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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tampa, florida kicking off a make america great again rally just about an hour from now. thank you for having us in your homes. charles payne is here now with making money. charles: i'm charles payne. taking a live look at the florida state fairgrounds. president trump will be holding a make america great again rally. trump is delivering remarks after signing his strengthening career and technical education for the 21st century act. it's apple to the rescue. it just posted a monster earnings report. renewed optimism on reports the u.s. china are back at the negotiating table. the chinese state media released a statement before that news
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that the chinese economy is facing new issues. so has china blinked? capri cafaro, peter morrisy is with us. peter the number on chinese manufacturing, one of the subsets imports at a 23-month low. they are starting to show some cracks in their economy. >> my feeling is they want to talk to head off anything trump might do. but i don't think they want to talk seriously. i don't think they are willing to remake their system. i think they are measuring him and that he's probably willing to accept some substandard deal.
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charles: at this point that he would get a deal is pretty remarkable. more and more people are saying we can win this though the media said from day one that we would lose and trump opponents said it was a dumb idea. >> at the end of the day all politics is local and that includes for china and their leaders. the chinese commission up against the ropes. some of that has been triggered by the fact there was some discussion out of the trump administration that the united states would somehow limit corporate investment by the chinese entity, that we would limit their investment if they had more than a 25% ownership. china recognizes there is a cooling off amongst their
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economy. even the china central bank is trying to bring out more money to make investment more available. if we can help them make a deal they look good. charles: here is the thing. after the bell we heard from mexico's president. and this is great news. suggesting there could be some sort of deal either a renegotiated nafta or a straight unilateral deal between mexico and the united states on trade this week. >> that would be incredibly positive news. and if we have a deal with china and this deal with the e.u. of zero import tax and zero trade barriers. the fact that zero is even on the radar at all. this is the kind of thing you would imagine would come out of
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the cato institute as a dream proposal. if that happens, then the sky is the limit for this economy. one thing that may be holding us back is uncertainty about where this trade is going. charles: peter, to me the most of important news of the day, employee compensation climbing at the fastest rate in 10 years. people keep saying where the tax cuts benefits. dirty fingernail jobs, maintenance workers, mining workers, construction workers, their benefits and compensation growing faster than the national average. >> the trump economy is creating a tighter labor economy. and people at the bottom are getting a break in two ways. they are getting raises for these ordinary jobs and they deserve it. the other thing is companies are
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easing requirements for a lot of jobs that have a future. when i was a kid which was a long time ago i'll grant you, you could become a branch manager of a bank with a high school education. you started as a teller and would you work your way up. then all of a sudden you need to go to college. we are starting to see banks and other service center enterprises welcoming high school graduates into a position that have a ladder. and working through the bipartisan legislation for more training. it shows you a robust economy is the very best social program. charles: another great thing is getting a shot. someone giving me a shot. let me get a foot in the door.
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we are seeing more and more businesses saying we'll take someone without any experience willing to work hard. >> i'm glad to see that's happened across the country. when one community does well, it lifts all boats. in ohio i was home over the weekend. if anyone from the department of commerce and the trump administration wasn't listening, they are looking to close its doors. the chevy cruz has not been a got seller because of the gas prices. but what people need to pay attention to is there is a cruz facility in mexico. we can do this by retooling the facility and making minor changes to make the hatchback model. if the president is talking
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about doing a bilateral agreement with mexico, he needs to talk to general motors about bringing those jobs back to ohio. charles: deroy? >> it's fascinating with limited government and free markets are doing. the democrats aren't learning from this. they are going with socialism and medicare for all. charles: you are -- your vote is not for sale? >> my vote is not for sale. charles: congresswoman black burn is running for senate. what are you thoughts on the accounts removed on facebook. you i have been pushing on this hard. this is not that dissimilar from the section 230 governance we
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discussed in the past. banks, financial institutions do a lot of work in the know your customer program. it's time as we have been saying for facebook and the social media to know their users and make certain that these are not being used improperly. that the facebook accounts, youtube accounts and things of that nature. you remember years ago, in 2009 we tried to require some governance. they need to make certain they know who is their user and you do not have nefarious or illegal activity that will be taking place on their platforms. charles: we are in the midst of this incivility crisis in this country. a lot of people are looking to the folks we elect to set the
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example. a spokesperson has made several hateful comments about donald trump. calling trump voters idiots. this is remarkable. right now your campaign is on center stage, the whole country is watching, and many think it may determine the outcome of power in washington, d.c. in november. can you believe this? >> we were stunned to hear this. but you know what? it reveals the true nature of what they think and how they think about trump voters. through his spokesman, phil bredesen is rye vealing this. it was bad enough when his friend hillary clinton who he gave $33,400 to called us all deplorables, now we are hearing they think we are morons and
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idiots and not worth the time. for hard-work tennesseans who support the president, it's unthinkable. i understand the guy hasn't been fired. he's still there and work as their spokesperson. charles: calling trump voters idiots is remarkable. but it's -- what's even more remarkable, to your point. the guy is still employed. if this happened with someone on your team, could you imagine the criticism that you would be taking, national criticism? it would be amazing. >> it is. what tennesseans want is somebody to keep the focus on keeping the economy going. you were just talking about salaries and wages and the
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increase in that. we are hearing that every day. and that's where people want the focus to be. when they hear something like this, it's beyond the pale. donald trump is very popular in tennessee. his policies are popular in the state. they are working and people want to make certain we continue this economic growth. tennessee is doing a great job attracting jobs. they are doing a great job attracting businesses. we are seeing an increase in manufacturing as you talk about auto manufacturing. that is going very well for us. we are seeing whether it's gm or nissan or volkswagen, we hear every day about the opportunities that exist for new workers coming into the state and employees look to get a better job and do a better job providing for their families. charles: the media is making a
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lot -- 2018 the year of women running across this country. obviously i know you are in a tooth and nail battle. you have a remarkable story that i hope gets out there more often. coming up, the trump administration looking at a plan to implement yet another tax break. believe it or not, some people aren't happy about it. one second. barely enough time for this man to take a bite of turkey. but for cyber criminals it's plenty of time to launch thousands of attacks. luckily security analysts and watson are on his side. spotting threats faster and protecting his data with the most securely encrypted main frame in the world. it's a smart way to eat lunch in peace.
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blueprints. we'll be speaking to the attorney representing the company fighting to make these blueprints available. trump and the administration considering tax breaks for investors. it will adjust capital gains taxes. some say it could provide up to $100 billion in a windfall over 10 years. steven mnuchin said they would prefer congress take up the issue. but critics are saying it's a tax cut for the wealthy as well. joining me now, danielle mclachlan, and ned ryun. they went nuts.
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the news is out. nancy pelosi was on her soap box in a nano second. we know this is something that's for the rich only and i think it reward investment an encourages investment. >> absolutely. i think of it as a jobs plan. if you have got more capital to invest you will have more to put into businesses that can expand and increase wages. jobs come from both, both comes from business and business comes from capital investment. the other thing is again i'm stating the obvious. money in the hand of private businesses and private investors is used better than in the hand of government. there are consequences for
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businesses when government is consequence free. trump gets this. he knows two of the best things he can do, cut regulations, cut taxes. so people can put money into creating jobs. charles: danielle, here is the thing. a couple buys a house. in over 20 years the house increases in value. they should be able to make an adjustment for inflation. and the profits they make off the house should be taxed. this would allow homeownership to flourish even more and allow people who weren't born into wealth without a silver spoon, improve a lot of their lives and their heirs. >> i agree we should be supporting people who weren't born with a silver spoon in
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their mouth. charles: what if you want to retire and give the money to your family? >> if you own stocks which 50% of americans do. but what about regular americans. charles: only 50% of americans? that's a lot of people with dreams, homes, kids. >> i don't disagree. but what about the other 50%. charles: is there anything stopping them? >> there are americans who don't have money for a down payment. charles: we are going to go on a field trip to three gucci stores and i will point out 100 people who shouldn't be in that store and should put the $400 into
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gucci stock. >> you can give tax breaks to corporations and the corporations can do stock buybacks or you can gift to people who keep it in their wallets and spend and grow the economy. charles: i have a problem when people suggest that you are giving something to someone what they earned. >> your point is well taken. letting you keep more your hard-earned money. >> i guess we are all in agreement. this is money taken by them and giving it back to them, and this is how it should be done. government should be giving more money back to small businesses, to the investors so we can have this positive environment. i guess i'm a little perplexed by this idea. somehow it's government's right
6:21 pm
to keep this money. >> do you know how many americans got a race or tax cuts? 4.6% of americans. charles: america getting a raise. wages, income, spending all through the roof. wait until i share some of the economic data that just came out today. right here on "making
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charles: the trump economy continues to fire on all cylinders. u.s. workers seeing their highest pay increase since 2008. the employment index came out 2.8% for the second quarter. big time solid in june. households spend more money on restaurants and accommodation.
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i think we have strong tail winds going into the rest of the year. with me to discuss, peter schiff. we went back and forth a few days ago and you discussed the notion that we all got it wrong and a recession is right around the corner. >> i don't think we have a booming economy at all. we are not firing on all cylinders. this is the same bubble economy president trump accurately criticized when he was a candidate. only thing he has been able to do since becoming president is blow a little air back into the bubble. all this cheerleading and self-congratulations about victories that haven't been won i think will come back to bite
6:26 pm
the republicans in 2020. >> corporations are hiring and they are able to pay more because corporations are saving with the tax cuts. this is just the beginning. i totally disagree with him. we are in a position where we'll see a great end of 2018 going into 2019. look at the gdp number that came out friday. >> we had plenty of one-off quarters under obama. he had four quarters higher than 4.1. but if you get tax cuts, you can get a temporary boost. so people are spending a little bit now because the governments ran up the deficit. prices are going up so in many cases people are paying more for the things they are buying. charles: what is the rain thing
6:27 pm
you are concerned about -- what else the main thing you are concerned about. what is the biggest fault line in this economy? >> when trump inherited the economy there were a lot of structural problems that exist and haven't been addressed. government was much too big it was spending much too much. under president trump we increased both welfare spending and warfare spending. we made the big government even bigger. yet we reduced the revenues to pay for it. in our last segment you were talking about cutting capital gains taxes. i would like to eliminate the capital gain taxes and income taxes. but to do that you have to eliminate the government they are spending it on. charles: we are seeing a
6:28 pm
dramatic decline in food stamp recipients and the other metrics of the economy are looking great. after the bell, apple's numbers are out. the consumer is spending money. i guess the question is, is it sustainable? >> trump is in and he's doing what he can and he just barely begun. you have to give him a chance. you want to see it going up. whether it's a small or big decline, as long as we are going higher, gdp, market, all the stuff you want to see, you want to see it rise. >> that what's it looks like before a collapse. the problem was consumers were spending too much. we need people saving money. we:need capital investments. >> people are saving because interest rates are up.
6:29 pm
interest rates from higher so people are saving. interest rates are up in savings accounts. >> they are still too low but people are not saving. they are spending borrowed money on imports. charles: peter, you don't believe a good old-fashioned recession could be cathartic? >> if hillary clinton had won we would already be in a recession. so we were able to post point for a couple of years. but i think it will be worse than the great recession of 2008-2009. it would be cathartic if the government would let it run its course. but the government keeps coming in with artificial stimulants. and they make the problems worse. the problem for trump and the country is when it hits the fan lit be blamed on his rhetoric.
6:30 pm
it will be blamed on the tax cuts and the free market. that's not how we got into the mess. charles: we are going to see. we have a chance to see if reagan-omics works. we are in the midst of it. the growth part is coming. ultimately we have to cut government spending. everyone in the white house knows that. sports used to be the pastime that brought us all together. we go, we hug, we cheered. we would hug strangers as long as our team was winning. now it's about politics and racial division. abetes, what matters to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c.
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charles: the nfl fight over the anthem protest back in the spotlight. zach tooked a stand and said i never protest during anthem and i don't think it's the time or venue to do so. when you bring controversy to the game, it takes away from the joy football brings a lot of people.
6:35 pm
chad, a heck of a head shake. you may still be able to play. >> i'm long gone, 18 years retired, but thank you. charles: i was impressed with dak prescott. i know he will be facing some ugly things. other nfl players came out and dissed him enormously. this issue, this pastime we all loved. you go to the games and as long as you have got the right jersey, you could hang with anyone. it was like a refuge for society. now it's a place we go and we get angry at each other. >> it's hard for people to see someone who is not white say i don't think we should kneel. we should celebrate this
6:36 pm
country. and i applaud him for doing so. he's saying something that a lot of people are feeling, that are afraid to say. i think you will see teams. if the nfl doesn't do it, you will start to see a shift, maybe we are done with this. maybe it's something where they wear a color or a patch like the susan b. cohen cancer thing. saying look let's talk about this but not while we kneel. charles: you can kneel before "the national anthem." before "the national anthem." but understand how it impacts other people. and it doesn't make them racist. because they believe the flag and the anthem are sacrosanct. >> this is something that holds
6:37 pm
people together, the american flag, and our patriotism. this just weakens it. wrong time, wrong place. if you are a football player in the nfl, you can go on television or jimmy kimmel. the owner should insist. we are paying a lot. money for you to do your jobs. right here, do your jobs. charles: it seeps into the political realm. what do you make of it as someone who has represented democrats. and you represent working class people of all stripes. people whose one luxury in life is to get season tickets. >> i think people are frustrated that politics seems to be inescapable whether you are watching a sitcom or going to a
6:38 pm
football game or watching it on television. there is frustration among the american people that we can't escape politics no matter where we turn. the beauty of being pane american is being able -- of being an american is being able to speak your minds. the gentleman from the dallas cowboys who says i am not going to protest. or le bron james who says things have become incredibly divisive in sports. charles: le bron james is saying racism is highlighted or having a rebirth. he acknowledges this before president trump. but he's putting the racial issues in this country on the back of president trump's candidacy. don lemon, when he spoke to him,
6:39 pm
accused the president of using sports. >> i respect what le bron has done for the city of akron, investing in education. you had a group of people in the nfl who wanted to protest the treatment of young black men by kneeling during "the national anthem." then you have president trump saying this is bad. "the national anthem" should bring us together. you know who is to blame for pitting the two things against each on ther? the media. the media amplified it and made this kind of dialogue more divisive than it needed to be. charles: folks, we'll be right back.
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charles: for all the hand wring and doomsday prognostication reporting in july, it was a hot month for the market. the month is over and the dow jones industrial average was up 5%. nasdaq almost 3%. the dow's transportation names up more than 7%. the russell hanging in there up almost 2%. today the rally faded into the close. of course, we talked earlier in the show. news that the united states and china have gotten back to the negotiating table helped the market out of the gate. that was the best performing
6:44 pm
session. though the major indifficult sees closed high for the day. the breadth overall was strong for the new york stock exchange. the action of answering concerns we have had about investor appetite outside of big technology companies. it was answered affirmatively that we can buy other names. but it won't be financials or energy. buyers will flow into healthcare and big, big performances in pharmaceutical names. though the hot hot money, it's bio tech stocks. in the ibb bio tech index has a great-looking chart. it pulled back closed at 119.
6:45 pm
their all-time high was 133. i don't think all of big tech is big. i have apple and amazon and i'm not going to touch them in my retirement accounts. 1.3 million iphones was a negative. earnings per share, $2.34. service revenue $9.55 billion. and then $59 billion was the consensus. not only should china be resolved real soon, but the earnings from the industrial sector look really good. take a look at some of these names. huge names, big names. i have been talking about these names for a long time.
6:46 pm
every investor should consider having extra exposure to those names. i'll have more on how to weight your portfolio. two judges issue a blow too to the release of 3d gun blueprints. we have the company's attorney coming right up. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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so if you're over age 50, call now and schedule an appointment near you. for just $149- a savings of over 50%- you'll receive a package of five screenings that go beyond your doctor's annual check-up. ultrasound technology looks inside your arteries for plaque that builds up as you age and increases your risk of stroke and heart disease. after all, 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom is a stroke. so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. charles: just moments ago a federal judge in seattle granted temporary restraining order block public access to 3d blueprints for guns after three
6:50 pm
states and washington, d.c. filed a lawsuit to block the blue print amid growing tension. president trump giant in the conversation tweeting -- president trump joined in the conversation. already spoke to the nra. doesn't seem to make much sense. josh blackburn is the attorney for the company at the center of this debate. thank you very much for joining. >> i wish it would be under better circumstances. 15 minutes ago the federal judge in washington issued a nationwide injunction baerga settlement we reached with the trump administration to bring an end to the litigation. charles: so what -- you have got 8 states, washington, d.c., what
6:51 pm
are they saying? their opposition -- we know people when they hear about this, the first thing they think about is anyone can print these out. there is no registration, it increases danger. chuck schumer says it would help terrorists. we know what the outcry is. are these legal arguments they are using to stop the company you are representing? >> charles, this is a case of free speech, it's not about guns. they sought a court order to force to us take down files off the internet. the governor of one state can't censor the speech and commerce of another state. we are very disaflointsd this court ruling. charles: would you say this is a first amendment or second amendment issue. >> without question this is a first amendment question. this is an issue can you speak
6:52 pm
on the internet and share information. the government is using prior restraint to censor you. charles: aren't there coffer-outs even to free speech? >> the shouting fire was overturned in the 1960s. but in the pentagon papers case a client attempted to publish the pentagon papers. and the united states supreme court said unanimously the government cannot stop you from speaking when the speech is already in the public domain. charles: what about potential violence? is there a constitutional issue. blueprints or free speech ultimately leading to harm to the public? >> the class of guns, but they
6:53 pm
can't violate the first amendment. perhaps the biggest shame of the court order. in five minutes people can find it anywhere else. they haven't sued others, they only sued my clients. we only got order a few minutes ago. but this is not last of it. charles: you are in the eye of the storm. it's congress, and public opinion. even president trump has weighed in. we'll probably be hearing a lot more about this. i know it's a busy, hectic time. thanks for coming on the show. president trump is moments away from speaking at a rally in tampa.
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charles: well, you are looking live at the florida state fairgrounds where president trump is about to speak at a rally in support of gubernatorial candidate ron desantis who has made a dramatic and explosive move up the polls in a short period of time after president trump endorsed him. in fact trump-backed candidates have won nine out of the ten contested contests. here to discuss, need ryan is back with us. emily, you look at where need ryan was two months ago and where he is now, that trump magic is in full effect. and of course desantis putting out an ad sort of gloating as much, what's drove a lot of people crazy. >> that was a heck of an ad. if the viewers haven't seen it, they should check it out. it's representative of what's happening in republic primaries around the country. as we're talking about florida,
6:58 pm
the wisconsin candidates are rallying. if you look at the republican voters, they're so supportive of president trump. that's what's happened here in florida and that's why the president can go down there and make a big impact by holding a rally at this stage of the race. charles: president trump suggesting to sean hannity that he might hit the road five days a week. we saw a bionic performance as he was going for the presidency. in fact i think he was hitting at the end like four or five states in a day while hillary was chilling out measuring for curtains in the oval office. wow. it's so critical for him to do this. in a way it's kind of scary, though, that the republicans on their own don't have that kind of magic. >> well, the midterms are base elections and guess who the base loves. it's trump. he understands that the 2018 midterms are an up and down
6:59 pm
vote. it's simple to me, if you like your tax cuts, like conservative judges, if you like the economy -- we just saw the labor department reporting that u.s. workers had the biggest increase in the last ten years in wages and benefits. if you like that, vote rap. if you want your taxes raises, i.c.e. abolishes, amnesty, medicare for all, you vote democrat. and trump understands this. and i plof wha love what he's dn the primaries. he's one of the most popular american presidents with the republicans. he should be more aggressive. i want to see him go from florida to tennessee and endorse diane black. she carried water for him as budget chairman to hemp pass the tax bill. charles: does the magic continue? >> this is where it gets tricky. you'll notice tonight governor rick scott is not going to be at this rally because i think he wants to keep a little distance. in wisconsin, for instance, i keep going back to that example, the candidates are talking about
7:00 pm
trump in the primary but the president's favorability is under water in wisconsin. we'll see him going to different places. charles: that's amazing considering they have 2.8% unemployment. emily, need, thank you very much. the rally with lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. our top story tonight is president donald trump and his rally in tampa, florida. president trump is in support of congressman ron desantis and his bid to become the governor of the key swing state of florida. the president arriving in tampa earlier today. he was greeted by attorney general pam bondi before shaking hands with fans at the airport and heading to an education round table where he was touting the economy and job training. >> i also want to thank governor scott for signing the pledge to expand vocationa


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