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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 31, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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nasdaq moving higher after declines across the board yesterday with the nasdaq, hardest hit down more than 1 and 1 third percent. despite recent weakness, however, all the market gauges, dow, s&p, nasdaq and even the tow transports and the russell 2000 are on track for monthly gains as we wrap up month of july n europe mixed moves to reportment slight gain in ftse in england, the french and german markets are heating lower. in asia little change, green to report except hang seng slipping half of 1%. the bank of japan surprising investors by keeping monetary policy unchanged. protecting our border, president trump doubling down on government shut down if funding is not approved. >> if we don't get border security after many, many years
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of talk within the united states, individuality no problem doing a shutdown. it's time we had proper border security. dagen: but one new development a change in that timeline, the president is said to be putting a shutdown on hold until after the midterm election, that's from a report in the wall street journal this morning. we will hear from homeland security kirstjen nielsen on that plus cybersecurity. king james takes on commander in chief, lebron james getting political slamming the president saying he's using sports to divide the country. plus a homeless web developer and his plea for a job goes viral instead of asking for money, he asks people to take resume and resulted in hundreds of responses, all that and so much more coming up more fox news contributor kat kemp,
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lindsey bell. much to talk about with these technology stocks, the economy. >> absolutely, we have apple earnings, apple earnings coming out later today and we have to see if the tech wreck, the correction continues. >> we will see if apple can save the day. dagen: we will hear from you as well. >> i love talking stocks, i'm like the the biggest expert on the panel. dagen: we will get to that and top story this hour, the earnings parade continue with dow components pfizer and proctor&gamble reporting before the bell this morning, but the real story when apple reports quarterly results, estimates calling 2.18 a share of revenue of $52.34 billion, this this ths
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the so-called fang stocks, facebook, apple, netflix and google, falling facebook's massive miss last week, joining us now senior research analyst daniel, daniel, what are you looking for from apple because this, again, a facebook and twitter problem, those are social media networks, apple is a consumer electronics giant and they don't have the same quite the same privacy problems and user growth problems that are facebook and twitter too. >> i think that's right, dagen, i think what we will look for is performance of the iphone business which we know is in a seasonally weak quarter but the health of the ecosystem and understanding how services is performing and then looking out we will, of course, get new products likely in september and ultimately the key for apple is to build a differentiated user experience and leverage newer technologies, augmented reality in order to attract new users
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and keep users happy and ultimately within their ecosystem. >> do you think that apple will be able to provide investors what they want to hear about the new iphones, are they willing to be released in september or are we going the see what we saw last year where someone released in september and quarter? >> possible they get announced in september, we will have to see what the production ramp, whether the availability of the devices will all be in september or some or one of them might come a little bit later but ultimately, i think what's key for the company is that the product needs to be ready when they laumpleg it and ultimately bring it to the market, apple, what we have seen historically would rather be a little bit late if necessary to get the product right and when you think about what they've doing, it's not just about this single quarter or single product, it's really what they are trying to do over the medium to longer term and create an environment that the users trust them and want to have a secure experience
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in the apple platform. jon: daniel, for a long time, investors have been pushing fang stocks, big-tech stocks together in unison, are we at a point where investors are discriminate. amazon is put out numbers, we won't push the stock, the social media guys, twitter and facebook aren't living up to expectations, are we see buy -- bifercation putting apart winners and losers? >> i think what it's going to come out, jon, is growth, like alphabet is growing in youtube and cloud, amazon which you referenced is doing a good job both in services, cloud businesses, newer business for them too, in the case of others like facebook where the growth as management has telegraphed is
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slowing, you that coupled with the fact that there's a larger issue at play here in terms of how they are going to navigate the future of their user experience and as, we i think, all appreciate privacy, data, security, that's really, i think, rightfully coming to the floor and facebook and others are trying to figure out how best to -- to be allowed, allow users to participate users and protect their data, and so the market to your point is essential going to differentiate a lot more, we think, over the next several quarters and years. dagen: they get lumped together, they have story of fang index and includes all of the major companies, facebook, amazon, google's parent, apple, twitter, tesla, envidia and alibaba and
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now down 10% from recent high, record on june 20th, he's not the first time happened, second time the group of stocks entered correction territory this year. >> right, i think the move has been overdone, this is an entire sector not dead yet but sam -- amazon had great numbers, google, google's parent alphabet. these are good reports. netflix, i know it's a miss, down 24% from recent high this year, the subscriber growth and net ads, the outlook was weaker than expected, do you think that this selloff in netflix overdone as well as the overall fang group? >> with respect with the overall fang group and netflix it's going to come down, i think, to each company's ability to drive
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performance and ultimately grow, what we appreciate at netflix certainly has done a terrific job is that they need to continue to invest in content and really drive adoption certainly here but also internationally, but this competition, of course, and others are looking to get into the space as well, when we look at broader fang or to your point on a lot of the fast-growing companies, we really look for them and analyze them one by one, it's difficult to drive a broad brush across them. amazon, a company we continues to like, our research from talking to customers and analyzing the trends suggests that microsoft has a multiyear growth runway and so we discussed fall bet which we continue to like, we think it's bottom up stock because you need to be specific in what you are trying to look for in investment and ultimately we take a longer-term horizon, when we
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look at some of the names over the next one to two years, we think there's opportunity, and yes, of market selloffs. dagen: jon, one thing i want to point out, apple, the journal has written a story last week, apple is extremely vulnerable in terms of iphone production to the fight that we've entered into with china because they can't -- their iphones are made in china by foxconn and can't ready ship production to another country and we will surely hear this on the call but how vulnerable is apple to the trade fight? >> well, the chinese have limited ways that they could punch back at the united states if we increase tariffs. dagen: right. >> they sell a lot more to us than we sell to them. they can't put tariffs on anything. one thing they could do is make things difficult for companies operating in china. it's a tough call because they
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want to make the chinese economy receptive to foreign investment but one of the ways that they could make things difficult for the united states is by -- dagen: increased inspections, increase the spying that they do on executives here and really around the world, they can hold up goods at the ports whether they are going out or coming into the nation. are we getting any information ant that at -- about that at all? is information starting to trickle out? jon: the u.s. and the europeans announced last week that they seem to have an agreement in the works, is the u.s. going to start talking to china again, that's on hold right now. dagen: real quick, kat, i want to get your sense because we talk about technology stocks selling off every day despite month to date, all the market gauges are out, even dow transports are up even of all
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market gauges, how much does it affect people if at all feeling about the overall economy, the wealth in the country, particularly among your age group? >> i don't think it really affects whatsoever. i don't think people focus on tinny ins and outs. i think tariffs are taxes and i don't think that people are really as pieted about them as many of president trump's supporters are specifically are. dagen: dan, i will give you a final word, whatever you want to say, put explanation for us. >> they are going to work the way through the system over the next several quarters and perhaps next few years, what we think that ultimately companies that are innovating investing, building powerful platforms that keep their users happy and enable them to grow can create tremendous value for the users for the companies and as we have seen in the case of act
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developer, you the build out of digital economy and you take and complications on what the company is able to build, create and nurture for the long time. dagen: daniel flax, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks. dagen: we wait for apple results, california scorching wild fire burning so large and birning so hot that's creating its own weather system. plus, how the military is waging the war on the blaze, cbs under fire, ceo moon subpoena ves will stay put for now, the board of director taking a major action to get some answers, more on that next. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross,
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economy. cheryl casone has more details, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, dagen, deadly wild fire in northern california has burned over 100,000 acres, 12,000 firefighters are battling the fire right now. the ninth most destructive wild fire in state's history, it's creating own weather system with strong winds making it difficult for fire officials to predict which way it will go next. at about 800 california national guard troops are also fighting the wild fire, the military is also deployed and black hawk helicopters to assist rescue crews and fire crews with the devastating tragedy out in california. well, the cbs board of directors has decide today use outside counsel to conduct investigation into ceo moonves after being
6:17 am
accused of sexual misconduct, six women there accuse moonves of misconduct. second quarter earnings on thursday, shares of cbs are down 8%. the board speaking yesterday. general electric is selling off digital access, key software initiative of former ceo, de digital has continue today lose money despite billions of dollars in investment. hired to run auction for the operations, shares of ge are down 25% so far this year. and finally there was this, a pretty neat story of perseverance, a homeless man received more than 20 job offers while handing outras may, this happened in silicon valley of all places, david dressed up in suit held sign that read
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homeless, hungry for success, takeras may, his job changed, has a degree, college degree planned to launch tech start-up and ran out of money and job offers are coming from netflix, google and even pandora, dagen, the moral of the story silicon valley does have a heart, back to you. dagen: absolutely, kat keempi know you love the story. peach reaching out -- >> anyone can ask for money and that's really sad to see something like that, someone who believes in himself, he said, i have something to offer, i can take a job, i can do this for you and i think that's absolutely wonderful. jon: can i give you the geek response this? dagen: i fully expect that jon hilsenrath. jon: how tight labor market is and companies everywhere are -- literally searching the streets
6:19 am
for people. >> more jobs than there are people to fill them and i think this is a great idea. jon: a man on the street can get a job. we see this with people with disabilities getting jobs, exconvicts getting job, minority unemployment rates are lower than they have ever been before, this is a great example of that. dagen: it's an incredible economy that's opening itself to one and all. >> i think this guy actually had the skill set that google and alphabet and other -- the tech companies wanted or reaching out to him. dagen: some of those people when they come to hiring, they can be -- where you wept to college, they want ivys but there's incredible people that didn't go to ivy schools and that shines the light on maybe you need to wipe the snootiness, i know that for a fact. coming up, president trump doubling down on call for
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government shutdown if border wall is not approved. why he's changing timeline? the details of nice anticipate's innovative alarm system becoming standard feature.
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>> we are working closely with our european partners including italy to ensure fair and reciprocal trade. now is also is perfect time to expand commerce between the united states and italy.
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america's booming economy setting records in so many categories creates enormous opportunities for investment. dagen: that was president trump talking trade after meeting with italian prime minister giseppie yesterday and heads to florida later today expected to tout strong economic growth at workforce event and a make america great again rally. kat, what would you like to hear from the president tonight because the trade issue and how strong the economy are, are they tied together or are they opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of saying saying what his supporters want to hear? >> i think they are separate. the economy is doing well but when you talk about trade and tariffs particularly there's a bit of risk there when it comes to the economy and i just think it's very interesting that this is a republican president, a president that says he's conservative but the conservative point of view has always been more of a free trade
6:25 am
point of view and now president trump with his america first type of view, that's really more of a democratic view or has been in the past. dagen: jon, that's the interesting thing, he really -- this is the strange middle ground where people act like democrats and republicans are people who are liberal and conservatives don't meet but when it comes to getting tough on people who have been cheating us and i name china, they have been stealing intellectual property, forcing surrender of our own technology, when east able to talk about that, that does bring groups of peel together and rallies interesting voter base, if you will. jon: what the president did in 2016 election was take over blue-collar america, basically, he taps into people who feel disaffected by trade in manufacturing towns in particular and when people see him pushing back on china and those places it rallies support for him. the question is what does it do for the rest of the country, you know, when you talk about pushing tariffs through on
6:26 am
automobiles, you could be talking about cars that cost $24,000 to 20,000. dagen: he deescalated the fight meeting with yunker from the european commission, that seems to at least be on hold, that was arguably the biggest concern for the stock market. jon: what a lot of people have been arguing to him that he needs to focus on china and stop going after allies like canada and europe and we -- it's hard to know what his strategy is but what we might have seen is the pivot taking place next week, what i'm waiting to see what's his next step going to be on chinese. there hasn't been any talk for several weeks now, are they going to get back to talking or ratchet thick ups and dk things up and we don't know where he stands. dagen: china, we buy more than a half of trillion dollars worth of goods, they buy 130 billion from the united states, china has been feeling effects of
6:27 am
tariffs, slower demand for domestic goods, here secretary state mike pompeo on solidifying the economic position overseas. >> the trump administration is committed to expanding our economic engagement in the indo pacific region; we capitalize and opportunities with freedom and openness, the united states will continue to create the conditions for mutual prosperity in free and open indo pacific, president trump will strike iron out because there's clearly economic at hand, we seek to promote for anyone promote free and indo pacific as long as it's highest standards that our citizens demand. lindsey, your thoughts on that? >> this is where the trump administration shows where they want open and free trade across the globe and with china in particular, the tariffs are the trump administration's way of
6:28 am
getting china to the table to maybe negotiate better trade deals and address this -- the theft of intellectual property and technology, the question is, though, when are they going to come to the table for us to begin negotiating. i don't know jon i will take issue with that because the very first thing that president trump did was pull out america from the u.s. transparency pacific partnership, it's hard to hear the united states open when it d out of tpp when it's supposed to tighten trade alliance. dagen: right or wrong, he's been focused on doing what he said in the campaign, he's been focused, if i said i'm going to do it. jon: doesn't like up with what pompeo said. he's following through on what he said he was going to do on the campaign trail but that --
6:29 am
that means actually pushing some of our allies -- >> things like that, but when it comes to america first idea, he's been very consistent the entire time. dagen: he has. i want to get your read, we are going to talk about it later, i will tease morgan stanley clients to prepare for biggest stock market selloff in months, hold that, you will have to wait, i don't know when i will get to ask him about that, meantime president trump he tweets this, the globalist koch brothers who have become a total joke in republican circles are against strong borders and powerful trade, i never sought their support because they don't need their money or bad ideas, they love my tax and regulation tax, judicial picks and more, i made them richer, their network is highly overrated, i have beaten them at every turn, they want to protect their companies outside the u.s. from being taxed, i'm for america first and the american worker, a puppet for no one, two nice guys with
6:30 am
bad ideas, make america great >> typical trump tweet. dagen: he typically covered what we were talking about. mayor accused of turning back on ice workers in support of protestors that want to abolish the agency. lebron james has a new opponent, president trump, the nba star says the president of the united states is a divider when it comes to the nfl protests. the new comments ahead
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, tuesday july 31st, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. earnings in focus, dow components proctor&gamble and pfizer reporting this morning and bun biggie apple report this is afternoon after the closing bell, this follows last week disappointing news from the likes of facebook and twitter that set up big losing for those companies and big other big name technology stocks. take a look at how futures are holding up this morning, 21-point gain, green across the board. as we move into -- the markets
6:34 am
finished in the red yesterday, we are wrapping up the month of july today and every single gauge is higher even russell 2000 and transports, transports being the biggest winner so far. european markets are mixed this morning. right now it's green across the board. in asia overnight it was the same story the only loser there japan shanghai and kospi in south korea heading higher, the only loser the hang seng and hong kong. building a wall, the wall, president trump speaking out again yesterday on securing america's borders. >> we have immigration laws, border security, all sorts of things going on that's disgraceful. we are doing a phenomenal job, we are setting records but we have laws that don't work, we are working around those laws
6:35 am
and it's unfortunate. dagen: the president threatening government shutdown over border security votes but one administration official says that the fight will happen after the midterm elections now. we will hear from homeland security kirstjen nielsen on that plus cybersecurity later this morning. lebron james scaring off -- squaring off against president trump saying that the president is using sports to divide the nation. his inflammatory comments, lebron james inflammatory comments coming up. plus curtains for movie pass, subscription service says it's blocking viewers from buying tickets for major upcoming releases and controversial move to try and save the company. now to our top story this half hour, president trump doubling down on threat of a government shutdown if congress does not provide funding for border security. >> i would certainly be willing
6:36 am
to close it down to get it done. as you know we are already approving things in various bills including we will be taking care of the military, we always put the military and law enforcement very high, but i would be certainly willing to consider a shutdown if we don't get proper border security. dagen: however, one administration official says that the president has agreed to delay the fight over border security until after the midterm elections in early november, this is according to a story that's in the wall street journal today, here now staff writer for the federalist, bring, how important is the border security for the wall for supporters this fall and would a shutdown rally the base? >> yeah, i think this speaks to larger issue in congress and howdies functional it is, this is an entity that hasn't passed a real bucket in 20 years and the only time you're able to get to pass is a continuing
6:37 am
resolution is when there is a shutdown looming, i think rehis or herically it makes senses for donald trump to threaten because because this is the only time we see congress taking things seriously and doing things. i also think it's not surprising that there's administration official out there who is reportedly saying that trump -- is expected to soften this eventually, this is what we have seen time and time again, voters were promised a giant massive wall that méxico was going to pay for and it was entire wall of concrete and, you know, now it's like, okay, we are going to get a wall in certain sections along the border and so i think that there is the tough line that comes out and then there's a bit of softening and realization and a willing tons be a little bit more realistic given geographic or just other political constraints that he's facing. dagen: kat kemp. >> this is kat, hi, what is the point of waiting until after the
6:38 am
midterm elections? >> yeah, i mean, politically i can understand why you would just want to delay that, i think that that would spur republican voters to come out, we have to vote republicans in there in order the make sure that we can get the wall that we have been wanting throughout this whole time and i think it's also a motivator for democrats to say, let's not -- let's make sure that we get our people in in order to make sure that this wall, the funding for this wall doesn't happen, doesn't go through, i guess i can see how this is motivator for both sides of the issue and i think it'll be interesting to see how this plays out in november. dagen: jon hilsenrath, i mentioned earlier, trump has delivered on essentially every promise that he made on the campaign trail except for the wall funding, only $1.6 billion in the gigantic animus bill that the president did sign, 1.6 billion for essentially fencing replacement, fencing for the wall and there were no restrictions on the sanctuary
6:39 am
cities, congress carries the power of the purse, they didn't put anything to deprive the cities of funding and the president after signing the omnibus spending bill he was clearly upset by that, do you think it comes to a government shutdown even though the journal is reporting that there's some behind the scenes agreement to avoid that until after november? jon: i think what's going on here is the president lost patience and this reminds me a little bit of what happened in trade fight n his first year in office a lot of his top advisers including garrett cohen tried to put off confrontations over trade and then finally lost his patience and he said, no we are going to do, move forward with tariffs and that's been the story of 2018, he lost the patience of border security and border wall but now people like gary cohen and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, wait after the election because this is a politically loser when they are trying to hold to the house.
6:40 am
he will carry forward with the threats but they are trying to hold them off so they don't lose the house in the process. dagen: speaking of mitch mcconnell, some trump supporters see them as enemy, maybe not as much bre, as democrats, pushed through president trump's trump legislative win and that's those tax cuts, that's one of the reason that is the economy is growing north of 4% right now. that's one of the reasons that unemployment is incredibly low, wife more job openings than people who are employed at this point, again, if you want to run on the economy above anything and everything else? >> yeah, absolutely and i think the economy, even though it was politically difficult for them to get it done at the time, i think that's a bigger priority and a bigger win, i'm putting that in quotes than the border wall would be necessarily for
6:41 am
them. i guess makes sense that that was able to get done before this border wall funding was able to get done and i think this also speaks to the larger dysfunction within the republican party which is they haven't been recruiting individuals that are going to vote a certain way across the country, they haven't been, you know, putting together a strong coalition that's going to vote as a block and they don't use carrots and sticks and don't throw people off of the committee if they don't vote like the way they want them to and that's a problem with leadership that they aren't willing to uses use tools in dil to get things done. dagen: mayor violated ice constitution ordering the police to stand down and failing to protect ice employees. do cities like portland hurt the democratic party ahead of midterms in terms of messaging?
6:42 am
>> oh, i think absolutely. listen, if you're upset about the way that ice is handling itself and if you're upset about the policies there's a way and means in order to protest, speak out against it and raise media attention, i mean, individuals were upset that ice was separating individuals coming over illegally, separating families from their participants or -- parents or separating individuals coming over together, ice changed the policy, there's a way to affect change, that's not the way to do that and i think portland mayor reportedly telling police to stand down and not interfere with these protestors and protect ice federal employees, i think that's totally nuts and reveals that many within the democratic party, they really just don't like the fact that we have a border, they don't like to fact that there are laws, it's demonstrated that the democratic party, many have
6:43 am
jumped on this issue. dagen: i would encourage elected officials to go online and read what ice does in terms of disrupting and breaking up child trafficking and human trafficking as if that's not a valuable necessary task that ice takes on each and every day. stay tune as both florida congressman ron desantis, he wants to be governor in florida and president trump is heading in that direction to tampa for a rally and also homeland security kirstjen nielsen are coming up later in the show. but shortly, lebron james takes on the commander in chief, why the nba star is saying the president is using sports to divide this country. plus movie pass not getting a pass from fans after company
6:44 am
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dagen: good news for credit and shareholders. cheryl: on track to report first annual profit in four years after second-quarter profit more than doubled last year, beating the street's forecast. warning in trade and political changes along with policy could hurt as a results for the rest of the year. it is higher in premarket little more than 2 and a half percent. nissan is installing rear-door system to vehicles, will add features to four-door cars and
6:48 am
suv, pickups, notifies when they have left something in the backseat, pets and even kids. well, uber is shutting down its self-driving truck program auto, remember, when they debut this, now they want to focus on self-driving cars, uber acquired self-driving trucks but fired him after allegations from previous employer alphabet's waymo that he stole trade secrets that resulted in a lawsuit against uber that was settled in february, the move does not affect uber freight, app that connects truck drivers with shippers. and then there's this, movie pass subscribers getting frustrated, the ceo of movie pass is saying that upcoming big movie releases including christopher robin and meg are not available in the app, ran
6:49 am
out of cash. a live look at the movie pass offices, yeah, image of office. here is a tweet, movie pass hq currently. shares down nearly 100% this year. there you go. dagen: thank you, cheryl, coming up lebron james accuses the president of the united states of dividing the nation, the nba star's new blunt criticism of president trump's stance on the nfl protest next. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today.
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dagen: nfl concussion settlement payouts hit half a billion dollars in less than 2 years, jared max is here with the story, jared. jared: dagen, good morning, good news here, over 20,000 players have registered to receive potential benefits under the nfl's concussion settlement with former players. news broke yesterday on the same day 24-year-old linebacker announced retirement having suffered six concussions, report release shows nfl a full decade ahead in its projections for payouts, while the league criticized for settlements now distributed $502 million, projected the league would pay 400 million in first decade, settlement went into effect january 2017, 521 players been paid, now projected the league will pay $1.4 billion when all said and done. christopher, coleague counsel for the player, we encourage all eligible former players to immediately sign up for baseline assessment, they can take
6:54 am
comfort in knowing that the compensation will be available for more than 620 years if they develop qualifying condition, the settlement fulfilling promise to former nfl players and their families. while the nfl's national anthem debate remains, so does conflict between sports and politics, while president trump has been outspoken about his strong desire for nfl players to stand and honor the national anthem, his involvement has been questioned recently by some cowboys owner jerry jones called involvement problematic and last night lebron james said this. >> he's using sport to kind of divide and that's something that i can't relate to because i know that sport was the first time i ever was around someone white, sports has never been something that divide people, it's something that brings people together. >> comments from lebron james nothing shocking when he said he would go to the white house even before they'd knew they would go to championship. dagen: i will point out something that viewers tweeted,
6:55 am
jon, as we were teasing the segment, actually people in sports are the people dividing the country. president trump is the one trying to heal it by calling the players out for divisive action, so lebron james feels one way but at lot of other people feel they are on the other side of the field, so to speak. >> this morning lea gabrielle mentioned that who kneeled first and you think, wait a second, colin kaepernick kneeled first, roger goodell had he handled this in strong manner would president trump even be involved in this conversation? dagen: right. >> i think that this issue is so polarizing, there's two sides, each of them feel strong emotions about their particular side, there's really no solution to this that's going to make everybody happy. dagen: i've listen today veterans like joey jones, give me that, give me my anthem, a man who lost both of his legs serving this country who walks
6:56 am
on prosthetics and he has actually tried to reach out to colin kaepernick and started dialogue and shuts down and never gets anywhere. in terms of people who have -- are dug in on this, people on the players' side, people talk about president trump being kind of intractable but it's the people on the other side who are equally dug in. jon: what should goodell have done differently by acting strongly? >> i think he was scared. everyone was going through this for the first time. there's no guide, he became exposed as necessarily as a strong leader, what could he have done, i would not want to be in the position but i would get the right people involved, the back and forth is terrible, it's like you're driving in the car and you're on the road and the truth is you're driving and lost and now denver the car knows that you're lost and now you're really in trouble. that's where i think roger goodell is, commissioner to have
6:57 am
nba dealt with this, he got the players involved, you stand for the anthem. roger goodell hasn't done that. dagen: right. >> properly. dagen: and the players, basketball, football and the like, some of them keep talking about it. jared: not easy situation to deal with. dagen: jared max, fox news 24/7 siriusxm 115, still ahead, the million dollar maybe not be enough to retire on, new details on why that magic number may need major boost to help you shine in golden years or should you spend money now? next hour on mornings with maria. e-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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dagen: good morning. i'm taking n mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. earnings driving the action on wall street. pfizer up first. the pharmaceutical giant posted better than expected results. it raised the full year profit guidance but it did slash its revenue outlook. you can take a look. the stock treading water right here, right now. the big one to watch, apple. it reports after the close. we have a preview, plus a closer look at the tech wreck. key stocks entering correction territory, a loss of 10% or more from june record highs. checking the market action across the board, the dow
7:01 am
futures are improving, 44 point gain on the dow futures to wrap up the month of july. this after declines across the board yesterday. the nasdaq hardest hit yesterday, down more than 1 1/3%. we have gains right now. despite the recent weakness, we do have a tendency to focus on the short-term and it has been rough in some of the big name technology stocks like facebook and twitter. but all of your major market gauges from the dow down to the dow transports and the russell 2000 small cap index, they are all on track for monthly gains. the dow transport% u -- transpop almost 6% in july. england, france and germany, there is slowing growth in the second quarter. all of those markets managed to eek out a gain. proctor and gamble reporting earnings right here and now, if you're watching on the television, you can look at
7:02 am
bottom of the screen, we have four cents above the estimate. $16.5 billion in revenue, it's a slight miss on the revenue side on the top line. in asia overnight, the markets already closed. it was gains across the board except for half of 1% loss on the hang seng. the bank of japan surprising investors by keeping the monetary policy unchanged. moving out west, devastation in northern california. wildfires raging, burning more than 100,000 acres and the fire's so hot it's creating its own weather system. how the u.s. military is now joining the fight. that's ahead. plus, another health scare for chipotle. one restaurant closing after several diners reportedly got sick. that stock under pressure this morning. and millennial money, a new survey shows where the generation is investing.
7:03 am
the results might surprise you. all that and more coming up this morning. cat kenz will weigh in on that. john hildnbraf and lindsey bell are here. how do you invest your money? >> you pay somebody who knows what they're talking about to invest it for you. dagen: we have another alternative. >> that's mighty trusting, putting it in somebody else's funds. index funds, we'll talk in the break. to our top story this hour, president trump traveling to tampa to host a rally to talk jobs, economy, and a show of force for congressman ron de santis. president trump's visit comes ahead of a competitive primary race de santis faces against adam putnam for florida governor, for the republican nomination for governor. trump's support has had a major impact on the polls. the latest numbers show de
7:04 am
santis making a major comeback, now up 11 percentage points ahead of the primary election next month, amid president trump's endorsement. the congressman releasing a campaign ad in his race for governor that is going viral and it's full of a lot of love for the president. watch this. >> everyone knows my husband ron de santis is endorsed by president trump. he's also an amazing dad. ron loves playing with the kids. >> build a wall. >> he reads stories. >> then mr. trump said you're fired. i love that part. >> he's teaching madison to talk. >> make america great again. >> people say ron's all trump, but he is so much more. >> big league, so good. >> i just thought you should know. >> ron de santis for governor. dagen: joining me now, florida congressman himself, ron de santis, a member of the house committee on oversight and government reform. congressman, that has sent
7:05 am
people who dislike president trump, i don't care what party affiliation they have, into a frenzy. they are losing their minds about that. but do you risk anything really going full-in on president trump, although his endorsement of you has been a great benefit to you and your campaign and the polls and even in fund raising. >> well, dagen, in some of these things with the political back and forth, you've got to be able to take a step back and laugh at the situation, have a little fun with it. that's what we were trying to do. it is a way to introduce voters to my wife, who is my best friend and best supporter and our kids, because that's an important part of who i am. obviously we've run ads previous to this, talking about my military service, talking about my conservative credentials. when you have nonstop ads in a primary season, i think it's good to take a step back, be able to laugh at yourself a little bit and have a little fun with it. dagen: congressman, the joke has always been that politicians
7:06 am
go on the campaign trail and hold babies. but you're using a baby, your son, in that ad to maybe make people feel good. no? >> well, look, everyone has said wow, your wife's beautiful, your kids are so cute and everything and they are. i'm very, very proud of my family. we love to get them on the campaign trail as much as possible. it's not the easiest thing in the world when your daughter is 20 months because she's very active. my son is pretty much go with the flow so that's easier. they're a really central part of my life. i wanted to let voters get an introduction to them. dagen: do you disagree with president trump on any policy ideas? can you name one? >> i don't agree with anybody on everything 100% of the time. what i've typically done with the president is talk to him privately rather than go cow to you. the easiest way to get a
7:07 am
microphone in your face is to bash the president. i don't think that's constructive. there are obviously things that i have disagreed. but you do it constructively and you try to move the ball forward as best you can. dagen: do you care to mention any of those things you've had constructive conversations with? >> one of them that we would probably agree with is i'm not a fan of farm subsidies. to throw billions of dollars in farm subsidies, i want to get away from doing that. so there's just an honest disagreement. there are people in the republican conference who we disagree with on those things. so it's fine. but you agree with most of what's going on. you just try to press forward as best you can. dagen: that $12 billion in farm subsidies is to offset any hit that, say, farmers, soybean farmers and the like would face because of the retaliatory tariffs from china as we've gotten into this tariff fight, trade fight with china.
7:08 am
also the steel and aluminum tariff play into some of the retaliation from allies like canada. do you agree with that approach? trade is expected to play a big role in the gop primary. china threatened additional retaliatory tariffs against an array of agricultural products that whim pact your state. -- that will impact your state. if you're against farm subsidies, are you against what the president has done in terms of tariffs and the fight that we're beginning to wage with some trading partners? >> i tell you, i think i've been surprised at some of the successes gotten. i've typically not been somebody that has supported tariffs. i don't think that's the end state that you want. but i think he's leveraged that like he did with the european union to get concessions. so if that's what he's able to do, then that's probably going to benefit a lot of folks. if the concessions aren't there, i think you'll be in a situation where you have to change course. using it to negotiate, it was
7:09 am
not something that a lot of us had thought about previously. he really believes in doing it and i think that he's been able to get some concessions. so i think we'll see how it goes going forward. dagen: i was going to mention that adam putnam is the agriculture secretary in the state, so this will be an issue in terms of any impact on the agriculture segment in florida. critically important, it's one of the biggest pieces of the florida economy. are people calling your office as a congressman from the state and complaining about the fallout on them, whether they're farmers or not, about the trade fight that's just beginning this year? >> not really. i think that there's some folks who are very supportive of doing it politically because they think this has gone on too long. there's other folks who are concerned but want to give the president some runway. so we'll see how things develop. i would say, dagen, ag has been a big part of florida's economy,
7:10 am
obviously tourism, i think the thing for the next governor is how do you expand the economic base. i think we're primed to do well in financial services. why would you start a hedge fund right now in connecticut or new york given that the salt deduction is gone. we don't have income tax in florida. we have a very good regulatory climate, positive. we've got to do other things. i think you're going to see florida with the right policies, really expand economic opportunities in a variety of industries and that's exciting. dagen: a brewing border battle, president trump doubling down yesterday on his threat of a government shutdown for lack of border wall funding, saying he would, quote, certainly be willing to close down the government. one administration official now says, tells the wall street journal the president agreed to delay that fight over border security until after november's midterm election. congressman, how critical is border protection and building that wall for republican voters this fall and would you stand by
7:11 am
a shutdown if it happens before the midterms? >> i think one of the disappointments in the congress, frankly, is we still to this day have not done much to push for the border wall. we had the goo goodlatte bill tt 193 votes in the house. we should have moved this in january of 2017. at this stage, whether that's the right inflection point to do it, i don't know. i will tell you this. it will probably be harder to get all our voters out to the polls in november as a result of the congress not following through. many of us wanted to follow through with it but we actually never got that across the finish line and i think that there's been a lot of good things done but i think that is definitely something that could bite some of our members in the behind. dagen: you mean if the border wall is not funded? >> yeah, or to not each have fights over it. i mean, it's one thing if we're really pushing for it, we're passing it in the house, it's in
7:12 am
the senate, they're debating on it, voting on it. if they're voting to fill with r it, you take that issue to the voters and you try to make the change. we haven't been willing to have the fight yet and i think that frustrates a lot of folks. dagen: would you get behind a shutdown if it meant shutting down the government in order to get that border funding, that wall funding? >> well, what the house would do, we would either fund it or not. we would not be the ones that would, quote, shut down government. we would pass a funding bill presumably that has funding for the wall and i would support the funding and then it would go to the senate and the question would be i think the president would say make sure this is in there, otherwise i'm not going to sign it. i think it will be -- fall to those democratic senators and see how they react. you've got to be nimble on these things. you've got to have political sense to it. we would have to see how it goes up. i think we should definitely put that in whatever funding mechanism we send over to the
7:13 am
senate but i can tell you if we do another o omnibus bill, put together at the last minute and there's no border security that will be a bad thing for the republican congress to do. dagen: president trump after you signed the last one did reiterate he would not sign another one unless it funded the border wall. thank you, congressman. we'll be watching this evening as president trump heads to tampa. >> thank you. dagen: coming up, chipotle taking another hit, shares of the burrito chain sinking after one of its restaurants were shut down over reports of customers getting sick. details on that. plus, econom chipotle's big givy today. and why millennials' preference for cash over stocks could be costing them big-time. ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
7:14 am
when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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7:16 am
dagen: the earnings parade continues as investors look over results from pfizer and some other big names. cheryl casone has details. cheryl: that's right, dagen, pfizer's latest results came in better than expected as the company raises its profit outlook for the entire year. fypfizer cut the revenue outlook due to the stronger dollar. pfizer shares are down a little
7:17 am
more than 3/4 of a percent right now. procter & gamble out with better than expected earnings per share but revenue came in short of expectations. shares of p & g are lower ahead of the opening bell, down almost 2%. we are also watching this morning the fang stocks, facebook, apple, apple of course getting earnings after the bell, a amazon, netflix and google's parent alphabet, the nasdaq composite closed down 1.5% on growth concerns about the technology sector in general. that's as one closely watched index of the fang stocks slid into correction territory yesterday. we're watching a lot of the names in particular today. also watching this for you, more trouble at chipotle. the chain shut down a restaurant in ohio following reports of as many as 12 customers getting sick after they ate there. the customers detailed their illness on the food safety website,
7:18 am
chipotle said they are working with local health officials to reopen the store as soon as possible. a number of food safety issues since 2015 you may remember have hurt the restaurant's stock and obviously its reputation. shares of chipotle dropped 1.5% yesterday. we should be watching the stock today. also today, lighter note, it's free guacamole day at chipotle. they're celebrating national avocado day. they won't charge extra for their popular guacamole, especially when you order it online with an entre. a woman wants to take canada dry to court over ginger ale. she filed a lawsuit claiming that canada dry lies to its customers with the name ginger ale because it doesn't actually have any ginger in it. she said this is false advertising because canada dry promises consumers the health
7:19 am
benefits of ginger. similar lawsuits have been filed in other states. bring on the lawyers, dagen. those are your headlines. back to you. dagen: thank you, cheryl. cat is over here making a face, she's making the same face, again, this society, the people what they sue over, it makes me crazy. >> imagine taking time out of your life to sue a pop company, period, just imagine over ginger ale that doesn't have ginger in it. don't they have like friends and -- or even a show they like on netflix to watch? don't they have things to do? dagen: thank you, cat, that's why i went to you. coming up, crossing party lines, joe mansion becoming the first in his party to sit down with supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. why other democrats could soon follow. and a touching moment amid the destruction. one little girl handing out burritos to firefighters t battling the carr fire in
7:20 am
california. we've got more of this heart-warming video for you, straight ahead. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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dagen: paul manafort heading to court. jury selection beginning today for president trump's former campaign chairman. if convicted, he could face decades in prison on bank and tax fraud charges. this is the first case arising from special council robert mueller's russia probe. joining us now, andrew mccarthy. andy, could this -- how will this even trial have an impact on the course of mueller's investigation? >> it really won't have any.
7:24 am
the more you think about it, the less i think it will. the thought up until now has been, it's probably still true, that mueller is trying to squeeze manafort to see if he's got anything on trump in connection with collusion. if you think about it, mueller has had richard gates as a witness for months. gates was manafort's partner through all of the shenanigans that he's on trial for. you have to -- plus, gates came into trump's campaign with manafort. so it would be hard to believe that there's something that manafort has about the campaign and any connection with russia that gates doesn't already have and was not already in a position to give to mueller. so i think they went down this road with manafort. all of the interesting thing is, this may be a test of mueller's prosecution but it's not really a test of his investigation. the rational for the investigation is any interference by russia in the
7:25 am
election and any connection that the trump campaign may have had in that, this trial has nothing to do with that. dagen: this is the first of two trials. there's another trial that's going to happen in the district of columbia. >> that doesn't have anything to do with the rational for the investigation either. the reason there's two trials is manafort objected to being tried for everything including some tax charges that he's entitled to have in a the particular venue. most people would want to have one trial where it all gets hammered out there. he decided to push for two. dagen: if you're rudy guliani would you wait until after this all is done before making a decision about allowing the president to sit down for an interview. >> if i were rudy, i wouldn't let the president sit down for an interview. dagen: thank you for that answer. joe mansion meeting with supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh yesterday, becoming the first in his party to sit down with president trump's pick for the high court after the two met on capitol hill, the west virginia
7:26 am
senator described the meeting as productive. vice president mike pence explained why the president chose kavanaugh during his interview with maria bartiromo last week. >> the president of the yates, in this doppler -- of the united states, in this deliberation, he was looking for a judge with extraordinary credentials and i think lengthand i i think length, also a -- i think intellect. this is the message we'll carry to republicans and democrats in the senate and we remain confident that before the fall is out, that judge brett kavanaugh will be justice brett kavanaugh. dagen: senator joe mansion, heidi hid hidecamp and joe donny
7:27 am
were the three that voted for neil gorsuch. >> the dynamic going on inside the democratic party now may actually draw more moderate democrats toward kavanaugh because there's i think in the places where they're running, which are states that trump won, some places like indiana where he won by a lot, there's a lot of pressure on those democrats to distinguish themselves from the sort of flavor of the month that we have of the hard progressive left, particularly the woman who won in new york, and i think that's going to push those people to show that they're more reasonable and ready to work with the other side. dagen: there's 10 democratic senators up for re-election in trump states come november. and again, if you vote against brett kavanaugh, you do appear as if you're taking orders from chuck schumer. >> the problem they have is kavanaugh is an excellent judge. if it wasn't for the infusion of
7:28 am
politics in this, if it was just his craftsmanship, his ability as a lawyer and his reputation in his life, this would be a no-brainer. it should be 100-0 confirmation. dagen: andrew, mccarthy. great to see you. come back soon. you're around now so we see you all the time. living up to the rock h rocketmn nickname, north korea is said to be pressing ahead with building new missiles, we have the details. taking the money, why millennials' preference for cash over stocks could be costing them millions. ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, july 31st. your top stories, 7:30 a.m. eastern. big names reporting earnings this week and especially today. three dow components out today, procter & gamble out with results a short while ago, out with mixed numbers. procter & gamble beat on earnings but missed on the revenue. that stock is down more than 2.5% right now. pfizer beat expectations on the top and bottom line but it did cut its revenue outlook. that stock is down half of 1%.
7:32 am
the big report out to watch, apple this afternoon. apple shares are moving up slightly in premarket trading, one-third of 1%. will apple's results if they're good give all tech stocks a lift? so far, facebook and twitter have fallen out of bed big-time. some of these tech stocks if you throw all the fang stocks in, facebook, amazon, apple, netflix, google, they're in correction territory, down more than 10% from the record highs in june. right now, we look at futures across the board gains, 26 point gain on the dow futures, despite those moves lower on procter & gamble and pfizer. the markets yesterday red across the board. big losses on the nasdaq composite yesterday, down more than 1%. in europe right now, we've had buying to report, in england, france and germany. germany's stock market dipping lower at the moment. asia markets finishing mostly in the green, hang seng losing half
7:33 am
of 1%. new satellite images show north korea might be making new missiles, weeks after the historic summit between north korean leader kim jong un and donalpresident trump. the department of homeland security creating a cyber hub, it will guard the nation's banks, energy companies and other industries from cyber attacks. we'll discuss that with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen in the next hour. plus, the carr fire in california has become the seventh most destructive in the state's history. >> i lost it all, every bit of it. i'm sorry. >> it's okay, it's okay. >> if you live in california, you need to be prepared. it's going to be a long, long summer. it's only july. dagen: the blaze has destroyed almost 1,000 structures with more than a dozen people missing. we have more details and how one little girl is trying to make a difference, coming up. and with millennials taking hits
7:34 am
from every generation lately, there's that video of that little girl handing out burritos, we'll show you more of that. millen l y'alls, -- millennials, they can't catch a break from any other generation. it might surprise you where they're investing their money, is it smart? we debate. not following through, new satellite images reveal north korea is expanding and continuing production at a missile facility, increasing fears that the rogue regime has no plans to pursue denuclearization. joining us now, former cia trained intelligence operative, leah gabriel. your take on this report? >> i don't think that it necessarily indicates that north korea will not work with us on denuclearizing. i think the bottom line is that the summit that occurred between president trump and kim jong un they laid out sort of a ground work agreement. they said we will work toward denuclearization of the korean peninsula but you can't expect a
7:35 am
country that believes that its lifeblood, that believes that nuclear weapons, what it's expected to be able to protect it as a nation, that they would just give up nuclear weapons and they would stop progress in developing nuclear weapons off of one summit and one sort of loose agreement. i think that the president in conducting that summit, his intention was let's start talking, let's start a conversation. secretary pompeo testified on the hill that we are aware that the north is continuing to work towards developing its nuclear weapons technology but our diplomats are continuing to have conversations with north korea to come up with a longer term agreement. so i think that's what our focus should be right now is what progress can be made and also i think we just don't know what kim jong un is thinking. does he want to be brought into the fold of western countries? does he want to become a more modern country? or does he want to remain in isolation? we don't know the answer to that. >> do you think that was a mistake that it was a loose
7:36 am
agreement, that there weren't specific details in the agreement that were made at the summit? do you think we made a step back? >> i think it would have been great if we could have 100% gotten north korea to agree to give up their entire nuclear weapons program that they've been developing for so many years, that would have been awesome. the president is an executive. he comes up with loose agreements. he brings countries together and has these conversations and then he brings in the people who work for him who are experts in the field to work out the details. that's how these agreements are done. so i don't think it was a mistake. i think he started the conversation and the question is whether or not north korea is genuine in wanting to work with us and wanting to work with south korea and wanting to come into the fold of other nations. >> we gave up something in that negotiation. we gave us joint military exercises. >> right. >> with the north koreans continuing to build, does that tell you maybe we gave up too much? because they really haven't moved besides giving back these
7:37 am
remains. >> first let me correct you. we didn't actually give up our exercises. we decided to halt them. we can always turn those exercises back on. we've been doing them for a very long time with south korea. we work really well with south korea. we didn't give them up. you were going to say something. dagen: he mentioned the return of the remains of those killed during the korean war. that is very significant, particularly the families and anybody who has ever served this country. >> absolutely it is. of course, those remains i'm skeptical of them. in the past north korea has been accused of throwing animal bones in those boxes. those remains will be tested, hopefully they'll be identified. that is a very strong act of goodwill and it's just the beginning. there are so many remains that are there in north korea that families will want to get in there and have people be part of recovering. but that's a good point, that that was part of what's happened since the summit. >> just to press on this point about giving up the exercises, we can renew them any time.
7:38 am
does it affect our preparedness if you're not doing them now. if you go a certain period of time without doing them are you ready for some kind of military confrontation. >> that's a great point. we saw how military preparedness was affected with sequestration and how it damages the military and the ability to respond immediately to threats if we're not doing exercises. that being said, we can turn those back in a heartbeat and president trump knew that when he decided to halt them. they've been a big aggravating factor for kim jong un. he believes that they are exercises to invade north korea, which they are not. but it was basically to stop the aggravation, hey, let's come together, let's see what we can work out here. now it's down to the smaller conversations that are not going to be as public among our diplomats and there is -- when you look at what's being done this particular facility, this is the facility where the longest range intercontinental
7:39 am
ballistic missiles were developed, the ones that are believed to be able to strike the u.s. we don't believe they have reentry vehicles at this point that can bring the punch to the u.s. yet. so there is of course concern about what we're seeing in these new images. but i don't think this is a surprise to our intelligence community. it's certainly not a surprise to secretary pompeo. dagen: there are a number of stories that have come out. there was one that there were images reportedly showing north korea was disma dismantling a kt site. there was a report after the summit that president trump had that north korea was continuing to enrich uranium. there's a lot that's playing out in the press. but we don't really know much about the discussions that have gone on so far. one of the consider it l call things that -- critical things that general jack keen said on the program last week a key denominator must be that north
7:40 am
korea hand over the location and identify all the nuclear and ballistic missile test sites. in the past, north korea, in sanctions relief, they want the carrots up front. if they're coming to us and wanting sanctions relief, we should demand the location of all of these test sites and quite frankly maybe a time frame. >> this is exactly why these types of negotiations are so difficult and can't be done on a single summit. it takes time to work through those issues. north korea, as i said before, believes that its nuclear weapons technology is its lifeblood, believes that it needs that to protect itself as a country. we can't expect north korea to all of a sudden bend and fold. this is going to be a negotiations process. >> do you think that president trump is too optimistic when it comes to this? it is going to be a long process. they have in the past promised things and not followed through
7:41 am
on those things. >> i think the question is, is president trump really that optimistic or is it what his public statements are versus what he's actually really thinking. i think what he's trying to do is show goodwill towards north korea and i think he's making public statements that do that. in my experience with diplomacy, there's public diplomacy and private city bloprivate diploma. the question is, is north korea genuine. dagen: he did tweet after that summit, again, we talk about twitter, it's his form of communication, there's no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. i think people knew that that was, well, president trump just being president trump. i want to read you this and get your reaction to it. the head of iran's strategic council on foreign relations says that tehran sees no value in trump's offer for negotiations. this is actually the front page story in the wall street journal today that president trump is
7:42 am
open to meeting the leaders of iran. i wanted to get your reaction to that. >> i think my reaction to that is iran is essentially trying to go toe to toe and use the same type of tactic that president trump uses with countries against president trump, taking this hard line approach. but in the past we've seen this rhetoric fly. we've seen a lot of saber rattling and sometimes we see offers to have a conversation work. so it's yet to be determined. iran has really been trying to spread its wings, it's been spreading its influence in the region. iran has not been showing a desire to work with the u.s. and to sort of settle back on some of its regional activities. when you look at places like syria, look at places like iraq, iran has been a really big problem. it doesn't surprise me that they're reacting this way. dagen: we know one thing, that money talks and, well, chitchat
7:43 am
walks. we're getting ready to reimpose sanctions on iran, starting in august. and we have essentially threatened to also put the hammer down on europe, any european nations and companies that do business with iran. >> of course, russia is one of the ones we have to be concerned with in working with iran. dagen: president trump did reiterate that there will be no sanctions relief on russia, and potentially more sanctions coming on russia. so again, it's all about the moolah. >> it is about the money, when you put pressure on the country economic cliff that's where we've seen them bend in the past and fold. it's to be determined how this will play out. dagen: great to see you. waging war on a wildfire, the carr fire in northern california now burning so hot it's created its own weather system. we take you live to redding, california, for an update. plus a touching moment amid the devastation, one little girl handing out burritos to
7:44 am
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dagen: the deadly california wildfires still burning out of control, that fire so powerful it's creating its own weather system, making containment all the more difficult for more than 12,000 firefighters. our own hillary vaughn live in redding, california to give us an update on the very latest. good morning, hillary. >> reporter: good morning, dagen. over a dozen wildfires burning throughout the state. the carr fire that tore through the redding neighborhood has already killed six people, it's displaced thousands and leveled entire communities.
7:48 am
>> he's pointing to the ashes, saying fire, so she knows, they know what's going on, they just don't know how severe it is and we're doing everything to keep them in that state of mind where they're happy and we're freaking out. >> i lost it all, every bit of it, gone. >> i'm sorry. it's been a hell of a month for our firefighters. >> reporter: this fire has morphed into one of california's most destructive and deadly already in the top 10, the most damaging fires the state has ever seen. 16 states around the country have donated resources to help fight the fires. they're dealing with one of the most erratic fires they've ever confronted, giving birth to a new phenomenon that has some meet yulmeteorologists curious. there's a cloud looming over the community that's struggling to
7:49 am
stay standing, the giant cloud can trigger a thunderstorm, creating its own weather, making it very predictable. in redding, a tornado of fire, some are calling it a fire-nado, charging towards this town in a death spiral, destroying everything in its path. fire fighting efforts have ramped up to a small scale military effort. the national guard deployed 800 soldiers and airmen, providing backup on the ground and they're tracking the fires from the air and they're carrying tons and tons of fire retardant. dagen: thank you for that reporting, hillary. hillary vaughn there. it makes you realize how hard the firefighters work. before somebody gets up in the morning, complains about their job, you better think about these men and women putting their lives at risk in california and quite frankly, police officers, firefighters every day across this fine nation.
7:50 am
we want to show you this truly touching moment among all the devastation and destruction in northern california. this video was posted to facebook. it shows a little girl handing out burritos to firefighters battling the carr fire. watch this. >> look at this. >> hi. >> thank you. dagen: there you go. just one act of kindness among many that have emerged in the wake of these fires. we love to see that. but that's america. that's america. coming up, money in bank, why millennials' preference for cash over stocks could cost them, big-time. that's next. ♪ year, i am sorry about that.
7:51 am
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dagen: a new bank report shows millennials prefer cash over the stock market. older americans prefer the stock market as a long-term investment. joining us the author of retired inspired and financial expert chris hogan. why do you think millennials favor cash over the stock market, chris? >> dagen, i think it's because cash is real. it's something they can see, they can touch it, they understand how it works and where it goes. i think when dealing with the stock market, they don't understand it. and people tend to avoid and not use what they don't understand. >> it's lindsey bell here. another thing that survey showed was the interest in investing in homes, in real estate, has really dwindled among the millennial crowd. what do you make of that?
7:55 am
>> i think for millennials, they want to be mobile. they don't want to be tied down. they're not ready to make the long-term commitment just yet. studies have shown, they prefer experiences over items. so i think it's okay for them to rent, renting is not necessarily a bad thing. it allows you to save up and buy a home when you're ready to settle down, start a family or remain in an area for three to five years or more. dagen: maybe people of your generation and lindsey's generation are risk averse for a reason because they saw home prices collapse during the financial recession, depression back in 2008 and the stock market collapse. so what's wrong withholding some cash even though it's not earning you anything? >> absolutely. it is difficult after you see those kinds of things throughout your life repeatedly to say yeah, i'm going to jump in. dagen: chris? >> i think we definitely want to understand that having cash and saving is a good thing for an emergency fund. it's just not a good long range plan. for example, the national average savings rate is 2%.
7:56 am
so if you're parking a big chunk of money in a savings account and expecting growth, that's unrealistic. so savings is good but investing is better. we need to be able to outpace inflation. so millennials need to understand this. baby boomers need to understand this. looking at inflation hovering between 3.5 and 4%, if you're parking money in a savings account and getting 2%, it means your money is shrinking not growing. dagen: go ahead, jon. >> i was going to say, there's an iron eave here. stock -- irony here. stocks outperform cash and bonds in the long run. millennials are younger than jeagenx or baby boomers. they have time to ride this out. >> if you look at and understand, the stock market is like the supermarket. there are things you can invest in that are good for you, there are things that you can invest in that are more risky.
7:57 am
it's like riding a roller coaster. there will be ups and downs. if you invest the right way, your portfolio will be able to withstand it and even grow during those times. investing is a long range approach. you have to think of it that way. don't watch every ticker symbol and adjustments that happen, it will cause you heartburn. don't have heartburn and headache. have a game plan, long term, work with an investment professional and understand what you're investing in and get ready to win. dagen: chris hogan, thank. a financial hangover, we'll tell you how much drunken online spending is costing americans every year and why what you driving impacts how much you spend, next. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today.
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probably not. but you know who can solve it? business. because solving big problems is what business does best. so let's take on the wage gap, the opportunity gap, the achievement gap. whatever the problem, business can help. and i know who can help them do it. >> if for maria bartiromo tuesday, july 31 your top stories 8:00 a.m. or an, earnings, driving the action on wall street, three dow components reporting today, mixed picture so far but apple is the number one in focus tech giant results after closing bell we have a preview closer look at the tech wreck, key stocks entering correction territory down 10% or more from recent highs. checking the market action, this morning, we have a 30-point gain on dow futures green across the board on dow s&p and nasdaq 100, this after
8:01 am
a different story yesterday, declines across the board with nasdaq being the hardest hit despite recent weakness all of the major market gages including the dow trans ports and russell 2000 are on track for monthly gains as we wrap up july. today. >> in europe we've had some mixed markets right now the dax of the three major markets there, is in negative territory, slightly, reading on eurozone economy slowing growth in the second quarter, in about asia overnight, markets heading higher across the board, only loser they hang seng in hong kong, bank of japan surprising investors keeping monetary policy unchanged. prkdz our border, president trey about doubling down on call for a government shutdown if funding is not approved. >> if we don't get border security, after many, many years, of talk, within the united states, i would have no
8:02 am
problem doing a shutdown it is time we had proper border security. dagen: one new development according to the "the wall street journal," a change in the timeline? the president reportedly putting a shutdown on hold until after the midterm elections. we will hear from homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen on that plus cybersecurity president trump speaking in tampa watch fox business to find out. not taking the bait kim kardashian on jimmy kimmel asked about her oval office visit, what she said about the commander in chief. coming up. warning about drinking, and shopping, you won't believe how much people are spending online after throwing back a few. whiskey drinks most frugal we till what type of drinks are the biggest spenders, to weigh in on that so much more a fox
8:03 am
news contributor "the wall street journal" economics order jon hilsenrath lindsey bell nothing wrong with that online you can return almost anything. >> absolutely except i never do because it is too complicated you got to put it back in the package, walk downstairs, tick the elevator but still you got to wait for elevator rather than stay on couch. >> we weigh in. >> a o i am ask you to to hear bourbon drinks. >> i am tequila drinke. >> will get you in zwrubl. dagen: so many ways two dow companies with earnings all eyes will be on apple, that company reports after the will be nicole petallides at new york stock exchange, with the details, hey. >> good morning guys all right no drinking and shopping looking at earnings so far we are beating for estimates overall, tech in particular, is worrisome let's take a look at dow components pfizer this
8:04 am
is to the downside this morning they beat only profit did well wl pneumonia vaccine tr arthritis drug lowered revenue expectation for 2018 down .3% procter & gamble downside quarterly sales below the estimates this is gillette razors unit a miss so that is lower got to get to tech when we talk about the index i watch on big board i talked to traders talked to people managing money they all seem to say how important it is apple is after the bell not only going to hear about products, and what is going on in china, we are hearing about strengthening dollar all things factored in but tech in particular is selling off, without any just selling it all so if they sell off apple, does that mean it breaks the trendline technically analysts watching upwards trendline to tech forget it this will be last chance to hold on to tech that is what they are saying
8:05 am
made very, very severe for today's afternoon numbers back to you. dagen: thank you, lindsey bell quickly on this, to point out we talk about this 10% correction, in this index, this is the second time it happened this year, and also last happened three years ago, so again, you are want to talk about stocks that have been able to recovery from these past he sell-offs in recent years worth noteing. >> exactly like i said some stocks in this index have done really well, about alphabet google, amazon, other stocks like microsoft amd, names that are doing really well that i think can lift this up seems a social media issue more than overall tech we saw a what amazon reported that stock up lifted group up see if apple can do same. >> is it switching gears president trump heading to florida day expected to tout strong economic growth, workforce event make america great again rally blake burman
8:06 am
joins us live from the white house with more details, blake? . reporter: hi dagen, good morning to you president trump reiterating at white house that he is willing to meet with just about anybody, we've seen the president meet with leader of north korea, the president of russia as well, and president trump saying yesterday that he is also willing to meet with iran's president hassan rouhani. >> i don't do that from strength or weakness i think appropriatening to do if we could work something out meaningful, not the waiste of people i would be willing to meet. >> do you have preconditions for that meeting. >> no preconditions no, they want to meet i will meet any time they want. any time they want. >> however, the the secretary mike pompeo did appear to lay out some conditions in an interview yesterday, saying that iran needs to make it known that its worthwhile to enter into a nuclear agreement change their behavior in middle east, and change how they treat their own people.
8:07 am
a spokesperson for the national security security backed that up in a statement saying u.s. would be willing to reestablish diplomatic relations with iran pull back sanctions warned following quote this relief is only possible if tangible demonstrated sustained shifts in tie ran policies, until then the sting of sanctions will gronl more painful if the regime does not change course, the head of iran strategic council responding saying iran does not see any value in the president's ufr offer to sit down for goshgz on world stage u.s. official with knowledge of the intelligence assessment tell fox shows north korea is kointing to build its missile capabilities up that concludes icbm, intercontinue continent about ballistic missiles.
8:08 am
>> chief political correspondent fox news contributor, we are less than 100 days away from midterm elections what are you listening for in tonight's rally because there is so much on the president's plate each and every day, and when seems like his plate full adds something else. >> republican strategies trying to help the republican party keep control of the house, they will tell you they want him to talk about the economy, they want him to talk a lot about the economy, they want to talk about how democrats want to get rid of ice, they want him to talk about immigration they want him to talk about the specter of nancy pelosi being speaker of the house, they want him to talk about all of that stuff. . >> will he? >> among other things i think probably will but go all over the place, but a number of strategists have been rattled by last month pretty confident a month ago if you talked to
8:09 am
them the whole border family separation thing followed by the president's performance in helsinki, really spooked some of them they have seen some president's numbers and key congressional districts go down with those independent voters they are trying to get, so they are worried about the amount of noise that comes out of the white house at any given time, they wl wish they could keep pushing economy ice supreme court, nancy pelosi, that kind of stuff. dagen: president tweeted moments ago speaking of adding something else to the list of topics this morning, collusion is not a crime. that doesn't matter because there was no collusion, except by crooked hillary and democrats your reaction to that? i am sure that the quote/unquote strategists don't want him tweeting about that good luck telling the president what to do. >> the president has been pretty effective, with this if you go back to the hiring of
8:10 am
rudy giuliani, and the beginning of rudy giuliani kind of being the face of the president's defense, and emmett flood inside player, when is last time anybody heard emmett flood say anything clearly kind of a two track effort going on, i think if you look at the polls, showing number of people have confidence in robert mueller that has been tick downwards since president did this my guess the president is doing this because he thinks it works. dagen: because you changed, you get all the democrats if you listen to any other networks, they literally a talk about russia non stup don't talk about anything that truly matters, to anybody who is working hard, and trying to support their family in this country. all they talk about is russia, and who is getting interviewed by mueller who is subpoenaed forcing the democrats almost
8:11 am
trump supporters want the democrats to talk about impeachment because a loser. >> they absolutely do, and i mean go back to 2006, if you remember george iraq war in terrible shape george w. bush very unpopular, a number of democrats were saying if we win the control of the house in 2006, there is going to be impeachment, and it really kid not fly nancy pelosi wanted to be speaker, turned out she did, basically came out said impeachment is off the table. now, there are a lot more democrats who say that if the party wins, they want donald trump impeached, but it is not working out that well in polls of the general electorate i think you are going to see conflict inside democratic party august september october about how much to emphasis the whole trump-russia thing. >> you wrote an op-ed in the washington examiner escalating
8:12 am
fear becoming increasingly imminent perhaps the republican between presidential job approval house kwop reelection chances often observed that trump is keeping the favor of his base supports he is but republican -- something you just mentioned republican strategists are watching his approval sink. in some educated affluent congressional districts lots of independently voters the party needs to hold the house, how do you reconcile these two we were talking to congressman desantis running for governor of florida, president trump endorsement of this man, completely shifted the momentum away from his republican opponent and he has a double-digit lead in the pols in florida right now for upcoming primary. >> absolutely turned it around for ron desantis that is a statewide race all the congressional races are in the congressional districts but
8:13 am
the big question of the midterms and nobody knows the answer, the big question is what effect will the president's job approval rating have on the voting? in the past we have generally seen the president below 50% job approval rating is harder for his party to keep the house they tend to lose more seats, but people wonder is trump different you have to remember, his donald trump's personal disapproval rating was year 60% election day 2015 when he was elected, and number of smart republicans are saying, you know, i just don't know exactly how that works. >> when you say strategists i have to chuckle, because, again, president trump won that election by being himself and doing what he wanted to he ignored i would say most strategists. >> absolutely, the only thing here is donald trump is not on the ballot you might think that, by looking at this
8:14 am
campaign but he is not on the plot so it is unclear how the effect will play out in midterms. >> always love seeing you. >> thank you dagen. >> come back soon talk about a financial hangover the shocking new study finds americans spend more than 30 billion dollars in online shopping, when they are drinking. .
8:15 am
8:16 am
dagen: the president continuals to tweet this morning, he is written this, i am looking into 3 did plastic
8:17 am
guns sold to the public already spoke to the nra, doesn't seem to make much sense after several states are lining up to sue to stop these 3-d plastic guns. switching gears housing market latest challenge finding young workers to build homes, cheryl casone has details on this story. cheryl: interesting, young people apparently don't want to work in construction, "the wall street journal" reports the percentage of workers 4 years old or younger has fallen nearly entire country since last housing boom goes back in 2005, there is no single reason for the shortage but when economists industry say the problem is contributing to shortage fewer homes built rising prices for buyers shares two of home builders toll brothers down sharply i mean sharply look at that chart in case you missed it, kim radar cashian west defended president trump on jimmy kimmel live last night no matter how hard kimmel
8:18 am
tried to get her to criticize the president. >> i walk in, and i am like i look around i am kind of star-struck federromoffal offic the first thing i say holy [bleep] we are in oval office i had to take a moment wait we are really here very griff hopefully more good things are going to come out of our conversation. >> do you have a list of people that you might ask him to release from prison. >> i do. >> is melania on it. >> i know that you are not necessarily a trump spoer your husband seems to like him any always respect what other person thinks, i have nothing bad to say about the president. >> held ground met with president in may to discuss the release of alice johnson serving life sentence for
8:19 am
nonviolent drug charge in tennessee, johnson sentence commuted in june she was immediately released from prison, then a new study says that you drunk americans really enjoy online shopping after knocking back a few. spending total of 30 billion dollars, online each year, more poornl what they drink impacts how much they spend shopping on amazon, gin drinkser spend most average more than 82 dollars rum, vodka second and third place spending 50 bucks followed by those who drink white wine red wine tequila beer last place i don't know what this means whiskey drinkers spend average 3 dollars are they cheap? i don't know there is a surge of drunk shopping on saturday morning 2 a.m. shoes lingerie bought 1,000 people surveyed reported purchasing item off amazon while drinking 50% said yes,
8:20 am
they later returned their purchases. thank you. >> i will send it over to you. >> your reaction. >> menial i am a tequila drinker but definitely spent more than 40 bucks. >> tequila drinks like getting in fights with people -- [laughter] >> me and my bar fighting problem. >> no -- >> whiskey drinkers having grown up down south bourbon drinkers having fun with friends shooting pool they are not home shopping. >> i am like people in new york city drinking gin and topic lone on saturday night. >> we can't all be popular. >> but you are popular were a here you are preking america department of homeland security created a cyberhub we speak with homeland security secretary one expert predicts
8:21 am
oil prices could surge to $400 per barrel we didn't make that up, next. ♪ at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today.
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8:24 am
dagen: bp reporting second quarter profit 1.8 billion dollars net gain after announced a multitude billion-dollar deal in u.s. shale country here to discuss, president and battle -- excuse me bratel group senior adviser your thoughts on state of the sector right now your protection for catastrophe? >> yes, 400 dollars stream bp
8:25 am
reshaping itself since the accident, it is this is not surprising, i mean it is why i don't follow earnings bp people have been working extraordinarily hard to bring down costs bp leading among super majors i think, but -- dagen: go ahead finish your thought. >> well, no what i was going to say, it is -- and they will do better for the next year year and half as crude prices rise. i don't see -- 400 dollars is extreme point i used to it make a try to call people's attention to this object obscure regulation could upset the economy in 2000 -- lead to situation consumers paying 6, 7 dollars a gallon election day 2020 something nobody
8:26 am
wants to see. dagen: jon hilsenrath to explain that the international maritime organization ruled that phillip is talking about requires shippers to use only -- fuel which will shift 5% global oil did he manned from high sulfur toward low sulfur going to bring to 2008 peaks by 2020. >> i would like to hear your explanation, you put the 400 dollar a barrel oil price out there. how do you get to that? how does this one object obscure regulation get the to that extreme prediction. >> what it does put stream demand for low sufficiently if you're do you sayel fuel on refining system they can't produce it what we're going to see is roughly a million to a million and half barrel a day global decline in use of
8:27 am
diesel fuel, across the industrial sector that is what is needed to make the fuel for the -- for the maritime organization. for the shippers. >> lindsey here is there you are talking about the refineers having to change the way they refine oil what about there is another alternative of ships putting equipment on to -- on to the boats, to real addresss emission issue is that more efficient way a possible way of addressing this issue? >> yes lindsey that is absolutely a way. you can't what you have to do is put the ship in dry dock you put scrubber material in there scrub the fuel the way you scrub on a power plant 6% may be 7% world shipping capacity will have scribers -- scribers maybe 6065ships will have scrubbers a huge number
8:28 am
of ships not, many large shipping companies saying going to rely on oil to provide low surif you're fuel mers.k. made that statement most keep saying it is a refiner's obligation to do this, the refineers are not prepared to make. >> please come back sir. often. >> more trump tweets president trump tweeting again, this we will be in tampa tonight a big year for congressman desantis, who will be a great governor for florida. strong on crime, borders second amendment hel tax regulation cuts lovers military vets has full total endorsement ron desantis still has to go against a charl challenger secretary of agriculture in florida that primary republican party for
8:29 am
republican nomination to run for governor, is in in you august however, president trump's supporter ron desantis turned things around for desantis a double digital lead in the pols. >> home land security kirstjen nielsen will join us weighing in on security strategy immigration much more warning for morgan stanley the firm predicting bigs correction since february pointing to earnings missions from facebook and netflix in bear market territory down more than 20% each from recent highs. we'll be right back. a special presentation for fox business. former number one andy made return to the atp as citi open the major champion --
8:30 am
>> full advantage of a slow start comeback after hip signatory american 6-3, slight struggling with mobility claude back into the match, after taking second. >> here determination got across the finish line wrapped up the hard-fought win 7-5, in decider, doesn't get easier up next countryman top 20 star kyle edmund coverage continues tuesday 2:30 pm eastern. [music playing]
8:31 am
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mcdowell for maria bartiromo. three dow components big names reporting earnings pfizer procter & gamble, already out with their numbers, mixed reports there, this you can see pfizer's stock down more than 1%, procter & gamble stock this is premarket trading down more than 3%. again, it was a revenue miss for procter & gamble. we've got apple reporting this afternoon, however, will apple be able to turn around the likes of facebook, and twitter? talk about facebook netflix down more than 20% from recent highs, we will see if apple
8:34 am
can buck that trend, futures showing this right now, we've had gains across the board all morning, reversing losses yesterday 24.gain on four futures numbers on personal income, and spending, come just hitting the wires, both er personal income spending rising 4/10 of 1% in line with the economists expectations the core index the fd's chosen indicator for inflation, rising 1.9% compared to a year ago based on that inflation, looks pretty tame, in europe, we look at england, france, germany we have gains in on ftse 100 england the cac quarante in france, the dax heading lower losing one quarter of 1%, asian markets higher hang seng only loser there, down half of 1%. are bears knocking at door analysts at morgan stanley say stocks could be in for the
8:35 am
biggest correction since february. we have details coming up on that, plus building the wall president trump speaking out again yesterday of securing america's borders. >> unlike president obama, i just want great border security, our countries have learned through hard experience that border security is national security they are one and the same. dagen: president threatening government shutdown over border security funding but one administration official tells the "the wall street journal" that the fight will happen after the midterm elections. >> roseanne gave the boot director james gunn fired one says take it easy stop being so sensitive to everything, you cannot wait to hear from her, now to the top story this half hour protecting america. the department of homeland security hosting a cybersecurity summit today, that is where we find deirdre bolton in new york city with secretary of homeland security
8:36 am
kirstjen nielsen. good morning to you. >> good morning, dagen i am certainly am fleeced welcome secretary thank you for time. >> you have a huge cybersecurity summit hosting today you have head of the fbi the head of the nsa you have vice president mike pence then you also have tons of business leaders, ceos from if tech, banking, energy, issue what is the biggest threat right now to our infrastructure? >> the biggest threat in my mind if we don't partner, so what we see doing is using bots, paid influencesers, governments everyone that can attack us biggest threat if we don't work together to counter that. >> give me if you don't mind secretary nod of agreesity russian iran north korea not known who is attacking us most.
8:37 am
>> okay. so, a good question if they the slightly different what i would say russia very active will continue to be active we have seen meddling in election with industrial control systems, we have seen meddling with routers, china has more of a long view looking more to understand our systems particularly in government, understand who is who get different access to systems, iran we see active and north korea both but general in their regions they have capability, we know they have the intent but don't see quite as active towards us so that what is response with strategy you attack us we hit back 10 times as have a reasonable doubt? what can we do to take away an incentive to keep trying to figure out our system. >> we have to move from come as mr.ency to consequences i think you have seen that legal means entitlements, whether sanctions treasury department p&g we have to have consequences call them out hold them responsible.
8:38 am
>> your creating a risk management center, and goes back to this point about coordination, where you really feel government and private especially need to be coordinated some business leaders have complained even if when i think i am hacked i don't know how to call is this the answer risk management center. >> we saw that happen before no i think it is, how it is now we have different intel comes in we collate at government level intel unclassified and classified we need sprest to understand context to apply that intel -- working very closely with energy sector finish, com sector we have intemperature we can see how it fits in to their operational environment how it can affected them helps us, helps be ready for the system. >> you mentioned energy i have heard some people say, parts of our system, are so old, that it is actually hard to hack but we have seen evidence of russia actually having a certain amount of success, in
8:39 am
breaching some ports normally shouldn't have been breached how do you see it. >> they are trying, for sure, i think they have some capabilities in ukraine, they continue to scan attempt to access our systems in the u.s. there was one limited distribution asset they did tactic would thought have being affected larger grid but your point is valid working very closely with department of energy secretary perry will be joining us to help give perspective from energy sector. >> of all systems that we have whether banking or whether it is internet or energy grid what are you most worried about what what keeps you up at night in this context. >> i worry about being behind they innovate dailey sometimes minute in terms of different ways attacked us we have to keep up, we have to have that partnership, that really he evolving i worry that given times, we might not have the
8:40 am
authority, and resources to combat them effectively. >> when you talk about resources, what is it like for you to recruit because i am this could of computers scientists out of mit you you need code breakers hackers easy for them to work in silicon valley. >> it is. much more lucrative. >> we are working, on variety of initiatives everything from chaijdz partners with private sector a loan executive program we are doing something i think innovative working with gsa to develop a new gsa system to hire federal employees based on skill sets in cybermight not adequate to traditional eligibling requirements. >> i know as we talked to buf ceos here how cooperative is private enterprise a lot of people don't trust the government. >> yes about 15 years old taken probably all 15 years to build up trust. we used to say from government
8:41 am
here to help, wasn't something people wanted to hear but i think what you hear from ceos today they are committed to this partnership, committed and that is the full it is not just is for response when attack hanz but planning risk assessment prioritization understood youing that between all saishths. >> the border microsoft is specifically saying we don't want our facial recognition technology used there. what is your opinion on that? >> i don't -- >> biometric technology to conserve identity we use facial recognition limited ways in aviation, we find that vastly increases ability of passengers something we can do dpaefrt make it more efficient keep it secure, opportunities. >> before wu let you go how do you see a border wall with immigration policy how that fits with security and
8:42 am
cybersecurity. >> so all this together we are talking different walls on border, we have seen that in san diego, we have seen in other countries, wall goes up does absolutely serve as not just a deterrent but a physical barrier makes it much more difficult to access the same will will true of cyberlooking at a system of systems sf proochl from firewalls much more than that monitoring on system looking at network traffic, identifying sharing mitigation measures similar to immigration you have to have many, many layers of security in order to protect americans. >> do you think we are going to see a shutdown based on this issue. >> i think the president has been clear as to what he believes is needed for border security from my perspective will could about the top work with appropriateors congress to make sure that that men and women have what they need to do their jobs. >> thank you for the time we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> dagen back to you. dagen: thank you for that,
8:43 am
and thanks to the secretary as well a new warning from morgan stanley, why the firm is predicting a correction and after facebook and netflix they are now in the bear market territory down 20% as of yesterday lesley jones is speaking out about comedianians being politically correct stuart is here to weigh in and i can't wait. next. ♪ ♪ this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table. and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger, and trust it never fell into the wrong hands. ♪ ♪ this is a shipment transferred two hundred times, transparently tracked from port to port.
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8:47 am
jones amazing, love her telling ladies of the view that everyone needs to just get a life. joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney. >> i am glad we decided to highlight this. because it is part of life isn't it you watch light night comedians they don't make me laugh they are not funny i had a nice weekend took time to see some late night guys, useless, i mean so negative, so hostile all so political, so divisive i welcome lesley jones' statement made it on of all places the view. saying look you can't go through life if you are offended by everything you got to laugh, i think you are her message especially young people watch the light night guys, you can't go through life like this, you can't start out being opposed to everything being sensitive to
8:48 am
the slightest slight, you can't do that, i think her message is very important, and i hope picked up by other comedians who bring back comedy where you watch their act and laugh at it laugh with them laugh at them laugh at jokes you smile if we could get back to that i would be delighted, not that i will be watching late night television any time soon again, but -- would it make a nice change to our life wouldn't it. dagen: i will turn this back on itself, because part of what she is saying is there are a lot of people who when those late night comedians i haven't heard once anything funny in a long time from them but trump are sprorts listen to them try to make a joke about the president, or about what republicans, anything that anyone says, meant to be a joke is offensive in part that is what lesley jones is referring to -- >> what also saying, lighten up come on lightlien up, the
8:49 am
job of the comedian make me laugh they have forgotten that message i think lesley jones is absolute right to bring it back. dagen: saying people who go to shows watch all of these, the myriad netflix special sessions by comediennes not just comedians it is people watching literally come to the table with a list of things that will o fend them, down to do not make fun of people who love cats i love cats, i am offendeded by you making fun of cat lovers that granular that is why people walking around as my mother says with a mad on all the time. >> didn't have you kimmel with kim kardashian trying to make her go after mr. trump or be snide towards him, that is typical what are they thinking
8:50 am
of is that funny i can't believe it will. >> i made fun of kim kardashian a lot criticized that family however i will say held her ground with him said i am going to say anything negative she deserves a lot of credit for that. >> i think deserves a lot of credit or for make approximating enormous amount of money without being good on anything other than famous that to me is remarkable feat. >> we would take that job if we could get it being rich for being yourself i think we take that if we can do it but we have to have skills. >> wouldn't work with me i am afraid just wouldn't work. >> nobody understands what i am saying out of time neighbor, stuart i love you darrell thank you so much, great to see you. >> see you later. >> he will be up, in less than 10 minutes, stuart varney, morgan stanley warning a correction is looming, after
8:51 am
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want to apply? go ahead, apply. anytime's a good time. remember, the #1 important thing, medicare doesn't pay for everything. a med supp plan could help pay some of what's left. and this is the only plan of its kind endorsed by aarp. that's the icing on the cake... i love cake. finding the right aarp medicare supplement plan for you could be just a quick call away. dagen: investors losing taste for key technology stocks, facebook and netflix both closing bear market territory, this comes as analysts at morgan stanley believe a major sell-off is on the way for broader markets s&p global marnth intelligence portfolio manager aaron gibbs is it going to be tech stocks that
8:55 am
lead the market lower. >> i think overstatement to say just a couple stocks that have been missing, yes they have missed extreme levels, you look at border s&p 500 regional valuations 22% growth and when you look at the beat rates for just for a second quarter guidance, we're the stocks are beating at about an 82% rate that is really high -- higher than normal, so the border market looks pretty healthy technology has huge impact i don't see its able to take the entire market down the markets only up 4% year to date i don't see that making like wiping out gains we have achieved this year. >> i think this report by moring mooing looking at lagging gdp earnings, lagging if you look at legislated
8:56 am
indicators stock market, and manufacturing strong where do you can when you think investing for the second half of the year, where are you putting your money? >> so for us, we have been talking about the difference between the value and growth stocks for a few weeks now, and when you look at the return o to growth stocks up 10% year-to-date values only up 2%. so value has been the big laggard that is definitely if you want safety, that is the place that is not going down you haven't seen huge uptick, and that could be an area perhaps later in the year would i say a little earlier now, august tends to be a bad month anyway tends to be a rough month would i say in the fall if we see any preference towards financials we really start seeing interest rates yield curve go higher, that could be an area. >> speaking of interest rates federal reserve meets this week not expected to raise interest rates but, again, what will investors be looking
8:57 am
at. >> they are going to be looking at how the fed describes how the economy is doing what will changes in the statement that comes out tomorrow the fed has to be 'on economy 4% growth second quarter living ins reaching target i think projecting at least one more increase probably two before the end of the year. dagen: big old jobs' report on friday. >> 1 90,000 jobs expected right now thank you so much great to see you next spend more time promise we will be right back, everybody. ♪ i will survive, for as long ♪ and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day.
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>> jon hilsenrath lindsey bell come back one and all thank you so much "varney & company" starts. >> good morning to you good morning, everyone, apple reports today, the last of bike tech high-flyer to lay out financial results how much did it make how much will it make in the future? where is the growth? >> for investors, this is a big deal, not just for apple but for the whole market, there has been a pullback in the big names that the led wall street higher two years, apple results could help reverse the trend, or could encourage more selling. if and this is a very big if, apple bloez -- blows everybody away up 1 dollars worth a trillion dollars find out the this afternoon,


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