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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 7, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we'll watch the race tomorrow. right now lou dobbs is next on fox business.. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, the trump administration cracking down on iran. reinstating sanctions after pulling out of the disastrous obama nuclear deal. national security adviser john bolton joins us tonight. he's here to talk about the trump administration's tough new stance against the islamist regime. robert mueller putting a star, so-called, witness on the stand on day five of the paul manafort trial. but significant questions of credibility loom over the entire testimony of the former manafort associate, rick gates. also tonight, while the
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national left-wing media whines about perceived threats, the radical left goes on a violent spree attacking conservative voices and even our military, and the booming trump economy not even the dems and rhinos can talk down. a quarter of all new american jobs, this century, were created under this president. that's right. president trump. and he hasn't been in office 20 months. our top story tonight -- the trump administration today announced the reimposition of sanctions against iran. those began at midnight. the president following through on his promise to undue the obama-era nuclear deal with tehran. first set of sanctions target the iranian automotive sector as well as gold and other metals. second set of sanctions targeting oil and the iranian central bank will be imposed in
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november. rouhani saying iran couldn't hold talks with the united states while under the sanctions but also acknowledging they would be willing to talk if the trump administration is sincere. joining me now, u.s. national security adviser john bolton. ambassador, good to have you with us. >> glad to be with you, lou. lou: ambassador, start with iran. have you made it clear, the president has made it clear, that this is going to be stern stuff, your policy toward the -- against iran. these first sanctions, however, are not as powerful, one could argue as the second set, which would come with the november 4th. your judgment. >> well, the purpose of the phased impact of the sanctions is to provide a fair winddown period for companies that relied on the deal made in
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2015. but i think the effect of the sanctions has already been felt in iran. the currency since the president announced our withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal, the iranian currency has decreased by nearly half. we have scene millions and millions of dollars in currency leaving iransa the elites move their assets out of the country for fear of this, and seen a continuation of demonstrations and riots in towns and cities across iran, as the economy has gone into a tailspin. i think the effects are already being felt. lou: the president's tough policy on iran, withdrawing from the deal. now these reinstitutions of sanctions. we get a report from tehran. rouhani saying iran is open to negotiations if the united states is sincere, referring to, i assume, the president talking about a comprehensive deal, is still something he would be interested in
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negotiating. could you explain that for us? >> sure, look, the president has said since beginning in the 2016 campaign, he's open to negotiating with leaders like rouhani, like with kim jong-un to sit down with him. the iranians have used negotiations in the past to delay the effect of sanctions and pressure and to continue making progress on the nuclear weapons program. so if the iranians really want to sit down and talk about not just the failed nuclear deal but ballistic missile program and their support for terrorism and their belligerent military activity in the region, we're prepared to do that. that's a suggestion that france's president emmanuel macron has made that we'd like to see the iranians carry through on. lou: it's interesting and interested to hear what weight you give rouhani's statement. too early to call it a breakthrough. how would you characterize it? >> in the past, these kinds of statements have been
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propaganda. we'd like to see performance from iran. but the president made it clear he'd be willing to speak as long as we cover the positions, not just the failed nuclear deal. lou: turning to china, the tariffs, there is obviously, this is starting to spiral upwards. it is still a minute fraction of the total trade relationship which a lot of commentators forget when they start trying explain why a market moves, monolithically in the minds of some. your judgment about how far this is going to go and how far president trump is prepared to go? >> i wouldn't underestimate how determined president trump is. i think the ball's really in china's court. look, for 20 years now, almost, as part of the world trade organization, they have pursued a mercantilist policy. they've done worse than that. stolen american and european technology. engaged in forced technology transfers. they've been biased against
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foreign investors and traders in china, and for too many years, american administrations let the chinese get away with it. i think the purpose of the president's tariffs is not just related to the trade deficit, but to force china to be held accountable for the violations of the agreements its made and the commitments its made how to deal internationally. lou: and it's extraordinary, the years and years of what is basically propaganda from so-called free traders about the fact that free trade does not have costs associated with the u.s. economy. it's been deleterious, it has cut down economic growth. the president in less than two years has broken through, it seems, to the public consciousness about what the reality is that we have been on the lose are end of a trade war that's been waged against this country, at least, at least since 2001, and china's admission to the world trade organization. >> right, and the president
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said in the context of the european union, look, if you want to talk free trade, let's have no tariffs, no nontariff barriers, no subsidies. if you want to have a free trade zone like we have internally in the united states, we're prepared to take a look at that, but in the case of china, in particular, i think the europeans agree they've taken advantage of a framework of free trade for their own policies and succeeded. lou: and it is -- as the president made that offer, you could almost hear the chinese and the europeans sucking wind through their teeth at the very prospect that suddenly they have to go to free trade. ambassador, always good to see you, thank you for joining us here. >> thanks, thanks, thanks, lou. lou: ambassador john bolton, national security adviser to the president. up next, explosive new details emerging about the chinese spy who worked with senate democrat dianne feinstein for nearly two decades. i said two decades, almost! we'll have the latest for you.
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. lou: president trump took aim at senator dianne feinstein at an ohio rally over the weekend. the democrat rocked by recent
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revelations her office had been infiltrated by a chinese spy who worked for her for nearly 20 years. >> and speaking of china, it's just come out that the democratic leader, and the leader of the russian investigation, dianne feinstein had a chinese spy as her driver for 20 years! and she's leading the russian investigation, if that's what you call it. how about leading -- no, no, she's leading the russian witch-hunt. a democrat-inspired witch-hunt. lou: and we have breaking news for you tonight, the daily caller is now reporting the identity of feinstein's so-called chinese driver, it turns out he's, well, he was quite a bit more than a driver. joining us tonight, daily caller's investigative reporter luke rosiak. luke, great to have you with us. this is remarkable.
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the identity first of the spy who worked quote, unquote as feinstein put it as a driver for 20 years. >> russell lowe, l-o-w-e, her office manager for 20 years. lou: you say office manager? >> he was meeting with ambassadors, attending high-profile events, he was not a go fer. not just a mere driver as feinstein characterized him. lou: perhaps she mischaracterized or misremembered. that's quite a different matter, and as office manager he would have access to all sorts of information as well as the comeings and goings of dianne feinstein who served as a chair of senate select committee on intelligence for years and years. >> yeah, as i driver, because that was part of his capacity. he was in a position to overhear more than anything, and as you heard in donald
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trump's kind of clip, she basically shrugged about this when it came out. when the fbi told her that this guy was working with the chinese government, she didn't tell anyone. she didn't tell her own staff. she let him retire. when you look at that tweet, she says, well, the chinese were approaching my guy, i made sure he didn't work her anymore. they weren't approaching him. they were working with him. she didn't fire this guy. this guy retired with a pension. he is working at what appears to be to be a propaganda outfit in san francisco, pushing dirt on japan. so this isn't a guy that was merely recruited by china, he's a sort of a player in the geopolitical warfare battles, this militant chinese guy who's professionally involved in this kind of thing, and he's continuing to make speeches where he is billed as a former aide to dianne feinstein. that's what happens when you cover up things like that. the people get to go ride your
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coattails and continue to associate with you. he's not disgraced. he's still out there meeting, he met with a congressman mike honda recently. still associating with the washington types. he's still part of the political scene because dianne feinstein did not take swift action. lou: and his name again? >> russell lowe, l-o-w-e. lou: amazing, chinese-american, chill in san francisco, and without belaboring the point, where in the world are intelligence agencies? they are the ones who informed feinstein that he had handlers, not just simply people with whom he had a little conversations had, handlers from the chinese government driving his efforts. >> right, and when you witness a cover-up like, this who knows what you can believe. the limited information we've heard is they said, okay, he stole political information but not national intelligence, so we're not going to prosecute
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him. which, by the way, of course you can prosecute. the fbi finds ways of prosecuting people when they want to. can you presumably charge him with foreign agent registration act like manafort. feinstein said let's make it go away quietly and the fbi was happy to do her bidding. lou: almost presages the comey struggles between gross negligence in the investigation of hillary clinton and landing on instead of gross negligence extreme carelessness, which did not mandate prosecution. he said, it turns out that that's a false, if you will, choice and not true at all. let's go to feinstein's tweet responding to the president calling her out -- this is feinstein's response to the trump tweet --
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well, now that sounds absolutely casual and harmless. no threats. no secret access to secret information, but again, it wasn't a driver either, it was her office manager. >> well, keep in mind, the way that, you know, she didn't express any outrage here. the cognitive dissonance is about to make your head explode. i thought we cared about meddling, national classified information. they take a casual attitude. remember feinstein was the one who, when the intelligence community inspector general charles mccullough, an obama
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appointee found classified information on hillary's secret e-mail server and bullied by diane fine stein until he dropped it. which is a huge deal. lou: not unacquainted with huge deals, it was senator feinstein, chair of the intelligence committee when it was discovered that john brennan's cia had been surveilling the committee's servers, first, he denied it so they not only spied on the senate intelligence committee, which has oversight responsibility in addition to everything else, if that wasn't bad enough. they were in charge of oversight. he denied doing so and had to admit he did, and she said, well, we're not going to prosecute anybody despite his actions as the head of the cia in that an agency surveilling. i mean feinstein has a record here, one wonders why anyone listened to her when they started talking about a special
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counsel for crying outlute. >> right, this is kind of what the congress does. they would rather be compromised than embarrassed. and she just said look how embarrassing this is. the chinese must be laughing at us. i think the chinese are laughing all the way to the bank when this guy is out there in public life with no consequences. lou: maybe this explains something else, luke, that's worth pursuing, that is maybe the chinese had so much on her that she was incapable of giving up her access or in any way thwarting the many sources at the cia that she had access to and who were sharing intelligence with her and her committee. this looks very dangerous and potentially extraordinarily explosive. >> yes, and look at how the fbi handled it. they merely told her what they learned and allowed her to handle, that contrast that to donald trump when they infiltrated the campaign instead of going to him and saying look, there may be
4:20 am
problems with your staffers, we wanted to make you aware. lou: and contrast it, for example, of a meeting between donald trump, jr. and a russian attorney in the trump to youer and the interest that is extensive across capitol hill, particularly adam schiff, talking about his deep concerns, yet you have absolute knowledge of all of the contacts and correlations between whether it's senator mark warner, the vice chair of the senate intelligence committee and, and overseas spies and interlocutors in -- there seems to be an absolute imbalance here between what the fbi gets interested in and what the intelligence communities get interested in and the reality which is that we were watching right now, a country whose president is being gamed by a special counsel and the democratic party severely and
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to the detriment to this sniegz you have a chinese spy and the media didn't care enough to look up his name. story has been out for five days. there was no staking out people's houses, massive press conferences. no one could be bothered to look up this guy's name and public records until my colleague at the daily news foundation did it. lou: congratulations to the daily caller and our compliments to him and to you for bringing us this story tonight. yes, there was another spy case that just came to mind, just coincidentally, the spies within the trump campaign who had been placed there by the democratic and deep state inspired fbi leadership as well. i did mention the fisa court judges? looks like they have a problem as well. luke, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it always. good to see you. >> thank you. lou: thank you, luke rosiak. mark zuckerberg now wants
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to use our personal banking information to offer new features and to boost user engagement. why not? facebook has such a record. facebook asking big banks for their users' personal banking information that would include card transactions along with account balances, facebook claiming it will never, ever, ever share that information with third parties. but that hasn't gone so well, has it, in the past. we understand one major bank has withdrawn from the generous offer on the part of facebook. that bank not named that the point. well, 11 people killed following a deadly weekend in chicago. authorities say 70 people were shot, gang violent the reason in most instances. the leftist mayor rahm emanuel and the city's police superintendent are now calling on citizens in the community to, quote, step up to help combat the violence.
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so far the murder rate is down 20% this year in chicago. last year there were 650 homicides in the cities, that's what passes for a baseline in the city of chicago when it come to murder rates. will the obama administration's failure to address the scourge of shootings and murder in the windy city be on display in the presidential library that's set to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars? be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is -- cast your vote on twitter. i'd like to hear from you. up next, former clinton white house press secretary joe lockheart is very upset, challenging president trump. and guess what he's going after, imagine this, the spokesman for the clinton white house, he wants to talk about
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. lou: president trump in ohio over the weekend to support republican congressional candidate troy balderson, and while he was at it, he gave a shoutout to fox, including me. >> they're blowing them away in their ratings. oh, excuse me, i almost forgot, i would have been in great trouble. the great lou dobbs. lou: we're going to freeze that and just run that loop for a while here, if you don't mind. thank you, mr. president. appreciate it. joe lockheart, former white house press secretary under bill clinton is using the national spotlight to target president trump and question mr. trump's credibility. this is a guy who worked for bill clinton. listen to what lockheart said
4:29 am
on the fake news network known as cnn. >> this has never happened before. we've had great presidents. we've had terrible presidents. republicans and democrats. but we've never had anything like this, where a president, we have a president who is incapable of telling the truth. lou: that's an ironic position for lockheart to take coming from the clinton administration. lockheart apparently forgot about his old boss, president clinton, lied about and later admitted to, well, affairs and that sort of thing. you remember the details. no need to burden anyone with that. joining us tonight, ed rollins, former reagan white house political director, great america pac chairman, fox business analyst and savant. michael goodwin, savant, pulitzer prize-winning columnist, fox news contributor. >> thank you. lou: little irony, michael,
4:30 am
lockheart comes out of obscurity to talk about credibility? that's laughable beyond belief. >> yeah, especially given the seriousness of events that happened while he was part of the clinton white house. and part of the press secretary's office, he went off on the press secretaries, shaun spieser and sarah huckabee sanders, accused them of lying all the time too. this is indeed rich coming from the clinton campaign. the clinton team themselves. clintons themselves. what is it about the clintons that is distinctive? well, they don't tell the truth. that is history's verdict on both clintons. lou: yeah. >> don't forget his roll the last several years as the defender of the national football league. lou: i didn't want to get into that. did you know the hall of fame game was down 13%? >> i'm a rabid football fan, i didn't know there was a game until the next day. lockheart didn't do a good job
4:31 am
with publicity. lou: i don't know how good a job you can do. the players seem to have more intelligence than the owners or the nfl front office. i mean, all they have to do, by the way, dak prescott, the quarterback of the dallas cowboy, got to give him a shoutout. the man as i tweeted speaking plainly, straightforwardly, saying this is not the place, this is not the way in which to express political views, during the national anthem. it's disrespectful. i love the fact that one of the players at least had the guts and was strong and straightforward enough to just say that. >> look, he's a great antidote to colin kaepernick who started the nonsense, an icon on the left. i think it's disgraceful. >> and let's not forget terrell owens who was inducted and decided not to go to the ceremony. he decided to give a speech at
4:32 am
his alma mater instead of the hall of fame. if i were the nfl commissioner, i would say thank you very much. lou: every organization has damn fools in it, the nfl no exception. >> right. lou: let's turn to this, the president in ohio over the weekend, making it very clear who he is for. this has been the twelfth district, i believe it is, has been a safe district for decades and suddenly there is a heated battle between troy balderson and his democratic opponent danny o'connor. danny boy. >> doesn't matter. lou: the president putting himself on the line, he is there for his guy, and he made it clear that this is who he wants. >> maybe offset a little bit by the fact that governor kasich endorsed him. this is original seat. lou: he's endorsing what? >> same candidate.
4:33 am
so if for some reason. lou: you are a troublemaker. >> for some reason he loses, it's not trump's fault, it's kasich's fault. [ laughter ] >> what do you think of that? ed keeps his hand in the political stuff. >> balderson could make the claim, if i can bring trump and kasich together, i can really do things for ohio. lou: well, i don't think they're together, exactly. sunday television talking about the suburban housewife as if he's discovered a demographic that is particularly explosive and important and potent. kasich has become the most, i think, arguably the most -- no, that's too strong -- one of the most irritating personalities in all of politics. and he's only a governor! >> as michael was asking me why is he so unpopular. i've known john forever since he got elected in 82. snowing in ohio, john could
4:34 am
walk in a room full of friends and come out with a room of enemies. >> i believe it. there is something so abrasive about the man. except in this case where he is supporting the president's schois to fill the seat in the 12th district. >> we need the republican. lou: absolutely. what do you think? now i want you guys to give us -- this is where you earn your money. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. lou: this is it, you centered in. >> yeah. lou: who is going to win? >> you first. lou: no, you can't derail me with your diversionary tactics. i'm too slick for that. >> i think trump's visit will make the difference. >> i do, too. i think troy will be elected tomorrow and has to run in four months to get to the second part of this. this is to finish out four months of the term. lou: they going to get to tlo do this again? >> yeah. lou: this is important and the president wants balderson and the people of the 12th district of ohio heard him on this.
4:35 am
we agree? >> yes. lou: the president's appearance in ohio makes all the difference? he's got a heck of a record. i think he's undefeated. there's one defeat, but we won't mention that. 40 some odd wins. >> this is core trump country. has to be able to hold ohio in the midterms and the presidential. lou: well, i don't see -- it's interesting, people saying things like he's going to have to hold. democrats have to do something, they're the ones who have yet to come up with a program and answer or have anything to say about the record that this president created in 20 months. >> the secret is to make sure the country knows what their record is and what they want to do with the country. lou: well, i think they can look back to eight years of wonder under president obama and material vividly. ed rollins, michael goodwin. thank you, gentlemen. hope you are right. venezuelan president nicolas maduro surviving
4:36 am
assassination attempt over the weekend, delivering a speech to hundreds of soldiers in caracas. thousands even. bodyguards rushing to shield maduro. watch this. there's the display. that's what happens when a few bomb-laden drones overfly the president of venezuela. i have never seen that before. anybody else seen that? >> no, interesting maneuver. >> you wouldn't want a short bodyguard in that situation. maduro protected by troops as other troops fled the square. tensions have been rising in venezuela. inflation on track to reach a million percent by the end of the year, people are fighting outright starvation in venezuela. some eating dogs, neighbors dogs, stray dogs, whatever it takes, that's how desperate things are in venezuela. coming up next, president trump making an endorsement for a longtime loyal supporter fair kansas race.
4:37 am
chris covac. he joins us next.
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4:40 am
. lou: another election tomorrow, president trump backing kansas secretary of state kris kobach for the republican nomination to be governor of kansas in tomorrow's primary. president trump tweeted this --
4:41 am
kris kobach is the man the president was talking about. he joins us tonight. kansas secretary of state running for the republican nomination and the election suddenly is upon us. kris, good to have you with us, and you're running basically neck-and-neck with your opponent. some of the polls have you up. give us a sense of where you are right now in the race and evaluate for us the support, the endorsement of president trump in kansas? >> great to be back with you, lou. the polls had a single digit race, our latest poll, this was about five days ago had us up about nine points, but 20% were undecided in that poll, and the president's endorsement comes at a pivotal time because it helps republicans decide if they're trying to make up their
4:42 am
mind in the last few days. i'm so honored to have his support and we're delighted going into election day tomorrow to have president trump behind us. lou: the differentiator between you and your opponent. obviously, you support the president's agenda. contract to make america great again, and the differentiator for the voters of kansas, when they look at you and your opponent. >> you know, i think there are probably two big issues. one is i signed the pledge not to raise taxes and campaigning aggressively on cutting taxes. he's been increasing spending while he's been governor. other big issue is illegal immigration, something we've been talking about the better of two decades. fighting to stop illegal immigration in cities and states around the country. here in kansas, $424 million of public welfare and other benefit going to illegal aliens, sanctuary counties, in-state tuition to illegal
4:43 am
aliens, it's time for it to stop and people know i'll do it. my opponent hasn't done anything to stop those problems. >> stunning, as you and i look back over the years. there was a time, 2006, the bill is comprehensive immigration reform as you recall senator ted kennedy and senator john mccain the proponents and authors of that legislation. issues have not changed dramatically but the circumstances have become certainly more consequential. issues and the possible consequences more dire than ever, and yet, the establishment churns out propaganda daily that there's no cost to free trade, that there is no cost to illegal immigration and the assault on american middle class jobs and those who aspire to our middle class. if it weren't for this president, my lord, where would we be as a country, and that's
4:44 am
a question i think every american going into this fall needs to ask themselves, what if president trump hadn't been elected? >> that's exactly right. look, the establishment reacted negatively when president trump was running in 2016, as you know. he was threatening to turn off the supply of illegal labor nationally and i'm threatening to do that in kansas, and regular kansans like regular americans are saying we are sick of illegal immigration, we're a country of laws and i think we're seeing that in this kansas election as well. lou: yeah, and in kansas, this president has stood up, i guess president xi, the european union and said we're going to have balanced trade. there will be no more of this koch brothers nonsense. no more chamber of commerce blather. we're going to have balance, reciprocal, fair trade, and no one is going to have to carry this on their backs as literally millions of americans have, whether the jobs were
4:45 am
outsourced, manufacturing jobs, being stripped out of the heartland or whether it's farmers begging for markets instead of having access to them. >> yeah, that's exactly right. you know, lou, you think about it. those are two issues that establishment republicans and democrats have refused to address for many decades. illegal immigration problem and the trade imbalance, we finally have a president addressing both of them and everybody knows he's absolutely serious about doing it. i think that's what you're seeing in gubernatorial races like mine where you have conservatives who echo the president's sentiment on those. a lot of people are saying, yeah, i agree with him. lou: and tomorrow, that agreement will be expressed and the polling booths of kansas, we appreciate you being with us, kris kobach. thank you so much. always good to talk with. >> you always a pleasure. lou: a pair of wildfires in the northern part of california now
4:46 am
the second largest in that state's history. the mendocino complex fires that broke out last month threatening 9,000 homes that burned across 273,000 acres. imagine that. 273,000 acres. and 200 active duty soldiers deployed later this week to help firefighters battle 18 fires across the state. so far 7 people have been killed in the deadly fires that rage most of them out of control. a reminder to vote in our poll tonight -- former white house press secretary joe lockheart challenging trump and his credibility. we'll show you the outrageous comments and much more next. comments and much more next.
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. lou: president trump blasting the national left-wing media in a tweet over the weekend. he said this -- the talking heads, for example,
4:51 am
at cnn, are apoplectic over the president's characterization. brian staulter who accused mr. trump of leading a hate movement against the media whining about a recent threat made against him. >> attacks on the media are having an effect. threats against reporters are on the rise. but instead of me just telling you, that i want you to hear it for yourself. on friday, a caller to c-span said he's going to shoot me and don lemon if he sees us. let me preface this by saying i'm not asking for sympathy. lou: well, of course, stalter and the national left-wing media remain silent about the violent antifa movement smashing windows in berkeley and antifa part of the violent protests sunday and antifa targeting conservative journalist candace owens and
4:52 am
charlie kirk as they tried to eat breakfast, the chanters chanting white supremacy. makes sense, right. correspondent peter doocy in alexandria, virginia has the latest on the manafort trial. reporter: lou, one of the first things the jury heard from rick gates today is he did break the law. one of mueller's prosecutors asked rick gates were you involved in criminal activity when you worked for paul manafort and gates said yes. he testify he did commit a crime and did conspire with paul manafort when they filed fraudulent tax returns and failed to file a report of foreign bank and financial accounts known as a f-bar. they long planned to attack gates' community by accusing him of going rogue and embezzling money from his boss paul manafort.
4:53 am
gates admitted to stealing of hundreds of thousands of dollars by his former false expense reports. gates disclosed to them that he was arrested and later pled guilty to conspiracy and to lying to federal agents and made a deal to cooperate with the government before this appearance. the judge in this case, t.s. ellis said that the mueller team would not be able to prove a conspiracy involving paul manafort without hearing from rick gates and manafort's former number two is not waste anything time sharing what he saw and heard serving as manafort's deputy. gates advanced the mueller team's theory huge sums of money would be wired from manafort-controlled companies and marked as loans instead of income because there's a tax benefit. gates told the courtroom when income came in, mr. manafort would direct whether it was income or not, and just before court gavelled out for the day
4:54 am
with the jury out for the day but paul manafort sitting there, the judge admonished he dressed down mueller's prosecutors because he thinks the trial is taking too long, wants them to speed it up, and because he does not think essentially they were using the best manners and he asked one of the prosecutors to please look at him while he was being addressed. this is the judge communicating a very harsh message at the end of day five here in alexandria. lou? lou: peter, thank you very much. peter doocy as the manafort trial goes on, getting more interesting, certainly by the day. up next, the trump economy booming. job creation off the charts. we'll tell you how great the economic growth is and likely to be when we return right after these very quick messages. stay with us. we'll be right back. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories
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lou: here is a statistic that will impress you. 25% of all job growth in this country in the 200 has taken place just since president trump has been in office. the economy has brought 2.8 million americans off the food stamp rolls, not to mention
4:59 am
unemployment rolls in the black and hispanic communities. on wall street the dow closing higher. the nasdaq up 48. light trading 2.million shares. the department of justice appealing the $85 billion decision on the at & p-time-warner deal. the justice department says the judge's approval lacked fundamental common sense. the chairwoman will serve as the board of directors through 018. 0 -- through 2018. we thank you for being with us. tomorrow please join us when we
5:00 am
have judge jeanine pirro, paul bracken and harmeet dhillon. >> i think the effect of the sanctions has already been helped in resending continuation of demonstrations temporizing towns and cities across iran as the economy has gone into a tailspin. gerri: breaking news overnight. crippling financial sanctions go back into effect in iran as their economy collapses while they bring the iranian regime to the bargaining table. >> dow component disney report earnings up 39 points yesterday. train to u.s. stock market futures looking good


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