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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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excited, he is a politician, he would own all of the resources. david: you also get lack of freedom, the government decides what job you get, what you can and can't do, i think that americans like freedom more than socialism. melissa: there you go we solved it, thank you for joining us. the "evening edit" starts now. >> erdogan has raised tariffs. >> turkey mess drags on. >> erdogan transformed a so-called nato country to a theo crease. >> country labeled by almost everyone human right organization they treat journalists the worst, imprisoned thousands of journalists. >> erdogan saying that u.s. is waging a war on turkey economy and stabbing turkey in the back. >> we have a converted effort to
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put them in their place. and prisoner pastor brunn son is no different from otto warmbier but we have a president who 8 force their hand, and wake up the turkish people. liz: stocks down over the mess with turkey. and this time in dc, this time, over president trump's revoking security clearance of former cia director john brennan. retaliation because brennan is a harsh critic of the president? or is white house right, brennan accused of being erratic and misleading. >> and a fight to new mexico over a judge who granted bail to a muslim bail. this judge gets 38 threats over the move some and judge accusing
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prosecutors of anti-muslim discrimination. >> in london, the suspect accused of deliberately blowing his car into cyclists and pedestrians. thank you for joining yo joinind watching, i am elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now. liz: get do your money first, dow down more than 137 to end day 25162. tech stocks and macy's shares slide. market briefly rebounded and turkish lira did spike versus the u.s. dollar, after reports that qatar is moving to potentially bailout turkey with a $15 billion loan. turkish president erdogan continues his threats against
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u.s., raising tariffs on 21 different items imported from u.s. tariff are expected to raise a half billion in revenue. to brand all u.s. electronics, let's put it in perspective, china announcedry retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods, the president is tweeting. tariffs leading to us great new trade deals, opposed to horrible trade deals i inherited as your president. let's bridge in market power panel, mike lee from invest mark advisoriry, and gary b smith. what do you think of turkey tantrum? is there a con-- contagion. >> no this reminds me of the
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greek crisis if you will. inch was up in arms. greece would bring the world down, and the eu was collapsing. if you sole you would be up -- if you sold the market then you would be up 50% since then. turkey economy is about the size of florida, if florida suss -- m u.s., and everyone would say let's move on. liz: first sponsors in markets are central banks, they stepped in 2010, to help bailout hedge fund over russia ruble crisis and thai baht, do you think it will get worse. >> i think this is a buy on the dip, and gary is 100% right, greece proved to be nothing, but
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knock-on affects of greece, first domino to break apart the eu. that had bigger knock-on effects than with turkey. they are a nato member, have you someone that wants to consolidate power, when you have dictator in control over country's economy that does not bode well for currency for economic growth especially when you are locking up journalists left and right. liz: borrowing money from european banks in u.s. dollars and paying back with a turkish currency. local turkey court did just reject u.s. appeal to release that detained american pastor andrew bren son, here is dr. swreutd zhuzhudi jasser weighin. >> they treat journalists the worst, imprisoned thousands of
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journalists is turkey, erdogan with a two-bit dictator transformed a so-called nato country to a theo crassy. and you have they want to threaten american interests, they are anti-semitic, antiwestern, anti israel, he is exploiting the fact he is in nato to do these things under the radar. liz: that is the point, gary b, and white house press secretary sarah sanders says, today that the steel tariffs would stay in place even if they release the pastor. your reaction? >> well, it is interesting, liz, very rarely i guess, is are diplomatic issues fought with economic sanctions, that normally a state department, we trade some of theirs for you
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know they trade some of ours, like we have done many years with russia. it is an interesting tactic with trump. i wonder if he has a bigger game plan, if he is using that the economic sanctions or tariffs if you will, as his trump card and hes had has a bigger picture, i guess i applaud him it will bring turkey to heel. liz: turkey trade by numbers, in 2017, in tens of millions of dollars, it is not a big game changes moment with how much turkey trades with the u.s. but bigger problem, is that turkey could say, you know what, the u.s. is the bad guy here, and scapegoat the u.s. and they continue to act poorly and side more closely with iran and russia. it a geopolitical issue, we're in a slippery augmo august, monh
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low volume. >> i think we're getting back up near the highs for the year, something small just took us off, that we're not down a ton just a couple percentages away from the high, turkey is ralatively small economy in political scale. the. i'll -- if we didn't do the tariffs, what is to stop them from doing things with iran and russia to begin with, maybe the pastor is the beginning of more tougher foreign policy stance to turkey to come. liz: get to trump administration hammering out a trade deal with mexico, canada still the wild card. gary b, what does this mean for u.s. economy. liz: economy? >> i think -- i don't think that old trade agreement of the all that bad. but if we get a new one and certainly, you know mexico and i'm betting canada will make
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consessions. i think it would be terrific for the economy. you have countries that are geographically right next to the u.s. they have always been our allies and friends, this is in everyone's best interest, maybe canada and mexico don't view it like that, but you know they see the u.s., we're you know we're the big guy in economic landscape. i think something is good, that will come. i would not be surprised if it happens in the next week. liz: this is about a carmaking deal as well, right? affecting both country car industry. >> to continue on, with what gary said. all of theet these other countre u.s. than we need them, and situation with canada and mexico, there will always be a deal done, they are good allies. so, look this is good news, i think this along with the eu
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tariffs that this heavy handed tactics by trump seem to be working in some cases pretty all right. >> mike and gary b thank you. >> thank you. liz: to your money, market closed in red, dow down triple digits, cisco beating estimates, with solid profits 4th quarter, at 3.8 billion, we get to nicole on floor of the new york stock exchange with latest. reporter: what a day on wall street, we did finish down but off of earlier lows, were down 330, but dow finished down 1 dlirch37much we have strong u.s, that said we saw cisco systems after the bell. stock was trading higher after the bell it was a beat on top and bottom line, and a good forecast for revenue going forward. tesla, charlie gasparino reports
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that sec sent subpoenas on tesla regarding musk's fan to take the company private and his funds were secured. and uber second quarter sales rose 63%. with a lower narrower loss. >> coming up we have expert analysis on john brennan losing his security clearance, and other names of obama era officials could lose it at well. and fbi agent, peter strzok, his gofundme campaign is now raising close to a a half million dollars, coming up, a guest said that fundraising money should really be about people who need it, not people who are bias. >> and democrat new york government andrew cuomo surprising an audience saying america, quote, was never that great. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great.
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liz: a guest who said this far left governor has not read a rea u.s. history book. >> and trump did yank that security clearance. who else is going to be involved here? former deputy assistance to george w. bush brad blakeman will react after the break. you're headed down the highway
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>> i've decided to revoke security clearance of john brennan former director of central intelligence agency, hishistorically former heads hae been allowed to retain access after their government service
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to consult with their successors regarding matters about which they m may have special insides. neither supports mr. brennan's continued access to classified information, at-this-point, any benefits that they are now outweighed by risks posed by his erratic conduct and behavior, that has tested and far exceeded limits of any professional courtesy that may have been due to him. liz: one of president's toughest critics on national security. >> i think he is afraid of the president of russia. >> why? >> i think one can speculate as to why, the russians may have something on him personally. >> mr. trump continues to have his ignorance of facts or willful disregard of them to
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follow through on the campaign promises that really were very flawed. >> i and so many other former national security officials are speaking out because of the abnormal and abho abhorrent behr of trump. >> is a large and painful kidney stone. >> john brennan responding on twitter, saying this action is part of a broader effort by mr. trump to suppress freedom of speech and punish his critics, it should gravely worry all americans, about cost of speaking out. my principles are worth more than clearances, i will not relent. former deputy assistance to george h.w. bush brad -- george w. bush brad blakeman is joining us now. how is his freedom of speech
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curtailed. >> zero? he is speak any place we wants, he will just not have courtesy of anything inside, classified information to be weaponized against the president, when he appeared on television, he appears as former director of cia attacking the president. he is using clearance to attack president, and next he uses clearance to get well -- cra lucrative contracts for his own personal. no. courtesy should have been over a long time ago, many of them want clearances because they trade off them, but, do they need them? no, they do not. liz: judicial watch is now filing a freed of defamation act lawsuit against cia, john brennan ran the cia, peter strzok of the brennan's liaison at the fbi, judicial watch wants to know about information about
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keurcommunication many harry red and nevada and john brennan as it pertains to leaks. remember new york times in august of 2016, they ran a headline that harry ride harry s an fbi incaree inquiry. >> there is assess -- se cesspol in washington at highest leveling of the cia. there is animus that they had against president of the u.s. as candidate that carried over to president, we cannot have, that the 'is in charge of the executive branch, he has every right to fire and hire for any reason, swamp has to be clear on the economist live and congressional level. >> the still dossier goes to john brennan, who leaks to harry reid, peter strzok already knew about the leak and expected
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that, that i that is what judicl watch feels is happening, democrat senator mark warner, called yanking brennan security cleaclearance nixonian and wondd if mueller is next, and other officials from obama era. should those -- should they lose their security clearances? >> as president said, he will take it on a case by case basis. the standard should be not what their wants are but needs of the country, do we need these people to have access to the secrets of united states, in many cases, for former government officials who are trading off that access, the answer is clearly no. in my estimation there are a whole host of people who should not have been give then courtesy. liz: talking about james clapper, james comey, sally
5:21 pm
yates. media saying that the president is trying it change omarosa manigault newman headlines, but this has been were review from white house for some time. >> president has taken the time to thoughtfully consider this, i have to say, has someone who served in administrations, there is no need ar for many people, e a leave government and trading off that assess to continue to have it, there is no legitimate continued purpose. liz: and issue of john brennan accused of misleading congress multiple times. >> absolutely. liz: that is what white house is talking about. accused of hacking 2 intelligence computers, feinstein of the upset about that and number other instances where the white house feels me misled congress. >> and clapper, lied under rolling to -- oath to congress who questioned if americans were
5:22 pm
being spied on. it is hard to make a case for people who are given access only to use that access, victimize the president by having very information they should not be indict illeentitled to. liz: should others have their clearances revoked. >> many should have it. liz: why. >> they don't have the need to have it. liz: but push back on that would be they have a lot of knowledge about our national security, and if we need to call them in on a crisis, they should have their security clearance. >> i would against say, the information should become part am -- compartmentalized and a need to know basis, we can still get their expertise. if they so choose to help. as citizens, but, to have blanket access, the answer is no, they don't have the need, we
5:23 pm
have plenty of people in position now who serve with the capacity to make the decisions. liz: brad blakeman thank you so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> coming up democrat new york governor andrew cuomo making a surprising statement in front of an audience, saying quote, america was never that great. >> but first, judge presiding over new mexico compound case said she is now getting death threats after ordering release of a muslim family at that compound, my next guest was stronged that the decision, jim hansen, he will talk about the case coming up after the break, stay there. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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>> alleges there was a -- that state has not shown. no reason to believe has shown.
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liz: judge presiding over new mexico compound case, said she is getting death threats, district court judge sarah bachus allowing a group of extremist muslims free on bail after they are accused of abusing children, and training them to become school shooters, a dozen starving children were rescues, and a 3-year-old found dead on the property. jim, what is your take on this case? >> the judge said she is letting them go because they don't present a threat to the community. i would take a group of people who are training kids to kill other kids, and who have sense letters out saying join us bring guns and money because we'll do this until allah makes you a
5:28 pm
master, that is a threat. >> this is not first time for this judge. >> she has turned other violent criminals loose, she may be one of those soft-hearted liberals who believes that police are overstepping their bounds by actually trying to keep the rest of the citizens safe. liz: state officials are critical of this stuff, new mexico governor susana martinez, she put on the bench this judge, she opposed release and bail set. and chairman of republican party of new mexico saying, by releases these suspects, without requiring them to post bail, judge bachus has but the people in danger, and creating a risk they could flee and harm other children and citizens as well.
5:29 pm
tion morshouldn't more people b. >> i think more people are upset than what she expected, that is a good thing, people of new mexico may want to look at removing her. she is not doing what she was put on the bench to do, that is keep criminals in jail, and keep people safe. liz: now to london, the suspect in yesterday's attack was a 29-year-old sudanese refugee, he blowed his car to bicyclists and pedestrians yesterday. >> you will notice that the security around parliament, in terms of armed officers, and police officers and physical barriers, has been further enhanced over the last several
5:30 pm
months there is mor more to com. liz: this incident comes about 17 months afric after -- khaled massoud drove his car on the bridge. >> and you know mayor of london, who might be most incom incompet public official. it should not be part and parcel of living in major city to be run over just because they don't want to take steps to keep their people safe. liz: thank you, jim for coming on. >> good to be with us. liz: coming. seems leading a bias anti-trump-pro-hillary investigation leads to a great reward, fired fbi agent strzok's
5:31 pm
do gfund me campaign, has raised a half million, coming up, fundraising should be for people who need it, not for people who were fired. >> andrew cuomo, new york governor saying that america was never that great. he is supposed to be a democratic presidential candidate in 2020.
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>> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. we have not reached greatness. we will reach greatness when every american is fully engaged. >> dlemcra democrat new york gor cuomo shocking the crowds saying america was never that great. we take it up with our political panel. amy, the governor may run for presidency in 2020. i don't know if he wants that come for his highlight reel. he was talking about women not achieving potential for women, but america has been a beacon of freedom to world for more after
5:36 pm
that two centuries, i don't know how he could say that america is not great. >> well, i disagree with him. and as someone that did multiple bus tours with tea party for years, what great about this country is her people, i would encourage him to get out of that new york city bubble, get out across heart land and see how good the people are across this country. also i have lunch with someone from middle east, she is talking about she is such a supporter of this president, she's our president to be successful, he is leading in the world, that is helping liberate women in middle east, they need it more than ever. i disa. >> with the governor, my guess is she will not get much further than office he is holding. >> cuomo has been ramping up rhetoric since running against
5:37 pm
nixon. >> free tuition to a state two year, school or 4 year school, i will do nothing corporately with i.c.e., they are on a jihad to deport as mean people -- >> forgive me that was andrew cuomo speaking. >> i think you can read into that a couple ways, you can say that governor feeling he was in a pretty good state to be reelected. governor speaking to a base of the democratic party. new wave, that feels like they not always had a voice. and as relates to complex, confantastic -- context matters,
5:38 pm
he was trying to say we have a long way to go on the journey to move to a more perfect union, however america is great. i think that is what he was trying to say. my friend amy, keep in mind, it is your president, your party. liz: anton, how did amy take cuomo's words out of context. >> doubling down on what he said. liz: he did say it. >> but it was taken out. liz: how, he said america was never that great, and we just aplained it. >> then later in his speech he said about reaching her potential. liz: move on, congressman gerald nadler saying this peter strzok is the victim. >> i have not seen a statement
5:39 pm
from you about peter strzok's fire. >> grossly unfair to peter strzok, he is entitled to his opinion, and express hem, he is just a victim. liz: a gofundme page for strzok, now raising overs there are 400,000. and here is the thing, now up to a half million, triple original goal of 150 thousand. >> i'm not surprised, democrats are feeling hopeless, right now, and you know sphrok i strzok isa democrat, it is not going to help, i am sorry he was not treated unfairly, the american people, trump supporters have been treated unfairly by peter strzok. >> we know that inspector general scared his actions had nothing to to with outcome of the election? not elect but it showed willingness it take act and there was bias. >> but did not, and secondarily.
5:40 pm
liz: it was about his bias. >> this was a political hack job by the president to fuel his base. liz: all right we have to leave it there. >> oh, please. liz: you will be back later. >> thank you. liz: democrat socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez getting blasted by washington post, calling her claims poppycock, stuff of urban legend and more, their findings coming up after the break. hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours.
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>> i.c.e. only enforcement agency in united states that has a quote ai.c.e. is requires to fill 34 thousand beds, with detainees every night. >> everyone has two jobs, unemployment is low because people or working 80s a week,
5:44 pm
and can barely feed their kids. in a koch brother's funded study, and study will try to be slanted it would be one funded by koch brothers, shows medicare for all is much cheaper than current system we pay right now. when they got these in their campaigning mode we had more of an american middle class, i think that politically, this like upper middle class is probably more moderate. but that upper middle class does not exist any more in america. >> reasons that supreme court upheld affordable care act the monthly payments that americans make is a tax. liz: socialist darling of democrat party accused of not just mistakes but political malpractice, washington post said her claims on campaign trail by alexandria ocasio-cortez, call it poppycock.
5:45 pm
the stuff of urban legend in the facts check of her media blitz. whether you look at list, of great errors she is making, washington potty i post is being withering here. >> republicans are looking at her candidacy as a gift, someone they can run against, we have come to see about her, she is someone that upset democratic establishment, knocked out a leader, she won an elected should was not expected, and to become one of youngest congresswoman, she basically has the opinions of an uninformed college student, something you might repeat of a beer at a party in an argument, but not prepared to go to the country, she does not understand economic basics, she does not know what is going on in the middle east, and a lot of things she has discussed shy show she has a vey
5:46 pm
understanding. liz: i think she won 20,000 votes, not many people turned out, and she is trying to change the entire economy, that is the problem with socialist candidate, saying that jobless rate is low because everyone has two jobs and they are working really long hours, really? everyone. percentage of people working two jobs is dropped, and i.c.e. has 34,000 beds to fill quota, and that is urban legend. >> i actually don't think that she is coming at this from with a real evil or malice to misinform the american public, i could she is just stupid. liz: she is misinforming. >> she is, that is -- i think that largely she is a product of our education system. these are university professor
5:47 pm
who repeat stuff, if you are in these classrooms, i sat in them, it has been a while, but even decade ago they were talking about how israel is an occupying power and people have to work two jobs, i think i was working three, they have to work hard. but they repeat these and no one is to question it. because, conservative voices are eye 11esilenced on campus. liz: the nonprofit get $60,000 a year tuition from each of the kids. >> you end up with debt. liz: right, late show host stephen colbert went after bernie sanders last night on his failed candidates he endorsed. >> why do you need to call your socialist, people are excited about alexandria ocasio-cortez you, but people she campaigned for did not win their primaries, only half people you campaigned for won their primary, maybe there is a little tainl taint to
5:48 pm
socialism that turns people off. >> i don't think so, the real issue that ideas that we've been talking about, are now ideas that are mainstream ideas that are supported by the vast majority of the american people. liz: all right, so many factual errors that ber bernie sanders t said, mainstream american majority that is wrong. and he said these things, that as if his thoughts are facts, his thoughts and opinion are fact. >> he is the voice. >> is is what america supports, i think that bernie sanders is somebody that donald trump tapped in toag, stephen colbert represents a insidious side, he said, maybe world socialist is
5:49 pm
tainted. but look at pled calling fo medr all, and obamacare, that is described as socialist, president bill clinton could never win a primary because they have gone from free markets and individuals to socialism of future, but stephen colbert want to say, hol hold on don't say te word. liz: they would more than double federal debt. i think that bernie sanders is poison and a disaster for this country. >> it is frightening how much the kids like him. >> thank you. liz: sec sending a sou subpoenao tesla after musk hinte he can considers taking the company private, charlie gasparino broke that story earlier in the day,
5:50 pm
tesla stock is down. fox business will stay on the story for you,. >> next up several trump indoirtseendorsed candidates lon primary victories last night, what is this about a blue wave. liz: we'll talk about this coming up after the break, so stay there w, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 10 or 14 percent below msrp on 2018 silverado pickups when you finance with gm financial. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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yeah, i got some financialbody guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. >> i am issuing a call for unity for all republicans, this is essential we march together. >> we'll take that to washington, where they need the help of a strong conservative to join the ranks. to help president trump make america great, keep america great. >> pro president trump wisconsin candidate winning last night
5:54 pm
with a slew of other trump supporter declared winners in yesterday's republican primaries, president trump touting the election victory, tweeting great republican election results last near the, so far we have the team we want, 8 for 9 in special elections, red wave. bringing power panel, amy. what do you think of. >> >> an one o an an one -- how tot tweet. you cannot argue with success, what people love about this president is promises made promises kept, we're seeing results, with economy, jobs, pocketbook issues and women and men across country have economic freedom again, they want to send people to washington that will further push this president's america first agenda.
5:55 pm
liz: your take on that antwan in. >> primaries are like scrimmages they determine who will be first string people for the big game. and for the truth is that looking at enthusiasm. and every primary we had over the season, you know that democrats are out voting republicans. large margins than we have in the very long time, that says a lot about where mood of the this country is, what republicans cannot underestimate number of people we are registering in places where trump won up and down ballot in special electedtion. in places where trump won in 2016, i am republican and talk about a red wave i have been drinking too much kool aid, i may be drunk. liz: amy we have tim he lost.
5:56 pm
it is interesting, turmoil you see right now in primaries. >> to our primary opponent jeff johnson and his team, they did a great job, they won, they will be where we place our hope now for future vision of the republican party, and for where the state of minnesota will go ahead. liz: a big critic of trump he was now he is gone. >> now to mark sanford, not surprised, people like america first agenda and promises made and promises kept, they see it with president trump. >> aim. >> i out of time. i am so sorry. >> thank you. liz: we'll be right back, stay there. senior-living referral service. for the past five years, i've spoken with hundreds of families
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hot interview with the former jc penney's ceo. thank you for watching. charles payne is back with "making money." charles: the attacks by the left against capitalism and a push for something new continues to heat up. today massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is take on large corporations by introducing a bill to hold companies accountable, her words, to employees, not just shareholders. she says they have been operating in a way that makes them slaves to shared holders. we have reached out several times to see if she would discuss her newly introduced legislation but we have yet to receive a response.


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