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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 22, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the man himself is next, lou dobbs. keep it here. >> good evening, everyone. i am gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs had president trump fighting back against the politically motivated witchhunt aimed at destroying his presidency and baseless claims that michael collins plea deal implicates the president in campaign crimes. >> and they didn't come onto the campaign, but it's not even a campaign. they had a massive campaign violation but in a different attorney general and they viewed it a lot different. >> will take up the latest on the legal drama surrounding the
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presidency with former federal prosecutor sidney powell and judicial watch's chris farrell. also tonight, a deadly reminder that america's immigration system is broken beyond repair. a look at how mollie tibbetts suspected killer was able to stay in this country legally to commit this heinous crime. investigator journalist gives us her take on how the murder could affect the president's fight to secure our border. showdown with china, the regime of the chinese challenging the united states on trade. this is the chinese military trades for possible strikes against the u.s. we will discuss the growing trepidation expert, gordon chang. our top story tonight from a plea deal for the president's former personal attorney, michael cohen revealing a great deal about cohen's illegal activities, but has not
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identified any criminal behavior by the president of the united states. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal has the latest. >> right, let's remember that a plea deal, michael cohen could've spent the rest of his life in federal prison. he is looking at a sentence of three to five years, pleading guilty to all eight charges against him, a stunning pace for the man who was one of the most trusted employees. telling a federal judge he lied, cheated and paid women not to help his boss. cohen was free in $500,000 bond and for admitting hiding income from his taxicab business, hiding debt to secure a home-equity loan and arranging payments to two women in the run-up to the presidential election. testified he paid $130,000 to stephanie clifford, better known by her former name story mcdaniels because she was ready to go forward with it decade earlier. and he reimbursed the tablet for burying a story about former "playboy" model turned google
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who also claim the affair with mr. trump saying in court on or about the summer of 2016 in coordination with another direction of a candidate for federal office, i am the ceo of the media company at the request of the candidate, work together to keep an individual with information that would be harmful to the candidate into the campaign from publicly disclosing this information. earlier today, president trump spoke to ainsley ehrhardt about statements he knew about the payments. >> you have to understand, what he did and they were taken out of campaign-finance that's a big thing. a much bigger thing. they didn't come out of the campaign. they came for me. reporter: yes, his client lied for years to claims he hit the reset button when he saw the president's news conference with russia's leader. >> one person is left who denies his own intelligence community is unanimous judgment, who said publicly at helsinki, which was a major turning point for
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michael cohen and sided with vladimir putin over his own intelligence community. there have been a number of instances i believe had been influential on mr. cohen in deciding. >> this afternoon, new york's attorney general issued a subpoena is part of a criminal probe into the trump foundation. sumptuous trumps comp enough for a decade in potentially be a significant source of information for state investigators looking into whether mr. trump or charity broke state law or lied about their tax liability. greg. >> rick leventhal coming thank you very much. former federal prosecutor and author of the terrific book, license to lie sidney powell. sydney, thank you for being with us. we learn today from the president by virtue of his interview that all the money that he paid out in exchange for nondisclosure agreements came from him, not the campaign. it is not a crime to contribute
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to your own campaign, is it? >> no, definitely not. it's not a crime to settle matters for less than the lawsuit either. it made perfect sense to take care of those things when he did the nearest is nothing to it. gregg: and he can do it to benefit his campaign as long as it's legal and a contract to be quiet as a valid contract in american law, right russian mark >> it's the same thing is steadily not a nuisance lawsuit. there is no difference there. gregg: i am still scratching my head over this stunningly obtuse statement by a guy who went to yale law school, classmates of hillary clinton and that was lanny davis who is a longtime clinton ally and friend.
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here is what he said today on fox news. take a listen. >> there is no question that he's committed a federal crime and whether he can be indicted has never been decided. if michael cohen with the prosecutors in new york or green admitted to that, and certainly donald trump is guilty of the same crime. >> he says there's no question he committed a federal crime meeting the president. he seems to have forgotten that pesky little thing called justice in trials in which lanny davis doesn't decide you committed a crime, but rather a jury upon sufficient evidence and proved beyond a reasonable doubt. >> not only that, but michael cohen's guilty plea doesn't even mean that michael cohen is guilty of that offense. the prosecutors obviously put that information in there simply to try to implicate the president. i don't know and we don't know and can't know that michael cohen really did what he said he
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was doing when he admitted that because even the msm people pled guilty when they simply can't take it anymore. judge reich offered an article on not several years ago now. why the msm plead guilty. it happens all the time. gregg: said research shows -- he said research shows the senate often plead guilty. they also provide false confessions because they are pressured by overzealous prosecutors. >> exactly. we know that their particular wanted that information him to recite that line so they could use it to implicate president trump. schumer is out already sane as reasons they named the next supreme court justice, which is just incredible abuse of process come to make. it was fundamentally wrong about
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the law. if michael cohen admitted to a crime, trump is guilty of the same crime. that is not necessarily a crime because prosecutors had to was and cohen agreed. i talked to a career at the department of justice today who spent half of his career doing election law cases and he laughed at the southern district of new york prosecutors who called this a crime. he said it is just not in any way shape or form. >> no. they can't be. those campaign finance laws are seriously nuanced and should be nothing but civil penalties under the best of circumstances. but i.c.e. said he knew isn't what donald trump knew it all. there's no evidence of criminal intent nor would there ever be.
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gregg: and in fact you're right about that. to criminalize what is otherwise a civil penalty under campaign election law violations have to show knowledge and intent. most candidates don't know much about election laws. because they are incredibly dense and difficult and complex. why would federal prosecutors in the southern district have forced cohen depleted to a higher crime? this is to smear him and to smear him into causing further legal problems. it is probably part of the insurance policy. they are also trying to make new law. the obama administration did that all the time by charging things that were really crime.
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if you read "licensed to lie," you'll see things they're involved in even had to be allowed to be withdrawn because they convince people to plead guilty to things that were crime. this was that same scenario. >> they are determined to implicate for trump for crimes he didn't commit. the new prosecutors are in bed with mueller in tears as well? >> it certainly looks that way to me. they've gone to extraordinary lengths to get this information in a plea agreement and to have him recite those statements when they know jolly well that it is a lame assertion under the best of circumstances. probably only simple and they are trying to push it past the limits under narrowly
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acceptable. gregg: robert mueller is engaged at the southern district of new york prosecutors to abuse their position of power in office as prosecutors to force somebody to plead guilty to a non-crime. >> well, yes. the southern district of new york to expand his authority. you and i both felt that way for a long time, not too narrow at all, but to expand his reach and he picked the southern district for this reason. they did my take after michael cohen and everything he had been owned. i was part of it. we've seen unprecedented action taken against this president to cause him problems from every conceivable front. >> i can play the prosecutors stood in front of cameras yesterday, microphones and
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declare this a crime when in fact he must know that is not true at all. sidney powell, thank you very much. good to see you as always. >> thank you, great to see you, too. gregg: the national left-wing media rosette to push to impeach president trump after michael cohen's guilty plea. >> if you're accused of a crime, the judiciary committee in the house of representatives would begin to look to see if there is enough evidence to start investigating and drawing up articles of impeachment. >> should the president be more worried about impeachment because it would've happened? >> are we in impeachment territory here? is today the trump presidency took a giant step toward impeachment. why even have a trial? let's just kick them out of office tomorrow. we will take that up in more necks with judicial watches chris
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blitz about impeaching the president. texas congressman al green tweeting this morning about the constitution providing impeachment as a tool and in a statement today, jerry nadler says that michael cohen's guilty plea for finance violations directly implicates the president of a criminal conspiracy. really, jerry? what crime in that conspiracy? >> point to be a statute the criminal code spirit chris farrell, director of investigations and research for judicial watch. grace, it is not just jerry nadler, but anytime lanny davis opened his mouth he proved how little he knows about the law. he declared and pronounced the president guilty of a crime without ever identifying a crime. would he make of this? >> viewer warning, ignore lanny
11:18 pm
davis. gregg: i've yet to see truth come out of his mind. >> you back up 20 years ago, he was lying and spinning about his former employer the clintons and frankly if you applied the lanny davis formula to the clintons, they would be serving out their life sentences together in prison right now. so, lanny davis is to be ignored and look, the rest of the hysteria has been calling for impeachment since election night. there is no -- nothing new here. what is more interesting with respect to the difference between the legal standard and the political standard is that impeachment is a political process, not a legal process. and so, should the leadership change hands in the house come november, you will see 24/7, 365 and featuring hysteria and nothing but that. >> if you look at article to come a section for the constitution, it's fairly broad.
11:19 pm
gives you about a latitude and discretion. high crimes and misdemeanors. i'm not even seeing a little piddly misdemeanor that would be the equivalent of a jaywalking infraction. >> how mr. kelly that. -- mr. cohen that. when the department of justice and fbi started on you and you are under the crosshairs, look, they will do anything. i'm not overstating this. the department of justice and the fbi will do anything to get a conviction. and so, cohen is exhibita. all you have to do is the lanny davis magical transference of guilt by association and they have the excuse they need to jam out the hysteria machine. this is very great stuff. this is very serious. facts don't matter.
11:20 pm
gregg: they don't because overzealous prosecutors have no qualms about getting an accused to lie on their behalf. it is extortion. it is bribery and sad to say as a lawyer myself i hate to see it happen, but it happens all too often. they say we got 55 charges against you, mr. cohen. you'll spend the rest of her life behind bars. you never see your wife and kids again. but if you sign this paper implicating the president and a non-crime and will pretend it's a crime, we will give you three to five years. you know, cohen didn't have the integrity or the courage to actually do what was right. of course he's a con man and a prodigious buyer. >> yeah, it goes downhill from there. they will continue to apply pressure. they will try to embroider and expand upon what he's already pled out to, to the point where
11:21 pm
it is unrecognizable. what would normally be a fine. i give an example. bill clinton are famously wrote in a campaign memo from the democratic that said we've got to put aside a million dollars to pay fec funds and he wrote in his own head, bug. there was for knowledge that they were going to break campaign finance laws and they had to put aside a million dollars cash and an account just to pay the fines. all of this transpired, what were the consequences? gregg: zero. iraq obama received 2 million in illegal donations just before the 2008 election had to pay a record $375,000 in fines for that. >> is like a parking ticket. gregg: the media never accused him of crimes. donald trump so much as sneezes or coughs and he's a violent criminal of some sort.
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>> different president, different standards. gregg: mr. ferrell, always great to see you. thanks so much. >> tanks, gregg. gregg: do you believe the manafort conviction in the cohen guilty pleas would've ever occurred at the special counsel weren't engaged in a full-fledged witchhunt against president trump. you can cast your vote on twitter@lou dobbs. be sure to follow him on twitter, like ahmad facebook, follow him on instagram@lou dobbs tonight. president trump putting america first on trade. >> we are a country with unbelievable potential. were like the big piggy bank that everybody wants to rob and were not going to let them rob us anymore. is that okay? [cheers and applause] we are not going to let them rob us anymore. gregg: china responding to the president's call for fair trade by threatening the united
11:23 pm
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gregg: welcome back america one. i am gregg jarrett filling in for lou dobbs the chinese state media mocking president trump over the u.s. trade dispute with china. in an english-language video thinking president for pointing out the need to wean off american goods like urban and bacon. the video has since been removed from the network youtube and twitter accounts. joining me now to talk about this, gordon chang was authorized the coming collapse of china. gordon, great to see you. >> thank you so much, gregg. the only reason i came here was to get your autograph on a copy of my book. gregg: like a tourist in your book. let's put it up in the screen. "new york times" bestseller for three straight weeks.
11:28 pm
the russian hoax, it was a scheme to clearly clinton and framed donald trump. you can get it at bookstores nationwide. i am going to have to get a copy of yours assuming it signed. i want to ask you about this report from the department of defense that china is training its military for strikes against the u.s. >> the chinese have been configuring their military to hit us. and this is for decades. they are not only trying to configure their military or practice the strikes on the u.s. they are attacking american planes. in the beginning of may, we learned that the chinese lasered in american cargo plane near djibouti, horn of africa. they glided to pilots. if you try to blind pilots of the plane you have to assume you are trying to bring it down. gregg: for what purpose would they do that? >> they want to drive us in the region. a lot of laser attacks in the south china sea and east china sea close to their shores and
11:29 pm
they think this and other things they been doing like harassing navy ships is to sort of break our will and eventually force us to leave. i think it actually does the opposite. it makes us more resolve to make sure we defend the global commons. >> there is an obsession in america currently by russia, russia, russia. russian meddling in the election. but there are other players as well. >> yeah, john bolton, the national security adviser, talked about china, iran and north korea. the chinese to spend an enormous amount of money trying to change perceptions about china. they may be interfering in direct elections, but mostly what this is is trying to change perceptions. it confucius institutes on college campuses, confucius classrooms and secondary schools. the billboards in times square. enormous expenditures with regard to think tanks. so this is a much more broad-based effort than the
11:30 pm
russians. he really makes the russian effort look puny. gregg: iran and north korea doing similar things? >> to the lesser extent. obviously they got a different agenda than the two big powers, china and russia and they don't have the resources. we saw this with the north koreans, the entertainment in 2014. what they were trying to do and they were very explicit was to make sure americans did not go to see that movie the interview. you know, we can say the effort is misguided, but the point is the north koreans with chinese help launch the cyberattacks against the united states from axel traded hundreds of terabytes of data out of sony and tripled the a little while. >> it's amazing what you said a moment ago that the chinese in the amount they invested meddling in the u.s. with the russians and yet we are so obsessed with russians. at the very beginning as i was
11:31 pm
introducing you, i mentioned the chinese state rod caster sort of mocking the president. >> yeah, this is really unprecedented. the chinese had always tried to not do that and the reason is if you go back a year, two years ago, chinese leaders were very confident that they could control trump. it didn't work out. they saw that what the terrorists and other means they are using to undermine the chinese than what they're doing in terms of predatory attacks on us. so right now the chinese political system is in a little bit of disarray so they've been backing away. this was unusual in this very well may be a sign that they've changed their minds. we are trying to stop the bad of u.s. intellectual property that were trying to do all things that they shouldn't be doing and now the chinese are actually starting to think no, they are going to go forward with this stuff. gregg: gordon chang in the name of your upcoming book is?
11:32 pm
>> no upcoming book. i just wanted your autograph. gregg: okay. gordon chang, thank you very much. president trump weizen tonight on the death of mollie tibbetts. >> a person came in from mexico illegally and killed her. we need the wall. we need our immigration laws changed. we need our border laws changed. we need republicans to do it because the democrats aren't going to do it. gregg: we'll have the latest in the case with michelle malkin when we come back. don't go got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money
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gregg: cristhian bahena rivera who allegedly murdered a mollie tibbetts making his first court appearance today claiming he has maintained a legal status since entering the united date with a minor, the u.s. citizenship and immigration services said guess what, no record of bristhian rivera. u.s. cia spokesperson said records revealed rivera did not make any daca request. we have found no record indicating he has any lawful immigration status. join me now, michelle malkin, host of michelle malkin investigates on the
11:37 pm
great to see you. no surprise here rising himself from officials. >> that's right. from what we've gathered, we understand he used a stolen i.d. to be able to pack the either by check. that is according to the family local dairy farmers that employed him. he may have been in the country from anywhere between four to seven years and it's been reported that he entered as a minor. he is now 24 years old. i think what is most important, gregg, and is to improvise. i want democrats and they want to listen. her death is not an argument for less immigration enforcement. it is an argument for more. gregg: how many more mollie tibbetts indicates timely either have to be, so tragically and heart wrenching for their family and friends before the democrat
11:38 pm
stand up and protect americans. our safety, our lives, borders against illegal immigrants? >> but the million dollar question, isn't it, gregg. i've been asking this so many times that i've reported on immigration failures and the high cost of not controlling our borders. there is no such thing as quote, unquote, cheap illegal alien labor. somebody always pays the price in some families more than others. i reported on the stories in a lot of these stories will get forgotten by most of the mainstream open borders media, but i've never forgotten chris egli or david march or rodney johnson for the bologna family and many, many families of illegal alien crime but then who range from black and white and hispanic and asian. this is not any kind of racist thing to say we should have immigration laws that matter and we should get a handle on the
11:39 pm
anarchy that is render the system for the last quarter-century, for as long as i've been reporting on it. gregg: i don't know if elizabeth warned the senator is just coldhearted or whether she screwed up in her priorities, but here is what she said. i know this is hard for her family, meaning that tidbit, but they have to remember we need to focus on real problems like illegal immigrants not been able to see their kids. i think that is a direct quote. >> yeah. gregg: the murder of mollie tibbetts is not a real problem according to senator warner. >> this is the callousness that is exhibited daily, weekly for the past decades have been reporting on this that i've encountered when it comes to the consequences of open borders. they are all bleeding heart when it comes to people who cross the border illegally. they were all yelling at sara
11:40 pm
sanders and president trump a few months ago over the separation of families at the border. what about the separations of american citizens who have died because of immigration anarchy. the selective outrage also drives a lot of the mainstream media coverage. they don't want to talk about it. on other channels they resist the fact that fox and fox business are talking about allah exodus story and in particular with fox business i want to say there were only 10% of businesses that are using the eve verifies system now. should be 100% compliant and what we need, gregg, i believe this strong employer sanctions. not just a physical wall, but a wall of regulation and laws that ensure that people who are knowingly and intentionally employing illegal aliens somehow face criminal prosecution because they have blood on their hands, too. gregg: i was paraphrasing elizabeth warren.
11:41 pm
i want our viewers to see what she exactly said. here it is. >> one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses where real problems are. last month i went down to the border and i saw where children have been taken away from their mothers. i met with those mothers. gregg: so again, real problems is not the murder of mollie tibbetts. he's got to protect those kids of illegal immigrants whose parents are completely to blame for dragging their kids here illegally. how prevalent is this among democrats and others in america, disbelief here that camino, the murders of america isn't merely a as important as keeping illegal immigrant parents with their kids. >> greg, i said the fringes the mainstream in the democrat party and that is the default position. these are people who on one hand say they want to do something about the broken ration system and on the other hand turn
11:42 pm
around and say we need to abolish i.c.e., abolish immigration and customs enforcement, abolish the immigrants to do with human trafficking, trafficking, drug trafficking and certainly what they are aiming at is undermining the enforcement of immigration laws in the employment and workplace context and that is what is at the heart of the mollie tibbetts case and they don't want to talk about it. >> it was only five or six years ago democrats were talking about illegal immigration is a threat to the lives of americans. we have to put a borders. we have to strictly enforced. now all of a sudden, they are just the opposite. what happened to democrats? >> yeah, you know, even hillary clinton at one point or chuck schumer. you don't have to dig far to find the quotes where they almost sound like president trump. but they've always been to face and doubletalk and because they are serving two different
11:43 pm
masters, gregg. i'm the one they have to nullify it the identity politics, radicals, bernie sanders of the world who have hijacked the democrat party. on the other hand, they have to nullify at least some sense of moderation that they do care about immigration enforcement because they are are raising grassroots democratic mayors, for example, who have to deal with the out-of-control refugee fraud problem or even a lot of these urban areas were of course out-of-control illegal immigration is not just a safety issue at an economic self-determination issue as well. that's why you see schizophrenia from the democrat party. >> but of course, if you dare suggest that we ought to enforce our borders and stop illegal immigration, you are immediately condemned as a bigot or erases or is enough of and it never
11:44 pm
stops. michelle malkin, we will leave that for another time. thank you for being with us. >> you bet, gregg. gregg: a reminder to vote in tonight's poll. the guilty pleas would've occurred today at the special counsel were not engaged in a full-fledged witchhunt against president trump. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. mitt romney makes his way back into the news by backing the corrupt witchhunt. we will take i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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gregg: rhino and failed presidential candidate mitt romney taking a veiled hit a president trump today tweeting the events of the last 24 hours confirmed the conduct by highly placed individuals was both dishonorable and illegal. also confirmed is my faith in our justice system my conviction that we are a nation committed to the rule of law. wake up, romney, read my book. to me now, fox business contributor rachel campos duffy in ennis, national spokesperson national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality. mitt romney is so irrelevant that is not really worth talking about. you find,, some irony and paul
11:49 pm
manafort versus michael cohen. he worked with ben candidate trump for less than 90 days, maybe as much as four months and he's proven to be much more steadfast than michael cohen rudy giuliani compared to benedict arnold and brutus, who stabbed of course julius caesar. he had been with trump for over a decade. the closest the president had taken sickly airy and nevertheless he seems like he is more than willing to cooperate with those that would take down the term presidency. gregg: the prosecutors yesterday put it best when they said he is a liar and dishonest. rachel, he's not going to be a witness for the prosecution team no matter what. they sabotaged out by their statement yesterday.
11:50 pm
>> and he wanted to move on, but it's so important that we notice that this guy was the worst politician. 75 days before an election and he wants to pile on a set of talking about the economy and change the subject. gregg: he is politically tone. always has been. >> they need help in utah because donald trump is not going to rally there. it is for you and maybe niger innis. the democrats are saying the reason this payment through cohen, through stormy daniels to cover up his affair is because -- it's because i'm sorry i lost my train of thought. because it's going to change the election. if that the case, so would the deleting of 30,000 subpoenaed e-mails would've also affected the election.
11:51 pm
gregg: except that she had a extraction of justice, whereas president trump is allowed to spend his own money for any purpose that benefits his candidacy. not a crime. >> correct. >> that's exactly right. i want to jump back to a rachel brought earlier. i don't believe romney is irrelevant, as that of a campaigner as he he may have been in the past. god forbid that he should lead along with ben sasse of nebraska, john mccain and maybe one or two other republican senators a de facto never trump republican caucus within the united states senate. if god for bid republicans should be pushing the impeachment come impeachment, impeachment, all of these various scavenger hunt, three investigations taking place and it's about one thing and one thing only, which is tenet the democrat to promote impeachment
11:52 pm
and god for bid it should come in the house of representatives. coming to the president's defense. >> rachel, as many negative things that i sat and thought about nancy pelosi, she did get it right when impeachment is not on the agenda. i guess she has a better memory than democrats of how a boomerang against republicans in the impeachment of bill clinton. >> at not on the agenda on the run-up to the election. but it will be number one on the agenda if she takes power of the house. gregg: that would be a suicide mission. but justin sane. >> but they are insane. the resistance is insane. mitt romney is also under public inside. that resistance is also insane. they want to take down this president at any cost and they have not given up.
11:53 pm
gregg: do you agree with that, niger? >> agrippa completely. the thing i want to ask about political conservatives like ben sasse who i do believe is a principal conservative though he suffers from trump arrangement syndrome, what president has pursued if you look at the courts, not just the supreme court, but the number of big federal court to have been filled by this president in terms of rolling back regulations. in terms of promoting energy independence and in all of above strategy for energy. conservatives have been dreaming about a presidency like this for a decade since ronald reagan and nevertheless like rachel said, you've got this group of republicans that are just forever never trump. gregg: it is strange times we live in. got a call acquit.
11:54 pm
niger and rachel campos duffy, thank you very much. lanny davis says he can't think of any new evidence that directed michael cohen to break any laws. >> is there any evidence that he said to mr. cohen, you need to do it. i don't need to do this. that may come down to mr. sub choose word versus mr. trumps. gregg: will take that up next after the pah! that will never work. no, no, no, nah. a bulb of light?!? aha ha ha! a flying machine? impossible! a personal' computer?! ha! smart neighborhoods running on a microgrid. a stadium powered with solar. a hospital that doesn't lose power. amazing. i like it. never gonna happen.
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gregg: just a reminder about my "new york times" best selling book, number one three weeks in a row it's called county russia hoax, the elicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." the dow lost 89 points today. the nasdaq gained 30 points. vol on the big board 2.7 billion shares. the u.s. bull market makes a record bull run. listen to lou coast to coast three times a day on the salem radio network. president trump accusing michael cohen of making up stories. >> michael cohen's guilty plea
11:59 pm
doesn't even mean michael cohen is guilty of that offense. the prosecutionorred put that information in there to implicate the president. gregg: an illegal immigrant confessing to the murder of an iowa college student. a clear argument for more vigorous enforcement. cases like this underscore the need to fully verify the -- fully implement the e verify argument. do you believe the cohen guilty pleas would have occurred if robert mueller was not engaged in a witch hunt against president trump. thanks very much for joining us.
12:00 am
good night from new york. i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for lou. [♪] kennedy: some in the media are pushing hard for impeachment since democrats are calling it the beginning of the end. but as we all know, president trump is a counter puncher who thrives in this kind of chaos. the question is, can he day one step ahead of robert mueller and his enemies in the democratic party. his former campaign chief paul manafort will stay in jail for a while. and michael cohen bled guilty. insiders say it's like i cone is going to tell all and sing like


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