don't believe your lying eyes, honey. here's the bottom line. the woman gets even. [ laughter ] maria: right. lisa page, you mean? dagen: what do you think about the president declassifying a lot of this information?
7:43 am
>> i want him to. maria: i asked him when i interviewed him and he said he doesn't want to get involved but he might. he might change his mind. >> he needs to declassify this. maria: the american people need to know, mr. president. >> we're singing the same tune. absolutely. maria: pick up janine's book. great to see you, judge. >> good to be with you thank you for being here. take a break. when we come back the president tweeting about the economic event at the white house today, really big jobs meeting today at the white house 3:00 p.m. we're going to focus on it and of course stay with fox business, we'll have full coverage of that event right here live. first, coming up, first pfizer, now novartis, the president moving the needle on drug prices. why the drug maker said it will not be raising prices after all this year. jurassic park turns 25, we'll tell you about the big tribute to one of the film's big stars, jeff goldblum. back in a minute. ♪
7:44 am
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. netflinet teams up with -- netfx teams up with sirius xm radio to tickle your funny bone. >> they are launching a comedy channel early next year. there will be original netflix shows in addition to their library of comedy content. shares of netflix trading lower in the premarket. bruce springsteen's hit show on broadway is hbroadway heading t. ♪ like a vision she dances across the porch. >> the boss' one man show set to be streamed on netflix december 1 15th, the same day
7:48 am
springsteen on broadway closes. it's the 25th anniversary of steven spielberg's dinosaur adventure, jurassic park. >> everybody hear that? it's an impact is what it is. fairly alarmed here. >> that was jeff goldblum playing dr. ian malcolm. now take a look at this. in celebration of the film's anniversary, a 25-foot statue of goldblum has gone up in london. it is a replica of goldblum with his shirt unbuttoned from that infamous pose from the original movie in 1993. why, you ask? among other things you're probably saying when you see that statue. well, this is put up by sky's subscription service, now tv, to promote that the movie is being offered as part of their
7:49 am
subscription package. the statue, by the way, it will disappear today. and now look at this -- maria maria: where are they going to put that? dagen dagen: are they going to sell it? how big is it. will it fit in my apartment? >> a gender reveal party where the fireworks, well, everything went wrong. [screaming] >> the stunt sent the people attending the party running and it start out well. the couple burst lights up the sky and as you can see the fireworks tube apparently falls over, shooting pyrotechnics into the crowd. nobody was hurt. by the way, they are having a girl. people love fireworks but as a local reporter i've covered stories where the pyr pyrotechns
7:50 am
fall over and people get hurt. be careful this stuff. pop some balloons. the fireworks, be careful. maria: the way they were shooting in all directions, i people could get hurt. >> i think it was a boy. dagen: who was the new york giant who blew his hand off with the -- maria: the gun in the pocket. dagen: jason peter paul. he was shooting off fireworks. >> but not a gender reveal. dagen: he was shooting off fireworks and blew his hand off on the 4th of july. he posted photos of what his hand looked like right after it happened and that is the most stark reminder to be careful with them. maria: sure is. do you want the jeff goldblum statue in your apartment. dagen: i admire jeff goldblum for aging in reverse. he looks a thousand times better
7:51 am
than he did 40 years ago. maria: when we come back, call it a comeback, how you can get some '90s swag with your burger and fries at mcdonald's today. yeah, mcy d's and clothes, back in a minute. uck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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maria: welcome back. president trump this morning is thanking two major drug companies for not raising their prices. we have details here from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: president trump has done it again. he's been pressuring drug companies not to raise the prices. i'm going to talk about novartis first. we remember what happened recently with pfizer. and now novartis says it's not going to have their drug price raises. in fact, they've had a great second quarter. they had revenue on the rise, prost oprofit on the rise.
7:55 am
the oncology group division has grown. look at the tweet from president trump where he says thank you to novartis for not increasing prices on prescription drugs. people love this. likewise to pfizer, we are makeing a big push to reduce the prices maybe su substantially on prescription drugs. you remember pfizer was going to raise prices and chose to put that off after it goss pressured by -- got pressured by trump and the administration. how about free french fries from mcdonald's every friday. they want you to sign up for the mobile app. it's just a buck. tuesdays and thursdays you get a free soft drink, you get a $1 big mac, that's a good value. they want to appeal to your palette and your pocket and mickey d's. they want to compete against the other fast food chains. maria: don't forget the fashion, you have '90s swag,
7:56 am
t-shirt as well. >> reporter: i've got to check that out. i missed those. maria: nicole, thank you. look, this story about drug prices is important. and you know, the drug makers had said for a long time, well, it's very competitive and we have to keep raising prices to make sure people understand. the pressure that the president has put on these companies is working. we don't want to see regulation from the government in terms of regulating drug prices but just the pressure alone seems to have worked. >> that's the thing. if you're a free market captain capitalist and you don't want government interference, with some of the drugs that are helping to cure or treat deadly diseases, where do you draw the line. you have to maybe step in if the average american can't afford them for treatments for deadly diseases. don't you have to step in? maria: i don't know about that. i don't think you have to step in. what you want to see is competition. competition brings prices down. that's what i would like to see, not necessarily a bigger
7:57 am
government hand. >> the one thing is that if the administration also deburdens some of the regulatory constraints o pharmaceutical companies and eased up the red tape in the approval process, that's the pay it forward. maria: we'll take a break. when we come back, training tomorrow's workforce, we'll tell you about an executive order that the president will sign today, next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." stay with us. ♪ you're trying to lower your very high triglycerides with a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements. not all omega-3s are clinically proven or the same. discover prescription omega-3 vascepa. the one that's this pure... and fda approved. look. vascepa looks different...
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act now to take advantage of commission-free trades for 90 days, plus get up to an $800 cash bonus when you open and fund a new account. ♪ cheryl: h. dagen: thanks for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. happy thursday to you, it is thursday, july 19, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, jobs in america, the trump administration, rolls out plan today to train american workers amid threat from you automation artificial intelligence, some he largest companies onboard with president will create half a million jobs doing so fox business network is going to have full coverage of the event 3 pm eastern join us live as we go to take you to the white house then, targeting tariffs president trump issues a threat over trade, with europe. and how u.s. could retaliate. >> they said that we don't negotiate something fair.
8:01 am
we have tremendous retribution ours is a big one, and you know what we're talking about with respect to cars tariffs and cars they know better than all of us do what that means they are going to come try and negotiating a deal. maria: this coming ahead of a commerce department hearing this morning on auto tariffs, the president will meet with the eu commissioner next week 25th markets on edge earnings heating up futures indicating a lower opening this right here low of the morning down 80 points dow industrials down 30 points on nasdaq, major indices closed mostly higher yesterday dow industrials picking up 80 points a third of a percent the s&p up a fraction, a quarter of a percent the nasdaq was flat yesterday in europe this morning mixed performances trading tensions have investors worried you got cac quarante in paris down half of a percent dax same thing down a half percent in germany, ft 100 london up a fraction, in asia overnight declines across the board take a look, as you
8:02 am
can see, facebook under fire, ceo zuckerberg forced to apologize comments he made about misinformation on the social network we bring those to you celebrating heroes the espy awards top service honor to the found of team rubicon helped thousands in aftermath of natural disasters list modifiable sports teams out soccer dominating top five manchester united number two american football on top we tell you which team coming up all those thursday morning to talk about it dagen mcdowell pwc mitch roschelle, heather joining us. >> rubicon, jakewood the award great organization supporting for years think that give them service opportunities when they come back, home a great
8:03 am
organization. >> i like that. >> janice has done work in texas. >> we had jake on in texas as well -- >> important in terms of job training in helping vets, and they have, by the way, the greatest pedigree discipline key spirit you want a good work er get a vet. >> one of the interesting things talking about the beige book earlier, and the shortage of workers one of the things comment on in one of the regions was shortage of truck drivers when vets returned from service one skill they have is truck driving, i don't know why we can't connect returning vets get jobs. >> good point, it is incredible that there is such shortage of truck drivers fares long term autonomous trucks we have vets returning from service more than capable driving trucks. >> talking about that training for tomorrow morning's workforce this morning,
8:04 am
president trump signing executive order a new council will boost job turnts for american workers. >> blake burman. cheryl: signature event 3:00 in the east room president trump will be signing that executive order will push companies, to expand investments for workforce training administration is trying to get companies to sign on to a pledge, saying that they will expand opportunities as relates to on the job training, and apprenticeships for example some companies that will be signing on to this pledge, today, include, ibm, fedex,lock heeded martin to name a few efforts that is spearheaded by ivanka trump. >> we are asking -- a pledge to the american worker. and commit to expanding apprenticeship increase on the job training, and providing
8:05 am
americans to -- promising opportunities to obtain a skill that will enable them to contribute to the economy, and provide for family. >> the administration will also be, starting, what will be called the national council for american worker, will oversee a national strategy for the workforce building this out the white house plooefrz this is going to lead to 500 this you plus opportunities, they also say that there will not be specific quotas for companies that sign on to this pledge 3:00 here later from white house we will hear from the president more on that. >> we will be there live, fox business is covering that live blake thank you so much blake burman joining us to talk more about it, a lot of other things, former republican presidential candidate fox news contributor herman cain great to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> what do you think about this plan executive action what impact is, on business, how would you envision this would work, more on the
8:06 am
private sector or government in terms of creating opportunities education for new jobs pro probably more private sector i think excellent way to bring awareness to much-needed area in terms of job training secondly what this executive order would do with the national workforce council that is going to be part this have bring attention to the value we already have in this country with technical schools two year schools, they are often not talked about a lot. in the media and in articles but they are a tremendous resource, so what i see this -- organization doing with this focus is helping to identify the resources we already have for training, and connect them, to a lot of companies, who take the pledge i think it is an excellent awareness. >> we want to talk to you about tariffs as well this is certainly something that is needed when you look at the job training, but the president is also threatening
8:07 am
auto tariffs as a federal reserve report released yesterday showed manufacturers across u.s. are concerned about tariffs what effected are trade tensions going to have on economic growth in your view? are you worried about manufactures in tariffs? >> i am not as worried as much as they are and here is why. the whole purpose of talking about we can impose tariffs which we can to get people to the table a lot of people are infers rightly so because we don't know how these negotiations are going to work out. we do not have a trade war. we have an opportunity to get people to the table, that is what these tariffs have been doing, and so it is causing some other countries to wake up, and say you know the president might have a point they may not say publicly but he has a point let's renegotiate bilateral one-on-one deals with various countries so i understand, how some people might be of the
8:08 am
tense nervous don't know what outcome of negotiations will ultimate be. dagen: homeowneran it is dagen mcdowell these are not tariffs in talk these are tariffs in fact, because this administration has slapped tariffs on washing machine imports steel, aluminum they are having an effect and you look at what washing machines for example the price of a washer and drier has gone up 20% in the last three months, that is steepest increase that we've seen in at least 12 years for this administration to initially come out, and acted like steel, aluminum tariffs are disrupting business disrupting supply chains creating chaos for many small manufacturers, then to come out acted like this is no big deal don't -- don't set your hair on fire, is just -- hogwash quite frankly and then to talk about auto tariffs that is going to knock out tax
8:09 am
benefit for a large swath of this country if you make -- american made car 2000 dollars more expensive exactly what the auto industry said. >> dagen i don't disagree with your observations, however, imposing a tariff is not the end of the negotiations. they are open ended in other words, if an industry like the ones you pointed out rightly happen to say okay. it is hurting us enough, then maybe people go back to the negotiating table. that is my point. my point isn't that it is not causing some price increases for certain sectors. economy it simply is going to cause some companies and certain sectors to say maybe we need to go back to the bargaining table i believe ultimately that is what is going to happen there is going to be short term pain but that is gonna be the gain. >> goes after what you were saying that are going to bes
8:10 am
are not concerned about tariffs as well right now because they don't think that they are going to be fully implemented 200 billion just came out that it aigs negotiations tick will that alleviate some questionnaire if you thought that this isn't final -- >> people in auto industry just think that this commerce department meeting today is just a dog and pony show, they think that the people in this administration, of gotten in their head used spuriously unifying that -- auto imports are a national security threat using that as a excuse, for tariffs on auto imports in fact it is auto imports not just expensive german cars talking about, we're talking about auto parts, and it seems to -- it seems to this idea i don't know why let me finish let me finish, seems to ignore the fact that most of the cars sold in this country are made in this country, that a bmw is a net exporter of cars reduce trade defendant by a billion
8:11 am
dollars because they make cars in south carolina imply employ 10,000 people bmw has been hit by 40% regulatory tariff in china aing implicated global scenario not a tariff has a lot of knock-on effects. >> what about ford gm american car, issue that are getting hit from tariffs, 10%, 20% not fair he wants fair free trade about reciprocal trade i agree bmw -- >> tariffs. >> got hit with, out of china, retaliation we are where we are doing on china, ford. general motors. >> trying to protect. >> american business. >> hey! ford and gm said this won't help us it won't protect us yours going to make our auto parts more expensive, and you are going to make our cars more expensive -- >> retaliation. >> u.s. automobile from makers have come out said 200,000
8:12 am
jobs are going to be lost, if you slap tariffs on us, even though they make cars here in the united states. >> president fries to have no tariffs they said no drop tariffs right now said no. >> german automaker said do that remains to be seen, they have a 10% import tariff on aubl automobiles we have 25% import tariff on light trucks let's get rid of all i am with that get rid of all tariffs. >> i don't think they are going to do that. >> take a look at herman "time" magazine cover, shows president trump and russian president vladimir putin faces blended. >> i mean what i am not going to say anything what do you think about this herman. >> i think it is stupid. [laughter] >> thank you. >> just plains stupid to try to suggest to readers of "time" magazine that putin, and trump are the same.
8:13 am
secondly. maria: i i don't even get the point. >> the point they are trying to say trump is quote/unquote in bed with putin, that is absolutely ludicrous, look at all of the things that this administration has done to lower the hammer on russia. maria: i know. >> that previous administration simply didn't do i think this is a way of liberal "time" magazine trying to send a message about how these two might be joined at the hip, they simply are not. they are promoting this false narrative that president trump for some reason wants to cozy up to vladimir putin. >> no, that is not the case. dagen: we need to tall it time pamphlet not "time" magazine. >> true. dagen: that is what it is. maria: i like that. >> gasping for really vans. dagen: maria: not the a lot of that, so thin these days, this is why the left
8:14 am
constantly goes overboard one thing to say that about the news conference, now they are just you know he are hammering just make their whole argument just wrong, herman good to see you thanks so much. >> herman cain. >> enjoy seeing you all. >> we will see you soon sir. we'll be right back. and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
8:15 am
8:16 am
tracking from comments he made about holocaust deniers adam
8:17 am
shapiro with details. reporter: facebook under fire zuckerberg tries to walk back controversial comments, zuckerberg said during an interview that holocaust posting on facebook are not and this is a quotes intentionally getting it wrong that introduce you quick zpons from groups like eebt defamation league later said i permanently find holocaust denial deeply offensive absolutely did not intend to o fend the intent of people who deny that. >> facebook could provoke violent attacks taking down those. >> on people in sri lanka and myanmar facebook lower if premarket. >> emotional night last night at espn espy awards hundreds of survivors of disgraced convicted sexual abuse even
8:18 am
with arthur ashe award more than 140 women took to the stage. >> all those years, we were told you are wrong, you misunderstood the intention in favor of money medals reputation. >> women standing together in solidarity for hundreds of others, that could not attend the event. and three victimize of the parkland school shooting worked in stoneman douglas high school athletic department posthumously honored with espy coach of the year douglas football coach accepted the award for them. >> scott, aaron chris were heroes and they were coaches they were also husbands fathers and sons. >> mere honored espy awards giving the pat tillemann award
8:19 am
for sr., to team rubicon former marine sergeant wood he helped thousands in aftermath of natural disasters. >> soccer may be most participate in the world american football football is king according to foefshz dallas cowboys most valuable worth about 4.8 billion dollars in nfl accounts for more than half top 50, sockr teams manchester yuntdz real madrid barcelona next three the york yankees round out top five. >> thank you so much. >> guess who is missing? >> yeah. >>y patriots, i thought washington redskins beat dallas one point in time a fau years ago in terms of franchise. >> a headlined for cheryl casone to read the one,
8:20 am
cowboys -- >> cracking down on cybersecurity threats fbi director calling out china as most significant threat the country faces crude awakening how texas is helping u.s. work towards becoming the world's largest oil producer back in a moment. ♪ country ♪ to a down home, from grade to -- ♪ how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. maria: cracking down on intellectual property theft, the yearly cost for american's economy exceeds 225 billion dollars, in counterfeit goods stolen software threat of
8:24 am
trade secrets according to commission on theft of american intellectual property a lot say much more than that reports points to china as world principal infringeer, christopher wray spoke out about the threat to united states i spoke with former head. nasa keith alexander was here with microsoft ceo satya nadella got their take as well. >> i think china from a counterintelligence perspective represents broadest challenging significant threat we faces a country. >> chinese attacks into our country is the greatest theft of intellectual property, and the greatest transfer of welt in history. >> i think intellectual property needs to be protected i think in china's own interest given now a big intellectual property creators themselves to ensure you intellectual speaker pro tempore software is protected. >> former cia trained
8:25 am
intelligence operative leah gabrielle thanks for joining us what do you think. >> i think good we are seeing officials highlight this issue, because certainly, china wants to replace u.s. as the dominate superpower economic power, we know that is one of china goals when working in intelligence one thing i lander china will build a beach one grain of sand at a time building intelligence very patient, they continue to work, and they will chip away at us if we allow them to so i think really good, that getting the word out that people need to protect our country, from chinese spying they don't just do it in way you see threat of a "new york post" calledrun spy rode menace sexy people don't think of that in terms of china going after former technologies officers one i used to work with kevin mall wrooe charged with spying for china another one ron hanson former d.a. officer charged with spying for china going
8:26 am
officers, transfer agreements stealing our intellectual property every means researchers, research fatallies trying to get people to actually work no our intelligence agencies, as spies they are doing thing putting people here as students, putting people in universities as spies going after us every way we as a country need to be aware of it protect china has unlimited resources when it comes to spying everything belongings to communist government every won who is a chinese person here in u.s. spy when our business men businesspeople men and women go to china need to be very careful, anything they take into that country take laptop there is a good chance it is getting exploited if you leave it in your hotel room intellectual property, is going to get looked at so we have to be extremely careful because they are going after us every way do not be confused mistaken about the threat china poses. >> this has been going on for
8:27 am
decades what i want to mother, if this is going on for as long as it has been going on why is it that we're just now focusing on it now? because of president trump? where was president obama? where was president bush we know that china has been stealing from us for decades. >> yeah. >> president trump actually bring this issue up deserves a lot of credit for this. maria: are true. >> he put u.s. afraid representative in charge of looking into this, and coming up with a report, on what china is doing i think that that is when it really serves us as a country having one a businessperson, as the president because he understands that economic power is power, and china is going after our economic power right now so i think president trump, deserves a lot of credit in this regard, built the intelligence commune we have been involved in -- russia, too. >> i said many times this is a very small scale, but when i went. russia for the first time it was in 2005 when i first went to russia, everybody told me don't bring your blackberry i mean from treasurer department
8:28 am
don't bring your blackberry as soon as you get inrun airspace can get everything calendar contacts i didn't bring blackberry brought a can i have one different e-mail for the week in russia, all of this stuff about hacking, and meddling this has been going on so long. >> maria that is why i think such a joke dems tried to implicate donald trump in it. >> i am glad you brought up what you did my concern for people going to places like china russia thinking oh not looking at me why look at mae a lot of people think that way in u.s. we have limited resources, as far as how we can use our intelligence officials intelligence capabilities because we're not a communist government where need works for government in china they can get every single person to report everything they see why so hard for officers to operate in china because the little old person sitting there in the window looking down on street is probably going to report you if they see an american walking down that stwreet to government, everybody is involved, so it is really good that you point
8:29 am
this out when you go to place like russian or china you got to protect intellectual property our companies are developing technology we use for military national defense right now, that is being used so many systems we have to protect that knowledge, intellectual property. >> let's do it. >> all right, we will when i spoke to natalia one analyst told me i asked, 97% companies in china use wisdom 94% of them do not pay for it. >> that doesn't surprise me to watch out for everyone likes drones quiet cop trz dgi intelligent chinese company keep an eye on making these spying on us. >> leah thanks so much leah gab really there backlash over a attempts to abolishize as house passes a resolution last night supporting immigration and customs agency. >> the world's largest oil producer, that is coming up.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
management reporting there is no threat to the public, no word on what caused this explosion at least three people flown out of the blast after the blast, we will tell you about it coming up as we get more details, supporting those who protect border house passing a resolution last night supporting the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement democrats called for agency to be abolished march 2.0 brady says it is important to make sure tax cuts say stay in place. >> very focused package, the centerpiece, of course, is permanent, because that is growth, a million and a half new jobs, make sure that future washington can't take tax cuts back growing our economy year on track. >> texas congressman williams weighs in on immigration tax cuts coming up market action, looking weak er lows of the morning sentiment worsoned
8:34 am
ahead have had obama dow industrials down 90 points a thinkers of a percent s&p 500 down a third of a percent as nasdaq, decline 27 points, about initially jobless claims hitting tape 207,000 that is lowest level since 1969. better-than-expected reading on philadelphia federal reserve manufacturing index, 25.7 versus estimate 21.5, european indices mixed markets weighing fears over trade sensations ft 100 up cac quarante. dax down a half percent apiece major indices in asia closed in red last night, as you can see, worst performer china. >> oil prices decline u.s. energy information administration reports increase in oil events crude production record high, and naa.c. looking to take investing into its hands taking a look at trends of socially responsible indicesing al those topping news this half an hour, supporting the men and women
8:35 am
who secured board the house passing a resolution last night supporting the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement 34 democrats one republican voted no amid a push from several liberal commensurat democrats to abolish -- >> president tweeting this democrats have a death with wish more ways than one want to abolish eyes this cost heavily in midterms yesterday republicans with overwhelmingly passed a bill supporting ice joining me roger clams good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning thank you. >> he do you agree the attempted push to abolishize will hurt democrats midterm. >> certainly can't help them for crying out loud if you can't support your ice agents law enforcement agents who can you support we've got to secure borders we've got to protect our sovereignty all that sort of thing that bill yesterday was surprising those presented not representing district i think it will hurt
8:36 am
them come november. >> why did they vote present when we know present basically means no. >> present means you are not even there present but not there you are elected to representative your district, and you are not representing anyone you vote present i think. >> how do you justify that how do you justify voting present? >> well i never voted present so i don't know that i can justify it, it is a chick way out chicken way out only way i know to put. >> it what was point that have vote was that basically just shine a light on who supports eyes who doesn't. >> i think it was a vote to show the american people, law enforcement, and the ice folks that we do support them america is behind them what they're doing, and the vote, of course, yesterday with the present sproets so forth i think a kick in the teeth for them i am glad we took the vote shows that we as concerned republicans support what they are doing will continue to do so -- >> extraordinary to me, that you have all of these issues,
8:37 am
on the republican side, taxes, securing the borders, foreign policy changes keeping allies you know fair on trade and, yet, on the democratic side i don't understand what their message is, other than i am present? other than i am resisting president trump. >> they dislike president so bad i think rather see america fail than him to get credit for anything he is getting credit i am businessman 47 years main street america doing great unemployment down gdp up, military is got a positive tone to them doing a lot of things, and he is doing a lot of things that affect all the districts in america between those including repdz by democrats. >> ken brady relief details of this plan, of a next wave of tax cuts for americans with hopes of a vote, by september, chairman brady said he is working on further reducing the corporate tax rate possibly to 20%, but that
8:38 am
phase two is about american workers and small business -- owners and making those tax cuts for individuals permanent, here is what he said on this program yesterday. >> we have long term for individuals in our small businesses, not permanent we wanting to right back to there so it increases growth over time long run a million half new jobs increases paychecks almost 1% increase growth again long term, that we think critical, to growth in u.s. maria: soh congressman small business owner you told us what do you want in this tax bill that could impact small business? >> well, i think we have come a long way still more to come do i think it is important to make it permanent, so businesses can plan 401(k) idea of having people being able to save money great would like to take a look at cal gains, cutting payroll taxes to put more money in the
8:39 am
system there are things to do i can tell you been in business 47 years economy as good as i have seen it feeding small bigs owners the abilities to take risk reward in america makes america strong. >> you know we are getting news out the that comcast will not actually come out with another bid for the fox entertainment, there has been bidding war for fox entertainment assets disney raised its bid now people focused on comcast to see if comcast was going to raise its bid comcast is saying it will not pursue another higher bid for fox shaets what can you tell us about department of justice and what you are seeing in terms of deal making out there today? >> well people are making deals, i mean when you have, when you have your taxes, what we lowered them corporate tax to 21% i can say talking about cap gains so forth people are making deals, i mean i am a deal maker, president trump a deal maker we are seeing new
8:40 am
business start-ups, great thing that we have done relieved community banks of regulations they had over their head keep the people from loaning money to the small business start-ups so forth this is a great time to start a business a great sometime to make money great time to create exam, and reinvest in this country. >> comcast says it is going to procure sky acquisition will not pursue the bid, with a higher bid for fox assets looks like you entertainment he assets at fox will go with disney as expected comcast is announcing it will not make a higher bid for the fox assets instead will focus on offer for sky your take on this congressman oil production, if oil is texas oil production maintains current pace united states becomes world's he largest oil producer by fall that is surpasses russia saudi arabia according to hsbc investment bank your response what can you tell us in terms of of the production potential coming out of texas?
8:41 am
>> well, as you said wraerl don't mess with texas! and we've got great production eagle, the permian basin redefining all those all over the state, so texas is producing, and going to be a big producer i think i saw something the other day, we would be third largest producer in the world we are right now. so we've got great opportunity in texas, i remind your listeners no personal income tax in texas airfare welcome in this great is it a it. >> how are things in terms of economic growth in texas give is a sense of how much that is due to oil production. >> well, you know texas has history of oil production drive a lot of economy we are diverse, i mean, since governor bush and governor perry, we've and abbott brought a lot of business from around the country, primarily california so we are seeing a lot of job growth seeing a lot of start-up companies, and being fueled in many cases by energy, but also by the opportunity like i said with no personal income tax, very
8:42 am
business friendly state wants businesses to come and start up, and so we are doing great things in the state, we are going to do some other things i think will help america the world. >> tariffs you know the debate around this, do you think he we will see tariffs on imported autos or is this a negotiation that the president is putting out there, there is a real debate whether or not this takes away economic growth and causes job cuts. >> i am concerned about tariffs, i have never supported tariffs we've got truts that people revised, tariffs create an increase in cost of goods sold, i don't think that is good. so i hope that we canl we consider, other alternatives the great thing is do away with tariffs i have a great business -- about tariffs, versus quotas for example but i think that with the triple digits we have done, with the regulations reducing regulations our economy is greatest in the world if you let americans compete we're going to win i hope the tariff
8:43 am
thing especially automobiles other goods, is reconsidered, because it is -- it is a cost in i raising goods a tax increase. >> we don't know if it is going to happen at some point snur uncertainty does that impact growth. >> i think it does people worry are they going to be able to afford something or not i know in automobile business, we're concerned what price of cars may go do doesn't necessarily the sales dollars does not increase gross margins more money for consumer there there is a concern there i think president trump is a great negotiatingor i think a lot o could be his way you have goeshlthing other things i hope to tariffs are not what i would support right now. >> good to see you see you soon congressman rodger williams economy under president trump stuart varney weighs in on wave of growth we are seeing expecting.
8:44 am
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maria: more winning for trump economy today initial jobless claims 207,000 lest since 1969 we got a better-than-expected reading on philadelphia federal reserve manufacturing index, joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in good morning, stu. >> if you want me to weigh in on government figures yes, i will do it this occasion definitely. >> i don't spend much time on those as you know today's numbers pretty good i got to say. 207,000 initial jobless claims that to me is a signal that employers are not laying people off, they are not firing people, they are not getting rid of people they are hanging on to them at all comforts. and that philly fed report
8:48 am
again i don't deal with this very often but it was very strong another indicator that manufacturing sector is doing very well indeed. thank you very much indeed. by the way, one week from tomorrow, i think it is, we get that second quarter gdp report, at everybody saying it will be 4% or more, or there bbz 4% growth for our economy, you add it together, maria you are dead right, this is another win for president trump, it is a win for his growth agenda, the economy, i am going to say booming if anybody wants to take me on go ahead, 4% growth is a booming. maria: called winning, i know you have a lot more 10 minutes. >> top of the hour "varney & company" begins 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart coming up first this responsible investing, with a twist new way investors are empowering nonprofits. >> nothing you can do can keep
8:49 am
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. . maria: welcome back the world of socially responsible investing a major new player naacp entering the vest with impact shares to issue exchange traded funds the founder president of impact shares ethan powell great to see you. thank you for being here naacp fund trading today on new york stock exchange. >> tell us how this is different. >> first of all, impact shares 501(c)(3) first registered fund issuer collaborating with not only another 501(c)(3) but
8:53 am
a leader in racial justice to bring a single social issue equity market proxy we talk about, so if you think what is going on, in the sort of general market, you've got active passive debate 3 1/2 trillion assets have gone from actively managed to passively managed at the same time esg strategies from 2 1/2 trillion to nine trillion dollars most from e, and g, judge people agree on what a low carbon portfolio looks like corporate governance is but the s often talled the middle everyone has different social values for you to understand your own effectively construct afternoon your socially priorities is very, very difficult you've got really good smart people on wall street trying to figure that out, but you have a lack of adoption from retail investor,
8:54 am
because it doesn't resonate with them when we're doing saying naacp what does a good corporate citizen look like through lens of naacp specifically minority empowerment we score entire publicly traded market we find top 200 companies promoting minority empowerment in u.s. through morningstar index priored cry equity market proxy portfolio get financial date but get social alpha superior corporate outcomes. >> does it cause you to shift components of what is in etf so you are monitoring the behavior of those companies, then potential will make shifters. >> that is important for average investor what is that how that is different from socially responsible funds add another layer. >> we are forced on the s.
8:55 am
>> social. >> and the beauty is, through our collaboration with our nonprofits the solution he evolves with social issue issue if you look at women's empowerment of vessel the social screens we use within women's empowerment minority empowerment will reflect the that and veavailable data not a point in time it is about creating a platform for engagement private sector with social advocates public sector allocators, a conversation that has common language cap poll allocation social screens i have to do 19 things if i went in your index recognized as a leader, so we are providing incentive and a road map for corporate america to engage, on these issues. maria: any thoughts on why this market seems to just ignore some of the issues that
8:56 am
are worried whether socially responsible for or not this market is not focused on trade tariffs issues, or do you think it is? >> you know, i think -- tell about flows. >> there is a lot of political bluster right, i think people are more interested with outcomes versus the sort of what is going on in popular press. >> policy. >> and the policy. >> policy. and i think once we actually enact something see how implemented, that is where you are going to see market movement, but until then i think the markets are probably taking a wait and see approach. >> we leave it there great to see you. >> watching the opening of the new firm, thanks. >> final thoughts in all-star panel. back in a minute. ♪ don't stop believing ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
welcome back final thoughts -- >> companies saying sign a pledge to american workers that will be a tremendous push to the economy as well. >> you think so, ash. >> read "the wall street journal" no sis warnings about what tariffs could do to slow down economic growth. >> or watch dagen mcdowell. >> mornings with maria every day. [laughter] >> you know what i'm not trying
9:00 am
say this sky is falling but i think that you have to listen to the automakers and people who employ people in the united states to understand the impact. >> like the manufactures. yeah. have a great day everybody. "varney & company" begins right now. take it away. >> good morning maria good morning everyone. the race is on. which company will be first to reach a value of -- $1 trillion. it's a tossup between amazon and apple. both are now qort roughly 900 billion. this is the result of the astounding runup in being american technology companies. really so much money flowed into such a small number of companies. i don't think we have ever seen this kind of wealth and power concentration. apple versus amazon to be worth a trillion. we'll get the first look at big tech profits this afternoon when microsoft reports that stock price is now close to record levels. but company is worth


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