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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 24, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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hong kong and south korea all on the plus side. doubling down on trade. president trump renewing his call for fair trade with allies as the threat of a full-blown trade war of the news. >> they did nothing. they let our people lose their jobs, given to other jobs, workers in faraway lands. that is not free trade. that is trade. we don't do that kind of trade anymore. >> we take a closer look ahead of a terrorist. today in a visit from european commission president tomorrow. he secured a blacklist. president trump to revoke security clearances for six obama air officials about bias against him.
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the former nba star rescued from the water after a close encounter with the great white. an unbelievable waterfall incredible. so expensive that almost never gets used. all of that and so much more in the former state department spokesman, fox news radio host. why did they put her first? jason chaffetz with committee chairmen contributor and market strategists, so much to talk about. >> they didn't have a great way to break in. too much power you're not watching shark week? >> i'm taking one episode at a time. >> we will show you that video.
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taking away the security. >> yes you do because you seen a lot more than the rest of us sitting on this panel in terms of the inside workings of washington. to our top story this hour, the earnings reason is ramping up three dow components at brighton community technologies and 3m to report quarterly results before the bell. earnings are up almost 26% from last year's quarter. that is exceeding the 20.5% uptick but analysts are watching for. faster growth than the first quarter which is given google parent company alphabet up 4%. after a big earnings. michael block, your big expectations heading into this? >> alphabet, google really had a huge day, really dominating this online ad space here last thursday night we saw microsoft
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come in and blow away expectations. my question is that going to keep going here? the bar keeps getting higher and higher. and of course amazon thursday night along with intel and a bunch of other names. the bar keeps getting higher in the range of companies doing well keeps getting narrower and narrower. is that really healthy? we have the southern growth stocks that may be a little unevenness they are friday we had ge's report the cosmetic headlines with better, but they were great in terms of our business is going. >> we are watching these because this is where you'll see real-world impact slapped on steel and aluminum washing machines and the retaliation of
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tariffs on china, imports in retaliation for the likes of china and canada. so why not now, whirlpool cut its profit outlook for the year and said it wouldn't be able to offset steel tariffs with higher consumer prices. tariffs taken a toll on harley davidson reported earnings a few weeks after announcing a plan to move some motorcycle production overseas to europe because of the retaliatory tariffs from europe. harley david and was lambasted by president trump. we slapped import tariffs at the beginning of the hearing world pool is still struggling because of the other tariffs from the steel and aluminum tears. >> they're causing a lot of problems in their second and third effects are not. revenues down 12.3% in the current quarter.
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a lot of that has to do with raw material costs. some of it has to do with foreign exchange with the united dates economic data better than other parts of the world. a stronger dollar will squeeze companies like world pool, harley david and produced here in the united states. they loosen the translation. you also had demand lower from overseas because consumer demand is not keeping up here. how we get along in the various waves and winds of change in the global economy. >> 's aching from the white house on our experts ahead of the meeting with the european commission president jean-claude juncker tomorrow. listen to president trump yesterday. >> the european union is tough but they are coming to see me on when dad and we will see if we can work something out.
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otherwise we'll do something with respect to the millions of cars they send in every year. maybe we can work something out. >> this comes the same day that jp morgan chase could derail economic momentum in an interview with cnn, here is what jamie dimon warned. if you do $200 billion in tears on the national security thing about cars i think you're getting pretty close to reversing the benefits you seen in the economy. this comes as the u.s. trade representatives will hold hearings about chinese tariffs. what you make of all of this? this is getting tougher and tougher. even organizations representing farmers across the nation because of the retaliatory tariffs from china giddings soybean growers and the like. >> it's getting so wide, numbers are getting so big. in the heartland president trump has a winning message. something he campaigned on vigorously.
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most people say the president is trying to come up with something that is fair. i don't think this will necessarily play itself out before the midterm election in november. that'll be adjusting to see if you're in wisconsin or michigan in the tight seats controlled the house what's going to happen and what impact it's going to be there. interesting note the front-page story from "the wall street journal" about the housing market because this all ties together with the rising interest rate in the boom in the housing market is pretty interesting. >> home sales despite economic strength on existing home sales number in june. that is the story jason is talking about. jamie dimon also throwing a little shade yesterday at the trump administration in terms of the tactics bear. also told cnn, quote, i would remind folks the president's team has said there will be no retaliation. they party been wrong.
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if i was the president might be a little ticked off as some of my advisors to tell you the truth. he is a democrat or as we say a big old democrat. the biggest bank in the country. donald trump truly believes in it. the president can be swayed in a different direction. the trade and tariffs as when he feels in his heart and that's why we see him push so hard on this. i would push back on jason. a lot of the republican message for the midterms is on the economy in the stock market and what people are feeling from the tax cut. if these tariffs start impacting individual voters indicate the impacts of the tax cuts, which were already starting to see whether his soybean farmers come as no workers throughout the midwest and the rust belt, i think politically this is contributing to a sense of anxiety that republicans are
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running up all this debt. it's like a sugar high and now people are seeing tariffs. it doesn't make any sense to a lot of voters. dagen: i will push back a little bit ominous. the tariffs are not being passed through to the end consumer for the most part. we've talked about it on the program. a lot of impact in mc than the short-term tariffs and they are willing. they are calling their congressmen in the midwest and we had a congressman on yesterday and said they are going to sit vac. how long are they willing to wade when it doesn't appear donald trump has made any headway in getting new trade deals with anyone. >> there's negotiations with nafta has been ongoing. the leader of mexico actually came on and said they wanted to
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something done in on this. >> outlined you think voters are willing to give the president on this? the how long is the grace period? >> i don't think the pastor was that the consumers are the venues to purchasing. there is a real america right in the heartland in the core of who trump is talking to. they also understand he does believe this. he's been talking about this for 30 years. >> i will say this, jason chaffetz. we have a reading on the second-quarter gross domestic artist on economic growth that could even coming close to 5%. that is the fastest quarterly rate that we've seen in years. we have approval rating of half of your voters approved. that is the highest mark on that
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question in all this "wall street journal" surveys. his approval rating picked up a little bit to 45% and the economy is firing on all cylinders. we have some room to run and terms of these tariffs. >> they want to raise taxes and all they can do is talk russia, russia, russia. nobody cares. >> i would give the democratic message later. >> train to you have an economy. people feel good. the vast majority of americans are seeing higher paychecks this year. >> gdp on friday for q2. official consensus of quarter of a quarter. for pointy% to 5%. dagen: charlie gasparino good for pointy%. >> one thing i'll say is there's
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evidence from sources like the facebook that retailers are passing through higher prices on certain goods. we seem retail stocks rally so much so with not affecting things much. the other thing i'll say is that and i'm not from the political world and the financial guy. the thing i keep noticing his face. president trump same things that will play to his core audience going in november. they're not saying they're analyzing debris of a trade deal or not. they are saying tomorrow ahead of the european commission coming to the white house. jean-claude juncker. those europeans are cheating us. don't make a deal on top of the tariffs. you don't win elections by making nice with the guy from luxembourg named jean-claude. [laughter] that is the political reality i see. like it or not, that is what trump is planning to. >> i think you're exactly right. dagen: as my eyes start watering because this was hilarious.
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the house republicans are working to try to make the tax cuts permanent. the senate have dug their heels in. how important is this for house republicans going up to november? >> kevin brady will reveal that to the house today. a lot of people felt like we don't want this to be temporary. it is kind of core to the republican message. we want lower taxes, but they've got a pickup spending. that is where they are doing a terrible job. dagen: how crazy is that the democrats are trying to run on the debt? >> i've got a cut spending, too. >> democrats ought to be wearing t-shirts saying we are hypocrites, too. >> they don't care about the spending. let's see if they ever do. dagen: how much grounded we just cover. breaking overnight, hundreds missing. many suspect a dead.
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the very latest on this tragedy. why are thousands of employees will see bigger paychecks coming soon.
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dagen: breaking news right now. harley-davidson earnings are out. earnings per share 1 dollar a share. that is well above the estimate of $1.34 per share.
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mike is looking at this really quickly. how is the revenue? >> revenues that matter as well. 1.71 billion. looking for any dents in the armor here. they are taking operating margin down in blaming tariffs. >> the steel and aluminum tariffs. >> i would imagine of steel and aluminum. it could go either way. i believe it's because of the raw materials. dagen: a look into that. breaking this morning, tragedy and mouse after hydroelectric dam collapses. cheryl casone has more details. >> good morning. several people are dead and hundreds are missing after it gave way last night following heavy monsoon rains.
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six villages reportedly leaving more than 6000 people homeless. they go into service. back here at home, nike raising the salary more than 7000 employees after an internal pay review. how it awards annual bonuses. the changes sparked by concerns over pay equity and wants to encourage a culture where employees feel included and empowered. shares of nike are up 23% this year. look at that chart. all you need is $2 a dream. connect mega millions chat bot $512 million. the cash payout for a single winner would get about 300 million bucks. 11:00 eastern time. about one in 300 million.
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those air headlines. >> i have no shame. i will be playing. >> is going to pick you up some. dagen: and during road road trips turned onto virginia i buy scratch offs. you played mega millions? >> it cracks me up. they play 500 million, but with its 50 million, i don't need to play that. my odds are better, but i don't need that. it's a waste of money. trade to build bipartisanship it against us all something to talk about and we aren't arguing about politics. >> i am. dagen: you are arguing with us about buying the mega millions tickets. way to lift the mood this morning. coming up, keep out at the message for former fbi there jim comey. michael hayden and others as the of minutes rations takes to
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dagen: tech earnings and focus. alphabet reporting a quarter after the close and to open at an all-time high. google's parent company put google in the race to $1 trillion valuation. joining me now is tech editor
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pete console. what did you make of the earnings yesterday? >> their ad engine is just going as strong as ever. google have up to $5 billion e.u. over a hundred, but it seemingly with god commando, earnings was huge. i was more of a one-time fee. google and facebook are too big players in the ad space. i feel that their a.i. and ad tech has only gotten better and better and targeting people in using broader signals to squeeze as much money out of the engines as they can. >> speaking of facebook, we'll hear from facebook tomorrow. at a new new record high yesterday's trading session. investors shaken off. anything specific? >> basically when i'm curious about their longer-term bets because they just killed their
6:25 am
project as i want to hear more things about satellite internet, also i want to hear about how well oculus go has done. it's really the first true mass-market consumer product. zuckerberg was extremely big when they acquired years ago. i want to see if this is like a good sort of first step that they kind of wanted to be. zuckerberg talks a lot about the evolution of face up to be something where you share entire experiences. not just text, images, video, but an entire environment you are in and that's what he sees facebook as 10 years out. >> it just has not caught fire yet. people may tech industry thought it would have greater penetration. >> every step to go. i've tried it. experiences are amazing at the ask on the user that you need to have said to do this entirely
6:26 am
different name is a very long-term thing. 10 years is early. >> a great proposition given the current climate in this country. >> your own bubble i guess. >> whether alphabet and facebook doing that say perhaps twitter is learning to do but not doing quite as well. what is so much better as a matter of scale, technology, what are they doing that keeps them winning? >> very good question. a very strong mobile optimized engine on these. everyone is on phone now. facebook bed very early on, sort of a mobile ex-periods and making sure that is optimized. it is a much better experience now than the desktop. google, android, massive prices on phone in their way to
6:27 am
monetize that it's gotten better. >> d.c. regulatory concerns on the privacy front? at what point did it become so invasive the washington depth than it causes some disruption to their own market. >> for facebook, yes that is huge. you see how they have to adapt with the regulations in europe at the gdp are. these companies have shown a very remarkable way to adapt. >> when you can drop 5 billion not really affect your business, that is pretty amazing. dagen: i don't know if it's privacy regulation. president trump alluded to this with the "washington post" on the amazon, but antitrust concerns because you seem to play out in the u.s. of microsoft. these are to add juggernauts when it comes to online ads serving that raises the issue. >> it is a monopoly. there is no other service that
6:28 am
offers a face that offers, which is not the technology, not the apps. it is the fact that all your friends and family are already there. there is no other network in the world that can promise that. they have a monopoly on the social graph, which is a term mark zuckerberg used her around a lot. should they be penalized for having such a good project that everyone comes to it because there's a natural monopoly. this is probably one of them. the antitrust concern is the one sort of wildcard here where that could be a dark shadow over their futures, their long-term futures. >> good to see you. thank you so much. new evidence this morning that north korea may be sticking to its word to dismantle nuclear testing site just one month after that historic summit. shaq gets trapped with a shark.
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nba legend shaquille o'neal had a very close encounter with the great white. ♪ . .
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wall street. we will hear from three dow components ahead of the opening bell. united technologies and verizon, eli lili reporting, beating profit and revenue expectations, the company announcing it will spin out its animal health business. checking the broader market action, we have gains across the board, dow, s&p and nasdaq futures, dow futures up 83 points at the moment but we are watching the blue chip earnings as they come out after mixed day yesterday. new all-time highs for the likes of microsoft and facebook yesterday. gains across the board in european market, england france and germany all heading higher in asia overnight exactly the same story, biggest winner is shanghai up 1.6%. a security blacklist, president trump looking to revoke security clearances for six obama-era
6:33 am
officials over concerns about bias against him. here is white house press sect raifer sarah huckabee sanders and what she had to say yesterday. >> the president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearance because they've politicized demand some cases monetized their public service and security clearances fact that people with security clearances are making the baseless charges provides inappropriate legitimacy to accusations with zero evidence. dagen: closer look straight ahead. new fukashima fallout, the nuclear disaster happened years ago and now some wine are testing positive for radioactive particles. a different kind of shack attack and this time a shark. rescued from a water after close encounter with a great white. yeah, we love shark week and unbelievable waterfall on the side of a building but it's so
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expensive it almost never gets turned on. now to top stories this half hour, revoking security clearances, president trump considering ending security clearances for six former intelligence officials, this action have been to do with comments made by the officials about the investigation into russian meddling in 2016 election. sarah huckabee sanders addressing this issue yesterday. >> not only is the president looking to take away brennan security clearance but also into the clearances comey, clapper, hayden rice and mccabe and exploring to remove security clearance because they've politicized an in some cases monetized public service making baseless accusations of improper actions on russia.
6:35 am
dagen: joining me now general jack keane, what do you make of this action, is it necessary in. >> well, i don't -- i don't really understand what's happening here. if we are looking at security clearances and who should keep them after they finish government service as a matter of policy, i think that's probably okay, let's take a look at it and see. in the military, you're not going keep security clearance unless there's a reason for it. you left the military but still working for the government in some capacity or you're working in an industry where security clearances is required and every 5 years you will get it activated again. this appears to have -- target at individuals which means it seems personal to me and frankly i understand the frustration the administration feels. i mean, i've not seen in my time dealing with the government to have the kind of animus that's against this administration by
6:36 am
previous government officials and some of that is obviously gets very personal. all that said, i don't see the policy issue here. dagen: wall street journal had editorial on the matter, dumb idea of the week, they said it's petty, it's a dumb idea, they write that somebody should have said that's a dumb idea, will make us look petty and won't accomplish anything and jim comey said that he was read out when he left as fbi director and he no longer has security clearance and andy mccabe said the same thing. his security clearance is no longer -- deactivated. it's that issue. maybe they are using -- the other gentlemen could be using security clearances in their consulting work perhaps nevertheless, it's not going to shut them up to be quite blunt, they are going to keep the individuals -- by the way, i want you to listen to senator rand paul what he said about
6:37 am
former cia chief john brennan. >> had a great conversation with the president. i've been very concerned about john brennan continuing to have access to classified material. i think anyone who is calling basically the president treasonous which would require the death penalty is someone that is over the top and not showing the proper judgment and still have access to classified information. dagen: your reaction to that, general? >> i think this is a political issue here, brennan is opposed of the president and created a lot of animosity. that's where we are. i don't think -- i don't think for a minute that brennan is going in and getting classified briefing from the cia that help him criticize the cia, that's not happening. that's a stretch. in terms of monetizing this thing, you know, secretary -- national security adviser rice and others who had the position, if they're out there trying to earn a living, that's happening
6:38 am
as a result of the positions they held and reputation they earned in those positions, it's got nothing to do with security clearance. dagen: well said, general. satellite images show that the rogue regime is dismantling site, how significant is this move general or is it empty gesture? >> this is a step in the right direction. this is a test facility and this is something that they promised months ago as a result of earlier visit by secretary pompeo but they never came through wit and i think he really put it on the table as a result of his last discussions with them so they've fulfilling something that they promised they would do, that's not disarming and dismantling nuclear capability and that's what we are waiting for and i don't know if we are going to get there or not but the administration essential has a much better feel for it.
6:39 am
the key denominator is have they given the administration a location and identity of all of their nuclear and ballistic missile sites, if that's happened and we are able to go out there and take a look at them to verify that they are there and comply with what we already know from our intelligence services, then we are really making progress. that hasn't happened yet, we are not making the kind of progress that we should be making. dagen: again, we are dealing with issues on all fronts around the world, we have tensions with iran growing, the war of words continues between president trump and the islamic republic, commander in chief warning iran tweeting this, this was in all caps, this was yesterday, to iranian president, late sunday, to iranian president rouhani never ever threaten the united states or you will suffer consequences the likes of which throughout history suffered
6:40 am
before. we are no longer a country that will stand for demented words and violence and death, be cautious. iranian foreign minister responding, unimpressed. the world heard harsher bluster and iranians have heard for 40 years. we have been around for millenia be cautious, what does this say to you, if you were listening to mike pompeo at the speech he gave sunday night at the reagan lie bare or on sunday that it's really his words that are kind of great guidance out of this administration about the danger of the iranian empire. he talked about iran has run something that resembles the mafia more than a government. >> yeah, well, i don't do much analysis of the president's
6:41 am
tweets, i think they are out there to inform the american people, when you look at -- at the policies of this administration, i mean, to be frank about it, this is the first administration that's pushed back on iran from 1980, 38 years, whether it's been republican or democrat there, the fact is that iran has had a brilliant strategy by using proxies to do their bidding for them and by using proxies it paralyzed our decision make to go take adverse action against them and that's why they are in lebanon with 130 rockets, rockets and missiles pointed at israel, that's why they now have secured most of syria, not all of it but pretty close and that's strategic anchor in middle east. they have significant political influence over iraqi government and started the civil war in yemen because they are very much interested in controlling the strategic water way southwest to
6:42 am
canal. they have been moving for 38 years to dominate and control the middle east. this is the first president that's pushing back on that and i think he's also going to likely form something we have been talking here on fox, sort of an arab nato with the sunny arabs to push back on the iranians because last july among 55 leaders in the region he said i will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to push back on the strategic enemy and my strategic enemy of the region of iran. this will take iran to test. they will not permit aggressive and malign behavior that's been tramping over our allies' interests and the united states. dagen: pompeo called individuals in iran by name for corruption and he also -- he highlighted
6:43 am
the fact that iran is directing funds to terrorist dictators and proxy ma -- malacias and got pallets of cash for in ranson. >> mike pompeo is a star in that group, he's amazing and that speech, really deserves to be read twice because he's appealing to the iranian people and there's real softness there because they are so frustrated economically. dagen: general well said, always terrific to see you, always a pleasure. general jack keane. new worry for wine lovers,
6:44 am
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dagen: police in canada identifying the man who carried out a shooting rampage in toronto, cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. cheryl: well, dagen authorities have identified the gunman who killed two people and injured 13 others in toronto. 29-year-old fisel hussein, the family said he suffered from severe mental health issues, hussein died in exchange of gunfire with police that night, meanwhile toronto blue jays held a moment of silence before the game yesterday for the shooting victims. >> we think -- thank the first responders and citizens who attended to and stayed with
6:48 am
injured until helped arrived. our thoughts are with the victims, their families and those still fighting. please join us in a moment of silence. cheryl: well, the two people that were killed we found out were just 10 and 18 year's old. all right, back here at home, some california red wine made after 2011 may contain radioactive particles, team of french researchers of nuclear reactor meltdown have been detected in california vine, maybe they want you to buy french wine, researchers say radioactive particles remain well below threshold for causing humans any harm so drink up. finally, i want to show you, this it's neat, sky scraper in southwest china, they turned the tap on of 350-foot waterfall that flows on one side of the
6:49 am
building, goes into public plaza, great pictures but the waterfall is attracting criticism because it's costing more than 100 bucks an hour to operate. on a lighter note on the story, others thought it was a massive water leak when they saw the spectacle coming out. [laughter] cheryl: okay, can they just stuff up. true reaction. dagen: you couldn't have that in new york city, people would be bathing in it. i don't mean that as -- that's what it looks like. >> not good. dagen: again, the building that you see throughout china is just astonishing. architecturally they have some of the most sound buildings certainly in the world. >> they are new. dagen: who looks like the nerd now? me. exactly. coming up a different kind of shack attack, former nba star
6:50 am
shaquille o'neil has encounter with white shark, shark versus the shark next the employee of the year, anna. [music playing]
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dagen: a comeback story for you today in sports that has all the makings of a hollywood script, jared max here with the details, jared. jared: dagen, here is the story, pitcher suffers fractured skull bleeding on the brain and then brain surgery, weeks in icu, no exercise for months, 14 months after the near accident steve makes major league debut called
6:54 am
by st. louis cardinals and pitches 7 innings, 7-no hit innings, only three others before have taken no hitter further in big league debut, suffice to say rediscovered a fountain of youth. >> that journey was not drawn up by me or myself, obviously, obviously there's greater ones and it's god's plan. jared: when does the movie come out? speaking of rock stars, community leaders, anthony russo, fulfilled a dream last night, 7-1 lost, got to pitch, he threw 2 pitchers, and got a.j. to fallout, víctor also pushed one inning. tim tebow 2018 season is over, tebow had broken bone in his hand.
6:55 am
tebow batted .273 and made all-star team. dagen, what's your word? dagen: four-letter word that you can use on television, continue. jared: he got himself suspended 14 months because he posted this photo of himself, shows him receiving iv fluids, problem he exceeded iv fluids over period and he will miss of many events. and it's shark week, shack does shark week on discovery channel, catch this one on sunday, 7'1 shack trapped inside a 12-foot cage, watch this. >> shark in the cave. get him out. >> call me shaquille o'neil, get
6:56 am
it. jared: the crew pulled him out of the water, first time in 30 years that a shark has wiggled its way into the tank. dagen: who doesn't love shark week? >> i love shark week and i love that shack was in the water like that. that is just -- he was still bigger than the shark. my money is still on the shack, he could have taken the shark. dagen: i don't know if they're aired yet, aaron rogers is doing shark week and gronkowski. honka-honka burning love. charles payne tweeted that this is from pew research, sharks kill 10 people annually but snails kill 10,000 people, they are highly venomous.
6:57 am
jared: from eating or -- dagen: they have venom. i'm assuming that's the snail. >> i think snail week is the other network. dagen: thank you. jmg you covered the world of sports for us, jared sports report fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115, why a bargain-loving guy took the first day to the whole sailer, next hour on mornings with maria . [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day.
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dagen: good morning many i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, july 24t 24th 24t. earnings driving the action on wall street. united results just crossing right here, right now. profits and revenue beating expectations. $1.97 on earnings per share, $16.7 billion in revenue, that was also ahead of expectations. we've got mike lock standing by, he'll dig into the numbers many let's check on the broader market action now. we've had gains across the board, a 99 point gain on the dhow dodow futures.
7:01 am
the dow suffered a slight loss yesterday but the nasdaq and the s&p in positive territory as they were yesterday. in europe, we're looking at gains across the board in england, france and germany. germany being the biggest gainer, the dax up 1 1/3%. in asia overnight it was buying across the board as. well. made in america, the president highlighting goods manufactured right here in the good old u.s. of a. at an event yesterday in washington. >> after many years of decline, american manufacturing is coming back bigger and better and stronger than ever before. it's happening. we're in the midst of a great economic revie val in the united states. dagen: we will talk to business owners who were there at the white house yesterday straight ahead. devastation in greece, wildfires ripping through a resort destination, killing at least 60 people.
7:02 am
we have the latest from greece. plus, parents check your pantries. gold fish crackers recalled for salmonella risk. what you need to know straight ahead. and a high end bakery feeling green and we're not talking environmentally friendly. this bakery unveiled a hemp flavored mac a aron. we'll find out how to pronounce that as the morning moves on. all of that coming up this morning. fox newsradio host marie harp is here. former house oversight committee chairman, fox news contributor congressman jason chavitz and advisors, market strategist, michael block. so much to talk about and nothing but love going around this table. >> that's true. >> no macarons over here. dagen: to our top story, america is back in business, the white house celebrating american
7:03 am
made products from all across the nation yesterday. in its second annual made in america event, president trump touting the importance of american made, especially in the midst of the global trade tiff, fight, spat, whatever you want to call it. take a listen. >> we're here today to celebrate the greatest products in the world, products made with american heart, american sweat, and american pride. after many years of decline, american manufacturing is coming back bigger and better and stronger than ever before. it's happening. america never waves the white flag. we only wave the red, white and blue flag. the era of economic surrender for the united states is over. we're tearing down barriers to our exports, protecting our ingti thinkintellectual propertd defending our companies from unfair foreign trade practices. every time a new factory opens,
7:04 am
every time jobs return to our shores, every time we a a product made by our own american neighbors, we are renewing the bonds of love and loyalty that link us together as americans. today we declare a simple truth. it matters where something is made. matters to me. dagen: here now, three individuals who attended yesterday's event, new york congresswoman claudia tenney, a member of the financial services committee along with the co-founders of cheryl manufacturing and liberty table top, matthew roberts and greg owens. matthew and greg, i want to start with you. greg, until recently it's been much more cost effective as a business to produce overseas. what did you make of the event yesterday? >> well, it was a great honor to be invited to the event yesterday. it's actually our second year. last year we participated in the roundtable. it not only is representative of what the administration and others are trying to do to help us out on the manufacturing front, but it's also a motivational factor for matt and
7:05 am
ali and our employees to attend the event. dagen: i said on fox news yesterday morning, it's a way for the white house and the president to highlight how fast the u.s. economy is growing and to remind people go out and buy american if you can. >> right. we're the only manufacturing of flatware left in the united states. so we've reached out to our congresswoman, congress people, we've reached out to the white house and asked them to help us and i think basically the way the economy is going, our factory is growing significantly. we're about 33% bigger than we were last year. we've hired another 15 people. and the future is bright for cheryl manufacturing. dagen: can you ask you, matt, really quickly, where you source your raw materials and if you have been hit at all by the tariffs that have come out of the white house so far. >> right. we have a -- our marketing niche
7:06 am
is 100% made in the united states. all of our steel has to be melted and processed in the united states. we have seen some increase in pricing. i'm not really sure if it is due the tariffs, but maybe more due to the fact that the economy is heating up. we've seen a slight increase but nothing really substantial. but like i said before, everything has to be u.s. content in our product. dagen: congresswoman tenney, this event comes amid the heated trade battle that american manufacturers are wrestling with the fallout from trump's tariffs, not just the steel and aluminum tariffs but also our tariffs of $34 billion of chinese imports and the retaliation from china which is beginning to hurt exporters, particularly farmers. what do you make of that? how dawning rise -- dangerous is this dispute for businesses. >> let's first talk about cheryl manufacturing. this is the great american manufacturing story.
7:07 am
i toured their plant in 2016 and said wow, this is a couple guys who worked a deal to unite a facility that now moved to china, an iconic brand, started in my region. these guys bought the old factory, refurbished the equipment and reopened what was eliminated and made it an american based product. what they're doing is accenting how great the american workforce is and how important they are and they're one of our greatest assets. they're proving that you can use american workers and american workers are the best, and you can sell the products and you heard them talk about how well they're doing. so this is why trump won our region and why the message resonated. we had so many iconic businesses. the president and ceo of revere manufacturing was there. we think it was started in 1801. new york state has seen this massive exodus of jobs to china and to asia and to see these guys try to bring it back, i think it's important.
7:08 am
i think the jury is still out. wilbur ross was at the event and talked to us about the products there. so we'll he see what happens. i think they indicated they're not sure if it's all tariff or if it's boone in the economy. the tax cuts are helping the business, whether large, medium or small and even a business like cheryl. >> this is jason. i had a pleasure of serving with her in the congress. my question for you is what do you see the republicans doing in terms of taxes. we have an announcement with question brady coming up -- announcement with kevin brady coming up. >> we're rolling out -- i heard we'll see 2.0. i haven't seen the details. chairman brady will bring that out. let me talk about something important that we need to do. you're talking about spending and stagnation in wages.
7:09 am
i think a lot is attributable to the fact that we haven't been able to repeal and replace obamacare. that is a burden on small businesses. it affects wages of small business owners and small business owners, their workers are paying enormous rates because obama care is so expensive and the premiums are going up and deductibles are going up. we had a spending control mechanism in the american health care act that did not pass the senate last year. as you know, we got it through the house and we got to the senate and we had a thumbs down. that made the difference. that's where we have to start working on realigning the spending, bringing spending down, continuing to protect medicare, protect social security, but rei realigning soe truly needy people are getting the services. many people on medicare lost because we robbed medicare -- we robbed medicaid to give money to med care and the expansion of obamacare. you have two entrepreneurs
7:10 am
running a small business, the only flatware manufacturer in our region, it's affecting wages and everything in our region. dagen: greg, what do you want to see out of washington? i'm the child of small business owners. i never knew what a vacation was. they never took a vacation. they worked seven days a week. and i heard my entire childhood and my entire life about politicians talking about small businesses and how critical they are and quite frankly washington never did jack for my parents' business. greg, you've got claudia tenney, your congressman there, and you've got jason who knows folks in washington. tell them and the audience what you want out of d.c. >> well, i guess if you want to put the answer on a bumper sticker it would be get out of the way and let us go. i think claudia and a lot of our representatives in washington and the administration, that's their tact. that's a little about what tax reform is all about.
7:11 am
instead of taking money away from business and readies contributing it to achieve goals, let businesses do that. we hired 15 people. one of our main objectives going forward to is to as we make more money, give that money to our employees. we gave out pretty substantial raises this year. we would like to do more to make sure it's a great place to work for, at, and to keep our employees happy for many years to come. dagen: matt,ism going to give you the -- i'm going to give you the final word, sir. you get the final word. say what you want to. >> i want to say thank you to the administration for as greg said getting out of the way and letting us run our business. nobody knows how to make flatware better than the team we have at cheryl, new york. and we're here not only for a company to make money and to be profitable. we're here for our community. i think many of the businesses that you saw yesterday in the white house had the exact same
7:12 am
goals. they want to be the part of the community and work as a team and be americans together and grow the economy. dagen: gentlemen, great to see you both. thank you so much. greg owens, matt roberts and congresswoman claudia tenney. here are some of the businesses i know all made in america, l.c. king manufacturing, they make awesome men's jackets and clothing, red land cotton, they were at the white house yesterday, incredible sheets and the family grows their own cotton. and then shot, made in america, great leather jackets, made in new jersey. a shoutout to all those business as well. great to see you all. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. dagen: president trump just tweeting this morning on trade. countries that have treated unfairly on trade for years are all coming to washington to negotiate. this should have taken place many years ago. but as the saying goes, better late than never. i wonder if this will soothe any
7:13 am
concerns, certainly in the markets, if we've seen any concerns from investors about the tariffs. again, that's been the message, the president's like be patient, we're using tariffs in the short run but we want better trade deals. certainly one of the biggest threats is the auto tariff, 20, 25% tariff on auto imports. we want to get some resolution of that. >> the market is eithe waiving - market is either waiving that offer or microsoft is maybe seen as bulletproof stocks that are getting through this. the easy representatives are going to be at the white house tomorrow and we're going to see -- i think there's a method to the madness. we'll see if any good news is taken. dagen: parents, listen up. check your cabinets. salmonella fears prompting a massive recall of goldfish crackers many we'll tell you which variety are affected. plus, where one bargain loving
7:14 am
man took his date for free samples, that story after the break. ♪ you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at ♪ ♪
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dagen: polls have just opened across georgia for today's republican primary runoff. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: voters in georgia selecting their candidate as the republican nominee for governor today. the runoff comes after neither
7:17 am
the state's secretary of state, brian kemp or casey cagle won more than 50% of an earlier vote. kemp has president trump's support. cagle is endorsed by that i than diehl but i plagued by the relee of tapes, one of which he offers money for an endorsement. there is another food recall. four different flavors of goldfish crackers are being recalled because one of the ingredients could be tainted. they were distributed throughout the united states. shares of mondelez are down less than 1% so far this year. is she a cheap date or does she have good taste? one woman using a dating app got her wish when she said her yid a of a perfect first date is at costco. one bargain loving guy said
7:18 am
that's great. she posted photos showing the pair sharing costco ice cream. they had a few free samples. no word if they bought anything together or who paid if they bought anything. there's your perfect date, dagen. dagen: no word on whether the relationship lasted after they hit the parking lot. right? cheryl: he she want todd go to costco. dagen: i had a date who took me to eat at long john silvers when i was in college because he had a buy one, get one free coupon. >> what'sing wron what's wrong ? >> so many things. >> i took my wife now of 27 years, first date, hi a buy one -- i had a buy one, get one free yogurt coupon and we used it. dagen: that was after dinner, right? >> no, it was the date. i didn't have money for dinner. 27 years later --
7:19 am
dagen: god bless your wife. >> is this the second or third date at costco where you buy the 112 pack of bounty and plight i. that's real commitment. dagen: police investigating after a miami condo building collapsed unexpectedly leaving one person injured. we have the latest there. plus, pairs well with high tea, one paris bakery bringing macarons to u.s. shores. we'll tell you where. ♪ each of these food boxes represents a gift of life for people here in israel who are in desperate need.
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7:23 am
swing with three dow come poe thens reporting, 3m, united technologies and verizon. joining us right now equity strategist, scott renn. your toon earnings season -- your take on earnings season so far. i know we have some of the earnings out already. >> i think there's one or two sectors that haven't had a company report. overall, they have been good. they're corm comin coming in ben expected. i think the attention is going to continue to be on those sectors that benefit from a continuation of the expansion. i think that's where the attention's going to be. i think that's where the best growth rates are going to be. so those are the sectors that we're focused on. >> scott, mike block. so looking at large caps in the u.s., what sectors are those? >> well, for us, mike, we like industrials. obviously the fears over the trade war have affected it but certainly the earnings have been good. so we like industrials, consumer discretionary.
7:24 am
we like financials which obviously the flatness of the curve hasn't helped. we also like health care. but saying that, really if you look from the recent low which was on june 27th and you look june the 27th through yesterday, basically, these cyclical sectors are leading the charge and the ones that were underweight, write the defensives, largely, staples, utilities were also underweight, energy, those are underperformers. i think that's the way you want to be leaning as we look forward over the next six to nine months. dagen: are you going through each of these earnings reports, trying to figure out what the impact of the tariffs that we've seen so far that have been slapped on steel and aluminum and some chinese imports an some exporters to china. >> we're talking with our individual company analysts all the time and certainly that's one of the things, and clearly industrials are going to be the one that's mostly affected. but for us, what we've done is we've decided we're going to take a stand here.
7:25 am
this has been the case for months now, that we consider an all-out trade war a low probability, maybe a 20% probability, something like that. it's certainly not zero. but i think that if you can win the game four out of five times you play, you want to play the game. for us, we're more h focused on what's the fed going to do, what's global growth going to do, are we going to see a wage surge that cuts into corporate profit margins. those are the things that i think are going to drive the stock market over the next 2 months. trade war, we're going to hear noise. it's probably going to present opportunities to buy stocks. i just don't think we'll have an all-out trade war. >> this is jason. what don't you like? i heard a lot of optimism in a lot of different sectors. what do you not like and why is the housing sector lagging behind, according to the front page story in the wall street journal. >> as i mentioned, really we
7:26 am
don't want our clients hiding. we don't want them being defensive. utilities, staples, those don't look very good to us. energy, overall we're underweight, we're unabl unfavoe on commodities. we thought oil was top diss py at 75. as far as the housing market goes, you're younger than i am, but it makes me laugh when i hear a lot of people say gee, these rates, these 30 year mortgage rates have popped up. the first time i bought a house in 1986 i felt good about the 12 3/4, 30 year rate that i had. i think the housing market -- the labor market is good, people's incomes are rising slowly. i think we've seen a little bit of stumble here just recently in the housing market. i don't think it's going to fall apart by any means. we still just have an inventory problem out there. now these prices have run up and
7:27 am
so it's a lack of inventory and a little bit higher prices, less affordability. but no way, shape or form do we think the housing market's going to fall apart here. dagen: somebody tweeted as president trump was talking about the federal reserve last week in an interview and he mentioned it on twitter as well, someone tweeted me and said why can't the fed just get out of the way and let the market run the way it did in the '80s. i said the market was able to run the way it did in part because of the pro growth policies out of the reagan administration. it was two back to back recessions and a fed that was jacking interest rates, we had like double digit interest rates as you pointed out, scott, so again, if the federal reserve is hiking interest rates, two more expected maybe the rest of the year, that that's a sign that the economy is doing well and you want to prevent it from overheating. >> that's right. it's not armegedon time anymore.
7:28 am
we need to get these rates up to what would be a normal type of rate or at least a more normal type of rate and certainly in the early '80s we had the double recession. paul volker was trying to step in front of the inflation freight train. we're not there now. i think jay powell is aware that he needs to be careful here and while the fed may desire that rates are higher or more normal, getting from here to there is a little more difficult. so i think these rates, our call is that we see one more rate hike this year, maybe two or three next year. if you look back at most cycles, at some point the fed raises rates too much, they leave them too high for too long and you roll over into a recession. i think the chance of a recession over the next let's call it 12 months is pretty low. but the fed does need to be careful here. dagen: just real quick, the
7:29 am
more pressure out of the white house that's put on the federal reserve, do you run the risk of the fed overcre reoverreacting t its independence. >> i don't think the white house should put pressure on the fed. they need to remain independent. i don't think the fed is going to react to that at all. they are not going to crack, so-to-speak, under this pressure and really to be honest with you, i really doubt the president is going to pressure them very much. dagen: you heard that from secretary mnuchin. he said the president does believe in the independent fed. i wanted to raise that with you. thank you, scott. >> thank you. dagen: coming you, tragedy in greece, wildfires near athens leaving dozens dead including children on vacation. we have the latest as firefighters continue to battle that fire near the greek capital. plus, taking on tax cuts, house republicans set to learn more about tax reform 2.0 today. a vote on a second package is far from assured. plus, jobs act, 3.0, we're going to talk to the chairman of the
7:30 am
house financial services committee, jeff henserling, next. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. that's the same things i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, july 24th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. big earnings week continues, we've heard from motorcycle maker harley davidson. harley davidson out with better than expected earnings,
7:33 am
jetblue also out and we just heard from verizon. we're still waiting o waiting ld among others. we've got 113 point gain on the dow futures right now after a slight loss yesterday. the s&p and nasdaq adding to yesterday's gains. let's check on your european markets right now. we have green across the board in england, france and germany. the dax in germany up 1 1 1/3, the biggest gainer amongst those three markets. we have strong results from alphabet as well. asia, we have gains across the board. president trump hitting back at critics, saying the u.s. era of economic surrender is done. >> america never waves the white flag. we only wave the red, white and blue flag. the era of economic surrender
7:34 am
for the united states is over. america's fighting back and we're winning again. you know, my story about winning, we're going to win so much, you'll get tired of winning. dagen: part of the plan to get business booming or keep it booming is jobs act 3.0, intended to help small businesses get off the ground. we'll talk to the man behind that, next. plus, wildfires raging through greece, at least 50 people have died, more than 150 people injured. the greek prime minister declaring a three-day mourning period. we'll have the late test. a demolition gone wrong on one worker critically injured when the ocean front building in florida collapses. plus, a high minded treat, when you think macarons, maybe you think vanilla, chocolate. now one high end bakery from france is offering ones that are flavored with hemp. that's why they're green.
7:35 am
not green tea, but hemp. the top story this half hour, on trade, president trump tweeting this morning, tariffs are the greatest. either a country which has treated the united states unfairly on trade negotiates a fair deal or it gets hit with tariffs. it's as simple as that. and everybody's talking. remember, we are the piggy bank that's being robbed. all will be great. this as the united states trade representatives office is holding public hearings today on the proposal to add tariffs to millions of dollars worth of chinese goods, billions more, we should add. here now, jeb hensarling, chairman of the house financial services committee. congressman, what are your constituents saying about the tariffs and the impact? if you talk to individual businesses, even industry organizations, our tariffs because the retaliations, say from china or even canada, our businesses are getting hit. >> well, they're very concerned.
7:36 am
i've got two steel plants in my district, the fifth district of texas, and i heard from these people. they import steel and then one of them makes shelving, the other makes steel buildings, and they have seen their feeder stock increase in price and so their concern is the demand for their product, will it still be there, they may have to lay people off. it's a matter of great concern. so i hope the president is right. i hope the strategy proves to be brilliant. unfortunately for every job that may be protected in the u.s., there are a lot of jobs in the u.s. that are harmed by these tariffs, not to mention what happens to consumer as well. so i don't know this is easy to win. i hope when this is all said and done, again, the president's strategy proves to be brilliant. in the meantime, i see capital expenditure checkbooks closing all over america. we know that the greatest form
7:37 am
of economic stimulus is business confidence and unfortunately, that confidence is waning now. dagen: checkbooks are closing, jason. >> well, i left congress. so talk to jim about that one. dagen: jason, you can ask the congressman. >> i'm just joking. this is jason, jeb. he's one of my favorite people in congress. he does an amazing thing and a great conservative here. i want to understand where you're going next with what's happening with the budget. because congress is going to have to come up with either continuing resolution or an omnibus in order to fund the government. we don't exactly need this hiccup in the economy right now. what do you see playing out by the time we get to october? >> well, i suspect, jason, i left my crystal ball back in dallas before i came to washington. i'm not 100% certain. the speaker has a strategy to work on what are called mini
7:38 am
busses, a group of smaller appropriations bill that can hopefully pass. at the end of the day is the united states senate. it takes a super majority, 60 votes to simply fund the government. you get into either spending more and more money, or you get into a shutdown scenario. we need -- we must reform our budget laws. they go back to 1974. i've tried to do it. paul ryan's tried to do it. lots of people have tried to do it. we haven't been successful yet. we have a terrible system of budgeting here. last i looked, the national debt clock is still spinning out of control and there will be a day of reconning. it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when, if we don't change the spending and debt trajectory that we're on. right now, i would expect possibly another series of mini busses. otherwise, we're going to be looking at either an omnibus or
7:39 am
continuing resolution at the end of september. i see no way in front of an election how the government is going to get temporarily shut down. so i don't see that happening. but at the end of the day, we're still kind of whistling by the graveyard on this national debt. it's the most foreseeable crisis in america's history and the answer simply is you've got to reform current entitlement programs for future generations. that's the answer. unfortunately, i'm dealing with one in my committee's jurisdiction, the national flood insurance program which we're about to reauthorize for the sixth time this year, with absolutely no reforms. it's taken $40 billion from the taxpayer, a $1.5 billion debt, puts people in harm's way. you that's just a micro come. dagen: you make too much sense, congressman. i'm serious. that's one of the issues when
7:40 am
president trump in that tweet that i read, he said remember, we are the piggy bank that's being robbed. he's talking about trade deficits. and basically we have a trade deficit because we're extremely wealthy nation and we like to consume things. if you want to talk about debts, let's talk about that, because we have now -- we have $1 trillion annual budget deficit starting in twawn, stare indebted to china in that way. they're one of the largest holders of our debt as a foreign nation. >> that's the far more important debt. with respect to the trade deficit, simple accounting means we make it up in the investment account and as you point out, historically speaking the times that we've had our periods of greatest economic prosperity are the times we run the greatest
7:41 am
trade deficits. the answer is to allow americans to be able to export more, not import less. so i would call upon the administration and the president to clarify what is the end game here, what is the end goal. i could get rid of the trade deficit tomorrow, outlaw trade and watch gdp plummet, watch dispose aable family income plum plummet. we want to bring down trade barriers so we can prosper. trade is a win-win situation, no trade is a lose-lose situation. dagen: marie heart has a question for you real quick. >> i want to ask about the jobs act 3.0, which is designed to spur investment in startups which we've seen taking nateing in many places around -- taking stagnating in many places around the country. this startup money is not all for tefnlgt it' tech.
7:42 am
for many things. how will this focus on places that feel like they've been forgot glen it'foreen. >> it's not necessarily geographically targeted. i'm concerned about the middle part of the country. what i'm especially concerned about is that startups up until recently have been at a generational low. i.p.o.s have been on a 20-year slide, a 20-year low. we've seen an uptick now. ultimately, we've got to have feeder stock. we've got to be able to fund the amazons of the future, but also the small businesses, the dry cleaner or the barbecue restaurant on the street corner in main street, america. what we do is we try to address capital formation throughout the ecosystem. so we have provisions, there's 32 different bills wrapped into one. we have bills that will allow angel investors to better fund our startups. we help broaden the definition
7:43 am
of an acreditted investor. we allow companies to broaden their ability to do confidential filings. we also try to bring off the regulatory -- holdoff on the regulatory burden, particularly on sarbanes-oxley 404-b. we do something called a 10 year on-ramp to that as opposed to a five-year. that's particularly helpful to a lot of our biotech companies. and then we also have a problem, marie, is that once companies become public, they have a challenge of staying public because their stocks are so thinly traded. so we are legislation in there that creates a venture exchange to concentrate liquid at this in one place, to try to bring in a reporting of these various stocks. so this is an important exercise. every congress ought to do something to bring down the burdens to capital formation. because i've got two teenagers, back home, my children, and the company that's are going to
7:44 am
drive the economy and their peak earning years haven't been borne yet. we hope this legislation will help create them and help drive the economy of tomorrow. dagen: congressman, jeb hensarling, always a pleasure, sir. we covered a lot of ground. have a terrific day. come back soon. >> thank you. dagen: demolition gone wrong, police investigating after a miami condo building collapse unexpectedly, leaving one person injured. we have the latest. pairs well the high tea, one famous bakery bringing hemp macarons to u.s. shores. we'll tell you where. ♪ so, i needed legal advice,
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dagencheryl: welcome back. the fast moving fires in greece killing at least 60 people and injuring more than 100 near
7:48 am
athens, after authorities found 26 bodies believed to be family members that were huddled together. the fire swept through towns around the greek capital. the fires sent hundreds of people racing to beaches to be rescued by navy ships and fishing boats. the prime minister declared three days of national mourning for the victims. well, a planned building demolition in miam my am beach florida -- miami beach, florida went terrible wrong. a 12 story ocean front property collapsed. witnesses say the building gave way in a matter of seconds. the building had a demolition permit but not an implosion permit. there's a criminal investigation under way to find out what happened. frightening scenes down in florida. an upscale pastry shop has very high expectations for its newest offering, hemp macarons are going to be introduced on thursday but they're only going
7:49 am
to be available in los angeles, california. they have been whipping up the treats since 1862. this is a new flavor, a blend f white chocolate and hemp. these roons will not -- these macarons will not get you high. divinginto the deep state, we'll preview a new book, detailing how the government and democratic party are working to undermine president trump. that's next. ♪
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7:53 am
i was eight and-a-half years in congress. it took me eight and-a-half months to put this together. i was naive to the concept of a deep state. having been there and lived through, it's very real. it's not republican or democrat. it's a bureaucratic mess that protects itself. they don't like exposure. they don't want anybody held accountable. they don't like a disruptive personality like donald trump. if you want to learn what it is, how it works, and my firsthand stories, that's what the book is about. dagen: give us the story --dagey quickly. the subtitle is how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama. >> all these people that dedicated their lives to civil service. >> a lot are patriots. some are not. i was the first member of congress after the benghazi
7:54 am
attacks to go into libya. the state department sent essentially a spy to come watch me. >> they weren't going to send you to libya by yourself. >> i'm doing an investigation. >> the state department alls sends people -- always sends people on investigations. >> why do they? >> to help with logistics. >> read the story and then we'll have a discussion about what this person was doing. he had nothing to do with libya. he was a freedom of information act expert. he wanted to spy on me, take notes. he contributed nothing and make sure that guys like me, investigational investigators didn't hear what happened. >> my friend, i asked him earlier when i was reading about the book, if he puts a tin foil hat on while he's writing and dives into conspiracy theories. but people who do these investigations do so for little money because they love the country. >> that's not true either. that's not true. >> do you want to hear my bank
7:55 am
statement? >> they earn 17% more than in the private sector. there's a reason why the attrition rates are so low. the jobs are so rich. >> that's not true. >> it's true. it's absolutely true. if you read the stories, you want to know what it's about, you can joke about the tinfoil, i walked into it naive. i can tell you eight and-a-half years later, i walk out and these are the stories and the way it works and i just -- if you want to know about it, that's why i wrote the book. dagen: i think that people are astonished and appalled in what happened with the investigations, particularly what we learned so far, just about peter strzok, watching his smugness and that grin on his face when he's being grilled by congress and clearly these are people -- when people think about the deep state, they think about people who they will never get fired regardless. and they have obvious bias and a great deal of power to basically
7:56 am
disrupt an election, potentially and to investigate some political opponent who they just don't like. and i think that that -. they have a right to be atold. w--appalled. >> i worked for the federal government for 10 years. i had personal political opinions. when my ja job was to be unbuy yafd, that's what i did -- unbiased. that's what i did. 99% of the people i worked with did the same. i hate the -- dagen: you can't look at yourself and apply that to all the people within government. >> everyone i worked with, i just hate the blanket denigration of public servants. i'll read the book with an open mind. i'm defending my brothers here. >> there are lot of people that work hard and do a good job. there's a group of them that --
7:57 am
i talked about sexual harassment and how we fought that sexual harassment time and time again. the deep state will protect itself. they would not let any of these people go. they will not do that at all. that's what we lay out in the book. >> i will read it with an open mind. >> i appreciate that. >> with three glasses of wine. >> thank you. dagen: just buy the book tape and listen to it on the drive. >> i don't drink wine while i'm driving. dagen: we can debate it. it's like saying all tv anchors aren't divas. some of them are. still -- >> [ laughter ] dagen: we're headed to america's biggest air show. jeff lock will show you a flying car, we can't wait. next hour, "mornings with maria." stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at start winning today.
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8:00 am
and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo tuesday, july 24 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. earnings, driving action on wall street. we have premarket action look at three dow components 3m united technologies verizon ahead of opening bell verizon, and 3m both up more than 2% in premarket trading, checking the broader markets we have a dow -- that is rearing to go 107 point gain on dow futures dow showed slight loss yesterday, the s&p and nasdaq eking out gains, and gains on futures as well this morning, in europe, we have green
8:01 am
across the board. in england, france, germany it was the same story overnight in asia, we have the biggest winner in asia shanghai composite up 1.6%. doubling down on trade. many president trump renewing his call for fair trade, with our allies, as the threat of a full-blown trade war does loom. >> our leaders in washington did nothing. they did nothing. they let our factors leave let our people lose their jobs. given to other jobs, workers in far away lands. that is not free trade that's fool's trade that is stupid trade. we don't do that kind of trade any more. dagen: president already tweeting this morning, that tariffs are the greatest. a security blacklist president trump looking to revoke security cleansers for six obama era officials, over concerns about bias against
8:02 am
him. plus millennial money woes details on new study that says the generation is more like ways to borrow money from family. it is a bird it is a plane -- no, it is a car! we've got a look at flying cars, in development, one of the biggest airshows in the country. and it is awesome if you get to go to that i think an oshkosh wisconsin all that so much more former state department spokesman fox news radio host marie. >> fox news contributor jason chaffetz they are still friends third market strategist michael block life so is much more fun, if you can debate with friends, and disagree and still smile i want to get both your takes coming up in the setting a juan williams standing by why would somebody who no longer works in government still 4 a security cleansers in the first place what all viewers
8:03 am
want answer i had know you both can answer that before i go to d.c. played in america, president trump pushing for american made precipitous, amid escalating tensions over tariffs, fox news are correspondent kevin corke live at the white house with the very latest hey kevin. >> always great to be with you dagen listen the president has been clear you treat us fairly you don't have to worry about new tariffs if you treat us unfairly yeah you have to worry a lot about it twitter what the president is talking about you alluded to it a moment ago said i found interesting said listen tariffs are the greatest, in our country treated united states unfairly on trade negotiations fair deal or hit with tariffs, simple as that everybody is talking, remember, we are the piggy bank being robbed all will be great he had this i thought fun too he goes -- trees us unfairly on trade all coming to washington to negotiate this should have taken place
8:04 am
many years ago but as saying goes better late than never he probable know viewers certainly do eu commission president on his way here on wednesday, he wants to figure out a way to de-escalate this budding trade situation i am assaulting it a situation allotted of other people call it a trade war the president is aware of that the conversation will be intense, we have to wait and see how it goes day, by the way, talking to veterans as he makes his way to kansas city should be a lot of fun we hope to have a departure shortly i am going to run outside see if i can get you something there for now back to you. dagen: thank you so much kevin corke. >> security showdown president trump looking to revoke security sclaerns for 6 obama officials including fired dwi director jim comey former cia director brennan over concerns about bias against him remoted to russian meddling probe what white house press secretary sarah sanders said about the issue. >> not only is the president
8:05 am
looking to takeaway, brennan's security clearance also looking into the cleansers of comey, clapper, haden rice mccabe exploring mechanisms to remove security clearance because they politicize and in seem cases monetize their public service and security cleansers, making baseless accusations of improper contact with russia or being influenced by you been russia against the president is extremely inappropriate. >> co-host of the five juan williams, what do you make of this. >> good morning, everybody, boy, friends you know int seen ep schedule of friends in a way i think these two pretty good, pretty good. [laughter] >> what i make of this is that the president doesn't like people who headed legitimacies because of positions they had criticizing him found a way go after them take out critics the question that you asked earlier dagen was really i
8:06 am
found interesting you said why would anybody who is left a job have security clearance. and in fact, it is intended to help people who are in office, because you have the advancing of their experience, and -- you know the contacts wisdom if you will i would make one additional point i note that comey mccabe don't have clearance this moment taking away something from someone doesn't have it oh why doing that i think it is because this is political, what i heard sarah sanders say monetize i was thinking oh is somebody selling secrets to somebody? i don't think any evidence of that. dagen: monetized would be i assume that you are using security cleanserance for coninstinctualitying work. >> the claim to continue to get classified information from old bhudz that hire me because i will be more valuable i can continue the tap into that classified information, i think the original intent was actually a good one, it was the idea that
8:07 am
maybe a secretary pompeo is dealing with a situation wants to go back and talk to maybe, former secretary of state colin powell say how did you deal with this saudi arabian on this type of issue. dagen: do that all the time -- >> predecessors all the time i note that michael flynn on campaign trail yelling lock her up doing you partisan work meaned clearance after he left the government, and i would tell anecdotal story when i was at cia we had attack in 2009 on one of our bases where we loss at number of officers leon panetta was in california around new year's haden one of the people named was in agency that day working on his book, and panetta asked him to stay help run agency response, some cia headquarters, this is a small club of people they help each other out cross party lines dagen i will say this doesn't have impact what they say publicly because what they are saying is not based on classified information it is just a shot cross the bow i
8:08 am
think partisan reasons. >> to that point, it is it -- it should this be on cayce by case basis with these individuals? the way some individuals have acted publicly, if you are in the white house you are standing there, and your actions or words called treasonous just ludicrous by some individuals given the kind of nefarious goings on fbi as you said jim comey mccabe no longer have securi clearance why a blanket handout i think raises the question based on if you are going to if you are going to act like this, it -- it asks -- raises the issue what are you up to behind scenes with a john brennan for example. >> so our -- friends, dagen. >> i -- >> somebody about very these are serious people even if you don't like them you don't like their criticism of trump you had use them as part of the
8:09 am
obama camp these are series people made their way this life earned stripes, and when they say that they are had deep concerns about this president i would take them seriously you say they are ludicrous okay i can hear you because i know you know, what where you are coming from built i don't -- i wouldn't dismiss them as somehow -- mental midgets just -- >> i didn't use that. >> i am going to use in a because. >> clapper fits that -- >>. dagen: john brennan blatant partner takes every opportunity to harass the president. >> partisan face people from bush administration spoke strounthly when we were in office no one talked about revoking their clearance i think a good thing to have in place should not be case-by-case basis because then partisanship can people into it. >> i tell you what is going on white house came out made the statement, whether -- you know, the "the wall street journal" calls it dumb idea of the week looks -- that is the
8:10 am
editorial headline in the journal we are talking about it. >> no, he is president he has the -- bully pulpit. dagen: he changed conversation not talking about standing onstage helsinki next to putin dent even hurt poll numbers another poll up want to get to new poll might be a wake-up call to democrats new nbc/wall street journal poll posed these questions, are democrats in mainstream or out of touch with american thinking majority 56% say out of step. your reaction juan? >> oh i think when you ask he republicans it is overwhelming, one hundred percent i think right even more popular than donald trump. so i would guess that would drive up those numbers. and then you come into issues like for example, the issues we've had in new york city with the election primary election of cortes people
8:11 am
portray her socialist in the water at the moment krbts to numbers. dagen: she got called out for her knowing nothing about palestinians in israel stafrtsdz saying well the people who criticize me are all right that is what they is saying again ways where you go to extreme, it is i am upset about the separation of parents and their children, that turns into abolish ice, literally that is people are more and more viewing the a democratic party that way this party of extremes. >> -- jenin piro whoopi goldberg jeanine piro says trump derangment syndrome whoopi looking deranged over truck. >> look like she drove up piro's book sales. >> again, as a republican, knowing a lot of people who are running for reelection running for office, are they
8:12 am
-- do this democrats look more extreme. >> democrats suffer from two things first of all, don't have a ladder to point out there is a lot of infighting should nancy pelosi get the gavel back chuck schumer these are not national leaders that at the heartland wants to go after number two, ask yourself quickly right now right down the. mr. of the democratically party most people don't know what it is. >> i will say the democratic party is easy to caricature with national attention like democratic socialists in new york the democratic party is ring krot candidates who match districts pledging not to support nancy pelosi. >> running not as democrats they tried to do it did it in pennsylvania run people much more like republicans. >> not true republicans moved so far right these are moderate democrats support a a dplaiktsd party platform. >> we are going to raise taxes. >> if republicans think they are keeping the house because democrats are all quote democratic socialists you are
8:13 am
going to go realize daniel conner in hae, in michigan. >> we will talk about this. >> going to win going to surprise you -- >> we did that chick-fil-a in midterms, by the way,. >> not all reps are extreme theybrief in -- again we heard from two business owners they are at the white house yesterday said get out of the way cut our taxes get the heck out of our way we just want to run businesses hire and raise wages quick juan an editorial about how democrats can win back white working-class voters, i guess who you do you do that quickly. >> i think one of the keys the reason i wrote this piece in the hill was because, democrats selected joe biden almost two to one over hillary clinton as candidate they like, for 2020. and i think the key here is making it clear to them they care about wages they care about work, in a way that i think biden can speak to, in terms of white working class appeal. >> your problem hillary
8:14 am
clinton name is still being mentioned as palt candidate [laughter] >> that is a problem for democrats isn't it. >> juan williams thank you, sir. . >> my pleasure. >> harley-davidson reporting quarterly earnest before the bell we break down the months, next. ♪ to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out,
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♪ harley-davidson topping profit and revenue expectations, about nicole petallides an the floor at new york stock exchange with in other. >> good morning, dagen obviously earnings driving this market, also, trade that is still front and center the traders are talking about the bank of japan meeting for next week, so crucial that they need to lower inflation outlook that, too may cause volatility. so we are watching over earnings because that certainly, in the markets we're seeing harley-davidson today moving upside, up about 3% right now, after the profit beat expectations beat u.s. retail sales some prominent slipping again down 6 1/2 percent losing a little bit of market share, now it is 48.4%. from that half point mark of 50%, so that is one thing we are watching, also, don't forget tariffs hurt operating margins a big deal as well, then looking at eli lilly,
8:18 am
spinning off animal health ubiquity higher a second quarter beat lockheed martin yesterday we talked about hasbro halliburton doubled down sold whos brother jumped 10% people are trading these earnings, lockheed martin likes defense sensationing with exception general dynamics lockheed martin beat up 2 1/2% and raised 2018 outlook i spoke with jeffrey -- frankel, we talked about the optimism that this is surrounding earnings the fundamentals he agreed with that i said, are people with one foot out the door a little bit worried to any extent because i have also heard some people say -- he said where else are you going to trade where else where are you going to make money very much playing market unafraid at the moment want. >> thank you so much michael your take on corps earnings somebody tweeted, you have been very quiet, this morning,
8:19 am
so we have been talking a lot of politics you have been watching earnings. >> don't worry very rare that i am quiet. what i can say is this the companies are coming in just blowing the doors off here, expectations got legislator the end of q1 caterpillar said q1 high point of the year all numbers came down let's look at harley-davidson. the numbers look better here, nicole mentioned operating margins may be a little week here that is right man, margins we are down as well beat lower expectations hit by raw material costs according to the company it is a better than people expected not worried about second half or 2019 i don't hear anyone talking 2019. going to be an issue when not hearing about it, and investors are saying okay, are full speed ahead off we go, nicole decided frankel saying where else you going i get nervous when you here hubris like about that going to being nervous now in the way triment
8:20 am
m, higher they lowered some guidance some had to do with -- the divestiture of unit had not been accounted for beat and raises beat and itself raises not just technical in industrials yesterday illinois tool a little week this morning you know seeing a little better triple m, down a little bit see how market takes that industrials in crosshairs of tariff raw material debate. >> i coat president donald j. trump on twitter tariffs are the greatest, again. >> companies are reported earnings and i know where -- last three months months nevertheless, these market higher gophers governoring tariffs in place. >> not just rear-view mirror everyone was nervous q3, q4 for the most part better guidance triple mlower full
8:21 am
speed ahead be careful. >> we will reveal the ideal age for americans to retire living bike jettisons ahead.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. dagen: breaking news israel shooting down a syrian fighter jet cheryl casone was details. cheryl: that is right dagen israeli military says it shot down a syrian warplane with two patriot missiles, israel says missiles fired shortly after plane entered its airspace golden heights was under surveillance before it entered israeli first time they shot down the jet in four years captured golan heights from syria in 1967, new
8:25 am
hampshire fighting sales taxing ruling, hampers republican governor called ruling a huge mistake, new hampshire one of five states without a broad-based statewide sales taxes schedule tomorrow lawmakers look for ways to protect hampers businesses from becoming tax collectors for other states. >> you have to see it to believe it, a seven-month-old baby epic head of hair viral on instagram look at this, this is baby 37 she is big star 76,000 followers japanese, by the way, hurry mother posted photos of long locks called pictures her hair diary, i mean there is pictures with bows, clips, bring it on, everything. dagen: we missed lauren simonetti dealer because of
8:26 am
her children's. dagen: her daughter was born rae had hair not that epic but close, and -- she is adorable. >> like a chaffetz right there. >> if you grow your hair out jason chaffetz we are -- that is what we're talking about. >> she has game i am impressed i am just saying that is how we do it in our side of the family. dagen: amen. >> nikki, molly crue i think great. dagen: i have nothing to add. >> thank you, thank you. >> i have nothing you know what? i got nothing. >> i appreciate it because i don't have anything to addet. >> lauren simonetti we miss you, coming up retirement penalties the best age for americans to stop working the sky is the limit we head to largest air show in america, and to look at the future of flying cars. later this hour. . >> he's got me -- ♪
8:27 am
♪ yeah ♪ ♪ 5 dagen mcdowell for
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8:29 am
maria bartiromo tuesday, july 24 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern. verizon up 2%, right now it is up -- almost 1%, in premarket
8:30 am
trading, after reporting better-than-expected earnings was up a little bit more than that earlier. and we are also watching, technology, giants like apple, apple excuse me alphabet parent of google, reported a blowout quarter, i although these go to apple. why? because i've got a phone right in front of me. take a look at that stock up almost 5%, in premarket it will open most oi assuredly new all-time high we have gains across the board in the futures market, dow ant futures up 141 points, european markets also moving to the plus side in england, france, germany, it was same story overnight we have a global stock market rally, japan, to south korea all higher, in in overnight trading. when it comes to finances between millennials gen xers baby boomers you might be surprised who is most likely to borrow money time to go back to the future.
8:31 am
>> you better back up we don't have enough to get up to -- >> where we're going we don't need -- roads. >>. dagen: we are headed to america's biggest air show, in oshkosh wisconsin, where we talk to ceo of a company that is working to bring flying cars to everyone. first, superchargeing your necessary egg the ideal age to retire for many americans is age 61. according to flu report from also reveals many older americans are pushing off retirement for later. joining us now, the author of retire inspired ramsey solutions financial expert chris hogan chris do you agree with this report on 61 being the best age to retire? >> well dagen i don't want anyone telling me what i can or can't do. i want people to make that
8:32 am
decision for themselves. i mean i am barely 25, okay? so -- [laughter], i have dreams and you didn't have to laugh in my face like that [laughter] >> but i think it is good for people to have dreams i think good for them to have goals, but we have to ultimately have a plan. a dream without a goal a dream without a plan is called a wish, so i want people to start planning. dagen: 60, i think this is a good because you always preach because -- i am a big believer i think young people are spend money now go on vacation enjoy your life while you are young make sure you use all available vacation at your job if you don't do that, would you really advocate do you advocate responsible spending no debt? to that point if you are so responsible then 60 retiring in early 60s is containable. >> he realistic for people to get focused started start
8:33 am
using 401(k) 4013 b's i want people to enjoy life we've got to plan for the future so don't get so caught up in living for the moment that you forget to plan for the future. so i tell young people, be a money bogs, your money will obey if you tell it what to do, so get sit down with investment professional understand the 401(k) the 403(b) get started savings now can lead to big gains in the future. >> chris jason chaffetz has a question. >> i love your stuff advise particularly interested in younger generation kids that are in 20s, how should they view housing i think their attitude about housing is different than maybe past generation you set out a financial goal there, how should they look at housing what sort of investment when do you take that big, big leap. >> when it comes to housing it really boils down to a couple things, where are you where is your career leading you and where do you wanting to. i think it is a bad idea to apply a home just to buy one
8:34 am
because you are adulting want to do with a adults are doing i want people yes, definitely be responsible look at it i want you to put at least 20% down payment minimum 10% you have equity built up but a long term decision. slow down, renting is not a bad thing it helps to you save up so you can apply a home the right way in the future. you were on my mind yesterday we did a segment speaking of down payment on home a segment about borrowing from 401(k) plans, to put the -- you okay. >> you didn't let me finish my sentence -- >> [laughter]. dagen: what do you think what do you think again, it is your money, you are borrowing from yourself you are paying yourself back with interest. >> it is a bad idea. you would never go out plan plant a bush wait a year later to pull up by root see how it is doing when you pull money out of 401(k) that is exactly what you are doing, you are stealing from your future self, you are causing a lot of
8:35 am
penalties to get started ultimately you are surreasonedering 50% money when you pull out of 401(k), so dagen the fix having emergency fund save three to six months expenses you got money there when life happens you can go there, but don't steal from future you, you have plans and dreams and goals for yourself, leave 401(k) alone -- interest how you grow money don't stop that growth. dagen: it is not stealing it you are not stealing it. you are. >> dagen you are stealing it stealing from it your future self, you need to leave that money alone you are trying to get me riled up that money is supposed to sit there so it can grow. dagen: here is the okay, here is the alternative i got money in 401(k) plan i want to put a down payment on house i want a little bit bigger down payment lower interest rate on loan what people are doing instead, this is our next topic, millennials are more likely to ask family members to borrow
8:36 am
money this is according to new credit study millennials more likely to ask for help with debt than gen xers or baby boomers if you got money in 401(k) borrow from yourself don't go to mom dad sister brother to borrow it what is your take thon borrowing from relatives. >> if you find yourself in a situation you need extra money there is a great place to go it is called to work. want don't steal from 401(k) it is stealing you call it borrowing i call it stealing, because again, the future you will enjoy it so if you want a bigger down payment great for to home buyer take out second job cut back budget but that extra down payment down i don't want people backwards here is a problem, with a 401(k) loan if you borrow as you call it i call it stealing from you, if you take it from there, and you lose or leave that job, that money is due payable within 90 days now what you've done is xoupd a
8:37 am
financial shortage with financial crisis because you've got to pay that money back. dagen: right you pay the penalty to the irs the taxes on it right you don't you don't have to get if you can't come up with whole nut back. >> i want to talk about borrowing from relatives you can ask chris a question that is just -- don't -- my mother taught me this in talked about it this morning you don't loan money to people if you want to give somebody a gift, of money, you think they really need it give them money don't call it a loan. because then there is the disappointment of not getting paid back and then you get in a fight at thanksgiving dinner table. >> dagen you are right changes relationships, you are correct if you have the money give it but don't loan it, it comes with stipulations and can ruin relationships, so be on the same page, and i am not surprised millennials are going to parents, these are adults they know most likely have money, what i want mom and dad to do is to be very clear about where they are
8:38 am
what they can afford to do you can't give something you don't have be honest with young person more importantly teach skills budgeting attacked debt getting focused life skill will help more than 2 to 00 dollars. >> 401(k) borrowing from relatives what are big don'ts for you in terms of planning. >> we don't have a lot of time don't do debt because interest that you pay is a penalty i don't want people to do debt unless a 15-year fixed-rate morning don't do car loans, don't do cards don't surender to other people the reality of it i want people to get informed so they know how money works nobody teaches young people about this, so they end up doing what i did young in life that is make macs, i want people to prevent those mistakes by having a plan. dagen: in my -- my -- it -- is always apply used car
8:39 am
always buy used car never buy a used car -- >> if you want a nice car you can get a nice car if used for -- very little money, by the way, when you were talking mary harp was sig i don't know what you said said her sigh. >> i know we don't have much time what advice do you have for some millennials struggling made mistakes want to turn around but it is hard. >> yeah. the great thing is where you are right now, is not where you have to end up we all make money mistakes the goal is is increase your knowledge, know about it there are three -- lessen to chris hogan show i teach about this all the time you are not done you can being fix this you can move forward, because that is how you make progress. dagen: the cost-benefit analysis of how much college degree will get you my big one is also in you are going to come out get out of college, you are getting a computer engineering degree, and you are going to be able to get a job that it makes it easy to pay off those college loans
8:40 am
all -- i am all for that, but -- again go to a state school cheapest school you go find first of all, quite frankly. >> that is why a 1.4 trillion-dollar loan issue kids can go to school cheaper they need knowledge. >> great public universities in this fine nation, chris always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> you made me laugh i wasn't laughing at your age i believe you are 25. >> all day long. >> i don't. >> chris hogan thank you, coming up power of google, stuart varney weighs in on tech giant quarterly earnings, the beat and maybe the new all-time high plus, where we're going, we don't need roads we talk to ceo of a company making cars that fly. ahead. ♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
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dagen: now on to blowout for alphabet apparent company of google shares, soaring after posting better-than-expected earnings and revenue in the most recent quarter, i said yesterday, stuart varney the host of "varney & company" i love it when you talk about stocks. >> well -- what is there to say about alphabet/google i mean what can you say one number stands out right to me, that is the advertising revenue, their pulling in about 2 billion dollars every week each and every week in advertising revenue you ever seen anything like that before how about that fine europeans fined them 5 billion dollars frankly peanuts when you got a a pen earning this kind of money. and maybe it will make the europeans say well, they can afford it let's do it again maybe will encourage europeans to treat us more and more like a piggy bank as far as high-tech companies are
8:45 am
concerned, bottom line dagen to me i am just blown away by google up 4.4%, you rarely see a remove like that for a company of that size, and, by the way, it is bleeding over into facebook this morning as i am shufr been telling viewers facebook setting another all-time record high, premarket, probably on the back of what google has just done amazing stuff really is. dagen: earnings coming out later in the week we were talking about in 6:00 hour regulation coming out of washington jason chaffetz raised issue about targeting the issue of privacy but then you think about antitrust, you know, but, again, that is not getting in the way -- those fears are not getting in the way of how companies are doing not in market not in actually businesses. >> i thought -- i was told that europeans i think their competition commissioner was holding a news conference this morning, our time this morning, talking about maybe
8:46 am
future action against american tech companies, on antitrust grounds, maybe more fines to come i have not seen any reports of that news conference yet that that may affect the trading in high-tech stocks in america, maybe. when we see where they he go. >> going over well with president trump european commission president jean-claude juncker goes to white house tomorrow. that will really -- fly okay if we bash our own companies at home but don't ydare go after pocketbooks american businesses. >> you got a trade headline from president europeans not affected overall market we are up what 100 odd points dow high-tech goes crazy again amazing stuff snooefg when you read a tweet starting with tariffs the greatest poking
8:47 am
critics you outrageous to manufacture hesperia. >> hard line trump holds to it that is what the man does if he had done that say, four, five weeks ago, the market would have headed south but today? are we kind of of used to it market is going up amazing stuff. dagen: amazing indeed. >> love it. dagen: and we love you all day long every day stuart varney we will see you in 13 minutes, sir a reminder "varney & company" starts every day, 9:00 a.m. eastern, coming up fox business reporter jeff flock is flying high, at at the largest air show in if america! jeff? . reporter: i tell you look at that b-1 bomber up close personal i know you are a car fan dagen so i said how can we make dagen happy at air show how about a plane that drives or a car that flies? you better. stay tuned what you will see.
8:48 am
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. >> i tell you, most being a flying car. eh -- well -- >> ♪ dagen: may not be used to flying cars yet a series of unique high-flying aircraft will be unveiled this week air venture show in oshkosh, wisconsin where we find our own jeff flock with an show us some property types, hey jeff. reporter: you are getting a
8:52 am
sneak peek at this incredible the switch blade take a look at it, both a car and airplane the designer spent 10 years you are going to test fly this very soon next few months. >> right we are going to ride up first flight exciting we want to be able to show this to the world in the way it really is going to be what it is going to go do for people. reporter: maybe all the way around the front head-on look those wings fold in is that how it would issues. >> closed underbelly of vehicle like the blades pocketknife. >> switch blade the name, how fast three wheel car. >> -- mo motorcycle, 190 miles an hour in air 160 mile cruise speed. reporter: in the inspire how about owing. >> owing over 100 miles per hour we are thinking with
8:53 am
gearing we will have 125 miles an hour top speed this is high performance. reporter: what do you envision how does this change our life if it does? >> you know this allows people to enhance lifestyle reach every day can be further faster get more done, or goes places orderly won't get to. reporter: what is this going to cost me any idea i am sure you haven't priced. >> it target i think about 140,000 a fairly reasonable. reporter: a car for 140 grand, right. >> you spent 10 years he spent 10 years work oontsdz you think in you automotive or aviation, actually an architect. >> that is correct part engineer part artist. >> great help from wife over there hiding but there you go. hey martha, at least shout you out there dagen i know you love cars i think you like you airplanes right. dagen: can i tell you this my dad was a pilot.
8:54 am
reporter: are not getting in it. dagen: my dad was pilot when i was growing up loved cars and trucks you love airplanes just had a small little beechcraft banana -- used to fly has that brain i learned to read aeronautical charts when really little. >> your dad would get a kick out of this if here today. dagen: he would i wonder if can take off from gravely driveway, thank you so much, you are top drawer jeff flock. coming up final thoughts from our all-star panel. we'll be right back. ♪ to believe ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
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♪ dagen: let's get final thoughts from our all-stars. mike block, to you first. >> that was great. you know, see earnings coming in, s&p 500 has not gotten back to the highs from january yet.
8:58 am
it is on a crash course with that now. could be worried about the guidance. we could make new highs by end of earnings season mid-august. the thing in near term is this. we saw spike in u.s. treasury yields yesterday. we haven't talked about that various reasons for that including some chaos in the japanese bond market. the thing we have coming up to watch and worry about is the gdp print on friday morning. again over 4%, maybe 4.8% as charlie gasparino was talking about yesterday, but the point a strong number could send the bond market into strong volatility and we need to watch out the stock market for that. dagen: that is good point. marie harf. >> i think public patience with donald trump tariffs will wane sooner than people think. joni ernst was out this weekend blasting peter navarro that the
8:59 am
tariffs represent a rounding error. she is on with varney next. dagen: yes, ma'am. >> you're starting to hear voters getting closer to the midterms. republicans are nervous. i think patience of waiting to eif donald trump can make more deals, longer he goes without them, i think that will wane. dagen: senator ernst had famous had about growing up on a hog farm. it is hog farmers that are being hurt by the retaliation from china. >> absolutely. dagen: final word to you, jason chafe vets. >> thanks for shamelessly promoting my book, called the "the deep state." it is for sale in september. if you want to understand the topic. you hear people talk about it, a lot of misconceptions, how it works. real-life stories eight 1/2 years while i was in congress. dagen: people are excited to read it. just again, what has really been going on behind the scenes
9:00 am
whether comey or brennan, bubbling up to the surface. >> from the irs to the department of justice, we talk about it in there. dagen: absolutely. friends all, how we end this program, marie, jason, mike block. varney, take it away. stuart: good morning, dagen. how are you doing? good morning, everyone. america's big companies are swimming in money. we're in the middle of the profit reporting season. the results are spectacular, up a whopping 26% so far. a long time since corporate america had it so good. i will start with google, alphabet. the stock premarket shows it, up what, 50 bucks? $50.53 that is roughly. alphabet brought in two billion dollars a week in advertising revenue. beat that. turn to defense company


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