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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 20, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories. tonight, straight talk on the impact of the trump policy agenda on this country. tonight, we recognize the facts that the national left wing media ignore. you probably notice that since president trump was elected, the booming trump economy has been growing, strengthening and america can once again be called a prosperous nation and americans a prosperous people. as the president promised on the campaign trail in 2016, his leadership, his administration, his policies have resulted in a return to prosperity for all americans.
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we have come to expect the dimms and left wing media attack all the policies and disturbing a devastating status quo for millions of americans before he was elected and still resist his policies even though those policies almost from the beginning created jobs, created wealth, created opportunity and a brighter future for all of us. the left and the rhinos combining to lash out at the president america first policies, fighting hard against his use of tariffs to protect american industry and workers. doom saveers from the left, the right, the rhinos, the dimms, fear mongering. but the policies, almost all of them, have paid impressive dividends in less than two years in office. >> president trump: our economy is doing better than it ever has before. it was going in the wrong direction when we came on board and now it's doing better than before.
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we created nearly 4 million new jobs since the election. >> lou: the nation's largest retailer today saying americans are spending and spending more. walmart reporting the best sales growth in -- get ready -- a decade. meanwhile, china, feeling the pressure of the trump tariffs, sending an enjoy to this country later this month to talk about a deal on the president's terms. and those terms will mean a trade relationship that is first of all fair for both countries. balanced and reciprocal. we'll take it all up tonight with the fox political analyst ed rollins, michael goodwin. and as president trump achieved unprecedented success, he has had to counter to attacks from seemingly every quarter. the left, the rhinos, the koch brothers, the chamber, business round table, the deep state, putin, khomeini, kim and at home. we have new details emerging about the fast network of the
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obama officials and members of the deep state who conspired to destroy mr. trump's presidency. >> it was bruce, glen, they were all best friends. >> lou: all best friends. not working in the best interest of this country. we will be talking with the investigative reporter sara carter who tonight has new details on the origins of the phony trump dossier. and the fate of former trump campaign manager paul manafort is now in the hands of a virginia jury. deliberations underway in the first trial for special counsel mueller and his 17 angry democrats. judicial watch's chris farrell will be with us here tonight to talk about the latest on that case and much, much more. our top story, damaging new details emerging on the disgraced justice department official bruce ohr. congressional investigators now focused on the contact ohr had with the discredited dossier author christopher steele after the 2016
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presidential election. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge where the latest for us beginning with the white house announcement that it may pull ohr's security clearance. >> as part of this review, i'm evaluating action with respect to the following individuals. james clapper, james comey, michael hayden, sally yates, sycessen rice, andrew mccabe, peter strozk, lisa page and bruce ohr. >> ohr is the only official on the white house list still working for the u.s. government. review by fox news of ohr's justice department e-mails and handwritten notes shows he is deeply connected to the controversial trump dossier. and during the presidential election, the scandal over alleged government surveillance abuse. >> it seems like he is a key player. >> ohr's wife nellie worked for fusion g.p.s. the clinton campaign paid the campaign for the trump dossier formed by christopher steele. after the f.b.i. dropped steele as a source for lying lyg
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in november 2016, the intelligence committee found steele maintained contact using ohr as a back channel. >> bruce ohr's wife worked for the firm that clinton hired to put together the decemberier. she has given it to ohr and he has given it to the f.b.i. >> in the closed door testimony last year, glenn simpson claimed no contact with ohr until after the presidential election. but ohr work e-mail conflict with the simpson testimony, showing contact months earlier. in december of 2016, the notes also indicate a meeting in washington, d.c.'s chinatown with ohr writing "glenn gave me memory stick." in recent congressional testimony, now fired f.b.i. agent peter strozk was pressed on ohr whose fort folio did not include russia. >> the f.b.i. received documents and the material from mr. ohr. >> the ohr document shed more light on steele's activity before the presidential election. steele shot the dossier to
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multiple media outlets he asked ohr for help with the russian oligarch after rumors that the u.s. might impose sanctions. when the f.b.i. director james comey was fired by president trump, ohr wrote that steele was, "very concerned about comey's firing. afraid they will be exposed." today the justice department declined to comment. ohr has a chance to tell his side of the story on august 28 when a closed door interview is scheduled scheduled with thee oversight and judiciary committees. as part of the joint investigation in the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. conduct in the presidential election. lou? >> lou: thank you very much. catherine herridge. joining us tonight, chris farrell, director of investigations and research for judicial watch. it's great to have you with us. how deeply do you believe ohr to be connected to christopher steele, the former mi-6 spy? and to the entire effort to discredit, first the
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president's campaign, and then his administration? >> well, first, that is a devastating piece of journalism by catherine herridge. probably the best single recap i've heard. and it points out that ohr is the linchpin in all of this. through his wife's connection or employment at fusion g.p.s. and then him taking information and funneling it back into the f.b.i. and d.o.j. operating way outside the scope of his authority. really abusing his position in office. this shows literally that the components of the conspiracy, the connection between the persons involved, their contact, the frequency of contact, the subject matter, all of it circles around ohr at this point. and the indictment that has been put forth and the report by catherine herridge, it's devastating. >> lou: devastating but we have seen other devastating evidence as we have been going
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through this long, national nightmare. the mueller witch hunt. what will come of it? what can come of it? once again, the american people are frustrated even as congress will be talking with bruce ohr, because we're not going to have a window. nor will we be able to hear his words. it is very tough to continue on this path where even those who are trying to provide oversight are not able or at least at this time clever enough to come up with a way to share the revelations with the american people. >> well, i think services are done here to get the message out, lou. let's be clear in the case of other conspiracies or other scandals, you have heard the expression "drip, drip, drip." there is now a mountain of evidence, the connection, the characters that catherine herridge laid out. and it's at a point now where it cannot be ignored.
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the layers of the onion are being peeled back. slow, tedious process. >> lou: sorry, chris, i have to ask you. you would think that the department of justice couldn't ignore any of the material, the evidence, the items, the documents and the texts that have come forward here. you would think that the f.b.i. could not. to the credit of the f.b.i., at least, its office of the inspector general has done a credible job in trying to bring that information forward. but we are a long way from solutions here. >> we are. and that rests upon the head of mr. howard rosenstein who is feeding the fire of the mueller witch hunt and scrupulously ignoring the mountain of evidence that has been built up, pointing in the exact opposite direction of an incredibly corrupt f.b.i. and d.o.j., attempting to steer the outcome of the presidential election. >> lou: and john brennan, the former, the former obama c.i.a. director, attacking
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relentlessly the president of the united states. his security clearance lifted. i cannot tell you how appalling it is to hear a number of people who frankly i think have great credibility and great standing, defending his free speech rights as a reason not to lift his security clearance. your reaction? >> look, brennan has gone off the deep end. he has discredited himself. he has disgraced himself. none of the former officials whether they are head of department or agencies, none of them are owed a security clearance. it's a privilege, not a right. his conduct has been so outrageous that he disqualified himself. to include the op-ed today in the "new york times." frankly, a lot of these guys -- former whatever they used to be who still hold on to clearances, they are lurching that. >> lou: they are monetizing it, living off of it. it's task to the party for
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those who want to stay in the swamp and prosper and do so in this club. of those who possess security clearances. and most often it seems to me for no good reason. certainly no reason that is in the national interest. >> president trump's decision to revoke brennan's clearances is one of the best, smartest things he has done. it's anti-swamp and anticorruption. >> lou: i want to quickly read you something from senator richard burrr, the chairman of the senate intel committee. and for the first time, represented by his statement released by his office today, he is defending the president of the united states. he is quoted. director brennan recent statements purport to know as fact that the trump campaign colluded with a foreign power. if director brennan's statements is based on intelligence he received while still leading the c.i.a., why didn't he include it in the
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intelligence community assessment released in 2017? if his statement is based on intelligence he has seen since leaving office, it constitutes an intelligence breach. if he has some other personal knowledge of, or evidence of, collusion, it should be disclosed to the special counsel, not the "new york times." if, however, director brennan's statement is purely political and based on conjecture, the president has full authority to revoke his security clearance as head of the executive branch." end quote. i think that is a suggestion of a real change in the tides of affairs in washington. what do you think, chris? >> i agree. i'm glad that senator burrr finally woke up and decided to step up and do something positive. state the facts as they are. i'm encouraged by it. he has dropped the ball other places. but on this point -- >> lou: this is first time
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he has ever defended the president. i think there is a reason. i think the reason is that the evidence, the evidence is so -- >> overwhelming >> lou: -- compelling, the clinton corruption and the obama politicalization of the intelligence community and then pursuing ideological ends at the expense of the national interest is the reason that i think we have seen a turn in what i think is going to be a substantial turn in the tides of this affair at the end of the mueller witch hunt. certainly in the offing. >> the winds have shifted. >> lou: yes, sir. chris farrell, thank you for being among those who help shift those winds. we appreciate it. good to see you. >> thank you. >> lou: walmart crediting the consumer for the strongest sales growth in more than a decade. walmart's stock up nearly 10% after it reported earnings. c.e.o. doug mcmullen saying this -- "customers tell us that they feel better about the current health of the u.s. economy as well as their personal
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finances. they are more confident about their employment opportunities." it sounds like the way this nation ought to feel about itself. don't you think? and china, buckling under economic pressure apparently by the trump administration announcing a trade delegation to be in washington, d.c., later this month for trade talks. this comes after word of a possible breakthrough in nafta talks with mexico, as the trump administration continues to push for fair, balanced, reciprocal trade. and u.s. trade data showing a $17.5 billion deficit in goods with canada. a $17 billion goods deficit with mexico as the president has pointed out from the very moment he has started running for president. we are fools to put up with such deficits. up next, so much for trolling. we'll take up the silence from, that's right, paul ryan. after john brennan had his security clearance pulled by this administration.
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that, much more. ed rollins, michael goodwin will join me next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. >> lou: when president trump announced he was looking into revoking security clearances of politically corrupt obama officials last month, lame
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duck speaker paul ryan didn't take the president, his side on the issue. he didn't even take his word. >> i think he is trolling people, honestly. this is something that is in the purview of the executive branch. some of the people already lost their clearances. some people keep their clearances. that is something that the executive branch deals with and it's not in our purview. >> lou: not in his range of comprehension either. the president, once again, proving he is a man of action and he doesn't make empty statements with the revocation of the former c.i.a. director john brennan's security clearance and warning that more may be on the way. joining us tonight, ed rollins, the former reagan white house political director. great america p.a.c. chairman, fox business political analyst. michael goodwin, pulitzer prize winning columnist and fox business contributor. and columnist for the "new york post." great to have you both. >> thank you. >> lou: first, michael, your sense on the issue of the
4:20 am
clearance. it's stunning. the left with all of its nonsense coming up with this as a first amendment issue incorrectly, of course. >> yeah. i thought the response by the senate intelligence chairman richard burr was instructive here. >> lou: i think so, too. >> where he put out a statement saying that in his op-ed in the "times" today brennan says it's hogwash when trump says there is no collusion. and richard burr says well, we are not aware of any. mueller so far has not come up with any. if you are aware of any that happened on your watch, you are violating security. it's a security breach. if you are saying something that you learned on the job. >> lou: as we reported. >> yes. so i think that goes to the heart of who john brennan is. a pure partisan now. he does not -- he should not have any clearance if he is going to play political games like that. >> lou: should anybody have a clearance after they leave
4:21 am
an administration? i mean that hangs over this discussion as well. >> absolutely. i mean, my premise, i worked in two white houses. i had the top clearance in the white house, and the top rank. the day i walked out, i didn't expect anything. only reason to keep someone if they help you and you bring them back for national security briefing, what have you. these guys have not only not helped them, they have worked against you. >> lou: why would any president, but this president in particular who talked about smart government bring back the same people for counsel who screwed things up for eight years for crying out loud? >> and brennan has been the biggest leaker in the white house and the c.i.a. for years. he has been notorious for it. so my sense is i would have fired him, i would have basically shut him down long time ago. i think to a certain extent he has done a great injustice to the c.i.a. who overall are wonderful human beings for the country. >> lou: there is every suggestion that the national
4:22 am
security team of president obama were at the nexus, the incipient point of this conspiracy to subvert the campaign and the presidency of donald trump. why in the world would he tolerate that? and it just doesn't make any sense. >> look. i think that is the key issue here. brennan should be investigated, not for so much what he is doing now but what he did when he was in office. juliorudy giuliani said he belis that brennan was the quarterback of the entire effort to undermined the trump campaign. >> lou: there is an argument to be made that the quarterback was someone above his pay grade. >> that could be, too. >> lou: let's, if we could, look to admiral william raven who came out with an extraordinary, i think, statement. if we could put that up. do we have that? yeah. there it is. "dear, mr. president," said
4:23 am
the admiral. "i would conspiracy it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well so i can add my name to the men and women who have spoken up against your presidency." mcraven is one of the most decorated, respected men in the general staff in the country. revered by the seals i know. and with whom i talk. why would anyone get involved in this for the sake of john brennan? >> i have no idea. obviously, he is a four-star admiral and he served his country ably and effectively. he also understood that the president was the commander-in-chief. new president and a new commander-in-chief. my sense is he ought to bite his tongue, collect his retirement and go off to do whatever he does but he shouldn't criticize the president's decisions. i would say thank you very much. give me one of those stars back if you want, too, with
4:24 am
that clearance. >> lou: well, i think it's a general opinion he earned them. but what he lost in the way of respect today with the grandstanding and the rather pretentious statement is unfortunate, disappointing and i think he will likely regret it for some time once he gives it greater thought. the president now is looking at success on every quarter. he has been in office, you know, just over a year and a half. this is such a remarkable performance and yet, the left is more desperate, more fevered in the criticism. ad hominum attack. they look like the 350 newspapers coming together is a giant glob of fake news. i don't know what in the world
4:25 am
they could think they were achieving. >> look, i think they further dug themselves into the hole of being partisan. it is a great loss to this country, lou, that we can no longer trust the media. the fundamental core of the american media has collapsed. its standards, its sense of fairness. it's now just a partisan operation. and this group think, this special interest approach -- >> lou: group think? i mean just because the "globe" groze out and wants to put together 350 other failing newspapers? >> but also this special interest pleading. that we are the only, we are the keepers of the first amendment. no, you are not. everybody has the first amendment. not just the newspapers. their attitude, i think, was disgraceful. >> i would argue you can take any of the 300 papers and twice a week they write negative stuff against the president. >> lou: how many times a week? >> at least twice a week. >> lou: that would be a conservative -- >> good day for the president. >> lou: i mean, i still can't get over. you can faithfully go to the
4:26 am
"new york times" and "washington post" if you have the stomach for it and look at the front pages. the "post" in particular assigns at least eight articles, op-eds and features attacking the president of the united states. >> it's difficult to distinguish between the op-ed and the front pages anymore. >> lou: thank you. follow me on twitter. @loudobbs. follow me on instagram. "lou dobbs tonight." up next, the newly uncovered text messages between christopher steele and bruce ohr. well, they could be critically rev latory in the fight against the russia witch hunt. we take that up. investigative reporter sara you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges...
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>> lou: the jury in the trial of paul manafort completed the first day of deliberations. they are going back tomorrow, no verdict. but they asked the judge t.s.
4:31 am
ellis to redefine "reasonable doubt." ellis response -- "the government is not required to prove the defendant guilty beyond all possible doubt. only beyond all reasonable doubt. a doubt based on reason." the jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning with those instructions i'm sure fresh in their mind. top attorney with the justice department's national security division today testified behind closed doors on capitol hill. lawmakers interested in george toska's role overseeing the f.b.i. probe in clinton use of her private e-mail server. he notified the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe about the discovery in early october 2016. joining us tonight investigative reporter, fox news contributor, sara carter. it's great to have you with us. i don't know about you, but
4:32 am
you live with the story day in and day out as we all do. there is no evidence other than massive collusion. it has been on the part of the department of justice, f.b.i., intelligence community under president obama and where necessary, the dimms, democratic national committee and, of course, the u.k. intelligence and the mi-6. what would we say? exspies. of course, the russians. >> exactly. that is exactly true, lou. we have heard from a number of the senior officials with the senate, other lawmakers, they have never been offered any proof whatsoever of collusion between the trump campaigned russia. it just doesn't exist. brennan keeps insinuating and thankfully his clearance was revoked. i can't tell you how many people in the intelligence
4:33 am
committee were waiting for that to happen. because he exceeded far beyond what he needed to talk about. he called the president treasonous. he insid waited there was black -- insinuated there was blackmail information on the president. i have personally asked if you have the information, share it with america. be done with it. this is a charade. they don't have it. they just don't have it, lou. christopher steele is a good point. all the information coming out now with regard to bruce ohr and christopher steele is another example of collusion. and another example of how the f.b.i. hid the information. >> lou: and you have the text messages. at least many of them between ohr and steele. how important do you think those text messages are and what they reveal? >> i think they are extraordinarily important, lou, because i think it shows that bruce ohr was being used as a back channel for christopher steele. even after the f.b.i. had to let christopher steele go.
4:34 am
they dismissed him because he violated their protocol. he was shopping his information out in the summer of 2016 to multiple media outlets. basically, disseminating disinformation because christopher steele, himself, has said that he cannot verify the information that is in his dossier. so, after they let him go, the f.b.i. continues to use christopher steele through bruce ohr. i think the question here is, this is the most important question. when did the f.b.i. find out that christopher steele was actually shopping this information around? because if it was before the very first fisa warrant on carter page, that is a huge problem. >> lou: and it's still unclear whether or not the f.b.i. was paying christopher steele along with the democratic national committee. >> correct. >> lou: along with the hillary campaign. and who was managing that extraordinary stable of benefactors to christopher
4:35 am
steele? and one has to wonder is it an accident that so many people were involved the u.k. and were working on behalf of, for example, perhaps another intelligence agency, a foreign intelligence agency. whether it's russia, it could be the u.k. or another, against this administration. >> i think there were a number of intelligence agencies involved in this. look, christopher steele, we call him a "former british spy" but he is consistently in communication with people in mi-6 and he is in communication with others. >> lou: right. >> and those people that are able to gather intelligence, overseas intelligence. we know he was delivering information to mi-6 and gathers information from the russians. >> lou: i apologize, we are coming up against what is gently called a hard out. it's great to have you with us. sara carter. come back soon. >> thank you. >> lou: up next, president trump pulling former c.i.a. director john brennan's security clearance. we take up the white house
4:36 am
decision. victoria tensing and joe digenova will join me after this break. stay with us. we'll be right back. the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning. giving technology is not a total solution. teaching technology, now that is.
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>> lou: joining us now, victoria toensing, joe digenova, the founding partners of the digenova and toensing law firm. it's great to have you with us. let's start with strozk being fired. it now means that the top of the f.b.i. certifyably been
4:40 am
fired and moved on, demoted for actions that are just outside the responsibilities of their office. and assaulting the president in point of fact. victoria, your thoughts on what we have now witnessed at the f.b.i.? >> well, it was well-deserved, lou. i mean there is the thing in the law that means it speaks for itself so the patient doesn't have to show negligence after the operation -- if the scissors are still in him after the operation. look at what we have from strozk. we have him declaring there is a plan to stop trump. lo and behold we have him trying to stop trump opening up counterintelligence investigation based on this dossier that has been discredited. paid for by the democrats. the thing speaks for itself. we don't need to go into any more angst about his motives. they are there.
4:41 am
right there. >> lou: joe, the clearance today being revoked for john brennan. >> yes. >> lou: do you have any objections? or do you think perhaps there should be far more obama officials who have the security clearances lifted? >> this is a glorious moment for the country. an evil man has lost something he is not entitled to. john brennan is the worst c.i.a. director in the history of this country. he betrayed his country by means of the plot against president trump which he was the leader of involving komen and yates and others. strzok, page. all the people at the f.b.i. let's remember, lou, everybody on the list of nine that you gave should have their clearances revoked. i hope the revocation of the brennan clearance today is a signal they are starting to move to the declassification
4:42 am
of the documents we want to see to show how corrupt the obama f.b.i. and d.o.j. really were. >> lou: the chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes has called for the lifting of the classification of the documents. you are saying you believe the white house is moving on that request now? >> i believe that very sincerely. i know this has been under consideration for some time. and the fact that they revoked john brennan's clearance today to me is a sign that they are now moving toward the realization that as a public duty they must declassify all of those documents so that the american people can see exactly the array of the evil people who were lined up against this president. both as a candidate, and after his inauguration and this is greatest law enforcement intelligence and the political scandal in the history of this country. and it needs to be fully
4:43 am
exposed. >> they should also declassify all the f.b.i. texts at issue. mccabe and all of strozk and bruce ohr's. we want to know a lot more about bruce ohr. >> lou: now with the firing of strozk and this declassification that is underway -- frankly, i will be amongst those cheering loudly. because this administration has both the opportunity to be the most open and transparent in american history. it also has the opportunity to advance the cause of justice and bring consequence and punishment to evil doers, as you say. to look at mark warner, senator warner, his reaction today. i'd like to just read this. share this with the audience if we could put that up. "i guess to me this had an eerie memory of an enemy's list. smacks of nixonian type practices of trying to silence anyone that is willing to criticize the president. that puts us again in
4:44 am
unchartered territory." said the illustrious vice chair who has been running the senate intelligence committee, because richard burr the republican chairman abdicated. your reaction? >> well, senator warner, senator mark warner a democrat from virginia is basically an adolescent. you will recall recently at a fundraiser, cocktail party, he got drunk and started saying he had all kind of secrets that if he wanted to, he could release and really embarrass the president. that shows you the kind of juvenile mind that sits in the head of mark warner. his performance as a united states senator is not only awkward and unseemly, it's an embarrassment to the united states senate. he has brought ill repute on the senate by his drunken statement at the party. >> he also has a bad memory. did he forget about the clinton enemy list? why didn't he mention that? >> lou: he is not if not a
4:45 am
swamp creature of convenience, we can say. >> indeed. >> it's easy for him, perhaps, to put out of his mind but the rest of us can't his efforts with waldman of endeavor, lobbying firm to try to back channel a contact with steele, christopher steele, the mi-6 -- the former mi-6 spy who authored the fake dossier that became the trigger, the tripling point if you will -- tripling point if you will -- tripping point if you will ad nauseam. >> have you paid the conversation with the russian yet? >> lou: it's humorous and delightful to hear him seeking from the fraudulent call, pretending to be a russian agent if you will. pictures of the president in compromising positions.
4:46 am
you see his temperature and blood pressurize figuratively speaking. i didn't know peter schiffed -- adam peter schiff had it in him. enough about him tonight. thank you both. up next the america and the values under attack. we show you the latest, the ridiculous and the toxic remarks from governor andrew cuomo. and hillary clinton. you remember her. stay with us. we'll be right back. this isn't just any moving day.
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>> lou: new york governor andrew cuomo shocking even his left wing supporters as he railed against president trump's make america great again motto. >> we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. we have not reached greatness. we will reach greatness whenever american is fully engaged. >> lou: unbelievable. the same governor who is shifting his policies and his rhetoric toward the socialist left, he is running left of himself now in his bid to be re-elected. his press secretary, by the
4:51 am
way, quickly trying to reverse the mess that he created. releasing a statement that the governor believes america is great. even though he says it isn't great. or not that great. or whatever he says. hillary clinton today voicing her support for taylor, an 11-year-old sixth grader in maryland who took a knee during the pledge of allegiance. hillary tweeted this. "it takes courage to exercise your right to protest injustice, especially when you are 11. keep up the good work, marianna." coming up next, nancy pelosi. finally joining donald trump. she is accusing the media of trying to undermine her. we'll have that and much more straight ahead.
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don't ignore the law. you must call 811 at least two to three days before any digging project so you can avoid hitting our essential buried utilities. for digging projects big or small... ...make the call... 811. >> lou: a recent nbc report shows a total of 51 radical dimms won't be supporting nancy pelosi for speaker if they take back the house in november. the minority leader took issue with nbc and their story over the weekend. >> first of all, let me just say this. and i know nbc has been on a jag and this is one of their priorities to undermine my prospect as speaker. but putting that aside, i have not asked one person for a vote. that is important. and i know better than anybody how important it is for us to win this election because i see up close and personal what the republicans and this president are doing.
4:56 am
>> lou: wow! the anti-news fervor on the part of the minority leader. whowho knew? the list of those not backing her are nine incumbents and that is proving that the radical dimms moving farther and farther to the left. new gallop poll finds 57% of the democratic voters view socialism positively. just 57%. 47% still view capitalism in the same positive light. minority but nonetheless, there is still some place in their hearts for capitalism. here to talk about all of that social media stars and president trump most loyal supporters, diamond and silk. it's great to have you both with us. it's great to see you. let's start with those dimms who are just diving toward socialism. 57% with a highly favorable
4:57 am
view of socialism. what do you think, diamond? >> well, you know, they just want people, the american people to suffer. they want the american people to rob peter and pay paul to control you, so they can feed you crumbs or hand you crumbs and you be satisfied for that. i'm for capitalism. i'm not for any socialism. anybody that is spewing this time of rhetoric, everybody needs to pay attention to it. this is not what we need to vote for. this is not good for our country. >> that is right. it's time for the 57% that agree with this to go to the country of socialism in venezuela and then let us know how it's working out for you. >> yeah. >> lou: well, let's show everyone the contrast with the republicans on the issue of socialism. if we've got that, please. can we put that up? we can't. we don't have it. we'll work on that and have it maybe tomorrow. nonetheless, by a huge majority, the republicans
4:58 am
favoring capitalism, only 16% favoring socialism. there is not a clearer distinction between the two parties than that. do you agree? silk? >> what i agree with is i like the fact that the republican party is sticking more to capitalism. >> that is right. >> i think that everybody have a right to obtain the american dream. not only obtain the american dream but keep their wealth that they obtain that they got out and worked hard for. i'm not for wealth distributing to everybody. everybody need to pay their fair share and pull their fair weight is what i think. >> that's right. >> lou: the antifa violence over the weekend, to me it's unimaginable that the thugs would threaten the president of the united states, his life, him physically, his family. >> wow! >> lou: this is just stunning and i don't hear the secret service stepping up. i don't hear the f.b.i. i don't hear law enforcement stepping up saying we are not going to put up with this.
4:59 am
this is against the law to threaten the president of the united states. your thoughts? >> you are absolutely right. you know it's time for antifa to be deemed a terrorist organization. what they are doing is running around, wreaking havoc on civilians. >> right. >> that is terroristic behavior, okay? threatening a sitting president. they all should be arrested in the street. they are antipolice, anti-america. we don't need that type of rhetoric running around in our country. they need to be deemed a terrorist organization and arrested. >> and i also compare them to the k.k.k. the k.k.k. have white hoods on and you have antifa that have black masks on. >> they are trying to intimidate, manipulate, in order to dominate. >> lou: diamond and silk, as always, great to have you with us. thank you so much. we want you to check out diamond and silks chitchat tour, the next tour richmond,
5:00 am
virginia. diamond and silk, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. .. .. >> turkey has in my opinion acted very badly so we have not seen the last of that. we are not going to take the city down. they cannot take our people. you will see what happens. >> indeed we will see what happens. after the latest incident in turkey where gunmen shoots at the u.s. and the -- embassy. there is no deal to return an american pastor home. for the second week in a row the dow up 110 points. >> and stocks still up this morning. early monday morning.


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