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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 26, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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much. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, as president trump promised, more winning. the president striking an historic trade deal with the european union opening the continents market to billions of dollars in u.s. goods and making fools of the dems and spineless rhinos who insisted the trump tariffs were set off a trade war that we should all be afraid of tariffs. and that it would all create a big old crater where the u.s. economy had once been. listen to this. >> this was a very big day for free and fair trade.
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lou: commerce secretary wilbur ross is here to talk about the white house's successful trade campaign with the european union. also tonight, the pet's electoral power growing. the trump endorsement spells victory on the campaign trail. trump endorsed republican brian kemp yesterday, absolutely crushed his rhino opponent in georgia's gubernatorial primary. rnc chair ronna mcdaniel joins us tonight to talk about the trump wave that seems to be building for these midterms and all of this winning for trump is driving radical dems absolutely loony. not only is the left grasping at strauss, they're making them illegal. our top story tonight, president trump winning big on trade, today announcing that he's won important concessions from the european union. >> so we had a big day, very big. we met right here at the white house to launch a new phase in
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the relationship between the united states and the european union, a phase of close friendship, of strong trade relations in which both of us will win, of working better together for global security and prosperity. lou: in a late afternoon meeting with european commission president jean claude junker, the two agreed to expand european trade relations. including reducing barriers and increasing trade of products such as soybeans, exporting more u.s. energy to europe and a working group set up with the mission to fulfill president trump's offer of zero tariffs in what will be a fair and reciprocal relationship with all of europe if the working group works out. you'll recall president trump has, from the very beginning, made it clear he would like to see an end to all tariffs and all barriers, stating last month at the g-7 this, quote, we
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should at least consider no tariffs, no barriers, scrapping all of it. joining me now, the president's brilliant and wise adviser on nearly all policies that really matter, the commerce secretary, wig burr ross. wilbur ross. congratulationses to the president, to you, the trump administration trade team in winning the eu president's agreement to work on expanding the trade relationship between america and europe. i mean this is such a strong result. how quickly will we see that trade surplus on the part of the europeans decline and more trade across the atlantic? >> well it's going to take a while to implement, but the key ingredients are both leaders agreed on the real objectives in detail, namely no tariffs, no nontariff trade barriers, no subsidies, no interference with
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market access. those are very, very big steps and he accomplished them, i think, because of his very strong position on putting in the tariffs we did already and gearing up to do the automobile tariff if necessary. lou: mr. secretary, i have to agree with you 100%. you know, i listen to the wailing of paul ryan wailing about everything including the tariffs saying this is no way to operate. we've heard this nonsense from the republican party's establishment leadership as well as the dems, the business press even going into all sorts of, you know, fits of despair over tariffs. and yet that is precisely the incipient point at which the european union decided to expand rather than contract the po of
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greater trade with the united states. >> that's for sure. i really think there would have been zero chance of this happening had it not been for the very firm tariff and trade policy the president put into effect. because think about it. we've put up, almost since world war ii, with unfair trade practices. it's a very hard thing to tear back down that kind of an apparatus that grew up over such a long time. and for the longest while the europeans said we won't even negotiate until you unilaterally exempt us permanently from tariffs. that's all gone. we're now negotiating. and that's a sensible thing on their part, a very good thing for american americans, very gos for europeans, very good thing for the world. lou: and as we all know, with the expansion of trade, fair and reciprocal trade, both
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countries, both the european union and all of its members, the united states, will only prosper in the relationship grow stronger. it is a very, as the president said, a very big deal. it's one that many people didn't think that the europeans would have either the imagination or the spine to engage. and it turns out we can say we were all well-pleased with the result. the working group is already set up. how long did it take you? the president first made this proposal for zero tariffs back on june 8th at the g-7. >> that's correct. that's correct. lou: and i mean, that's a month and a half. that's the blinking of an eye in trade negotiations between a giant bureaucracy, that of the european union, and a white
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house of even this entrepreneurial character. it's an extraordinarily quick move. >> well, and you could see that at the meeting today. there was very little positioning, very little nonsensical. everybody got right down to business. and it took around three and a half hours in the meeting. but we came to the right place. a very goods place. and the steel and aluminum tariffs remain in place and the investigation on autos will continue. it's just we won't impose any auto tariffs as long as the negotiations are progressing properly. lou: it sounds like a positive and constructive result on both sides. that is the nature of most successful and enduring negotiations. and you've been through more than just a few of those, as has
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the president. it does leave open the question of china. because, as the president noted, the retaliatory tariffs from the chinese, president xi has not shown that he's particularly impressed with the tariffs imposed so far. the president says he's willing to take all half a trillion dollars worth of chinese imports and put tariffs on them. do you think that the chinese are going to come to their senses or is it going to have to be a beatdown of the china government before that they understand that this is a new administration and that there had better be mutual respect and reciprocal trade? >> well, i think two points. first, assuming that we do make a deal with the eu, it would be logical for the eu also to be supportive of us in the issues with china. so that's a good development.
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the other development that you should focus on, though, is china is experiencing some difficulties on their own. they're having to put money into the banks, they're having to lower interest rates. they're having to maneuver their currency down. lou: i'm keenly aware that their economy is flat. i'm keenly aware of the defaults that are rising almost unprecedented in china. and that the government is subsidizing and trying to plug as many holes as they possibly can as quickly as they can. but what is the point of that? we still have a disturbed and distorted trade relationship because of their mercantilist policies. that has to be reversed, does it not, mr. secretary, no matter their economic condition? >> surely. but my point is if you have to get into a spat with someone, the right time to do it is when your own economy is booming, as
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ours is. you've seen the record low unemployment, you've seen people coming back to the workforce. this is an administration that should be judged -- lou: what's the point, mr. secretary, of the economic condition of china right now. it is absolutely in their best interest to be as open as they possibly can and reverse these decades of predatory mercantilist policies that has resulted in a constant stream of trade deficits on the part of the united states. >> well, that's absolutely true, lou. my guess is that they were hoping that there would be political pressure buildup on the president adds we get to harvest season and as we get to the midterm elections. this is a safety valve that leaves a lot of that pressure and i think puts us in a much stronger position relative to china and relative to anyone else. lou: specifically -- we're over
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time. i've got producers yelling at me, mr. secretary. >> i'm sorry. lou: they do it all the time, every night. and i seem to never learn. but nonetheless, canada and mexico, nafta, progress there? >> yes. i've been very impressed with the very good rhetoric of the new administration in mexico. lou: indeed. >> organized a trade team, they're overlapping with the former administration, they're not waiting until inauguration. the new president actually won't be inaugurated until december 1st. but since he's going ahead, says to me that he would like to get this done quickly. lou: yeah. lopez 0 ba door miking all of mf the right sounds, engaging in a broader and more responsible trade relationship with the united states. these are all encouraging signs.
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mr. secretary, as always, great to have you with us and we appreciate it. wilbur ross. >> thank you. lou: facebook shares plummeting 20% in after-hours trading. 20%. losing over $120 billion in market value to this point. the social media giant reporting a sluggish quarter at best, a tremendous slowdown in subscribers and weak guidance going forward and investors not liking any part of it, even though they did meet earnings targets up next, another republican candidate embraced plump's agenda anpresidenttrump's agende benefits. >> the president and the vice president, they poured gasoline on the fire and fueled the camp surge to victory. lou: that sounds like it might be part of the trump wave. we'll take that up with republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel.
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lou: wow, today, the white house blocked a cnn reporter, katelyn collins from president trump's trade announcement with the european union today for shouting what they called
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inappropriate questions at the president. cnn issued a statement saying in part, quote, this decision to bar a member of the press is retaliatory in nature and not indicative of an open and free press. we demand better. i guess my question is, who the he recollects rks lhell are yout does insist on respect. that is the white house press association is the same one of course that made us endure one michelle wolf, press secretary sarah sanders told collins that another reporter from cnn could join the event but collins said to her, it didn't matter to her anyway because she hadn't planned to be there. all i have to say about that is there's about time for consequences for disrespectful behavior in the white house. well, trump endorsed republican candidate for georgia governor brian kemp moving one step
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closer to the state house. he won his runoff election easily defeating casey cagle by nearly 40 points, that's right. kemp's embrace of the trump agenda, clearly the right move for the party in the midterms. but rhino speaker, lame duck speaker and just plain rhino ryan says republicans should embrace his agenda. can you believe this guy? >> look, two years ago we house republicans ran on a plat platfm called the better way. and then along with the newly elected president trump, guess what we did. we did what we said we were going to do. we kept our promises and we enacted a very promising agenda that is now occurring. we have 4% unemployment. more job opening than people looking for work in america today. wages are up. the economy is soaring. these are good things and great result to run on. lou: wow. you know, i thought that president trump had something to do with that and speaker ryan
4:19 am
has cleared it right up for us, hasn't he? later the lame duck speaker who refuse to step aside for the good of his party saw fit to lecture congressional interns about something he knows absolutely nothing about, call leadership. >> did you come here to be something? did you come here to build a brand? or are you here to do your part? are you here to make a real difference? if you're here to do good, to advance ideas to do your part, to make a difference, we need you. we need doers, we don't need beers. we need leaders. lou: you can see why he and president obama got along so well. by the way, just from the sai sasamefellow in 2012 couldn't we his own hometown as a vice presidential candidate, not even as a candidate for congress. what has he done?
4:20 am
he's passed three pieces of legislation, one of them naming a post office. joining us now, the chair of the republican national committee, ronna mcdaniel. ronna, good to see you. i apologize for criticizing the lame duck incompetent speaker paul ryan as we begin here, but i have to tell you, what do you do with a situation where you've got a lame duck speak are of the house urging the house of representative to run on quote unquote a better way instead of leaking to the agenda, the president's agenda, that is working for every candidate with whom he associates the trump brand? >> well job you just highlighted the race last night in georgia with brian kemp who won overwhelmingly. he skyrocketed to victory because of president trump's support. he enbraced the trump agenda. he recognized that voters want to see fair trade, lower taxes,
4:21 am
deregulation. president trump has put forth the america first agenda. that is the agenda being embraced. that's why he has an 88% approval rating among republicans and that's why his endorsement is lifting these republicans in their primaries. republicans know not only did the president run on these things, the president is getting it done. lou: and it's all extraordinary, i think we could all agree. maybe there are a few holdouts on the radical left of the radical dems. but this president unprecedented achievement, unprecedented success. he's not even in office two years. and whether it's economic policy, foreign policy, trade policy as we witnessed today, i mean this president is delivering day after day after day while he is the target, the subject of a witch hunt which nearly everyone who is watching closely what is happening with the special council. it's a disaster and the
4:22 am
president is working his way through it and stays of good cheer and high spirits and immense high energy. he truly is, i think without question, an historic president. >> he is. he's a difference maker. he came to washington to be a change agent. the bureaucracy is not working for the average american. it's time to get it done. and he has. if you put his resume in front of every democrat in the senate and the house without his name on it and you listed off the accomplishment os thf administration, our military being funded, veterans being taken care of, gdp up, jobs coming back, they would applaud that resume. but because it's donald j. trump they have to turn their back on the accomplishments to pretend it doesn't exist. that's not going to be a winning strategy going into the midterms. the president has a high approval rating among republicans but people across the country, their lives are better and they know it's because of a bold leader in the white house.
4:23 am
lou: i've just got to say, i want to compliment you and mutt in context some of what you're saying. ronna mcdaniel has been recommending to republicans that they absolutely affix their candidacies to this president and his agenda from the very beginning. and it's good to see that that is a message that you are carrying around the country in which the wise candidates are paying great attention to and following suit. i do want to ask you, if i may, about this shadow banning on twitter. you, matt gates among conservatives, not appearing on the drop down on twitter. what are you going to do about that? >> yeah. we sent a let tore twitter over a month ago asking them to talk to us about the shadow banning and the issues that we're seeing with conservative voices being sur pressed suppressed. vice came out with an article proving that, my account doesn't come up, jim jordan, mark
4:24 am
meadows. the same is not true for democrats. lou: it's outrageous. >> it is really outrageous. stop policing our social media platforms, a bad thing for our country. you have the right to disagree. you do not have the right to suppress voices and beliefs that do not go with your own. we're going to need our user to step up. we've asked twitter to sct for t for this. they never responded to our letter. lou: you've got to be kidding. >> facebook did, twitter did not. we have to draw attention to this because it's going to continue into the midterms and we do not want this to be the new norm that if you're a conservative, you're going to be suppress odd. the smeerd r social media platforms that have a lot of influence on the elections. lou: good for you for standing up and we'll do what we can to raise our voice against it. you know, dempsey, the ceo is a left-winger and he's obviously
4:25 am
using his influence within the company that he helped build to suppress a political party. i mean it's insane. >> the best user is president trump. a person who has made their platform stronger and better is president trump. lou: you bet. >> why suppress conservative voices. it's alarming and we need to look into it. i'm very concerned about it and i'm glad to see that vice news put the report out. i had no idea to the level i was going. lou: ronna mcdaniel, good to have you with us. thanks so much be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you think a break-through agreement with the european union has destroyed the free trade at any cost crowd's bogus arguments that tariffs aren't an effective tool to win fair and reciprocal trade deals? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs still ahead, a gun rights surprise for you tonight you would probably never surprise
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who shows support for the constitution, who shows support for the second amendment and your right to open carry a side arm. also tonight, gor gordon chang n the next massive trade battle. this one with china. stay with us.
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chang, the aw great to have youh us. let's start with china after today, commerce secretary wilbur ross pointing out next up is china and they've got to be concerned because the european union seemed intractable. president trump has won an important agreement to move forward and enlarge the trade relationship. where does this leave china? >> this is a really bad day for beijing. last week the narrative around trade was look, china was going to woo europe away from the united states, break the
4:31 am
transatlantic partnership and it would be europe and china against the u.s. now that is not credible. what you have is the europeans workinwork very much with presit trump. and the good thing about this is this is a tariff issue. you know, tariffs were basically got the europeans to do what trump wanted. lou: and it will ultimately work in much the same way with canada, with mexico, because the mexican -- the newly elected president of mexico makes it clear he is a rationalist, he's pragmatic and understands the importance of what president trump is doing here. xi jinping obviously doesn't understand the glory days of mercantilist economics on the part of china are at and end. >> he's digging in his heels. i think he's in trouble politically. lou: dictator for life of all time and forever more were she
4:32 am
jinping is in trouble? >> yes. most chai noo officials understand that china cannot take on the u.s. in a long term struggle. a lot of people in china are worried about what she jinping ixi jinping isdoing. it's going to hurt china in the long term because they're worried about european investment and asian investment into china. and they think if they punish americans that basically europeans, asians are not going to invest in china. lou: it is a decidedly a big day for the united states, for the european union. and i think you've said it exactly right. a bad day for xi jinping. we appreciate it. thanks so much, gordan. up next, house conservatives moving to impeach rod rosenstein. again we have much more on this breaking news right after the break. break. stay with ♪
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♪i'd lie for you ♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lou: breaking news now, 11 members of the house have introduced articles of impeachment against justice deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the group led by congressman meadows and jordan announcing the move shortly after a meeting with the department of justice today, discussing stonewalling congressional document request. joining us tonight, one of the cosponsors of the articles,
4:37 am
congressman matt gates who serves on a number of committees including judiciary, budget, armed services. my first question is, now there are articles of impeachment. what is the impact? >> well, lou, rod rosenstein has withheld documents, withheld witnesses, improperly redacted documents. he told witnesses not to answer our questions, but i think the gravest sin of all is that that rod rosenstein actually signed one of the fisa renewals on the flawed dirty dossier information to spy on a member of the trump campaign. i'm tired of playing games, waiting around, setting deadlines and ignoring the deadlines. rod rosenstein has not done his job as the deputy attorney general. he's not managed the mueller probe appropriately. he was de derelict in his duty s it pertains to th fisa. it's time for him to be impeachepeached.
4:38 am
lou: and moving on these articles of impeachment, he said that he feared that the impeachment of rosenstein would expire before going on -- before congress goes out on a long summer vacation tomorrow. what happens snow. >now?>> i didn't want the congro conclude this session and return for district workweek in the absence of some action. i didn't want to have to go back to the voters of florida and they ignored our requested, redetectived documents they're not supposed to redetective and we're going to have more meetings about it in washington. it was very important for those of us who believe that norms have been violated to step and and say rod rosenstein needs to be impeached and we take that position before the august work period. i don't believe they'll expire procedurally but certainly we'll have to deal with putting on the trial and convincing our colleagues when we return. the mountain of evidence against
4:39 am
road. stein is compelling when you look at the witnesses and the documents that have been withheld. lou: your lame duck speaker talking about tariffs won't work or not the way to get things done. he said actually, i think tariffs are taxes, there are better teuls that we can use tools that we can use. the president has won a big concession from the european union. looks like the eu and the united states are going to be partnerss in expanding the trade relationship. and at the same time you've got a speaker who has introduced the idea of going out and campaigning for the quote unquote better way agenda, his agenda that he's had up thering on the hilthere onthe hill for . this is a guy who couldn't win his hometown running as a vice presidential candidate, running as a congressional candidate. why are you listening to anything this guy says? >> lou, look, i mean, the
4:40 am
speaker, with all due respect to him, i guy i like, he does not understand leverage like donald trump does. i trust donald trump to negotiate these trade deals on a world stage. instead we're putting america first, we're putting american workers first. and frankly, this is a time when we need to leadership to stand behind the institution of the house as we prepare to impeach rod rosenstein for not giving us the documents and not producing the witnesses and when he does produce documents, they're just, they're redacted without any basis. so we need leadership from our speaker. but when it comes to leverage, i'll take donald trump. lou: congressesmacongressman ma. >>gates. surprising win for n advocates in an unlikely place and unlikely folks. we'll tell you all about it
4:41 am
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higher, the dow up 172 points, s&p up 26, nasdaq up 91. quite a day. volume up to 3.5 billion shares on the big board.
4:45 am
a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network get ready, the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling that individuals have the right to carry firearms in public. that's right. the usually left-wing crazed out of its mind appellate court surprising gun owners and second amendment supporters alike with its ruling, the court writing in its decision, quote -- you're going to love this. quote, for bitter or worse, the second amendment does protect your right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense. i love that. who writes for better or worse in a court ruling. joining me now, the dean himself, ed rollins, hall of fame political consultant, great american. he served as white house political director under president ronald reagan. how about those folks on the ninth circuit court of appeals. >,for better or worse. >> i think they realized they're the most overturned court in the
4:46 am
country of all of the appeals courts and they see the handwriting on the wall and they would have had another one if they had given a bad decision here. it's a positive thing. they're starting to read the constitution. don't feel a need to interpret it. lou: just take it. >> we'll take it. >> the congressman from texas who is a lame duck, hitting president trump said today, i think president trump has too much power. he said that before the president won a concession from the european union and looks like now has a huge potential for a larger trade relationship with the eu. what is with these guys? -l they can't leave town soon enough, can they? >> again, they need t to read te constitution. the president has the power. he's just using the power. what happens is many presidents of late haven't used them, especially the last one. this one is going to run with it, in spite of the better way
4:47 am
of paul ryan. the irony is the democrats had the slogan, a better deal for voters with, and that's what donald trump has done. thank you much much, amen. let's move forward. lou: that's close to plagiarizing, on his part? >> the word that i look so forward to, the former lame duck speaker. lou: well, i don't understand why the republicans can't must ter guts to get him the hell out of the office. it's an a an absurdy. you mentioned it, the better way. this guy is so delirious and delusional that he thinks his two-bit better way deal competes with the president's successful and winning agenda. i mean, it's just -- it's ineffable how absurd and ignorant he is politically.
4:48 am
>> i went back to the slogan a couple of weeks ago. a great county deserves a great leader. we have one. we also deserve a great congress which he's not leading. the bottom line, quicker we get this down, the better we'll be. we're in a battle for the congress and we have to make sure that our candidates do, as the president has done, and lead us forward. lou: we've made it clear that anyone who wants to win reelection and win election of the republican marty need party neex themselves to the trump agenda and sign the contract to keep america great. the gop leadership, who should replace paul ryan? >> i like mark m meadows and jim jordan. they're going to get a real test here. i would force the speaker at this point in time, say we've got 11 votes here. that's the start of recalling
4:49 am
the speake speaker let's move fd on this thing. lou: you're not going to give me one name. >> i can't give you one name. lou: that's fair. >> i don't know. the reality is i don't know. lou: by the way, those are words you don't often hear on television these days. i don't know. especially from the dean himself. ed rollins, great to have you here. thank you so much. up next, if you were among the millions who were wondering why maxine waters was sent to earth by god, then wonder no more. she has the answers. we'll share it with you here next. extraordinary. moving. next. bln my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month.
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lou: radical dems collectively losing their minds and california congresswoman maxine waters is no exception. listen to this. >> i'm here to do the work that i was sent to do -- when god sends you to do something, you better do it. [inaudible] lou: and my pastor is telling me to tone it down a bit. maxine waters with a mission. we'll see how she does. and if we could turn to a local democratic connecticut
4:54 am
lawmaker getting a lot of blowback after taking a knee during the pledge of allegiance, select woman melissa slags protests aimed at president trump following his summit with russian president putin, we're told. and also in california police say a suspect hacked away at the president's star on the hollywood walk of fame with a pick ax at 3:30 in the morning. now there's a lot of hatred and confusion on the part of the left, but this is getting more bizarre, more vicious by the day. the suspect turned himself in later to beverly hills police. the second time the star was vandalized. joining us tonight, national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality and conservative commentator, niger innis. great to have you with us. >> always. >> our committee woman for the state of california. good to have you with us. and let's start with you. what is going on in california, the hatred, the anger is just
4:55 am
building by the day, it seems. >> it's off the charts, lou. and it's disturbing. i laugh in a way because maxine waters is such a caricature of the extreme craziness of the far left. somebody is going to get hurt. taking the lord's name in vain with respect to her calls for violence open calls for action against members of the cabinet and even rank and file trump supporters is vile. what's also alarming is that democrat leaders are not really holding her accountable. i've heard she's been told behind the scene to calm down but republicans aren't calling her out. members of her own house should be calling her out saying this type of violent rhetoric is totally unacceptable. this is from maxine waters who played a critical role in the rodney king riots, giving comfort to the attacker. it's got to end. lou: niger, the left, it seems, is just really losing its mind. they've lost sense of proportion.
4:56 am
they are just, as a matter of fact, vile in their condemnation of trump and it doesn't matter what the policy or the result, they're never trumpers and no way any trump policy can satisfy them, despite every one of his policies it seems working splendidly for all americans in this country. >> and lou, in particular for the african-american community, i mean love president trump or don't like president trump when you have record low unemployment, in fact the lowest unemployment in the african-american community in record, since they've been taking these statistics, record low unemployment for hispanics, record low unemployment for women. it is rumored that in the next week or so the gdp report is going to be somewhere between 4% and 5%. these are things that you can't
4:57 am
deny. but nevertheless, the left unfortunately has lost its mind. i'd tell you if i was a democrat consultant, lou, i would be fearful i mean even though it upsets me as a conservative and upsets a lot of donald trump supporters, it really gives a black eye to democrats that want to be competitive in elections to come. they look like the clown party. lou: they really do. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> no. i was just going to say, that's right. you have the lunatic left, the cortez wing that are going venezuela on politics and thi tn you have maxine waters going crazy and violent on the other side. it's an unattractive picture for voters. lou: turning to last night's election victory for brian kemp in georgia for the gubernatorial election there, trump endorsed and trump victorious, 40-point, almost a 40-point win.
4:58 am
and at the same time speaker rye rhyne cominryan saying we oughtn his agenda. a lame duck speaker who isn't even running for reelection saying that this bizarre manifesto that he created somehow should be what they run on rather than the trump agenda and the success of the republican party over the past year. i mean, to me, it's just stunning. niger, your thoughts. >> well, when you have a president that has approval ratings in his own party approaching 90%, numbers that we have not seen since the wake of 9/11 when george bush was almost universally had approval from certainly in the republican party, then you don't want to create too much daylight. and i've got some good friends down in georgia ga. i had an opportunity to talk to leo smith, director for outreach
4:59 am
for the republican party for many years in georgia, and he said you had some extraordinary candidates, you had actually three good conservative candidates and a little bit of dirty politics was done by another candidate in the race against who had been the front runner. but there's in question that the trump endorsement was huge and now that kemp has the nomination, from what i understand he's going to unite conservatives, republicans and they're going to be unified 110% and they're going to need it because mr. george sor sorries s put in $100 million behind the campaign. lou: you thoughts on the republican, well, success in georgia and the future. we've got about 30 seconds. >> okay. sure. well i mean, i think niger is correct. kemp is off to a great start. his ads were terrific and funny. they're united there. to your point, it's not just a lame duck agenda. it's a lame agenda and the republicans need to do better.
5:00 am
and you know ronna is right there, ronna mcdaniel, the head of the rnc doing a great job and we don't want daylight between >> we had a big day. a very big. we met here right white house to launch a new phase in the relationship between the united states and the european union. a series of close friendship, of strong trade relations in which both of us will win. trade to breaking news this morning. we are covering two very big stories as president trump announces a breakthrough in trade with europe all facebook stop plunges 20% after reporting disappointing revenues and subscriber growth. train to an explosion outside of the u.s. embassy in beijing. only the bomber


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