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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 21, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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there's also plenty more information and videos on our website, [ woman vocalizing ] meeting. charles: thank you, here's lou. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump warning he's ready and he is willing to apply maximum pressure against china in his fight for balanced trade globally. the president ignoring the howls of protest from the know-nothing rinos and the chamber of commerce and business round table and wall street as they fight for u.s. multi-nationals while the president is fighting for our middle class and small businessmen and women. we'll talk about it all tonight. congressman keith rothfus is with us. robert mueller and his band of 13 angry democrats offering immunity to clinton crony tony
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podesta to testify against paull manafort. now, that is cute. proving once again the bogus investigation has nothing to do with justice, everything to do with trying to take down president trump's administration by any means. fox legal analyst gregg jarrett says it's time for the mueller witch hunt to end. he joins us here tonight. and radical dems veering dangerously to the far left, embracing a fringe marxist agenda, embracing the black panthers, open borders, universal handouts, calling for the abolition of immigrations and customs enforcement just for starters. and the dean of political strategists ed rollins with us weighing in on the spectacular self-immolation of the democratic party. our top story tonight, president trump staying tough on trade. president trump escalating his threats against china over their unfair trade practices and
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policies. the president warns he's ready to impose a half trillion dollars in tariffs against chinese exports to the united states. president trump also accusing china and the european union of manipulating their currencies and criticizing the federal reserve for raising interest rates. just thinking of it has set him off. our deirdre bolton joins us now with the details. great to have you with us. deirdre: thank you, sir. earlier this morning president trump tweeting about what he sees as an unlevel playing field for the u.s. here's the tweet. china, the european union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower while the u.s. is raising rates, while the dollar gets stronger and stronger with each passing day, taking away our big competitive edge. as usual, not a level playing field. so weaker currency such as the yuan or euro gives an advantage to chinese or european manufacturers, it makes goodsless expensive in most
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global markets. so to be specific, a chinese or german car would be cheaper than an american one if you are paying in u.s. dollars. president trump calls that a form of currency manipulation. he also tweet about some of the effects of the trade tiff between china and the u.s. here it is. farmers have been on a downward trend for 15 years. the price of soybeans has fallen 50% since five years before the election. a big reason is bad, terrible trade exchanges with other countries. canada charges 275% on dairy, farmers will win. that reference to soybeans is important since it is the u.s.' largest agricultural export, $20 billion sold last year according to the usda. china buys more than 30% of that supply. of the 11 midwestern states that produce them, 9 voted for president trump, and strategists say the chinese are betting if they keep putting tariffs on
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products grown or manufactured in states that voted for the president, the trump administration will back off. american advisers say the chinese are making the wrong kind of bet with the wrong kind of president, lou, and we'll leave the fed conversation for you,, if you like, but the president is breaking protocol speaking on the dollar, breaking protocol speaking about the fed, but maybe it's time to try something new. lou: i think my only thought on it would be to hell with this protocol. this president is making sense. it's something that doesn't often have in public discussions of monetary policy, fiscal policy he is bringing to bear the full weight of his office to make sense, and trade, you know, here is -- this is interesting. the economists in this country, most of them paid by major firms whether wall street or corporate or in universities with contracts to those corporations
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or to institutions such as investment banks, you know, he is the only one talking straight about the importance of global balanced trade. there was a time that economists would be honest enough to say that international trade is important, but it has to be balanced, and it can't be mercantilist, and that is the very definition, mercantilism, of china's trade policies, germany's. and the president has so eloquently, in my opinion, talked about the very dull, boring subject of trade to the entire nation, and people are listening -- deirdre: there's even consumer behavior, because in the u.s. we consume about 80% of what we produce. so there are actually economists out there saying even if this trade tiff escalates, the u.s. is much more insulated than china. lou: this is the strongest, you know, i love this idea that people have got in their heads because they've been told that china is the world's biggest economy. deirdre: no. they're slowing down while we're picking up.
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lou: it's slowing, they have all sorts of issues in terms of their internal financial structure. and the european union is really the principal threat in true economic terms to the united states in the near term. 234-rb and, by the way, both the european union and china are taking advantage, as the president says, day in and day out of what has been -- tier doerr well, we're growing. right, even the imf says the u.s. can certainly count on at least 2% growth if not stronger for this year. lou: they had to reverse themselves, didn't they? this spring they had said that, you know, the global economy is faltering and so is the u.s. economy. finally they took note of the fact that we are in this quarter looking at the prospect of 4, perhaps higher, economic growth. deirdre: right. lou: what is it the president says, promises made, promises kept? deirdre: there we go. a good rule to live by, right? lou: you better believe it. great to have you with us.
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what do you think, jerome powell, is he doing a good job? >> yes, i do. lou: we agree. [laughter] here to discuss the president's focus on economic opportunity for all american workers and businesses, joining us tonight congressman keith rothfus of pennsylvania. he serves on the house judiciary committee, the house committee on financial services. congressman, great to have you with us. let's start with this very boring subject of trade, tariffs and balanced international trading systems. your thoughts. is the president exactly right or not? >> the president's highlighting what has been a problem, and this is a problem that just did not develop over the last few months or or the last few years. you go back decades with this. you go back to a decision that president clinton made in the year 2000 to let are the china come into the world trade organization. lou: right. >> china is a communist country, it's a command and control economy. they can deploy resources whatever way they want to. they overbuild their industry, they flood the world. we have to understand that china
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is the problem, has been the problem. we're putting our own house in order here. we now have a competitive tax code internationally because of the tax cuts and jobs act. we are now taxing american buzzes less than -- businesses hess than their chinese or mexican counterparts, restoring a competitive and comparative advantage for the united states in the global marketplace with a great tax code. we're getting our house in order with regulations, putting a check on regulations out of washington, d.c. that don't make sense, and now we have to target those cheaters out there in the global trading arena. lou: cheaters? would you call it cheating for china to put at least 350 front companies -- 3500 front companies in the united states for the purpose of espionage -- >> well, absolutely right. lou: -- both our government and our businesses? >> you're absolutely right. china is aggressive in this. they do cheat in the fact that they're dumping, but they also try to steal technology -- lou: they're stealing $600
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billion of intellectual property9 from the united states each and every year. and we've got morons in the national media worried about vladimir putin, for crying out loud. they're looking in the wrong direction, coming up with the wrong answers. >> the president understands what a threat china has been and continues to be, and people in the administration are looking for ways to get back at china for what they've been doing to us. lou: the president is talking about -- straightforwardly -- another half trillion dollars of goods from china will be hit with tariffs if they continue their nonsense. he is the first president in the last three decades to take on the issue. >> again, china is all about making sure it gets its products out but not letting our products in -- lou: yeah. >> and, again, the espionage that they've been doing, stealing our secrets, so we have to be tough with china. rue lou absolutely. but -- lou: absolutely. but, you know, that's an interesting way to put it.
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we have to be. we didn't have to be until president trump said get tough with china, and the nation followed. finish. >> well, it's interesting -- lou: and also -- i'm sorry. >> go back again to the decision that president clinton made in the year 2000 to let them into the world trade organization, and what was happening before that? do you remember all the scandals we had in the mid 1990s with the fund raising, the buddhist temple fundraiser and what was going on with riyadhty? all these figures popped up in the mid 1990s, and it was interesting because louie at the time looked at the fundraising scandals -- >> director of the fbi -- and said there should be a special counsel. and what did janet reno -- lou: if you and i start talking about the idiots who have inhabited the white house over the course of the past almost 30 years, we're going to be here a long time, and we don't have that time. let me just say that the combination of clinton, trump and obama were three of the
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worst presidents we could have possibly had in succession, and if we hadn't elected president donald trump, in this country would be in one hell of a sorry mess. do you agree? >> well, yeah -- lou: yeah. i mean, yeah. >> where would we be today if hillary clinton were president? hillary clinton -- lou: what did i say? >> we look at what's going on -- lou: by the way, met me rephrase that. i said clinton, bush, and i meant obama preceding trump. if we did not have president trump -- i don't want to hear about the hillary clinton nonsense. the fact is that trump is the differentiator. he is the, the person that is making the difference, the disrupter in what was a chain of calamity building for this country. do you not agree? >> yeah, again -- well, yeah. because you look at what would happen if hillary clinton would have won the election. we would have had more of the same, more substandard growth -- lou: higher taxes, probably war with russia, and we, by the way,
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would be deeply in recession right now because business in this country would be going, rolling over backwards. >> well, every step that hillary clinton took as secretary of state, frankly, favored what russia wanted to do, you know? when they canceled -- lou: yeah, who the -- you know, the left in this country right now, hook at their agenda. they are the ones colluding with russia. they want a state-controlled economy, they want a statist government, they want a massive government, they want socialism, they want handouts. i mean, they're describing, the left and the democratic party's describing communism, not socialism. communism. >> indeed. well, they're transparent about it too. you go to the democratic socialists of america web site, the pittsburgh chapter here, it says they want to transition the a socialist society where the means and resources of reduction are democratically and socially controlled. a socialist society controlled.
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that's what they're all about. ask that's a recipe for paralysis -- lou: paralysis, it's a recipe for communism, come on! >> and not having an opportunity for people to live out their dreams and what they want to do and look to the state for everything. lou: congressman, great to have you here, and we appreciate it. keith rothfus, thanks so much. >> good being on with you. lou: radical dems consumed with hatred for president trump. they think the best way to show support for congresswoman maxine waters is to, well, of course, burn, insult the american flag. ♪ ♪ lou: we'll take up the radicalization of the leftist dems. ed rollins joins me right after this short break. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with
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its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. lou: well the radical dems in this country are losing their minds or pretending to over the president's meeting with putin, germany's chancellor angela merkel applauding the president's move the invite piewtingen back to the white house -- putin back to the white
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house telling reporters that meetings between the united states and russia need to become normal once again, adding it's always good for everyone when there are talks, particularly when there are talks between these two countries. well, merkel has finally said something i agree with. and the president getting more support from foreign leaders than here at home. senate minority leader chuck schumer says no more -- think of the audacity of this radding call dem -- radical dem. schumer says no more one-on-one meetings between the president and putin telethe president tells -- til the president tells him what happened during monday's summit in helsinki? that should inspire the quickest go to hell in the history of presidential politics. and if that reeks of left-wing hypocrisy, arrogance and hubris, you might remember senator schumer not being so tough -- oh, look there. who do we have there? there is schumer with mr. putin. when he decided to welcome him to new york.
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in 2003. coffee and doughnuts, obviously, at play. and schumer's so happy to be in that photo. amazing. joining us now the dean of political separate9 gists, ed rollins, former reagan white house political director, fox political analyst. great to have you with us. >> as i said last night, president putin had a very productive meeting. the two of them walked out of there pleased with what went on, and their statements -- which i went back and read -- are very profound. four questions were asked, four reporters got to ask questions. that became the whole issue of the thing. it wasn't what the men said, it wasn't what they wanted to discuss. my sense is the more these debates -- not debates, the more summits we have, the better it will be. and what mr. schumer needs to do is go back and read the constitution, and it says the president conducts foreign affairs. they don't report to the majority leader or minority leader of the senate. lou: he needs to go to the dictionary and look up hubris
1:20 am
and see a picture of himself. that is arrogance beyond belief, sitting there telling the president what he wants. you know, who cares what schumer wants? he is a minority leader. the president, the president has made very few mistakes, but empowering him early by trying to persuade schumer to be cooperative and bipartisan -- >> well, it didn't work. lou: it's not a mistake, it was just a fruitless effort. >> the president's agenda is now the republicans' and country's agenda. and as the democrats are talking about their campaign of for the people which every time you hear that slogan, what does that mean? of course they're all for the people. what does that mean? but when you hear a great country needs a great leader, it's very clear who that is, it's donald trump. that should be his slogan. lou: yeah. and when you hear keep america great, you know who the hell they're talking about. >> absolutely. lou: let's turn to these tariffs. a lot of nonsense going on in
1:21 am
the business press, in my opinion, where there seems to be little regard. you don't hear any discussion about the national savings rate, the impact of deficits, these massive deficits the united states has run for the past 40-plus years and particularly with china and the impact on economic growth. you don't hear a lot of that. what you hear is fear mongering and nonsense about equities markets as if these news organizations, so-called, really understand economics. it is hilarious. this president is doing the responsible, mature, presidential thing. he is trying to assure that international trading systems are balanced, that they're fair and that this idiocy commitment on the part of u.s. multi-nationals, about 150 of them principally, to free trade is, well, at a very high cost to this country. >> what he needs to do -- lou: what he needs to dosome. >> well, just listen to me. let me talk for a second. you speak with great clarity,
1:22 am
and you communicate what his programs do. he needs to go out and speak with great clarity. lou: hell, ed, he is speaking with -- >> [inaudible] lou: he has educated more americans in less than a year and a half about trade, its impact on our economy than all of the economists in this country combined. >> he's done the action, he now needs to do the speaking, needs to do the preaching. the american public is not very sophisticated, they need to know what's happening -- lou: americans aren't very sophisticated. >> they're not on these kinds of issues. lou: you know, the global elites aren't very damn sophisticated. >> i know that. lou: they're pigs at the trough, and they have been so used to the establishments of both parties doing their bidding, this is what's driving them and the reactionary politics that we're watching result from both the dems and the rinos of the republican party, they're in their death throes, and they know it. >> he's got the big megaphone, he needs to talk about these things, talk to the country day
1:23 am
after day after day. you do it night after night, he needs to do it day after day. [laughter] lou: okay. we've got your assignments. >> you've got your assignment. lou: i just think the president has done a marvelous job. >> i'm not taking anything away from him. he's done it, now you need to tell the public what you're doing, again and again. lou: what's the old saying in this business, tell them again and then tell them what you told them. >> and them them how you're going to do it one more time. lou: thanks, ed. good to see you. will the radical dems' marxist agenda of open borders, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, universal handouts motivate republican voters to the polls in the midterms? cast your vote on twitter twittu dobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. coming up, iran prepares to launch cyber attacks against the united states. how do we know that? we'll take it up with former secret service agent dan
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lou: iranian hackers threatening to launch cyber attacks on electrical grids, water plants, technology, health care companies in the united states, europe and the middle east. the white house has prepared retaliatory sanctions if iran carries out those cyber attacks. iran was responsible for hacking dozens of u.s. banks between 2011 and '13, however, only 45 million iranians own a computer compared to 254 million in this country who own one. of course, it could still be very annoying if they do carry out even one successful cyber attack. joining us not former secret service agent -- tonight, former secret service agent, great american dan bongino. >> good to see you, lou. lou: let's just start with this president and what he is putting up with. this is a man, i think you and i
1:29 am
would agree, who's done more than any modern american president, the achievements whether it's the economy, foreign policy, you name it, he has been there. >> yep. yeah, he's been incredible, lou, and his record frequently gets sidelined by the media who -- and, by the way, lou, the media overreaction to donald trump, i just want to be absolutely clear on this, is not helping the media and their liberal buddies, it's not. the poll numbers are crystal clear. let me give you a quick example. the russia thing. all right, there's a verbal misstep, trump corrects it the next day. i didn't think it was as big a deal -- lou: it absolutely wasn't a big deal. >> it wasn't. he corrects it and what happens? the next day we have naziism, fascism, holocaust references. the media overreaction was so over the top they went right to 10, and what happened? trump's approval rating didn't move at all. it was 45%, and 79% of republicans thought he handled the russia summit fine.
1:30 am
the media look like fools, not donald trump. lou: they're not, obviously, worried about looking like fools because they have been on parade as such for every day of his presidency. >> you know, lou, i'm trying to -- as a former psychology graduate student -- [laughter] lou: now you're scaring me, a psychology student, all right. [laughter] >> i never taught educational -- it always makes you look silly. seriously, in this case i'm trying to get in the heads collectively of the far left media people and what they're doing. they're usually more tactically efficient than this. they understand the m.o., i think that's happened here is they're so used to the gaslighting routine where they lie about republicans, they lie confidently and isolate the public to the truth by collectively forming a narrative. the fact that donald trump has circumvented it i through twitter and the bully pulpit, i genuinely think they don't though how to respond. and this mass his tear ya is kind of like a psychological extinction burst. they don't know what to do to
1:31 am
respond to this man. lou: because they haven't the intellect or the talent anywhere that i can see in the national leadership of the democratic party. keith ellison, his big contribution this week was to say that borders are an injustice to mexican citizens who can't compete fairly with american citizens for jobs. i mean, who -- they say they're for the people in the house, the dems do. they're for other people, not the american people. >> yeah. lou, you've got this iron triangle of stupidity, right? lou: i like that. >> you've got democrat activists, you've got career politicians, and you've got 30-year-old media people who have never held a real job. and what's incredible, i'm glad you brought this up, they're criticizing a guy endlessly. criticism in the press is america. i'm talking about the overreaction, not the reaction. these guys have never signed the front of a check, and they're criticizing a guy who's made nearly a billion dollars, he's had some missteps, but he's made
1:32 am
nearly a billion dollars and won the presidency of the united states, lou, without ever having held political office. but, yeah, yeah, let's hear your opinion mr. 30-year-old reporter at "the new york times" who just got out of school five years ago. let me hear your opinion on foreign affairs, it's so valuable to the debate. lou: yeah. the contributions are immense, obviously, from every one of these national left-wing media outlets. [laughter] and the left, they're openly now talking socialism when they really mean communism just as when they talk progressive, they really mean the old liberal democratic party. but this new dem organization is something to behold. and they think they're going to win in november? i may be wrong about something. i didn't think that there would be a single republican who could win who did not attach themselves to the president. there may be a few who will win just because of what the democrats have done. >> lou, we've been here before, you know? you and i, listen, i was born at
1:33 am
night, but not last night. i'm only 43 -- lou: there you go bragging. [laughter] >> i look a lot older, right? i know. but we've been here before. we had the walter mondale era where they thought it was a good idea to run openly on a national level about hiking taxes. what happened? they got annihilated. reagan -- lou: don't remind them. >> i know, exactly. well, as a counterrevolution their had the democrat leadership committee, you had southern democrats like bill clinton who came in and moderated a bit, and they rescued their party. i don't think they can do it under donald trump. i think they're so emotionally involved that they can't figure it out. lou: not unless they find a ross perot. that's the only way ld until work. people forget bill clinton didn't even get 50% of the vote when he ran in two successive races. dan, great to have you with us. have a a great weekend, dan bongino. thank you very much.
1:34 am
>> you too. lou: almost 30 tornadoes ripping through central iowa yesterday, rural towns like marshalltown suffering direct hits, and this is marshall, iowa. damaged buildings everywhere, down power lines, cars overturned. ten people injured and, thankfully, none killed. up next, the national left-wing media in a frenzy over reports former trump attorney michael cohen has tapes of president trump. listen. >> donald trump is a president with a lot of secrets. he and his allies tell a lot of lies to cover them up, and this applies to his relationship with women. >> michael cohen is very willing to testify against donald trump if it comes to that. he does not feel any loyalty anymore to the president. he feels that the president has run him over with a bus. >> donald trump is not smart. he's dumb when it comes to this, he's arrogant when it comes to
1:35 am
these things, and it's going to come back, and it's going to bite him. lou: you know, that guy is funny. he is truly funny in a pathetic kind of way. we'll take it up and more with gregg jarrett. stay with us, we'll be right back. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. ♪ hawaii is in the middle of the pacific ocean. we're the most isolated population on the planet. ♪ hawaii is the first state in the u.s. to have 100%
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lou: oh, i've got some bad news. bill and hillary clinton's close fend tony epo december that has been under scrutiny by federal
1:39 am
authorities, but not to worry, he was offered immunity by special counsel robert mueller to testify against paul manafort. podesta's brother is john podesta who was chairman of the clinton 2016 presidential campaign. funny how that works. and tony, he once worked with manafort to lobby on behalf of you crane january interests in this -- ukrainian interests in this very country, and he apparently did not properly register under the foreign registration act, the exact same crime that manafort is charged with. tony podesta also accused of failing to register as a foreign agent when he owned the russian-owned company, are you ready? uranium one, the same one that led to russia gaining one-fifth of u.s. uranium deposits in exchange for $145 million in donations to the squeaky clean
1:40 am
clinton foundation. we know it's squeaky clean because the fbi says so. we're learning today that michael cohen secretly recorded a conversation with his client, then-candidate trump discussed a payment to a former playboy model. that payment never made trump told cohen be there were any payment, however, it should not be cash, it should be by check so that it could be documented properly. wow. joining us tonight fox business legal analyst gregg jarrett, author of the new book "the russia hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." yes, that scheme is still underway. the book hits bookstores next week, july 24th. great to have you here. >> good to be here, lou, thanks. lou: john podesta's brother tony. how lucky could he be? >> he received the equivalent of one of these, the megamillions ticket courtesy of bob mueller, sweetheart of a guy. if you're a longtime clinton friend and ally, you get a free
1:41 am
pass, you get immunity. so, but if you are any way connected to donald trump, you know, go directory to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. lou: everything around the podesta brothers is really intriguing. here is tony podesta getting immunity from -- facing exactly the same charges as manafort. and at the same time, his brother, the chairman of the clinton campaign, participating in the payment apparently of monies to create a phony dossier that was used to create a phony fisa warrant by the fbi. >> right. lou: i wonder how this is working out. oh, the fbi was led by the colleague and friend, longtime friend of bob mueller, wasn't it? >> yeah. yeah, you know, it's interesting all the strings and attachments here. lou: yeah. >> it's a club-by place, that
1:42 am
washington d.c. no wonder it's called the swamp. lou: a toxic swamp, indeed. >> yeah, it really is. you know, all you have to do -- americans are smart, they know this whole thing is a partisan scam. just look at the polling data. they know that bob mueller's partisan team of lawyers and investigators are driven by personal animus and political disagreement with president donald trump, so they're out to get him and, thus, the title of my book, "the russia hoax." lou: this'll be the second reference to "the russia hoax." >> shameless plug, but it comes out on tuesday. lou: i'm sorry, what was the relationship that you were drawing? >> the russia hoax -- [laughter] this was begun by james comey and his longtime partner, ally and friend bob mueller took it over. lou: yep. and don't forget his good friend, hillary clinton. >> oh, yeah. lou: so wronged in all of this. >> yeah, it's a shame.
1:43 am
and she lost the presidency, can you believe it? lou: yeah. >> stunning. lou: it is. it was a landslide in the electoral college, which is all that really counts. great to have you with us, gregg. appreciate it, gregg jarrett. and the book is what? the russia -- what? >> the russia hoax. rolls just right off your tongue. lou: it does roll right off your tongue. [laughter] and straight into your bank account. and let's do this, let's right now, let's all be sure that our friends and neighbors are buying "the russia hoax," because it'll be very helpful to all of us. the body of public knowledge will rise just like mr. jarrett's bank account. [laughter] >> oh, my, my. go to barnes & or amazon to buy it ahead of time. lou: that's what i like, shamelessness. up next, the nfl -- oh, man, shameless, they are -- stopping enforcement of their brand new national anthem policy. it was too disciplined, well, too patriotic.
1:44 am
the season hasn't started yet, but so much controversy. we'll take it up next, stay with us, we're coming right back. us, we're coming right back.
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lou: president trump weighing in thig on the nfl decision to put their new national anthem policy on
1:48 am
hold. that amid pressure from the league's players association. president trump tweeting this, quote: the nfl national anthem debate is alive and well again. can't believe it. isn't it many contract that players must stand at attention, hand on heart? the $40 million commissioner must now make a stand. first time kneeling, out for the game. second time kneeling, out for the season. no pay. the nfl and the players union putting out a joint statement. that statement saying they will neither issue, nor enforce new rules related to the national anthem. now, there's a position and what a bunch of sorry son of a guns. the owners, because they made a rule and then just blew it up. they are apparently talking about a new policy, but then again what is a policy but something a little temporary, transitory in the minds of the leadership of the nfl, if you
1:49 am
can call it that. joining us now, don giordano, philadelphia's whp is his home, tammy bruce, washington times columnist and fox business contributor, and she is home here with us. great to have you both. >> thanks, lou. lou: let's start with the nfl are, guys. tammy, what is goodell doing this time? >> you know, this is interesting. you've got the union really has been an issue here, of course, and it's not like americans have had an experience with unions destroying businesses before. ask everybody who used to work at hostess before that got destroyed. you're looking at, clearly, an industry that's fearful. the president at the same time, and all of us who are arguing about this issue, we are also worried about the business of this entity, an incredibly important cultural entity for the united states, a business that employs, obviously, i mean, tens of thousands of people. the stadiums, the people dealing with concessions, it is a huge deal. and it seems like these individuals who are making $or 40 million a year and the
1:50 am
players making even more seem to not care or realize that so much more is at stake than -- look, the point, we got the point. we've been dealing with this for so long, we got -- lou: what's the point? i don't honestly get it, don. what is the point? >> no, lou, that's because you have an industry here of sports pundits who used to be pretty circumspect about their opinion. most of them do not like president trump. they're ungrateful, and they have to cater to people that are millionaires, these players, who can't articulate any position. as a member of a cop's family, the thing that really gets me is the big lie that police are in an epidemic of violence across the country. that seems to be it. and these players would be given tremendous platforms, lou, if they wanted to come on shows -- lou: you say it's anti-trump, but i think we have to go back. just as you've said, remember, the incipient point of this was the san francisco quarterback who was deeply disgruntled
1:51 am
taking on the mantel of social activist against law enforcement in this country. that was the incipient point. it is the fundamental cornerstone -- >> yes. lou: -- of the anthem insult movement amongst those players. tammy, your thoughts. >> i like what you called it, the anthem insult movement, lou. lou: that's what it is! >> this will play out in the midterms. democrats keep on saying why do you people care about this, meaning trump voters and conservative voters and patriotic americans, because we do, that's why. >> but again, it's a mixture of what matters to president trump and what he represents and what we represent as americans. respect for the country in general, we hear certain complaints and issues regarding certain communities and the issue of justice and law and order. but at the same time, a larger commitment to a community that we're all involved in which is about people's futures, the ability to make money, the
1:52 am
ability -- lou: it's about the flag, the national anthem and everything this country stands for. >> what it represents. lou: and think about this, how many presidents can you think of -- i think you have to go back to ronald reagan to find a president who would have had the guts to say to the nfl and with all that comes with the nfl in our society, in our culture, you're not going to insult the american people, the american flag, the anthem and our heritage. you're going to be respectful. and -- >> well, and think president trump, lou -- lou: sir? >> i'm saying more than most president trump, though, knows these guys. he was a former football team owner. he doesn't like how goodell goes about his business, and he digs deeply into this. it's one of the front pieces of his mind, and it's very effective because this is something that ought to be resolved pretty easily. lou: yeah, but think about how quiet so many people who are leaders in our society have been, how gutless, how lacking
1:53 am
in courage. and, by the way, their silence in all of this is an insult to this country as well. because i think most americans right now watching this president lead this nation are pretty well convinced that they have been really overpaying for public service from the people they've elected in both houses on capitol hill and often in the 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> yeah. i -- lou: last word, tammy. >> i would just add all the other issues come together with this one. it's is a aim boll of the -- symbol of the nature of the attitude toward the country, about a rejection of what this nation stands for, and as a result, why president trump was elected. so all, as this goes on, the longer it goes on, it will be a constant reminder on every issue about how the reaction, the result of november 2016 was the right one and how that revolution needs to continue can. lou: yeah, it is -- and i
1:54 am
misspoke because i started with tammy, so you get the last word -- [laughter] i apologize. [inaudible conversations] >> tammy said it very, very well. lou: but not until i get a word in, very quickly. >> oh, okay. lou: the idea that this controversy is going on, it should not mask we've got empirical evidence, does the nfl, they've lost a tremendous number of viewers on television. their business is under challenge and tammy started with that point. >> that's right. lou: this is a business that is being challenged by the people who have the most to benefit from it personally. aside from goodell. and that is those highly paid athletes who apparently know no bounds to what they want to get done in terms of being social justice warriors instead of football players. >> lou, that's exactly right. i'm near the home of the super
1:55 am
bowl champions, it feels good to say that, and yet i have people that call me that bled for 50 years with the philadelphia eagles, did not watch the games this year. and they're being honest about it. that's how painful and difficult this is. roger good el and others are -- goodell and others are going to have to realize this but, lou, i think the players have them over a barrel. i think this is going to continue in one form or another all the way through november. lou: well, it'll be interesting to see. don, thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. >> tammy, appreciate it. up next, the d.c. can group wants to stick it to president trump by pulling his hotels, hick corps license. we'll be right back, stay with us. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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lou: next monday president trump will be hosting the second annual made in america showcase. the president inviting one company from each our 50 states to highlight his mayor a first commit to the american made goods. it has nothing do with our mention much this, that alex is an associate producer on this broadcast we are proud to tell you. he nation cowboy hats at a factory in newark, new jersey.
2:00 am
we are proud of that. we thank you for being with us. have a great weekend. good night from new >> a gold ring... >> it might have been an engagement ring. >> from the great jane austen? >> i expected it to be a fairly flimsy story. >> a story of romance, mystery, and money. >> money was critical. i mean, it was about survival. >> but from a british icon to an american idol... >> i probably could have snuck it out of the country. but i would've been, like, banned. >> inheriting a national treasure can get rather complicated. >> did england know that the ring existed? >> no. >> wow. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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