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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 29, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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take it with you." i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." >> good evening, everybody. rushing to the defense, nay file s articles of impeachment against rosenstein. they are quick to protect him despite the oversight efforts. ryan under orders to get as many republican members as house defeated in the mid term as possible. if you are watching what the chamber and koch brothers.
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we are there with the strategic, ed raulings. and doing in the u.s. court what the fbi, the department of justice couldn't do or wouldn't do and what congress wouldn't do either. get fusion gps to answer for its role in creating the bogus trump dossier. we'll have the details here tonight. and american workers rallies around president trump as he talks up up his breakthrough trade deal with the european union. all of that this his fight for fair and balanced and, yes, reciprocal trade agreements. >> we're putting the world's trade cheaters on notice. no one rips off the united states of america. nobody takes advantage of our workers or our companies anymore >> not anymore. the top trade positions and
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threats moving to the bargaining table. will china be next? much more here tonight. our top story, republican lawmakers will have to try for a contempt resolution in early september against deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein , if they want to hold him accountable for the continu ing justice departments stone walling of congress. lame duck speaker, ryan, refus ing to support his house members in their constitutional oversight duties. ryan is refusing to hold the justice department accountable for the stone walling, effective ly killing the freedom caucus effort to impeach the deputy ag. that effort introduced just 24 hours ago. chief intelligence correspond catherine harriage has the latest. >> do i support impeachment of rod rosenstein? no, i do not. reporter: the house speaker said it is an extreme step. >> i don't think we should be
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cavalier with the process or term. i don't think it rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. reporter: among the allegations, rod rosenstein has a con arthritic of interest overseeing the russia probe because he sign ed the final surveillance based in part on the unverified trump dossier. months earlier the british spy was fired by the fbi for lying. he admitted his hatred for candidate trump. according to the articles of im peachment, deputy attorney general rosenstein's failure to accuse himself in light of his inherit conflict of interest constitute dereliction of duty. >> they lied to the fbi. he knew that. it was so cavalier, they thought it was associated with the trump campaign. >> democrats complain the goal is discrediting the russia robe. >> just when you think you have seen it all, the republicans
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have no shame to go to a place where they would undermine the judicial system. >> if it is the service of the president, that's all they care about. >> a charge one key republican denies. >> i haven't discussed it it with the president. i can tell you at this point where the president hires and fires is certainly not going to be influenced by something this member of congress does. >> embossed in the attorney general said house republicans should refocus and defended the department's number two. >> my deputy, rod rosenstein, is highly capable. i have the highest confidence in him. we need congress to deal with the immigration. >> if they fail to provide the records, the republican aid said they have a commitment from leadership to hold a vote after the recess in early september insisting impeachment remains on the table. lou? lou: catherine, thank you. joining us tonight, former republican congressman from utah , fox business contributor,
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and author of the "the deep state how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda" it is available for pre- order now. we e recommend it highly. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> the action in the house is becoming an ab dull la of its own. the freedom caucus moving to articles of impeachment. congressman meadows putting those forward. 11 folks in the effort and ryan says -- wait minute. >> yeah. i mean what kind of leadership is that? just who is paul ryan? >> well, look, i had the same experience. i was the chairman of the over sight commit'. i was seeking documents. whether it is attorney general sessions, lynch, or holder, i can't tell the difference. that department of justice will not and does not allow congress to see what they are allowed to see under the constitution. this is on the heels of a 560-
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page inspector generals report really taking the task of the fbi. they are in shatters. they should be able to see this. in the case of hillary clinton's e-mail case, it is a closed case no charges. five people with immunity. why can't they see the documents yet ros rosenstein is the key person in the position. if the speaker and kevin mc carthy want to say, no, that's too extreme, what's the game plan to allow congress to do the oversight duty. >> rosenstein is an actor and potentially the target of any investigation. he signed one of the four. he's the man who selected robert mueller. he's the guy pulling the trigger on the special council. yet he's involved in so many aspects and elements of the case and -- this witch hunt. it is extraordinary. >> one part of the case to im peach rod rosenstein is the idea that he would not comply with dually-issuedsons.
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the second part is what you are talking about. did they misuse a fisa warrant and mislead the court. there's an investigation not only by the inspector general and congress, how is it that rod rosenstein, who signs his name on the document, gets to be in charge of the investigation. i mean . lou: when we look at conflict surrounding the special council, it should be breathtaking. it is now routine that rosenstein be in contradiction, complicity, or otherwise involved in every aspect of the special council process, if you can call it that. >> i'm really a big fan of senator grassley. i think he needs to call in mueller and rosenstein and have them explain, not get into the bowls of the investigation, but explain the conflict of interest opinion on the surface, there's no excuse for it. congress can head that off at the pass right now rather than just looking at it, you know,
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retrospectively. lou: and in retrospect, we're looking at a process that should have ended long, long ago. >> where is the crime? lou: where is the crime? what in the world? now we find out they are looking -- the special council is look at the president's tweets, look ing for -- i mean you can't make this non-sense up. this is a special council who doesn't have half of the intellect he's been credited with nor half the integrity that some have ascribed to him. how could you continue this level of pathetic special council work? everything from the inception of the special council itself to the work today, they look like damn fools and corrupt damn fool s at that. >> looking at the president's tweets. what are you going to get him on maximizing openness and transparency? it killed me to actually -- he
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tweeted back to me about shotgun that was really funny. he said, well, i thought the special council didn't leak things. i mean are they really spending taxpayer dollars and is the president going to be charged with treason or something absurd like that because he tweeted something? >> it is beginning to look to me like we need a special council to fix itself to the current special council, because they look to me to be making all sort s of mistakes. >> that's why it is imperative they provide the oversight function. they are in disarray. lou: i'm sorry to interrupt you jason, the republican congress has a lame duck speaker. you know his name. you have worked with him. i have covered him for a very long time. the man has monumentally few attributes that i think would be
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warranted in anydydydy minimus in a speaker ship. i think he's pushed successfully three bills through congress in 20 years. and the congress continues to leave this man in a speakership from which he resigned at the beginning of the year. >> we disagree on this one a little bit. a little bit. i want to -- going back to the case, i got to tell you there's a reason why jim comey, former director of the fbi, is openly tweeting, a democrat, because they want to get rid of the investigation. they want democrats to be in charge. they know that democrats won't hold them accountable. the democrats will rue the day when they fought against the openness and transparency. at some point they are going to want documents. republicans are going to look over and say where have you been we've been trying to get documents out of the department of justice. you are no help. you think we are going to give you documents now? i think it is a huge monumental
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mistake by the democrats. >> a huge, monumental mistake by them. the republicans unable to come to terms uniting behind president trump's agenda. we had -- you know, paul ryan today trolling out there with a little pamphlet. the better way pamphlet. he was mopping his brow with the dead pass. he failed the property for the political ambitions failed before they begin to be realized >> there are only eight -- on the house calendar there are only eight full legislative days left now. i believe there are ten fly in and fly out days, half days. where they fly in, vote at 6:30, and days where they leave, they are done by noon. when you add all of that up, it is only eight full days. part of me says duck and cover america. congress is in session. on the other hand i'm thinking
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there's some very important things you have to do. and yet . i think that oversight is one of them. the speaker disagrees. lou: the speaker disagrees. that tells you just about -- tells everyone -- >> why i'm sitting here at fox as opposed to my seat in overset >> we're delighted to have you here as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. jason, thank you. it is ashame because it is a slur on the country. up next, lame duck speaker, ryan , at it again as i said try ing to take undue credit for president trump's successes. and he also wants to divide the republicans before the midterms. you see you lose more races if you stay divided. we are encouraged in that. we'll be right back. ♪
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lou: i don't like to bring up the name too often. paul ryan is demonstrating his lack of leadership and pushing his own better way agenda that's pure nonsense organized in the pamphlet and slamming the move
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to impreach rod rosenstein, call ing it cavalier. the efforts of his own house members and his own party. patient with him may finally be running thin in the conference. >> it was very frustrating to hear the speaker call our effort s cavalier. i think it is cavalier of the justice department and rod rosenstein to ignoresons. i think it is cavalier when they tell witnesses not to answer questions. it is real when they redact information that has nothing to do with national security. we need our leadership to be leaders. if they don't support us, what are we doing here? lou: why is paul ryan being tolerated by his republican colleagues, and his unwilling ness to give up after he resigns it, the position to raise money, nearly $64 million for the midterms. it isn't to further the agenda of the real leader of the republican party. it didn't to advertise and pro mote the many successes of
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the trump administration, but rather to advance the rino agenda controlled by the koch brothers and the business round table and the conflict with the president will only result in a loss of republican seats in the house. we'll remind you again that paul ryan loss twice in his hometown of janesville. the people knowing best wouldn't vote for him for vice president or for congress in 2012. there maybe some hope yet. as expected ohio congressman jim jordan has announced his long a waited bid to become speaker of the house of representatives. and joining us tonight at rollin s from the reagan white house political director, fox political analyst, all of that and more. what do you think? jim jordan for speaker. >> i'm all for jim jordan. if we need to vacate the speaker
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ship any member can do that. you sign up for resolution. they have to vote on it. they will try to make it a procedural thing and table it. but the reality today -- >> the motion to vacate. it doesn't replace the speaker. it puts this one out. and then they can go decide what they want. democrats can nominate nancy pelosi, republicans go behind the chosed door and pick who they want. we need someone who is 103 days to the election. we need someone to lead us into the election. if the election was held together, we would get clobbered we would be behind today. we would lose by a major margin and give the democrats a majority. lou: that would convert. do you have an idea? >> probably 30-35 seats. lou: that isn't enough. >> that's the number. there's 50 seats in play. almost all of them are our seats we need a strong leader.
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we got all of the money in the world. >> think about what we've been talking about here. we're talking about every one of these candidates who is assigned with president trump and his successes wins. and the most recent brian kemp in the georgia primary. he ends up second after president trump endorses him. this is a president running with 88% approval rating folks this his own party. who in their right mind, other than ryan and his rino -- whatever they are. would try to defy that kind of political advantage? >> just so you know, the same poll that disapproves of the job s and the republicans running the house 66-27. 66 -- two to one. they think republicans are doing a lieu si job running the house.
4:21 am
>> that makes -- i feel -- there's warmth in my heart for the -- for the republican party. because that means folks are really saying they are aware that paul ryan is a complete loser. >> there's no question about it. his approval rating has been around 25 or 26%. he's not viewed as a leader. nancy pelosi has been battered and bruised. it is more popular than he is. lou: that's scary. pelosi. i would think they are both at about the right level. it is interesting that the conference is so patient. and i want to give the freedom caucus for jim jordan and mark matt does and matt gates, the list goes on credit for charging at the issue and moving on im peachment of rod rosenstein, demanding that their authority and responsibility for oversight constitutionally be returned to the house. and take charge of the leadership. take charge of the speakership.
4:22 am
you are going in to a tough race and with ryan there. they are going to get laughed out. they are not only going to get beat, they are going to be laugh ed at as they enter the midterms. >> think they it is money alone. the reality is intensity. how are you going to get your voters intense? the other side when you look at the women voters that are going to vote for democrats and young voters are going to vote for democrats, they are intense. we've got to get our side in tense. the only way you are going to get them fired up is to go out and get them like the president is going over and over again. >> we're over it as usual. that intensity. this president talking about the wall. talking about all of his success es. but he's got to deliver something here. what do you think it is to get through -- >> the wall is critical. there's a lot of the supporters he's got to make sure the trade stuff that he protects the farm ers. he's cone that this week. he's got to basically make sure the republicans in the house are
4:23 am
following his lead. lou: he can't do -- all you can do -- you can lead them to water you can't make them drink. what kind of idiot would not be aware? he announces a historic trade deal with the european uni whereon. he's the first president in history to talk about zero tariffs, zero barriers to trade and to move straight ahead to -- with the european union and en large that trading relationship. you have morons all over the television news and fake news as the president calls it. he gave in to the european union you wonder what world they live in. >> i don't think they gave in on anything. they knew he was going to be tougher. lou: that's a great opportunity for the president and european uniwhereon. the only way to make the
4:24 am
bureaucracy of the european union understand what's going on is to threaten tariffs. ed rollins, good to have you with us. up next, they disgraced fingerprints all over them. the next guest is tom fenton. he will be with us right after the break. we'll be straight away right back. stay with us. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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lou: the intelligence committee who has turned over the committee to his vice chair, senator mark warren, the democracy ranking member, today announced he has no problem with the fisa application abuses concerning carter paige. burr breaking with other republicans saying yet again i don't think i ever expressed i thought the fisa application came up short. there were sound reasons why the
4:29 am
judge issued fisa. this is the same one that acknowledged there's no evidence of collusion. the committee goes on and on and on, because warren finds it convenient to do so. judicial watch president joins us now. it's been a busy week for you and judicial watch. your thoughts as you are seeing the reaction on this network and others to all that was revealed in the 400. i love this. this is the document that you and your folks have been pouring over and so have we. look at this, folks. can weigert a picture of this from the side here? these are all of the retaxes. -- redactions. this is crazy. you had to know there would be redactions. this man? >> we've seen worse, lou. lou: well, that's one way to look at it. good for you. >> you know, there's 175 pages
4:30 am
out right they never even gave to us. add some more pages on to that batch, you'll get a full idea of the spectrum of cover up that we're facing here. lou: what does it say to you about the 170 some odd pages that didn't show up with the rest of this. >> you know, it is curious. they said they were withheld in full. i'm not quite sure why they were withheld in full. >> must be the best. >> yeah. you know, based on -- based on those who actually are honest and read the documents unlike frankly senator burr as you said has checked out in terms of run ning that committee in a dis interested, non-partisan way. he's allowing the democrats to run it who -- and he's a really putting it there. they know the material that's been blacked out, the additional material doesn't justify any
4:31 am
warrants. this is where the president needs to intervene again and de classify them. you know, the president needs to take credit for getting this information out. if he hadn't declassified the material earlier this year in response to nunez's request to get the memo out there, the foyer process wouldn't have work ed the way it did. he needs to take an additional step and declassify the rest of it. don't be worried when the deep state comes and starts rattling the bones about national security. we know it is a big lie. >> we know it is a big lie. and yet you are watching -- it is a coordinated response. the deep state, the radical determines, the national left wing media. they are coming after trump. no new experience for him. but because he said he is going to consider lifting those security clearances. just saying he's going to consider it. this is ridiculous. and what do you think?
4:32 am
shouldn't he just automatically do it? those six people have been nothing but a pain to this administration. their activities have been pure ly partisan. >> well, it is an easy call. he was fired for misconduct. the same for mccabe. that's an easy call. both of whom are under investigation. we know comey illegally leaked the president's fbi files and took them illegally from the fbi brennan unhinged. he's accuse of leaking the dossier to harry reid to get it laundered into the media. untrustworthy individuals. it is a process for considering national security clearances. there's no necessity the people have. lou: it begins with an executive order in 1995 by president clinton, for cries out loud. >> exactly. these are courtesy national security clearances that are
4:33 am
given -- you know, security clearances that are given to the individuals. and i don't think the courtesy is warranted anymore. given they hate trump and can't be trusted with -- look. lou: this currently and the issue of national security doesn't make any sense. >> if i were the president, i would overhaul a whole mess. all of the top officials get the national security clearances. that's the beef stake that you are talking about. they all talk to each other. they compare notes. and you get -- you get -- in this case you get x administration officials for the other party representing the deep state currently running things in the media. and it is all because they can talk freely about classified information with each other. lou: tom fenton, first of all. thanks for this and all of the rest that you've brought to life we appreciate it. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. lou: up next. president trump expecting big
4:34 am
things for tomorrow's announce ment on the economy. watch this. >> gpd numbers will be announced tomorrow sometime. i don't know what they are. i think they are going to be -- terrific. if i would have used these numbers during the campaign, the fake news back there would have said he's exaggerating. lou: well, it sounds like they are going to be pretty good, doesn't it? did you see a president who was just sort of busting at the seem s wanting to say the number is -- we'll have more on the president's winning economic policies when we come right back stay with us. about every 3 minutes, someone in america is diagnosed with a blood cancer. when you or someone you love hear the words, 'you have cancer,' it's one of the darkest days of your life. light the night, the leukemia & lymphoma society's award-winning community event, brings light to the darkness of cancer. families, friends and coworkers form teams to raise funds for cancer treatments and cures.
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lou: president trump praising the impacts telling workers in illinois that idle factors throughout the country are roar ing back to life. this as the u.s. trade represent ative is pushing back against radical dems who question the policies on trade and tariffs. >> if your conclusion is that china taking over all of the technology and the future of the children you are right. we should come pitch late. that's how we got where we are. i don't think it is a stupid fight. i don't know a single person that has read this report that thinks it is a stupid fight to say that china should not be able to come in and steal the future of american industry. it doesn't make any sense. >> i'm not -- blaming trade
4:39 am
mentions with china. listen up qualcomm, your ceo needs a lesson in politics. the company wanted to buy the dutch owned nxp for $44 billion. they failed to get final green light from the treasury official s. they said it was unfortunate that china got in the way of the deal. the fact of the matter is china gets in the way of a lot of things. and the ceo of qualcomm really does need a little perspective. joining us now is retired fore- star general, fox business
4:40 am
chief strategic analyst, general jack cain. glad to have you with us. >> great to be here. lou: the trade representative with that kind of passion and understanding of economics and the impact of trade and trade deficits and imambulance trade globally. >> when you compare and hook them up with novaro who wrote the defining books, they are like a killer app. it is really -- lou: in china. why this president? you know, i often wonder if he had not run, what would we be doing right now? we would be bleeding. we wouldn't be talking about -- exciting and large numbers for g dp growth. we would be talking about the prospects if not the current reality of a recession. we would be talking about a business community, industry in this country that would be reel
4:41 am
ing from anti-business policies and high taxes. it is extraordinary. >> and we wouldn't be doing the trump military build up which is comparison to the reagan build up. >> exactly right. and those who want to fight with this president over -- by the way one of the -- you know, i won't go into all of the details on the fight. but president trump with the gut s and the foresight of vision and the intellect to understand the importance of a strong economy is the foundation of that strong military and to be achieving it. then i looked at the little people running around and criticizing at the margin. we have to -- that's the nice part about a democracy. it is to vote. so your thoughts on one of the things that we're doing a lot about. iran has suddenly disappeared from the headline. >> the trump team lead by the president. our viewers should know that this country's foreign policy and national security are absolutely driven by him. i talked to some of the guys
4:42 am
around him. every one of them says the same thing. he's bringing an end to iran's aggressive behavior in the middle east. he's going to shut it down. they have made up their minds. they are going to squeeze him and put more sanctions on the next month. three months later, they will get the europeans to pull away from iran. they are saying they are not. the difference between a $400 billion economy and do business with iran and $23 billion economy and do business with america. he's not going to let them do both. we are working behind the scenes with the intelligence services. the people there are prime to be in the streets and wanting to take this regime down. it is not going to happen over night. the civil unrest is spreading and growing throughout the country. here's the other thing we're going to do. they are working as we speak to put together a political and military appliance in the middle east whose single purpose will be to stand up and counteriran.
4:43 am
now compare what i'm just saying to the last eight years with the administration apiece the iranians. they disengaged with the middle east, and encouraged their behavior. >> and to think the president has awakening not only industry and commerce and business in the country, but he is reminding the entire nation and, by the way our allies and enemies alike, that this is still the super power. we won't be disphrased by those who play community organizers rather than become president. it is an extraordinary moment in history. to the credit of donald j. trump >> the president is stronger for it. >> already. it is hard to believe he hasn't been in office two years when you look at all of the achievements. thank you for being with us. general jack cain.
4:44 am
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lou: radical dems losing their mind. maxine waters is no exception. listen to this. >> i'm here to do the work i've been sent to do. when god sent me to do something , he says do it. he told me to come here and be civil. lou: my pastor is telling me to tone it down a bit. maxine water with admission. we'll see how she does. if we could turn to a local democratic connecticut lawmakers we're getting a lot of blowback after taking the knee during the pledge of allegiance. the protest aimed at president trump following his summit with russia president putin, we're
4:49 am
told. also in california, police say a suspect hacked away at the president's star on the holly wood's walk of fame with a pick ax at 6:30 in the morning. there's a lot of hatred and confusion on the part of the left. this is getting more bizarre and vicious by the day. the suspect turned himself in later to beverly hills police. the second time the star was vandalized. the ninth circuit court of appear -- appeals ruling that individuals have the right to carry firearms in public. the usually left wing praised out of its mind. the appellate court surprising owners alike with the ruling. the court writing in its decision quote for better orer for worse, the second amendment does protect your right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense. a new york federal judge ruling a lawsuit against the new citizen question on the 2020
4:50 am
census can move forward in court judge jesse fehrman, appointed by president obama, saying such an inquiry about citizen is quote motivated at least in part by discriminatory animus. that's one of the most interest ed questions. new york congressman, joe crowley, is now starting to sound a little like a socialist. maybe even something more left of that. camming for the trump administration, are you ready, to compensate illegal im immigrants separated from their children. >> the damage that's been done will be lifelong. to the family units, it will be lifelong as well. i suggest they needed to be compensated for what -- what the administration did to them. lou: president trump weighing in to silence conservative voice s. today he tweeted twitter shadow
4:51 am
banning prominent republicans. not good. we'll look into the discriminatory and illegal practice at once. many complaints. we'll show you what shadow ban ning is. we'll take it up with trump supporting the social media star s diamond himself. they've got some considerable experience. stay with us. they will be here next. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ that's the same things i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories
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lou: republicans crying foul over twitter's shadow banning. it makes your account difficult to find instead of outright ban ning the account. if you look for a certain account or name, it won't appear on the dropdown menu of the search bar. among the names that weren't appearing, donald trump jr. spokesman andrew and republican party chairwoman, republican congressman debra nunez, matt gates, tom fenton -- do you see the theme there? i think it is pretty obvious, don't you? joining me now is social media star and president trump's most local and energetic supporters, diamond and silk. you know more than a think or two about the shadow banning. i have to think that you watch the events of the last few days with great interest. let me start with shadow banning
4:56 am
is -- has your problem with twitter been fixed? >> we've been having a problem with facebook. facebook also shadow bans. you can put out content and people don't see your content. when people search for you, they can't find you in the search bar it is happening on all of the social media platforms. our problem has not been fixed with facebook. facebook stopped it, and it is tanking for a reason. people are tired of censorship that's going on on the platform. >> that's right. you can't continue to do people bad or do people wrong deliberately and think good is going to come to you. like we said it before, facebook will be the face without the book and the book without the pages until mark zuckerberg gets his mess together. lou: as i'm sure you are aware of, there are folks and people calling for mark zuckerberg to
4:57 am
step down as chairman. we aren't hearing from the ceo or from the company. this is a peculiar company right now. not only a historic loss today, we're talking -- billions and billions of dollars. this is a company. the future is highly uncertain. hay are not going to be -- the way they were financing their operation and business model was all about selling user data. that apparently is something the company is going to struggle to adjust to. >> but whatever before they started selling that? you know, go back to the old way before the algorithm was put in place to deliberately suppress the voices and content. two back to whatever. whatever you like to follow up, they will spend them a notification. go back to sending people the notification. like your policy stated and stop your own ."
4:58 am
>> and i want to get your thoughts, if i may, as well, about the trump wave as you travel around the country. we're hering a lot of the poll ing. ed rollins here earlier. you are talking somewhere around an 8% deficit for the republican s in that. what are you seeing and hearing up close? >> well, reason, we were just in california, palm springs, california. the president has a lot of support there in california. i believe we can put california red. i really do. around the country people are motivated. he has galvanized on the company people are on the trump train. i believe we're going to do well in the congressional races. listen they keep talking about -- the left is talking about the blue way. the only blue way is the democrats way saying good-bye, because they are tired and jump ing on the trump train. >> that's right. lou: well, diamond and silk
4:59 am
from your lips to god's ears. we'll take that as the definitive and authoritative forecast. tell us about "dummy crap." you got me with the title right off of the bat. >> "dummy crash" is not just draining, but exposing and ex posing the hypocrisy that goes on the left that keeps the country stagnated. if you go to "dummy crash" you can contribute and sign up to get e-mail updates so that we can keep you updated and inform ed. the movie is due out this fall. >> "dummycrats" the movie. check out the tour in cleveland, ohio. diamond and silk, we are always thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with you. great to have you on the show. >> thank you for having us. lou: thanks for being with us tonight. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.
5:00 am
good night from new york. >> a notorious criminal. >> jesse james was never anything but an outlaw. >> an outlaw with a cult-like following. >> today, we'd call him a terrorist. >> that's a northern term. >> caught on a haunting image... >> this is a controversial photo. >> to his killer? >> it's either jesse james and bob ford or it isn't. >> it's her strange inheritance, and it could bring in a bounty. >> people questioned it. they wanted to see proof. >> we've heard everything from $50,000 to a half-million dollars. $15,000. now $20,000. $20,000. thinking about $20,000. ♪


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