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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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initially. will it move. any comments on the potential size of this market? and since you brought up amazon as a seller of showtime, you know as they prepare to enter the advertising market and they know who the sub is are, do you guys have a point of view yet on where the advertising dollars -- liz: cbs in firestorm of controversy amidst sexual assault allegations surrounding ceo les moonves. he is not talking about the sexual allegations. deirdre bolton in the newsroom. >> the company for the second quarter beating on top and bottom line. but i'm going to just read the statement. limiting topics to the financials. this is official comment to liz, official quote in light of pending litigation and other matters and on the advise of counsel. cbs execs will only discuss financial earnings on the call this afternoon.
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all the topics are where they see digital growth, where they see ad growth, where they see over the top programing. reading through my notes. cbs talking about cbs all-access and showtime streaming services, bragging if you like, worth highlighting the positive on this conference call. talking about the fact they got to 8 million paying subscribers in 2019, earlier than previous estimates of 2020. as far as trying to control the message and of course they allude to their lawyers, in essence, cbs is giving you details of what they consider to be a very strong quarter. if you look at the numbers, with that exceeding on the top and bottom line that is fair enough comment. they also talk a lot or are ignoring or not commenting on as you know the legal battle between cbs and chairman and ceo les moonves, and shari redstone running the parent company, national amusement. there is a court date, a trial
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that is set in october. there are no comments about that refresh everybody's memory, cbs, les moonves, wants to keep cbs separate, completely separate. shari redstone of national amusements wants to remerge put back together cbs and viacom. cbs and les moonves are suing shari redstone the trial coming up in october. this entire conference call we've been listening to for 30 minutes, limiting to financials, digital growth. post-market, viewers see on the screen. the stock is moving lower. obviously some people wanted to hear some comments on these allegations of sexual harrassment. and investors also wanted to hear some comments on how they see this court, this legal battle going, liz, in october. liz: deirdre going back on the call. deirdre bolton. bring in fox business's charlie
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gasparino, breaking all sorts of stories on this. charlie, this corporate soap opera keeps getting worse. les moonves is not talking about it. >> as we first reported last tuesday he was planning to be on the call. we kept reporting that our sources inside cbs said he was planning to be on the call. he is on the call. he spoke on the call. they started off with a disclaimer on advice of counsel they can't speak about the sexual misconduct allegations but we point out it has been joe ianniello and les moonves speaking so far. they have not opened it up to questions. that is where you might get some indication, someone will him something i think about secession. if they don't, then, the picked biggest softballs on wall street to ask proposed questions for this thing. maybe that is a tactic. you know, you can understand where you don't talk about specifically the charges but you get, you hint at it because the
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bottom line is this. one of the biggest movers of the stock right now is not the earnings, it is not, it is not new programing. i know les spoke a lot about new programing at the top of it. it is succession. who might take his place. at some point they will have to address that. some analyst, like i said, these calls usually go on for an hour. we're about half hour through it. so they should be opening up for questions very soon. liz: yeah. >> some analysts i would expect. you're not an analyst unless you ask this question, what is the succession plan at cbs? is it joe ianniello if les has to step down? is it this guy, that guy? you don't have to ask about the specific charges in "the new yorker." you have to get to talk about what is causing the stock to go down, frankly les moonves might not be there in next couple months. liz: stay there. they had pretty solid earnings report. but the stock is trending down.
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give us more color on that? >> should point out in the 3:00 show at the end of liz claman's show, "countdown to the closing bell" i reported that they were still, there was still some questions whether he would be on or not. i was reporting right then exclusively he was still planning to be on. the stock did spike on that. maybe some people taking money off the table. $52 a share is about where you might see cps trade if les moonves is not at company or maybe a little lower. so i mean, listen, this is a trading situation and i think they actually have to talk about succession here. if an analyst does not ask about succession, forget about the charges, forget about ronan farrow, about succession, they're not an analyst. those are not analysts. those are just you know, company flaks. and so i would expect some brave soul to break a little protocol and say, with all due respect, who is next in line in the
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unfortunate circumstance that mr. moonves is not with us in the next couple of months? liz: charlie, why don't you get on the call and ask? >> well, i should have chosen that profession instead of this one. david: liz: great point. i'm sure shari redstone has her guy or this board has their guy, here is the thing, les moonves made a lot of people on the board pretty rich. he tripled the stock on his watch when he took over in 2006. >> very good ceo. excellent ceo. whether comes down to this whether they bounce him or not. is the board really looking for an investigation or looking for a whitewash? i mean, listen we'll have to bring ourselves up here, fox news, we know what happened to our old boss roger ailes. 21st century fox at the time hired a real law firm, paul weiss, to do a real investigation and, and accept their results. wherever the chips went. and there is no doubt about that. you know, they have hired two
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law firms, good law firms, plimpton is one. i can't remember the other name. they all run in my head. they hired real law firms. i'm not behind the scenes. we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. will there be a relinvestigation that the board will take real action? we don't know that as, on the outside. only people on the inside. there will be a lot of eyeballs on them obviously about this investigation. remember one thing. i like les personally. met him a few times. very affable guy. if you look at the statement coming out of the new yorker article. it wasn't like this stuff never happened. he basically said, he made passes, did stuff with women. made entrees to with women, lent credence, not that he sexually abused them but used his power to meet women as programing
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chief, maybe as ceo. that in of itself problematic from corporate governance standpoint. you know, i know, we cover this every day. so just on that basis, you know, he is, that's problematic for him. liz: that's a good point. >> you would think an analyst would ask about succession minus, he or she doesn't have to ask about the other stuff but succession here is really critical to the stock. liz: that's a great point, charlie. thank you so much. i hope you do get on the call, tell us what is happening. ask that question. great to see you, charlie gasparino. here is the question, should cbs have disclosed to investors this "l.a. times," or let me backup, the lapd according to the "l.a. times" several months ago was investigating the sexual assault allegation. that's the issue. several months ago the lapd had been investigating sexual assault complaint against
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les moonves. that was way before ronan farrow's new yorker story. "the l.a. times" story is based on two anonymous sources. the story says prosecutors did not file charges because the alleged incidents were in the 1980's, way past the statute of limitations. the company hired a law firm that the allegations did not require further investigation. the author of against the case the case of impeaching trump, alan dershowitz. great to have you on. is the cbs board in trouble here? >> this is nationwide, worldwide problem. we have to make sure we see in place due process safeguards that protect all parties, protect those women who say they have been abused and the men accused of abuse. we can't just allow corporations to make multibillion dollar decisions based based on
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allegations. i like idea they hire very good law firms to do the investigations and the investigations have to be completely transparent and the public and stockholders and shareholders have to see the product of the investigation so i think cbs acting properly. whether they acted properly in the past or not i don't think we have enough information about anonymous reports and previous law firm but right now seems to me they are doing exactly what they should be doing. liz: that is an important point. the sec with the harvey weinstein case was considering a rule you have to disclose if it materially moves i think the stock. now cbs's stock materially moved the moment "the new yorker" expose' hit the tape, 11% drop in two days. the me too era is hitting all sorts of companies to your point. excellent one, mr. dershwitz. if les moonves leaves cbs could
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cbs claw back his 184 payout? >> that depends on the contract. i have full disclosure. i did work for ben bronfman the lawyer for harvey weinstein. i worked on constitutional issues. i can't talk about that case without making my own disclosure. clawbacks are certainly part of some contracts but in general i think unless you can show that there was a breach of duty to disclose, the clawback operations probably wouldn't work. liz: you know, professor, if he stays, i mean the late night hosts are having a field day, okay, rich guys are protected, where is the accountability? >> well, no, i think rich guys are in fact very vulnerable today along with poor guys. nobody is exempt, nobody is immune from this. i think it's so important though, that the presumption of innocence remain.
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that the presumption that people are telling the truth operates as well. nobody should rush to judgment on either side and it's so important to have processes in place. i suspect every corporation will soon have in place permanent processes for looking into these issues. also corporations have to decide how to deal with issues of statute of limitations, how far back do they go? will we take picasso's paintings off the wall? will we take thomas jefferson's name off the mount rushmore? we have to really figure out how far back these things go. obviously if the person is still ceo, if there were actions taken while he was ceo or in a position of responsibility, then technical statute of limitations may not apply as you put it earlier. good governance applies there. these are complicated issues. we live in an here a of me too. we shouldn't allow that era, as important as it is to protect
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women, to compromise basic core civil liberties and due process. we need the balance struck in a way that protects all interest from stockholders to accused, to the accuser, to the general public. liz: excellent point. due process and civil liberties from both sides. author of the case against i am peeving trump, alan dershwitz. you're terrific sir. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. david: what a day for your money. markets closing mixed. market down 7 points. apple the first company to hit one trillion dollars in market value. the horse race is on. who is next? microsoft, amazon, alphabet? nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole. >> stocks finished mixed. apple propelled just about everything today. the dow finished down just over seven points but the nasdaq was up 1.25%. why? let's see what happened to
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apple. apple stole the show today, hitting trillion dollar market value mark. we've been waiting for it. certainly is monumental. this was started in the garage of founder steve jobs back in 1976. this is more than combined the proctor & gamble and at&t. apple is real win. wowed wall street today. liz: great to see you nicole. new york democratic candidates vows to prosecute i.c.e. for crimes if she he is elected. a former i.c.e. officer is here to respond. google is building a potentially a censored search engine for china. presumably it will censor for the communist government, things about religion, free speech and human rights and more. a veteran wonders why google
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workers find it ethical to help a country censors its citizens but unethical to help our military. johnny jones is here. knock down fight between sarah sanders and cnn jim acosta,. >> as far as i'm know i'm press secretary of history of the united states required secret service protection. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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[shouting] liz: was cnn jim acosta at
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recent rally for president trump. trump supporters heckled him at the rally in tampa, florida. now today, jim acosta asking white house press secretary sarah sanders to say that the press is not the enemy of the people. here is the press secretary's response. >> the media has attacked me personally on a number about occasions including your own network. said i should be harassed as a life sentence. that i should be choked. i.c.e. officials are not welcome in their place of worship and personal information is shared on internet. when i was hosted by the correspondents' association, which almost all of you are members of you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and called me a traitor to my own genders as far as i know i'm it first press secretary in the history of the united states that required secret service protection. the media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the president and everyone in this administration and certainly we have a role to play but the media has a role to play for the discourse in this country as well. liz: president trump tweeting
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quote, they asked my daughter ivanka whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. she correctly said no. it is the fake news which is the large percent damage of media that is the enemy of the people. take it up with republican strategist ford o'connell. so, basically it is fake news, not the press. that is what the president is saying. >> look the president has a great point that study after study showed that no president has received negative coverage for donald trump for such a sustained period of time. the average negative coverage among the mainstream media is 90% negative. when you recognize the great economic achievements in this country, 66% of the people saying hey the economy is good, not only is it unbalanced it is pretty spiteful. cn. [is worst offender of all 93% according to. liz: acosta is responding saying reporters should protest. >> i'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people, and, you know, i think, you
5:21 pm
know, maybe we should make some bumper stickers. make some buttons, you know. maybe we should go out on pennsylvania avenue like the folks who chant cnn sucks and fake news. maybe we should go out, all journalists should go out on pennsylvania avenue, chant, we're not the enemy of the people. liz: let's set this straight, okay. here is what is going on. there are great reporters at cnn, msnbc, fox news, but the problem is when the press does not report both sides of the story, they get emotionally attached to a story, they blind themselves to the other side. that is the issue here, right? the president is talking about fake news. we're trying to get both sides and report policies here, right? isn't that the issue, ford? >> i think you're absolutely right. i used to be a political reporter, i will say this, what i have seen among the white house press corps and jim acosta some extent, they jettisoned as political reporters become opinion activists. instead of reporting the news
5:22 pm
they inject themselves into the story. that is why they're getting that label. frankly they need to take a long look in the mirror, they're talking about the divisive rhetoric coming out of the trump folks. they need to take a long look in the mirror, essentially running 90% negative coverage, seven on one spectacle beat-down panel in prime time against trump supporters recognize you're causing some of the controversy. if i came from another planet, knew absolutely nothing, after four hours of watching cnn i would run down the hill and rip the head off of a trump supporter too. liz: the media is calling republicans nazis. it is wrong. jim acosta, somebody will get hurt, horrific that "capital gazette" journalists got shot and killed. then also steve scalise got shot at a republican baseball game, practice game last year by a left-wing maniac. >> you also having trump supporters around the country
5:23 pm
essentially being harassed, unfortunate. both sides need to take a look in the mirror. ratchet down the rhetoric. liz: are chet down the rhetoric. we get it people are up set. "washington times" opinion columnist larry owe on e connor responding to jim chaos to criticism of trump spotterrers. cnn talked down to, belittled a wide swath of america voters on nightly basis throughout the election of the network pummeled small handful of pro-trump pundits. people staring back at a acosta with contempt have no voice on their network. they are propped up as straw men and summarily burned to a char by same people that ignored them through the election. rather than employing a little introspection, acosta lashes out. instead of saying why they loathe me. somebody will get hurt, and by the way it will be trump's fault. you can not say it will be all trump's fault. some find rallies unnerving.
5:24 pm
they don't like people saying, lock her up. they don't like the media attacked like that. we get it. the point is, the media acts surprised when democrats lose so dramatically since 2010 in every election. they wonder why. it is about reporting the policies, right, ford? >> it is about reporting the policies and reporting the news and not injecting yourself in the story. when you dishay agree with someone who may have a different point of view, don't talk down to them call them condescending toothless rube. that is what cnn is doing. that is the mo. they liked president obama. we got it. did better job of reporting news when obama was president. they never went at him when he was president. every time trump breathes he is hitler. that is a huge problem. liz: ford, we love to have you back. you're terrific. thanks for coming on. new report that google is reportedly building a censored search engine for china, presumably, that search engine will censor things about
5:25 pm
religion, free speech, human rights and and more. a veteran coming up wonders why google workers find it ethical to help a communist country to censor its people and topics but unethical to help our own military. johnny jones is here. rare appearance of national security officials at the white house briefing warning that russia is still targeting elections. "daily caller" editor vince come nays is here with that. at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr! i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice... is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet?
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vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. >> the threat is not going away. as i have said consistently, russia attempted to interfere with the last election and continues to engage in the line influence operations to this d day. this is a threat we need to take actually seriously and to tackle and respond to with fierce determination and focus.
5:29 pm
liz: a rare appearance from top initial security officials in today's white house press briefing. warning that russia is continuing to target your selections. joining me now daily caller executive editor vince. great to see you. what a sight to have our top initial guides in the same room into questions. >> was a great segment. i think there's a reason they were out there. the press cannot take yes for an answer. they been asking for months whether or not the trumpet imagination taking seriously the possibility of encouraging and are election systems in a capacity, whether through influence campaigns or effects of voting mechanisms. we know the gop senators went over to russia and made that a giant portion of their meeting and the presidents meeting in helsinki, we've known since he did it he brought up election meddling in this is again a piece of dominance that they're taking seriously and any risk in the election system in any capacity and it's a good show. liz: and is a director giving details on how america suspending the electoral system. let's take a listen.
5:30 pm
>> you are cyber command security agency, we are tracking a wide range of foreign cyber adversaries and are prepared to conduct operations against those actors attending to undermine our nation's midterm elections. these operations are sensitive and require competent reality for success. i will discuss the specifics except to state that our forces are well trained, ready and very capable. liz: did you catch that? these guys under the trump administration will start fighting back. they will not say help but they're going after weber is doing this and potentially russia and elsewhere. >> that's right. they let a threat hang out there and every other country that would dare and crush on our election system is we have a financial capability. if you mess with us, we can will come after you and you will not like it. the clear message protected today and spoke with confidence.
5:31 pm
i think the press to the extent they been skeptical for pluto reasons should walk away with some semblance of competence today about these guys and they revealed a lot of interesting information about the integrity of our election system. in 2016 it was at one level and the and i coats is i believe that is anywhere near what they attempted in 2016. remember, we have no evidence that the overall election was changed in any meaningful way. liz: but now the fear is that because voting systems in certain states are basically governed by local universities you can break in through the university website and somehow get into anything that can affect not just the boat but anything to do with the system. vince, russia posted facebook ads and pages which were both for and against those democratic and we found it dating back to 2016 and 2017. is that enough to sway a vote? >> it's hard to say how. the type of person who is susceptible to an advertisement that look like that is typically
5:32 pm
someone who's made up their mind on the elections. swinging boat seems highly unlikely. not just because the ads are silly but facebook itself and in the early days they were counting for what happened very few people with money went into delivering them and it was a pressure by the left-wing press especially in facebook to make it seem like much bigger deal than ultimately it was. liz: thank you. come back soon. there is growing outrage in the state of connecticut and official now during the pledge of allegiance to protest as a trumpet mr. free-speech rights. and now, the question is will there be anthem protest tonight at the nfl hall of fame game. also, a new report, google is building a sensor search engine for china. presumably, it will censor things about religion, free-speech or human rights and morbid coming up, better and wondering why google is doing that. and not helping our own military taking out pentagon contract.
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hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? >> for the tariffs to begin it was to commence the chinese to modify their behavior. instead, they been retaliating. so the president now feels that is potentially time to put more pressure in order to modify their behavior. have to create a situation where it's more painful for them to
5:37 pm
continue their bad practices than it is to reform them. liz: however, the president is being attacked by zone about the party. they are saying is wrong to raise tariffs to try to get their trade with china. we have an expert who says, the president is right. the elite consensus is wrong. my next guest does president trump will when the trade war. look who is here. investment officer and i love this guy, great to see you, don. >> thinks. liz: why is the consensus run? >> the elite consensus will hate job no matter what he says. the reason the elite consensus is wrong is because china is a bad actor on trade. it's tied with the united states for be the world's largest economy. it can act like it does. it can offer no protection for intellectual property or force for businesses to take on unwanted local partners. it can't do the stuff. it's pure protectionism.
5:38 pm
trump is only doing what does. he's coming in to a status quo of people accepted for decades because they got rich with the status quo. he same way, this is wrong and we can do better. he starting tariffs in order to get china to be less protectionist. liz: you make a great point. people out there say all traders good. you say all trade is not good because china is acting in a predatory way that is annihilated our manufacturing base. by the way, here's a flashback of hillary clinton predicting a recession in an economic crash under trump's policies. let's take a listen and like your reaction. watch. >> liberals and conservatives say trump's ideas would be disastrous. the chamber of commerce and labor unions, mitt romney and elizabeth warren, economist on the right and the left in the center all agree trump would
5:39 pm
throw us back into recession. liz: we are clearly not there. we have 4% plus growth. what is missing in the analysis about china and you make it a point how strong of an economic position is trying in right now? what is going on in china? >> china is in a weak position. us is china customer. when you have a large trade deficit like we have a china that means we buy more stuff from them that they buy from us. it means we ever say, we will buy a little bit less, that's like saying oh, mcdonnell, all by fewer him figures from you. the donald's will not like that china does not like the customer saying wait, i want to be treated better. that's really all this is about. i don't think donald trump believes in protectionism. he said he does not. he says it's what they taught him at the wharton business school is ten tariffs, zero subsidies are completely free, fair and risible trade. he's merely threatening to make the least protectionist country
5:40 pm
in the world, the united states, more protectionist as weapon to get china the most protectionist country in the world to be less so. it's a noble mission. liz: excuse me, fox can't which is the company operating in china chinese consumers will not buy that apple stuff and they need us and you made a good point that china has been borrowing money to buy empty ghost cities and trains to nowhere. they're avoiding debt by acquiring it. liz: the united states stock market is right back where it was which is an all-time high. the chinese currency is down 7% in the last two months and that's the worst two month period and an entire history of transparency. that means you gotta run on the banks. if global investors thing china is losing the trade war and we don't want to be there when it crashes.
5:41 pm
everyone is taking the money out and when they take the money on the bank that makes the bank crash even if it wasn't going to otherwise. liz: .-dot, come back soon be great to see you. new york attorney general look at the story. now bowing to prosecute i.c.e. if she gets elected. coming up with a former i.c.e. officer to respond. to this report, google potentially building a censored search engine for china presumably helping the coming this country censor things about religion, free-speech and morbid with us next, he's a hero, double amputee, wounded warrior vet, retired staff sergeant johnny joey jones to respond after the break. stay there.
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liz: google now considering having the communist chinese government to develop a search engine that would censor free-speech. this has google workers use their free-speech rights to refuse to help us military same
5:45 pm
google don't take on that gun contracts but also, at the same time google did censor and fire their former software engineer james do more for having conservative views. take a check of the parent alphabet stock. look who's here. wounded warrior veteran retired staff sergeant johnny joey jones. good to see you. what direction to the full story? >> well, good afternoon and good evening. google is a free company in the united states and have the opportunity to do business with whom ever they want as long as they don't break laws. i think it's a paradox saying the company whose own employees would protest against helping with surveillance software and surveillance software to keep our men and women safe overseas and they would take such objection that they would quit but when the company may help china censor information from his own people and they're not the same outrage. that speaks volume and they need
5:46 pm
to take a serious of perfection. liz: what's your take at the culture of google? was going on there? >> the people been censored for conservative views. it's one thing that about every tech giant is working on doing it hourly or the company and that is one issue. when you don't want to turn on [inaudible] when you take the stance to say we will not work on anything that may not have anything to do with defense and that includes surveillance, benign, but we can do business the country like china that will literally start his own people and try to get information that they need to their lives and that's critical and it's something that google needs to look at. it's an american company. liz: what is interesting, joey, reuters is reporting that china's own citizens are saying
5:47 pm
on social media that google, we don't even want your quote, cancer rated version of a search engine that will be so weak we rather jump over the firewall to find a search engine that will get us information we want. it's interesting to see the market reaction there. >> you know, i can put words into goals mouth but if you [inaudible] the restarting the programs and to engineer software and they got a contact in china or are pursuing one. they stopped doing this eight years ago and he took a national stand and and you think that have that same stance if bill go so far to oppose helping our own government that something that might keep us safe. google is a giant an owner access to information and have a monopoly. many opportunities that we have to see how they're doing
5:48 pm
business and why is important to look at and understand that while they make their ethical practices to limit our information [inaudible]. liz: great to see you, sergeant johnny jones. thank you for your sacrifice. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: president trump will hold a make america great again rally in pennsylvania. we will stay in on that story for you. what is going on in new york city? new york governor andrew cuomo calling president trump for protection of the border and those saints are waging a jihad and we got governor doyle candidate, cynthia nixon, saint i.c.e. is a terrorist organization. democrats will prosecute i.c.e. if she gets elected. we'll break down the story for you with former i.c.e. agent, david ward, here to respond. stated. forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates
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>> i.c.e. was born in xenophobia after 9/11. and it has become a tool of illegality. as attorney general i will speak out against i.c.e., and prosecute i.c.e. for their criminal acts. the idea that we can call this law enforcement is an offense to law itself. as a candidate for the a.g. i think it's important to speak out against i.c.e. she says she'll prosecute i.c.e. for quote criminal acts if she does get elected. she is a law school professor hoping to replace alex schneiderman since he resigned
5:53 pm
over sexual abuse allegations. >> how does she plan on enforcing her ideas of arresting i.c.e. while they are in the process of doing their jobs. is she going to have the state police arrest i.c.e. for doing their jobs? this woman has no clue what the i am great lakes nationality act of 1952 is. if she would read title 8, u.s. code. this has gone on since 1952 as far as the law the immigration officers work under. in 2003 it was immigration and naturalization and u.s. customs that merged. they have had the same responsibilities since it was formed in the first place. liz: if you were given the opportunity to talk about the
5:54 pm
consequences of abolishing i.c.e., what would you say? >> 9-11-2001. 19 people out of stat nuts u.s. women like this. politicians like this who come up with stupid statements like ocasio-cortez. they call it a jihad? they are doing a job u.s. congress passed laws for to us do. when november comes around and they have to vote. think of national security or anarchy. if you want democrats you will get anarchy. if you want security as prosperity elect republicans. liz: a lot of criminal illegal
5:55 pm
gang members in new york. the president had at his state of the union two sets of parents whose children were macheted by ms-13. >> a few weeks ago we had a little girl have her head cut off in alabama. she says they are not a security threat. then who are these people coming across the border cutting little kids' heads off. >> they are on a jihad to deport as many people as they can who they believe are not in the united states legally. >> wait turns into is a terrorist organization of its own. liz: can you tell us the good things i.c.e. does? >> our i.c.e. agents are going after international criminals.
5:56 pm
they are coming from all over the world. they are going after drug cartels and money laundering. people stealing identities. they are going after all these crimes that have impacted people directly. yeah we are going after people, and they need to be deported. they are here illegally against the law of the united states. if we catch them, they need to go home. liz: we are watching a crowd gathering for president trump's rally in pennsylvania. more on that after the break. stay there. - why are drivers 50 and over switching to
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add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. liz: president trump on his way to the arena in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. he's holding a rally at 7 fem
6:00 pm
eastern time. this is the 7th trip the president has made to pennsylvania. thank you for watching. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: you are looking inside that arena, wilkes-barre, pennsylvania where the president will hold another rally. it will start in about an hour. apple hitting a $1 trillion market valuation. the biggest story late in the day. the resolve in the markets. it could be the ultimate buy signal. if you are not making money in this market i will show you how. the nation's top intelligence and security officials issuing a dire warning. the russians continue to interfereh


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