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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 8, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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is next here on the fox business network. lou: good evening, our top stories, paul manafort's defense attorneys attacking to mueller team's star witness, who once was manafort's principle partner and associate. resting on the words of rick gates, an admitted criminal and liar. none of the manafort courtroom drama has anything to do with russian collusion and the trump campaign. judge jeanine pirro is here tonight to discuss the latest. also tonight, voters casting ballots in primary elections in five states. polls closing right now in the
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state of kansas, michigan, missouri, washington. and in a half an hour we'll have our first results in a closely watched congressional election in ohio. president trump throwing his full support behind republican troy bolderson in that contest. we'll have analyst from the dean himself, ed rollins. the radical left has gone unhinged, violent and significant parts of leftist cities in this country have become no-no zones for conservatives, places where the leftists are assaulting conservative activists, many attacked and harassed for merely expressing their views, some for minding their own business, attacked for no reason at all. attorney and republican national committee woman, har me dillon joins us no us tonight. she's fighting back in court against wron wrongdoers.
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she joins us tonight to talk about it. the landmark case she's pursuing against the city of san jose and their police department. our stop story tonight, the prosecution's key witness on the stand for a second day in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. the defense drilling down on the secret life of rick gates. joining us tonight, judge jeanine pirro host of "justice with judge jeanine" author of the best selling book "liars, leakers and liberals, the case against the anti-trump conspiracy." great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: the paul mon father trial. judge ellis who has been raisinn entertaining throughout and before the trail began. he's taking over that courtroom. >> well, you know, this is a judge who right from the get go understood what the manafort trial is about.
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the manafort trial is about convicting paul manafort is an effort to then squeeze him to turn on donald trump. in the end the jury will decide based upon the facts. but when you have a judge on the bench who even subliminally suggests that he is somewhat critical of the prosecution in this case, mueller, it feeds its way into the jury room, make no mistake about that. lou: and the fact that the judge is being so directly critical of the mueller prosecution team, i mean he is wasting no words on this saying, point blank, get your act together, treat the judge with respect. attorneys rolling their eyes, attorneys for the prosecution and not looking him in the eye when he's addressing them from the bench. >> but you know what is amazing, is that this is very much what is like going on across america. it's a microchozment.
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microchosment. ment. that tell me they believes they have more power than everyone else. and they believe that the law doesn't matter. that's what mueller's team is about. it's about corrupting lady justice and squeezing their guy to say whatever they want to say. so mad commentary. this judge is not going to take it. let's hope the jury recognizes what's going on. you've got the accountant and now rick gates who got the plea deal. come on. lou: a plea deal but also an admitted liar, admitted criminal embezzling in effect from manafort himself and their firm. >> and rick gates now is the guy who's going to come in and tell the jury, look, manafort wanted fictitious loans to lower his tax bill. he was involved in not
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disclosing attorney accounts and manafort was the only one who had control over the accounts. when the manafort defense team is saying wait a minute, rick, you were the guy controlling the accounts. and i hate that an accountant said i did something illegal because my client wanted me to. that's hogwash. right off the bat i say to myself, you're willing to lose your license because this guy told you to do something? everybody is being squeezed here. lou: either because this guy told her to do something or because the special counsel said we're going to take it easy on you or we're going to make it very hard for you he has immense power here, right? >> tremendous power. everyone is looking to protect themselves. these people don't want to go to jail forever. rick gates, a secret life, a second life. and also, it's like the whole gang of them. i mean -- lou: and a lot of explaining to do obviously beyond the special counsel and the prosecution.
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manafort is now, imagine this, facing 305 years in prison. the judge, it seems to me, would be within his light to say to the prosecution, are you out of your mind? what in the world kind of person are you to think about bringing those kinds of charges. >> now that manafort, he's 70 years old, in solitary confinement 23 hours a day while all of the other b bozos are walking around, we've seen them schmitt crimes like lying to congress. but you know, at the end of every case, prosecution cues r case or attend of the case, the judge has the authority to say the facts does not support the prosecution's case. i'm going to dismiss this. will the judge do that? probably not. there's evidence certainly to go to the judge. he's a federal judge. they have a lifelong -- they're
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on the bench for life. nobody can take it away from them. lou: this judge senior status as they say. he's 78 years old. he is not -- he's obviously never been anyone's either fool nor has he sought favor and he sure as heck isn't afraid. i just wonder as you were saying that whether or not judge elliott is yours very truly laying a foundation for something similar to that when he's talking about the high bar for conspiracy here which is the charge. he's at the very least sending a strong signal to that jury when he says these people had to get gates on the stand even as they were being ambivalent about it. he made up their mind for them in a hurry. and we're seeing, i think, judge, some sign that geets is not quite the witness that i'm sure bob mueller wanted. >> well, clearly. when you've got excellent attorneys on the side of paul manafort, the guy is a pit bull.
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and you do a great cross-examination and the jury says, gee, he's not as bad as we thought. is this guy guilty? and then gates said i accept the responsibility. that's hogwash. i'll tell you why. he got the plea deal. paul manafort didn't get the plea deal. he got 320 years. you implicate the president or you're going down. lou: i want to turn to giuliani. the trump legal team drafting a letter. we might have heard of it today, the letter being sent to bob mueller. giuliani talking about their reluctance to be questioned about obstruction. this ask a change in the tone because giuliani said earlier there is no discussion of obstruction whatsoever to we're reluctant. what's going on? >> i think what's going on -- we all know donald trump.
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all right. donald trump the president and donald trump the man is a guy who wants to go out and say, i didn't do anything. and so i suspect that there's some push back where the president is saying, i'll talk to anybody. and then the legal team is saying, are you out of your mind. these people are looking to hang you upside down in the village square. lou: i think he wants to have his say and as much he would like too knock a few heads together. >> you can't blame him. this is a made up russian collusion delusion. we find out now that bruce orr is dealing with christopher steele after he was fired from the fbi. this is corruption at its core. you want to talk conspiracy, we can talk conspiracy. lou: that doesn't include nelly orr, his wife, working for fusion gps working with christopher steele, the former
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mi6 spy. as the saying goes, you can't make any of this up except the very charges for which they created a special counsel. that's the only part that was fantasy. good to have you here. thanks so much. judge jeanine pirro. be sure to watch judge jeanine, justice is with her. "justice with judge jeanine." thanks, again. the first numbers coming in after voters cast their ballots in five states. the results could be a preview of what's to come in november. we'll find out probably in november. polls in kansas, missouri, michigan, washington closing at the top of the hour, at 7 clon 30. we'll have our first numbers in the closely watched election in ohio district where trump endorsed bolderson facing off against danny o'connor or danny
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lou: rino lame duck and yes speaker of the house paul ryan telling the left wing "the new york times" he saved america from the trump presidency. if you ever doubted our charge of delusion against the lame duck speaker, in this any interview he says, quote, i can look myself in the mirror at the end of the day and say i avoided that tragedy, i avoided that tragedy, i avoided that tragedy. well he didn't say anything about avoiding the tragedy of his own speakership. ryan also confirmin confirming e have known for a long time,ed a admitting he also aligns with the never trumpers. that should come as no surprise to anyone. disloyalty from paul ryan is an established character and, well, fact of nature. he did not endorse then-candidate donald trump. and when the infamous hollywood tape surfaced, ryan's response
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couldn't have been more sanctimonious. he said i am not going to defend donald trump, not now, not in the future. that is the only promise that i believe ryan has ever kept in his political life. joining us tonight, the dean himself, ed rollins, chairman of the great america pac, rollins served as white house political director under president ronald reagan. great to have you here. >> thank you very much. lou: i know that you right now are trying to recover from the shock that paul ryan could reveal himself to be so sanctimonious, disloyal and petty and venomous. >> the president's approval numbers are at 50%. his approval numbers are at 25% and dropping. i think the public knows who is the leader of the republican party and who is trying to drive an agenda to. through. i think paul ryan was an accidental speaker.
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boehner got thrown out. lou: the president is something else. he won the state of wisconsin. ryan couldn't even win as a congressional candidate or a vice presidential candidate and yet he somehow imagines himself through political force. as long as he's in the speakership, it's valid. the day he leaves it, hi's going to be another rino establishment todayy. >> he's not going to be looked back on as one of the greatest legislative -- lou: wait a minute. let me write that down. >> i usually wait for history, a week or two past the due date. lou: come on. you're being modest. >> i'll make that prediction right now. lou: you spend too much of your career creating and making history to wait a few weeks. >> the president has a big night tonight. he's done everything possible to help candidates withi, more sonn any president. i've done this for 50 years.
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he's giving himself -- normally in the month of august presidents take time off, go to martha's vineyard, obama went to hawaii. lou: and political advisers are telling the president, don't get involved in the primaries. you're risking too much. this is a president who knows what he is, what he's about and has the courage to do what is right. >> and who he wants for his team. that's very important. the perfect example here, he went into kansas and endorsed a person that's supportive of him against an incumbent republican who became the incumbent because of the lieutenant governor and was favored to win the race. that takes big guts to go do that. lou: and this president is not in any way -- doesn't in any way have a deficit when it comes to his political courage. and the beneficiary of the
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secretary of state, he's been with the president, as the president acknowledged, very early and consistently in support of the president's policies. this ohio special election, troy balderson, againe advised by his political advisers not to get involved. this is going to be, it looks like at least, according to the polls -- every time i say polls i think of the president's words, fake news and fake polls. so we don't know what to make of it. it looks like a tight race. he's got a lot riding on it. >> special elections are always disproportionate in the sense of the media coverage and what have you. but my sengs is a good test of what has a better organization in ohio. governor kasich should be in there. he wasn't in there early on and he criticized the president for coming in there.
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i probably criticized the governor too much yesterday. this is his old district. he should have a stake in the race. lou: the organization in ohio won by eight points and beat kasich. >> absolutely. so i think in that sense, this is a seat, this is one that counts. and you know the others are primaries, winning nominations. this one counts. this guy gets to vote tomorrow, whoever wins here. it makes a big difference. lou: it's going to be fascinating. overall what do you think his record will be at the end of the evening? >> i think everyone he endorses with going to win. he's got 11 straight that he's done. so i think he'll have another four or five tonight. lou: and he does. he's got more than 40 endorsements that are his, in his win column. and his win column gets so crowded. how do you keep -- nobody is tired of president trump winning at all. >> he certainly isn't.
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lou: well the country isn't either. ed, thanks so much. as always appreciate it. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the national left-wing media will ever report accurately and diligently on the violent acts of the radical left in the country. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. up next, the stunning apockcy of the hollywood elites well alive and focused on removing president trump's star from the walk of fame. we take it up with the republican national committee woman from california. we'll be taking that up and how is it that the left is getting away with the violence, whether it's in berkeley or portland or san jose. we'll find out right after the break. stay with us. [birds chirping, drum stomps] force the world has ever seen.
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lou: a lot to do about sometimes what seems like very lit until west hollywood. the city council passing a resolution to remove president trump's star from the walk of fame after it was vandalized twice. the star has become something of a magnet for all sordz of wear do left wing lunacy, including this recent in which trump supporters were attacked. the walk of fame isn't even within west hollywood's jurisdiction so it's not sure what effect their vote will actually have. this follows a lot of left wing violence in left-wing cities across the country and demonstrators in berkeley and portland, oregon, in philadelphia threatening conservatives. candace owens and charlie kirk with ridiculous nonsense, trying to intimidate them unsuccessfully. but the fact is that they have to have protection because those
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people were acting like absolute abject fools. our next guest is leading a lawsuit against the city of san jose over claims that police there failed to protect trump supporters from violence during a rally in june of 2016. and joining us tonight is harmeet dhillon, leading the court action. great to have you with us, harmeet. >> thanks, lou. lou: let's start with where you are. you've won an important victory with the ninth circuit of appeals where they sued against the san jose police department to proceed. tell us how important that is and where you expect this case to go. >> sure. lou, this is an important victory for civil rights regardless of whether you're conservative or liberal. in our case we sued the city of san jose and its police for forcing trump supporters after a trump rally into an ongoing riot where many people were injured. the police blocked the safe
4:28 am
exits and watched while citizens from age of teens to their 70s were beaten up. it was really horrifying scene. i was there. and so the ninth circuit has held that we have the right to sue the police for what happened here and the police do not have qualified immunity from suit like they often do when citizens are harmed from the police or the government because the allegations of the violence, as you can see there, are so extreme that the police cannot be protected by qualified immunity. the city is trying to appeal that to the full ninth circuit and hopefully that will not be successful and we'll be able to take our case forward in court and prove our case. lou: it seems it's pretty clear. it's cut and dry. they were being assaulted and the police were doing nothing but watching. >> yes. lou: how can that be? >> you wit can see the video. what the city of san jose actually argued in the ninth circuit is trump supporters should have expected to have
4:29 am
been assaulted when they went to the rally. this is un-american. nobody left or right should expect violence for assembling and supporting their candidate of choice. this is an important victory regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum for visits against the government. lou: i can recall viftly my wife and i watching this rally and this violence ensho ensue. it was stunning at the time and just looking at it now some two years later. it's horrifying that this is actually an american city in which law and order was suspended. and you have to ask, where was the mayor? where was the city council? >> the mayor was on twitter condemning the supporters and condemning donald trump for the violence after previously trying to discourage this rally from happening there. that's what's so outrageous. the judge dismissed the mayor and the chief of police from the
4:30 am
case which i'll be able to appeal later on. i can't appeal until the end of the case. but time rous numerousi'm an ims an immigrant and we were frightened for our lives. this is the type of thing you see going on in third world countries. you don't see it in america. and you don't actually see it with republicans and democrats doing it to liberals. it's unacceptable in america. lou: in support of what you're saying. the scre violence that took plae over the weekend, portland, oregon, those demonstrations and attacks. you have to wonder about the power structure, the political structure of the city of portland and berkeley, california and philadelphia, all of them left-wing led but it is appalling that they would let this happen to fellow citizens. >> you don't have to wonder. the mayors of these cities are very open about their views,
4:31 am
very far left. and they encourage the violence. they tweet about it. they encourage it. and then when the police try to do their jobs occasionally, which actually after or lawsuit they're trying to do sometimes, they get criticized. and you know, berkeley, liberals arliberalsare attacking the polr tweeting out the photographs of the antifa people. tweeting out the photographs helps the police do their job of identifying witnesses. prettthe police do their jobs, e aclu sues or other liberal groups sue, the police stop doing their jobs, citizens get hurt and people like me file lawsuits as well. lou: i guess i missed the cycle where the police do their jobs in the last couple of years. because what we've seen in these cities with left-wing mayors and police departments that serve at the pleasure, people don't realize sheriffs are elected in their own right. police chiefs have to have the
4:32 am
support of the mayors and are duty bound to follow their orders in most cases. it's an ugly thing to watch, without question. >> yes. and people should attend these rallies after their own risk. do not assume the police are going to protect you unfortunately. lou: that is sage counsel. harmeet, where do we go from here? what is the scheution here? solution here? is it solely a political solution, that is push the left out of office at the ballot box? is that the only way to stop this or must there be more suits like yours brought against the police department of san jose and should the republican party being doing more of that to protect both our system of justice as well as our citizens? >> well, we have to do both, lou. first of all, we have to push these people out of office because ultimately the police do answer to the political leaders of these cities. but where is the doj.
4:33 am
the doj is mi airks. this is the job of the decht of department of justice in california and the fd rale government to investigate when the sift rights of americans are violated. our lawsuit is a civil rights case. these citizens were attacked because of who they support and what they believe. that's not america. so yes. we could have more lawsuits like mine trying to hold the police accountable. it takes years. it's two years now and we're no closer than one hurdle after another toward getting justice. lou: with exceptions and you're primary among those exceptions. the legal profession is frankly a major, major accomplice in all of this corruption of our judicial system, the department of justice, the legal profession itself. there has to be an accounting and political response and soon. and the republican party seems
4:34 am
to have been flat footed and unimaginative for the past several decades or we wouldn't be in at least this sorry of shape as a country. do you disagree? >> i completely agree with you. the left has a culture of using the courts to advance its agenda. the right does not. and donors are giving money inside the beltway. they're not giving it to lawyer to advance the agendas around the country. we need to do that. the courts are there fs there f. two of the judges that ruled this case can go forward are not conservatives. we can have a fair shake in the courts but it requires citizens willing to hold up their hands saying i'm willing to be a plaintiff. those are the battlefields in which the left is fighting atd aaswell. lou: harmeet dhillon, thank you for being with us and we wish you success in the courts. appreciate it.
4:35 am
>> thank you. lou: welcome. good to have you here. we're following breaking news out of ohio. the polls have just closed in ohio's 12th congressional district. it's a heated race between president trump's endorsed candidate republican troy bald enson and danny o'connor. we'll bring you the latest numbernumbers as soon as they c? up next, the largest fire in california's history. we'll have the latest on the efforts to bring that fire under control. right now it's a long ways away. we'll have the latest here for you. stay with us. we'll be right back after these messages.
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lou: the dems and the radical left are making much of the so-called collusion they're ignoring all together. the democratic president who ignored not only russia and deeply pervasive cyberattacks not on on our government, the congress, senate, white house, e-mail systems but also on corporate america and u.s. multinationals. it's becoming ever clear that the bipolar world we left behind with the collapse of the soviet union and marxist lennonism is being replaced by lad near peut. and his deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons and icbms are
4:40 am
that are at the very least a match for most of u.s. weaponry. the concern in politics it seems to me is whether the united states can create strong alliances particularly with europe to forstall the emerging alliance between two communist states both led by men who are effectively dick tairgts with few if any constraints on their power, authority and design. joining us is paul bracket, a professor at political science and business at yale university. great to have you back with us. >> great to be here. lou: let's start with first the design here. china is very clearly pursuing a plan. it is less clear, i think, to most of us what russia's intent is. your thoughts. >> my thoughts. what russia is trying to do is to disrupt any notion of the u.s. leading a liberal national
4:41 am
order. they're going to oppose the united states whether it's in syria, whether it's trading with north korea, whether it's trying to break apart the eu or any way they can as long as it opposes the united states power. because they know the we are gog to provide clear authority to the government they have there. lou: china. >> it's more clear. they have a huge economic descrat gi witstrategy with thet program to increase exports. they're investing money in indonesia and she land ka. and they're going head to head withousen the business front. companies are about to go global. they haven't done that and most americans don't know that's coming. that's what you're going to see in the next two to three years.
4:42 am
lou: and most americans don't understand the presence of china in the united states whether it be in our markets, our economy, silicon valley, our most advanced technologies are being stolen but their presence is obvious as can be in our society. >> there's been an enormous number of chinese mergers and acquisitions. chinese desire to dominate certain markets is driving global antitrust policy where they violated a ve cent deal witrecent deal.they're not onlyr technology but they're getting our critical military technology. a recent study came out with an astounding number. 16% of all venture capital deals in the u.s. in the last four years had chinese participation. if you know anything about venture capital, this means that they lookedded a 40% to 50% of
4:43 am
the deal. i don't think anybody has seen 40% to 50% of the deals. lou: that is a sobering thought, both statistics, to think they're looking at that many deals, which means they're getting access to extraordinary technology and an extraordinary look into the future of america itself. not only our advanced technology and corporate powers but the country itself. 16% participation in the deals is stunning. >> it's absolutely astounding. i don't know why people know more about this. the key things they're going after are, guess what, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics, financial technology. we really need to think through the consequences of this. and you're starting to see a reaction against this in the u.s. and washington and also in germany. lou: i think people also, americans need to understand clearly that this administration, the trump
4:44 am
administration is the first in decades in which cefus, the committee on financial investment in the united states which has a veto over any of these deals with foreign participation is actually, for the first time, vetoing deals, stopping deals, particularly with chinese participation. because it, basically for decades, has been a rubber stamp process. >> right. lou: the trump administration is saying no. we'll looking at it strategically and in the national interest. >> they've done two good thing. one is on cefus. they're reviewing many of the deals. the other thing they're doing is cracking down on export licenses for technology, which is what's really hurting the north koreans and iranians. we sell something to another country and then they resell it to other countries. we're going after them now. lou: i want to close, we're a bit over time. but i certainly want you to give your thoughts on how soon we could expect, if you expect at
4:45 am
all, to see a merger of interest between china and russia. >> i think you already do see a merger of interest. russia is trading with north korea, something that china wants to prop up to north korean state. there's a lot of things coming down the road. some of the most advanced missile carriers we see in china were old russian missile carriers which the russians told us they would not sell to anyone and we now have photographs of them. lou: highly successful weapons. >> it's a very good weapon system. lou: well, great to have you with us. appreciate it the men mendocino fire is te largest in the country's history. grown to the size of los angeles, burning across 300,000 acres, destroying 75 homes in
4:46 am
northern california thousands evacuated. only 20% of the fire is now considered contained. nearly 4,000 firefighters are still battling the massive fire that is growing by the day up next, the trump administration considering a new proposal to limit citizenship for illegal immigrants who choose to live on taxpayer money. we'll have that story and "the wall street journal"'s james freeman joins me here next 37 sta.stay with
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lou: the trump administration considering a new plan to limit legal immigration, legal immigrants who use welfare programs, including food stamps and obamacare could be under this new program, be denied green cards or permanent residency under the administration's new proposal. the trump administration says the changes to current rules could be made without congressional authority. and joining us tonight, james freeman, he's assistant editor at "the wall street journal," fox business contributor and coauthor of the newly released book "borrowed time, two centuries of booms, busts and bailouts jts. first, congratulations on the book. great to have you with us. we recommend it to you highly.
4:51 am
james is a terrific journalist obviously and this is a terrific book. >> wow, thanks lou. lou: and citi bank is such an institution in our economy, our society and also obviously, needless to say, the city. what made you gravitate to this extraordinary institution? >> well my coauthor, the brains of the operation, of course, came to me -- lou: i love that false modesty. >> he had interesting research that bate basically sit said whn this was a free market bank not backed by government -- lou: that's been a long time ago. >> it was. the golden age, 80 to 100 years, it was stronger and healthier in many ways than it's been for the last century when it's been support bid the government. as you know, it's gone through these various crises through the year, not just 2018. lou: i'm tempted to interject and say yes.
4:52 am
and that age was supported by tariffs of all things. and this country had sig quantity tariffs to protect a booming economy that kept booming. it was an extraordinary period. can i turn to this extraordinary period. >> sure yes, sir lou: an extraordinary leader in donald trump. this economy is defying automatic of the so-called classic orthodox establishment under contract to some corporation or association economists. >> it is. lou: in all of academia. and it is so wonderful to look out and see 4.1% growth on the gdp. nancy pelosi trying to comprehend the impact of a record low unemployment rate among hispanics and blacks in this country and watch their final responses which are basically nailing -- they're whaling and gnashing their teeth and having little fits.
4:53 am
>> it's kind of a fun time for anyone in this economy. it's a great job market and as you said, it's quieted a lot of people who were making excuses during the obama years. we think of a lot of the former officials from that administration. lou: you didn't hear much from them. >> we were doomed for the future of low growth and there was nothing we could do about it. it is exciting. and i think given that here we are ten years after the financial crisis the president's policies have shown a lot of success in reviving the economy. and i would say maybe it's time to make banking great again in terms of letting banks fail again, letting them succeed and fail with less regulation but also less federal support. i think it's a good time to consider that. lou: the bank is of course built on federal support with the federal reserve system. it's impossible, with a treasury that is so frightened of a
4:54 am
future that they don't know how to deal with a new positive plan to our future. james freeman, will you come back next week and we'll continue. >> i promise i will. lou: i've talked into a short team. it's never happened before. it must be clearly your fault. congratulations on the book. >> thank you sir. lou: "borrowed time, two centuries of booms, busts and bailouts at citi." we're following breaking news out of ohio. polls have closed in ohio's special election in the 12th congressional district. a heated race between troy balderson and democrat danny o'connor. o'connor leading balderson by about 35 points with just less than 1% of the precincts have reported. democratic area surrounding columbus are come in right now we're told. we'll have more when we come right back. stay with us. my father passed this truck down to me,
4:55 am
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lou: it was a critical day of testimony in the manafort trial. the judge gave us her take on the case. >> in the end the jury will decide based upon the facts. lou: there you have it judge
4:59 am
jeanine with the condensed version of what's going on. all eyes now on ohio's 12th district. and a kansas gubernatorial. violent left-wing antifa protests breaking out in left-wick cities across the country. har met dillon telling us the department of justice is simply missing in action. and that's a shame. that's it for us tonight. be sure to join us tomorrow. jason chaffetz will be with us as well as sydney powell. good night from fork.
5:00 am
-- from new york. >> does the actually other financing? whether he does or doesn't come if he doesn't have it at the time he should that tweet, he had it secured. he's had a regulatory problem. gerri breaking news this morning, wall street has a lot of question after he treated tesla may go private. did he break the law? >> a big night in politics out of the special house race too close to call. the trumpet gop candidate already clearly the jury. >> the dow u


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