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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 25, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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charles: thank you at home. here's lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, radical dems, rinos and the deep state, their dupes relentlessly attacking president trump because he is the enemy of the status quo, because he insists on fair and balanced trade and an end to decades of dumb government. president trump is working hard to build an ever stronger military capable of defeating any threat or threats anywhere to assure a vibrant and growing economy for all americans and to sure our borders. to secure our borders. >> my administration also understands that we cannot be a safe country if we are not a prosperous country.
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lou: the president's latest challenge an orchestrated rino rebellion in his party over the white house announcement he made lift the security clearances of six people, they've trafficked in public attacks against the white house and the president himself. lame duck ryan immediately siding with the clinton lap dogs who, in some cases, monetized those clearances and used them to attack mr. trump. congressman ron desantis will be talking about the fight and the push to declassify the complete fisa warrant for carter page. also tonight socialists fast becoming the new darlings of the dems, pushing their radical agenda of ever higher taxes, the abolishment of immigration and customs enforcement, universal handouts, open borders, more attacks, of course, against president trump.
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presidential historian doug weepped joins us. he says their radical marxist agenda could put this country on the path to the venezuelan style economic collapse. our top story tonight, lame duck speaker ryan and his rino co-conspirators trying to undermine president trump as he considers pulling security clearances for obama intelligence officials intent on using their access to secrets to lie, to leak and subvert the presidency of donald trump. the speaker accusing president trump of playing games, not being serious about lifting those clearances. >> i think he's trolling people, honestly. [laughter] this is something that's in the purview of the executive branch. i think some of these people have already lost their clearances, some people keep their clearances. it's not really in our purview. lou: ryan having a little trouble with the language, and
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if you think what he's saying is particularly, well, peculiar, just listen to his buddy corker. >> i mean, when you're going to start taking retribution against people who are your political enemies in this manner, that's the kind of thing that happens in venezuela. lou: the rinoss exposing once again how out of touch they are, how remote they are from working americans and our middle class, the very people who are the president's base and the heart of this country. the rino elitest sellouts being the question why should radicals like john brennan be given clearances in perpetuity, and why should they be briefed on america's top secrets? brennan, one of the perpetrators of the worst abuse of government power in this country's history. a group of republican lawmakers meeting department of justice officials tomorrow where they will demand an end to the stonewalling of congressional document requests. congressman meadows, jordan,
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goodlatte and gowdy will be to complain about doj defiance of the constitution. the meeting also follows republican calls for president trump to declassify the fisa warrant used to spy on carter or page. >> there's still a lot of reactionings. we would like for all those to be unredacted so that the american public has a chance to see this in full transparency. lou: freedom caucus chairman mark meadows calling deputy attorney general rod rosenstein a witness today in the ongoing investigation of the doj. the congressman tweeted this image of rosenstein's signature on the carter page fisa application. meld does demanding rosen -- meadows demanding rosenstein recuse himself from this point on. our first guest tonight to discuss the security clearances and how they're being used as political weapons many some cases and the calls for rosenstein's recusal and much more, joining us tonight congressman ron desantis, sits
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on the judiciary committee, foreign affairs and oversight and government reform committee. he's also the leading republican candidate for governor of florida. president trump has announced he'll be joining the congressman for a rally in tampa. that's scheduled one week from tonight. congressman, great to have you with us. >> well, i look forward to you covering that rally, lou. it'll be a big deal. lou: well, that big deal we're certainly going to be covering, and i'm looking forward to it myself. now, let's turn to congressman meadows and the freedom caucus, of which you're a part, and what is going to happen here. i mean, rosenstein should have recused himself at all sorts of junctures in this witch hunt, as the president refers to it. what's likely to happen? >> well, look, lou, this fisa application really validated what the nunez memo had said. remember, people said originally the dossier wasn't a part of it, and then nunez said, you know, it was. you look at it, it was a key component of this thing, and it was never verified, and it was
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used and assertions were made. by the time rosenstein signed the third extension, they were including facts in that that had been proven to be false. for example, the idea that christopher steele was not the source for that september 2016 yao news article -- yahoo! news article. initially had the footnote saying saying they didn't think he was a source, but by the extension, steele publicly admitted he was a source. so it was a really problematic thing. and i have questions rosenstein in public about this, how can you be the guy on the front lines of fisa abuse and this stuff when you signed one of those applications that we're concerned about? lou: and everyone is concerned about it. we see the introduction now of a resolution to hold rosenstein in contempt of congress. what are the odds? >> well, look, lou, i think if you put it on the floor of the house, i think republicans would
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vote for it. the question is, will that make its way there so we have a chance to go on record. but i think we've got to do it this week, because congress is going to go on a recess until sometime in mid september, and they're not going to have a lot of time then, because people are going to worry about getting out of here for the election. we should have done this months ago. lou: is that an elegant and careful criticism of the lame duck speaker -- [laughter] who months ago did not do it, nor has he done it today and is unlikely to do it by the end of this week as you again say is absolutely necessary? >> well, look, lou, we obviously need the redaction to the fisa thing. i think it will further substantiate what we've been saying. and then we need the documents involving strzok and page and the beginning of this whole trump-russia collusion stuff. i think there's a reason why they don't want to give it, but we should not let that stonewalling carry the day. so, yes, i think the speaker,
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majority leader, whip, i think the whole house leadership should get behind this effort, say now's the time otherwise we will proceed tomorrow with a contempt. lou: i just, i'll ask it again. i know it must be tiresome to you. why are you all putting up with speaker ryan? he blocks every move. he is absolutely insistent upon a republican defeat come november. >> well, look, lou, i think there's an open question though about just how many votes we have to try to do some of the things that we all want to do. i mean, i don't think it's the case that we just have 235 votes and if ryan just let it out, everyone would be happy. i mean, there's some members who just haven't really gotten involved in trying to get to the bottom of this. and you even have some members who have gone out and have defended rosenstein from time to time which i don't understand how they're doing that, but they are doing it. lou: [inaudible] >> well, we have a critical mass of people who i think have been
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on for a long time. but, you know, in the house -- lou: you've got a bunch of people who have sold out to the establishment, the leadership, who are, you know, they're lock, stock and barrel by the chamber of commerce, the business round table, the koch brothers, wall street and the list goes on. right? >> well, look, lou, it's a swamp. i mean, there's just no doubt about it. [laughter] if it wasn't a swamp, you know, trump wouldn't be saying he wants to drain can it. [laughter] but i do think holding this bureaucracy accountable, this is the front line of draining the swamp, and we've just got to do it. lou: and in that regard, why doesn't the president simply say to the justice department those warrants are now declassified, move ahead? >> he should. lou: the 403 of the 587 pages were released, everybody's clapping like seals, but the fact is that still 180 pages haven't been released. >> exactly. he should order that release, order the documents about the start of crossfire hurricane relief, then order or the
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documents involving any spying against the campaign released. you can protect sources and methods doing that. but we want to know what did the fbi do? what were they doing? and here's the thing, i think the president wants to do it. i think he's getting pushback in the white house because -- lou: you're saying white house lawyers. >> i think what they're going to say is, oh, well, you're just interfering with mueller. it's not an interference with mueller. first of all, he has the right to do in anyways. as we've seen, any move he makes they'll say, oh, obstruction of justice. i don't think that's valid, i think he should do it, but i think that's the clear. we've cleared there's no collusion, so why kind of ruffle those feathers. but i have been urging and other members have been urging let's declassify this in a good way and put it out for the public. we would get a lot of these questions answered, and then the accountability could finally begin. lou: congressman ron desantis, thanks so much. next tuesday night you and the president in tampa. whereabouts in tampa? >> the state fairgrounds --
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lou: plenty of room. >> 12-13,000 people. he'll fill that up, and there will be thousands of people outside, i'm sure. lou: all right. congressman, thanks so much. we'll be following you through the next week and into tuesday evening. >> thank you. lou: we look forward to it. ron desantis. president trump, up next, standing up for his america first trade policies. >> you have to see these trade deals i'm working on. they're a disaster. we're losing hundreds of billions of dollars with individual countries a year! and they're sticking -- you've got to stick it out. we've just gotta fight it. lou: we'll take up the very latest on the president's trade fight with the dean himself, the dean of political strategists, ed rollins joins me next. stay with us. ♪ you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small
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lou: well, the president trump administration announcing $12 billion in subsidies for farmers hit by the tariffs on chinese and mexican goods in particular. however, small scale family farms, hardest hit, may not get the most help. small agricultural operations accounting for a quarter of u.s. production which means most of that money will likely go to large scale family farms making
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over a million a year, factory farms that account for about half of total u.s. production. polls have closed in georgia, and we're awaiting the results of tonight's hotly-contested republican primary runoff for governor. voters choosing between trump-supported candidate brian kemp and the current lieutenant governor casey kagel. kemp has served as the secretary of state in georgia since 2010. he calls himself a politically incorrect conservative. that sounds right, doesn't it? and we will continue to monitor the results. we'll bring you the winner once that race -- well, makes itself cheer as to who the winner -- clear as to who the winner is. joining us tonight, the dean can himself, ed rollins, hall of fame political consultant. rollins served as white house political director under ronald reagan. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's talk about that divide in georgia between kagel and kemp. kemp supported by the president, kagel by the republican party of
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georgia. >> well, both are conservatives, both supported trump. the president getting into this race a couple of weeks ago was somewhat of a surprise. the lieutenant governor, the first time a republican's been elected lieutenant governor, endorsed by the governor, endorsed by the nra. the secretary of state who basically was to opponent came in second in the primary, basically got endorsed by nick ayers who's the chief of staff -- lou: for mike pence. >> -- for mike pence. and in turn, the president endorsed him, and pence went down to support him. this is kind of a battle between the governor and when the support of the president will offset. from a political strategist perspective, which is what i am, this is one i would not have let the president get involved in because they're both trump supporters, and this is a state he carried by 5%. but whoever wins -- lou: by what percent? >> 5%. lou: close. >> it's close. you don't need to fight amongst two conservatives who supported
4:18 am
you. let the best man win. i think this is more about nick ayers who was chief of staff to governor per due, and i think he's playing local politics as opposed to presidential politics. lou: well, who do you think wins? >> it's one of these where i think -- i'm going to bet on the president. of. lou: all right -- [laughter] that's usually a pretty good bet. apple, it turns out, will be vulnerabling if this thing goes much further with china, we're told. personally, i don't know how true that is. i don't think china's stupid in any measure. to mess with apple would be pretty stupid. >> well, particularly when they make most of the products, and it's one of the biggest marketplaces in the world today, so i agree with you. i don't find the chinese to be stupid. i don't think they're always honest, but they're certainly not stupid. lou: no, they're stealing. they're dishonest, in point of fact. they steal $600 billion in intellectual property, but they'll destroy a sizable chunk of their economy if they mess with foxconn and apple.
4:19 am
>> i think that's an absolutely correct assessment. obviously, this issue's complicated, but you've convinced me this is policy. not good chinese policy though. lou: it's really dumb of the chinese, it seems to me, if they were to even contemplate that kind of retaliation. because this is the richest, as the president points out, this is the richest consumer market in all the world, and it would tear them up pretty good. >> and will be for the foreseeable future. lou: yeah. and that's the other part. >> right. [laughter] lou: this idea that somehow china is going to catch up to the united states in the blinking of an eye is crazy. senator rand paul jumping into the tariff issue saying we, tariffs are bad. i find it amazing the lack of understanding on the part -- assuming these, and i have no reason not to assume this is a heartfelt view based on his understanding of the principles -- but basic
4:20 am
understanding of economics means that you have to have balanced, fair trade. >> absolutely. lou: it's absolutely critical. and we have for more than 40 years ignored that reality. >> well, i think that's why we're in the situation we're in. and i think what's happening now is all of these guys are being lobbied by their local interests, chamber of commerces and what have you -- lou: u.s. multi-nationals. >> well, represented by the chamber of commerce -- lou: right. >> -- and what have you. and they're -- but my sense, as you and i both know, this president is tough, and he's going to win this battle. lou: yeah, and it's a battle, by the way, there's no choice here. >> no choice. lou: as the failure goes, fail -- saying goes, failure is not an option. this country cannot sustain these debts, these deficits and continue to impact on our economic growth rate. it's one of the most mendacious aspects of all of this debate, is the refusal of u.s. multi-nationals, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, the national association
4:21 am
of manufacturing, wall street not to acknowledge the impact that trade deficits have in cutting into economic growth rates. it's, it is duplicity the at its worst -- at its worst to ignore it. >> are well, it's going to be an interesting battle and, obviously, all the books will be rewritten after this is done. lou: rand paul also urging the president to cut the security clearances of six members of the obama administration, general hayden, former cia director urn bush. >> let's say he's right on that and wrong on trade policy, and the president should do both. the president should, by himself, get rid of the security clearances. and i think there's a lot of people now feel very strongly about that as we have expressed. lou: this houston cry against -- hewn cry against the president even contemplating these clearances should tell the president and the entire white house that he's doing exactly the right thing in doing it.
4:22 am
it also should tell the president something else. he could get no more flak for actually having lifted them than saying he's going to be think about it. in this case he needs to be that man of action we elected and, you know, leave the other stuff to a professional politician who wants to make a career of it. >> this one is easy. this is just telling them to do it. it's done. and my sense is i'm just shocked that he hasn't done it. i think part of it may be he's getting lobbied on a variety of sides, but this -- the right thing -- lou: yeah. >> his instinct's correct. lou: i have every confidence in the president's judgment. >> his instincts are right. lou: well, i have even more confidence in his judgment. >> right. lou: as well as his instincts. ryan saying about the president that he was just trolling people when he was talking about lifting security clearances. who is -- would you like to define who this guy is?
4:23 am
>> i can't define him. he's a guy who ran for vice president, lost badly, and my sense is he'd like to run for president which he'll lose even worse. my sense is he's not president, he's speaker of the house pro tem at this time, and the quicker he gets out, the better for everybody. still got a loud megaphone that he's using not to benefit the president of -- the president or the party. lou: not doing much to help the president or the party, and the party willing, apparently, to let him drive over a cliff and stay in the speakership. a riddle for us all. ed rollins, thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think paul ryan is trolling president trump and all the republican house members by holding onto his lame duck speakership to the bitter -- and yes, we do mean the bitter -- end? cast your vote on twist@lou dobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. and up next, putin isn't
4:24 am
committing to second summit with president trump yet following the dems and the left-wing national liberal media's helsinki meltdown. gregg jarrett joins us on that and more. he's here next. stay with us, we'll be right ba
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lou: north korea appears to be the keeping its promise to president trump. new satellite images show a missile engine test site being dismantled and some parts of it destroyed. some of those facilities have been completely razed as explosives are rending it obsolete and gone while others are, well, they're being taken apart somewhat slower. the facilities include a rocket engine test stand as well as a building that processes space launch vehicles. the move said to be the dictator's first step towards fulfilling a pledge made to the president in june.
4:29 am
congressional rinos paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, they say they both made it clear to vladimir putin that he won't be welcome in the u.s. capitol. ryan and mcconnell's unwelcome foray into foreign policy may turn out to be something of a moot point. the kremlin says president putin isn't ready to meet with president trump just quite yet. both president trump and putin called their first summit a success, but apparently putin wants to kind of go a little slow here, probably a little overwhelmed. joining me now, gregg jarrett, fox legal analyst and author of the newly-released book, you've heard me talk about the release of this book for months and months -- >> no, it hasn't been that long. [laughter] lou: this is the day, "the russia hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump," number one bestseller on amazon.
4:30 am
congratulations, first, on the publication, number one and continued success. >> thank you. lou: how does it feel? >> it feels great to actually have it in bookstores -- lou: you've been sort of promising us -- >> i know. [laughter] it's a longer process from the time they print it to the time it gets to the bookstores than i ever thought, but -- lou: it must seem longer having written it and waited on the publication. >> yes. lou: and i think it's brilliant the way you framed it. the russia hoax, which is right at the heart of the issue, the effort to clear hillary clinton and frame the president of the united states. it is that straightforward. >> it is. this is a story of corruption, and it begins, as it must, with hillary clinton who broke a myriad of felony statutes and should have been charged in a multi-count indictment. but james comey, and, you know, his band of minions decided that even though she broke the law, they were going to clear her. so they twisted the facts, they contorted the law, and they
4:31 am
cleared her. and on the day that comey cleared her -- july 5, 2016 -- secretly meeting in london was the fbi and the author of the totally fabricated anti-trump dossier, and that was the beginning of the russia hoax. lou: does it not fascinate you that fusion gps has been given a pass here so far? christopher steele has been given a pass here -- >> right. lou: -- so far. and that the department of justice and the fbi that conspired with both whether through the orr conduit or strzok and others throughout the justice department and fbi, i mean, this is crazy that there -- that the congress in its investigations in whatever committee haven't run hem to ground. >> there was never any evidence
4:32 am
of collusion. there was no probable cause to even open the case. and yet there is a plethora of evidence against hillary clinton, and i believe james comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page and a whole bunch of others who broke the law when they decided they were going to engage in this scheme to frame trump for things he did not do. i hay are it all out -- i lay it all out -- lou: what's the name of the book? >> it's called "the russia hoax." lou: we just want to see how practiced gregg can be. [laughter] the book is "the russia hoax," if there's any doubt about the name of the book. we want to see you stay atop the charts for weeks and weeks -- >> thank you. i hope people read it because i think they, even them the accurates are will in the end agree that top officials abused their position of power and broke laws. lou: right. and i don't care if you agree, just buy the book. [laughter] just buy the book. >> thank you, lou.
4:33 am
lou: our highest recommendation. i do want to ask you about the president contemplating lifting the clearances of those six nefarious deep state folks and leftist dems. why not just do it, get it done. >> oh, absolutely. i hear people say, oh, he's punishing them. you're right. they deserve to be punished. you know -- lou: when's the last time anybody heard the head of the cia or the director of national intelligence or the nsa or the fbi -- until comey -- actually out threatening the president --? >> right. lou: -- threatening one party and making every kind of lousy accusation that all of it to this point, and i believe period, is utterly and completely baseless? >> the former director of the fbi peddling a book who calls the president he was more than willing to serve, by the way, a liar and unfit for office.
4:34 am
i thought, frankly, comey was describing himself. and brennan, of course s accusing the president of treason. it's dangerous to allow brennan to have access to classified -- lou: he spied, his cia spied on the senate intelligence committee -- >> that's right. lou: and dianne feinstein wouldn't even prosecute him. i mean, you're talking about a swamp. i -- >> i spent a lot of time talking about brennan and the evidence against him -- lou: in the book? the book is "the russia hoax," and it is by gregg jarrett, and it is available everywhere right now. [laughter] gregg, thanks for being here. again, congratulations. up next, the corrupt fisa warrants have disgraced fbi agent peter strzok's fingerprints all over them. our next guest is judicial watch's tom fitton. he'll be with us right after the break. stay with us.
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♪yeah, i would fight for you♪ ♪i'd lie for you ♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lou: senate intelligence committee chairman richard burr who has basically turned over the committee to his vice chair, senator mark warner -- the democratic ranking member -- today announced he has no problem with the fisa application abuses concerning carter page. burr, breaking with other republicans yet again, saying quote: i don't think i ever expressed that i thought the
4:39 am
pice saw application came up short. there were sown reasons as to why judges -- sound reasons as to why judges issued the fisa. this is the same senator who's acknowledged there is no evidence of collusion whatsoever, and the committee goes on and on and on because warner finds it convenient to do so. judicial watch president tom fitton joins us now, and it's been a busy week for you and for judicial watch. your thoughts as you are see thing the -- seeing the reaction on this network and others to all that was revealed in the 400 -- i i love this. this is the document that you and your folks have been poring over and so have we. but look at this, folks. can we get a picture of this from the side here? look at this. these are all the redactions. i mean, this is crazy. tom, did you think -- you knew, you had to know there'd be redactions. this many?
4:40 am
>> we've seen worse, lou. [laughter] lou: well, that's one way to look at it. good for you. >> remember, you know, and there's 175 pages outright they never even gave to the us. lou: yeah. >> so add some more pages on to that batch to get a full idea of the spectrum of cover can-up that -- cover-up that we're facing here. lou: what did they say to you about those 170 some odd pages that didn't show up with the rest of this? >> you know, it's curious, they said they were withheld in full. i'm not quite sure why they were withheld in full -- lou: must be the best part. >> yeah, you know, based on those who are actually honest and realize the documents unlike, frankly, senator burr who as you said has checked out in terms of running that committee in a disinterested, nonpartisan way, he's allowing the democrats to run it who -- and he's really kowtowing to the deep state there, you know?
4:41 am
goodlatte's looked at it, nunez has looked at it, and they know the material that's been blacked out, the additional material doesn't justify any warrants, and this is why the president needs to intervene again and declassify them. you know, the president needs to take credit for getting this information out, because if he hadn't declassified the material earlier this year in response to nunez's request -- lou: right. >> -- to get his memo out there, this foia process wouldn't have worked the way it did. and he needs to take the additional step and declassify the rest of it and, you know, don't be worried when the deep state comes and starts rattling the bones about national security and sources and meds. we know it's -- methods. we know it's a big lie. lou: we know it's a big high, and yet you're watching it's a coordinated response, the deep state, the radical dems, the national left-wing media. i mean, they're coming after trump, no new experience for him -- [laughter] >> well, we had -- lou: because, because he said he is going to consider lifting
4:42 am
those security clearances. just saying he's going to consider it. this is ridiculous. when do you think? -- what do you think? shouldn't he just automatically do it? those six people have been nothing but a pain to this administration. their activities have been purely partisan. >> well, comey it's an easy call. he was fired for misconduct. the same for mccabe. mccabe already may not have a security clearance. that's an easy call, fired for misconduct, both of whom are under investigation for leaks. we know comey illegally leaked the president's fbi files and took them illegally from the fbi. brennan, unhinged. he's accused of leaking the dossier to harry reid to get it lawnerred into the media. laundered into the media. untrustworthy individuals. and there's a process for considering national security clearances. there's no necessity -- lou: well, that process begins
4:43 am
with an executive order -- >> exactly. lou: -- in 1995 by president clinton, for crying out loud. >> these are courtesy national security clearances that are given, you know, security clearances that are given to these individuals. and i don't think the courtesy's warranted anymore given they obviously hate trump and can't be trusted with -- lou: courtesy and the issue of national security, to me, just doesn't make any sense. >> if i were the president, i'd overhaul the whole mess. lou: exactly. >> because all these top officials get these national security clearances, and that's the deep state you're talking about. they all talk to each other, and they compare notes, and you get, in this case you get ex-administration officials from the other party representing the deep state currently running things in the media. and it's all because they can talk freely about classified information with each other. lou lou tom fitton, first of
4:44 am
all, thanks for this and all the rest you brought to light. we appreciate it. up next, the national left-wing media has gone after the trump administration's immigration policy from day one. >> families of undocumented immigrants say they are now live anything fear. >> there is a growing sense of dread among immigrants in america. >> a promise kept by president trump is a dream lost for thousands of undocumented immigrants. >> the trump administration's hard-line immigration policy playing out in real life. >> if these were white people instead of brown people, we would not be having this conversation. >> there is an evil desire to deter by making an example of these people. lou: wow. by the way, we bring in more immigrants into this country legally than any other country in the world, and it's by a large, large order. we'll have the new report
4:45 am
showing just how negatively skewed the coverage of the left-wing media has become. had a pretty good sample of it. we'll be right back with much, much more. stay with us. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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lou: the left-wing media hates the president's immigration policies, and and a new study shows us all just how much. nearly a thousand minutes of news time have been dedicated the immigration on the major networks' evening newscast during the trump administration. now, of those stories 92% were negative. 92%. so what we're watching in that case is a very simple statement, they don't agree with anything about this presidency period. left-wing new york governor andrew cuomo visiting puerto rico where he railed against president trump's immigration policies. he used some program in story language. >> this administration is on a crusade against people who they do not consider original americans. what they've done at the border is an example of it, what they've done in puerto rico. and they are on a jihad to
4:50 am
deport as many people as they can who they believe are not in the united states legally. lou: that's interesting. he sort of mixed metaphors, if you will. first crusade and then jihad. we're not sure if the governor intended that or not. but we'll figure it out. this coming from the same man who has pardoned criminal illegal aliens and said that trump's zero tolerance policy violates the constitutional rights of illegal immigrants. finish think about that one. joining us tonight, presidential historian, former ron paul campaign adviser doug weed, also a member of the george bush administration. great to have you with us. doug -- >> hi, lou. lou: i mean, as you hear this, we're hearing some of the biggest nonsense spewed from the mouths of governors and senators and congressmen that i can recall ever. and it's been, it's never been a
4:51 am
high bar for them to overcome. but this is really something, isn't it? >> yeah, it is. and i'll tell you, if the democrat party embraces socialism -- which it looks like they might do -- [laughter] it'll be the kiss of death. [laughter] that isn't going to work. lou: yeah. they covertly, i guess, in a very stealthy way sort of embraced socialism. but now they're talking out how old about it. and it makes me, i mean, what do they really mean by socialism? they're giving everything away, free money, free whatever. and at the same time recommending that we not recognize our own borders and just, you know, let whoever wants to visit either visit or come in and take over. >> absolutely. and you're right, they've avoided the word. of course, we had a socialist party years ago, but both republicans and democrats have dabbled in socialism --
4:52 am
lou: sure. >> obama laughed about it. it wasn't called socialized medicine, it was called obamacare -- lou: right. >> and george w. bush actually nationalized the book withs when he ran for president, he ran as a socialist we called george w. bush a conservative republican. but i can tell you there's a funny joke in the soviet era. they said, comrades, good news/bad news. the good news is that someday the united states -- even the united states of america will become a socialist nation. bad news, when that happens, there won't be any place left on earth where we'll be able to buy grain. [laughter] lou: and it's really the truth. we're watching this country, once a beacon of -- a reliable beacon -- of free enterprise capitalism and a constitutional republic that represents the essence of a nation of laws, it
4:53 am
has dissolved into what we have today which i, frankly, think we could argue quite a bit about the language to describe it. >> i ask some of my friends who are promoting this whole socialist idea about it. they say, oh, it won't be like the soviet union, it won't be like venezuela or like sweden. we'll have freedom of speech. but i think you don't have freedom of speech on the campuses which you control. how are are you going to have it in the marketplace? lou: exactly. i'd love to hear their answer. [laughter] and in the united kingdom. i mean, their idea of free speech is actually strangulation. it is, it's unrecognizable what it remains of free speech to me at least in the u.k. >> yeah, you're right. we've got to enjoy the hugh dobbs show while -- the lou dobbs show while we can. [laughter] lou: well, i hope you enjoy it, and we make certain that it
4:54 am
stays enjoyable. the idea further that the dems right now are just having a fit about the idea that the president of the united states would lift the security clearance of intelligence, particularly intelligence community officials, top officials because of their partisanship and their efforts, frankly, to unaccelerate his administration. to subvert his administration. to you see any reason why historically we've permitted this to reach this level? >> it's so ridiculous. to undermine the president of the united states before he goes into a meeting, a top summit meeting with one of our most important nations in the world, and to undermine him like that, that's treason. [laughter] i mean, it's just stunning. lou: doug wead, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. look toward to seeing you soon. up next, jeff bezos spending millions to buy off congress.
4:55 am
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lou: polls have closed in georgia we're awaiting results, we have early results in race for georgia's governor 3% of
4:59 am
pricincts reporting, brian kemp endorsed by president trump, with 3% again of the pricincts has 62% of the vote, kagel 38, we're not going to project a winner based on early returns. on wall street stocks closed mix dow up 198, s&p gained 13, and nasdaq down a points, volume 3.4 billion shares, listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. and interesting set of numbers president talking about amazon and lobbying through the jeff bezos lobbying through work work post, bezos has a net worth $150 billion, and nasa annual budget is just about $20 billion. that sort of puts it -- he is
5:00 am
bigger than nas bigger than nas. we hope you jonus tomorrow. good night from new >> farmers will be the biggest beneficiary. [cheers and applause] just be a little patient. cheryl: president trump offering farmers to offset tariffs as they get set to meet with the president of the european commission. can they finally make a deal? gerri: investors focusing on a big day of earnings. boeing, coca-cola and visa to report with gm, ford and facebook. drink your earnings to put the dow up 200 points yesterday. watching the numr


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