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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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assuming relationships is going up fast and economy is getting better. liz: glad you brought up interest rates. here is the closing bell. [closing bell rings] fed meets tomorrow for its two-day meeting. the stocks off session lows. our thanks to alan from ubs. >> the close stocks have been falling. weakness in technology again today. the dow down 143 as we close it out here. not far off of session lows. so it was rough in that last half hour or so. but down throughout the day. red for the s&p. the nasdaq has really an about the issue percentagewise. that is 1.4% decline. 107 points to the downside of the nasdaq. melissa: wow. >> wow indeed. i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on the big market movers. here is what else we're covering this busy hour ahead. president trump wraps up a knew
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conference this afternoon with the italian prime minister, talking trade, border security. also he is saying he is willing to meet with iran's president without preconditions. more of the big headlines from the white house in a live report coming up. meanwhile the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani making impromptu call to fox news channel's "outnumbered" today to try to set the record straight on the trump tower meeting with the russians but he is leaving us with more questions, i don't know, maybe than answers. we'll play some of it for you. we'll ask former white house press secretary ari fleischer what to make of all of it. plus the board of directors at cbs wrapping their meeting right now on the future of les moonves. is he going to be at the helm? what we know now. >> we'll be on the story at top of the hour. the dow falling as investors brace for busy week of corporate earnings. busy week forked fed. phil flynn with commodities out in chicago. nicole petallides as usual on
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the floor of the new york stock exchange. we start nicole with you. >> connell, melissa, we see dow at seg lows, tune of half a percent loss for the dow. nasdaq worst of the bunch again. i will get to the fang and tech story over all because it is a really big one. for the dow, nasdaq, s&p is to the upside. big picture earnings have been good news. we're actually seeing the growth of 23.2% year-over-year growth. that surpasses the analyst estimates but i will get right to the tech stocks. really the tech and the russell have investors concerned. we talked to dennis gartman on fox business. he talks about the fannings being defanged. netflix gapped lower. facebook gapped lower, and all the people we speak to on a regular basis, scott red letter and raymond james, you have to
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watch the selling. as we see fangs entering into correction territory this is where everybody is watching. apple is so key tomorrow. let's pull up apple because everybody will be watching not only for iphone sales and product sales but buybacks, currency swings and china and you can see it is down again. they're selling good news, selling bad news on the entire sector. so they're watching the selloff of both the nasdaq and the russell and that could be a turn. this is why apple tomorrow is so very key for everyone investing. last but not least, take a look at the credit card companies which weighed on the dow jones industrial average. american express was hit by a report that it raised foreign exchange prices somewhat unknowingly to clients. you can see the stock is down 3%. but the entire group sold off. dow down 144. back to you guys. melissa: nicole, thank you. oil surging more than 2% to end back up to $70 a barrel. phil what is fueling energy today? >> the energy we saw today was
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continuing concerns about risks to global supplies. there is a report that iran will actually reduce its imports from iran that is a big story today that helped drive this market but after the close when president trump made the comments with the italian prime minister, that he would be willing to talk to the iranian president basically anytime, any place, we did see a little bit of a dip after those comments but they continued to stay strong. we're back above 70 on the overnight session. a lot of volatility there. we're expecting a big drawdown in crude supplies. that will keep the market strong as well. gold, this is a market melissa, nobody loves. nobody loves the gold market. hedge funds have the biggest short position ever in the history of the gold market right now. so gold can not get any love in this market right now. it is mainly been a dollar play. you know the dollar has been strong, stocks have been strong. gold is not acting as a safe
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haven like it used, and hedge funds are dumping it. back to you. >> phil, thank you. >> bring in the panel to talk about the markets. liz peek, columnist for and adam lashinsky from fortune. adam also a fox news contributor. nicole certainly in her report talked a lot about technology as we would expect. adam, that is right up, or in your wheelhouse. we have apple tomorrow. boy, last week was tough. a lot of nervousness in out there in techland. what is your analysis? >> well, in a piece i wrote this morning i quoted one of my favorite analysts, tony at bernstein who had an interesting but unsatisfying take we shouldn't look to apple to either calm us down or get us excited tomorrow. that this quarter is not a terribly exciting one for apple. even its sales in china should be pretty much well understood baked in already because of monthly data that the chinese government reports on handset sales and because they don't have any major products
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announcements in the quarter they just completed or much in the quarter that is coming. bottom line people shouldn't get too worked up about apple. obviously they will. it is the fifth major. >> it is the big story tomorrow. that is good advice to put it in perspective ahead of the numbers. liz, if you look at earnings overall, earnings growth has been strong, even versus expectticses, numbers that we've seen come in, 80 plus percent beating share estimates, 70 plus percent beating revenue estimates but the technology story now seems to overshadow. people are wondering if that is not the leadership sector in this market going forward where will we get the leadership from? what do you make of it? >> i think that is a pretty natural conclusion. we're sort of in sell the news aspect of the cycle here, right? we had incredibly good earnings. s&p earning will end up being up
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25% after second quarter. big gains after the first quarter also showing good gains and we also had the second quarter economic data come in which was mind-boggling, 4.1%. what are we looking at? not any big news items next three months. i think thrill will be churn. >> we hope. >> this will go way out over their skis when everything had to go right. so now a couple things have gone wrong. these are still incredibly important companies and they will right themselves perhaps at a slightly lower level. i think the consumer is the big story. consumer spending in the second quarter was gangbusters. consumer sentiment is up. i think wages are going up much faster than the government is recording. so i think consumer spending is something, if i were a analyst looking at stocks, i would look at some consumer names that have been sort of neglected. melissa: big headlines coming
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from president trump's joint news conference with the italian prime minister this afternoon. blake burman at the white house. blake, what is everything talking about? there were a bunch of different headlines. >> as you know, melissa the president said over the weekend he would endorse a government shut down come october if he doesn't get his priorities as it relates to immigration. the president addressed this not only in the prepared remarks but when he was asked about it, and the president doubled down on that tweet from over the weekend. >> i would certainly be willing to close it down to get it done. as you know we are already improving things in various bills including we're going to be taking care of the military. we always put the military and law enforcement very high but i would be certainly willing to consider a shutdown if we don't get proper border security. reporter: the president though would not say if a 25 billion-dollar funding bill for the wall would constitute a
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red line or not, anything short of that. the president leaving all possibilities clearly open. he made those comments here at the white house with a news conference alongside the italian prime minister giuseppe conte. the president made headlines coming out of this as it relates to iran, he would be more than willing to meet with its leadership. >> they want to meet i'll meet. anytime they want. anytime they want. it is good for the country, good for them. good for us and good for the world. no preconditions. if they want to meet i'll meet. reporter: no preconditions he says. by the way at the very tail end of it the president appeared to make some news saying his administration is talking to the european union as it relates to potentially building nine to 11 ports throughout the eu so that in part, at least, the u.s. could ship more lng to europe. you will remember back in the rose garden just last week the president and jean-claude juncker announced a partnership, or at least a willingness to try
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to bring tariffs down and work together on trade deals. one of those was shipping more ln-f from the u.s. to the eu. still, melissa, a lot of questions to be asked. a lot of gaps to be filled in as it relates to the nine to 11 ports, where they might be, how big they might be, who might pay for them, could it happen, et cetera. melissa: i thought that was the biggest headline. i watched the whole thing. i thought that was huge. appreciate that. here is respond tony saying -- tony sayegh, assistant secretary for public affairs at the treasury. he talked about the pipeline when he was with angela merkel. when he went to russia he came out and talked later how we'll send lng over. this has been a big headline for him. now he is saying it again. is there a commitment to getting energy to europe and how long do you think that might take? >> very important conversation started, melissa and great to be with you today. when we had the president at the
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g7 basically make a pitch to the g7 allies we want a trade trading relationship with zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies. that conversation we took to the g20 ministerial counterparts out of argentina. when the president came to the white house a lot of progress will begin a outline of an agreement that will be negotiated throughout. a big part of that agreement will be products like soybeans and lng. we know the european market demands more it is producing less. we have tremendous resources in this country to produce lng and i think it will be among the very important developments we see come out after trade deal with the eu. melissa: every time the president comes out and says something good happened on the trade front, everybody poo-poos it, there is a lot of holes, we haven't seep details, blah, blah. what one word would you say how it is going in the conversation? >> we're leadings fir time in nearly 40 the united states is
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actually taking control back of the way we are treated with our trading partners. look, the president has been very clear about this, we want free, fair reciprocal trade. we have the largest trading market in the world. we give generous agreements with our trading partners. we want the sail in return. where there are zero tariffs without subsidies that is really game-changing idea that no one previously discussed. when we talk about trade today, look at the gdp number, 4.1%, it comes from we reduced trade deficit is in the time donald trump has been president. it is very important moment the united states is leading again, not following bad trade deals. melissa: the swamp, whether here in the u.s., over in europe, everybody used to being in power is used to satisfied doing nothing. getting them off the dime to make a change is very difficult for them to do. this is a heavy lift. how much pain is willing
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president is endure to get to his goal? how long will it take on these fronts? obviously his critics, are impatient. look at the farmers, we can't give them money to pick winners and losers if you're trying off set pain? >> the farmers are unfairly targeted to the trading partners, and to the degree they are -- melissa: a lot of industries are. how long? >> we're willing to support them short term but to open -- markets, listen we're willing to negotiate. we're willing to push for american workers american products and american companies to have a level playing field. there has not been a president of either party candidly for a very long time to take this leadership. melissa: you don't have to convince me. i thought all along the tariffs was getting back leverage where we had given away our leverage for free in the past. problem it is so entrenched in the short term, it is hard, you have to show results to get people on board? where do you get the first result? where do you declare victory?
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>> successful renegotiation of nafta. melissa: that would be first? >> i believe that will be certainly our top priority. melissa: okay. >> something we made great proges about on. you see the eu broad strokes of an agreement where the first phase will be eliminating some existing tariffs and open the markets. that is exactly what we've been trying to do all along is expand the export markets where american products and american companies have evenly compete in those places. we have very open markets for our partners, melissa. you know that we want the same reciprocal terms. melissa: amen. >> we believe that will grow the economy. melissa: good for everybody involved. we're out of time. i want to ask you about the tariffs, you are, a lot of people don't know treasury is in charge, sanctions. treasury is in charge of imposing sanctions on people. that is huge job between that and trade. heard the president talk about iran he would talk to them anytime anywhere. what is your impression of the pressure being put on them through the sanctions right now? >> we have effective sanctions in north korea.
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it brought kim jong-un to the table. we effectively used sanctions in venezuela, syria. melissa: russia. >> russia of course. we feel this is a very important tool and the president has really changed the paradigm of these conversations. we're now in a position of strength and i think his leadership is really beginning to pay dividends. we see no north korea and perhaps iran. melissa: tony, come back soon. you're busy. >> happy to come back anytime. >> melissa, other top story, cbs with the stock down second straight day. lower by 5%. the company's board of directors wrapping up its meeting talking about the fate of long-time ceo there les moonves, accused of sexual misconduct. get to hillary vaughn with the latest on that meeting. hillary out in the los angeles newsroom. what came out of it? reporter: well the future of cbs's ceo and chairman les moonves is still up in the air, after three-hour long conference
4:16 pm
call with board members. the scandal putting some of the company's long-standing events at a standstill. cbs saying moments ago the board will postpone the yearly stockholder meeting scheduled to happen on august 10th. that is going to happen at a later date. we don't know when. the board also says they will designate a special committee to oversee an investigation into these claims, hire an outside law firm to probe into this possible behavior that has been reported. missing though after this call, any further rebuke or statement addressing the scandal. this is the aftermath, following a scandal-ridden report in the new yorker claiming the head of the company harassed female employees and retaliated against the women who rejected him. these allegations span 21 years, include six women who say moonves was inappropriate. four say he forcibly touched or kissed them. all say when they rejected him their careers took a hit.
4:17 pm
moonves is denying all of this, in a statement in response to the report, i recognize there were times decades ago i may have made some women uncomfortable making advances those were mistakes and i regret them immensely but i understood respected no, i have never used my position to harm or hinder anyone's career. cbs is saying in this report on cbs this morning, an outside attorney has been reviewing work place culture in the news decision. cbs some of the claims in the new yorker report have been included in the ongoing investigation. if they decide to take him out the company has no backup plan in place. we'll see who takes the helm if moonves indeed loses his job. >> not yet, not today, no statement, no suspension. just a postponement. thanks, hillary vaughn in los angeles. melissa: prominent republicans firing back against twitter accusing the social media giant of hiding their accounts.
4:18 pm
you heard from the rnc chair hon friday after her account went missing. the head of media research center brent bozell is picking up the case, spearheading a coalition representing 40 conservative organizations. he will be coming up. >> free medicare for all comes with astronomical price tag. melissa: no doubt. >> we'll talk about that. melissa: president trump raising stakes over the battle over the border wall. threatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get the funding he is demanding. we'll look at effect on midterm elections 100 days from now. >> if they end up in october with a fight with democratic party who wants open borders with anybody coming in, a republican party wants to protect americans and control immigration, i suspect the democrats lose that fight. ♪ nsurance company is gonna raise
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melissa: shutdown showdown. new reaction pouring in from capitol hill to president trump's threat in order to secure funding for a border wall and other border security. edward lawrence live with latest from washington. edward. reporter: the president's call caught many members of congress off-guard. the republican leadership thought they had a agreement with the white house to avoid a government shutdown. the deal presented by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell would delay the immigration vote until after the midterm elections. it also delays adding more funding to the $25 billion the president wants to build a border wall. >> we'll finish up the set of appropriation measures we've been considering for several days and take four more big steps toward our goal of completing a regular appropriations process and funding the government in a timely and orderly manner.
4:23 pm
reporter: the senate majority leader not mentioning a government shutdown in his comments this afternoon. the president clearly not happy today, reiterating saying that he would allow a government shutdown. >> if we don't get border security, after many, many years of talk within the united states, i would have no problem doing a shutdown. it's time we had proper border security. we're the laughingstock of the world. reporter: the president stopped short of drawing a red line in the sand, saying that everything is negotiable. the democrats balking at this talk after government showdown or shutdown. in fact representative ted deutch from florida tweeting out this, real donald trump threatens to once again force a government shutdown. government shutdowns do not make america great again. they are damaging our country and they hurt americans. the federal government is funded through september 30th. it will be a very busy couple of
4:24 pm
months. melissa. melissa: no doubt, thank you, edward. connell: here to talk about this, react to all of that dan henninger, "wall street journal" editorial page deputy editor, dan is a fox news contributor. good to see you as always. i get a chuckle sometimes even in edward's reporting, the republicans on capitol hill caught off-guard by this, not first time we've seen that, do they have to decide whether the serious is on the shutdown threat? >> president on one hand is always serious, on other hand, my short answer that could change, right? connell: right. >> just a month ago, trump tweeted republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until we have the red wave and can pass legislation. this is a president who is waging a tariff war, a trade war with europe and just last week sat down with the european union and now is pursuing a zero tariffs policy. connell: of course. >> he has his method. he is trying to force the issue. connell: no red line here? >> there is no red line.
4:25 pm
connell: sounds like he is negotiating. what the end here is, or what this negotiation leads to i guess we'll see. but he knows and thinks, he is right, i would think especially with his base, immigration is a pretty good issue to keep in the news. >> this is a good subject, the base. i think the base, it is a good subject for the base in safe republican seats but they're at risk they could lose 24 seats and democrats lose control of house, 23 houses are in districts that hillary clinton carried in 2016. connell: right. >> the anti-immigration position is not that popular in those at-risk seats and i think the most important thing is turnout in those 23 or so seats. connell: your analysis would be net-net, it's a political negative for the midterms if this is still in the news, talking about the possibility of a shutdown over immigration? >> if we're talking about turnout in 20 to 23 at risk republican seats in suburban districts, i think net-net, it is probably a negative.
4:26 pm
it's a plus in base states like the senate seats in west virginia, in indiana, north dakota, there it's a net plus but maybe not in the house races. connell: one other topic, you heard me talk about it before the break, bernie sanders and company, a new study shows medicare for all, the plan endorsed by senator sanders during his campaign for president, backed by many democrats since then would cost a lot of money, roughly $32.6 trillion over the next 10 years, more than double the amount senator sanders said it would bring or cost during his campaign. >> $6 trillion a year? connell: that's a lot. >> that's a lot of money when america is facing at least three debt bombs, right? social security entitlement debt bomb. there is the student loan debt bomb. we talked about it a lot, it is huge, and there is a coming debt bomb with state pension obligations. we would add to that bernie sanders $6 trillion a year, no way to pay for it. connell: previous conversation about midterm elections or does
4:27 pm
it feel that the democrats may be in jeopardy of shooting themselves in the foot moving too far to the left essentially with socialist economics here? how does that play out? >> the last time that happened connell, in 1972, when george mcgovern ran against richard nixon. got wiped out. could happen again. connell: that might be the risk. it might be set up well in other areas. be careful how you play night a lot don't want to go that far left but bernie will push them there. connell: thank you, melissa. melissa: amazon is not saying sorry, no apologies for disrupting retail industry with the company saying next. supreme court pick brett kavanaugh meeting with his first democratic senator. what does that mean for the rest of the left? that after the break. ♪ e. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops.
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connell: not our problem. amazon senior vice president
4:31 pm
russell grand telling sunday times not their job to worry about fears that the e-commerce giant might be killing the retail sector, thereby destroying jobs even going on to say that the government should be responsible for keeping tabs on all of that. let's bring back liz peek and adam lashinsky who was with us earlier for commentary on this liz, we'll start with you. maybe it doesn't play well to have a thing, a comment like this out there, doesn't make people feel good about themselves. what about on the merits, is he right? >> i think he is exactly right. look there have been years of job destruction at the hands of amazon. consumers have been okay with that because the company has done an absolutely brilliant job of basically getting people addicted to the ease and comfort shopping on amazon. they have made it almost too simple to resist. so even though local merchants have really begged their customers to please shop local and a lot of us really try to do that as much as possible, the truth is everybody goes to
4:32 pm
amazon. so you know, i think, i don't think the government is going to take this up in anyway. there was a time when the government facilitated their advantage not making them collect taxes. that has now gone by the wayside. connell: right. >> there is nothing really -- it is not their problem. connell: now if you look at it, there are a number of retailers, liz is kind of getting at this, adam, that have been helped out in big-time fashion by amazon in terms of the amount of product they were able to sell to people they would never have access to in the past. that said, we do know from reading twitter, this administration, the head of this administration is not exactly a big fan of this company. i wonder how all that plays into how amazon is treated? >> one thing has nothing to do with the other, of course. his reasons for not being a fan of amazon have only anything to do with jeff bezos, the founder and ceo of amazon "the washington post," which is quite critical of president trump. despite what he says, has
4:33 pm
nothing to do with amazon. history is pretty clear on this. long before amazon existed walmart made life very difficult for kmart and sears. i'm sure sears made life very difficult for some other merchant or retailer before they revolutionized retail. now it is amazon's turn. one die it will be amazon's turn to be disrupted but not today. connell: if you could predict how we would be sitting pretty. >> make a lot of money. connell: liz, adam, thanks for all the time. >> thank you. melissa: making progress on capitol hill, judge brett kavanaugh, the president's supreme court pick holding the first meeting with a democrat this afternoon sitting down with west virginia senator joe manchin. manchin was one of only three democrats voted to confirm president trump's other supreme court nominee neil gorsuch last april. the judge winning a another big endorsement today. kentucky senator rand paul says he will vote to confirm cavanagh, saying his record shows strong defenses on the first and secondments.
4:34 pm
justice for the victims. connell: oh, look at me paying attention. very important things on my phone right now on twitter. let me see who is tweeting about what. what a disaster. i apologize. anyway we'll talk about the details on this newest lawsuit filed in the deadly duck boat accident which is terrible out in missouri. we'll have that coming up. melissa: clarifying his remarks, rudy giuliani unexpectedly calling in to join us on "outnumbered" today. ari fleischer, former white house press secretary joins us on the newest message from the president's attorney. ♪ - hi folks, i'm matt mccoy.
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so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. melissa: rudy giuliani calling into "outnumbered" on fox news today to clarify his remarks from earlier about donald trump, jr.'s trump tower meeting and possible second meeting. maybe he needs to clarify a little bit further i think. >> first meeting, group of people, not the president. that group of people says the meeting didn't take place. only person who was alleging it is cohen. second meeting. president's office. in walks donald trump, jr., says, meet with the russian. never took place. melissa: here is ari fleischer, former press secretary for president george w. bush and a fox news contributor. ari, thanks for joining us. it was kind of surreal this afternoon. we were talking about the fact he said multiple times this
4:39 pm
morning president trump was not at the meeting. we were sort of wondering aloud on the couch. no one said he was at the meeting. why do you say he was not there. seems like a question nobody had asked. apparently he was watching. he called into us, he offered that further explanation that you just heard. what do you make of all this? , from a messaging point of view? >> i thought, melissa, you and harris did a good job probing in precisely what the mayor was talking about there. it's a head scratcher. maybe rudy was being figurative, here is one allegation, here is the second allegation. obviously the second allegation is impossible because there was no meeting but when you begin it saying the second meeting, you just create confusion. so i think there is still more cleanup needed here. look, this is one of those deals where either you believe them or you don't and if donald trump says there was no meeting, it never took place, donald trump, jr. says it, michael cohen says there was, you said he said, he said,
4:40 pm
versus the he said. who knows where the truth lies. the president says there was one way. unless there is proof, hard to pin anything on the president on that. melissa: he made the point the only place where this fight really counts right now is in the court of public opinion. in his mind mueller can't really do anything to the president while he is in office. what really counts for the job at hand. what people think and do you agree with that and overall do you think they're winning the battle of public opinion? >> i overwhelmingly agree with that. this matter, as it should be by the constitution singularly is a political matter because the only group that can remove the president is house of representatives and senate and those politicians respond to people in their states. the president has done a strong job discrediting bob mueller over the recent months, but i caution, the most important pr move of all is yet to come, that is bob mueller's report. because bob mueller's report
4:41 pm
will be based on substance, facts, it won't be a political document, it will have even more political impact. we don't know what it will say. it very well may exonerate the president. there may be no collusion just as the president says. we don't know. that is why i have always said, you have to let mueller finish his job. melissa: he is really trying to undermine, you know, what you said there. i mean you say it is going to be based on facts, it is not a political document. he is always trying to make the case it is a political document. you don't think any part of this coming out from mueller is political? you think it is wholly aboveboard? >> we'll have to wait and see how they write it but yet, i do believe that. look i have a problem with the democratic staffers and democratic donors. bob mueller really hurt his own cause of being impartial and independent when he hired so many biased people to put on there. we don't know if the deeds will be biased, if it review will be biased. if it is it can smell.
4:42 pm
peter strzok smelled of bias even though he denied it. mueller a man i respect would not let that happen on his watch. i regularly dedefended him every day since he was appointed. that is the way i seat it and we'll see what he says. melissa: talk about the battle the president is having in public with "the new york times." how their publisher said he is creating a dangerous environment by you know, saying that the media is enemy of the people of the flip side of that, if you look at it, you choose the enemy you want and elevate them. obviously the president uses twitter to create battles that he thinks works for him. is this one working for him or is it dangerous in your opinion? >> it's both. i talked to a number of white house reporters. i talked to one this morning who has to have security because she is so fearful people are saying to her. she is getting death threats. that is not helpful or appropriate but inappropriate. let me make two points here. the president is right about the
4:43 pm
press's bias and the president is right to fight back. the press has been biased against him from the start. so he is right to fight back. what i wish he wouldn't do, fight back on level where individuals get targeted. take on the press corps. take on the bias. protect the individuals. because the president can unleash a lot. that is just not right. not fair to the individuals. i make that distinction between the press at large and some of those individuals. even if you think there is an individual out to get you, boy is there a power from the presidency or the white house press secretary if they single that person out, people will do things they shouldn't do. we should protect from that. melissa: ari, always terrific. thank you for your insight. appreciate it. >> thank you, melissa. connell: now, to some other news today, profits oversafety? relatives of two of the people who died in that duck boat accident in missouri earlier this month filed a wrongful death lawsuit. they're suing for $100 million. the lawsuit blames the july 19th tragedy on quote, decades of unacceptable
4:44 pm
greed-driven and willful ignorance. melissa: walls of fire devastating areas in california. 10,000 people are being ordered to evacuate their homes as wildfires blaze across the state. we're live on the ground next. ♪ td ameritrade lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long... is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market. mr. richie, would you ring the 24/5 bell? sure can, jim. ♪ trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪ metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio-
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melissa: california experiencing the deadliest wildfires of the year in that state with at least six people dead now. jeff paul is on the scene in redding with the latest. jeff? reporter: well, melissa we're just learning plans from calfire to allow some folks that evacuated, tens of thousands of people possibly to start returning to their homes and many of those people bracing themselves for the worst, hoping they don't pull up to the driveway of their home and find a scene like this. this home leveled to the ground, pretty much ash. as we look over here, this is one of the most dramatic images
4:48 pm
we've seen all afternoon. this is a pickup truck, just the metal left after all those flames and smoke swept through this area. something else we want to mention. the fire really indiscriminate. several are destroyed. look off to the side, a few feet away off the street a whole row of homes are fine, nothing happened to them. that made it difficult for firefighters to grasp the fire. they don't know where it is going to go next. the fire 20% contained. just yesterday it was 5% contained. it is doubled over the weekend from about 40,000-acres to 100,000 acres. we're hoping to get an update in a few hours from calfire with the latest on the far fire. melissa, back to you. melissa: did you see that truck. can you imagine coming back finding that. connell: the homes on the other side of the street nothing. possible legal action against twitter. people are talking about it now after the company was accused of censoring conservatives on its
4:49 pm
platform. we'll bring in brent brozell to talk about that, president of the media research center. ♪ ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. then you might have a dcondition called dry mouth.? biotène is clinically proven to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth.
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4:52 pm
>> it is important to our political dialogue the thought police of silicon valley are not determining what voices get through on their social media platforms. >> i don't know what twitter is up to. sure looks to me like they're censoring people. they ought to stop it. we're looking at any legal remedies that we can go through. connell: so the rnc chairwoman ronna romney mcdaniel calling for transparency from twitter while congressman devin nunes you saw there suggesting legal action as a potential remedy amid allegations of shadow bang bang -- banning as it is known
4:53 pm
by. brent bows sell is leading a group of 40 organizations. he is here to talk about the action his group of organizations might be taking. brent, good to see you. thanks for coming on. people have been following the story. essentially what happened, if somebody went to search for ronna romney mcdaniel a group of others, number of congressmen, you put the name in search bar it couldn't -- wouldn't come up as you would with other people accusing them of discriminating against conservatives. what action can you take here? >> one of the things you can do is what congressman nunez is suggesting we should do, hold hearings to see if they're in violation of federal election commission rules. look, twitter has more power to effect the public conversation than somebody with a 30 million-dollar advertising campaign. when you see now twitter has
4:54 pm
been caught not once, but twice, with the shadow banning act, the first time employees bragging how they were doing it to ban conservatives, and now, not just one or two members of congress, it is jim jordan, it is mark meadows, it is nunez, it is matt gaetz, what do they have in common? they are critics of twitter. twitter says it just happens. there comes a point come on, this is censorship. you have to make a national issue about it. you have to ask the question, are they violating campaign laws? connell: tell me this. i was speaking to judge andrew napolitano on the air earlier he said there is probably not a legal avenue to go down here. twitter is private enterprise. very tough to get into the business of a private enterprise and tell them how they can run that private business, it is very difficult to do that legally. maybe bringing attention to it. you and i are having a conversation about it. obviously doesn't make twitter look great. they have apparently changed the
4:55 pm
policy, now you search the people you can find them. maybe bringing attention is the best we can hope for. is that fair or no, do you think there is something legal? >> i'm not going to overrule the judge on that point. however, i think you can make an argument if, it is determined that they are deliberately attempting to affect the political picture, that they are, that they are definitely trying to affect the republican party in a negative way, then you can look at whether they have crossed the bounds in the world of politics. i think also, the fact that of the spotlight on twitter is also a very healthy thing. look, some of these companies have been out of control and it is absolutely correct. there has to be transparency. they have to be honest what it is they're doing. if you watched, listen to their explanation about the latest go round, they go around in circles, circles, with not a whole lot that signifies nothing. connell: i saw that. we're showing three stocks, not
4:56 pm
that this is something you would talk about, it has been a rough week in general, last week or so for the technology companies, twitter facebook, snapchat, their stock prices, this issue, the censorship issue, silicon valley wide issue, twitter specific, how do you view it? >> it has to be a issue there. it's a loss of confidence. when the public has loss of confidence they will not want to use the venues unless they have to. facebook is being hurt tremendously by this issue of censorship. now it is twitter. i would submit to you, twitter is worse than facebook. i think it is going to get worse. i hope i'm wrong, but i don't think i am. connell: thank you for coming on, brent. >> thanks for having me. connell: okay. melissa: fired from a wedding. one woman asked to rellink wish her duties as a -- relinquish her duties as a bridesmaid and jetblue is helping to soften the blow.
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fire. melissa: jetblue coming to rescue after a brides maid gets
5:00 pm
axed from a wedding. i was asked to relinquish my duties as brides maid. connell: they gave her a voucher, and waived cancelation fees. melissa: here is the "evening edit." >> must have strong borders. if we don't get border security after man many years of talk within the u.s., i would have no problem doing a shut down. it's time we had proper border security, we're the laughs stock of the world with the worst immigration laws in the world. liz: president trump praising italy tough border policy during


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