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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 6, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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row. in europe checking at the moment we have gains across the board as well. the dax and index up one third of 1%. in asia overnight, the shanghai composite the worst performer of their tab one and a 3% in shanghai. devastation in indonesia. a major earthquake killing dozens of people in more than 100 aftershocks felt throughout the region. another scandal for wells fargo. gerri will be up shortly discussing the banks revealed that hundreds of people lost their homes because of a computer glitch. there were foreclosed on unfairly. let's talk about the compensation that will be coming out. samsung taking on the iphone and confirming upgrades to its galaxy note nine. talk about a dream job. the maker of new tele-is hiring
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tasters. let's all raise our hands for that and so much more coming up. lee carter come if he did vc partner mitch cia operatives mike baker. the only reason we both do is to show you the video. >> everybody's going crazy. it's the best publicity we've had in ages but it's a wonderful city. i know people say what is he talking about. they called boise idaho the fastest growing city in america. dagen: it's because you have like 80 children. we are going to cover the world for you this morning in the next three hours with mike, mitch emily. trade tensions escalating. chinese state media bashing president trump state tax x same policies of extortion and intimidation won't work. the commander-in-chief with view of the situation voicing support
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for his negotiating style same tariffs are working. tariffs are working big time. every country on earth wants to take while part of the united states always to a document. i say if they can't tax them. if they don't want to be taxed, let them make her belly product in the u.s. in either event it means jobs and great wealth because of tariffs we will be able to start paying down large amounts of the $21 trillion in debt accumulated much by the obama administration , was the same time reducing taxes for people. at minimum will make much better trade deals for country. here now is president and founder of potomac wealth advisors. are you with us? good morning. what do you make of this? so far i don't and that's a stretch to say the market is largely shrugged off what has been going on with the trade fight that started in the spring.
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>> while comet have shrugged it off. markets appear to date across the board in china is down 18% from the beginning of the year and a bear market going back to 2017. the trump strategy is to use our economic strengths now while we have it to enact much-needed and frankly much deserved parody. he was fair trading day with china. the only policy as he dragged in canadians and e.u. which you have against the world if we focus on china to keep up more of a microcosm. the stock market appeared to say we can manage this. our economy is strong enough to push higher from here. trade to how much will they give the trump administration because right now we've seen with the jobs report on friday we create an average 215,000 jobs every month is faster than the pace that we were last year in the first seven months of the year which is really incredible for an economy that's been in expansion mode for nine years.
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>> the interesting thing will be the reason the market shrugged it off to her point is because corporate earnings have been so robust. we are starting to the cost of the supply chain. the cost of the supply chain to go up and if they cannot pass the cost to the customer's meaning they won't pay an increased price they see an impact corporate profits. the flipside is that they can't we will see inflation. i think we are close to the next quarter getting to the point where the markets going to have a hard time. >> is that a lose-lose because someone bears that cost. if it's the consumer if the companies can pass the costs on consumer is it more impact won't be as severe as to the market. >> is certainly won't be. it will help grow revenue because it charges more for the product. it will help to topple him. the challenge is going to be how
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much could you pay before the market pushes back where there's another alternative that starts to erode sales. i'm curious your bum out. >> if it does as you say race price at the end. and raising revenues for the corporation that said tax on the consumer. ultimately it's going to be a drag. the consumer wages are so strong the individuals are flushed with cash. we can pay up for this about it going down our economy too much. china is limping along. on a one-on-one basis we can power through this. if that wasn't the outlook come over to the stock market pulled back by now. the market looks forward and it's up for the year. all the news is out on wall street is saying that global growth story that we heard it from the imf this year, for the g20 we continue to hear from the fed to global growth is strong
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enough that even if prices raise its not going to slow down the u.s. economy. dagen: there is a story in "the wall street journal" today commenting on the strong earnings season. profits urging of big u.s. firms, and field games, embolden companies to raise prices. this is a recent court showing nearly 3 million have come off of food stamps and president trump took office. mike baker, you can see the world in terms of the business you do in mark briefly mentioned this that we do have the upper hand because china is so weak right now because the stock market is created the economy is going great deal slower and a wash and a. the timing of this that people actually president trump may be rash, but there is some wiliness in intelligence and why we pick right now to take this on. >> i'm heading to beijing tomorrow morning for a week or so. very curious to get the on the
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ground response. just from local folks and business about how they perceive this. i will say it is not in anybody's interest globally to have an unstable chinese economy. it is just not. dagen: that has been the question of a raise last week. >> ultimately they do because they're extremely pragmatic and they understand what a chaotic problem they could have if they continue to have doubts. question for mark as you mentioned, mark come to the idea we drag in canada and the e.u. into this overall trade issue, trade war. do you think that was more of a negotiating ploy with the president in terms of overall it just do for china or do you think msn, you know, there's not really a grand strategy here?
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>> it is tough to say what the president. maybe he's trying to show the chinese seem serious about this and quietly behind the scenes reaching an agreement. mexico we might update the nafta agreement and be at a playing field again. you really don't want to take on the entire world that is see their take on china and focus on these legitimate inequities, technology transfer and others and let's have our allies with us as we try to take on china. china is also unfair to the e.u. let's make the e.u. our ally against the number one trade offender and that is china. >> this is lee carter. one of the things i've been fascinated to watch his most americans have been willing to give the president a long runway and that's been really surprising because for the most part people don't want short-term pain for the one-time gain in china is known to have a long game. election cycle after election
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cycle investors get the pass, too. how long do you think american are going to give this runway before they say this is too much? >> it is interesting that the great point because a lot of the tribe voters are the ones that are negatively impact did by this turf skirmish. you have farmers in the midwest that are taking a lot of this and some of the manufactured with the aluminum and steel tariffs could have gone against a lot of his base. ironically they are sticking with him then we had in the weakness just yet. china on the other hand doesn't have an election in november nor will they have an election. so their government can continue to be autocratic and week out. if trump is playing the long game he doesn't have the upper hand in that. we keep saying is china going to blink? that's the last thing we should say. china will never publicly
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blinkered we want want to work diplomatically behind the scenes and hope to get a favorable outcome without letting the world think we be china but they point because they were not linked publicly. dagen: ridge about the stocks are titular lady began over the weekend jamie dimon, head of jpmorgan said this country should brace tell from 5% interest rates. he said he thinks the 10 year yield should be a 4% and we should brace for five. we are staring down $1 trillion annual budget deficit and the treasury is going to be selling a whole wash in the coming weeks. >> when i heard the jamie dimon comments i said perhaps the word of global economy with the tenure in japan been less than one half a percent at close to zero in japan. we cannot unilaterally raise our rates are rapidly. it's a global economy.
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there is a subtle currency were going on word none of these entities want to raise their current is. they will not ratchet up interest rates. a 5% tenure is not going to happen. we are lucky if get to 4% the way we have the foreign pressure on the currency and interest rate markets. i think if you invest you have to look in the way. our economy is too strong. small caps which are in 75% of revenue domestically versus the s&p 500 which is half of their revenues overseas. it's a safer place in tuesday trade skirmish continues. since i don't see interest rates going anywhere near 4%, the u.s. economy manages any rate hike and we continue to chug along. dagen: thank you so much. when you're talking about the dad, one thing on your mind is the mana supply coming and treasury. >> central bankers are the biggest buyers of our dead then
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we are fighting with them on other issues. what if china decides to use how they behave as a weapon? dagen: $769 billion over what period of time. by reading an e-mail. >> over the next year. according to the journal but we can doublecheck that. that is a big chunk of treasuries up for sale and we could see rates go up. très do people always point to japan and low interest rate. i'm like yeah, but chan has been in a recession for the last 30 years. since the late 80s, we kind of hope we're not japan. >> toniest japan as a benchmark, please. coming up, death and destruction as an earthquake rocks resort island. more than 80 people dead. officials expect the death toll to rise.
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another black eye for wells fargo. hundreds of people plunge into foreclosure unfairly because of a software glitch. the new fallout ahead. ♪ and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib. what's afib? i knew that meant i was at a greater risk of stroke.
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kristina partsinevelos has the story. dimmick at 732 magnitude earthquake in lombard. hundreds of injured and thousands displaced as tourists leave the popular island. the death toll expected to rise as they expand their efforts. they can't get a break because that area but still recovering from a deadly six-point where magnitude earthquake that hit last week. goldman sachs said to name a cohead of his training operation. "wall street journal" says he will be passed for the position. months of leadership uncertainty in goldman's largest division. goldman's incoming ceo reportedly could make an announcement this morning. shares of goldman sachs are down 8% this year. finally, it tom cruise in winnie the pooh battle for first place at the weekend box office. >> how many times has the government betrayed him? how long before a man like that.
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>> tom cruise came out on top. hanging onto the number one spot for the second week in a robe raking in an estimated $35 million. meanwhile, disney's christopher robbins fell short of expert patients earning $25 million in its opening weekend. the new comedy film, despite he dumped me brought home a $12.4 million for third place finish rounding out the top five you've got mama mia and equalizer. have any of you seen these movies over the weekend? >> yeah, christopher robin. winnie the pooh in a row if i would take tom cruise's house. i don't know if i can say that. dagen: you just said it. i would put my money on dior versus tom cruise.
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he is my spirit animal. slow when grumpy. morning, noon and night cram v. [laughter] >> dobro interests. >> i won't tell you how it ends. if you've got kids. [inaudible] >> no, no. but another david bourne movie on there. dagen: i'm kind of with you on that. you frighten me. coming up, a new crisis for wells fargo. hundreds of people looking to save their homes are forced into foreclosure because of a computer glitch. move to italy all day long. details on what some call the world's youngest job max. my father passed this truck down to me,
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that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. train to wells fargo under fire again. hundreds of people losing their homes due to a computer glitch. gerri: here we go again. wells fargo admitting to a glitch that led to hundreds of home foreclosures. the bank says that a calculation error led to as many as 400 struggling homeowners seem to say losing their homes to foreclosure. the corporative modification to outline their primary factor fuse into a formula. the government mortgage assist in the wake of a housing crash.
6:23 am
650 applicants were incorrectly denied modifications. the details of this in a regulatory filing by the bank setting aside $8 million in the second quarter to fix the problem which works out to about $27,000 per homeowner. this isn't the first problem for wells fargo, not by a longshot. we don't have everything in this timeline because you don't have time for everything on this timeline. a fake account scandal revealed in 2016 to get b.c. investigation in which bank employees opened accounts customers didn't need, didn't want in return for bonuses. it wasn't just a consumer banking business at issue. july 27 teen the bank improperly showed insurance. and with accused of selling dangerous investments to brokerage clients. the list of troubles goes on nearly every line of business including no matter where you
6:24 am
look when the bank was doing with consumers or with their institutional clients. big problem. dagen: how did they handle it in terms of messaging because this stinks to high heaven? >> for the most part they've done a good job considering the magnitude of the problems they've had. the question i had no matter how well you -- you've got to get it all out at some point. all of the problems is going to hurt. >> these and others tories are going to be rallying cries perhaps in the midterms around a regulatory push the administration as good this is the reason why you have regulations in the eyes of people in favor of regulations. >> they've tried to set the record straight. what is interesting to me i know you watch this story very closely. people have a runaway. the for wells
6:25 am
fargo. that's for you addicts act the pedal to the metal as people see headlines that consumers with take their accounts elsewhere. this seems some of that, but not a ton of that. >> that's inertia. in terms of big rigs there is not that many in the country. will you see turning to smaller community banks because they are everywhere. >> i'm one of those people that moved. we were with wells fargo for a long time and went through the process. there's a lot of work involved in your busy doing everything else in your day. all of a sudden you've got them of your finances to a new and to shine. we did because after a while they got fed up. dagen: this is going to go on. people will continue to watch this big issues are still piling up. they've got lots of other fines as well. after this news they will have more. dagen: and i was thinking lawsuits. you keep people out of their
6:26 am
homes unfairly, the trial lawyers are lining up. gerri: they make people sign those agreements to arbitrate. that's one way they've stayed out of trouble and courthouses across the country. dagen: good point. did you move your business accounts to? >> that we did not. elsewhere. dagen: but not wells fargo. coming up, senator elizabeth warren not backing down from the rumors that she is ready to run for president in 2020. her new comments added in saying goodbye to an 80s tv icon. a look back at the life of charlotte rae. you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity.
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& your flowers won't wilt. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when her patient's blood pressure drops, she can share the information with... dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, monday august 6th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. china-state media attacking president trump over his proposed tariffs. the communist party's people's daily saying that trump was starring in his own street fighter style defeatful drama of extortion and president trump says getting america back on track. >> america's economic surrender ended the day that i took office, folks, now after years of rebuilding foreign countries, we are finally rebuilding our
6:30 am
country. dagen: futures showing gains across the board after winning week for the market, 25 point gain. the s&p 500 last week up 5 weeks in a row. in europe, england, france and germany, biggest winner there, they're all up about .3% at the moment. asian markets finishing mostly in the red, only winner hang seng up half of a percent. remembering charlotte rae has died at age of 92, played mrs. garrett on that show, we will celebrate her life with smiles coming up. moving onto california wild fires still raging, one blaze growing to become the fourth largest in that state's history, we have the latest from california. and hold the phone, new details out from samsung on its latest
6:31 am
phone, we break down everything you need to know. get those taste buds ready, the maker of nutella has a job for all of us. facebook is announcing it's removing four pages from alex jones violating hate speech and bullying policies this follows apple's move to erase info wars podcast from i tunes library and went on the twitter suspending candace owens for her response to antiwhite tweets, the social media site twitter issuing an apology but never once taking aim at the new yorker staffer for the original tweet. joining me now jessica and mat brainer, former trump campaign, data and strategy director and look ahead america executive director. jessica, let me start with you,
6:32 am
again, if you noticed, i've noticed on twitter in the last couple of weeks, the trump supporters have a big red x next to name to basically highlight what they see as censorship of conservative contenter? >> i noticed that too. dagen: makes a statement. >> it's interesting when you see the trends happen like that. i think it's a serious issue that we certainly should be talking about. there's a difference what went on with alex jones and candace owens, they made a mistake in algorithms picked up what candace was doing and picked up point that need to be made about sarah jones' tweets that go back, as for alex jones i don't know if you saw last week that he's suing parents who is child died in sandy hook for a hundred thousand dollars to help him
6:33 am
cover legal fees, the family was forced to move six or seven times, he said that they were actor -- child actors there but releasing information as to where they lived so they haven't been safe and moving with their daughter who is the same age, twin with the son that died. there's a little bit of a difference there. dagen: very often when you see companies shutting down a podcast what apple and facebook did, matt, they are covering their you know what because of legal liability in some instances, that's my go-to thought, but i will say in terms of conservatives broadly speaking looking at the owens situation it actually fuels the trump base because they do feel like they're willing silenced and it actually makes them more -- i was talking to lee carter and lee will get into this as the show moves on, you look -- she was testing the rallies and people are more devoted to trump than ever before.
6:34 am
what say you, matt? >> yeah, i think the real question here is what is going to be next because in alex jones' case the language that they used that it was hate speech and that's a very broad term and it's not really clear on any given day what that means to the tech companies, it's important to remember that the personnel is policy and stacked from the bottom to top is corporate leadership, department heads of all the tech companies they are hard-core leftists and if this is the first example of them sensors somebody or goes after somebody, makes me wonder who is next, who unfavorable opinions will be targeted next and people who oppose legal immigration or question the latest on gender politics or pro-lifers, at what point does it cross the quote, unquote hate speech especially relying on left-wing organizations to define hate speech which includes the network here.
6:35 am
dagen: matt, what i'm saying that actually that the outrage at the social media sites is in upside down world and works to candidates' benefits, the laziness of people on media and easier to accuse president trump to have lost mind than do policy work and understand say his trade policy. what i'm saying the outrage generated by the social media forms in trying to censor conservatives whips up the base. >> when the stories come out makes people much more skeptical of tech, but it does concern us that they are essentially removing platform -- the platform in many cases funding in the cases of google for
6:36 am
removing advisor tieing options for right-wing conservative voices, patriotic voices along with deleting podcast, not particular ones but the entire podcast series of alex jones but not to defend him but it is a troubling sign, no appeal in facebook and twitter takes away your account or blocks you. there's no remedy, you're stuck with it. dagen: with the podcast you can deliver your own podcast and still download -- myriad podcast apps that you can listen to podcast. being on apple's platform it does generate listeners but i want to make that point that if you can put it on website and people can listen to and watch what you put out there because quite frankly it's first amendment but i want to change gears to senator elizabeth warren fueling rumors of over 2020 run, this is over the weekend, here is what she had to say, she's not afraid to be the
6:37 am
underdog. >> it won't be easy, we are going to have to fight uphill but me, i'm going up that hill and i hope you are too. and i hope that when you do you'll reach your hand out and bring someone else along for the climb. dagen: jessica, the roots conference in new orleans, i know that you were glued to the internet watching those. >> i didn't go out all weekend. dagen: a lot of slogan there but what about policy? >> well, she certainly has a set of policies and they're very aligned with bernie sanders policies and the dem socialist line, you can listen to cynthia nixon, alexandria ocasio-cortez and hear what warren is all about and she has been incred ble vocal and you do know what she stands for. the democrats feel, the most i've seen a list about 25, it is wide, apparently joe biden is the leader right now in most of the polling that seems i really do love joe biden but feel like
6:38 am
we need a fresher face, someone -- dagen: how excited are the democrats about running an old-white guy? >> not -- [laughter] >> he is utterly beloved in the party and actually republicans are a fan of him as well, you can't deny what kind of great person he is. age is an issue whether you're a man or a woman going into this primary, i think, you see kamala harris taking prominent role putting herself out there. i'm interesting to see president obama has been meeting with big-city mayors, i wonder where that'll go. i don't think eric garcetti will be nominee, i encourage president with business experience. dagen: i will go out on a limb, one individual that would not run is rahm emmanuel, he can't
6:39 am
even stop the death toll from rising from gun violence, we saw that over the weekend, matt, your reaction to that because jessica did mention age is an issue in terms of the democrats but then everybody seems to turn their attention to alexandria -- ocasio cortez, thank you very much, who brags about economic's degree but doesn't know how the unemployment rate is calculated. >> that throwing names out like joe biden and elizabeth warren is a sign of weakness of the field. they don't really have strong candidates, for them to suggest warren, someone who we -- >> matt -- >> it's just a sign of pure weakness on the part. running a general election against liz warren but i don't think the democrat is even that suicidal. but i could be wrong. >> well, i don't know if it's suicidal, you are wrong and you're also wrong about liz
6:40 am
warren's name only being related to the quote that she lied -- >> she got a job at harvard because of that and that allowed her to run to the senate in massachusetts. >> a whole other segment that we should have, i think that's irresponsible thing to say. >> i don't think we can bring liz warren -- it's the truth. i don't think we can let that slide. >> i know, that's the campaign that you would run and if you worked for president trump, again, i'm sure you'll be out there on the front lines doing something like that. i don't think it's responsible -- dagen: i will weigh on something, since this is a business show i will weigh on something that i hear more from alexandria ocasio-cortez and i want to get her name right, bernie sanders, we know how much that's going to cost, almost $33 trillion over just first ten years, you would need to double what the federal government collects in individual and corporate taxes to pay for it and it still wouldn't cover the cost of it.
6:41 am
>> yeah. dagen: medicare is going broke in 8 years, we haven't fixed it, nobody talks about fixing but now we are talk ugh about medicare for all, it's a great tag line, jessica, no plan to pay for it. >> i'm sure will get -- bernie sanders is pumping it out. i think report from the cato institute about medicare for all, conversations with the koch brothers, i think that that interview with trevor noah was disastrous, now there's medicare for all caucus, if you look at races for ohio, special election danny o'connor is saying not going to work, let's fix obamacare which is exactly where democrats should be going into 2018 election and making smart decisions. dagen: we will get into that, jessica, because actually we got such good news on the premium increases, the premium increase that is we heard about in some states are lower than they've been in recent years and premium increases in the obamacare plans they're actually falling in some
6:42 am
areas. >> obama care has lowered the cost of health care the rate at which healthcare costs are increasing lowered for president obama, fact-check me, matt. >> dropped by an average of $2,500 per family which he promised absolutely not, they continue to increase. and just having you repeat that it's almost like getting banned on twitter, it excites conservatives more. >> conservatives hate me anyway. >> i don't think they know who you are. dagen: lower increases in premiums by insurers in obamacare plans that benefits the conservatives who failed the republicans who fail today really fix obamacare except for the fact that they repealed the individual mandate and trump administration through rule making has opened the door for shorter-term health plans, i'm saying that that benefits republicans particularly those in the senate who fail today get
6:43 am
through the repeal and replace that passed in the house, final word? >> yeah, i just want to say, i think you're right there, it will be helpful but ultimately what's important is the fact that healthcare costs can be offset by the fact that there are more americans employed more than ever and the economy is growing faster than it has in a long time and a lot of the credit goes to the president and that will go down the ticket when people decide who to vote and perhaps tomorrow. >> healthcare issue, special elections and primaries, democrats are slaying on the healthcare issue. dagen: i will add this, i sat on this set with kellyanne conway right before he joined campaign and the hillary clinton underestimated that how much it would impact. where she is quay, matt, thank you both. >> thanks, dagen. dagen: california wild fires take on epic new proportions as one blaze nearly doubles in size, we have the latest and
6:44 am
samsung's new galaxy note 9 details are leaked from interesting source more on that in minutes. ♪
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dagen: one of the world's greatest chefs pass addway, kristina partsinevelos has the details. >> named the -- the chef of the century by the famous french restaurant guide in 1990, known for mash potatoes among other dishes an open restaurants in cities across the globe including paris, monaco, hong kong, tokyo and new york and restaurants hold record of 32 stars and mentored other tv chefs like gordon ramsey, died
6:48 am
at 73 after long bat well cancer. fans remembering charlotte rae actress best known as mrs. garrett in facts of life. >> i have to get going, scrub the floors, clean the windows, everything has to be perfect. >> family says she died peacefully in home in los angeles, the cause of death has not been released but last year she did reveal she had bone cancer. charlotte rae was 92 year's old. catastrophic wild fires continue to ravage california with one doubling in size making the fourth largest wild fire in state history. meanwhile president trump declared state of emergency in california ordering federal
6:49 am
funding to help with the recovery efforts but he also tweeted, california wild fires are being magnified and made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren't allowing massive amounts of readily available water to be properly utilized, it is being divert intoed the pacific ocean, must also treat clear to stop fire spreading. and on a lighter note, we will switch over to nutella, if you love nutella you're about to discover your new company, fer ferrero company is looking for 60 sensory judges to taste product after 3-month rigorous training course, 40 of the 60 people will go onto become testers, there's a catch, you have to be willing to relocate to ferrero's headquarters in italy. i don't think too bad of a gig, what do you think, dagen? dagen: i defer to my baker on
6:50 am
that. >> it came out naturally, i'm sorry. dagen: he's french. >> he is french. dagen: you have to say it -- >> i was on a roll there. quebec french. dagen: we will take it any day. nutella tester? >> make it reality show, you 3-month training, reality tv is about finding something that's happening and throw in cameras, that's what i'm saying and -- and otherwise i'm not a big fan of nutella, what can i say? dagen: somebody is deeply wrong with you, warren buffet becomes one of biggest winners after apple becomes trillion dollar company, everyone has predictions on apple's next move, we will take a closer look, next.
6:51 am
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i love cake. finding the right aarp medicare supplement plan for you could be just a quick call away. dagen: samsung uis new galaxy note 9 launches on thursday and details are being leaked by samsung. the device was spotted at russian store revealing a 6.4-inch display, dual rear camera and as previously reported the pen will have remote-type functionality and apple making investors happy after becoming the world's first trillion dollar company last week, one of the winners is warren buffet, joining me cfra senior equity analyst angelo, buffet shies away from tech
6:55 am
stocks this is a winner for him and what do you make about the samsung phone given apple's run for its money in. >> absolutely, in terms of samsung and the leaks going on, you wonder if they are really leaks because, you know, at this point in time we continue to see the stuff, you know, ahead of these launches, you know, year in and year out. with that being said, when we look at some of the details of the event coming here on thursday, little that, you know, really gets us excited on the front of samsung. that being said, as far as apple is concerned, i mean, the results last week were absolutely spectacular. looking at warren buffet here, i mean, i think he continues to kind of cement and put kind of the cherry on the top as far as apple is concerned, him being the third largest investor there, he's naturally going to continue to up his stake just via the buybacks you see from apple you see here, all in all we continue to believe cash is king and apple is here to stay with the trillion dollar
6:56 am
valuation. dagen: this is about apple an not buffet, he's a molt to a flame in terms of seeking media attention, he will glom onto apple's success. i'm not dismissing the fact that he has stake in am, but, again, this is apple's story not buffet's story. >> no question. angelo, just apple for a second, what's next? we are talking about samsung, more product innovation, do they stay with customer space or branch out the way amazon has in terms of having cloud business which is really a business to business in. >> yeah, when we look at apple, it's funny because most people look at apple, this is a one-hit wonder company, it's the iphone and that's it and, you know, we continue to believe when we look at apple the next step forward for them continues to be on the wearable side, that grew 60% year over year, we expect something along augmented reality glasses. dagen: that was such a winner
6:57 am
for googling. the google glasses died on the vine. >> we do think appear ll do a lot better, we think the cables along with ar glasses will be big hit for apple over time. i think also, of course, the service's business which grew north of 30% as they shift toward more kind of subscription-base offerings, i think that's the model for apple. dagen: angelo good to see you, take care. still ahead national root beer float day, we are raising a glass to this american classic, next hour mornings with maria your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs.
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that's part of running a business. so frank can focus on the beat. you hear that? this is frank's record shop. and this is where life meets legal. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. china slamming policies from the trump administration, calling tariffs e extortion, but presidt trump standing firm in his policy efforts over the weekend. >> i'm a free trader. and i'm a fair trader. fair being more important. i'm a reciprocal trader you know what reciprocal is, if they do it, we do it. what's wrong with that. dagen: checking the markets, futures are up across the board, 35 point gain on the dow futures, this after gains on wall street last week. the dow and s&p 500 up five weeks in a row. it was the nays dhak tha nasdaqp
7:01 am
performer. transport going great-guns. if europe, we chickening land, france and -- check england, france and germany, gains across the board. in asia, mixed action, the shanghai composite the worst performer there, the hang sen ha gain. ream posing sanctions on iran. mike pompeo said the country will be slapped with sanctions again today. we look at the effect on the oil market. moving on to venezuela, the government said a drone was used to try to assassinate maduro. the latest after several people were arrested. setting a red line, the trump administration eyeing new penalties to hit hacker that target u.s. infrastructure, like our electrical grid. a burger brawl, another fight
7:02 am
breaks out in a mcdonald's. what is behind the mayhem, coming up. and a real estate battle over the brady bunch house, lance bass says he had the highest bid but the deal fell through. he is now heart broken, he says. all that and so much more coming up this morning. lee carter, mitch rochell and mike baker, let that be a reminder, do not pick fights with women. >> that was brutal. it just shows, i talk to my three boils all thboysall the tu don't want to get in a fight. bar fights, mcdonald's fight, it's not like on the tv. >> don't get between me and a big mac. that's all i'm saying. dagen: you have a job somewhere, you get in a fight, somebody's go their phone and they're taking video of you and it winds up on the internet and
7:03 am
you're unemployed. >> i tell my kids, you do or say anything ste stupid, assume somy is videotaping it. >> by the way, how about marsha brady. dagen: marsha? what about jan? what about alice? trade tensions, china state media equating u.s. imposed tariffs to, quote, extortion, as the u.s. plans to tax an additional $16 billion worth of goods. president trump promising to stay th -- stay the course on hs trade plans. we don't have that sound chuck fleischman is here. he's on the house appropriations commit at this momencommittee. china calling it a deceitful drama of extortion and intimidation. what are your thoughts? >> i think that unduely harsh
7:04 am
rhetoric on the part of the chinese but let's face it, president trump has had a tremendous impact on the entire trade debate and i think he's winning. he's had an effect on the chinese, the chinese markets and president trump wants to protect our intellectual property and he wants us to win. in a nutshell, i didn't expect them to remain silent. this is an ongoing negotiation process and it will play itself out. dagen:.dagen: president trump d this. tariffs are working big-time. every country on earth wants to take wealth out of the united states to our detriment. i say as they come, tax them. if they don't want to be taxed, let them make or build the product in the us. it means jobs and great wealth. because of tariffs we will start paying down the $21 trillion in debt that's been accumulated, much by the obama administration, while at the same time reducing taxes for our people. at minimum, we will make better
7:05 am
trade deals for our country. what i find astonishing about that, is a tariff is a tax. it will be passed on to the u.s. consumer, which is already starting to happen. how astonishing is it you have a republican bragging down tax increases? >> well, let me say this, i have long been a strong proponent supporter of free trade. migrate state, tennessee, has benefited in the agricultural sector, in the manufacturing sector, from free trade. i think we have to look at every arsenal in the toolbox. i've never really been a fan of tariffs. i think there are other ways to go. however, the president has felt that in a country by country, region by region area, he has to look at this. this is a negotiation process. let's face it. i think the president's goal ultimately is to remove tariffs
7:06 am
everywhere. that's what we want to see. some countries, particularly china, have put up such burdensome tariffs and they basically stack the deck and the imbalance, the trade imbalance, short-term and long-term, has been so difficult. so it's a process. it's an ongoing process. let's hope we get to where we were with the eu where both sides say let's work towards a system where ultimately all tariffs go away. dagen: the u.s. is pushing for stronger penalties against hackers who disrupt the electrical grid. kirstjen nielsen emphasizing infrastructure's greatest threat. listen to this. >> the biggest threat in my mind is if we don't partner. so what we see adversaries doing, they're crowd sourcing. they're using paid influencers, using governments, using everyone and anyone that can attack us. the biggest threat is if we don't work together to counter that. dagen: i want to get your reaction and then i'll get mike
7:07 am
baker in here. this is a long time coming and those in washington have been turning a blind eye to basically threat thing behavior -- threatening behavior in terms of putting our electrical grid at risk from the likes of china, russia, iran and north korea. >i'mcree.> -- korea. >> i'm privileged to serve on the homeland subcommittee on appropriations. we've had robust funding to fight cyber security or to supporfighting the attacks by fn nations o on our cyber security system. cyber security is national security. with all of the technological advances, it has made us vulnerable to attack. house republicans have done their job. the administration is doing its job. this is an all-out cyber security war. we've got to defend our grid. we've got to defend our property. and cyber security is very
7:08 am
critically important and there are a lot of bad actors engaging in this. dagen: mike, they talk in washington but they don't walk, they don't get off their -- and do something about it. this has been going on for years. >> congressman, mike baker here. if i could just say a couple of things. i think we're really late to the game on this one. it's been well over a decade that you could ask anybody in the intel security community what keeps them up at night and it would be an attack on the power grid. the power grid basically is the east grid, the west grid and texas. texas gets its own grid. it's a patchwork quilt. there have been major assessments and studies. we've known for a long time that this has been a problem and that state sponsored elements and others hostile to us have been mapping and probing and targeting and looking at the grid. so i guess a couple of questions. one, why now instead of quite some time ago hasn't this become
7:09 am
a priority? and i know that things happen off the radar screen and we don't see what's going on oftentimes up on capitol hill. do you think we've been late to the game? and is this something we can actually get buy part p san support on and -- bipartisan support on and is there money to resolve this? the grid was never set up to withstand a physical or cyber attack. >> there is tremendous bipartisan support for cyber security, there's no question about that. we've seen that with the votes on the funding. i want to commend the administration. they've set up a special commission to deal with this. so there is a prioritization. i would say this. there is so much that goes on in the classified space, there are protections out there fortunately that we've been working on for a long time. however, it moves. this is something that is not static. our enemies that would engage in cyber security attacks are always changing.
7:10 am
what is good to protect today is not necessarily going to be good tomorrow. we've got to be diligent, vigilant. we've got to put the dollars up to defend against this. do we need to do a better job? absolutely. are we addressing this in a buy bipartisan and executive way? i think so. dagen: thank you for being here. much to talk about. thank you so much. breaking news from pepsi, the soft drink giant says indra nooyi will step aside as ceo. she will be replaced by the current president on october 3rd. nooyi will stay on as chairman until early twawn. 2019. she being one of the most prominent female corporate leaders in the world and, again, this seems to be a very well thought out transition. >> it's interesting that it's a
7:11 am
global business with all of the globalization that's going on right now. so whoever is taking over is going to have some challenges. think about all of the trade talks that are going on right now. these are the types of consumer business that's are often impacted by trade. dagen: because of the steel and aluminum prices. coca-cola is raising prices because material costs have gone up. >> i think it's been a fascinating journey she's had. the soft drink business has really been under such attack and really people -- it's not the business of the future. she really diversified their portfolio and really started into food, had some great vision on what it meant to have social value incorporated into the business with the performance of business. it it will be interesting to see this transition. dagen: they've gotten into the fizzy water presence as well. it's basicall basic basically s.
7:12 am
that's one of the hardest businesses to manage. >> unbelievable. dagen: it is. unbelievable run at pepsi. so she is stepping down at the ceo. the president of pepsi will be taking the top job. coming up, six arrested in an attempt on the venezuelan president's life. people there are bracing for massive crackdowns on anyone who opposes maduro. more on the turmoil ahead. plus, a fight with that shake. another brawl on the menu at mcdonald's, this time in illinois. we have the shocking foot, coming up -- footage, coming up. ♪
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
dagen: welcome back - comthere was a failed attemt to assassinate venezuela's president over the weekend. two drones were detonated as maduro spoke at a parade on saturday. he was not injured. critics warned he could use the attack as an excuse to threaten his poe ponopponent. john bolton on fox news sunday denied any u.s. government involvement. >> if the government of
7:16 am
venezuela has hard information that they want to present to us that would show a potential violation of u.s. criminal law, we'll take a serious look at it. in the meantime, i think what we really should focus on is the corruption and the oppression of the maduro regime in venezuela. >> vein venezuela's economy is n chaos with inflation expected to hit 1 million percent this year. a brawl broke out at a mcdonald's restaurant in illinois. a female employee tried to remove a man from the work area. this comes weeks after a fight at a mcdonald's branch in nevada went viral. that video shows a female employee beating a woman who reportedly threw a milkshake at her. it's a perfect hot day in new york city right now and across the country but it's also national root beer float day. we celebrate the refreshing
7:17 am
mixture of vanilla ice cream and root beer and a & w restaurants nation wide are making the treats even tastier by giving them away today. a & w restaurants nationwide will raise money for disabled american veterans as well. dagen: can i get a hell yeah. it's ice cream and root beer. >> she went right into the jug. dagen.dagen: they put the jug n front of me because i'm a hill billy. it evokes moon shine. it is root beer. i love root beer. >> this takes you back to your childhood. you can't have a root beer float without having a flashback as a kid. >> what does a and you w stand for -- an a and w stand for?
7:18 am
dagen: there is a drive-in in bethel, connecticut, called the sycamore and they make their own root beer. it's an old school drive-in. they have classic car nights on the weekend. go to the sycamore in bethel, connecticut. it's awesome. >> you have to finish that whole jug now. nobody else can drink out of that. >> that's your jug. dagen: i love root beer. >> it might get burden o burdend here later on. >> there's ice cream in here. >> that's the best part. i'm going for ice cream. dagen: mike is always watching his figure. i'm going to make him drink the whole float. if you don't have ice cream, you can always drink soda and milk together. >> interesting. >> you've done that?
7:19 am
dagen: milk and pepsi. i eye dress. thank you, -- digress. the u.s. rea reimposing sanctios and warning the world about getting oil and gas from iran. we'll explain. lance bass loses out on buying the iconic house featured in the brady bunch. why he thinks there may have been strings attached. ♪ my father passed this truck down to me,
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to help you lose your dad bod, train for that marathon, and wake up with the patience of a saint. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999. smarter sleep will change your life. dagen: the trump administration set to reimpose the first batch of sanctions against iran today, according to secretary of state mike pompeo. they're expected to hit iran's purchase of precious metals,
7:23 am
gold and the u.s. dollar. we're less than 90 days away from the november deadline set by the white house for countries to stop importing oil from iran. what will that mean for oil and gas prices at home. joining me now is tom, always great to see you. has that played out, these coming sanctions on iranian oil, has that played out in the oil market? >> no. i think the next 90 to 100 days are about as unpredictable as any 90 or 100 days we're going to have. you could have really, really tough implementation of sanctions and you could see iranian production drop from let's say 2.2 on the export side to 1.5 million or less. on the other hand, you might have political awareness raising the prospect of sales of crude from the extr strategic petrolem
7:24 am
reserve. you could make a case for 90. you could make a case for 50. it's going to be that kind of period. dagen: what will you be watching for as an indication of where that might go? is there any news event you're looking for? again, it would be a release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve? >> we'll be watching. if there's a relief from the strategic petroleum reserve, it would be to pressure on iran. it would also probably be to relieve pressure for the midterm elections. if midterm elections take place and gas prices of $3 in a lot of the districts, which went heavily for republicans, you could have spr sales. it might look blatantly political but what doesn't these days. those are the two elements that make it unpredictable. without that, we would need an event to take gas prices much higher in the next 100 days, an
7:25 am
event like a tropical storm, a hurricane or as we hinted to, something in venezuela that descends them into utter chaos go mitc.>> if you strip out theo politics that are driving oil prices up and look at it over the long material, is it right for me to assume that it's costing more and more money to produce oil and if you look at our labor shortages that we have in the united states, it's hard to find that labor, so is that a bit of a head wind on prices going forward? >> no, it's really not. if we had the pipeline capacity from west texas to the gulf coast, into the coast, we could be producing probably a million or 2 million barrels a day more. the problem is the ability to take away the crude. the cost of crude and actually finding crude, notwithstanding the fact that you've got truck drivers that are making well over $100,000, that cost is coming down. there are lots of fields where
7:26 am
you can break even at $35 and there's really a lot of fields where you can break even at $55 to $65. so if prices remain high, and you get rid of that bottle neck of moving crude from west texas to corpus or to houston, you could see crude oil prices move higher. it's not a matter of the underlying cost necessarily going higher. dagen: one thing i point out too is that these steel tariffs that have been slapped on, virtually every company that doesn't use u.s. steel, it hurts because some of these companies that want to build pipelines out of the permian basin, those plans have been disrupted because of steel tariffs. mike baker has a question for you. >> yeah, tom, i'm going to throw geo politics back into the mix. how important is china in your view when assessing potential impact of the sanctions on iran? >> well, i think china, china
7:27 am
will continue to import more oil from iran. and that means they're going to import less oil from the. united states. that's going to be collateral damage, so-to-speak. i can't imagine under any circumstances where we would have a detante with china where they're not going to bring in iranian oil to. a certain extent they'll be a beneficiary of that because price will have to be discounted. oil can be moved around different places. we'll see how hard we really impose the sanctions and if oil production gets cut by a million barrels a day, and the economy, the global economy keeps chugging, we could have much, much higher prices in 2019. that's the worry year. it's an off election year but that's the year i worry about. dagen: real quick, before you go, last week president trump proposed a plan to roll back the obama era gas fuel efficiency
7:28 am
standards on automatics. -- automobiles. what's the impact going to be on oil and gasoline prices, do you think? >> well, first of all, the impact is full employment for lawyers because the lawyers are going to make a fortune on this, particularly in california and 13 other states. i think the impact is that it slows the efficiency improvements in the fleet. i'm not a big fan of it. you see the ads where somebody's driving a big suv and picking up a calf or delivering a calf. in the northeast, it's on long island, what would you pick up? a pound of veal or something like that. i think we all benefit if we live a little bit less large and don't drive pope mobiles and stuff. dagen: [ laughter ] it's going to save potentially half a trillion dollars for consumers because, again, ultimately the cost of these fuel efficiency standards, big picture is i think we can agree
7:29 am
on this being from the east, rather than the left coast, is that california -- the trump administration is saying to california you're not driving national policy on automobile fuel efficiency. no more. >> california, though, has been kind of the laboratory for what's going to happen in the rest of the country. so the one thing you have to say about california is their air quality has improved immeasurably since the clean air act. we'll see a little bit of it. if you've ever been coming from connecticut or upstate new york and see the ozone sometimes in those real hot days, there's a good reason for trying to get a little bit of the emissions down in the northeast. it used to be much worse but it's getting a little better. dagen: thank you, tom. coming up, five people are killed after a small plane crashes into a parking lot in los angeles. more on the deadly accident,
7:30 am
ahead. plus, some senate democrats getting on-board for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. details on why they may be going from a slow walk to the fast track, next. ♪ [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs.
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7:33 am
dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. china hitting back at president trump. a state-run newspaper calling the president's tariffs ex extortion president trump explaining the need for increased tariffs over the weekend. >> they're charging us a 50% tariff. we're charging them a 20% tariff. do you think that's okay? no, circumstance it's really not. we want free trade. i said what's free when they charge us and we can't charge them. what is going on here? what's going on here? dagen: investors keeping an eye on trade tensions, 21 point gain on the dow futures right now. investors continue to shrug off trade concerns. that was the same case last week. we got the jobs report, the overall jobs number, the creation wasn't as high as people were expecting but nonetheless with the revisions,
7:34 am
215,000 jobs have been created on average every month for the first certain months of the year. the dow and s&p were up last week for the fifth week in a row. in europe we have buying to report, in england, france and germany, gains across the board. the dax in germany half of 1%. the marketthe march ending most- markets ending mostly in the red in asia overnight. the hang seng in hong kong was up half of 1%. a small plane crashed into a parking lot in santa ana. we have the latest. changes at the top of pepsi, indra nooyi is stepping down an chief executive officer. she will stay on as chairman until early 2019. she will be replaced by ramone lagrta on november 3rd. seaworld reporting mixed results this morning, beating on revenue. this afternoon we hear from
7:35 am
marriott, hertz and etsy and many more. earnings for this period are up 24% for the companies that have already reported. here's the story of a house from tv. the brady house, brady bunch house is off the market. lance bass of nsync tried to buy it. you won't believe what happened. plus, busted, ray lewis inducted into the football hall of fame this weekend. why the bust they gave him is really turning heads, coming up. because it doesn't look like him. [ laughter ] dagen: i don't even know who it looks like. doesn't look like ray lewis. the top story this half hour, the confirmation of brett kavanaugh, senate democrats will meet with him in the coming weeks. chuck schumer was leading the charge to slow walk the confirmation process for kavanaugh. >> why did the president pick kavanaugh? he knows that kavanaugh more than any of the 25 will roll
7:36 am
over the rule of law and get the president off the legal hook that he may well be on. we will not rest until brett kavanaugh is defeated and the american people win. dagen: now a change of tune? schumer and several other democrats ending thehold holdout and scheduling meetings with the president's pick for the high court. joining us now is judge andrew napolitano. is this really a change of heart? >> no, it's a change of tactics. it's not a change of heart. it's interesting, because the target of these new tactics is not any of the democrats. it's senator rand paul. because the democrats discovered that brett kavanaugh was instrumental in the creation of the patriot act and probably, they don't know this, but they suspect because he was present, in rendition and the use of
7:37 am
harsh interrogation techniques. if they find one memo from brett kavanaugh endorsing this stuff, rand paul is off the table and he votes with the democrats to owe pose him. that will force mitch mcconnell to get republican votes. that's what i think their target is. every democratic senator will say to him why can't we see your papers. alayna kagen, they caused up a million of her papers. why can't yo we see them? he'll say you're welcome to go and get them from the national archive. probably nothing will change, unless they find that smoking gun that will pry loose rand paul and maybe mike lee and john mccain we know where he is on torture and this type of thing. dagen: what i hear you saying is this supreme court nomination isn't a layup at this point based on what you just said. >> if they find it. if they don't find it, i think
7:38 am
it is a layup. i think the president has chosen a nominee and pushed that nominee in such a way as to make him appealing to democratic senators running for reelection in states that the president won handily, like joe mansion and claire mccaskill and senator heidi hidecamp in north or south dakota, i forget which. dagen: hidecamp and joe donnelly, joe mansion, they voted for neil gorsuch. there is pressure on those three individuals. >> i don't want to get too in the weeds. gorsuch and kavanaugh are very, very, very different. kavanaugh is straight from the establishment, big government, the president is usually right, the police are usually right, the spies are not regulated by the fourth amendment. gorsuch is not in that category.
7:39 am
gorsuch is a lot closer to justice scalia on all of those issues. i say that with great deference. >.dagen: what were you going to say? >> you had talked about this last week, about on kavanaugh's position on privacy issues and that could be something i think that could really sway opinion, don't you? >> it could very well sway some republicans. judge kavanaugh has written that the government, i'm holding up my iphone, the government has access to everything i have in here, without a warrant, as long as its purposes are intelligence rather than law enforcement. he has a very, very narrow view of the fourth amendment. the fourth amendment only regulates the government's prying eyes when it wants information to prosecute us with. there is no supreme court case standing for that. it's a very, very minority opinion.
7:40 am
but it's an opinion that republican senators need to think twice about before they vote to favor him. this could come back to bite everybody. we all put things in here that we expect the government is not going to see unless it gets a search warrant. a search warrant requires probable cause, evidence under oath to a federal judge demonstrating why what's in here is criminal not lurid and interesting to them. dagen: it's not just kavanaugh. that's the reason apple created these phones, every generation of this phone apple can no longer open it. apple that's no way of opening this phone. they say. >> so they say. dagen: no back door. >> didn't comey go to some israeli group to open up the iphones of the monsters in san better dino -- sand bette san b. >> that was the story. we all put things on this that we expect the of government will not access. i don't put anything on here without the belief that amazon or google or somebody else is going to access it.
7:41 am
i assume everything i put on here, some tech company has access to some how. >> the fourth amendment regulates the government. it doesn't regulate the manufacturer. >> i don't disagree with that. given the importance of this issue, don't you suspect -- you mentioned the importance of reviewing his papers many don't you imagine they've already done that, they've already accessed every paper that's out there and they're starting to review it? >> according to the national archives, which has the papers from the bush administration, the papers they're looking for is when he was a young lawyer, working in the white house for president bush. those documents cannot be available until mid or late october. now, the goal is -- >> because? >> the time it takes to get them, i assume. the goal of senator mcconnell and the white house is to have judge kavanaugh on the court by the first monday in october when the supreme court reconvenes. my guess is the democrats are not going to get these papers and he probably will pass by a
7:42 am
narrow margin. >> i think it's going to be really interesting to see what this means for the midterms. if he gets in by october i think that's going to energize democrats even more. if he doesn't, i'm not sure, i think it will energize republicans even more. >> i always wanted to ask you this. to me, it's in the weeds how you vote for a nominee of a supreme court. do blue collar people in western pennsylvania and ohio who always voted democrat and voted for trump last time around, do they take this into account when they decide who to vote for in november. >> a large number of people voted for our president, in large part because of the supreme court. it's important for those who are pro life, who are concerned about the sanctity of marriage, for those folks they will likely vote because of the supreme court dis it's not -- dagen: it's not just only
7:43 am
issues, it's also on immigration. >> he is pro life. he is pro gun. he is anti-the regulatory state. he presses a lot of buttons that conservatives and libertarians like i am like a lot. the question is can you overcome his views on the fourth amendment? will he be forth coming and truthful in his views on the fourth amendment when he's talking to a senator who he knows that disagrees with him. dagen: i will see you on outnumbered. you said i will rip your head off. that is not true. >> i was trying to make you laugh. it's a joke. >> i would pay for a cage match between you two. >> that show, we agree on almost everything. dagen: we agree on virtually everything. judge napolitano -- >> pleasure, guys. dagen: coming up, missing out on buying the brady bunch house. it's tearing up lance bass' heart. we'll tell you why.
7:44 am
why he's got a beef with the the sale. ray lewis inducted into the football hall of fame, well, that bust is supposed to be ray lewis. are you scratching your head? we are. when we come back. ♪
7:45 am
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7:47 am
dagen: a deadly plane crash in a staples parking lot in california. christina has the details. >> a small plane crashed near los angeles killing all five people o on-board. it spiraled down into a staples parking lot. it's a mile away from an airport. the pilot declared an emergency shortly before the crash. no one on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. demi lovato is breaking her silence since her drug overdose last month. she took to instagram last flight to thank her fans for her support. i have always been tran transpat
7:48 am
about my journey with add stick. this is something i must continue to overcome and have not done yet. i want to thank god for keeping me alive and well. she was rushed to the hospital after allegedly requiring narcan. maria recently spoke to its inventer, dr. roger crystal. >> what happened to demi lovato, extremely unfortunate and depicturedepicts what it happenh the opioid crisis. we're fortunate her friends were carrying the narcan nasal spray and were able to revive her. >> reports say she agreed to enter rehab to combat her growing problem with addition. lance bass said he's heart broken after he lost the chance to purchase the house made famous in the brady bunch. he said he's feeling heart broke
7:49 am
broken. he said he thought he played the winning bid on the house. a corporate buyer wanted the house at any cost and he was discoveraged to submit a higher offer. the singer said it drove up the price of the home and he called the incident shap shady. the property went on the market last month for $1.88 million. the broker for the listing said the sale to bass was never a done deal. so what do you guys think? do you think the house is worth almost $2 million? >> yes. it's the brady bunch house. you witburied the lead, you shoe led with this at the top of the show. dagen: it's in the valley. google that, mitch rochell. it's somewhere in the san fernando valley. what do you think it's worth? >> i think it's worth whatever people would pay for it. i personally wouldn't want to live in it. >> do you think the bad owe men,
7:50 am
the what which an token -- hawaiian token is still there. dagen: nobody got my milk and pepsi reference earlier. >> nobody? dagen: it's laverne and shirley. by the way, the inside of the bray by bunch house doesn't look like it did back in the day. can someone explain the riddell of the universe, six kids and one bathroom. >> and alice was in the house too. >> the parents had an en suite. the parents had their own bathroom. >> the boys moved downstairs, didn't they. >> no, greg moved upstairs. >> and who was the butcher? >> sam. dagensam.dagen: ray lewis induo the football hall of fame but his bust steals the show. we'll tell you why, next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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dagen: an emotional win for justin thomas at the bridge stone invitational. mike gunzelman has the details. >> justin thomas put on a show. it's his first tournament win in five months and the first victory with grandparents in attendance. he gave him a huge hug after the final putt. he beat kyle stanley by 4 strokes. one golfer that wasn't on the leader board, tiger woods. terrible day for him. i started with two birdies on the first two holes. things went off the rails from there. he tied for 31st place, not good. we'll see if tiger can bounce
7:55 am
back when the championship begins this coming thursday. dagen, this story is for you. chase elliott won his first career nascar race. he was able to hold off martin truex junior in the final laps at watkins glen. he is only 22 years old. he did get a little help from his teammate, jimmie johnson, to get to victory lean. he apparently ran out of fuel just after the checkered flag, don't know how that happened. johnson used his car to push him along. i'm a huge conor mcgregor fan. my guy is back. conor mcgregor is back. his much anticipated return to the octagon, it won't be a hyped up world tour. one of the biggest fights in ufc history is planned for october 6th. mcgregor will fight for the light weight title. it's supposed to be one of the biggest money fights in the
7:56 am
sport's history. ufc's president said they don't have time to fit in a world tour ahead of the bout in las vegas but still this is going to be a battle. the toronto blue jays visited the mariners. this fan tried to catch a baseball with a big bowl of poutine that didn't work out so well. he slammed into the field, spilling the dish everywhere. the ball hit his face. it's come on, dude, you had one job. catch the ball. and then of course there is this. ray lewis was inducted into the pro football hall of fame over the weekend. everyone is talking about how much his bronze bust looks nothing like him. so take a look at this. what do you guys think? does that look like ray lewis? not at all, right? dagen: it doesn't. >> this has happened a few times. dagen: is the sculptor
7:57 am
anonymous? >> somebody thought it looked like one of the wayans brothers. you may remember chri cristiano ronaldo, that didn't look anything like him. it was like my 7-year-old niece did that. >> brandy chastain, there was one that was off. >> definitely bad for sure. dagen: just really quickly, chase elliott's dad is bill elliott, his nickname is awesome bill from dawsonville. that's my favorite nickname. >> i'm a huge fan of mcgregor. dagen: we'll be right back. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. . . dagen: good morning i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, august 6 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> china firing back against president trump, the state media blasting the administration saying he extortion won't work, the president trump doubling down on policies over the weekend at a rally in ohio. >> checking the markets, you know what is going to president trump rhetoric on traded base fired up lee carter going to talk about that this economy infuego
8:01 am
gains across the board this coming off fifth week in a row dow s&p has been up winner has been the nasdaq, in terms of to many performance up nearly 1% on the week. apple hitting one trillion-dollar market cap first u.s. company to ever do that, all of this in terms of growing fastest pace inflation tame you name it, going well for united states of america, in europe we have gains across the board to tell you about in england, france, germany no, we don't markets completely turned in the other direction, we have losses at the moment. in asia overnight, mixed action shanghai composite the worst projector there hang seng eked out gain half of 1%, earnings season, rolls off seaworld tyson among names reporting this morning, what is driving stocks higher? coming up. >> earnings growth north of this% that is much better -- 24% better than expected to start the reporting season.
8:02 am
a rescue on camera atlanta police actually a man out of a burning car, more of the unbelievable video this hour. >> to unvague and ambiguous latest iphone rival images leaked samsung, is behind it. and party time for one panda. zoo celebrating first birthday of newest cake made of bamboo and fruit. all so much more this morning, lee carter pwc mitch roschelle former cia operative mike baker i agree colin mcgregor fight of the century maybe coming up they got to keep him from getting in trouble because the issue you were talking about, is he through a
8:03 am
hand truck at van full of fighters at the bar at the -- the barclay center in brooklyn, in legal trouble -- >> he can be unpredictable i think going to manage this lead up to the fight, massive fight payday is huge, talking about china. >> please quick. >> i think people need to watch what fortune is saying ratcheting up rhetoric a little bit, and it is becoming more person not typical for them i think what we're seeing from that is -- their reaction to what is happening within their own economy, and this is a very interesting time but also a very difficult time we need to manage this o properly we talked about this earlier, a destabilized china economy not going us good in long run. >> rhetoric personal against the president. >> against president trump. dagen: we know he talked about xi jinping his friend.
8:04 am
>> president for life basically now. >> right, but you know you start making it personal with president trump things generally don't go well. >> that being said people it can the president is doing right thing by china supporting this on all sides, two-thirds of americans think this is right strategy. >> my issue, i have been very vocal about it in meant we have taken a back to allies at the same time, and, americans whose jobs at risk or hurt by higher prices there you go, let's talk china. going in on trump threats saying starring in street fighter style drama extortion intimidation plans to stay the course on trade to blake burman near where president is taking a working vacation, about blake the latest? reporter: good morning to you as guys talking about the chinese ratchetings up rhetoric over weekend latest coming in a state run
8:05 am
editorial, that editorial described the president as many engaging in what they describe street state for style, intimidation the president saying he gets along with the chinese. >> look, i don't blame china, i don't blame any of these countriess that have to go through -- some good relationships, believe it or not, they all like me they understand they can't believe themselves they got away with it they can't believe that they got away with it. they have, and turning it around fast. >> both sides appear did you go in here, because the chinese, saying that u.s. and china are engaged in a quote zero-sum game members of trump administration continue to say that president trump will not blink. >> don't under stment president trump's role of. >> how far.
8:06 am
>> far enough to get china to change behavior they need to understand. >> if they don't understand the behavior. >> i think pressure will continue i think the president made that very clear. >> the president now unveiling a new argument over the weekend, dagen tweeting out the following writing quote because of tariffs, we will be able to start paying down large amounts of the 21 trillion dollars in debt accumulated. it is up clear exactly how that specific math checks out. >> dagen. dagen: thank you blake, blake burman, for us, in new jersey, joining us now mark penn former clinic adviser stagwell group president author of microtrends squared. >> i said earlier as a person i consider myself to be a fiscal conservative i don't think i have seen republican president in pliechl brag about tax increases, because that is essentially what he was doing not the first time i have heard him say that at
8:07 am
least one of the rallies recently. >> i think you have to look at these tariffs as strategic bargaining chips, i think you know, what i have seen president trump do over and over again, is when he doesn't really have anything to bargain with creates things to bargain with, that is why i think what he has done with tariffs and when it comes to china, public really does support him on china they think china has been stealing american jobs for a a long time stealing american technology, and is out for world economdomination on back america about. >> this is lee carter speaking, i am fascinated by how americans are reacting to all of this, and really, in general, saying, that they support what the president is doing in china believe exactly what you said strategic bargaining chips using i think long turmoil we are going to win we are seeing the president approval ratings eke up, again we're seeing independents in recent polls
8:08 am
talking about nbc poll came out saying that -- that the independents are softening towards the president what are you seeing. >> we have at harvard caps harris poll we have president 45% approval, we didn't really show dramatic change. i think to the extent the president is ticking up because of economic, 70% americans now say that we've a strong economy, and that really is the biggest change in the poll in the last year, i think that is up about 15 points or so. and that is the tremendous shift, and that is what is holding him up because he has 55% approval there, on the other side immigration, you know the tariffs, he cognitive waited till after midterms on tariffs, because it does create you know, some controversy particularly in terms of europe, and mexico, and -- but not china, they do support him on china.
8:09 am
and that is kind of what we're seeing. >> the other thing i am really, really interested in when it comes to the comes to the polling is voter enthusiasm. and as going into midterms, it is sort of flip-flopping over who is more enthusiastic democrats or republicans as looking at the war on media or media back-and-forth between the president, and -- and it seems like, the war on that the happening with media the media attacking the president all the time, seems energizing republicans more, what do you see? >> yeah, i think everybody is going to be energized, i am going to be fascinating by what happens on tuesday night here in the special election, in republican district, in ohio. i -- i look -- i think that the president has made the choice, here, energy his base energizing his base risky are independently women in as you
8:10 am
bush about an districts voted more republican than anybody realizes going to drift dplakt that is the question more he plays to the base working class doesn't show up in midterms more he may lose well educated as you bureau about an voters typically do. >> i will say we saw in 2016, women wives mothers vote on the economy. this economy is growing at fastest pace in four years north of 4% could grow faster in the current quarter based on recent estimates job growth on average this year is faster than last year at this time, incredible for an economy into nine years, of an expansion wages are growing at fastest pays in a decade you have good news even on obamacare, in m premiums on going up as much as people expected they are actually falling according to reports to some state insurance commissioners.
8:11 am
i think that it is -- it is hard to find anything wrong, this is and look at this usda showed nearly 3 million americans have come off food stamps, since president took office. again, that is what women vote on. >>, of course, if upper working with president clinton we had numbers like that, his ratings would be in stratosphere would be uncomfortable the fact that is not the case shows you that that message hasn't gotten through yet, certainly, the idea of a -- off food stamps has not gotten through important because the question with tax cuts does it just benefit big corporations or did working class working poor benefit statistics are coming out. >> do you need messages 90% americans got -- pay hike because of the tax cuts this year 90% of people are seeing fatter paychecks do you need to message that again, it will kind of comes back to do his
8:12 am
approval ratings and do the pols even matter because they sure as heck didn't mattering into into the flex almost two years oaks. >> public fed up congress doesn't seem to be able to do anything i do think the republicans have a leader low has quit doesn't even support the president on -- on tariffs and, yet, is staying in office, i said consistently i think republican weakness no message and leadership the democrats have weaknesses too headed by pelosi, someone really disliked throughout the country, and featuring socialists a voter going into polls not energized in the middle is truly confused employ which way to vote. >> senator elizabeth warren fueling rumors off presidential run over weekend listen to this is not afraid to be the underdog. >> won't be easy. we're going to have to fight uphill. but me, i am going up that
8:13 am
hill and i hope you are too. . >> and i hope that when you do, you will reach your hand out and bring someone else along for the climb. >> in terms of policy platform abortion and open borders, i don't know how that wins. >> if you look at democrats democratic primary biden rising not warren warren gets publicity he went with president obama, i think beginning he has been very quietly positioning himself i don't think elizabeth warren would be the best democratic presidential candidate you know pelosi-warren team is really too far to the left for america, but i don't think that is where the rank-and-file democrats are, and i don't think that is how this is going to play out, come three years from now. dagen: dagen: joe by hissen take systeme with president obama big grin i think every
8:14 am
american could write the caption for that coming up about unbelievable rescue police in atlanta pull man out of burning car details on heroic action astraed samsung unveiling newest phone, this week, the details already out, because samsung leaked them that story later this hour. ♪ take me away ♪ ♪ ♪ like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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8:17 am
dagen: breaking news philadelphia police officer in the hospital after being slot in the face, this morning. kristina partsinevelos has details. >> serving a washington identified 49-year-old jason's 20 year veteran of the force, a member of the s.w.a.t. team, officer's suffered heavy bleeding at least a broken jaw police say he itself is expected to survive. >> you you tourists fleeing after quake in yind fleesia 7.0 hitting the tourist island killing about 100 people more than 230 others injured the death toll expected to rise at search operations continue second deadliest quick one week. >> july 29 quake killed 16 people, damaged hundreds of homes. there is more trouble at wells fargo, the bank said the
8:18 am
calification error may have caused hundreds to lose homes to for for closure wells fargo said mistake in a formula to qualify struggling homeowners for federally assistance programs set aside 8 million dollars or 20,000 dollars per affected customer, shares of wells fargo are down 3% today but up this morning. and pepsico ceo announcing planning to step down after leading company 12 years, ind indra about succeeded by. >> laguarta. >> shares higher premarket. dagen: thank you, extremely tough job mitch roschelle pepsi under pressure in terms of fizzy drinks business also
8:19 am
tariffs. >> global business, just not operating selling products to consumers and businesses in one country selling around the world a challenging job by any stretch, with tariffs even more complicated. >> right and trade spats that are being -- >> currencies not moving direction people thought they were moving. >> difficult to plan your business a great run for -- well-known woman at top of one great american company. >> extraordinary leader extraordinary vision. >> you want a quiz i hate when people do this pepsi was inventdz wear coke in atlanta where was peps inside -- >> pepsi. >> newburgh north carolina headquarters white plains. >> that is right a well have a sized surprise seaworld better-than-expected sales jock jumping on news what broadest people back to the park birthday bash fit for a giant panda. a subdue celebrates newest
8:20 am
bear can you be with a cake of bamboo and fruit. >> girl i got to get to know you know you, everything about you makes me want you want you, knowing what you are doing baby, don't you don't you ♪ the employee of the year, anna. [music playing] (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event. i look like..., most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain.
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to go with any doctor who accepts medicare patients. it's nice to have a choice. and your coverage goes with you, anywhere you travel in the country. we have grandkids out of state. they love our long visits. not sure about their parents, though. call unitedhealthcare and ask for your free decision guide today. political, again. twitter apologizing after suspended conservative commentator kandiss owen for response to a set of antiwhite tweets by "new york times" editorial board member as reporting indicate executives top board members from the social media giant have donated overwhelmingly to democrats, lee your reaction to this kandiss owen basically took antiwhite tweets from this new hire by "new york
8:24 am
times" replaced her words in it to illustrate, the insanity and hid outstandingness what this woman at "new york times" tweeted said it was i guess trying to i will sfrait irony something like that -- your reaction. >> my reaction is a, sheengs should not have been suspended, b, i can understand how this could have been taken down as hate speech i don't understand why not blocked like so many things rather than saying we are going to suspend her thirdly if this is the policy of a social media company like twitter they need to be able to respond more quickly, to have this happen for 12 hours, to go with no response, to go and say nothing for a long time is a really problem for them when i think that twitter needs to remember is that, there is a huge number of conservatives between ages 27 and 32 in fact more conservatives than liberals they better do something about this. >> how do you feel of about this i noticed mention with
8:25 am
jessica, that conservatives have put in a bright red x, next to their names, to push back, on twitter, their way of expressing dissatisfaction with shadow banning, in search results conservative names are essentially buried don't show up at all. >> yeah -- i am shocked that twitter leadership overwhelmingly supports democrats. picked up new york times i know i am reading a paper with certain lean. i pick up "the wall street journal" same way, it is the world we live in, i get on twitter i know where they are o going, i know what their agenda in a sense is so i am not surprised and i -- i guess bigger issue is where is the civility in any of the dialogue whether social media or face to face or traditional media we seem to have lost
8:26 am
inabilitied to speak to people a different point of view. >> hideous things said to me by people on left need to reopen auschwitz to gas incinerates you i can't wait until iran wipes israel off the map so i can watch you cry people not disciplined by twitter should not have accounts should they? it is private organization again, the level of hate and these are people, who -- go by their names sitting at home, spewing this kind of hatred, if i -- >> on -- to be -- to be honest it is -- both hard sides far right harleft are sitting in a trenches throwing hand grepdz despicable things you don't have to read a certain position figure out a way to have a conversation without
8:27 am
being -- >> on the left anti-semitism is alive and well i don't even --nd people, liberal don't acknowledge it i see it every day i can say with no hesitation that the as inniest things said to ninastiesthet things said to me from left, against big government helping one another i don't know when but just died. >> -- the big joke about them they think they are this group is out to promote free speech bludgeon anybody who doesn't agree don't get the joke don't see how ironic that is. >> is it cowards wearing black masks i should point that outing covering faces. >> not good look for them. >> pile up of at which timed steel and metal behind after freight train derails in
8:28 am
pittsburgh samsung new galaxy detail leaked from samsung we will tell you what happened. ♪ we do what we want ♪ ♪ - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who's 85, 90 years old, can't get around, has no food, has no water, and just wants to give up and die. and that's where we come in.
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and your heart will be changed. - [voiceover] with your gift of just $45, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo, monday, august 6, top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, china state media attacks president trump, over his proposed tariffs, look out
8:31 am
state run paper calling tariffs extortion saying president starring in his street fighter style defeatful drama president trump says tariffs are all about getting america on track. >> but america's economic surrender -- the day i took office now after years of rebuilding foreign countries we are finally rebuilding our country. >> mike baker said look out because china is getting all the mortgage and when people make personal attacks on president trump -- kind of seen that movie before we know what happens to them. >> futures flat at starting trading slight gains on dow s&p, nasdaq 100 futures, last week the dow and s&p up for fifth week in a row, nasdaq, bright shining star is well up more than 1%, in europe,
8:32 am
watching markets we have been touting between green and red, gains, now from losses across the board, in england, france joinlh germany slight arctic, hang seng up half 1%, explosion near airport in italy, police are tweeting they were caused by accident on highway we bring the latest from itly. >> nightmare on tracks, a train derailed in pittsburgh we bring details from this tragedy. >> hero caught on video, body cam footage showing atlanta police officer making a daring rescue from a burning car. hold the phone, details out from samsung on latest phone we will break it down, and unbearably cute a panda in france, celebrates first birthday. complete with a cake.
8:33 am
may have had fruit bamboo we play panda videos baby goat videos all day long. >> markets shakinging off trade tensions president trump using the stock market as measure of who is winning the dispute, and indicating that u.s. has a clear lead over china. listen to this. >> if i didn't do anything with trade if i said not guilty we're going to get everybody continue to take our jobs take our wealth, let them continue you know, i bet our stock market up almost 40% since i won if i didn't do anything with trade kept quiet, let them continue to take advantage of us nobody says anything, i think you would have been up another 40, 50, 60% eventually you would have had to pay the piper eventually we are not going to do that we are going to do something we are going to make our country so much richer than it has ever been. >> joining us now, wells fargo investment institute headed global market paul why has
8:34 am
markets been able to shake off tensions so much? >> well, market believes and we agree, that a deal is the ultimate goal here that the goal is not to run the chinese economy into the the ground or u.s. economy into ground with unending tariffs, they can get a negotiations on the trade deficit getting chinese to buy more from this country, if they can get a deal on autos with mexicos, canadians europeans we think rhetoric is dialed back. >> mitch roschelle you mentioned china and their economy some of the challenges that their economy sort of predate trade war, their markets are sort of in free-fall currency diminishing growing middle class, funding entitlements for the middle class is starting to put pressure on their ability to grow, you see that in gdp numbers, so regardless don't we still have that global
8:35 am
challenge that china's economy going to impact other global economies if trade war isn't sorted out. >> you are right mitch, the moderation in growth around the world europe i mention too slowed down some, that is confusing the markets a little bit here, they are thinking all the slowdown is related to trade talk. it is not. the slowdown is predating the trade talk and an important factor the chinese we need to remember chinese have an economy that on one happened has very strongs consumer growth and on the other hand has a lot of debt as you mentioned some issues with the providing social welfare how balance that forward? they need to be very careful they don't need extra variable if you will of trade uncertainty we think there is pressure on chinese internally to come to the negotiating table. >> debt a huge issue, paul let's talk about what we're
8:36 am
paying as nation to borrow, jamie dimon warning investors to prepare for 5% interest rates, that would be yield on the 10-year treasury. and this certainly is a major concern it is not showing up in the markets so much at this point, but now that back to running one trillion-dollar deficits, we're in a fight with one of the plaerjs holders of our largest holders someone we lenientlied on china relied upon to buy our debt fund deficit your reaction? is there any way in the near-term that we even get back to 4% on the 10-year yield? >> we don't think there is much chance of going to back to 4% any time soon, on the 10-year yield, yes, the debt is a weight on the economy call it a headwind for growth, and no, we don't think chinese are about ready to dump their holdings of u.s. treasurys the largest liquid market in the world if you are a government needs to hold trillions of
8:37 am
dollars reserves there is no other place to go but to hold u.s. treasurys we don't think a real threat there but the ebt did is going to be a headwind for the economy going forward, on the other hand, you've got still quite a demographic challenge forward as many of us age and get into the retirement years we are going to be holding allotted more debt anyway, that its going to help yields be lower our target 10 year this-year low 3's we don't see it moving up o to 4 any time soon rather low yields look to us the main problem for investors. >> is aging population and those who will be holding more safe if you will treasurys is that bad for the stock market then? >> well, what it does for the stock market when will yields are low relatively low on treasurer we have been hanginging around 3% means you can have a little bit higher stock market prices, before stocks get overvalled so we don't think the stocking are too rich part of that argument is 10 years not making the
8:38 am
sort of headway with get you to 4 or 5% if we were to see that would be more worried about stocks. >> paul going book to mike baker, here, going back to tariffs question, there is a butt of a -- softening in the talk between u.s. administration, and the eu now and tariffs skirmish do you expect the same development in our conversations with china? >> well the i think chinese know that there is a deal available for them any time they want to take it. but they are just not sure whether they should go now or later, we think there will be a deal sometime, there is a good window for that opening up in fall the chinese simply need to figure out a way to close some trade deficit would by more liquid natural gas more crude oil more soybeans need those in greater kwpts than before if they were to do that would come a long way towards meeting the president in a detail i there i in the the end where they finally go
8:39 am
making some kind of deal on trade, u.s. and about europeans also have talking to do not a done deal yet there either, but, again, the president probably wants to see those two things, some sort of deal on autos some sort of deal with chinese, on the trade deficit, and then we think that the trade negotiations seem to a lower priority and for the market we can get back to thinking about good earnings growth going forward july paul quick about why is opening in terms of having discussions with china why is that in the fall what about the timing of that? >> well, the -- you've got midterm elections coming up. dagen: right. >> in u.s., and the president is still putting out there additional tariffs and chinese feel obligated to respond i think gaimgdz degree of seriousness the president in our view has been serious but some people may be this could would bend or making exceptions, that is not been the case, so they need to get back talking again, throw is
8:40 am
some evidence chinese are interested in that just has to happen sometime in the next few months we think. >> stock market just keeps chugging along, paul thanks so much take care. >> thank you. >> come back soon. >> is it incredible rescue cautioned on tape a police officer in atlanta pulls man out of a burning car you have to see more of this hero in action, amazon, google microsoft all aiming to be the next to join apple. at a one trillion-dollar valuation, stuart varney makes a big prediction about test titans mitch roschelle going hmm, we all are mr. varney next. ♪ ♪ its crazy ♪ don't call me maybe ♪ of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter...
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"varney & company"on sea world have reported this morning, nicole petallides on the floor of the, in, . >> floor this morning. >> a lot of optimism surrounding earnings 24.2% for earnings overall year-over-year growth that is surpassing analysts estimates 43 companies take a look at two kicked it out tyson foods seaworld seaworld up 15%, tyson food up 3%, this morning, so tiesan foods ceo we did see that tyson foods this was a beat on profit, also the cattle prices have been falling food 3r50is have been falling increased herd size, size of heavier animals offset falling pork prices this is apparent of jimmy sean sausages. >> marketing initiatives positive reception to rises attendance on rise it was the revenue that wowed wall street third time in a row third straight beat on top lines
8:45 am
this is a winner no doubt, for seaworld you can see up 15%, that is going to be heavily trade in a big mover as far as market commentary at raymond james concerned about seconder rotation out of tech out of consumer cyclicals moved into cash? no, moved into industrials financials consumer on in cyclicals said associated with healthy bull market positive on apple, weak on cbs this morning. >> thank you nicole pap first to cross finish line to one trillion dollars in valuation several big names close behind the host of "varney & company," you have a predictions. >> we waive it want to take our audience walk to fox news channel friday afternoon where you made a stellar appearance on the five, as i recall.
8:46 am
i thought you were really, really cool it occurred to me you and i go back about 10 years now working together on fox business network about 10 years what is the biggest story you and i have covered in 10 years? don't answer, i think -- [laughter] -- >> i think -- it is the extraordinary performance and gain in valuation of five big technology companies, apple worth a trillion, google amazon microsoft close, well above 800 billion, and facebook down at 500 billion essentially i have never seen anything like this before. you have never seen you accumulation of wealth and power, as we have seen the last couple years in those five american technology companies, going to be cause to break they will up nonetheless, they are there, they are exceptionally powerful i think a unique moment in our financial history. amazon google microsoft, you
8:47 am
get a good rally this year, from where we are now, all three of them will join apple at trillion-dollar valuation extraordinary stuff. >> really is important that you health it the way you do every day on your show, but in this moment as well, i say this because we very often the news media get criticized so much but many people, quite frankly lazy about it don't have to do homework they can talk about president trump, mental state american greatness. >> doesn't get much coverage in establishment papers they cover negative away they've got too much power too much wealth i cover it in a positive way all money they are making will flow into different industries like cars medical devices drugs, that money made out of computing pour will flow out improve
8:48 am
very positive development. >> anybody in this country if you own one share of an apple or microsoft or amazon, or netflix you are an owner in that company. >> yes. >> you own part of it i think that is worth -- that we are all in it together. part of this greatness. >> anybody with 401(k), ira, mutual fund you benefited from this you have seen your retirement savings go up. that is wholly good amen hallelujah. >> i kind of like it. >> thank you for the kind words that is why we like working here the people we work with actually like each other off cam, not faking it. >> we got to go. >> love you that is mike baker. >> love you, too,. >> reminder "varney & company" every day 9:00 a.m. eastern. he is coming up in almost 11 minutes, birthday bash fit for giant panda celebrate newest
8:49 am
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8:52 am
in italy kristina partsinevelos. >> take a look at video imagery powerful a blast huge fireball into sky italian police say accident near airport in bologna not clear in anyone was hurt a train derailment in pittsburgh seven cars off the track yesterday sending containers on a hill on to light rail tracks you are seeing cars carrying
8:53 am
consumer products food, house wares. >> injured reported investigation into derailment under way. >> atlanta police officer hailed a hero saving a pass jee pass, jr., from a burning car the officer about to run from the vehicle, authorities say car engine went up in flames, after the car hit a metal utility pole, officials say three people were taken to a local hospital. another officer suffered minor scrapes and prices. >> what a video. samsung with a sneak peek on galaxy note 9 unveiling this for smartphone confirms it will have option for one terabyte of memory a massive amount of storage pictures we take, note nine will
8:54 am
apparently come with 512 gigabytes built in memory support for 512 gigabits microcards not supported by iphone difference there we end hour with a lovely video of a french baby panda treated to unique cake to celebrate its first birthday, bamboo honey a variety of fruits into the cake the young panda was he about 60 pounds probably packed a few more after his celebration. dagen: in france, of course, they have delicious cakes, exactly. >> we need to get expertise on something guns did the support this earlier this video of a fan trying to catch a ball with a bowl failing miserably. >> shameful. >> explain, two teams.
8:55 am
>> just like greasy french fridays, cheese kurds have to be squeaky in québec saint alberts makes a lot of these, toppings on them, the one you wanting to for us typically gravy fridays cheese kurds super fattening. >> they are not claiming they invented cheese kurds are they? >> no, back in late 1950s. >> so much shared heritage love of food between canadians, we are again building some bridges. >> i believe that. >> tariffs be dammed building -- >> culinary -- >> cheese kurds. >> you heard it here. >> okay. got it.
8:56 am
>> thank you. i am glad i am the expert. >> you are killing it today. coming up final thoughts from all stars when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. . . and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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♪ ♪ dagen: we picked that song because it's one of mike's song of all-time. final thoughts. >> we have the goats gone wild situation under control. safe to go, won't be acoasted by roaming goats. dagen: you have more, you have -- give me something on china? >> we will be looking forward to talk about what's been on the ground there. dagen: are they going to give and step up and let us actually negotiate different trade deals, mitch in. >> the thing that concerns me is growing national debt, we have over $700 billion refinanced over the next two quarters and that really concerns me. dagen: federal reserve that's pulling back on its balance sheet at the same time and we are running 1 trillion-dollar budget. lee. >> a lot of criticisms about the poll, it looks like the president has weathered a really
9:00 am
tough storm. dagen: thanks to one in all, travel safely, we will see you tomorrow, varney & company starts right now. stuart, it is all yours. stuart: yes, it is, dagen, good morning to you, thank you very much, indeed. good morning, everyone. investors, how is this to start the week, profit is surging, that suggests more growth for the economy as businesses plow back huge amounts of money they are making. at the fortune 500 profits are up compared to last year, we have not seen numbers like that in years, the result of trump tax cuts and the trump's red tape cutting, now look at the three companies, amazon, google, microsoft, the huik profits they -- huge profited they reported are within striking distance of trillion dollar valuation, apple hit that mark last week. here ishe


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