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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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of victory? >> the last thing they need to do is su surrender and do what y want. adam: lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business netwo network. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, america's schools under assault. radical leftist in atlanta schools throw the pledge of allegiance out in favor of a pledge to global society. while a radical islamist with tie to the 1993 world trade center bombing has been caught allegedly building a child army of school shooters. also tonight, the dems and the national left wing media refusing to give up on preposterous notions of a blue wave. >> if ohio east 12th district is any indication, a blue wave may be coming in november.
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>> in times the seat would be a lock for republicans. these are not normal times. >> could t tonight be the beagan pg of a blue wave. lou: rinos refusing to give president trump any credit for the 18 candidates that he's endorsed who have already won this year and the midterms haven't begun. we'll hear from two of those candidates winning races after being endorsed by president trump. kris kobach joins us tonight and michigan congressional candidate lena epstein plus tonight, president trump's space force blasting off. look at those logos. vice president pence outlining the mission today at the pentagon. >> as president trump said in his words, it is not enough to merely have an american presence
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in space. lou: we'll tell you about a new russian trap that makes the president -- new efforts being made to expose to concerted effort among dems in the deep state to destroy president donald trump before, during and after the 2016 presidential election. senate judiciary chairman charles grassley demanding the videotaped deposition of christopher steele, the british spy, grassley asking for the deposition which is in the possession of a russian oligarch who is suing buzzfeed for printing the dossier and allegedly defaming him and his companies. the deposition could finally shed light on events that led to the appointment of the special counsel to investigate the president. steele has yet to tell congress details about who he was working
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for and when, that it was fusion gps that hired steele paid for by the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. and yes, there's no investigation into all of that. also today, judicial watch filing a lawsuit seeking all communications from the offices of the deputy attorney general related to the justice department's bruce orr, his wife nelly orr who worked for fusion and christopher steele. bruce orr now in the cross hairs of congressional inquiries. newly released e-mails show orr continued to receive information from steele in 2017 after the fbi terminated his relationship with steele for leaking to the media. orr acting as a conduit between the department of justice, steele and fusion gps. joining me now, judicial watch president to tom to tom fitton.
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great to have you here. the reemergence of orr as a center piece in the conspiracy, the corrupt conspiracy in the department of justice to subvert the presidency of president trump. >> well, you know, we had the documents that we just uncovered earlier this week showing that the fbi had cut off steele supposedly. in november of 2016. well that was no impediment to orr continuing to work with steele. and as corruptly, the fbi taking steele, information from steele through orr while pretending that they were cutting him off. and not telling the fisa courts any of this. you have the corrupt relationship orr had with fusion gps as a result of the conflict as a result of his wife working there, and then of course you had the conflict with the -- the
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conflict of interest that was potentially criminal with strzok and company who were out to get trump for political purposes. i don't understand why this mueller operation is allowed to continue given it's built on sand and it's corruption. lou: there's no question in the minds of the public -- tom, i don't think there's any question in the minds of most in the public, certainly, about the conflicts that mueller represents in being named special counsel, in accepting the post that rosenstein swept aside as he named mueller and the continued conduct of the special counsel which is, as the president has at the outset said, it is a witch hunt. there's been no evidence. we have five congressional committees that have produced no evidence of any collusion. this is, it is, as the president said, it's an illegal sham and
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the republican leadership, whether on capitol hill leading the senate, leading the house, they are not doing a thing to support this president. and that is beyond comprehension. >> you know, the collusion investigation is over. and the media doesn't want to report it but the special counsel himself has issued a series of indictments against russians and others about collusion issues. there was no collusion with any americans knowingly with the russians related to anything about the campaign. so what else is there to investigate in terms of collusion. i mean -- lou: who will end it? who will stop it? how does it end? because it is a travesty. >> i think the president needs to take executive or legal steps to stop it at this point. the justice department isn't going to do it. look at this ridiculous manafort prosecution going on out of the special counsel's office. we don't need a special counsel to do that.
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the fact they're letting the special counsel target manafort over the cost of his suits and mortgage fraud and braining fraud and all of that when they were hired to investigate russian collusion shows the leadership there is unwilling to take steps to control mueller and con trai constrain him evena reasonable way to focus on what he was hired to do. lou: the judge in that case has had a number of opportunities to stop the trial, to recognize that it was a contrivance, the prosecution by the special counsel from dead files in the department of justice which it already made decisions not to prosecute manafort. so it is remarkable in that regard. it has nothing to do with the president nor the campaign that manafort led for several months in the summer of 2016. nonetheless, this is a judiciary showing itself to be every bit as corrupt as the leadership of the department of justice. we are watching partisan
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decisions being taken by judges and it depends on who appointed them as to what one can expect from nem in the courtroom and in their decisions and in their rulings. it's a travesty. but the question remains. you and i both know and most americans know, that the decision by the president, if he were to intervene individually and personally, whether it's the firing of rosenstein, if it would be the firing of the attorney general or bob mueller, that's a highly politically charged decision and he doesn't have a party united behind him to do so because the rinos like ryan in particular and mcconnell and their like that sit in either the senate or the house will not support this president who is leading this party as it has not been led in modern times. >> you know, he may not have the support of some republicans in the congress but he has the support of the american people. i don't think there's much
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interest in seeing this investigation continue. there's the argument, i think, has taken hold with a good portion of the electorate if not the majority that this is a politicized investigation that needs to end. and look, the media goes crazy no matter whatever the president does. he should do the right thing here. the media will go crazy for a minute and a half and then move on to something else. lou: yeah, i would disagree with you on the latter part of your conjecture. and that is, the national left-wing media is absolutely intent on subversion of this president. watch the cnn broadcast. watch nbc. watch the "washington post" front page. there's six to eight stories a day that are decidedly and pointedly negative about the trump administration open and personally attacking the president of the united states. these are not accidents.
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that kind of vitriol and hatred in support of an etiological purpose will not abate easily. tom, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. tom fitton from judicial watch, revealing what he do know about the witch hunt that bob mueller has been leading, well, 48 hours after interviewing if are the director of the fbi for president trump and being rejected up next, an atlanta charter school stops requiring students to recite the pledge of allegiance. we'll te you about their plans for a new pledge. it's somewhat global. we'll be right back with that and much more next. stay with us.
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students who want to can do so in their own classrooms at another time. to replace the pledge the school, you're going to love this, wants to draft a pledge of its own created by the students. the school's president said of these young people, teachers in the k through 5 leadership team will be working with students to create a school pledge that we can say together at morning meeting. this pledge will focus on students' civic responsibility to their school, family, community, country and our global society. wow. wouldn't a simple pledge of allegiance to the country that makes all of them possible be more appropriate? and a new mexico man has been arrested because he was allegedly training children to be terrorists at the extremist muslim compound he created in new mexico. authorities say the suspect is the son of the new york city man
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who testified as a character witness who testified in the trial of the bombing. they found 11 children living in abject squaller. they also found a rifle, four loaded pistols. prosecutors say he was training kids to carry out school shootings well lena epstein rode the trump train all the way to victory in this week's republican primary in michigan. president trump recognized her achievement. in a tweet he said this, congratulations to lena epstein in michigan on a job well done. also thanks for you support. lena joins us now as the newly-elected republican nominee for congress from the 11th district. congratulations first on your victory. remarkable. let me ask you this. >> yes. lou: now as you approach the general election, what divides
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you from -- differentiates you from your democratic opponent? >> absolutely. i'm a job creates. somebody who has spent her life in the private sector. i'm honored to be the republican nominee in michigan's 11th district race. it will be my responsibility to reach out to democrats and u independents to let everybody in southeast michigan know that there is a home for them in this campaign. it's an incredibly exciting time to be an american in the country. i was very humbled by president trump's endorsement and his tweet. and most importantly i will be focused on the citizens of southeast michigan who want very, very simple but important things. they want lower taxes, less regulation. they're enjoying the economic benefits that have come from a trump presidency. people want to know that they'll have a doctor to take care child to when their child is sick and that they'll be able to afford the copay it will be my focus over the
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next 90 days leading into november 6 to represent all people in southeast michigan. i come from a family of democrats and republicans and independents. lou: you must have had a good time in your family with democrats and republicans, particularly over the last decade or so. you've resolved it in favor of the trump agenda. >> yes, sir. lou: what you're describing is the trump agenda and the trump achievements. >> yes, sir. lou: of the first 20 months in office. it's remarkable. michigan. also, your race, we were looking at the highest -- we are looking at the highest turnout for a primary election in 20 years. >> yes. lou: there's a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of interest. intensity as the savants in politics say. what do you think is driving that? >> i've said this many times before in the weeks leading up to tuesday and of course all week, that this 2018 midterm
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election, the battleground will be michigan's 11th congressional district. it will be one of the top ten most highly contested races. but i am ready for the general election fight of a lifetime. it will be my goal to represent all citizens in southeast michigan, republicans, independents and democrats alike. i meet with voters every day and the message is loud and clear, that people want a congresswoman like me to put the citizens of southeast michigan first. we're thriving in our economy. we're thrilled that -- this conversation between now and november 6 will truly be about what the citizens wants the most. citizenswant security, they want economic opportunity and freedom for their families. that's what i'm fighting for going into november and beyond. lou: the president's tariffs, the president's position on immigration, border security and
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the sovereignty of the nation. do you believe that the people of the 11th district in the state of michigan, which, by the way, the attorney general bill schuitt running for the senate, the republican nominee now, james -- i'm blanking on his first name. i mean that's remarkable, the number of candidates that the president has nominated who have won. >> absolutely. lou: are they confident with the president on all of those issues? >> i can't speak about any other candidate but myself and i stand with president trump on the critical focus and need and desire to secure or border. i've said this many times before. right now we essentially have an order border between the united states and mexico. we have elicit firearms, illegal drugs, gangs, human beings being trafficked between our two nations and only god knows what is really happening and what is
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transpiring between those two borders. we must build the wall. we must put american security first. a country without borders, lou, does not exist. and i think that the american dream and this beautiful, beautiful country that we have is worth fighting for and i look forward to joining president trump and members in congress to advance the america first agenda. lou: and john james and bill schuitt who he also endorsed. and i think that you have contributed mightily to the interest and to the energy of the campaign. congratulations on your winning the nomination and good luck come november. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and i would like everyone to know that there is a home for republicans, independents and democrats and lena for congress michigan's 11th congressional district. lou: that's a wonderful message delivered three times in this course of this conversation. we take your point. vice president pence
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launching america's plan to bring america's military might to space. a space force is expected to be in place by 2020 and me made the case that americans must prepare for space threats from the countries, russia, china, north korea and others. the space force will also get our astronauts off russian spacecraft, we're told. since 2006 nasa will have spent more than $3 billion for seats on soy a's rockets. 3% of nasa's budget diverted to russia. but for a good reason. sadly twhab' that's the only wae could get american astronauts into space. be sure to vote in our poll. do you think every school receiving taxpayer money should demand students honor america and recite the pledge of allegiance. cast your vote on twitter
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up next, jim acosta. he isn't happy. he isn't happy so often but he's not happy about how the white house treats him and that's not really new either. but it is news this time. >> we're all fed up with the treatment that we're receiving and i'm not the only one to speak out about this. lou: no, he certainly isn't. we'll take that up and more with ed rollins. stay with us. a lot, a lot more straight ahead. stay with us.
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. we must have american dominance in space. lou: well, here's the story about cnn and one of its bright lights, they say, jim acosta, who recently walked out on a white house press briefing and told reporters to chant "we are not the enemy of the people." it's just hard to believe -- it's like saying you're not a crook. if you have to say you're not a crook, usually means you're a
7:28 pm
crook. now he says he doesn't want to be the story. poor jim. poor, poor, jim. >> be the story. you know, that's not why i'm not there. you know, i get accused of that from time to time and my attitude is listen, i'm allowed to care about this country just as much as anybody else. lou: let me put my hand over my heart as he talks about our country because he was so sincere there. top strategist, great america pac chair were fox news political analyst, ed rollins. are those tears i see in your eyes as acosta talked about caring about the country? >> he should be grateful i'm not the white house communications director. he would be doing the story outside of the are gates. they have the right to cover the president and the government but they don't have a right to be in the pressroom, they don't have a right to insult people. it's a confined space. cnn has an opportunity to put somebody in there who basically
7:29 pm
can do the job and he certainly isn't. he says i don't want to be the story but he's sitting down doing an interview right there. lou: and who was he talking to, late-night comedians. a great venue. i've talked to them too. i'm not saying that invalidates his credentials to believ credee white house press corps. but his conduct has reached a level where i don't understand why sarah sanders puts up with him, move on and decide i if cnn wants to send somebody in to cover the president. >> i worked for a couple of presidents that might have thrown him out, richard nixon. >> ronald reagan too. >> ronald reagan didn't get pushed around by the press, as you recall. lou: he demanded respect. >> and the president deserves rpt. lou: but i love the idea that
7:30 pm
he's allowed to care about the country. well, my goodness, he's talking about the president of the united states. >> his behavior has been insulting. he want to report on the white house, he can do that. lou: he's just an annoying sun of a gun. and i want to compliment the white house for putting up with that nonsense in his share -- well, whatever you want to call whatever he is. let's turn to the blue wave. suddenly that left-wing media, cnn amongst them, just delighting in how close the race was in the 12th district in kansas and they're bragging about how close this is and how it means a blue wave in november. your thoughts? >> my thoughts, from 50 years of doing campaigns, you don't win unless you get the most votes. coming in a cool second doesn't mean much. lou: unless you're a democrat.
7:31 pm
>> so for a year now we've been talking about they're coming closer, they're getting more closer to a victory. well you got to get the victory. and the reality is there's 89 day to go between now and the election day and my sense is that the voters in ohio and other places had an opportunity to go out and make their choice and they did. 1700 votes is plenty of votes to get you there. and my sense is this gentleman will win again, win big. the numbers don't hold up for -- lou: you're talking about balderson. >> there's no indication anymore that there's going to be a wave. lou: "the wall street journal" editorial page talking about things aren't as rosy as the president suggests. in point of fact, the man has called 18 races with his endorsements and nobody is running even close to him, except you because recently you've been -- if he endorses, you call the race for him.
7:32 pm
>> i try and do it before he endorses wanendorses, but that'. lou: i'm talking about the last five. >> the reality is he's created -- there's an economy that's strong, his numbers are strong. as a republican candidate, you can't ask for more. the only vurn vulnerability is t we -- we have to campaign aggressively. he has nine day to do it. >> i want to apologize to john james, for blanking on his names. they along with lena 'e epstein. >> bill has been around a long time. i've known him as a congressman. james is a fascinating story, a guy who graduated from west point, flew helicopters, an african-american in michigan can
7:33 pm
attract voter voters. lou: looks to me like all three should. but then you're the progres prognosticator. >i'm the humbleser vent. >> there's 89 days left. lou: when we go to the early days discussion of politics, it's always early days until it's not and suddenly's election night. thank you. appreciate it. ed rollins. a border patrol agent tonight is recovering after being attacked by six illegal immigrants. one of the suspects was arrested. the other five suspects -- and returned to mexico. meanwhile in minnesota and nebraska -- 33 illegal workers, many of who were using garage lent identification belonging to u.s. citizens, the same i.c.e.
7:34 pm
that the radical dems want to abolish. up next, devi devin devin ns they need to protect the >> republicans are campaigning on impeachment saying that the situation is so bad that you have to elect republicans to protect him and i will use my role as chairman to protect him. if that's the position of the party, is this president more guilty than -- that seems to be an admission of guilty. lou: you followed that right? i didn't. where was the outrage when radical dems campaigned and still campaign programsin promio impeach president trump. i guess that overlooked that. we'll correct that for him here next. we'll be right back.
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fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c,
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lou: newly released tapes from a recent fundraiser, congressman devin nunes is heard saying that the republicans need to retain control of the house in order to protect president trump from impeachment or the democrats to win. it's something radical dems have been talking about and swearing they will carry out all along. >> they dare me to say impeach him. today i say impeach 45. >> i am currently crafting --
7:39 pm
drafting, if you will, articles of impeachment. >> as a body we must take action to relieve the president of his duties. >> announcing that we're introducing articles of impeachment to remove president trump from office. lou: ignorance of ignorance. and after ignoring the calls for impeachment from the left, the national left-wing media was so outraged over chairman nunes saying it was shameful that he would try to shield the president. that's terrible. that republicans would want to protect this president in the minds, at least, of the national left-wing media. the fact is that devin nunes was absolutely correct and the left as usual, well, far far gone. joining me now, eric edgars, research director at the government accountability institute, author of a newly released book. eric, it's good to have you with us. and voter fraud. we hear the left continue to
7:40 pm
dismiss the very idea saying that the numbers are too small, it's not a matter that we should worry our little heads about. you found quite a different result. >> that's right, lou. and it's great to be here. the government accountabily institute, we're tired of hearing the talk of voter fraud, we wanted to know what the evidence was. we did an unprecedented look at the national level using all of the rolls tha roles that we cou. we found in the state of florida what appear to be over 2100 examples of durabl double votin. that means 2100 floridians cast a ballot in 2016 and cast a different ball loot in a different state. that's four times the margin of victory in the 2000 presidential election. the idea that voter fraud doesn't occur on a scale to sway
7:41 pm
elections is clearly not true. lou: i remember clearly but much of the audience is too young to remember, i'm sure. but everybody is aware of one thing. when the supreme court starts citing statistics that say that the potential for voter fraud is immense, that is something that we can all focus on clearly and unequivocally. and the number of double state registrations to vote, the number of registered voters outnumbering those who would be eligible to vote because of their age. i mean it's striking and it is deeply concerning. >> it absolutely is, lou. the supreme court cited statistics, as you noted, that says there's 3 million voter registrations in this country of people who are registered to vote in ar more than one state. even president obama's own commission on election administration in 2013 noted that 16 million voter registrations are significantly inaccurate or flawed.
7:42 pm
in some states it's up to 15% or one i in seven. and you talk about the issues of nationwide irregularity, there's 248 counties in this nation that have more registered voters than legal residents of voting age. clearly there's a problem. and this idea that there aren't organized efforts to manipulate the exploitations, that's inconsistent with what i found in my book. lou: and the fact is that soros is spending tens of millions of dollars to pursue an election system that would be the envy of the kgb or the sru. they're trying to meddle. we have enough people colluding with the russians in that effort, certainly, insider by george soros, his money and the organizations he's funding. >> yeah. you hear a lot about this idea of russian collusion. when i told people i was writing a book on voter fraud, they were
7:43 pm
like, it's going to be about the russians, right? we should be concerned about any threat to election security. but it's silly to assume that somehow russians are less concerned about manipulating political outcomes than the democrats. lou: i think we should be safeguarding the integrity of the elections. there should be republicans and democrats at every polling boothe in the country -- pooling place in the country to ensure the integrity. but you and i both know that's not going to be sufficient. and these two parties had better be certain this time they're doing everything they can. eric, we thank you for being with us. come back soon. we'll continue to watch very carefully the issues surrounding the integrity of this election. very important thank you very much breaking news tonight, one of the former ohio state wrestling coaches who accused congressman jim jordan of knowing about a sexual assault by the team doctor has now
7:44 pm
changed his statement. in that new statement mark cullman says he never said that jordan knew about the abuse more than two decades ago. cullman said before he wants to cooperate with the investigation up next, rinos like congressman car bello continue to worry that a narrow win in ohio spells doom for the party. when will they realize that a win is a win. we take that up here next. stay with us.
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lou: establishment rinos continue to ignore president trump's successful record of achievement and endorsements and many of them are crying over tuesday's close race in ohio, crocodile tears. carlos curbelo claiming every white district in the country will be a swing district in november. that's the takeaway. and a republican pollster saying of the party, this is political mall pack tis. you can't find me a time when the economy was this strong and the government party was heads towards a political disaster
7:49 pm
like this. there is absolutely nothing disastrous about the president's endorsement record. there is nothing remotely disastrous about his governance and unprecedented achievements in all areas of policy. what in the world those two people are thinking about and what party they're thinking about is beyond me. joining me now, kris kobach, kansas secretary of state, kansas gubernatorial candidate. he currently leads the current governor in the republican primary for the republican nomination for governor. leading by 91 points. we're told there are more than 10,000 provisional ballots yet to count. we're thrieghted t delighted tou here. what you have done against an incumbent governor is remarkable. there will be people lining up to be secretary of state.
7:50 pm
where do you stand in the race? what is your understanding of your chances with those remaining -- and if you would, give us your estimate of the number of provisional votes still to count. >> sure. thanks, lou. yeah. so basically at this stage there are a few more points in the process where the ballot totals will be updated. on friday, tomorrow, that's the day under kansas law where any ballot that was post marked, a mail-in ballot post marked by election day and received by the counties up until friday, all of these will be added to the tally. that may be a few hundred or so added statewide. then on top of that, next week you have the counting of the provisional. you mentioned that. it looks like right now that the number of provisional is going to be somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000. and then you sub stract from that the democrats which won't affect the democrats race.
7:51 pm
that's roughly a third. so now you're talking maybe 6,000 or so. and then in any given year usually two-thirds of the bro visioprovisionals have counted. so then -- lou: something deficient about the ballot? >> if somebody shows up on election day and they've never registered before, they're given a provisional ballot even to it's not going to be counted. but if a american shows up and they've changed address within the same county and they went to their old balloting place and set up the new one, their ballot will be counted, except for the races that are not consistent between the two addresses. so some are to be counted, some aren't. and two thirds should be counted. i would say maybe 4,000 give or take. we don't know the exact number yet, will be counted. and that's county by county. lou: aassume as secretary of
7:52 pm
state you've got people watching this transpire, particularly the decision about which votes will be permitted. that process, some have said that you should step aside overseeing the process as secretary of state. i have to tell you straight up, i'm delighted to see a republican official who doesn't instantly bow to a democratic demand or another republican demand in some cases, and recuse himself. either you have integrity and that is the test or you don't. >> it's interesting, lou. my opponent who demanded recusal, he doesn't understand the process. the counting is actually done at the county level, not at the sate level. so my office doesn't actually do any counting of ballots. so i said, you know, it would be really pointless to recuse myself since i don't actually get involved in the process. but i did say publicly yesterday
7:53 pm
if he wants me to recuse myself symbolically, i would be happy to do so. i may do it just to make him feel good but it won't change anything because we're talking about counties counting the ballots. lou: well i may have made an unfortunate assumption because i assume as secretary of state you would have people monitoring those central points that are gathering the ballots. but you don't? >> no. we receive the data. so the 105 counties, they make the decisions on counting the provisionals and do the tallying and deliver the numbers to my office and my staff receives the numbers and assembles them. at the end of the day the secretary of state's role is not that central or even directly related at all to what's going on. lou: so let me ask you, who will prevail and what is the likelihood given -- you've assessed it to 4,000 votes.
7:54 pm
which way does that break? >> you know, it's a really good question, lou. we'll have to see. i mean we're talking about fewer than 100 votes were give or take right now. so the election is really razor thin and that's out of 300,000 votes cast. so it could go either way. and you know, whatever the will of the voters are, that's fine with me. but i'm optimistic and i'm looking forward to going up against a democrat in november. lou: good luck. great to see you. thanks for being here. secretary of state, kris kobach. up next, the election fraud that trump warned america about is now a real threat. we'll take a look at how it could affect the midterms right after this break. stay with us. we'll be right back. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right?
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lou: this is where we are and what we are look for tomorrow. judicial watch moving ahead with a lawsuit against the justice department seeking communications between deep stated actors, bruce ohr, his wife nelly and christopher steele. tom fitton telling us earlier how it connects to the mueller probe. >> i don't understand why this mueller operation is allowed to continue given that it's built on sand and it's corruption.
7:59 pm
it has to be stopped. lou: in kansas we should have new totals that include mail-in ballots in the race for governor. that's the deadline. thousands of provisional ballots. kansas secretary of state chris kobach telling us about 4,000 provisional votes remain to be counts. he's optimistic he says, but it could go either way. and voter fraud could influence the mid-term elections. and researcher at the security institute says the threat is not from russia solely at all. that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. when it comes to the elections. don't you think everybody should wants security and integrity in our electoral system?
8:00 pm
we do and i know you do. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow right here. good night from new york. kennedy: rudy giuliani flips the script on robert mueller accusing him of collusion and claims the investigation will soon blow up in the special counsel's face. the former new york city mayor has been one of the president's fiercest attack dogs. giuliani says there are two questions that are totally off limits if bob mueller wants to interview the president. first why trump fired fbi director jim comey and what he said about michael flynn. according to legal experts it's unlike


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