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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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impressing there are no impersonate ors on the property. connellproperty. >> does that ruin the fun? you know we report you decide. "evening edit" starts right now. >> i'm lear today to sign our new defense bill into law. and to pay tribute to the greatest soldierings in the history of the world, the united states army. >> he gave military a $700 billion budget increase, which they done even ask for. >> national defense other act is the most significant investment in our military. and our war fighters in modern history. i am very proud to be a big, big part of it. >> we don't want another thunder jet, they of like don't give us another nuclear bomb.
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>> i hate to say this, but nobody stands a chance against you folks. liz: president trump visits in new york signing biggest military spending bill in history, toughens our stance with russia and china, we bring in european parliament member nl nigel farage. and rebring in ohio congressman jim jordan on that. peter strzok, omarosa, and more. facebook you were under fire against for blocking conservatives, we have a republican congressional candidate who said that facebook senatorred her, thank you.
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money, politics. i am elizabeth macdonald the "evening edit" starts right now. liz: to your money, dow down 125, ending day at 25 187. merck, visa apple led the dow, it is on a 4 day losing streak with the turkey turmoil continuing to rad e rattle inve, president trump signing a military spending bill, the biggest yet for pentagon in effort to crackdown on russia and china. our troops get a pay rise, first one in 9 years, keeps in place prohibited military to military
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cooperation with russia. and back american ally in eurnse against russia. and another 6.3 billion dollars to further increase u.s. troops in europe and more it taking a tough line on china, calling for a strategy to counter beijing a activities and boosting america's military partnerships with countries in the pacific region, we bridge i in in nigel farage. >> this massive sums of money, this is something that trump was elected to do, he promised the american people he would be having strong on defense, i think he is stronger than anyone even anticipated this say big message to russia and to china, don't mess with us. also a big message to nato, just a few weeks ago donald trump met nato members, there were 29
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members of this align, at the moment only 5 of them are paying 2%. i just hope that rest of nato wakes up to fact this american is spending real money on military. liz: great point, also, remember this, democrat, i like your reacted, democrat socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez, she wrongfully stated that defense think about was a $700 billion increase on top of the existing think about. your reaction. >> just last year we gave military $700 billion budget increase. which they done even ask for. they are like we don't want another fighter jet, they are like, like, don't give us another nuclear bomb, they done ask for it we gave it to them, so a lot of what we need to do is reprioritize what we want to accomplish as a nation. >> i don't know who she is
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quoting we didn't ask for it, she it not say who the we are. they gave military -- year-over-year. >> she doesn't understand math, she u doesn't really know what y of the week it is, but rather than getting too upset about it, republicans should hope as membership people like her, get elected for the democrat, i, clearly, they are wacky, they don't know the real world, this is good news, imfo imi think for republicans. liz: 4 candidates she backed have lost so far in the primary. >> yeah, you know, as you say there are some signs that her election has made many democrat voters scared. perhaps they are picking more moderates, if i was running you know anything like the republican national campaign, i
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would put her on every campaign advert. liz: to this story, another country, feeling president trump's heat, stocks in emerging market as turkish currency plummets to a fresh low, president trump announcing he will double metal tariffs on turkey. if they refuse to release an american pastor that turkey is holding. and this just in, ambassador john bolton did meet with turkey ambassador at white house today, and talked about this. your take on this. >> turkey has been since the end of first world war, you know, a very, reliable friend, ally, nato partner. and very much a secular country, one that resisted going down the islamist path, i am sorry to say, under erdogan it is very
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islamist, behaved appallingly in terms of human right, and much wrong in terms of its economy. don't think this collapse in turkey lira is because of trump and tariffs it was happening anyway. you mentioned the knock on effect if the emerging market. if you look at sheer sums of money turkey borrowed in dollar and euro terms that is something like $250 billion. and i beginning to think that maybe wall street and the global markets are underestimating the fact, i think we could be headed to a turkey default. liz: such an important point, remember leading edge of subprime crisis of a german bank icb that of the the canary in the coal mine, the saying goes when the tide goes out you can see who was swimming naked. we wonder if turkey is leading
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edge of all of fundamental problem. of mismanagement. >> yes, by turkey i would agree with, but we should ask ourselves a question, how is it after 2008 and 09, what happened with credit crunch and big government bailouts for banks and companies, how could it be the same institutions appear to have made the same lending mistakes again. it begs to -- we finish up with turkey owing the huge sums of money to europe and america. liz: move to this case, your reaction. president trump lashing out at former white house adviser am -- omarosa promoting a new tell-all
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book, rudy guliani warning it could be a natio national viola. >> she certainly is violating national security regulations, i have to look at it more carefully, is he violating every bit of trust and that people should have in someone? donald trump made her. what kind of ingratitude is this? liz: does she release portions of recording of chief of staff john kelly firing her in a high security situation remember, should we be alarmed how she defied ethics and security. >> intrisecurity. >>, i have been in elected was on the for 19 years i want to tell you, when you are elected to public office, the biggest threat you face are the people you employee. and i know publics say let's have transparency and find out the truth, but when you are working with an offer office wim
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of people you need to have some degree of trust, able to talk about things frankly, this is why staff are made to sign 91 nondisclosure agreements, i believe she did, i have had people who said things about me to the press, who signed the nda, i sympathize with the president on this he is hitting back hard on swee twitter, callg her wacky it is difficult for public to feel any -- for the politicians, and they sell their stories for large sums of money, i do not like it at all. liz: nigel farage thank you. >> thank you. liz: checking the money, dow down more than 100, we get to gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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>> you have that right, all 3 major indexes down. s&p 500 down 11 and change, nasdaq down nearly 20. all eyes on elon mufnl emusk ane stock down after ceo said that conversation he had with saudi arabian officials convinced him they were willing to help take the company private. and that right, you remember last week, ceo got into trouble for saying he secured business o take tesla private at about $420 a share, no investors have stepped for to say publicly that's are willing to do, that now the sec is investigating. liz: coming up we have chilling control tower audio of that man who stole a plane from the seattle airport, flew for an hour and then committed suicide.
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>> i'm going to do a darrel roll if that goes good, i am going to nose down and call it a night. >> let's think about this i have another by well the that is coming up. liz: a landmark lawsuit, hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in a big court award, jury rules that the we'd killer round up did cause san cancer. but first fbi firing peter strzok, igniting a firestorm over accusations of bias in two politically charged probes he helped overseas, we bring in jim jordan, republican congressman from ohio, he said he has been waiting a long time for this. >> i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. >> i don't give a damn what you
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better. my next guest is a fighter for your pocketbook, and cares deeply about american values, congressman from ohio, jim jordan great to see you congressman. >> great to be with you. liz: your take on fires of peter strzok. >> it is about time, american people deserve the top of fbi who are not biased and will treat people in a fair fashion. peter strzok was not just a key agent but the lead agent, it is about time he got fired, i have never seen an agency in my time in government where top people, the key people, have had tap to them. liz: question, what is peter strzok texted we'll stop candidacy of barack obama, you wonder what would have happened, to your point he expected, he has a sense of unfinished business that was unleashed by
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clinton e-mail case, and said now we need to fix it, talked about insurance policy and need to stop trump, he got excited about calling russia probe and an investigation leading to impeachment, he texted that within days of special counsel probe not even ar announced joig the team. >> this is animus against president trump, we have learned clinton campaign hires fusion gps to produce a dossier, who hires nelly or who is funneling the dossier to fbi, tha, that is never supposed to happen in u.s. of america, in a few weeks bruce orr will be in front of congress. >> are asking him about that. >> heck yeah. liz: i like your react to what senator graham said.
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>> the criminal investigation of clinton campaign was a joke, when it came to trump campaign it was corrupt, and bias. i think unethical, we need a speech counsel to look at all thing department of justice and fbi with the trump investigation. liz: two things, why does this war an a special counsel, and war afnts warwarrant a special . >> the fbi cannot investigate themselves, we called for it july 2017, we said we need a special counsel. this so egregious of what took place highest levels of the fbi and doj. liz: why do you want to be house speaker, what fights do you want
5:20 pm
to immediately take on. >> so we can to what we told american people elected to us do, if a get privilege of leading congress, i will focus on that simple fact, mack tax cuts permanent. and build the border wall, and defend our president with this crazy stuff. if democrats get in power they will try to impeach our president. liz: omarosa, releasing what she said are secret recordings. >> understand that if we make this a friendly departure, we can all be, you can look at your time here in the white house as a year of service to the nation. and then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your representation. liz: am am omarosa revealing a
5:21 pm
secret recording of president trump the day after she was fired, appears to show president unaware of her dismissal. >> i heard you are thinking about leaving what happened. >> general kelly same to me, said you wanted me to leave. >> nobody told me about it. they republican run a big operi didn't know that, damn it. i don't love you loving at all. -- leaving at all. >> your reaction? >> i understand part of the recordings were done in a classified or a secure environment, that to me is a problem in and of itself. as far as who the white house has working for them, and who they want to keep and not keep that a call for white house, i don't get involved in those, but one thing i do know, every time i have walked into a classified briefing or that setting, you are never allowed to take any
5:22 pm
type of device if those environments, i am surprised she was able to do, that if he did it is wrong. liz: congressman jim jordan great to have you on, good luck with your fight to be be house speaker. >> thank you. liz: coming up we now have chilling control tower audio of the man who stole a plane from seatac, flew it around then committed suicide. but first president trump backing a boycott of harley-davidson as the american motorcycle manufacturer it is increasingly investing in production facilities overseas due to the tariff fight. we bring up a guest to call it out on this story. after the break.
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boycott of harley-davidson as they are increasingly investing in production facilities overseas over the tariff fight, president trump saying membership harley-davidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas, great, those other companies are moving in our direction including their competitors, it would be a bad move, harley ahea harley-davidsn today in the market. chris, your take on the boycott. >> we take it seriously, this is public relations debacle the way that harley-davidson has handled this, they have been planning this move for many years now as common knowledge in biker feel,, the leadership they now have and
5:27 pm
their ceo, was but 7 years ago they bought a motorcycle company in europe, then later went belly up, they lost billions. then not only that, their ceo quoted in a financial publication after the rnc and chief cleave and dnc is philadelphia, he said, i am paraphrasing. he said, he didn't think that either side had anything to offer. that does not sound like a man who was uninformed with biker community, 9 of 10 were supporting president at-this-point. liz: this is about the eu doing retaliatory tariffs on steal, harley-davidson said it will wipe out nearly half of its
5:28 pm
quarterly profits, that the problem for it. they say it is san economic reasons, what do your fellow bikers say about this fight. >> they see president trying to give us an equitable clean slate after years of abuse, we have to suck it up in some cases, i would like to suggest this leadership of harley-davidsonna behalf of shareholders and bikers for trump community, which is over 100,000 strong too get back to their american roots and reidentify with the millennials and build a smaller, smaller engine bike that the kids will want to get on. aleast, an iron clad sweetheart severance package for the mechanics.
5:29 pm
and harley-davidson owners who center been loyal for so many years, let's find out how they feel about it. >> chris, because there is competition, there is motorcycle from japan, honda, and i know due catty idue -- and yamaha. >> in 90s they had over 200 producing motorcycle companies, biker willie -- ree reinvent tht bike with all american-made parts, no reason why you cannot buy american-made across the board, and dealerships that are owned by harley-davidson dealerships, they will do it, but it looked down oimagine you are a veteran out of vietnam, you find comrade in a motorcycle club, decades later you are forced to go to store, and buy a brake pads from vietnam or
5:30 pm
japan, you know, it since su ino injury, the bikers stuck by harley for a lot of hard times, it of the not that long ago whether warren buffett bailed them out. one few things he was the criticizedded for. if he held on for that it would have been a best investment he made, when just urge harley-davidson to reconsider. let me give you an example. that could be a ceo but can't, front runner ohio. a be ma businessman that presidt calls on for advice, they own dealerships, they are smart they bought one dealership and turn it to nine. we have to anyone in there to reidentify with the american brand, the bikers don't like -- we would rather help them reen ven it but we'll stand with president trump regar regardles.
5:31 pm
>> so you were with the president, he hosted and you others at his golf club dyou play a few rounds with him. >> no, that was leadership of the biker for trump out of new jersey, they brought some new york guys in there. bikers for trump is full court press on midterms, we did rallies for san da santos. and in ohio. and we're hope nothing deliver amish folk to him, bikers deliver. and imagine we had 180 bikers behind the state in president in pennsylvania our purpose is to get behind the candidate that president endorsed giving them a springboard in grassrootser that. >> chris cox thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate
5:32 pm
it. >> thank you, you have a great evening. >> coming up liberal billionaire mark zucker burg under fire again. congressional candidate, hang said shy wa she was sensors andd by facebook. >> and we have chilling control tower audio of the man who stole a plane from a seattle airport, flies it around, does maneuverers then commits suicide. we bring in michael boyd, it is nerve-racking. stay with us. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage.
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>> i will do a barrel roll, if that goes good, i'll go nose down and call it a night. >> before you do, that let's think about this, i have another pilot coming up. liz: that is chilling audio of richard russell, a 29-year-old suicidal airline employee, he had full security clear answer. he stole a plane from seattle tacoma international airport. friday night, and took off without permission, and performed dangerous airman after yous, including a barrel roll for about an hour. he told air traffic controllers it will disappoint his friends to hear he did this. >> i got a lot of people that care about me.
5:37 pm
and it is going to disappoint them too hear that i di i did t. i would lik like to apologize to each and every one of them. just a broken guy. got a few screws loose, i guess, never really knew it until now. liz: alaska air group horizon air's parent company closed down more than 2%. downing me now aviation analyst, michael boyd, i think people are scared a guy with security clearance took an empty plane, flew for an hour then crashed it. it is a national security event. >> it really is not a national security even, sounds like it, but he had clearance. >> but they scrambled 2 f-15s. >> that is true but the evening to cause i -- event that causedt
5:38 pm
was not a security threat, he worked there, part of a team, he snapped, that does not mean there was a security problem at airport, this is like lance corporal and a bla platoon takin sergeant in last minute. liz: he took a plane. that is what people are scared about, exposing a ca crack in airport security. >> it could happen anywhere. the airports from hong kong to bangor, when you have a team like this, that is not expected, they will fix it, but to say it happened of day, that not accurate. >> just saying it is a concern. ceo of alaska airline, talked about it as a gap in security. making an important point, listen to what he said. >> the doors of planes are not keyed like a car, there snow ignition -- there is no ignition key, we secure the airfield,
5:39 pm
mind set we investmenties that are cre be credentials and authd to be there. the point is mind set of the workers. >> brad said it right, that is the system we have. so we had one. who went nuts, we don't know why, point is from this point on, any who gets near a cockpit will have to have more security than before, because of this one. but, it is one of those things we cannot control the mind sit of every employee, when they have gone through security clearance. >> so how do you stop it? there is a incident a couple years ago another pilot who committed suicide with a plane. >> every situation is different. that case we had a pilot who wanted to dive into the ocean, or dive into a mu mountain, this different, this guy had no background in terms of being crazy, we don't know how he got in the airplane and ran it like,
5:40 pm
that not flipping a switch like a need wher media said, it very. liz: all right michael boyd appreciate youri expertise. liz: >> we have a landmark lawsuit. a jury ruling that the weed killer round up caused cancer for this man. firs l vicl zucrber isnder fi aga, ezabeang sai at feboo sensored her, she is is on the show to talk to me about it after the break, stay there. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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>> cambodia under pol pot, being wrunyoung and single meant a
5:44 pm
gruesome life, likely death. they approached my father and in order to save his life, he said he was about to be married. they asked him to who. he pointed to the prettiest girl he saw. having never spoken to her before. the soldiers approached her. and she said yes. they got married that very next day. >> somehow that political ad was senatorred, blocked by facebook, under fire again, california republican congressional candidate, elizabeth heng saying that campaign ad was blocked by facebook presumably for scenes of ca cambodian genocide which h much her parents survived, heng said she was blocked because she is say republican. she is here now, thank you for
5:45 pm
joining me. >> thank you. liz: walk us through the ad first. what -- about your parents escaping the genocide in cambodia, can you tell us about that. >> i am happy to, i got to this race to run for congress, a part of my message is great things come from great add versusty, my parents live and survived the genocide in cambodia, and came to the united states as legal refugees. i highlighted that component of it, this is a big part part of y story, but facebook revoked my ability to promote by ad. liz: facebook said they don't accept ads that are shocking, disrespectful or sensational that defi depict violence, why u think it was sudde sensored bece you of a republican. >> we consistent let's se let's,
5:46 pm
i tro to go through normal process of refacing it back on facebook it took 5 days, publicly and a national movement before they told me, i am sorry for the confusion of your ad being revoked. liz: so, go ahead. >> you know, had i been, i say a liberal from like los angeles, i don't think it would have taken 5 days,. liz: that is a long time go dote ad back up it is about your parents and suffering they endureed and they survived, we have a veteran's group, we are the mighty, they say, facebook alga rhythm treats their nonpolitical site as quote political content. because he used word military a lot. then twitter shadow banning republicans, what going on in silicon valley, what is going on you are out there? >> you know, we have seen this time gai again, my concern is tt
5:47 pm
it is clear that tech companies alga rhythms are not conducive to conservative voices like you mentioned with the veterans, and so, the biggest problem is this is, what happens, if something like this is revoked 5 days before an elected, how devastating that could be for a candidate. >> but they blame of the alga rhythm, do you buy that? >> i don't. and reason for that is so purpose to have -- so important to have, if they will be center of a dialogue to have a community that can talk about you know society. then it needs to be where they have diverse political thoughts, and the fact their alga myt algs that are not aligned for
5:48 pm
political thought is a problem. liz: zuckerberg admitted to political bias. >> there are great many americans who i think are deeply concerned that facebook and other tech companies, are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political sensorship. >> i understand where that concern is coming from, facebook and tech industry are in silicon valley that is a left leaning place. and i -- this is actually a concern that i have, i try to root out, making sure that we don't have any bias in the work that we do. and i think it is a concern. >> the thing is that alga rhythm flags it then a team of human beings choosing whether or not to sensor or block. here is zuckerberg admitting to bias your reacted? >> yeah, so, i was actually allowed when i first placed it on there for a couple days it was then revoked.
5:49 pm
biggest problem is what i showed. near glimpse of genocide and terror that insued in cambodia. this was my family's story. and my family's life. like, the to have a liberal tech giant tomorrow th tomorrow hist- determine the history we tell going forward is problem at sneak thank you so much for coming on elizabeth heng. >> shares of pharmaceutical giant bayer plunging after monsanto ordered to pay big money in a lawsuits. doctor nicole sapphire is here to weigh in on that after the break. stay there.
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liz: shares of bayer plunging after monsanto ordered to pay $290 million to ground keeper johns jontsjohnson alleging linx poisurexposure to weed killer rp and his cancer. your take on this case. >> you know, i was not involved in the case, i don't know all of details, i do have questions, from when i read is they said that this gentleman was expected to pesticide, two years later he developed nonhodgkin's lymphoma. to me that seems like a very short time period from being
5:54 pm
exposed to developing lymphoma. >> month sa monsanto arguing thf cancer he contracted takes many years to form. his side won, they said there is a link. >> unfortunately this is confusing, in 2015 you had cancer arm of world health organization saying certain chemical in this pesticide, likely causes cancer, in 2017, epa said, probably does not, and you have conflicting stories, if you leave it to a jury, people can go either way. liz: people are scared it has neurotoxins in it. >> absolutely, we're talking about that here. that is a known organic phosphate we know is a poison and toxic, and most commonly poisonous thing that happens
5:55 pm
when you are exposed, however the association between that and cancer is a little muddy, there are loose associations there are weak studies, but nothing that says for certain there is a correlation, they talked about with this jam, gentleman, he had high exposures to this toxin, if he did, i would have expected to see severe medical reaction. liz: at the time of the exposure. >> i did not read about any of that, it hard to absorb the toxins through your skin, i don't know enough of facts that give -- >> you gave us so much more information than we knew. man santo saying more than -- monsanto showing more than 800 scientific studies so there no link, do average americans need to be worried about this product. >> absolutely need to be worried about com chemicals in general d
5:56 pm
what we're ingesting. they have said it is safe as long as use as directed, read the warning labels and use protective equipment, we'l we'lp yourself safe, they are toxins. liz: there are different levels of product, so you make a great point, dr. nicole sapphire thank you for joining us. >> thank you. liz: we needed dr. sapphire here. >> president trump delivering marks for a fundraiser. biel have more -- we'll have more on that after the break, stay there
5:57 pm
every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect because the numbers keep growing. the bible teaches, "blessed is he whose help is the god of jacob."
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"he upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. this $25 food box will provide one desperately need family here in israel with food, with hope and with a note inside each of these saying that it is from christians and jews in america who seek to bless them. with your phone call right now a food box will go out to one desperate family in israel. inside the food box is a special note that will bless them and will let them know that america stands strong in solidarity with israel in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill, they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford things that many of us; most of us take for granted. i ask you to please help.
5:59 pm
go to your phone and tell us that you stand with israel at her time of need. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you will give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. liz: a slippery ride this week, u.s. stocks are closing lower, - turkey currency crisis continues, down 6% today. lost half of the 1r5 value since
6:00 pm
beginning of the year. thank you for having us in your home, thank you for watching, charles payne is here now, he is back, look, charles payne with "making money." charles: thank you very much. >> great to be back, i am charles payne, thank you so much to adam shapiro who filled in for he last week, markets were down, stocks could not gain traction, president launches a series of tweets again a former staffer, omarosa manigault newman, made a private white house recording of her and president trump and another one of her and john kelly, but first, a new gallup -- poll showing democrats view socialism as positive, the shocker only 47% have a favorable view


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