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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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we're willing to go there. it's part of the art of the deal and they still need to get things from the doj and this is a signal they're willing to go where they need to. charles: we just talked about shadow baning. wait until you see these next guests. diamond and silk on lou dobbs. lou: good evening, our top stories, the dems, the deep state and rhinos rushing to the defense of rod rosenstein after house republicans file articles of impeachment against the corrupt deputy attorney general. lame duck speaker paul ryan quick to protect rosenstein, despite his stonewalling of congress' oversight efforts. ryan under orders obviously to get as many republican members of the house to feed into the midterms as possible. and you're watching what the chamber, the business round table and koch brothers paid for, inaction right there. we take that up, the fight for the soul of the republican party with former congressman jason
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chaffetz and legendary republican strategist ed rollins. >rollins. also breaking news tonight, a russian oligarch doing in a u.s. court what the fbi and department of justice wouldn't do and what congress wouldn't do either. get fusion gps to answer for its role in creating the bogus trump dossier. a federal judge ordering the smear merchants to sit for a deposition. we seal have the details here tonight. and american workers rallying around president trump as he talks up his break through trade deal with the european union. all of that in his fight for fair and balanced and yes, we rip call trade agreements. >> we're putting the world's trade cheaters on notice, no one rips off the united states of america and nobody takes advantage of our workers or our companies anymore. lou: not anymore. the president's top trade positions and threats of tariffs
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moving the european union to the bar gn table. will china be next. much more here tonight. top story, republican lawmakers will have to try for an contempt resolution in early september against deputy attorney general rod rosenstein if they want to hold him accountable for the continuing justice department stonewalling of congress. lame duck speaker ryan refusing to support his house members in their constitutional oversight duties. ryan refusing to hold the justice department accountable for this stonewalling, effectively killing the freedom caucus effort to impeach the deputy ag. that effort introduced just 24 hours ago. chief intelligence correspondent katherincatherine herridge has e latest. >> the house speaker characterized the articles of impeachment as an extreme step.
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>> i don't think we should be cavalier with this process. i don't think this rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has a conflict of interest overseeing the russian probe because he signed the final warrant for carter page. months earlier this former british spy behind the dossier christopher steele was fired by if fbi for lying. according to the articles of impeachment, quote, deputy attorney general rosenstein's failure to recuse himself in light of the inherent conflict of interests is a dereliction of duty. >> christopher steele lied to the fbi. rod rosenstein did that and was so cavalier that he thought his information was a basis to spy on people in the trump campaign. >> just when you think you have seen it all, the republicans have no shame to go to a place
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where they would undermine our judicial system. >> if it's in the service of this president, that's all they care about. >> a charge one key republican denies. >> i haven't discussed it with the president so i can tell you at this point who the president hires and fires is certainly not going to be influenced by something that this member of congress does. >> in boston the attorney general said house republicans should refocus on defended the department's number two. >> my deputy, rod rosenstein is highly capable. i have the highest confidence in him. we need congress to deal with the immigration question. >> if the justice department fails to provide the withheld records, a republican aide said they have a commitment from leadership to hold a vote on a contempt resolution after the recess in early september, insisting impeachment remains on the table. lou? lou: thank you very much. catherine herridge. joining us tonight, jason chaffetz from utah, fox business
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contributor, author of the upcoming new book "the deep state. how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda ." it's available for preorder now. we recommend it to you highly. good to have you here. >> thank for having me. lou: in action in the house is in its own. the freedom caucus moving to articles of impeachment. congressman meadows putting those forward. 11 folks in the effort and ryan says wait a minute. i mean, what kind of leadership is that and just who is paul ryan? >> well, look, i had the same experience. i was chairman of the oversight committee, seeking documents from the department of justice. whether it's attorney general sessions, lynch or holder, i can't tell the difference. that department of justicely no will not and does not allow congress to see what they're allowed to see under our constitution. this is on the heels of a
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550-page inspector general's report really taking to task the fbi. they're in shatters. they should be able to see this. in the case of hillary clinton's e-mail case, it's a closed case, no charges, five people with immunity, why can't they see the documents. yet rod rosenstein is the key person sitting in that position. and if the speaker and kevin mccarthy want to say no, that's too extreme. then what's their game plan to actually allow congress to do its oversight duty. lou: rosenstein it seems is both an actor and potentially the target of any information. he signed one of the four fisa warrants. he is the man who selected robert mueller. he is the guy pulling the trigger on the special counsel and yet he is involved in so many aspects and elements of this case. this witch hunt. it's extraordinary. >> one part of the case to impeach rod rosenstein is thed yz that he would not comply with
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duly issued subpoenas. the second part is exactly what you're talking about. did they misuse a fisa warrant. did they mislead the court. and there's an investigation, not only by the inspector general but by congress. and it just begs the question, how is it that rod rosenstein, who signs his name on that document, gets to be in charge of that investigation? i mean -- lou: when we look at the conflicts surrounding the special counsel, it should be breathtaking. it is now routine that rosenstein be either in contradiction, complicity or otherwise involved in every aspect of the special counsel process, if you can call it that. >> i'm really a big fan of senatosenator grassley. but i think he needs to call in mueller and rosenstein and have them explain, not get into the bowlbowels of investigation, buo explain the conflicts of interest. there is no excuse for it. congress can head that off at the pass right now rather than
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looking at it, you know, retrospectively. lou: and in retrospect, we're looking at a process that should have been ended long, long ago. >> where's the crime? lou: where is the crime and what in the world. now we find out that they're looking -- the special counsel is looking at the president's tweets looking for -- i mean you can't make this nonsense up. this is a special counsel who doesn't have half of the intellect he's been credited with more half of the integrity that some have ascribed to him. how could you continue this level of pathetic special counsel work, everything from the inception of the special counsel itself to its work today, they look like damn fools and corrupt damn fools at that. >> looking at the president's tweets. what are you going to get him on, maximizing openness and transparency?
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he tweeted back to me on something that was pretty funny when he -- you know, he just, he said, well i thought the specialspecialcounsel didn't le. are they really spending taxpayer dollars and is the president going to be charged with treason or, you know, something absurd like that because he tweeted something. lou: it's beginning to look to me like we need a special counsel to actually affix itself to the current special counsel because they look to me to be making all sorts of mistakestakr which they should be held accountable. >> this is why congress -- it's imperative that they be able to provide the oversight function. they're in disarray and there's a reason -- lou: i'm sorry to interrupt you, but jason, the republican conference has a lame duck speaker, you know his name, you have worked with him and i have covered him for a very long time. the man has monumentally few
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attributes that would be warranted in ad a speakership. he's pushed three bills through congress in 20 years. and the congress continues to lealeave this man in a speakersp from which he resigned at the beginning of the year. >> we disagree on there one a little bit. a little bit. but going back to this case, i got to tell you, there's a reason why jim comey, a former director of the fbi is openly advocating and tweeting elect democrats. because they want to get rid of the investigations that are being done. they want democrats to be in charge because they know the democrats won't hold them accountable. and the democrats will rue the day when they fought against the openness and transparency because at some point they're going to want documents and republicans are going to look over and say, wait a sec, where have you been. we've been trying to get documents out of the department of justice. you're no help. you think we're going to give you comes now?
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it was a huge monumen monumentae pld the republicans unable to come to the terms where the idea of uniting behind president trump's agenda. paul ryan today trolling out there with a pamphlet, the better way pamphlet. he was mopping his brow with a dead hand, the prop for his rather grandiose political ambitions, failed before those even begin to be realized. >> there are only eight -- on the house calendar, there are only eight full legislative days left between now and november. lou: eight? >> ten fly in and fly out days, half days, they fly in, vote at 6:30 p.m. and on days that they leave, they're done by noon. only eight full days. part of me says duck and cover, america. congress is in session. on the other hand i'm thinking
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there's some very important things you have to do and yet i think that oversight is one of them but the speaker disagrees. lou: the speaker disagrees and that tells you just about -- tells everyone. >> that's why i'm sitting here at fox as ooh posed to my seat at oversight. that's part of it. lou: jason chaffetz, the witch hunt goes on. needlessly, expensively and regrettably. it is a shame because it is a slur on this country up next, lame duck speaker ryan at it again, as i said, trying to take undue credit for president trump's successes and he also wants to divide the republicans before the midterms. you lose more races if you stay divided and are encouraged in that. we'll be right back. >> i can do this again. i really enjoy this. i want to encourage you to go to
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nonsense, organized in a pamphlet, and slamming the move to impeach rod rosenstein, calling it cavalier. the efforts of his own house members and his own party. and patience with him may finally be running thin in the conference. >> it was very frustrating to hear the speaker call or efforts cavalier when i think it's pretty cavalier of the justice department and rod rosenstein to ignore congressional subpoenas. i think it's cavalier when they tell witnesses not to answer questions. i think it's real cavalier when they redact information that has nothing to do with national security. we need our leadership to be leaders. if they don't support us, what are we doing here? lou: why is paul ryan being toll latetolerated by his republican colleagues, his unwillingness to give up the speakership after he resigns it, the use of his position to raise money, nearly $64 million for the midterms. it isn't to further the agenda of the real leader of the republican party and it isn't to
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advertise and promote the many successes, unprecedented successes of the trump administration but rather to advance the rhino agenda controlled by the koch brothers, wall street, the chamber and the business round table and the conflict with the president will also result in a loss of republican seats in the house. we'll remind you again that paul ryan lost twice in his hometown, people who know him best wouldn't vote for him for vice president, wouldn't vote for him for the congress in 2012. but there may be some hope yet. as expected, ohio congressman jim jordan has announced his long awaited bid to become speaker of the house of representatives. and joining us tonight, ed rollins, former reagan white house political director, great american pac chairman, fox business analyst and more. what do you think jim jordan for speaker? >> i'm all for jim jordan.
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before we do that we need to vacate the speakership. any member can do that. sign up for resolution. they have to vote on it, they'll try to make it a procedural thing and table it. lou: motion to vacate. >> it puts this one out and then they can decide who they want. democrats are nominate nancy pelosi, republicans go behind closed doors and pick who they want. we need someone -- it's 103 day to the election. we need someone to lead us into the election. in this election was held today we would get clobbered. a new quinnipiac poll, we would be behind today literally lose by a major margin, eight, ten points, which would certainly give the democrats the majority. lou: and that would convert to -- do you have an idea of how many seats that would convert to? >> 30, 35 seats. that's the number. there's 50 seats in play, almost all of them are r seats.
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so we need a strong leader. we got all of the money in the world. lou: think about what we've been talking about, ed. we're talking about every one of these candidates who is aligned with president trump, his agenda, his successes, unprecedented successes, wins. and the most recent, brian kemp in the georgia gubernatorial primary. he was running second, ends up winning by 40 points after the president endorses him. this is a president running with 88% approval ratings in his own party. who in their right mind, other than ryan and his rhino whoever they are, would try to defy that kind of political advantage. >> well just so you know, again, the same poll disapproves of the job republicans running the house, 66 to 27, two to one think the republicans are doing
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a lousy job running the house. lou: well, you know, that makes -- i feel -- there's warmth in my heart for the republican party. that means that folks are really saying they're aware that paul ryan is a complete loser. >> there's no question about it. his approval rating is around 25, 26%. he's not viewed as a leader. nancy pelosi hans bee has been d and bruised and actually more popular than he is. lou: that's scary. i would think they're both at the same level. it is interesting that the conference is so patient. and i want to give the freedom caucus, jim jordan, mark meadows, matt gates, i mean the list goes on, ron desantis, credit for charging at the issue and moving on impeachment of rod rosenstein, demanding that their authority and responsibility for oversight constitutionally be returned to the house. and take charge of the
7:22 pm
leadership, take charge of the speakership because you're going into a tough race and with ryan there, they're going to get laughed out of -- they're not only going to get beat. they're going to be laughed at as they enter the midterms. >> well they think it's money alone and the reality is intensity. how are you going to get your voters intense. when you look at the women voters that are going to vote for democrats and the young voters who are going to vote for the democrats, they're intense. we got to get our side intense. the only way you're going to get them fired up is to go out there and give them smlg like the president has done over and over again. lou: we're over as usual, ed. that intensity, this president talking about the wall, all of his successes, he's got to deliver something here. what do you think it is to get through. >> well the wall is critical because there's a lot of the supporters. he's got to make sure that he protects the farmers. i think he's done that this week
7:23 pm
and i think he's going to basically make sure that the republicans in the house are following his lead. lou: all he can do is, you can lead them to water but you can't make them drink. what kind of idiot would not be aware -- i mean he announces an historic trade deal with the european union and he's the first president in history to talk about zero tariffs, zero barriers to trade, and to move straight ahead with the european union and enlarge that trading relationship. you've got morons all over, you know, television niez, take news as the president calls it, saying he gave in to the european union. you wonder what world they live in. >> i don't think he gave in on anything. they came here and wanted a meeting desperately because they knew he was going to be much tougher if they didn't get this thing done quickly. lou: it's great opportunity for the european union and america. the president saw it and seized it. he knew that the only way he
7:24 pm
could make the bureaucracy of the european union understand what's going on is to threaten tariffs. ed rollins, great to have you with us. be sure to vote in the poll. the question is do you think the biggest threat to the republicans in the midterms now is rhino paul ryan's so-called leadership. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbses, like me on facebook, fol lu machine o folln instagram. up next, president trump expecting big things from tomorrow's announcement on the economy. watch this. >> numbers will be announced tomorrow sometime. i don't know what they are but they're going to be terrific. if i would have used these numbers during the campaign, the fake news would have said he's exanexaggerating. lou: sounds like they're going to be good. did you see a president busting at the seams wanting to say, the
7:25 pm
number is? we'll have more on the president's winning economic policies when we come right back. stay with us. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere.
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lou: president trump praising the positive impact of his tariffs on imported steel from places like china, telling workers in illinois that idle factories throughout this country are now roaring back to life, this as the u.s. trade representative, robert lighthizer was pushing back against radical dems who questioned the president's policies on trade and tariffs. >> if your conclusion is that china faking over all of our technology and the future of our children is stupid fight, then you're right. my view is that's how we got where we are. i don't think it's a stupid fight. i don't know a single person that's read this report that thinks it's a stupid fight to say that china should not be able to come in and steal the future of american industry.
7:30 pm
doesn't make any sense. lou: robert lighthizer, good for you, good for america, that president trump has put such talent and passion in responsible leadership roles, thank you sir, thank you, thank you. the chief executive officer of qualcomm blaming trade tensions with china. listen up, qualcomm, your c ex-o needs a history lesson, a business lesson and a lesson in economics and politics for the failed acquisitions deal with nxt. the company wanted to buy the dutch owned nxp for $44 billion but failed to get the final green light from chinese officials. mnuchin said it was unfortunate that china got in the deal. the fact of the matter is that china gets in the way of a lot of things and the ceo of qualcomm really does need a
7:31 pm
little perspective. joining us now, retired four star general, fox business chief strategic analyst, general jack keane. isn't it great to have a trade representative with that kind of passion and that kind of understanding of economics and the impact of trade, trade deficits, imbalanced trade globally? >> yeah, when you take lighthizer and hook him up with navarro who wrote the defining books about what china is doing to us, they're like a killer app. it's quite remarkable. lou: and why this president? you know, i often wonder, if he had not run, what would we be doing right now? we would be bleeding. we wouldn't be talking about exciting and large numbers for gdp growth. we would be talking about the proprospects if not the current reality of a recession. we would be talking about a
7:32 pm
business, a business community industry in this country that would be reeling from antibusiness policies, high tasks. it's extraordinary. >> and we wouldn't be doing the trump military buildup which is comparable to u uranium build u. lou: and by the way, one of those -- i won't go into all of the details on the fight. but president trump with the guts and the foresight, the vision and the intellect to understand the importance of a strong economy as the foundation of that strong military and to be achieving it. and then i look at these running around criticizing at the mar again. but we have to -- that's the nice part about a democracy. even they get to vote. so your thoughts on one of the things that we aren't hearing a lot about, iran has suddenly disappeared i from the headline. >> the trump team led by the president -- and our viewers should know that this country's
7:33 pm
national foreign policy are driven by him. i talked to some guys around him and every one of them says the same thing. he's bringing an end to iran's iaggressive believe your in the middle east. he's going to shut this down. economically they're squeezing them. going to put more sanctions on here next month and three months later more than that. they're get the europeans to pull away from iran, even thoi h they're saying they're not. the difference in the $20 trillion economy doing business with america. we're working behind the scenes inside that country with our intelligence services because those people there are prime to be in the streets and wanting to take this regime down. it's not going to happen overnight but the civil unrest is growing throughout the country. they're working right now as we speak to put together a political and military alliance in the middle east comparable to nato whose single purpose will
7:34 pm
be to stand up and counter iran. compare what i'm just saying to the last eight years wit where e administration appeased, disengaged from the middle east, encouraged their aggressive and malign behavior. lou: and to think this president, there's not only industry, commerce and business in this country, the markets of capital, but he is reminding the entire nation and, by the way, our allies and enemies alike that this is still the superpower and we will not be dismissed or de denny den gradee who would rather play community organizer than become president. it's an extraordinary moment in history and to the credit of president donald j. trump. >> and the country is so much stronger for it. lou: already. some days it's hard to believe he hasn't been in office two years when you look at all of the ie khievments.
7:35 pm
great to have you with us. general jack scene. presidenjack keane. presn on the silicon valley plot. today he tweeted, twitter shadow banning prominent republicans. not good. we will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once. we'll show you what shadow banning is. we'll take it up with diamond and silk. they othey've got some considere experience. stay with us. they'll be here next. come awa! but i am a simple farmer. my life is here...
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lou: republicans crying foul over twitter's sha due banning. the social media platform makes your account difficult to so i the least to find instead of outright banning the account. so if you look for a certain account or name, it won't appear on the drop down menu of a search bar. among the names that weren't appearing, donald trump jr. spokesman, republican party chairwoman ronna mcdonnell, republican congressman devin den nunes, tom fitton. joining me now, social media stars and president trump's most loyal and energetic supporters, diamond and silk. great to have you with us. you know more than just a thing
7:40 pm
or two about this shadow banning. i have to think that you watch the events of the last few days with great interest. let me start with shadow banni banning. has your problem with twitter be fixed? >> it hasn't been -- we've been having a problem with facebook and facebook also shadow bans. and what shadow banning is, you can put out content where people don't see your content or when people search for you, they can't find you in the search bar. shadow banning is happening on all of the social media platforms. our problem has not been fixed with facebook. people are tired of censorship that's going on on their platform. >> you can't continue to do people bad or wrong deliberately and think good is going to come to you. like we said before, facebook will be the face without the book and the book without the
7:41 pm
pages unless mark zuckerberg gets his mess together. lou: as i'm sure you're aware, there are folks, investors calling for mark zuckerberg to step down as chairman and get out of the way. the problem is we're not hearing from the ceo or from the company. this is a peculiar company right now. not only an historic loss today, we're talking billions and billions of dollars. this is a company that is saying its future is highly uncertain because they're not going to be -- the way they were financing their operation, their business model was all about selling user data. and that apparently is something the company is going to struggle to adjust to. >> but what happened before they started selling that? you know, go back to the old way, before the algorithms were put in place to deliberately suppress people's voices, pages and content. go back to whenever they said
7:42 pm
whenever you like and following a person's page, that they will send them a notification. go back to sending people notifications. lou: and i want to get your thoughts, if i may, as well, about the trump wave. as you travel around the country, we're hearing a lot of the polling, ed rollins here earlier talking about the quinnipiac poll. you're talking somewhere around an 8% deficit for the republicans in that. what are you seeing and hearing up close? >> well, listen, we was just in california, palm springs, california, and the president has a lot of support there in california. i believe we can make california red. i really do. around the country people are motivated. people are on the trump train. i believe that we're going to do well in these congressional races. and listen, they keep talking about -- the left keeps talking
7:43 pm
about a blue wave. the only wave they're going to see is democrats waving good-bye to them because they're tired and they're jumping on the trump train. lou: diamond and silk from your lips to god's ears, we'll take that as the definitive forecast. tell us about your new movie "dummy craft." you got me with the title right off the bat. >> it's about not just drainingg the swamp like the president is doing, but it's about exposing the swamp and exposing the hypocrisy that goes on on the left that keeps our country stagnated. if you go to the web page, you can contribute, sign up to get e-mail updates so that we can keep you updated and informed. the movie is due out this fall. lou: dummy krats the movie. the next tour august 5th, cleveland, ohio.
7:44 pm
diamond and silk, we're always thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to you. great to have you on the show. up next, the dems and the radical left have a strategy for the midterms. it's called free stuff. not just for voters with, no, no, no. i will tell you who else is going to be getting, well, a free lift. you'll just love it. stay with us. we'll be right back. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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lou: breaking news now, the trump administration saying they have complied with the court-ordered deadline to reyuan reunify all eligible illegal children with their families. the deadline midnight. and the new court filing shows more than 800 children have been reunited a new york federal judge ruling that a lawsuit against the new citizenship question on the 2020 census can move forward in court. judge jesse furman, appointed by president obama, saying such an inquiry about citizenship is, quote, motivated at least in part by discriminatory anmouse. that is one of the most interesting questions that withl have for the next guest. and joe crowley is target to sound a little bit like a socialist.
7:49 pm
maybe even something to the left of that. calling for the trump administration, are you ready, to compensate illegal immigrants separated from their children. >> the damage that has been done to these children will be lifelong. to these family units will be lifelong as well. and in fact, i suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them. lou: i can't imagine how he could lose an election. joining me now, daily caller news foundation editor in chief christopher bedford. good to have you with us. >> good evening. >> sydney powell, author of "license to lie, exposing corruption in the department of justice." great to have you with us. let's start with you, first of all. the idea that a court is now ordering the department of homeland security to behave in a specific way that is not envisioned by any law, how does
7:50 pm
that work? >> it doesn't make any sense to me at all, lou. if the parents want to protect these children, they need to not bring them illegally into this country or put them, worse, in the hands of people who are smuggling them into this country. and any sort of incentive we give them to do that is just hurting the children. and the families even more. i mean we have to shut down the border completely to stop the whole aspect of human trafficking and illegal entry. lou: christopher how did we get to a point where we have to rationalize securing our borders? >> it seems like giving out handouts and votes to people who are not american citizens is a new platform for the left. the democratic party has been moving quickly and quickly left every single year. 18 years ago -- 16 years ago when nancy pelosi took over the house democratic caucus, she took over next to her senate counter part had voted against a partial birth abortion ban -- or
7:51 pm
voted for a partial birth abortion ban. harry reid had 70% from the nra. imagine that now. these people would be completely wiped out. and congressman crowley is completely correct, what these children have been through they'll probably never recover from. their parents put them on the ride called the beast, subjected them to smugglers, extortion and kidnapping. and in america if you let your kids walk home on a cold day you could be separated from your parents. this is unbelievable. lou: it is stunning. and you know what else is unbelievable? is paul ryan not supporting the hois ohouse of representatives,s members in their efforts to actually carry out their constitutional duty, that is oversight over the diswrus tis e department and the fbi and getting stonewalled by the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, articles of impeachment and he doesn't think he can support that because it's
7:52 pm
quote, too cavalier. >> i think there are an awful lot of people in congress who have been far more interested in keeping their jobs year after year than in doing their jobs. lou: well said. in this case i can't imagine how they can do anything, whether run for office or do their jocks wittheir jobswith speaker ryan e speakership. >> i read an article, that stated the republicans were breathing a sigh of relief that they don't have to take hard votes on border security, on immigration that year and that it will help nem in the election. i thought to myself. who could possibly think that. why would the reporter repeat that. that's what the republican leadership think. they think if they ignor ignores and don't have any fights, the voters will reward them. if they run awaw from him and don't do his agenda, they'll somehow come back and win. i don't think they'll keep their
7:53 pm
jobs. lou: what do you think? do you think the republican party will hold the house? >> i think they can if the republicans will stand up and do what they need to do. people are tired of congress. they're absolutely fed up with the congress that does absolutely nothing and they're fed up with the justice department that keeps stonewalling congress and hiding the evidence that we know we're entitled to. the taxpayers want to know the truth and something needs to happen to expose it to them. i don't know whether the president needs to appoint somebody outside doj and give them a security clearance to look at the documents themselves and take the white house out of it and the doj out of it or something needs to happen that eats different that allows exposure of all of the truth. lou: christopher, you get the last word tonight. >> the midterms elections are a base election. that's when the hard core people come out. what if the republicans or conservatives say this is a referendum on paul ryan or
7:54 pm
mccarthy or do you want jim jordan. do you want nancy pelosi or do you want to go farther to the left. maybe that would be a motivating factor and put jim jordan into a leadership position. lou: what do you think his pros prospects are? >> not great right now. i suspect there will be a fight. if they had this locked up they would have called a snap election and mcconsider thy or scalise would be speaker. lou: thaichthank you both very h text former wonder boy mark zucker berg in a category of himself after earnings reports. we'll tell you what it's all about here next.
7:55 pm
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7:59 pm
mark zuckerberg lost $15 billion alone. they missed their earnings and tread knew targets. facebook shareholders proposing removing zuckerberg as chairman. on wall street, stocks closed mixed. s & p down 9. jobless claims continue near a 50-year low. 08,000 applications for jobless benefits last week. a remind tore listen to my reports coast to course on the salem radio network. join us tomorrow. we'll be taking up all of these issues with the judicial watch director investigations chris farrell. good night from new york.
8:00 pm
kennedy: deputy a.l a.g. -- deputy a.g. rod rosenstein is safe for now, but the fight is not over. he still has to cough up the documents. the push to impeach rosenstein failed. freedom caucus members mark meadows and jim jordan were leading the charge and they claimed they had enough of rosenstein's stall tactics. here is congressman jordan on the ingraham angle. >> when is the lim


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